Friday, February 20, 2009

Kate Pearce GuestBlog: Ooh, Ooh! I've Got A Crush On You!

CONTEST TODAY!!! One LCB wins a copy of Kate’s hot new read, “Riding the Line,” courtesy of Kate.

From Michelle: Unfortunately, there’s none of Bella Kate Pearce's signature boy-on-boy in her hot new erom, “Riding the Line.” What RTL does have is an All-American hero-with-a-twist, a strong, sexually confident heroine whose heroes have never (before) been cowboys, and a smokin' on-the-way-to-love story you just shouldn't miss. Please offer Kate your best "Boy, Howdy, cowboy!" Bella buongiorno...

From Kate: I started young. I was five. My first T.V. crush was a bearded Australian Artist/Entertainer who played the didgeridoo, called Rolf Harris. He bore a remarkable resemblance to my dad, (as to did most of my girlhood crushes), but I think that’s pretty normal for a girl.

Rolf was followed in quick succession by Shaggy from Scooby Doo, Spock, Donny Osmond, David Cassidy and “The Virginian.” Lacking the Internet, (yes I am that old), I bought all the magazines I could find and stuck hundreds of pictures of my favorites in scrap books decorated with hearts and flowers and our combined initials. Yes, I was going to marry them all if I could!

And then I discovered books, and my T.V. crushes vied for attention with my imaginary heroes, Mr. Rochester, from “Jane Eyre,” Mr. Darcy, from “Pride and Prejudice,” all the rakish Regency heroes Georgette Heyer could write. I devoured them all and realized that they became more absolutely mine through the filter of my imagination.

So it’s not surprising that I write about cowboys and Regency Rakes is it? Staring at all those pictures, reading all those books gave me a huge database to choose from when I wanted to write my own version of romance. And I write both kinds -- the nice honorable straight-forward cowboys from the T.V. shows -- and the slightly twisted dangerous Regency men who are all my own.

So tell me, and we can be honest, here, no one will ever know. Who were your secret crushes both real and imaginary?
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Kati said...


Hi Kate! Lovely to have you blogging here today! Oh, childhood crushes, I had many. I remember being about 8 and we would play pretend house (we being the girls in my neighborhood), and we would all pick a pretend husband. I always, always, always chose Danny Zuko from Grease. I loved him SO much. My cousin Rhyssa was a huge Shaun Cassidy fan.

When I turned 11, my best friend Nicole, who was Australian, and WAY hipper than me introduced me to a little band I like to call Duran Duran. I took one look at John Taylor, the bass player, and fell like a ton of bricks! From then on, all of my allowance was spent on copies of Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, and any related to Duran Duran. My room was wallpapered with photos torn from teen magazines. I remember my dad walking out of my room one day, saying to me, "Kati, you realize those men have lipstick on, right?" Ch-YEAH! They're SOOOOO cool, Dad!

Good times, good times.

Anyway, your new book sounds fab, Kate! Was it weird not writing a little boy-on-boy action??

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas! WhyWhyWhyWHy don't you use it...TryTryTryTry not to lose it... Wow, they just don't write songs like that anymore.

I forgot about your DD crush, Kati! Did any of you crush onSimon le Bon! quelle frahnsh. I remember they had lots of hair product and glittery eye shadow. Very pretty boys. I don't necessarily like to compare the fact that you were playing house when I was in college... ah well. :)

Good question for Kate. Maybe the fact that the other hot guys in this book are the hero's brothers. That's a little bent even for our Kate.

Hey, were you a George and Michael. No there's some...oh, sorry...too much, too early?

Kate! I love hearing about crushes and how we met stories. Your crush on the Aussie kid's host got me thinking about an early crush I had that I'd completely forgotten about. His name is Gene London, and he had a show out of Philadelphia. He sang and told stories and the show went through a few incarnations.

Gene left sho biz and went on to NY to design dresses and collect designer gowns worn by famous Hollywood actresses and celebrities. Perhaps my crush on him -- like a couple boyfriends -- was a trifle misguided. My sensitivity to those things heightened significantly over the years. But I just adored him and his big, soulful eyes.

Thanks for promising to keep this just between us. :)

Anonymous said...

Alright, since we're all going to keep this secret....My secret crush is for the animated version of Batman on the Justice League cartoon. He is so finely drawn with massive abs and his usual mysterious demeanor.

And then there's my fixation for Rick Springfield. His is the first concert I ever went to and on his last day on GH I played sick from school so I could watch. To this day I still buy each cd he puts out (he still knows how to rock) and think he still looks really hot for his age.

azteclady said...

Buongiorno, Bellas! Welcome, Ms Pearce!

I started reading early (one of the benefits of being the youngest of five :grin: ) so my earliest crushes were all from books.

Lord John Greystoke (aka Tarzan)
Henri de Larardère
Arsene Lupin
Ellery Queen
Le Comte du MonteCristo

My real life crushes started when I was oh... all of eleven :grin: and by the time I was fifteen, I was in love with one of my friends' older brother, my karate Sensei, one of my eldest brother's friends, and a number of my cousins.

heh, the memories!

Playground Monitor said...

I remember Rolf Harris and his hit song "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport." If none of you have heard a didgeridoo go to You Tube and search for Jeremy Donovan.

Anyway back to secret crushes. In junior high and high school I had a mad crush on David McCallum who played Illya Kuryakin on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. And I still have a crush on James Bond, especially in his new Daniel Craig persona. And don't get me started on Hugh Jackman. He's a new crush and I'm so excited he's hosting the Oscars Sunday night. I hope he sings and dances like he did when he hosted the Tony Awards.

I'm all worked up now and may need to go take a cold shower -- or watch Hugh on You Tube. *g*


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

wow, Marilyn. Kate really knows how to get you goin. I didn't realize you were a new convert to HJ.

oh, book crushes are great, azteclady. you had/have great taste. I've never met someone w/ an ellory queen crush b efore. THough I did fancy d'artagnon. friends of brothers crushes were wonderful and so bittersweet.

mog, jodi, that's so funny! cause we always think of guys as having the cartoon crushes ie jessica rabbit. I just saw rick springfield somewhere on tv the other night. wasn't he married to linda blair for a while when she was really young? i think I saw that on e! a long time ago... Good crush stories.

Lis said...

Okay, going to date myself here. My first crush was... Paul McCartney! Yep, I remember when the Beatles came to the US - I was so in love! (and so young!!). Paul's still cute IMHO!
I too had the Mr. Rochester crush, and the Heathcliff crush, which have progressed into the BDB brothers crush and any highlander-in-a-kilt crush too!! The nice thing about book crushes is you can revisit them anytime, and the heros you love - still look just as good in your mind's eye.

Monica Burns said...

{{{{Kate}}} Congrats on the newest release.

Hi bellas!! I have sooo wanted this week to end. Politics are soooo exhausting!

Ok, I'm *not* dating myself because I was a mere kid to these guy's 40+ ages. LOL

Clark Gable. Cary Grant.


Edward Rochester
Sir Percy Blakeney

Edward is the ultimate hero crush I had and still have.

aprilm said...

HEY... I know Ralf Harris from the Wiggles. I LOVE HIM. He's kind of sexy too. And I think the song was Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport.

Not sure what it means but my kids loved it too.

My first crush was Spiderman!

I've never given up on that one.

Good to see you here Kate!

April Morelock

Fedora said...

Hmm... (not so) secret crushes? I think those started way back with the movie The Outsiders, based on the SE Hinton novel--the Brat Pack? or something like that? Rob Lowe, C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon... I did also crush on Growing Pains' Kirk Cameron ;)

And now, well, I drool over Hugh Jackman...

Congrats on Riding the Line, Kate! Yum on cowboys!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

lis, the nice thing about Paul's career having 'longevity' is that many generations get to crush on him! Those puppy-dog eyes. sigh. When i see photos of those boys fromt he Invasion? Holy cow. How could any girl resist? I mean, they didn't have any goop in their hair after a decade of goopy guys! And the slim clothes and British accents. Dead in the water. That's what American girls were. ANd you're right, book hero crushes rock.

hiya, mon! big day for Rochester! Glad your rough poli week's almost over. Cary Grant. Smooth and funny. What's not to love re that perfect combo?a

lol, april m! the wiggles reminds me of kid's show host crushes I had while at home with my son when he was tiny. Anybody know the Kratt brothers? Hmmm? Peter Parker. Primo crush material, april. good work!

THat was an interesting period w/those actors. I especially remember Matt Dillon and his 'bad boy' image. Guess you'll be glued to the Oscars, too! :) and, yeah, gotta love them cowboy heroes. (sheesh, I'm havin so much trouble spelling hero/heroes today)

Anonymous said...

"Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport." Oh my, the erotic possibilities in that title...

Anyway, where were we? I'm with Kate on the Spock crush. Who'd want Kirk anyway? Although I'd take Cap'n Hotpants from Serenity. We're still allowed to crush now, right?

EmilyBryan said...

I was definitely a Paul girl. Too cute and the left handed thing made him the perfect bookend to John.

Funny that Monica should admit to lusting over Cary Grant & Clark Gable. After my oldest daughter saw "Singing in the Rain" she was head over heels for Gene Kelly. I didn't have the heart to tell her he was the same age as her GREAT GRANDFATHER!

Hot is hot, whatever the age. I'd still be willing to bear Sean Connery's children if I could get the DH to go for it!

Unknown said...

Hi Kati! ah yes-Duran Duran. Simon Le Bon in those leather pants, John Taylor's hair--sigh, where have all the good looking men gone? LOL

And my cowboys have always been straight, in more ways than one-so I don't have any trouble writing them that way-the Regency Rakes are just...complicated. The two series are just completely separate in my head (luckily for my readers who might get a bit of a shock otherwise)

And yeah-half-brothers-so not into that :)

Unknown said...

Jody F...animated batman...hmmm, it's a good job no one is reading this isn't it? But I can totally see your point, he is remarkably well um drawn and I love his voice

Now the Rick Springfield thing I don't really get, but that's probably because he wasn't that well known in the UK where I grew up. I didn't know he still produced albums though-good for him!

Unknown said...

Hey Atztec lady-I totally get the Tarzan one- I loved those books and Johnny Weismuller on the old T.V. show was pretty hot.

Why do we females have so many crushes? I wonder if guys do too?

Unknown said...

Hey Marilyn!
I normally don't go for blonds but I have a very soft spot for Ilya too-I believe he had a whole page to himself in one of my scrapbooks.

I kind of like Hugh Jackman, but my current secret crush (and don't tell anyone, okay? is The Rock...I know, but I can't help myself)

Unknown said...

Hey Lis,
I was a bit too young to appreciate the Beatles, but my favorite was always George Harrison :)

And that is such a good point about book crushes-they are always avaialble to you, don't get old or disgrace themselves in public or change in any important way.

Unknown said...

Totally with you Monica on Clark Gable and Cary Grant, so suave so sophisticated and yet so Alpha at the same time :)

Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! Great day for our fellow Bella, Kate! Congrats, Kate. many crushes. I think my first crush was Kevin Costner...ok, so he still looks ok, right? Then the star wars guys, (ok, so I'm kind of a dweebette, hehe), um, yes, Kate, The Rock is hot! Everyone thinks so, no matter what they say. All those big muscles...YUM!
But, the one crush I simply can't get over is...drumroll, please...Brad Arnold, the lead singer for my all-time fave band, 3 Doors Down! OOOH! There is just something about him! I think it's the songs he writes.

Unknown said...

Hi April!
Rolf Harris was on the Wiggles? How did I miss that?? He is actually a very accomplished artist as well-he even did a portrait of the Queen a few years ago :)

Spider man-another cartoon character-did you like the movie version as well??

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi Flchen1
I remember my son reading that book-I didn't realize there was a movie too-but the cast sounds remarkably droolworthy :)

Unknown said...

Jessa, we are definitely allowed to still crush (cough cough The Rock)
I have pointy ears a little like Spock-my sisters told me I was obviously an alien and I was quite cool with that idea if I was related to Spock :)

Unknown said...

Hey Emily B!
Singing in the Rain is actually my all time favorite movie and I still have a little crush on Gene Kelly-I tend to go with what I know,dark, charming and Irish :)

Unknown said...

Hi Princess B!
I've never got the Kevin Costner thing, but this is your secret crush, okay? So go with it LOL
Harrison Ford, definitely, Mark Hamill nah.
Off to google lead singer of 3 doors down now :)

Jane said...

Hi Kate,
Congrats on the new release. My current crushes include Eric Bana and Damian Lewis from "Life." My old Hollywood crush is Alan Ladd. I always tried to catch his films with Veronica Lake on TCM.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane!
Eric Bana is definitely cute and crushworthy, now Alan Ladd was spoiled for me by my dad who always insisted that Alan was very short and had to stand on a box to kiss all the leading ladies LOL

David B. said...

So, you want to know if men have as many crushes as women do...

Well, Male Perspective Guy (MPG) might just have a male perspective on that question...

Answer: yes they do. As boys, it is a combination of TV images (Farrah Fawcett, the "pointing girls" on The Price is Right, Dorothy Hammill) and girls at school (in my case, it was Dianne Procopio, who proclaimed one summer night that "I'd go out with you but I can't stand you!")

Yes, guys have crushes, even into their adult years (can you say "Beyonce?")

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Principessa? What happened to Shia? Did you throw him over for Luke Skywalker or somethin? I think every woman here over 30 just googled brad arnold...

yeah, Kate, I think lots of women dig the Rock. I think he's such a cutie, and kids seem to really likehim too. and I have a girlfriend who has a great UATW fantasy about him. He's quite a big man... I so wish my kids stilll were obsessed with professional wrestling. I miss those days. I watched a lot more tv back then...

Jessa, taking an innocent tune of childhood and twisting it into some sexual innuendo. I likes the way you think. And cap'n hot-pants is cute in a artist-formerly-known-as pretty kind of way. I think "cartoon" crushes rock. Remember what Jessica rabbit said: I'm not bad; I'm just drawn that way...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hmmm...pointing girls on Price is Right. This is news to me, MPG. Looks like I might be breakin out those old sparkly tight pageant gowns this weekend...


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

So, Emily, you're suggesting a Paul and John sammich was the fantasy du jour for a Beatles fan? I'd never thought manual dexterity in therms of right/left handedness played into fantasy, but now that you mention it, in sammiches...

And I love that your daughter crushed on GK.

EmilyBryan said...

Oh, Michelle, you bad girl! But now that you mention it . . .

Humming Norwegian wood,
Emily :)

Estella said...

I think I am really dating myself here. My crushes were John Wayne, James Arness and Clint Eastwood.I don't have any literary crushes.

Unknown said...

Hi David!
So glad its not just us girls LOL
And Beyonce is 'fine'

Unknown said...

A Beatle sammich...yum yesss...

clears throat-um, where was I?

Hi Estella-I totally get the big strong cowboy type-hey I write them as well :)

Unknown said...

Talking of giving away secrets-that photo of me? It's the one I had taken when I applied for my green card-that's why my ear is showing. LOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Kate, that's so funny about the photo!!! I have my daughter's green card from when we adopted her in china and i forgot about the ear thing. but that photo is so precious to me. her hair is shaved all around the sides which is sometimes done w/ babies where it's really hot there, but she has on this little cute red dress. Anyway, your photo came great!

And that whole "I'd go out with you but I can't stand you" line that MPG writes about is a staple in family discussions. I may even have said, "I'll marry you , but I can't stand you..." although I can't really remember. And I wholeheartedly encourage his beyonce crush. she's got it all.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, speaking of crushes, I just watched the last 20 minutes of one of my fave movies of all time, "Far and Away." I did crush on TC before he got all odd. It's such a sweet movie. I didn't read romance when I first saw it or for many years thereafter. You'd think I'da made some kind of connection and got me some romances, ,no?

Unknown said...

Hi Kate! I think I had a crush on all the boys on The Outsiders movie. lol. Now, it's Keanu Reeves.

Santa said...

Donny Osmond - still.
Chris Knight (Peter Brady) - still.
David Cassidy - still.
Bay City Rollers - Adam the drummer. It started my love affair with tartan, lol.
Barry Manilow - Yes, I was that nerdy!
Mark from the football team.
Ready Freddy (my nickname for him)- my older brother's best friend. Did marvelous things for Vidal Sassoon jeans. Yes, I am that old, too!
My DH - Told you, it's a Black Irish Celtic thang!

Now to go back and read all the other posts!

Santa said...

OOHH - celebrity crushes. Yes, to Hugh and I'll add George Clooney. I loved him back when he was on with Tootie. Dang, the name of the show escapes me!

Toby Stephens also does marvelous things for my heart rate, lol.

Yes, to the Count of Monte Cristo, Misters Rochester and Darcy and Captain Wentworth.

Oh and Peter from The Monkees...and Mike...and Davy.

Unknown said...

Santa- think we might've been separated at birth-I like all your crushes, apart from the ones I didn't know :)

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say thanks to Michelle for having me on the blog today!
It was fun learning everyone else's secret crushes and I promise i won't mention them to a soul!

And, if you 'are' interested in those naughty Regency Rakes, (cough cough Michelle) the next book, Simply Shameless comes out at the beginning of May :)

Kate xx

amy kennedy said...

Oh I love all these crushes and yes Michelle, I still dig the Katt brothers.

Jodi, I'm so glad someone else had (has) a cartoon crush--my very first crush was Mighty Mouse--I would put on one of my mom's slips and her high heels to watch Mighty Mouse. I know--not only was it a cartoon, it was a different species.

One sick kid.

Kate--you know I love you.

Unknown said...

amy-I don't know what to say-first you confess to dressing up like a mouse and then you say you love me?
I'm so touched. LOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Kate, Im DYING for Simply Shameless (and I avoided making a simply shameless pun). WE'll definitely have to remind everyone about it in May!

Mighty Mouse, ames? I don't even know what to say aobut that.

Santa! I never realized that was george clooney. it was at a girls' school or something?

Kate, thanks so much for joining us today and getting us to dish on our crushes. It was really fun remembering -- or really embarrassing depending upon how one looks at it, I guess...

orannia said...

HI MIchelle, Bellas & Kate,

I know I'm a little (OK, a lot - sorry) late, but I wanted to answer your question Kate. I so remember the Virginian. I used to watch all the cowboy shows when I was young - the Virginian, Maverick, Bonanza. As for who my secret crush was when I was young....Hawkeye Pierce from MASH :)

All the best for the release of Riding the Line!

amy kennedy said...

Take it for what it is Kate. Except, I didn't dress up like a mouse I dressed up FOR the mouse--even odder.

Orianna--Oooh I loved the westerns when I was young--actually I kinda dig them now too.

Santa said...

Yup, Michelle, it was a an all girl's school set in Peekskill, New York. The name still eludes me.

Oh, and yes, to Little Joe and Adam from Bononza and there was just something about Haus (sp) that made you just want to hug him...or was that just me?

scottsgal said...

Oh my crushes...Shaun Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Leif Garrett (then not now ick)but Shaun was my fave.