Thursday, July 26, 2007


Contest!!! Details within!

Amidst all the past few days blab about Rhage from JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood and Krispy Kremes and whether there's something a little bent about the fact that I crush on pretty boys and middle-aged sports columnists -- though I swear, it's just their tight little proses I lust for -- I thought I'd let you know that the next two days I'll be in the Windy with a couple other folks for Blogher Conference 2007.

What's you ask? Well, Bellas, lemmee tell ye, cause as thoughtful women who dig hangin online, it's a place you'll wanna check out. It's a kind of clearinghouse of blogs written by women about every topic imaginable. Anonymous bloggers who speak out against inequities and abuses in their countries, Mommy bloggers, nice girl bloggers, rage-against-the -machine bloggers, branded name it, the creative women who tack up the posts every day list themselves there.

But is more than just an aggregate. It's a growing and positive force to be reckoned with, a body that supports women through empowering women bloggers. And part of the empowerment comes from education and networking opportunities, like this weekend's conference.

Aside from looking forward to meeting lots of women bloggers of all kinds -- and hoping to learn as much as I can, especially from the hip young'ns -- I'm planning on attending the following workshops (you can check out the description as well as the full conference deets at

Speed Dating for Bloghers
The Life Stages of Online Communities
Does the Blogosphere Need Intolerance Intervention
The Art of Writing Reviews
The State of the Momosphere
Sex and Relationships: Blogging Behind Closed Doors

Now, about them Krispie Kremes. I've gotta say, since we moved to the Midwest, one of the things I've lamented is the dearth -- make that complete lack -- of Dunkin Donuts.

Because, Bellas, I'm a Dunkies girl.

First, you've gotta love a company that values alliteration as much as it does the
bastardization of spelling as we know it. Now, Krispy Kreme does a pretty good job of that -- perhaps even better if we take into consideration the use of the klassy K. God, now that makes me feel proud to be an Amerkin.

But there are two real reasons I love Dunkies. First, KKs are so sweet they make my t
eeth ache. And second: Dunkie's coffee. It's liquid perfection in a post-consumer recycled paper cup. See? It even inspires agonizingly horrible descriptive phraseology. Can your vaunted Krispy Kremes do that, I ask you? Hmmm?

Well, maybe they can. So: give me your most horrifically purple descriptive phrase about why you love Krispies or Dunkies best. Or, why you love your favorite sweet. One Lucky Commenting Bella (LCB) wins a six-pack of steamy romance novels!
Encore! Dunkies pic credit: Elinor Carucci.
Encore due! Si, Hugh's a man, not a boy. But he's still pretty. Prego. You're welcome, my Bellas.


Kati said...

Well, d*mmit, why don't you just give the prize to Jules already?? She always wins these things. What with all her creativity and mad rhyming skillz.


All I'm saying is, Krispy Kremes are an awful lot like orgasms. One's good, three's better and even dozen, well...that's unspeakable.

Kati said...

Oh, and lately, I've been thinking that Hugh is the perfect Roarke. I think he could get the lilting Irish accent thing. Nora always describes Roarke as looking like a fallen angel. Alls I'm sayin' is if heaven looks like that, I'm SO gonna be better behaved.

What d'ya think?

Julie in Ohio said...


Hey, MK-- You look so good in green....
Like I always say, jealousy is a horrible thing to waste. :p

Portia Da Costa said...

Well, as far as I can tell, there are no Dunkin Donuts outlets *at all* in the UK... so I can't try them either!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas! Portia, you SO must wax poetic for us about these things called "fingers." I've had "ladies' fingers" in tira misu -- like the best sweet known to uomo, ya feel me -- but I'm guessing there's something super special about the ones you've listed if there's a whole store dedicated to them. And you know, i still remember the first time I had Cadbury. My oldest bro lived in England for a few years and brought some to us before they were sold here. I'd only ever had Hershey's before -- being a good PA girl. I couldn't believe how great it was. Maybe Cadbury's pedestrian in England?

Oh, MK and JulieO, are we gonna have to separate you two already? Not perty.

Yes, MK, your Heaven sounds very nice indeed. And [saying quickly while ducking] I've still not read the JD Robb, so I've yet to meet Roarke, whom so many describe as the greatest hero of all time.

Like I always say, jealousy is a horrible thing to waste

LOL, Jules! My husband once said to me, "I like that you're so competitive, Michelle. It keeps you fresh." And I was like, "it's not competition that drives me, it's jealousy, plain and simple." I guess it's a razor-thin line.

Your jealousy line reminds me of my favorite: If you can't say anything nice about someone, for God's sake, don't say it so loudly that everyone overhears you or can quote you on it!

And MK, very very purple orgasm reference. You're off to a great start. :)

Bellas, I'm going to this blogging conference, but I'm not sure how often I'll be able to check in. I feel like if I become obsessed with blogging here, I'll miss out on learning the stuff that will make me better. But, you know how I just hate to leave a post up for days on end...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

WEndyPortia, do youz Brits do any funky spelling stuff like we do? You know the Klassy Karwash, Krispy Kreme stuff?

Julie in Ohio said...

Have a good time, Michelle. Learn lots and don't worry about the place. As long as you promise more pretty pics of Hugh or maybe another of Jude (hint,hint), we'll behave. I'm speaking for myself. I can't promise the same thing for everyone else. {says Julie polishing her halo}

MK through down the gauntlet so now I have to come up with something *really* good...or at least semi-presentable.

Anonymous said...

they make my mouth so watery and the coffee makes me hot. keeps me up and reading my books.

kim h

Portia Da Costa said...

Iced Fingers... no, actually there isn't a special shop selling them... With all those goodies I listed, it's just me capitalising yummy things that are important to me! You can buy them in most bakery shops... :)

Iced Fingers won't sound all that exciting when I describe them... they're simply a sweetish bread dough, finger shaped, with soft icing [frosting?] on them [usually white]. Some have dried fruit in them, some not... The ones I've had today are strawberry, with pink icing, and jam in the middle. They're a relation of the donut, I'd say, but not fried. They're plain compared to some cakes, but when they're super fresh, they're delicious. And with them being a bready type thing, rather than a rich, eggy cakey type thing, you don't feel quite as guilty when you pig out on them!

And re. the funky spelling... yes, we do have a bit of that eg. there's a taxi service in our area called Ken's Kars...

Cadbury's is a huge chocolate brand over here. It's commonly available, but still pretty good. The items I like best are Cadbury's Creme Egg [miniature Easter egg with yellow and white cream filling] and Cadbury's Flake [a stick of finely folded chocolate that flakes and crumbles when you eat it - there's a tradition of suggestive adverts for Flake, with young ladies inserting them into their mouths and sucking on them, and looking slutty! LOL]

Cherie J said...

KK's have the best fillings that will soothe your inner beast and transform you into a little lamb.

LOL! I suck at this.

Portia Da Costa said...

Have posted a slutty Flake ad at my blog for anybody who's interested! :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

No, no, cherie! That was delightfully awful! See, that's what we're looking for today, sublime suckiness! And, BTW, it's WONDERFUL to see you here, Bella!

Portia, I say at the Bellathon at Romance WRiters of America national conference in 09 in DC, each Bella should bring a treat from her homeland. Perhaps I'll bring deep-fried cheese curds, dairy fresh from the prairies of Minnesota...

Lovely, kim h-- wet and hot, just the way we like it here, Bella.

Unknown said...

I don't like doughnuts! Can't imagine ever wanting to eat one for breakfast. Must be a British thing.
(ducks to avoid storm of stale doughnuts being thrown by enraged Bella's)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

But Kate! You still must play and offer a treacly homage to your fave sweet treat!

Awesome, Portia! Thanks for the Flaky tribute!

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

Krispy Kreme, what? huh? Sorry, but with that FINE specimen, aka Jack Hughmen's photo posted, Donuts be damned! I'll take Mr. Jack glazed up, hot and ready to go, please! WHEW!!!

Okay, don't tell my hubby I said that. Let's just keep that amongst us, okay? :D

Lois said...

I have been, and always will be a Dunkin Donuts girl. They are simply better donuts. . . alas, in my humble opinion of course. :) Krispy Kremes just simply were no big deal to me when I tried them. And I guess I just like two Ds together than two Ks. DD looks better than KK. LOL :)

Ultimately though, I want chocolate as my ultimate favorite sweet. Sigh, can't do better than that.

Well, other than more chocolate. :)


Julie in Ohio said...

Ode to Krispy Kremes:

Why I love thee holds no bounds,
How I love thee adds the pounds.

You give me the sweetest of dream,
Your hottie goodness, makes me preen.

Mary Kate calls you orgasmic,
And she's right, you are fantastic.

Looky there, the sign says "Hot".
Right up front is a parking spot.

I'll take a dozen, please.
Take back the new jeans,
I can't even squeeze.

Portia Da Costa said...

That's brilliant, Julie! You're a genius! :)

And ack, I completely forgot to mention that below the Flake ad on my blog, there's a piccie of an Iced Finger! Did you see it, Michelle?

I like to post piccies of my snax, now and again... LOL

Kati said...


Now, that's just showing off, Jules. I told you guys she was that good.

And, shouldn't you be working right now, missy????


Julie in Ohio said...

Right back at 'cha, sister... ;o)

Thanks, Portia. This is fun.

FYI-- I only "show off" for MK. Someone's gotta keep that girl in line or she'll start waxing poetic about some book with wind and flowers... ;p

Kati said...

whom so many describe as the greatest hero of all time.

Hmmm, now that's an interesting topic...the greatest hero of all time. I've heard many say Jamie Fraser from Outlander (which my sister loves). Wow, I'd really have to ponder on that one. For me greatest heroines are easier.

The thing that makes both Roarke and Jamie so fabulous is that we have multiple books to fall in love with them, as opposed to just one.

Huh. I have no idea who I'd pick as greatest hero of all time. Anyone have any suggestions???

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Its really hard top Julie! That was fantastic. Perfect description for Krispy Kremes. I don't know what I can say about chocolate, that hasn't been said before...I'll have to think about it some more.(smile)


Hellie Sinclair said...

Krispy Kreme, oh, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways—
I love thee the width and sweet breadth and
Creamy icing that melts in my mouth
With the same orgasmic glow of a
Chain-smoker’s first drag.
I love thee the warm and tender doughiness
That gives way with the barest
Bite of my teeth.
I love thee whom once having one taste,
I cannot resist another…and another…
And another, until I’m consumed
By my sugar lust and I’m lying in
A coma on the floor of my workplace.
I love thee until it borders almost on
Obsession—and I can swear I smell you
Every time I walk through the local Walmart;
Hear you call me as I go through the
Checkout, begging me to take you home with me.
I have no will that is not your will, oh, dear
Krispy Kreme. Oh, how do I love thee.

Julie in Ohio said...

BRAVA, Ms.Hellion!! Way to step up to the plate and hit a homer.... :o)

Thank you, Carol.
I think chocolate is worthy of a sonnet or two. :o)

LOL,MK-- I don't believe in a "greatest" hero of all time. There's just Mr. Greatest-At-This-Moment.
For me that would be Lucas in Slave to Sensation. :oD

Kati said...

Wow, Ms Hellion, excellent job! That was awesome. And don't you think that was really what Elizabeth Barrett Browning was talking about when she wrote the poem anyway???

Mmm, Lucas. He's almost as good as a hot KK, Jules.

For me, probably Dane Hollister from Dream Man, but maybe Rhage. At least until Tohr's book gets written. SIGH.

robynl said...

We don't have Dunkin' Donuts where I live but I'm still a DUNKIN' gal-love to dunk hard cookies into my coffee.
My favorite sweet is Black Forest Pudding - you end up with a cherry even. LOL.
The cake is decadent(chocolate at it's best), the pudding creant and satiny and slides down your throat with ease, the whipped cream is smooth and soft and the cherry pie filling is sweet, a bit chewy and oh so delicious- and as I said you even get the 'cherry' at the top because I top off the trifle with maraschino cherries.

Julie in Ohio said...

"Dream Man"? I don't think I'm familiar with this book. Dish, girl... :o)
Rhage is great. I love his fly mouth. You never know what's gonna come out. Z still holds my heart. We'll see what happens with V and Phury. Both are real contenders for the crown. :o)
Hmmm, I feel another sonnet coming on.... ;p

Do we have an ETA for Tohr yet? I'm real curious as to how Ms. Ward is going to handle him.

Sabrina Jeffries said...

I live in the land of the Krispy Kremes (the very first Krispy Kreme store) is here in my area, and I've been there many a time. So it is with some reluctance (please don't kick me out of North Carolina!) that I say I prefer Dunkin. And here's why:

I'd even eat them cold.

And I'd never say that about a Krispy whatsit.

Kati said...

Dream Man by Linda Howard. STEAMY, HOT, SMOKIN'. Howard at her best, IMHO. Heroine is a psychic and hero is a cop. A big, rough and ready cop. And he falls like a redwood for her. It's magnificent. She builds the tension between the two of them to a literal fever pitch. To where you're sceaming, "For God's sake, kiss her!!!" Although, Webb Talant from Shades of Twilight is also pretty d*mn fine.

Well, I'll say this. Once of the Cellies asked a question about Tohr on her boards the other day, and the WARDen's reply was, "I've decided that I'm no longer going to answer questions about Tohr." How 'bout them apples?? As far as I've heard, Tohr's not even on the schedule, although she's said that she knows who he ends up with, but that there are many more stories to be told before his. SIGH. It makes me sad. My poor Tohr.

I'm siked for V's story though, and I'm hoping the set up for Phury is a good one.

Julie in Ohio said...

Smart move for WARDen but darn frustrating for the rest of us. :o\
Phury has the potential to be more tortured than Z, IMO.

My name is Julie and I'm a BDB groupie....

Kati said...

My name is Julie and I'm a BDB groupie....

Hi Julie.

Me too. Totally. And I'm 36 years old. I lurk on her website, I read her excerpts over and over again. I just reread Z last night for grins. The last couple of months before one of her books comes out are the worst! It's like it can't happen soon enough!!

GASP, Jules, are you allowed to buy LU based on your diet thing??? OMG, that would be torture for me!

Julie in Ohio said...

MK, I knew there was a reason I loved you. I do the same thing. I'm reading Rhage right now. :o)

NONONONO!! My pact is no NEW SERIES. I can't start a new series but can continue with ones I'm already working on. I wouldn't have a prayer otherwise.

Kati said...

Seriously. That would be awful! Are you a keeping a list of what you need to get when you're all skinny and hot again?? LOL!

Unknown said...

Krispy Kremes might make you fat
But I don't give a d*** about that
Dunkin donuts are just as bad
But they sure cheer me up when I'm sad
What so wrong with craving sweet?
When I know there are better things I could eat
God gave us choices- like lots of nice fellas
But he'd better not come between a donut and us Bellas

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, MK-- You bet your KK, I'm keeping a list and I've just added "Dream Man" to it. :o)

WOO HOO, Kate!!!! That's great! :oD

Julie in Ohio said...

Sabrina-- We'll cut you some slack because I understand that you that you're suffering from KK burn out.


Julie in Ohio said...

I must be reaching my sugar limit. I think only one "that you" would've sufficed.
:rolling eyes:

ev said...

Kate- Dunkin never has a chance to get stale around here, so I would only be throwing fresh ones. And since i wouldn't waste them on doing that, you have no need to worry from my end.

The only KK we had here closed after less than 2 years- just couldn't compete. LOL

There is only one creme filled treat better than a DD Bavarian filled donut!!!!

ev said...

And yes, I think Hugh would make a perfect Roarke!!

Playground Monitor said...

Damn. I go off to lunch (and to get passport photos made so I can renew my passport) and y'all go wild.

Deep fried cheese curds????? Guess I'll have to bring a deep fried Moon Pie to the reunion.

I tried a Cadbury egg (you can only get them here at Easter) and it wasn't to my liking. I've heard of Flakes for years and finally found it at the gift shop at London Bridge (which isn't in London anymoe but rather sits on Lake Havasu in Arizona). It was okay. My absolute fave was the Tobler chocolate we used to buy when we lived in Germany. They had one that had liquer inside. Yum! Oh, and I like those chocolate oranges at Christmas.

But my absolute favorite dessert name hails from the land of Portia and is called Spotted Dick. You can't help but snicker when you hear that.

I'm krazy for Krispy Kreme and that's all I kan komment on the subjekt.


Playground Monitor said...

Dream Man by LH. Yowsers! Loved it.

And I'll be interested for you to report back on that "Life Stages of Online Communities" workshop. I've been in one online community for about 10 years now and it's been interesting to see the dynamics change, the people move in and out and the split that occured after a major flame war.


Portia Da Costa said...

Mmmm... yes, Terry's Chocolate Oranges. Always used to have one of those at Christmas when I was a kid. I could swear they were a lot bigger though, back in the Stone Age!

Do you like Toblerone, Marilyn? The triangular 'mountain' bars? I have two of the giant sized ones in my fridge that himself brought back from his holidays. Gosh, I've got so much chocolate in there that I'd quite forgotten them. :)

I'm not sure whether I've ever had Spotted Dick... snigger snigger... It's a sweet suet pudding, isn't it, with dried fruit... Mostly served with custard.

Jessica Barksdale Inclan said...

Donuts should be outlawed. Sorry, it's my feeling. They are dangerous, and people cannot be trusted around them.

BUT--If I were to eat a donut, I'd pick not a chain but a small bakery. Something where I could at least say I supporting local, artisan business and feel morally superior as my butt grew wide.

Jessica Inclan

Sabrina Jeffries said...

Drool. Terry's Chocolate Oranges. Ahhhh...

Unknown said...

Wow I’ve never had a DD or KK we always had Rudy's, a little family run place with awesome donuts.

My fav. sweet has to be hands down fresh homemade cup cakes. Where you take a bite and it just melts in your mouth and you let out a little moan and look around to make sure no one heard you. And if you have a man at the time and if he's around he licks the frosting off the corner of your mouth and then you think of all the things you can do with a can of frosting....wait sorry got off topic there. Yeah I have to say cupcakes are my fav. ;)

Julie in Ohio said...

Boys in the Brotherhood:

What's not to love about the Boys,
They are better than any other toys.

You can ride them and rope them and tie them down,
You can fight them and feed them and play around.

You can bite them and kiss them and rub them all over,
You can love them or hate them or use them for cover.

They are loyal and brave and tough as nails,
They are pretty and sexy and tell a good tale.

They drink scotch and vodka or whatever they wish,
If Fritz is around don't think of lifting a dish.

Rhage is a beast and Wrath is the king,
But when it comes to pipes, Z can really sing.

Tohr is the sane one and Phury has the hair,
V is the techy and Butch just don't care.

John is mute and still a mystery,
But when he looks at Beth he just thinks sisterly.

When it comes to the Brotherhood of Daggers of Black,
They can be counted on to pick up the slack.

(I warned ya's it was coming *g*)

Kati said...

Yeah I have to say cupcakes are my fav.

God, when you put it that way, cupcakes are my fav too, leeann! :o)

Jules, excellent ode. Poifect even. You're all rhymee today.

Playground Monitor said...

Haven't had Toblerone in absolute ages cause they're too addictive. But when we lived in Germany and my metabolism still worked, I kept a constant supply on hand.

Forget the cupcakes. Just give me the bowl of chocolate frosting. Lordy I can think of some very decadent things to do with it.

Back to deciphering the state department instructions on passport applications. Because of time constraints it looks like I'm going to have to expedite this sucker and that doubles the cost. Ouch!


Julie in Ohio said...

Thank you oh so very much, I think someday soon we should do lunch.

Hmmm, I'm rhymee you say,
Well, I'm sure it's only for today.

(Sorry. Got bit by the Cat in the Hat.)

Unknown said...

Julie that was great! I love it. It makes me want to read their stories all over again and I just finished them on Monday.

MK my mind is way in the gutter today what can I say. I think of all the things you can do with frosting but then I think about a scene out of Lacey Alexander's Voyeur including two very hot naked men, brownies and a woman who knows what to do with all three.

Stacy~ said...

Queen B, the Windy City won't be the same after you come sashaying through town. Not sure how your schedule looks, but look me up if you get a chance...maybe I'll just have to hang out at a downtown Dunkin Donuts....

However I'm gonna have to agree with MK here on the KK experience. They are just sublime. I always go for the dozen.

We'll keep an eye on MK and Jules for ya. Maybe Jules could write an ode about windflowers as a peace offering, if MK gives her the book to read. Dang Jules, I'd nominate you for poet laureate but I think mshellion is giving you a run for the money, or the Krispy Kreme.

Portia, Iced Fingers actually sound kinda creepy. I'm sure they're delish with a lovely chocolate sauce, but the imagery is too vivid for my sensitive stomach. Okay, it's not my stomach that's sensitive - it's the brain.

Greatest hero? Now there's a thought-provoking question that could take hours to contemplate. There's Mr. Darcy (either the Colin Firth or Matthew McFayden version are acceptable applicants), Aragorn from LoTR (have a little Viggo with your chocolate), Derek Craven from Kleypas; and I can fully appreciate the attributes of both Jamie Fraser and the Roarke god. I think I might have to give this some consideration...

Julie in Ohio said...

I love a good challenge.... :p

Kati said...

have a little Viggo with your chocolate

Thank you, I don't mind if I do. Marilyn, pass the chocolate icing.


Julie in Ohio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ev said...

I love Cadbury- the caramel eggs are really good. Especially frozen, so i can eat them all year long. I hide them in the freezer. I don't like the regular eggs. And the malted chocolate eggs are to die for.

I also grew up not far from the Nestle plant. My neighbor worked there. Halloween meant I got the really big bars in my bag. LOL

Hubby has gone nuts. We now have dual monitors set up, so we had to go buy a big a$$ed desk for everything. I don't think I can hook anything more up. But this is fun. I can do email on one and play Pogo on the other instead of switching back and forth. It's fun to watch the cursor go from screen to screen. glad I didn't try it after I had been drinking. LOLOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buona sera, Bellas! What a treat to open up the computer to after taking hours to get out of Minnie (no flights in due to "weather") then get to Chicago.

But you're really killin me with your homages to sweet stuff. Just lurvely. I'll check back in tomorrow night. Off to bed, then up early to get me to the blogher conference on time! I'm so tired, I couldn't even eat the strawberry cheesecake from room service (Guess I'll have it for breakfast!)

Ciao,Bellas. And hullo all you new Bellas dropping by, as well as friends we've not seen in a while. If it takes the offer of free books to get you to drop in, so be it! We luvs to see your smilin commentses.

Kammie said...

KK's give me a belly ache
That often keep me wide awake
I'll happily take the double D's
Those, are there just to please

Have fun at the conference!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiornoooo, Bellas!

Got up a little early to say hi, and that -- and really, I mean this in the best way possible -- I'm even more in stiches over your good bad poetry this morning than last night.

I kept trying to come up with some kind of haiku that involved eating sweets Up Against The Wall (UATW), but it just kept sounding plain old vulgar, instead of cleverly naughty.

So I bow to your far finer ability (hey, maybe we should add alliteration into the mix to honor K Squared and D Squared).

Jules and ms hellion, I agree w/Stace, youz are tearin it up. Plus, Kate p, you rallied for the cause, which is admirable, cause you HATE doughnuts/donuts.

leeann, good call on the cupcakes! But can I say I still like th e prepackaged with the gross creme in the center? Which are they?

OK, so the other day I tell MK, "oh, yeah, I like when conversations go in different directions on the blog." Did anyone else notice how she just elbowed her way in and started her own topic on the best heroes? As if we're obsessed with heroes at RBtheBlog, or something.

And you guys are, like, just hopping right on top of the heroes! It's like you're obsessed with the guys. Point in fact: JulieO's poem to the BDBs. Sheesh. You guys, do you think she's planning a coup? And like she just wedged it in between the Krispy Kremes and the Dunkies?

I'd better watch my back. Next thing you know, she'll start some kind of thread about how virgin heroines are the best and Italian footballers are really sexy.

Now that I just couldn't abide.

Julie in Ohio said...

I don't think that I could do it justice. You still reign supreme over those topics. Maybe I could come up with a nice verse about it, though. :oD

Laurie G said...

Donuts don't do it for me! KK's make me gag to look at them. Way,way too much glaze! DD's never tried! However, I don't feel deprived.


I can't start my day without some. I love the Nestle tollhouse semi- sweet chocolate chips. I literally take them everywhere and put them in/on everything: coffee, ice cream ...I eat'em by the handful!!

Kati said...

OK, so the other day I tell MK, "oh, yeah, I like when conversations go in different directions on the blog." Did anyone else notice how she just elbowed her way in and started her own topic on the best heroes? As if we're obsessed with heroes at RBtheBlog, or something.

While the cat's away, the mice will play, Bella. (Notice my fortitude in not making some sort of "catty" joke...oh wait...) ;oP

Yes, Jules and I are planning our coup. We're going to disable you with a massage from Canna, and bolt into your house and steal all the ARCs. We'll probably end up having a full on girlfight over LOVER UNBOUND. Course, Dave might like that. LOL!

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, I know how to share, MK. After I'm done with LU, I'd be more than willing to let you read the first chapter. ;oD

Kati said...

Tell you what, you can read LOVER UNBOUND, and I'll read CARESSED BY ICE. Then we switch. See? We're TOTALLY grown ups.

Then we grab the LK arc she's been bragging about for months and well, I'm not sure what you'll be reading while I'm reading that, but I'm sure you'll find something.


Julie in Ohio said...

It's a deal! I bet she has a Kleypas around there just begging for my attention. ;p

Julie in Ohio said...

Still working of first cup of coffee; I meant Moening's new one. :rolling eyes:

Yeah, I'm chugging this cup and going for the second....

ev said...

Coffee?? someone has coffee?? Send me some. I don't think hubby made any this morning and I am off work, so I actually would have to make it. I don't make good coffee.

I have a DD right down the road, less than a mile. But sure as crap if I go, the cable repair guy will show up.

At Border's we have Seattle's Best which is the parent company for StarBucks. I don't do Star Bucks, but I do like Seattle's coffee (they use different products). Nothing beats DD coffee.

I want DD and donuts.

I am going- daughter can deal with the cable guy for the 10 minutes I will be gone.

this is all your fault Michelle!! ;}

Portia Da Costa said...

I am blown away by all this poetry! In awe... I couldn't write a poem to save my life, even though I do work hard to ensure there's a natural rhythm in my fiction writing.

Favourite heroes? Well a lot of the ones who spring to mind aren't really romance heroes at all... James Bond, the celluloid Draculas of Gary Oldman and Frank Langella, even Hannibal Lecter... [geez, there's something really wrong with me, isn't there?] Then, of course, and naturally, Robert Goren, as written in the excellent scripts for LOCI... But none of them are romance novel heroes. The BDB boys are rapidly growing on me, but they're too recent in acquaintance for me to see them as iconic. At least not yet...

Rhett Butler? He's romance, sort of, isn't he?

Back to BDB... Yowsah, I just read the up against the tree scene!!! I see what you all mean... ;) Rhage hasn't got quite as naughty a mouth on him as my Clever Bobby Stone or Valentino, but JR Ward is constrained by being in the mainstream rather than the murky waters of erotica... She *does* push the limits though, and that is so cool and admirable!!!! I'm really glad she gets away with what she does... :)

Kati said...

Back to BDB... Yowsah, I just read the up against the tree scene!!! I see what you all mean... ;) Rhage hasn't got quite as naughty a mouth on him as my Clever Bobby Stone or Valentino, but JR Ward is constrained by being in the mainstream rather than the murky waters of erotica... She *does* push the limits though, and that is so cool and admirable!!!! I'm really glad she gets away with what she does... :)

*MK lighting a ciggy and handing it to Portia*

Told ya. And just wait til you get a little farther in...there's another scene between them that'll just blow you out of the water. She does write them hot. D*mn hot.

And I just love how "chatty" Rhage is. I re-read Butch last night, and I'd kind of forgotten how chatty he is too.

SIGH. I love me some BDB. Can you tell???

Portia Da Costa said...

Would that be the chained to the bed scene someone mentioned, MaryKate?

Haven't reached that yet... but I am deep into writing my own chained/bed scene at the moment. It's working out quite different to how I originally envisioned it... mainly because Rafe is displaying some rampantly exhibitionist tendencies! Ooh la la!

Kati said...

Would that be the chained to the bed scene someone mentioned, MaryKate?

You betcha.

Wow, Rafe sounds like a ball! When do we get to read him???

Portia Da Costa said...

Rafe's in Gothic Heat, due out 10th April in both UK/US, I think. He's a complicated sort of hero, almost an anti hero... beset by deep emotional demons and torn between doing good and doing bad. Although he ends up on the side of light in the end. :)

Julie in Ohio said...

There once was a girl from Minneapolis,
She claimed she didn't know how to kiss.
She tried to say she was a virgin,
Which made us all regurgin'.
She was as sweet as pie,
But we could tell by the way she would sigh,
That she was exaggeratin'.

Hellie Sinclair said...

I have to just say, I *love* the Cadbury "regular" eggs with the yellow and white fondant middles. Yum. Talk about a toothache, but I can't wait for easter so I can have them.

England has them all year round? Just yet another reason to move there.

Playground Monitor said...

due out 10th April

Well isn't that dandy? That's my birthday. A copy in my mailbox would be a delightful giftie.

We're off to the campground -- me with my laptop and notes for a new story that has morphed from a short story idea to an idea for a full novel. Given I've never written a full-length novel, I'm shaking in my shoes. But this story is just too big for 6K words. Oh lordy, what have I gotten myself into???


Portia Da Costa said...

Better watch out for the birthday fairy next April then, Marilyn! ;)

Hey, MsHellion, there's actually a Cadbury's Creme Egg *Bar* now! Haven't tried it yet, but if it's like the eggs, it's a sure fire winner!

Kati said...

I ADORE Cadbury Creme eggs. My mom used to always say that I was the easiest kid to do an Easter basket for, because I didn't want no stinkin' bunny. Just the eggs, please. I always treat myself to just one every year.

Marilyn - That means you're close to Jules and I birthday-wise, we're March babies.

Julie in Ohio said...

Good luck, Marilyn!! You can do it. Enjoy the peace. :o)

LizbethSelvig said...

I always leave and then come back to have missed the best discussions. I've positively gained weight just reading all your posts!

Portia, I'm drooling over all the British sweets you've described - partially because my wip takes place in your wonderful country and you've done research for me without even knowing it. Cadbury Eggs - ohmigosh. I assume you have all the varieties - creme, caramel and - the one that'll cause instant diabetes - chocolate?

Michelle - since when are there NO DDs in Minnesota? I grew up on those boxes of mixed varieties, where we warred over the chocolate-glazed ones and then couldn't decide between the Long Johns or the ones with the colored sprinkles. I've only been away 1 1/2 years - did they leave us behind? Say it ain't so.

And there's been much made of chocolate but few have mentioned DARK chocolate - decadent, semi-sweet, semi-bitter: all good. Cadbury makes mean dark stuff, Godiva too - and the chocolate in Germany chocolate was some of my fave stuff - even the commonplace RitterSport. Now Hershey's makes dark chocolate with STUFF in it - cranberries, nuts ... (here me moaning).

Now if Hugh would just come sit for a bit with a plate of dark chocolate pieces and help me unwrap them one at a time verrrrry slowly ....

Unknown said...

Portia I have to wait till April 10th for Gothic Heat (LeeAnn letting out a big sigh). Well at least Suite Seventeen will be out here soon so I can read some more about clever Bobby.

I have to say I'm with MK on the whole Cadbury Crème eggs vs. the chocolate bunny. The bunny is just to plain.

Michelle I like the store bought ones that have the filling in the middle too (Hostess Cupcakes). I always eat the filling out of those first and save the top for last. I tend to keep myself in check when I eat because I either pick things apart or make interesting sound effects if it’s really good ;)

Kati said...

Does everyone know that Hostess now makes 100 calorie packs with three mini cupcakes in them?? They're God's gift to dieters, I swear. 2 points and lots of bliss!!

See, leeann, I knew I liked you, Bella! ;o)

Monica Burns said...

MK...I'd have to eat at least three packs to fill my stomach!! LOL

Monica Burns said...

CHOCOLATE!! Ok, let me tell you about chocolate...You know those Hershey Kisses?? We don't keep them in the house. Why? Because I don't just pick one up, peel it and eat. Nope, I snatch up a handful, then sit down at my desk and line them up like good little soldiers. I peel them one by one, returning them to their unique place in line. Then when I've got 15-20 of them peeled and ready, I slide one into my mouth. The whole time I’m swirling my tongue around that delicious bundle of heat, I’m breathing in the sweet aroma from the pieces I have left to enjoy. My eyes closed, I just want to die from the velvety smooth richness that’s filling my mouth. I repeat this delicious ritual one after the other. Each one more quickly than the last. I’m talking hungrily and fast. Then in one brief blinding moment, it’s over. I’m exhausted, yet satisfied from the experience. Naturally, I have to go back for more. LOL

Monica Burns said...

BTW Jules, didn't we agree NOT to over indulge in our wicked eating habits. My chocolate cookie dough is completely gone now, and I'm back to the same old, same old boring diet of tuna, carrots and dill pickles. *sigh*

ev said...

M&M's- no one can eat just one. And I love those danged kisses too.

I am gaining weight just reading the posts.

I would kill for some really good chocolate covered potatoe chips right about now. And don't know it til you try it- the chocolate and salt together is just mmmmmm good.

Kati said...

The evil geniuses at M&M's recently came out with DARK chocolate covered peanut M&Ms. Decadent, delicious, and fewer calories.

I have a pound bag in my desk drawer. Five or six of them after lunch is just perfect!

Monica Burns said...

Choc potato chips??? Ok, gotta draw the line on mixing anything with my chocolate. LOL...I just can't do it. I want it straight up and hard. Not too crunchy. M&Ms I like them sort of. Only when I'm PMS'ing do I raid the DH's M&M jar that he keeps on his desk. He always knows to leave me alone because I snarl at him when he protests with a "Hey, those are my M&Ms" LOL

Portia Da Costa said...

My favourite new choc treat is a dark variety. Lindor 60% Bar, made by Lindt. It has lovely runny dark chocolate fondant filling. Had a bar in the fridge last week and I'd only eaten a few squares when himself found it and scoffed the lot. So I've *hidden* the bar I got this week at the supermarket!

We have some great cupcakes over here, made by the Fabulous Bakin' Boys... they have really, really thick icing on them. The choc variety is sublime!

danetteb said...

I'm not a DD or a KK girl,there's this place called Donut Delight in the Bay Area,CA that make the best donuts(my fave are the french curlers)and dim sum, In high school,our WED.started at 10am,so I'd walk to the donut store before school and have Delight's for the rest of the day.*g*

Julie in Ohio said...

"BTW Jules, didn't we agree NOT to over indulge in our wicked eating habits."

I don't remember said agreement.
Was it during that one drunken night with those twins when we....
Oops, forgot. What happens there, stays there. ;p

My chocolate rule is the darker the better. I'm with Monica. I don't care for anything in, over, or covering my choco. I'm a plain jane girl. ;o)
The exceptions to this are plain M&M's and caramel. No nuts. No fruit. Sorry, Ev, I don't think I can do chips(I like mine with ketchup). Keep it simple. :o)

Monica Burns said...

Ya know Jules, I've always been partial to Salty Dogs myself. But I've never tried applying ketchup. ;P

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Mon! There are *lots* of things to do to a Salty Dog... ;p

TGI(flippin)F!!!! This has been a long week. I'm happy for the weekend to be here.

Any fun plans I can be jealous of?

Portia Da Costa said...

What are Salty Dogs?

Nothing spectacular happening here this w/e... Probably going out for fish and chips and a couple of beers tomorrow night with himself. Our usual routine, but still nice... :)

Kati said...

Nails and Toes for me tomorrow, and then to a 25th anniversary tomorrow evening.

Sunday, Redskins Training Camp. All those hot sweaty football players. I love it.

Tess Harrison said...

DD has the best coffee. I hadn't heard of Thanks for the heads up on that.

Lil said...


Evenly tanned
with a glossy sheen.
Tempting me to
take a bite.

ev said...

Monica- PMS'ing is when I crave them the most- there is something about the sweet chocolate and the salt that just does it.

Julie- I also eat them with ketchup. Kinda weird isn't it? Is that a northern thing???

Daughter and I were going to go to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame induction this weekend. I have promised her this for 5 years- this is Cal Ripken's year. BUT- they are expecting their largest crowd ever. The record was in 99 with over 50,000 and they are expecting many, many more. The idea of living out of the back of my Rav4, in the pouring rain that is predicted (and now falling along with Thunder and Lightning), with porta potties, my injured back and the aforementioned PMS, was not something I was looking forward to. BUT, she decided we would see more on TV, especially if they pull it inside due to the rain, and that is was ok we don't go.

I also think the fact that we bought "her" a car today had something to do with it. With the new college and me working again, we had to have one. Bus service is out of the question. She isn't happy that I get to decide which car she drives everyday, but then thems the breaks. LOLOL

Kati said...

You're a good, good momma, ev.

A good momma.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buona sera, Bellas!

I cain't believe you guys are still jonesin on the donuts! How cool is that?

I met a woman who's got a blog called, a blog all about food. Really nice, interesting woman. I told her all about how we managed to turn a blog about romance novels into a discussion about the merits of wonderfully awful verse and Krispy Kremes v Dunkies. I mean, food is very sensual -- and we romance readers ain't afraid of our emotions and sensualities -- so what makes more sense than our talkin sweets?

This blogher conference is AMAZING, Bellas. I mean, there are 750 women (and some men) bloggers, and everyone seems to be getting along and having fun.
The women who run blogher are really impressive, and totally welcomed's biz dev guy, Jason Revzon and I with open arms, very supportive of what Lifetime is doing with their new site.

I also spent time with a really nice woman named KT from She blogs 4 times a week at about "the stars." We discussed how "niche-y" both of our subjects are, but agree that we and our "communities" are brave, cause we read and believe what we wish, w/out any apologies to anyone.

And I rode to the conference this morning with a pr person and blogger who -- you aren't going to believe this -- actually knew Hanna Davis' story. I'd bet there are a lot of women here who know the story -- the Momosphere "Mommy Bloggers" are in wonderful force here, and you have to think they're tuned into the bigger picture of blog's like Rach's .

OK, littlelamblost, welcome back,Bella! Succinct and sweet offering!

Tess, you are a woman of refined taste and excellent and most decorous manner. Hey! Stop tossing KKs at me the rest of you wenches!

ooooo, Dannetteb...crullers.... [I'm thinking that like Homer Simpson would say it. btw, sing it with me, Bellas: Spider Pig, Spider Pig. Does whatever a Spider Pig does.]

The other day my son asked me why Homer Simpson loves donuts and beer. [what's not to love, you say] Don't you think it's simple? He's a carb addict. Or is there another reason, do you think.

Playground Monitor said...

I sampled chocolate covered potato chips (dark and white chocolate) in Dallas. They were from Neiman Marcus. Yum-o. I love chocolate covered pretzels too. It's the sweet-and-salt combo.

And y'all DO know that dark chocolate is FULL of antioxidants. You know... those things that help fight cancer.


Monica Burns said...

What are Salty Dogs?
Well it depends on how you're using it. A salty dog is a nautical term for a sailor, it's also a Vodka drink. I was using it in the context of a nice size c*ck with a bit of salty dressing. ROFL

All day today, I've been trying to get a "rise" out of the Bellas with my posts alluding to sex in the disguise of food. Either I was too subtle on the imagery or the Bellas weren't in the mood to bite. Sex really should be an acronym for food IMHO. LOL

Ev, what we do for our kids. I cringed when you mentioned the BBHF...made me remember HP movie on opening weekend. I refused to go to the midnight book sale. That was the DH's responsibility. We can only be good Mom's so often. LOL

Unknown said...

Wow have an offsite meeting and don't check back in till later and see what I find.

OK when I first read salty dog I had a very nice visual flash in my mind! And it wasn't of a drink.

I have to say that I have never tried chocolate on my potato chips before but might have to give that a try.

MK they make minni Hostess Cupcakes!! Man I need to get to the store tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!

It sounds like some of you have some very full weekends ahead of you. I think I will take the baby for pic.’s on Sunday. And I’m going to a lingerie party at the club my brother manages on Saturday night. I won't be in lingerie, but will have to find something to help me fit in a little better. I think I have a few shirts that might work ;) Who knows I might find an end to my dry spell LOL (I kinda doubt it but it's nice to dream)

ev said...

I don't know Mon- I did get out of going to Cooperstown. And my back is killing me today, so I am sooo glad that she decided not to go. I know I will owe her at some point and she will remind me of it. sigh.

THANK YOU PLAY!!! I love choc covered chips and now have to go buy some, I am craving them!! Yesterday it was DD, today the Peanut Principal. (that's where I can buy them anytime)

Monica- I am still recovering from working HP nite. It's thundering again here- yeah!!!

Leeann- don't pour the choc on the chips. They need to be dipped and have it harden first. LOLOL gotta make sure they use ones that are salty, but not too salty and a good choc for them. Pretzels too.

Since we are staying home, I have a bunch of stuff to get done here. But my Lane Bryant opened a bigger store in the mall and it's grand opening weekend. hmmmm..... clean or shop????


Portia Da Costa said...

Back on the BDB tip...

Never mind needing Kleenex for Z's story... I was snivelling at the end of Lover Eternal!

J R Ward does wonderful emotions in her stories, real deep stuff that touches the heart.

Now I'm in a state of extreme reader frustration... I was hoping postie would bring a package with the next two books this morning, but they didn't arrive!!!

Now I'm going to have to flip back to Sherrilyn Kenyon in order to fill in until I can get my next BDB fix.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas!

Just checkin in afore I head out the door. I'm gonna try to post a new blog at some point today and then I'm in workshops til I leave for home around 8. Yay!!! I mis my kids and haven't seen Dave since Monday, and haven't had a romance to read for 2 days... :)

Elizabeth Edwards, Attorney, Author, mom, blogger breast cancer survivor and wife of pres candidate hopeful John Edwards is closing keynote speaker today.

And, yes, Mon, we got the food-as-sex references. :) I'm thinkin lots of you have an affinity for donuts and sweets that borders on "ain't nat'rool."

With all this talk about the BDB and the Dark-hunters, I'm thinkin we need us a little book clubbie for Lover Unbound, no? waddya think, Bellas?

Ciao for now!

Kati said...

Awww, poor Portia. If you were near me, luv, you could come over and I'd set you up in my blue recliner with a cuppa and some biscuits and LOVER AWAKENED.

I'm SO glad you're enjoying BDB. Fair warning though, the wait between books becomes interminable once you've read them all. I've just finished my BDB re-read, now I've moved on to Psy/Changeling series so I'm all refreshed before the books come out.

I'm about to start Liz Carlyle's NEVER LIE TO A LADY. I've heard mixed reviews, so we'll have to see whether I end up liking it.

Have a good day, Bellas!

Portia Da Costa said...

I didn't get the sex disguised in food refs... But I take food v. seriously, esp. my chocolate and sweet treats, and when I'm thinking about food, I'm I'm not saying that if I was contemplating scoffing a delicious bar of chocolate or a cake, and Vincenzo strolled in naked and waved his thing at me, I'd ignore him... but it'd be a close call. LOL

Oh, MaryKate, I wish you lived nearby... I'd be round your gaff like a shot for the book and the cuppa and the biccies!

Yes, let's have a club for Lover Unbound... it was a toss up for me to pre order from or It's released earlier at .com, but not by much, and by the time it got across the Atlantic, a copy sent from would probably be here anyway. So have got it on order now... first class post and to hell with the Super Saver postage deal!

Monica Burns said...

I'm not saying that if I was contemplating scoffing a delicious bar of chocolate or a cake, and Vincenzo strolled in naked and waved his thing at me, I'd ignore him... but it'd be a close call. LOL

I watched Troy again last night simply for the pure, unadulterated pleasure of watch Brad Pitt's completely BUFFed body. His body in that movie was a pure work of art. I cam to appreciate him as an actor in Seven Years in Tibet, but it was Troy that made me fall in love. GOD, what great sword fight scenes and did I mention the hot bodies???

Sean Bean and Eric Bana were delicious too. Great legs those two!

Portia Da Costa said...

I think I'm the only woman on the planet, probably, who is completely unmoved by Brad Pitt, body or no body. I love Sean Bean though, but mainly as Sharpe, because he looks so dashing in that forest green uniform with the sash and the braid.

Kati said...

I watched Troy again last night simply for the pure, unadulterated pleasure of watch Brad Pitt's completely BUFFed body. His body in that movie was a pure work of art. I cam to appreciate him as an actor in Seven Years in Tibet, but it was Troy that made me fall in love. GOD, what great sword fight scenes and did I mention the hot bodies???

Sean Bean and Eric Bana were delicious too. Great legs those two!

Mon - Do you know who Stephen Hunter is from the Washington Post?? He's a film critic. When he reviewed Troy, he referred to it as "Gay Porn." I'm just saying, there were three demographics in the movie when I saw it in the theater: 16YO girls (for Orlando Bloom), 30YO women (for Brad and Eric) and gay men of all ages (for all three). Hee.

I love that movie. The whole Brad's nekkid heiney in the start of the movie. Well, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Monica Burns said...

MK...don't know the guy, but I'm betting he was envious in more than one way! LOL I admit that it wasn't all that strong on plot, but I didn't care. Give me BP any day. His body was a true work of art in that flick!

ev said...

Portia- No you aren't. Daughter may consider him one of the Holy Trifecta, but I much preferred Gerard Butler in The 300. Now there was a body. (Actually, a whole crap load of them.) With an actual story line that made for good screen time.

But,mmmm Gerard Butler with DD chocolate eclairs.....

Anonymous said...

*orannia shuffles aimlessly and tried to hide in the corner*

Is it sacrilegious to admit that I've never tried either a Krispy Kreme or a Dunkin' Donut? However, I am looking forward to reading all of the Bellas wonderful suggestions!

Did someone mention the BDB? I'm in complete withdrawl - I haven't been able to visit the BDB board for 6 months :( I am so missing Rhevenge, who is definitely the Brother that pushes all my buttons *grin* Maybe tonight...

BTW, I've heard a rumour the WARDen is moving to hardback...please tell me the early books will be re-released in hard cover (or am I the only person who likes books in a set to be the same size :)


PS marykate, I've just started Immortal in Death...oh I like Roarke :)

Anonymous said...

I love those krispy kremes. They are so good. My favorite sweet tho is the peanut butter bon bons with pecans.

Kati said...

orannnia - Yes, it's true that the WARDen is moving to HC, in fact with Rhev's book (after Phury). I'm hoping the same thing, that the earlier books will come out in HC. I hate when I have both PB and HC of a series.

I'm SO glad you're enjoying Roarke. He is quite a man. I adore him.

Monica Burns said...

Is it sacrilegious to admit that I've never tried either a Krispy Kreme or a Dunkin' Donut?

Thhhhuuuudddd! The sound Monica makes when she keels over in shock. Orannia honey, WHERE do you live!! It's not sacrilegious to admit it you've never had either one, but honey, we've GOT to get you into one of these shops!! LOL The KK experience when they're fresh off the conveyor belt is practically orgasmic. ROFL

Seriously, do you just not have them where you live or have you just never been intro'd to them.

Portia Da Costa said...


LOVER REVEALED has arrived, but not LOVER AWAKENED... what do I do??? Start reading out of sequence, or show some backbone and wait until LA arrives?

I'm going mad here!!! What would you all do?

danetteb said...

Lol Michelle,I was around my nephews this week and thats all they kept singing.Spider Pig *g*

Portia,you've got a dillema woman,I don't know if I'd be able to wait,you might get a tiny confusionfrom reading them OOO but its a tiny price to pay.(Sorry,I don't think I helped much)

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Danette

I've decided to start reading LR... mainly because but also because there are postal strikes at the moment in the UK and LA could take ages to arrive. I can probably sort of deduce some of the plot stuff from LA, and then I'll see if I'm right when the book actually arrives!

At least the glossary helps...

Kati said...

Portia - You'll probably be OK, except that you'll find a couple of scenes with Z that you'll be thinking, "What the heck happened to his personality??" Suffice it to say that Bella has a HUGE impact on him.


ev said...

Orannia- Roarke is to die for. I think he is my fav romance hero of all time.

And don't feel bad about not doing the donut thing, once Monica wakes up and finds out I haven't read any of the LR books, she will pass out again!!