Tuesday, July 10, 2007

RWA Dallas -- Who's Hot: J.R.

Get it? Get the play on words? Like, "Who Shot J.R.?" from the old TV show "Dallas?"

It may be a stretch for a joke, but the facts of the matter are a) I'm headed to the Lone Star State this a.m. to attend the annual Romance Writers of America national conference (today through Sunday), and b) J.R. Ward is hot, and I've got a copy of her October release "Lover Unbound" in my paws, in prep for our on-cam interview Friday for LifetimeTV.com.

Just let me say this about "Lover Unbound," OK? While reading it, I keep waiting for her to let me to catch a breath at some point. But, man o man, Ward just keeps poundin' away with the intensity and wild sh*t that she and the Brothers do so well. And I'm only on Chapter 3. (Those would be the Black Dagger Brothers, heroes of this "BDB" series, if you haven't started them yet).

Anywayz. Tonight I'm having dinner with RBtheBlog Bella Lisa Kleypas and, since we're in Dallas -- and I would have anyway -- I'll ask her all about "Blue Eyed Devil," the sequel to "Sugar Daddy." And, of course, I'll try to get her to gossip about Squawk Radio romance columnist Kitty Kuttlestone, see what the broad's up to these days.

So. I will try to pop in this afternoon when I get to the hotel, and will be blogging a little something (or somethin somethin if I can find some hot, wet Texas men for you) every day. And yes, yes, I'll so try to remember to take pictures. What is it with me? I even have a fancy-schmancy new little camera.

Ooo. And I can't wait for you to see my dress for the RITAs. Ciao for now, Bellas! Talk to you from TX in a couple. :)


Portia Da Costa said...

Oh god, I wish, wish, wish I was going to be there with you, Bella Michelle!

I would really love to meet you, and maybe steal a bit of time to hang out and swig a little drinkie or two, while we indulge in some saucy Vincenzo orientated chat... oops, sorry, I mean serious discourse on the future of romance fiction! LOL

Playground Monitor said...

I'll be at the airport in about 45 minutes! I spent the night with #1 son, DIL and grandbaby. I could hardly sleep last night -- and it wasn't the strange surroundings. I'm so excited about going and seeing all my RWA friends.

And grandbaby surprised me last night with her new trick: WALKING! She started about 3 days ago and is still very tentative but now she's upright and ready to take on the world.

I won't have internet access in Dallas so I'll have to catch up when I get back.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'm going to be the one monopolizing your time while you're holding court with all your adoring, pervy fans, Portia! Man, am I crushin on Bobby/Vincenzo lately. When did we decide you were coming to RWA, DC when Marykate's having the big Bella sleepover with dancing boys and champagne?

Play! I'll see you for lunch Wed! Congrats on the incrediblewalkingbaby. Now you get to chase her! :) I was up every hour on the hour last night, too. :)

See you all later

ev said...

Have fun guys and say hello to Carly and the other Plot Monkeys who are there too. ( Just not Leslie, poor thing.)

You can tease about JR Ward's newest all you want, I have a better secret and I am not telling. But the book comes out Midnight on the 21st.....

I looooovvvvvveee working in a bookstore!!

Kati said...

SIGH. Michelle told me last night she had LU. I'm patiently waiting until she gets back, then I'm pumping her for every freaking detail!

Dinner w/Lisa K. Wow. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that! Michelle, please do ask her to dish on Harley's book. I've been dying for it ever since I finished Sugar Daddy (and promptly flipped back to the beginning to start over). Mostly, I want to know is it going to be in first person again, and will it be from the heroine's POV, or Harley's (which would be MEGA cool, IMHO).

Ummm, ev, do you have what I think you have??? JK Rowling might come to whereever you are and git you girl!!

Michelle, seriously, have a fantastic time at RWA. Drink a 'rita in the bar one night while you're there in toast to the Bellas who will be holding down the fort here.

Also, come back dishing on who you think the new authors will be.

Are Vivi and Mon going to be there??

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...


Have fun, Michelle! I've only been writing for a fairly short time (two years) and joined RWA last year and haven't been to Nationals yet. I'm going next year, though!! I have been to two RT's, but alas, not RWA. I was REALLY pissed to the highest pisstivity that I couldn't go, when I got the invitation to go to both of my publishers, Kensington and Harlequin's, dinner. I heard Harlequin gives quite a bash, dang blast it!!

I'm supposed to be offline finishing edits for one book, copy edits for another and outlining for a story, I just BARELY have the concept for in my head, but I thought I'd come and holla at you ladies. And cry that I can't go to Nationals. *kim with her lip poked out*

Oh, and I'm going to check out J.R. Ward. I think I'm the only chick on the planet who hasn't read her yet!

Have fun at the conference, mami. To everyone else going, have a blast, as well.!! Oh, and someone have a apple martini at the bar and think of me lonely, in my stanky ole writers cave, muttering at my computer, hair in a scarf, ratty slippers on my feet, and nasty ole pj's on, wishing I was glammed up for parties. :-P


Rach said...

Michelle, haven't we discussed this bragging thing before?? :oP

Seriously though, have SO much fun and PLEASE don't forget you have the crazy, cute, fancy little camera and USE it!!!

Ev, you SUCK! (so speaks the insanely jealous Rach)

Marilyn, congrats on that grandbaby! :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Mornin' Bellas!!

Michelle-- Have a safe trip. Drink at least one 'rita for each Bella (two for me ;o)). Live it up. But above all...DISH! We want to hear(mini mics work best for this) and know all(pics,pics,pics).
I can't wait to see your interviews. I'm not going to comment on the JR crack. You are such a tease but we love you anyways. :D

Kimberly-- You have to try the Brothers. You aren't the only one on Earth who haven't read them yet but we're working on converting the other two... ;o)

amy kennedy said...

I'm raising a cup of coffee to "saucy Vincenzo oriented chat" Portia.

Marilyn, how exciting--of course now you never get to sit down. Have loads of fun with Michelle.

Ev, naughty, naughty--which is how you should be. Youngest and I just finished the 4th in the series, he just got to the (his) right age for them.

Marykate, you don't actually want the details, do you? Don't you want to get the book and savor everything for the first time--besides, Michelle probably won't spill anything anyway. Harley, Harley, Harley. Marykate, that would be so cool to have it be Harley's first person point of view. Sugar Daddy is one of my favorite books of all time, and looks so pretty on my keeper shelf. It was one of those books that I just wanted to go on and on--I loved the tone of it and her voice. Man, I may have to pick it up again today and re-read it.

I know Michelle mentioned this, but the week(s) that will not be spoken of actually had a good outcome--I have a new (to me)car! A sporty white and bronze KIA Sorento--with a sunroof, thank you very much. My husband did say to me, "Don't think every time you get in a car accident you get a new car."

I have this week and the next off--so, you'll probably be sick of me by mid July.

Hey, Marykate, what's this about a Bella sleepover?

Kimberly--Pisstivity? Hahahahaha. LOL. No, seriously, LOL. Well, I haven't even finished one flippin' manuscript and I'm thinking about going next year. But, Kimberly, you have to read JR Ward. It's the law.

Rach--she can't help it. But, I know, I want pictures of everything, especially, for some odd reason, the dresses and gowns.

Kati said...

Can you imagine being at the table next to Michelle and Lisa and just hearing random patches of the conversation?

"Did that woman just say orgasm?? What do you think they're talking about? Wait. Now they're talking about describing penises. Who are these women??"

amy kennedy said...

Julie--I was posting and didn't see yours bella. I think we need to outfit her with Bond, James Bond (or at least Alex Rider) type paraphernalia. And remember the wicked 'rita's that Rach told us about? I wonder what I did with that recipe?

amy kennedy said...

Marykate, don't even get started on anything "up against the wall," forced seduction, and homo-erotic.

"I'll have what she's having."

Kati said...

Hi Ames! I've missed you! Congrats on the new car! Why is it that the new car always smells so darn good? It's the smell of freedom. Actually, in my case, it's the smell of a car payment. But that's OK, I love my car anyway. My car's nearly two years old and I still think of it as new. Funny.

Yes, in 2009, Nationals will be in my hometown, DC. So I'm opening my house to the Bellas. I live close to the Metro, so I figure we'll have an old fashioned slumber party, and then crash the literacy signing and also just head down to the hotel and hang out in the bathrooms, which is where all the good stuff gets dished anyway! LOL!

As far as LU goes, no, I don't want to be completely spoiled. But I do want to know if we hear from Tohr. I'm single minded in that. Also, I'm hoping she bounces back from LR, which was my least favorite of the books so far. I'm desperately hoping the V's proclivities will be what I hope they are. I can't wait to see him get his a$$ kicked by a girl. LOL!

Ames, I have to thank you also for talking up Colleen Gleason's Gardella Chronicles. I just finished The Rest Falls Away and also Rises the Night. Amazing, stupendous books. She's my favorite new author of 2007. Now I'm desperate for the next one to come out. Why does this always happen to me? I never start reading any author when they have seven books in a series out. It's always when they have two or so out, and then I'm jonesing for the next in the series! I simply adored these books. Really. So fantastic! And Michelle tells me you're the one who suggested them.

Julie in Ohio said...

"I'll have what she's having."

LOL, Amy!! Wouldn't it be funny if they were having a Sex on the Beach?

Rach said...

OMG, Jules and Ames, ya'll are killin' me here! :oD

Amy, congrats on the new car. I always love getting some new wheels. I'm just sorry you had to be involved in an accident for that to happen. :o( DH did that once and I got a new mom mobile out of it.

MK, I'm SO taking you up on the sleep over. Seriously! Monkey and Bit will be big enough to go without me for a week. No problem!

Amy, you want the 'rita recipe? It'll knock you on your a$$ but is SO awesome!!

Monica Burns said...

Michelle, have a wonderful time!! Can't wait to see the interview with JR!! I'll miss seeing you, but there's always next year.

Sorry MK, won't be going this year. Need to write instead of having fun. *grin*


Kati said...

Sorry MK, won't be going this year. Need to write instead of having fun.

LOL! That's not a problem for me, Mon. That means I'll be having fun soon...reading whatever it is you're working on!

amy kennedy said...

Marykate, the funny thing is, the same thing happened to me with THE REST FALLS AWAY as with the first JR Ward--I put it down, couldn't get into it. But, then I kept thinking about it...and thinking about it--the next time I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. So I'm glad you love them.

Maybe I should set my sights on 2009 then. Think of the trouble.

Jules, or a Harvey Wall Banger. Too much?

Rach--yes, please. Could you give us the recipe again?

Kati said...

I LOVE them! I thought they were brilliantly paced and well written. And she's ratcheted up the sexual tension to a point where even I'm frustrated! LOL!

Fantastic books! Now I want them next one. Like now!

I blogged about them here:

ev said...

Kimberly- I am one of those other two. Not because I don't want to read them- I have them all so far- but because I am waiting for when I can just sit and read. About 10 years from now.

MK- Who?? Me?? I work in a bookstore, how would I get my hands on anything like that?? About 3 pallets worth maybe, but just one??? On the other hand we are sworn to guard them with our lives. Glad I have the day off.
We have tix for the 1159 showing tonight of the movie.

Amy- as long as you walked away from the accident, a new car is incidental. We have to buy one for the kid, she is changing colleges and we will not be able to share one anymore I think.

DC IN 09!!! DC IN 09!! DC IN 09!!

ev said...

Michelle- tell Lisa how much I loved Sugar Daddy. I was sooo glad noone else at work picked up the ARC we were sent. And I am not bringing it back to them either.

Rach said...

Okay, killer 'rita recipe right here:

1 and 1/2 C GOOD tequila
1/2 C Grand Marnier
1/3 bottle of inexpensive American beer (think Bud)
1 can frozen limeade or lemonade (we do limeade here)
juice of one lemon
juice of one lime
ice to fill up the blender
sugar to taste

Notes: these aren't cheap to make, but will knock you down with two so have friends around to help out. Two, we don't use any sugar and they are just fine. Oh so fine! Three, I've been ruined for all other 'ritas and can no longer drink them in restaurants so approach with caution ;o).

And, yes, the beer sounds odd, but just do it! They are INCREDIBLE!!!! Right, Julie? ;oP

Julie in Ohio said...

I can vouch for Rach's 'ritas. They are FANTASTIC!!!!!
I put a pinch of sugar in mine but that's because I have a sweet tooth that rivals any 9 year olds. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

MK-- Have you begun interviewing guys for the role of cabana boy for next summer? :oD

Kati said...

Jules- We always have cabana boys. Here's the thing though, it's not next summer, it's summer after, so we'll have to see what that year's crop looks like!;oD


Julie in Ohio said...

I'm just trying to speed time along.
I honestly have been thinking that this is '08. See how badly I need a vacation. :p

Kati said...

I notice that the LU cover has changed. Still no tats. I'm not sure what to think, although I think I like this angle better. Also, the heroine in it has short blond hair, which is truer to what we know about V's heroine, Jane.

What do you guys think?

Julie in Ohio said...

I like how the BDB covers are similar in the poses with different colors but with V's I would like to have seen his tats. I guess it would be too difficult to reproduce but it would be really cool to see.

I do appreciate the fact that they have the female cover model resembling Jane. Cover models who don't look like the characters they are to resemble is one my pet peeves.

amy kennedy said...

Definately, definately should have had tats.

Yes, Ev, it was me and my youngest in the car--we're both fine, and he's not afraid to be in a car, so that's good too--very funny about the 3 pallets.

Yay! Rach agve us the recipe again, I am going to make these this year. Definately.

Julie, it may as well be 08--for as quickly as it will get here. And I love the covers too--I think they usually do a good job with the H & H.

And we're gonna need Bella shirts, I think Michelle has a line on those--and she needs the final say.

MK--I have the second one , but haven't read it yet--don't know why.

Kati said...

MK--I have the second one , but haven't read it yet--don't know why.

Ames, I sucked it down like water in the last two days. It moves along at an amazing clip. And her um...personal...relationship moves forward -- in a most satisfactory way.

I like the way the men in her life are all enigmas. She can't figure out if any of the are good or bad.

She's just such a terrific writer. Seriously.

Cherie J said...

Have a wonderful time Michelle! Wish I was going too. Never been to RWA or RT either so enjoy it for me too. Take lots of pictures to share with the rest of us.

Rach said...

Ooh ooh, I know, we should have a practice slumber weekend at MK's in preparation for next year! That way we can help her audition cabana boys. :oP

I like this cover, and like Julie I get irritated when it doesn't match the h/hn. Grrrrr.

Amy, you WON'T be sorry you made those 'ritas, I promise! :oP

Kati said...

Anytime, Rach! Anytime.

Just don't show up w/o 'Rita fixin's!

Portia Da Costa said...

I think I am the other person on Earth who hasn't read BDB yet... But I have the first book in the series on order, so I'll soon be rectifying the situation.

Still grinning here at the idea of me holding court surrounded by adoring pervy fans! LOL

Kati said...

SIGH. Oh Portia, I envy you! I love the BDB and you're going to have such fun! Plus they're big, beefy books with lots going on.

Let us know what you think!

Rach said...

Portia, just to let you know, I had a terrible time getting into the first one. I picked it up and put it down about three or four times before I *finally* got pulled in. Once I was sucked in, that was it! They are amazingly well done.

As for the pervy horde of fans, I could be right there with 'em ;o).

MK, I wouldn't dream of showing up without the goods!

Kati said...

MK, I wouldn't dream of showing up without the goods!

You know that means more than 'Ritas, right, Rach?? ;oP

Unknown said...

Portia your not alone I haven’t read the BDB yet but have the whole series except fort he second book and will start it soon.

Unknown said...

Oh Portia I have a question. I just finished Gothic Blue last night and was confused by the epilog. It said that Belinda was cold and had crystal blue eyes like Andre. Does this mean that she became like Andre since she drank the potion? I was kind of confused on that point. But other wise it was an awesome book. And I have to say that I really like The Devil Inside too.

Anonymous said...

I want to go!!!!!! I want to go!!!!! Curse my wretched currency management. ::sigh:: Next time.

--Judy, who will be repeating this mantra until the "next time" comes...

Rach said...

You know that means more than 'Ritas, right, Rach?? ;oP

Well, DUH, MK! ;oP

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Leeann

The ending of Gothic Blue was supposed to be sort of enigmatic and mysterious... but actually, you'll be able to find out Belinda's fate in Gothic Heat, the book I'm writing right now! :)

I didn't consciously plan to write a sequel at the time, but I suppose ending the book that way left things open... although Gothic Heat is more the story of Paula, Belinda and Jonathan's friend.

Julie in Ohio said...

I want to hear more about these goods that Rach is in charge of bringing. Maybe see some pictures, too. You don't want anything to get lost in translation. :p

LeeAnn-- You have to get Rhage's book, too. He is so misunderstood. It makes you want to comfort him...all night long and into the morning, through the day... :p
Plus he's got this beast thing goin' on. It's HAAWWT!!!

I was going to wait until closer to September but with all this BDB talk goin' on, I feel the need for some re-reading. :o)

Unknown said...

thanks Portia! I can't wait for Gothic Heat ot come out now. It was like all of the lose ends had been tied up and then a new one was opened at the very end. I'm glad that we get to see more of Belinda and Jonathan. ;)

Unknown said...

Julie I just ordered it on line and will start the series when I get it in the mail. There is nothing more I like to do than sit down and read book after book in a good series. I really due hate that whole waiting thing for new books to come out in a really good series.

Julie in Ohio said...

You said it, Leann. The waiting is hell. Especially when a certain Queen Bella get the book several months in advance and kills us with the teasing of said book....but I'm OK with it.

ev said...

And DC is close enough to drive- no need to fly, at least for me!!

Is there any reason we can't start the cabana boy interviews now???

Kati said...

ev - I wouldn't want to insult this year's crop! ;o)

They're such a hard working bunch. Very, very hard...

Oops, did I say that out loud???

Stacy~ said...

I'm so bummed I'm missing RWA. I hope everyone who goes has a wonderful time.

LOL Ev. I used to say that...then I worked at one for 4 yrs. I will admit that I'll miss not working during the 20th-21st when #7 comes out - what a crazy event, the release of a new HP - but oh what a blast, too.

Ames, congrats on the new car. They're always fun...til the payment comes due LOL.

MK, I have the first Gleason, now I feel I must get the other one. Right now I started Anne Stuart's "Black Ice". Yeah, I'm a little behind. And I ordered 4 Woodiwiss books. 'bout time I read those classics. And my news is I got a new phone...plan LOL. Turns out I was going way over my minutes (ahem, like $130 worth!) and finally upgraded my plan. This from someone who hates to talk on the phone....

Rach! Thanx for the recipe - I'm copping to the fact that I am going to steal it and make good use of it. One should always test the merchandise before serving it to friends, wouldn't you say?

Rach said...

LOL, Stacy! Of course you should try it out first ;o). Happiness is not spending hundreds of dollars on minute overage so I say well done on the new plan :o).


flip said...

You have Lover Unbound!!!!!! I am so jealous. I am totally addicted to the series.

Portia Da Costa said...

'Dark Lover' arrived this morning! Was a bit worried that it needed a glossary... but I've read a few pages already, and it feels 'right' to me. I mostly know whether I'm going to like something within a page or two, and I've got high hopes for this one! :)

Julie in Ohio said...


Anonymous said...

Michelle you're killing us! How unfair to torture us with a tantalizing glimpse of how good Lover Unbound is! I'm jealous as hell. When will we be able to watch this interview??? I hope there are some nice little tidbits!