Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It Had To Happen Eventually

Yeah. You knew we'd get to talkin' Gabaldon one of these days.

Never read her. Got no problem with her. Just haven't had the time in the midst of promoting traditional Happily Ever After romance and erotic romance to dig into what I know would probably become yet another addictive series.

A girl's gotta protect herself, don't she?

Anywayz, Diana Gabaldon's got a new hardcover out this month, "Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade." Then, in November, you can buy another hardcover that sports two previously released Lord John novels, "Lord John and the Private Matter," which, frankly, makes me want to suggest all kinds of silly ailments his lordship might be suffering from and might not want to discuss in polite company -- thus keeping the matter private.

Well, I must say I'm intrigued by this Lord John Grey, and am a) wondering whether he's any relation to Earl Grey whose tea I so enjoy, and, 2. whether these novels are romantic enough to interest me. There are hints in the press materials of love affairs that could destroy. But you know how I likes me a HEA.

So, before I expire from curiosity: Tell us why Diana Gabaldon is great! What's up with Lord John? Are you a Gabaldon fan? Does she even write romance (anymore, cause I know some fans feel she's writing in a far different direction)?

Monday, August 06, 2007


Read the comments to find out why.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I Could Quit Anytime I Want

So I was on the phone yesterday with Evan "The Greatest Guy Ever" Silverman, V.P. Online at LifetimeTV.com. The guy who hired me. The guy I report to.

Anywayz, Evan's talking about the terrible tragedy of the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis two days ago. (Thank you, btw, all who've written and called to check on my family. We feel very fortunate to all be safe, and horribly sad for the families who lost loved ones).

So, Evan makes reference to a CNN report about the collapse, and I say, "no, I didn't see it. I don't watch the news."

[Imagine extended, uncomfortable silence].
See, it's not that I don't follow the news. I just can't watch it; it gives me agita to view other peoples' pain. It's part of the reason I started reading romance.

When I feel reality pushing too hard, I generally pick up a romance. Love that little moment when the book's so good, you just sorta sink into the embrace of the good feelings that are gonna follow. And I like knowing it's gonna turn out happy, no matter whether the road there is rocky.

Some people speak anecdotally of women who've become addicted to romance. I've often compared reading it to that lovely little warmth of a nice I.V. drip starting to do its thing, but that's just me. I've met a couple women who said they gave up reading it cause they never could find in real life men what they found in the storybook heroes.

So, I've got two different kinds of questions. First: Do you think you're addicted or could become addicted to romance? I mean, for real? Second: What's the last thing you said to your boss you wished you could have taken back immediately? Finally: Have you got a weekend book escape planned?
Books I loved above are some of the historicals I've used to practice soothing avoidant behavior in the last week.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hot Lunch

Hi! Bad Mom here with a dilemma faced by gazillions of other bad moms all across cyberspace. You may know us, or even be part of our crew.

Bad Moms. We're the ones gawped at near the jungle gym as we spray DEET-laden bug repellent on the grubby paws of our darlings. We gladly engage strangers to sit with our kids so we can go on dates with our spouses. We simply don't get invited to play dates anymore and wonder if it has something to do with the fact that we give sex advice to moms complaining about their husbands, rather than commiserate about how the guys don't understand how daunting a task it is to choose the pre-school that will assure our babies entre to the Ivies.

(Amazing as it seems, we're more than welcome in that force of cyber-nature known as the Momosphere).

Anywayz, today this bad mommy's got a dilemma: I'm sick of making lunches for my kids.

Today it's Fluffernutters. Yesterday, pepperoni and cheese. The day before? Lunchables. Day before that? Fluffernutters. See the pattern?

Now, if you're not familiar with Fluffernutters, they're a sandwich of white bread, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff, the ultimate being the product created and manufactured by a Lynn, MA family for years and years, Fluff. And Fluffernutters are best served with potato chips as an accompaniment.

Now, Fluffernutters make my gorge rise, but kids -- and lots of adults -- seem to ador
e them. But they're evil, too. Last year, a MA legislator attempted to have them removed from lunch menus in schools.

But what's a bad mommy to do? What the heck can I pack my kids for lunch?

And while we're talking about sweet stuff to eat,
Congratulazione Bella Portia Da Costa on your 4 1/2 Star review in Romantic Times for "Suite Seventeen!"

Now, La Da Costa knows her way around a yummy love scene that does not make one's gorge rise. And she definitely knows her sammiches. So, to continue our theme, let's talk our favorite sammich du jour. What's an RBtheBlog sammich? Check here. Then thank Bella Vivi Anna for creating our very first tasty treat.
Encore! Fluff photo: Mark Wilson/Boston Globe Staff