Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feature Review: "Flat Out Sexy," By Erin McCarthy

Well. Alrighty then. Now I remember what I love about erotic romance that's all about the love story: the sex.

OK, sure: I'll cop to that being a little like Pam Anderson saying what she digs most about Tommy Lee is the way he sports a pair of boxer briefs. Like, why state the obvious, right?

Well, some of us who adore erotic romance of all kinds know that, despite how open and accepting of -- and flippin' turned on we are by -- fictional couples falling in love, sometimes polyamorously, while practicing myriad loves that dare not speak they's names...

Sometimes it's sweet just to read a simple love story about a guy and a girl who meet, fall in love, and have the best and most intimate sex of their lives. If you're into that sorta thing.

I am, and totally into Erin McCarthy's new erotic romance, "Flat Out Sexy," plus jittery-jazzed about the series to follow. As in, the next book in this series set in/around the world of pro racing and Jo Davis' next Station 5 book are almost all I can think about.

"Flat Out Sexy" hero Elec Monroe is everything Tamara Briggs, a young mother and widow of a race-car great, could want (a steaming-hot Southern gentleman who loves kids and is six years younger and filled with, um, energy), and a couple things she absolutely doesn't want (the race-car-driving son of her father-in-law's sworn enemy, and, ah, hell, six years younger and...).

From the second they meet, Elec and Tamara are bound for a night of ridiculously hot-but-sweet "hey, nice to meet'cha." Yet the passion continues as stereotypes of alpha-male athletes and pretty suburban moms are turned on their heads until Tamara and Elec don't know what hit ‘em. All they know is they're racing headlong into something beautiful and scary and, for Tamara, something she didn't even know she was missing.

McCarthy's a great writer with gifts for humor and telling stories that resonate with everyday women. Equally fab is her way with writing down-to-earth, yet evocative sensuality that pumps the happy hormones to us readers by way of our romantics' hearts.

So, take it from me and Pamela Lee: When you want sexy, go for the biggest you can get. Pick up some big sexy today with Erin McCarthy's "Flat Out Sexy" -

Buy the Book.

What do you do when you hit erotic-romance overload? How do you feel about race-car driver heroes? How hot or scary do you find younger man/older woman romances?