Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Party's Over -- Or -- What Happens In Dallas Doesn't Stay In Dallas

BELLAS! I'm dropping in tonight (07.18) at 5.00 CT/6.00ET/11.00 GMT+1 PDNSST (Portia Da Costa Not-So-Standard Time)

Buongiooooooorno, Bellas! Finally dragged my sorry self back to the here/now after 24 hrs spent recouping from RWA national.

And what a week it was. For me, jam packed with social calls, professional meetings, duties, and, of course, those two full days of on-cam author interviews for LifetimeTV.com.

So let me give you a little tour of some stuff that took place since I last saw you here at RBtheBlog.

First, above left, meet RITA. She's a good ol gal, and if you look just to her left beneath the glass of this table at Sabrina Jeffries' post RITA shindig, you'll see the well-pedicured tootsie of the trophy's new owner. Any guesses? Well, she was beautifully attired throughout the entire convention, and writes in a couple sub-genres.

Bella Anna Campbell was at the party, and she and I toasted the Bellas, whom she said she loves, and talked about the cyber-tempest over "Claiming the Courtesan" Totally classy dame that she is, Anna said she just felt naive, that she didn't understand what went on among romance blogs. She also forced Belgian chocolate on us all. And who wants to be rude and decline, no?

As a kinda connected aside, fellow Minnesotan Kathleen Eagle and I had a little breakfast Sunday and K intro'd me to author Eileen Dreyer ("The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes"), who also writes as Kathleen Korbel. What an impressive chick, and not just because she's won a zillion RITAs. She's clear- and level-headed, and she and I had a discussion that included Celtic music, the evil British empire, Irishmen, and, yeah, "Claiming the Courtesan." Guess what? We had a slight difference of opinion on the subject and had -- brace yourself -- a pleasant, intense, but respectful discussion, finally agreeing to disagree as two women who support feminism, women's issues and romance.

Next, above right, please meet Lifetime Television Senior Producer Evan Blackford. Oh, but I love working with him, because he's such a nice guy -- funny and professional, and terribly kind, whether giving a critique or dealing with the needs of authors nervous about their interviews. Just can't say how happy I was that he was on the scene of this first shoot w/in the realm of romance.

To your left you'll see Evan with Dayna (sound guy in Hawaiian shirt) and Jeff (camera guy). Gosh, I love crew, and I'd forgotten that. Dayna's done two news tours in Iraq thus far, plus he's worked w/lots of national productions like 20/20. Jeff's a very nice and funny kid who was really info laughing with us at all the doofy mistakes I made and helping me do stuff better.

And look, oh, look, Bellas! The lady central in this photo so pretty in pink is Bella mandacoll! It was so cool to meet her after all this time having her pop in, as well as enjoy her and her friends at RomanceVagabonds.blogspot.com. Such a treat. :)

And file this under "Michelle, Who's Always Got Her Head In The Sand." Who knew Julia Quinn's "On the Way to the Wedding" was voted worst book of 2006 somewhere in cyberspace? Not I, said the romance columnist. But Julia -- who's kinda like the Susan Lucci of romance writers, having been nominated 7 times for RITAs including this year -- told me this Sat after our interview and I was shocked, I tell you, shocked. I mean, even if it were the worst book she ever wrote, I'd wager it'd still be among the upper 10% of best romances written in '06 for many reasons.

But, apparently the RITA judges thought OTWTTW was quite nifty, and awarded it and JulieQ a RITA. Ah, the sweet smell of, "you know, I kinda thought there was something wacky about my book being judged the worst book of the year" success.
Encore! The tempting tootsie -- and the RITA -- belongs to Lori Handeland!
Encore due! Oh! Toni Blake just sent me this photo of us from the post-RITA reception. Her decolletage -- and the fact she got her gorgeous gown for a steal -- made me green w/envy. Ooo, you could have heard a pin drop during her on-cam while we were talking about s-e-x and erotica. hee hee.


Rach said...

Yay! You are among the living and not ill!!!

Welcome home Queen Bella! :o)

There's so much I don't know where to start. Okay, yes I do, can someone please fill me in on the "Claiming the Courtesan" thing? I think I must have missed something while I was busy with that whole *work* thing.

And, look at Manda! Isn't she beautiful? And, may I say it's about dang time JulieQ won a RITA? I enjoyed OTWTTW, but not nearly as much as her others, but it certainly wasn't the worst of 2006! Good grief! People can be so cruel some times...

Julie in Ohio said...

Let me start by saying I LOVE the dress. Red is definitely your color.
Secondly, how cool that you met Manda! I hope you gave you a hug from us, too.

When do we get to see the interviews you did?

Julie in Ohio said...

Rach-- The big debate with CTC was whether a certain scene should be considered rape or forced seduction and it was ripped in certain circles because of it. I still haven't gotten my hands on it but I will as soon as I loose another 20 lbs. Both MK and Michelle said it was a terrific book and I tend to believe them over some whiney person I don't know.

Rach said...

Thank you, Julie. Hm, bears looking into now. But, isn't that the mark of good literature, to stir up debate? And hey, if it has Michelle's and MK's stamps of approval then by gawd it must be goo! ;o)

Portia Da Costa said...

Wowiee! You all look so gorgeous and glamorous in your formals! Like Rach, I don't know where to start... but just to say I'm glad you're back safe, Bella Michelle, and all the other lucky Bellas who were there...

And yeah, red looks fab on you!

ps. and not related to the above... I'm really loving Dark Lover!

Rach said...

Don't be jealous of Toni's "girls", Michelle. Trust me, like I've said before, they're really not all they're cracked up to be.

Your dress is just GORGEOUS! Good choice! :o)

Portia, isn't Wrath delicious?

Kati said...

Yay! Michelle, we missed you SO much! Fabulous, fabulous dress! Really, so amazing!

I'm so glad to hear the interviews went well and you had a great time. Look how cute your boss is. And tall! Wowzer!

I couldn't believe Julia Quinn hadn't won a RITA either. If nothing else, for THE DUKE AND I, which kicked off the Bridgerton series. While OTWTTW wasn't my favorite of her books, you're right, it's still better than 95% of what's out there.

OK, spill it woman, who have you got lined up for us to visit with soon? I can't wait to hear.

Also, Michelle, I've heard quite a bit about e-Pubs losing some sort of standing w/RWA, was there a lot of buzz about it? And what do you think the implications are for romance? Personally, I love e-books, and am sorry to hear that there's been a controversy over them.

Also, tell, what did you and Nalini Singh talk about?!?! Is she coming to visit us?? If she is, get ready for all of my inappropriate fangrrl SQUEEING!

And finally, what did you think of LOVER UNBOUND??? Do we hear from Tohr at all? And does Vishous get his butt kicked (Heh, I somehow typed "licked" the first time) by a girl???? Spill it woman, don't make us get nasty with you!

I guess that's all my questions for now. But just for now.

Playground Monitor said...

I knew those were Lori's toes, cause she came over and sat with us for a while. She's a sweetie and came to our readers' luncheon this year. She won Miss Rita 2 years ago too -- for best paranormal romance.

I didn't see you on Rita night and I certainly looked. But that throng outside the ballroom (whose idea was it to hold the reception in a hallway???) was huge and I missed a lot of folks. I did snag a photo with Rocki St. Claire and her golden lady. And she praised me for spending two nights in my "big girl shoes." They're just a pair of dressy sandals with two-inch heels, but given that I'm usually in Clark's clogs or New Balance or some kind of black flats, they were big girl shoes for me. I don't see how some of the attendees managed a week in the shoes they wore -- pointy toes, high, high heels. Makes my feet hurt thinking about it. Gimme my "grandma shoes" any day. :grin:

MaryKate, the whole epub thing is a controversy that will never die. I'm sure you can read both sides of the issue on blogs all over cyberspace this week.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, you are GORGEOUS, woman!

And... welcome back!

amy kennedy said...

Yay! You're back among us.

You look gorgy--of course--the dress is to die. We so can't wait to hear moremoremore.

OTWTTW was one of my fave books of last year, I loved it.

Rach--Claim me as one of the CLAIMING THE COURTESAN's fans--what a book. Read it.

And Manda! Isn't she beautiful--I bet she'll be published soon, I loved her stuff for the e-book.

I'm so excited, I can't write paragraphs--just short choppy sentences.

Julie in Ohio said...

Does anyone else just love JQ's big 'ol smile?

Kati said...

Marilyn - Thanks, I've been reading the traffic, I was just hoping for Michelle's read on the situation.

Isn't JuliaQ adorable? Could she be anymore excited? Too cute!

Playground Monitor said...

OMG! Guess what arrived in my mailbox today?

The author's first name starts with P. One book's title has a word that means a rock. The other book title has a number bigger than sixteen and smaller than eighteen. Think you can guess it? ::grin::


Rach said...

JQ does look *extremely* happy, doesn't she?

Marilyn, enjoy! ;o) I can tell you the first is *yowza* hawt!!

Julie in Ohio said...

It took me a couple of minutes to figure it out, Marilyn.
I strongly rec keeping the mister nearby. ;o)

Hope Tarr said...

Hi Michelle and Bellas,

I'm still on a recovery program from four fab days at RWA in Dallas, coming down from too many bar munchies, too many late nights, and altogether too much fun. Michelle, it was great seeing you, and I hope your voice has come back. I'm sorry I missed you at the Saturday night awards ceremony and gala, but I agree with the other bellas--red is most definitely your color.

Congrats on the upcoming move to LifeTime. I look forward to visiting you in your new digs.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back Michelle and Hi Bellas

*orannia waves madly from the sidelines*

I feel like I've been away for ages...OK, it's probably just 4 weeks but they've been horrible :( Ohhh, I was thrilled to see the photo of Nalini Singh - thank you Michelle! I can't wait for the next Changeling book!

Apologies this is so disjointed...I'm rather behind!

orannia *who is so happy to be back she could almost cry*

PS Did someone mentioned Lover Unbound? Michelle, have you read it???????

PPS I've just discovered JD Robb and her Eve/Roarke series...WOW! I'm hooked! Oh, and I have Scent of Darkness at home to read and the seventh Harry Potter comes out on Saturday (what can I say, I'm an eclectic reader :)

Unknown said...

OK wow Michelle you look great in your red dress.

Just a side note, I don't recommend taking a kick boxing class after having the flu the day before. It was a lot of fun but now I feel it more than I think I should.
I also finally got all four of my BDB books and plan on starting them tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of e-pubs. As with print publishers, there are good and bad. I just hate seeing one wax poetic about how great they are and then see the following in their print ad:

Quality. XXXX is committed to publishing quality books in a broad base of genres.

Thorough editing, your jewel will be polished to a shine!

Great cover art, great cover artists and you get to participate in it's conception.

Freedom to express yourself, allow your muse to take the lead instead of having to write in a box.

Excuse me, but there are HUGE grammatical errors in those reasons they list to publish with them. How can I take them seriously when their own advertising contradicts itself?

Santa said...

Cara! I am SO bummed that I didn't get a chance to meet you in Dallas. I tried so hard to get to the Plano signing but alas you were already gone when we got there!!! How bummed was I?!

The conference was fabulous. Lisa Kleypas' speech ROCKED. My row screeched when as her nomination was announced and even louder when she WON!! Worst Book of 2006, indeed!

Here's to hoping we meet in San Francisco...unless you are coming back east for NJ's RWA conference....

Unknown said...

So nice to be home after all the excitement, and so nice to meet Michelle properly and be able to thank her for giving me such a great welcome here!
Kayla Perrin is a hoot-she had some fabulous stories about RT!

Playground Monitor said...

Lisa Kleypas' speech ROCKED.

Amen. I'll never think of an armadillo quite the same way again.


Vivi Anna said...

Great pics Michelle!

Looking foward to hanging with you next year in San Fran!!

Portia Da Costa said...

When you started describing your parcel, Marilyn, I was thinking... ooh, sounds intriguing, wonder what she's got... LOL!

Thanks for the endorsements, Rach and Julie!

And re. Dark Lover... yeah, that Wrath... I'm *really* getting into him! Trouble is, 'cos he's a big guy, and has long black hair, he keeps morphing into Valentino in my head!

Kati said...

Dammit! I have Bible study tonight at 7:30 EDT.

OK, Michelle, you must answer all my questions, and I'll have to come back to read all about it:

1- Nalini Singh...spill it.
2- Other bloggers, you mentioned a couple, who else didja meet?
3- LOVER UNBOUND - do we hear about my Tohr, and how did you like it???
4- What did Lisa K. say about Hardy's book???

Rach and Jules, I'm counting on you guys to nag on my behalf!

Sorry to miss it!

ev said...

Santa- where and when in NJ??

Michelle- have you actually looked at yourself in a mirror for gawd's sake??

Does this mean if I go to DC I will have to like, loose weight and buy a gown. Crap. Can't I wear my tux??

Orannia- Glad you finally found Eve and Roarke. They are the best!!

Rach said...

LOL, MK! I've gotta start gettin' the kiddos ready for bed, but I'll do what I can. ;o)

And Michelle, the PDNSST is too funny!! :oP

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

ev, I try to avoid it at all cost!

Hullooooo, Bellas! So glad to be back. I really missed you, not only while I was in Dallas, but in the weeks I've spent preparing.

I feel like a huge Dallas-sized wieght has been lifted from my shoulders, and I'm so invigorated. Also, things are really starting to jazz at LifetimeTV.com w/respect to what they wanna do for romance, so that's just plain cool to be part of.

More in a sec. Just wanted you to know I'm here, in the middle of cookin up the chicken strips for the kids...

Julie in Ohio said...

MK-- I'll try not to let you down... ;p

Michelle-- You have to spill *something*...and I don't mean your glass of wine. ;o)
Give us something to nibble until September, PLEEEAAASSSE...

I've already given the Best Dress of the Night award to you and that little red number, so who was the most unusual dressed at the RITA's?

Playground Monitor said...

Can you cook some for me too? :grin: The DH is playing volleyball tonight and I don't have to cook.


Rach said...

Michelle, I'm here for MK! Please note these questions:

1- Nalini Singh...spill it.
2- Other bloggers, you mentioned a couple, who else didja meet?
3- LOVER UNBOUND - do we hear about my Tohr, and how did you like it???
4- What did Lisa K. say about Hardy's book???

(see, MK, told ya I'd try my best :oP)

As for me, I'm just excited you're back. :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. first, thanks for the compliments on the dress. I must say, I lurve the gown, and felt great in it. I can't really say anything about the couture except everyone looked foxy and fab, whether they were in glitz or Sunday Best. There's just an excitement about the event that makes everybody glow. But as I did mention, Linda Handalind gets my vote for really well dressed.

Gotta dress the veggies. Back in a nanosec...

Julie in Ohio said...

OK, Pollyanna, we won't make you say anything contrary.... :p

How about Ms. Singh? Care to comment on your conver with her? Any dish about her new book?

Rach said...

Yeah, Ms. Singh and didja see anyother bloggers/Bellas?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

RBtheBook bloggers, I guess you're asking about. Most of the ones I met at RWA you've seen pix of here, but I'm bumming I missed Santa now, cause I didn't realize she/you was/were going.

LOVER UNBOUND. Now, you know I'm not gonna spill nothin, but let me just say this:

If I could have given JR Ward a list of situations I would kill to see in her next Black Dagger Brotherhood novel, they would be the ones that ended up in "Lover Unbound."

I'm still not finished, but I cannot believe how this thing just pummels with hot, intense sitch after hot , intense sitch.

And my on-cam with JR? I can't wait for it to be edited down. She even gives us a little tidbit I know you'll be interested in, but we won't be able to see it til early Oct when she gives the debut GuestBlog of her LU cyber-tour with us at lifetimetv.com. :)

Julie in Ohio said...


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Honest ta God, JulieO, I don't have anything bad to say. You gotta understand, I spent a couple years of my life with folks who tore down the way women looked -- especially me -- when I competed in the Miss America stuff. They weren't what everyone is like in the Miss A syst, but I managed to find some real idiots.

At this point in my life, I look at women and celebrate the happiness they feel when they put on the best clothes they own, or the ones they feel best in.

Now, the really fun thing was listening to all of us describe the miracles of modern engineering that were our bras and cleavage enhancers...:)

Playground Monitor said...

Oh well. He's not playing volleyball after all. :-( Gotta go throw some burgers on the grill.

Later gators.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Rach, I saw tons of Bella authors at the signing and, I kid you not, the first thing out of their mouths was:

Say hi to the Bellas for me! Or, I just love the Bellas. Or, You're so lucky to have such a smart and exceptional bunch of women at your blog. Remarkable also was a word used.

Rach said...

I second Julie on this--OCTOBER?!??!?!? Are you *sure* you can't drop a little somethin' in our ears, like telling us we heard from Tohr? Com'on, you know you want to. :oP There might even be some hot KK's and a Cana in it for you...;o)
(Speaking of which, I think we might need a little snaxiness around her sometime soon.)

What about Ms. Singh?

Rach said...

Aw, shucks, Michelle. They're just sayin' that. :oP :Rach blushes:

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Play! congrats on the PW iview! Can't wait to read it. You guys at the Writingplayground really deserve the play.

Sorry about the burgers.

Jules, JR's scheduled to GuestBlog Oct 7. I have to check release dates, though. I can't even imagine what it'll be like when the Cellies converge on us at LifetimeTV.com. I'm hoping the new tech can handle it. :)

Nalini Singh and I didn't really chat too much about her work, I just told her how much you all like her and invited her to GuestBlog when we get to the new digs. I told her I;ve got her newest on my coffee table ready to dig into, but I gotta tell you, I may need to have a day here when you all explain the mythology to me, cause you know this para time stuff makes my brain bleed.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Lisa K and "Blue Eyed Devil." Lisa positively glows when she talks about the book, and I got pretty damned aroused just hearing how earthy his character turns out. No, really, I hadn't even met Sabrina Jeffries' bro yet, so this was all due to BED, not residual sexedness.

So, looks like "Blue Eyed Devil" is gonna be even hotter than "Sugar Daddy," but will retain that great Texas flavor and romance.

Rach said...

Well, I'll admit, I'm not much into para's beyond JR.

(Oh, Lord, the Cellies will be back! Holy Heck!!!) ;oP

Okay, last one for MK here, what did LK say about Hardy's book? Anything good to report?

And now I'm off to get Little Bit into bed. I'll check back in a few. :o)

Rach said...

Okay, cross posted. Sorry. Thanks! Sounds AWESOME! ;o)

Julie in Ohio said...

:shame faced: I would never suggest you say anything bad. I was just looking for a little gossip. :o\
I love me some "Miss Whoseit was caught with her hand in the cookie jar while on a diet" or "Ms.Whatchacallit tripped on Ms.Thingamabobber's trane and fell into Miss Whysthat's lap". :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

With an acronym like B-E-D can "Blue Eyed Devil" be anything but H-O-T? :oD

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Vivs, you were greatly missed, and I can't wait to see you in San Fran, either. I have a soft spot for the saint anywayz, so I think it's gonna be a boffo year.

As far as the e-pub buzz, I can't speak intelligently about it. There seems to be some condescension among writers in which e-books are considered less legit than printed medium.

Now, my first response is, "Romance writers and readers who live in a big, misunderstood glass house are better off not tossing stones at one another."

My second response is this: Underestimate the power of the digital medium at your own flippin peril.

Think about it this way: the young gens have never been w/out hand-held digital monitors whether they be cell phones or e-book readers or iPods.

Reading novels, watching TV shows, collecting music collections digitally is natural for them as it was for us to hang in the library for hours as young'ns.

Now. A friend of mine went to an RWA workshop in which some folks were talking about the problem of ssome e-pubs consigning books, not giving advances as print pubs do. That seems unfair at face value and I'm absolutely no expert. But I'm wondering if authors don't mind making decisions to give up some rights in exchanged for chance to sell books and publish whether that's not something that's not necessarily bad.

RWA only began acknowleding e-pubs a few years ago. That's not a criticism, because there's a really big learning curve when we're talkin teachin folks about the importance of digital media. As RWA better understands the importance of it, I hope they'll study ways to rep authors' interests w/in that venue.

Julie in Ohio said...

I love a good para. Ask away.
Although I take alot at face value. That's one of the reasons I have to read books in order. It makes it easier to grasp time and space of the world.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Jules, I totally didn't intend to make you feel that way. I was just explaining that I'm not much fun on the "what not to wear" scene.

Now, give me a little, "you're not gonna believe how So-and-So got her come-uppance," and I'm all ears (or eyes.) See, I've got some evil in me, too. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Orianna, welcome back! I'm so glad you're able to hand with us again. Sounds like you had some heavy stuff you had to get through. Sure am happy you find this place a looked-forward-to destination. :)

Hi, Hope! Really cool running into you in the elevator. Don't you find it's where you see so many friends?

Oh, Eve Silver. I am struck with jealousy that your friend worked over, I mean, ahem, worked on Nathan Kamp.

Hi, Kate P! It was great seeing you and, yes, Kayla is a grand chick. So self-assured and dynamic. It was awfully cool you were seated next to one another.

Portia, darling, so glad you're diggin the BDBs. Do you feel you're reading to enjoy, or studying it a bit? Oh, wait til Z, my fave's story. He's just so big and damaged. LOL about the hero turning into Vincenzo. You know, I've been so busy and stressed, I haven't had a good fantasy for days. So, I think I'll concentrate now..."vincenzovincenzovincenzovincenzo...

Julie in Ohio said...

Frankly, whether e-book or paper book I think it's wonderful for any author to get their story heard. I can't believe there is anyone out there who would want to steal their thunder by demeaning *how* the story gets published. That just doesn't sound right to me.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Well, it's the Sing stuff, Jules. I kinda would love to hear about the mythology, the series, the setting, etc. I tried to start the new one before I left, but I was so overwhelmed w/other stuff, I couldn't give it the concentration it deserves.

And, I came back to -- oh, God -- about 70 new packages of books between the time I left and got back. I know, cry me a river, but yikers, it's hard to choose...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

As far as the e-pub buzz, I can't speak intelligently about it.

Um, I think I should give myself a little credit and say I meant I can't speak w/ great expertise. [blushes]

Playground Monitor said...

One of the Playfriends blogged before Dallas about the importance of proper undergarments and then let herself get caught sans makeup and bra when she ran down to the front desk early Sunday, figuring no one would be there. Oops! She ran into an editor. She blogged in more detail about it today.

Yes, we women share all about underwear. We had a great girdle comparison session in our room one night. :grin:

Julie in Ohio said...

Why don't you send me the Singh? That way I can see just where your questions lay... :oD

I completely sympathize with your inablilty to choose for a vast array of books. I get discombobulated (I'm working on my vocabulary) when I have too many choices, too.

Julie in Ohio said...

What is it about women when we get into a group? We can literally talk about anything with complete strangers.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You're a giver, Jules.

As far as GuestBlogger, I have no one, no one, I tell you, lined up for RBtheBlog right now. I was so focused on RWA and the Lifetimetv.com interviews and relaunch, I didn't schedule anything. Plus, with the relaunch being moved all over the place, I couldn't schedule w/out fear of having to cancel on the authors, which I hatehatehate to do.

Howza bout I see if I can get some to stop by soon?

Um, should I take it that you're bored with just having to talk with me? Oh, my. That doesn't bode well. Hmmm, maybe I should start trolling the gay sites for some piccies for my Bellas... keywords: hot; wet; maniconda.

Rach said...

Yes, Julie. We can have each other's life histories within 20 minutes. Get two men together and give them a day, and well, they'll have each other's names and that's about it. Gotta love it!

Marilyn, funny story! :o)

And now, t-storms are rumbling in so I'm off! Great "chatting" with you, Michelle!

Oh, one last quick thought. Romance, as a genre is not exactly highly respected by some. Therefore, why would writers belittle another writer's accomplishment because it wasn't "published" in a form they consider to be "legit" or "better"? Seems rather snobbish and elitist to me, but what do I know, I'm only a reader?

Night ya'll! :o)

Rach said...

Hmmm, maybe I should start trolling the gay sites for some piccies for my Bellas... keywords: hot; wet; maniconda.

OMG, ROTFLMAO, Michelle!

Now, Good night! :o)

Kati said...

Hi Bellas! Looks like I missed all the fun! Jules and Rach, thanks SO much for keeping my questions up for Michelle!

Michelle - You definitely should do a day on Singh, we can get you up to speed, and if you tell her when, I'll bet she'd stop by, she's got a terrific blog herself!

So, LU delivers, huh? I'm SO glad!

Michelle, who was your favorite interview of the week? Not discriminating against any of the authors, because I know they're all terrific, but who do you think made the biggest "impression?"

Julie in Ohio said...

Ahh, Michelle, you know just what we like don't 'cha? :p

Playground Monitor said...

You could interview the Bellas. We'd love to hear about each other.


Julie in Ohio said...

I like that idea, Marilyn. I know I'd love to hear more about you all.

Stacy~ said...

Welcome back, QB! I love all the Bellas, but it's not the same when you're away. You definitely are the one that keeps the spark alive and keeps us coming back for more. Michelle, you look wonderful in that red dress.

And seeing Manda - what a lovely Bella she is! I miss her like crazy, and hope things are going well for her (Manda if you're out there, pop in and say hi every once in awhile!)

I haven't read CTC yet, but I have it in my TBR pile, so I will wait until I read it to decide for myself.

Portia! I'm so glad you're reading the BDB and loving it. That's what I like to hear :)

I'm in shock about JQ never having won before, and I agree with everyone else - not my favorite Bridgerton story (it's a toss-up between Anthony/Kate & Michael/Francesca) but I still enjoyed it very much. I'm thrilled she won.

Isn't Toni Blake sweet? I got the chance to talk with her in June and she is so nice and down-to-earth and I am completely hooked on her erotic romances as Lacey Alexander.

Michelle, you know how to drive the knife in, don't you? I am dying her, utterly wasting away in my need to read Lover Unbound. Grabbing book #2 in the Harry Potter series just won't cut it. I'm just gonna have to put in my P&P DVD and drool over Matthew McFadyen...it's gonna be a long night LOL

Kati said...

That is a fun idea, Marilyn! It would probably generate some good conversation too!

We're not authors, but we're readers, and I'll bet we could give some dandy answers!

Kati said...


Hi Stace! I've missed you, we haven't been on the blogs at the same time!

Hope you're doing well!

Stacy~ said...

Thanx MK, I'm doin' fab. Just not around when you guys are all having fun - I'm like the guest who shows up after the party's over, and I hate being late LOL. But that's okay, it's still one of the best places to hang out :)

Oh I'd love to learn about the other Bellas - great idea! We have such cool people who hang here: Jules, Ames, MK, Portia, Vivi! (could never forget this firecracker!), Marilyn, Ev, the list goes on and on. We share a lot of the same tastes but also have our own styles that we can all appreciate. And how can you not love a group that loves a good 'rita?

Vivi Anna said...

Oh I'm late to the party!!! Damn it!

I've been chin deep in a book, deadline looming, so I've been scarce lately.

but I always come and check every day to see what the Bellas are up to.

I'm missing chatting with you lovelies.

We should have a Bella gettogether in San Fran next year. That would rock and be the best party that everyone would want to come to!!

flip said...

I enjoyed Claiming the Courtesan..I don't understand the furor. If you don't like a book, you can express your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can choose not to read any more books by the author.

I have been open about my dislikes and likes. But I don't attack anyone for their reading tastes and I don't suggest that an author should not be writing her stories her way.

I was involved in a book discussion that went bad. We were discussing Linda Howard. A few readers didn't like Howard and was insisting on telling how wrong we were to like Howard. Likewise, I once criticized Quinn on a board and had to defend myself from a rabid reader. Apparently, she took my dislike of a book as a personal attack on Quinn.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

So, maybe I should come up with a little questionnaire and everyone could send it back and I'd post it? Maybe I'd write the questionnaire on the blog, and have a contest or something, too.

Ah, flip. There's the rub, the balance between free speech and feeling like that gives one the right to attack (all the time not understanding how one is limiting someone else's right to fs). Make sense? It's the beauty of America and the extraordinary yet-to-be regulated beauty of the Inet, but it comes with costs.

I'm attending a conference in Chicago next week given by www.BlogHer.com. Do you know it? It's an awesome collective (sorta) blog that totally supports women bloggers and their needs. Some of the topics being presented include one we've talked about here: how do you help your community understand you're not selling out when you move to a bigger venue that allows you to get the core message out to more people.

I'm interested in this issue, and you may have some thoughts, too. We core group have so much to say to one another, yet sometimes viewers say they don't want to comment cause they feel like they're intruding on a close-knit bunch of friends.

Well, we are close-knit, but we love when we gather new Bellas. How can we encourage more lurkers to delurk? Do we have a "new Bellas only day?" And how would that work? Or do we have a "Bring a Bella Friend" day.

Thing is, I don't make more money if we get more comments; blogs usually have far more lurkers than commenters, especially at a place like this where comments are fun and thoughtful and enjoyable to read on their own.

But we really like to make new friends, and maybe as a group we can figure out how to invite some new voices into the conversation.

I don't fear new voices as things that may bring down the tone. We know how to direct discourse. And youz are always so welcoming.

Keira Soleore said...

Michelle, loved the photo of you with the Vagabonds, Mandacoll and Elodie. And that red dress. WOW! I bet you were even more spectacular in person.

Wasn't Julia Quinn's giggle as she walked up to the podium the best moment of the night? She absolutely deserves her RITA. Here's hoping that this one has opened the doors to many more for her.

Rach said...

Michelle, I can say this about commenting/lurking. I just joined a mom's forum where most of the women have been a core group for 3+ years. They have a history and know each others' background stories and such and it's sometimes difficult to figure out where I fit in. I love to read their comments to each other, but I'm unsure of my place at times. Same goes with the EJ/JQ BB. I will go, read some posts and then leave without commenting.

I think that's what's hard with us. I can think of a strong core group of us Bellas who are here most days (I'll be SO much better off this year with the new job). And, although you and I (and all you other Bellas out there) know we are more than ready to welcome new Bellas with open arms, I think we may be a smidge intimidating at times. Kind of a "where do I fit into this crowd?"

Just MHO. Or, I could be off my rocker because it's 11:20 and I should be in bed and I'm not (storms finally blew through, thank goodness!).

Portia Da Costa said...

Hey, Michelle! You're right... although I'm mainly reading Dark Lover for enjoyment, there is a bit of me that's analyzing it and trying to learn from it and wondering if I could ever possibly write something not actually *like* it, but maybe similar in terms of scope. So far, writing two books set in the same world is about as far as I've got... but I know that readers love series and linked books. I love them myself! It's wonderful knowing that I've got a *big* chunk of something I love to read ahead of me...

Having yabbered on there, I've gotta say that DL is turning out to be one of those books that make me shut off my 'writer' head and just read with my 'reader' head... which is something that generally only happens with really exceptional books! Mostly it's tough to stop being a writer when I'm reading...

Did I miss the live drop in, or is that tonight? [Weds?] I'm usually dead to the world by 11.30 pm, so I probably didn't check in late enough [my time] to see the special message at the top of the post! :)

Portia Da Costa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Portia Da Costa said...

Re. commenting...

I'm a relatively new Bella, but I've found it very easy to get into the swing of things here. I may not always have read the same books as other Bellas, but I love to jump in where I can and have a good natter! :)

Portia Da Costa said...

re. BDB... I have just posted a silly pic at my blog!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas!

I'm gonna keep this up a little more since I posted so late yesterday.

Portia, I just posted at your blog. Three times. That's how long it took me to figure out you moderate it. Yup, I'm that thick. Mi scusi.

Hi, Keira! I didn't notice the giggle, just her energy and the crowd response. It was quite a moment.

Rach writes: I think that's what's hard with us. I can think of a strong core group of us Bellas who are here most days (I'll be SO much better off this year with the new job). And, although you and I (and all you other Bellas out there) know we are more than ready to welcome new Bellas with open arms, I think we may be a smidge intimidating at times. Kind of a "where do I fit into this crowd?"

Yup. That's exactly what I'm talkin about. Gotta think on this.

Youz guys do understand I'm not tryin to get rid of you, cause you're the heart of this joint. But maybe we can come up with ways to get new folks to feel freer to chat, too.


Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! Michelle, I think you're onto something here. I think that one of the most important thing is validating someone who visits and works up the courage to comment. We need to be sure we're saying hello, and acknowledging that it can be intimidating to come into a group like ours. Most of us who comment here regularly were here when the blog was much smaller, and it was mainly just a chat between 10-15 of us. Now we've got Bellas from all over the place! Which is amazing! Sometimes I'll wonder, "Where is Portia today?" and then I'll realize that it's 3am in England. LOL!

But I think also, QB, whether you like it or not, you're the main draw to this place, and it comes from you. People are commenting on what you blog about. And it's your welcoming voice that makes them comfortable to comment.

*end MK opinion*

*rubbing hands together*

Heh, heh, heh. Portia, I knew we'd get you. Have you ordered the rest of the BDB yet?? I love me some Rhage and I can't wait until you read him. It must be really fun when you can read a book just as a reader! LOL!

Rach said...

I was just thinking back to the first coupla times I posted here. It was February 2006 and I was home on maternity leave with Bit. I remember being *awed* that I could comment on some "celebrity's" blog and they would reply! I mean, let's face it Queenie, you are all sorts of awesome and awe inspiring and here I was this mere mortal sitting at home watching curling. :oP

The "awe factor" got me quite a few times over at Squawk and I more often than not found myself lurking. Boy, those ladies (Squawkers and Squwakees) had quite an intimate relationship established. I felt like I would be very ballsy to just jump in and say something.

So there ya go. More to chew on...

Playground Monitor said...

I was kinda late joining up with this group too -- found it when I was Googling my friend Rocki St. Claire. But I always felt welcome. I jump in when I have something to contribute and remain quiet when I don't. But not everyone's like that.

Maybe once in a while you could have a "De-lurk Day" and offer a book to one of the new commenters. You know that many people will do ANYTHING for a free book, including come out of their shell for a moment and comment. Maybe do it on the first Friday of the month and call it "Fess Up Friday" or something along those lines.

Gotta run -- dental appointment in a bit. Just a routine cleaning and let's hope that's all it is cause I hate the drill.


Anonymous said...

Buongiorno, Michelle and Bellas!

As a newbie here, I can say that both you and the Bellas have been very welcoming whenever I've commented on any topic, so regardless of how tight knit the core group is, it's evident that there's always room for more.

On the other hand, I have been intimidated in certain forums because the dynamics seem so well established that anything I could say feels (to me, the lurker) intrusive. That doesn't mean that the forum regulars would eat me alive, but that my feelings from the outside make it easier not to post.

What I have seen in a couple of forums, in order to both welcome and encourage lurkers to post, is having an open "welcome, lurkers/newbies" threads. No set topic of discussion, more like those "introduce yourself to the group" moments at the beginning of the school year kinda things.

On another topic, I read Claiming the Courtesan based on the review/discussion here, and I have say that, IMHO--YMMV--, it's a very well written book.

Due to personal history, there were a couple of places where I had to stop reading for a day or two in order to distance myself a bit from the scene. That, in my particular case, is high praise.

Usually a book that engages me will keep me reading non-stop through the night, while a book that doesn't will be put down and forgotten forever. When a book worms its way into my emotions so deep I have to stop, and sooooooooo deep I have to continue... Well, that's most definitely a keeper book.

[As a reference, other books in this category for me: Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale; Cry no More by Linda Howard; The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy; La Casa de los EspĂ­ritus by Isabel Allende. I don't constantly re read these books as I do more comforting reads, but boy! do they hit me where it counts]

Julie in Ohio said...

I am a lurker supreme. I go to many a places and just read what is said. Sometimes I comment but often I don't. I love to see how others relate to each other. It's facinating.
However, I like Marilyn's "Fess Up Friday" idea. :oD

I don't think the word 'intimidating' has ever been associated with anything I've been involved in before. I feel like I should go pump some iron... ;op

"Intimidated" is how I usually feel around people and places and RBTB has never made me feel that way. I think that anyone who lurks here long enough should be able to pick up the "welcome" "accepted" vibe we all try to throw out there.

Kati said...

Hi azteclady! I'm so glad you enjoyed CTC. I found it a very difficult read. Worthwhile, but tough. It definitely evoked strong feelings for me. But here's the thing about it, it's gorgeously written. Whether you like the story or not, the prose is fantastic and well done. On top of that, having had Anna visit here, and gamely answer all of our questions, and some of them were kind of accusatory, made me just love her to death. I do believe she's a bit bewildered by the whole hoopla. Personally though, I think that there aren't enough dark romances out there, and she's really done something to invigorate a segment of the genre that could use it.

Like I said, others may not have liked the book, but I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I think if it evoked those kinds of feelings from you, it did its job.

Also, I'm glad you're here and commenting, you don't comment often, but you always seem to add something substantive, which I really appreciate.

Rach said...

MK said, "Also, I'm glad you're here and commenting, you don't comment often, but you always seem to add something substantive, which I really appreciate."

As opposed to me, who mostly posts gibberish, lol! :oP

Seriously, Azteclady, MK is absolutely right! You are always insightful and the comments are most appreciated. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Come on, Rach. We all know that the gibberish posts come when Monkey is sitting on your lap while you're typing. ;p

Hmmm, so what's my excuse... :\

Jessica Barksdale Inclan said...

Hi, Michelle and Bellas. I'm finally back online after the RWA and other home developments, and wanted to say hello.

Michelle, you are amazing. I've gone through the last few posts, and you did more at RWA than I could have even begun to! Thanks for all the hard work you do on romance's behalf.

And thanks for posting my photo with my best fan. It was great to see you.

Jessica Inclan

Portia Da Costa said...

De-Lurking Day or Fess Up Friday sounds like an excellent idea! Anything along those lines... it would just be that last tiny little nudge that would get people to dive in here and feel the lurrrve! :)

And re. BDB, Michelle made the great point on my blog that it's *hero driven* and it dawned on me that that's the reason why I've taken to it. Thinking about it, I do mostly read for the heroes rather than the heroines. Not that I don't enjoy feisty female characters and identify with them... but it's the hot, sexy, compelling blokes I *really* want to read about!!! ;)

Kati said...

Hi Jessica! How's the writing going?? Have you got something new in store for us soon, Bella?

Unknown said...

Damn it I missed the party last night. Stupid computer! The one at home is down and with the geek squad. OK I really do have to say as a fairly new Bella (yes I consider myself a Bella now) that you guys are so not intimidating! I felt really welcome when I first started out over here after they closed down Squawk Radio. And don’t get me wrong they were really nice over at squawk but they really were their own group over there. I felt like an outsider and I think that that’s just me because I tend to feel that way but that just goes to show you how open all of you are! And I like the different ideas to get others to blog more.

Kati said...

Leeann - Just by showing up, you're a Bella, girl! That's the way it works here. I'm glad you found us and have been hanging out and feel comfortable commenting. That's what we want! The more voices and opinions, the more we have to talk about. LOL!

Unknown said...

Thanks MK and oh by the way I started Dark Lover last night and all I can say is WOW! I started it last night at about 9pm and had to make myself put it down at 2am and half way through it since I had to be up by seven. This book is so f**kin good!!! I haven’t had a book truly make me want to stay up all night and be able to do it in a long time. I always laugh when people say that if they read at night it puts them to sleep. I always want to look at them and tell them that they’re reading the wrong book, because with the right book it wakes me up and I can’t go to sleep for the simple fact that I have to know what happens next. Thank you all for so strongly recommending this series! I have a strong feeling that I will finish by this weekend and then will be having withdrawals like the rest of you for the next one (except for Michelle that is).

Rach said...

Leeann, YAY! I'm glad you never felt hesitant with us. MK is absolutely correct, the moment someone comments, they become a Bella. Plain and simple! :o)

And yeah, the BDB totally kick a$$!

I agree the Fess Up Fridays/De-lurking Day are great. Offer free books or some other such fun prize as an enticement.

(Michelle, have you considered a line of RBtB stuff like you can get from Cafe' Press? You know, somethin' to do with snaxy and Bellas and such? Just a thought and they would make EXCELLENT giveaways.)

Kati said...

Umm, leeann, go NOW to the bookstore! There are three more of them. Seriously. I read Rhage's book until about 4am one night. Same with Zhadist. Butch, not so much. But I'm sure I'll be up all night with V when his comes out (and have a HUGE satisfied smile on my face). Trust me on this, the only way to stave off the craving is to get them all.

I'm glad you like them though. She has such a strong voice, and as Portia said, the books are very hero-centric, which is why I like them. I love that mostly we inhabit the brother's minds, not the heroine's. It makes them so lovable. Even when they're being a$$es.

Another convert. That's two in one day. I'm wondering if I should start charging a fee?? ;o)

Next up, converting Michelle, Portia and leeann to be Changeling/Psy fans.

Soon I'll have power over all of you. Muahhhhahahahaha!

I kid you not, my word ver is: MKODD. I wonder if Blogger is trying to tell me something???

Shut up rach and Jules, I can hear you laughing over here.

Rach said...

Wha? ME??? :oP

0:o) <--I'm an angel, see my halo? I would never say anything. :snicker snicker:

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Bellas! Hope this makes sense as I'm still awfully jetlagged. I went to the UK for a month before Dallas and my body has no idea what time it is! Thanks so much for your kind words about CTC - I've got to say I got a bit teary when Michelle toasted my book with champagne while Rita looked on approvingly from the floor! What a moment! My memories of Dallas? Too many to count, especially when my brain has turned to boiled blue cheese! Seeing JQ win the RITA. Yes, I remember the giggle! Met some wonderful people including the Romance Vagabonds and the gorgeous Lisa Kleypas and Nalini Singh (who has been a cyberpal for a while because of the Down Under thing) and Sybil from The Good, the Bad and the Unread. Toni Blake. Adele Ashworth. Sabrina Jeffries. Keira! Friends from Avon Fan Lit. Oh, man I could go on and on. I'll stop the list or I'd be here till the next conference! Everybody I met was a blast! I talked so much I lost my voice so I had to squeak my way back to Oz! A great conference! Can't wait till San Francisco next year.


Anna Campbell said...

Leeann, that was exactly my experience with Dark Lover. Couldn't put the &&^%%$$$ thing down! There's such passion in the writing!

Julie in Ohio said...

Oops, BUSTED..... LOL!!

YAY, Leeann and Portia!!!
I did stayed up all night with Butch. His story is different but I just love that cop.
There is something about those boys that make me become an insomniac. :oD

MK-- Please don't start charging for your recs. I really would have to file bankruptcy....

Julie in Ohio said...


Hi, Anna!! I'm glad you had fun in Dalllas. I hope you make it to the conference in '09. I'd love to meet you. I've already given the hubby plenty of warning that he's on daddy duty during that time. ;o)

Unknown said...

Ok I have all of them already I made sure of that before I started! I plan on dedicating most of my weekend to reading them. I think I will have to go pick up my nephew so my son has someone to play with LOL.
OK wait Butch gets his own story!!! Crap I can’t read this book fast enough!! Damn I hate it when I have to work and can’t read at will! Oh well I’m going into a meeting and will check back later.

Unknown said...

Ok one more note. Yeah I was comment number 100! LOL I think I should get a prize! Oh well a girl can dream at work can't she? LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

Leeann-- That's the best place for a girl to dream.... :o)

Portia Da Costa said...

Butch gets a book???

Wow, I was thinking he was an interesting character... how cool that he gets his own book!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bellas! Now I'm blushing *grin*

Ms Campbell, seriously, CtC rocks my boat big time. Thank you for such a GREAT read!

And Bella Michelle, thank you for creating this open and welcoming environment for us romance fans, both vocal and not so much ;)

Julie in Ohio said...

Butch's story is book 4 "Lover Revealed".

Rach said...

I'm with Julie, I really enjoyed Butch's story. I also like the fact the story is hero driven and by gawd, these boys are Alpha to the MAX! All in all, a good combo.

Kati said...

Rach and Jules - I think LOTS of people enjoyed Butch's story, and certainly my complaints with it are well documented. As with Julia Quinn, any JR Ward book is better than 95% of what's out there. So while I had quibbles, in the end, I'll still be at BooksAMillion the weekend before the release date snatching up a copy of V. Trust me on that! And then I'll be bragging away that I got it before the street date. LOL!

Kati said...

ARGH! Good News and Bad News.

Just lurked over at the Cell (JR Ward's message boards)...

Good news: Next October brings a BDB Compendium, which will include a short story and lots of goodies about the Brothers, including dossiers on each. Yay!

Bad news: Rhev's book will be hard cover.

Dammit. I'll buy it. Really I will. And I KNOW it's a great thing for her. It means she's thriving and that the books are a success.

But jeez, I feel like I did when the JD Robb's went hard cover. I hate it. It screws up my book shelves (because yeah right like I'm waiting for the PB version to come out), and also because it's more money that I could be spending on other books. It also means that there are two releases for every book. She says that she's angling to get the PBs out within 6 months. I hope, like Nora, that she's able to. Alot of her readers are young and may not be able to afford the PBs.

Like I said, I'll buy it, and I'll be happy for it. But d*mn! All my authors are going hard cover. It's aggravating.

Rach said...

HC?? Oh, man. I'm with you 100% on the messed up bookshelves and the price. And, I too will most definitely be purchasing it in HC, but it stinks. But, yeah, I'm happy for JR too. It's such bittersweet kind of thing when books go to HC first.

But, YAY YAYAYAYAYAYYAY! on the compendium!!

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

Oooh, love the pics! Michelle, girl, you look faboo in that red hot mama dress! I love seeing pics from conferences!

I will definitely be at the RWA conference in San Fran next year (as well as RT) and can't wait! I love seeing women having a good time, and simply enjoying themselves. I agree with Vivi, although I'm a newbie to this lovely group, I would love to meet you all in San Fran! A party ain't a party til we run through it...teehee. Just a blast catch phrase from the past, lol.

I just typed THE END on this book that took me a long *ss time to write and feeling giddy as hell! Today is my impromptu Blog ho day, and I'm out ho-ing, uh, blog hoing, all over the place...wooohoooo!!!!


Rach said...

Yay, Kimberly! That has got to be the *best* feeling!

Um, the finishing the book, not the ho'ing thing. ;o) Okay, maybe that too. :oP

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

LOL Rachd! Ho-ing can be a fun past time if done in moderation. Uh, well, blog ho-ing that is...teehee

I have this god awful ritual I do, after completing a book. I won't gross you out by giving details. I did that, once, telling Vivi. After screeching "EH?" in her canadian way, she mumbled something about food burning in the oven. Hmmm... I could have SWORN I heard her gagging as she hung up the phone :0

Kati said...

I did that, once, telling Vivi. After screeching "EH?" in her canadian way, she mumbled something about food burning in the oven. Hmmm... I could have SWORN I heard her gagging as she hung up the phone :0

Wow, it takes a lot to freak Vivi out! You must be an amazing woman! ;oP

Congrats on finishing the book, that's amazing news!

Unknown said...

Wow Kimberly congrats on finishing your book!

Anna Campbell said...

Julie, well, in that case I'm definitely coming to 09 ;-) And Azteclady, after that, you may definitely call me by my first name (I can't put the wink again, but I want to!). And Kimberly, ditto on the congrats on finishing the book!

Rach said...

Anna, I think I missed it when you were a guest here earlier this year (stupid school with its stupid content blockers) and I'm sorry to have missed it. At the rec of MK, Julie, Michelle and now Azteclady, I've added CTC to my TBR pile. Thanks! :o)

Kim, I confess to being intrigued as to what could make Vivi go ew. ;o)

Kati said...

Kim, I confess to being intrigued as to what could make Vivi go ew. ;o)

Rach - It's all part of the mystery and wonder that is Vivi.

ev said...

If one more person calls the store with a stupid HP question, I am going to jump off the 2nd floor balcony. Just shoot me now.

Did ya hear that some moron's who like to spoil other peoples fun, posted who dies somewhere? Former bookstore employees who read the book before they left did it. I hope they rot in hell.

Kati said...

ev - I'm busy reading HP6, so I'm all "LALALALALA" every time I see or hear anything about it. I expect the postman to show up at our house before 10am on Saturday, and to not speak to or see my roomie again all weekend. She's already informed me, no talking. LOL!

Oh, and a SQUEE! I posted on my blog a couple of weeks ago about how much I loved Colleen Gleason's Gardella Chronicles (thanks Ames). She TOTALLY commented on my blog a couple days ago. I just realized today because I'm slow on the uptake. I seriously have no idea how she found me, but I'm having a TOTAL fangrrl moment! Now if I could just get Nalini Singh to comment, I'd be in heaven! LOL!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hey have any of you read Karen Marie Moning? If you haven't you really should give her a try. She is awesome. If you are into the whole Highlander and Mythical thing like I am I think you would really like her books.

And Ev that’s just wrong to spoil it for everyone else! I hope it wasn’t ruined for you.

And I’m a little ashamed to say that I haven’t read any of the HP books. I love the movies but have never opened up one of the books. I think I do it on purpose because I love the movies so much I don’t want them to be ruined for me. When ever I read a book and then see the movie the movie is just never good enough.

Kati said...

leeann - I LOVE KMM! I especially like this new series she's got going, the DARKFEVER one? Oh yeah, it's fantastic. All dark and mysterious!

Julie in Ohio said...

Leeann- I adore KMM. She has some of the hottest highlanders around. Thanks for the reminder. I was wondering what to read next.

I am the same way with books into movies. I have yet to read "Pride & Predjudice" because I adore the movie so much and am scared that if I read it the movie will never be the same.

ev said...

Leeann- they have left soo much out of the movies,which is too bad. I love the books and the movies though, so I don't think it really would ruin them for you.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

heya, Bellas! Sorry I'm late. Had take kids to grocery to buy food because asy you already know abouot my damn kids, they want to eat every single day. And now with camp, I actually have to put lunches together, I can't rely on nutritious school lunches (yes, I'm being kinda facetious, but only a little. My kids only eat the carbs and really salty stuff from school lunches).

And that, my friends, is as suburban housewife as i ever will wax here agian. gesu cristo!

Julie in Ohio said...

Those darn kids! I suppose they're greedy enough to want to eat three times a day with a couple of snacks in between. I don't know how you put up with it. ;p

MK-- How exciting that Colleen Gleason found your blog. Definitely a "SQUEEEE" worthy moment. :o)

Rach said...

Ya'll feed your kids *three* times a day? And do snacks?!? ;o)

Leeann, I have to say, I don't like the HP movies because the books are so *incredibly* awesome! I find the movies leave out way too much stuff.

MK, how *SQUEEEE* exciting!! :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

yeah, congrats, MK! I talked w/her at RWA and mentioned that a couple of you Bellas really liked her, but didn't mention names. looks like one of the books is gonna get a little nod at LifetimeTV.com somewhere.

Well, Bellas, I like your ideas for inviting new voices on board. maybe we'll try it as early as this Friday.

And I love that you feel so comfortable here. I know early on, some folks didn't comment cause we touched on a lot of brainy stuff and they felt not equipped to join in. But I think we've done a good job of letting folks know they can talk about those subjects w/out worrying about spelling or how many degrees one has.

I think the GuestBloggers have a lot to do with that, too. Even when we have smarty-pantses on, they really work w/in the RBtheBlog philosophy of inclusion, and that makes it more fun to chat with them whether they're proud high school grad writers like Lori Foster or Princeton scholars like Bill Gleason.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Kimberly Kaye! A wicked warm Bella congratulazione to you for finishing your book! We're so proud of you.

Oh, I almost forgot what I was gonna say about P&P.


I don't think you'll be disappointed because it's so much better than either movie. Of course, I cop to being a A&E Firth Darcy fan, I must say.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...


Just in case youz are unclear, the nanosecond you even think about coming here to graze by Romance: By the Blog, you become a Bella.

Think about that. It's like trying to get that gooey stuff off your fingers that sticks your new membership and credit cards to the letters they come on.

Now, this may make some folks unhappy, knowing they'll be sportin a little Pollyanna when they leave here, that they'll be forced to have absorbed some good Bella vibes whether they like it or not.

What say I to that? Fu. Ta. Thah.

I think you can guess what I mean, and, oh I mean it in the nicest way possible.

Cause what's someone gonna say, "oh, that Michelle Buonfiglio, she's such a bitch, cause she said to heck with us if we don't like positive karma being passed our way."

hee hee.

Unknown said...

Oh I can't wait for KMM next book in the fever series to come out in October! I have yet to read P&P as well, but might have to change that.

Oh so many books to read and so little time!

amy kennedy said...

Ack. And d'oh. And I missed so many cool people saying funny nthings--well, I didn't really miss them, because I just got to read them all. At once.

Too much to comment on.

New Bellas! I love new Bellas. And good ideas on how to get them. Then we just have to keep them...bwa-ha-ha-ha.

Azteclady--you almost made me cry, for Anna's book to be that hard for you and yet you loved it and had to finish it--well, it's a testament to her writing and obviously your fortitude.

Orrianna--hope all is well.

Jessica--we love your books.

Kimberly, I just know you would make me pee my pants if I ever spent any time with you.

MK I gotta start the Singh books, dammit. Dammit. Too many good series. I'm Kitty Goes To Washington by Carrie Vaughn. Para, more urban fantasy, with a tich of romance--but I think it's gonna heat up here.

Michelle--I think it would be cool to just hang until you move to lifetime.

Ooh ooh, I saw Transformers! OMGOMGOMG. I would see it again right now. Not kidding.

amy kennedy said...

Leeann, we commented at the same time--but with the same sentiment.

Michelle actually introduced me to KMM.

Unknown said...

Damn I have to go home now to pick up the baby and the computer is still on the fritz. And just when the party starting to pick up again.

Rach said...

Okay, anyone who *hasn't* read P&P must do so, NOW!!!!! It's an every summer reread for me. And, it doesn't hurt now to have Colin Firth in mind whenever I read Mr. Darcy. :oP

Michelle, I honestly don't remember being that brainy in the beginning. Were we?? Really?!? I thought it was all about hot, wet, nekkid guys. Did I miss the brainy stuff??

Kati said...

Well, Rach, I was talking about brainy stuff...and YOU were talking about hot men.

It certainly wasn't me talking about...say...David Beckham...all dirty and hot and whatnot.

Nosiree. That would be trashy, and far beneath me.



Stacy~ said...

Well, Clive Owen lead me to RbtB, and I will 'fess up and say that I was not looking for anything intellectual, but I find the Bellas educate me all the time *g*

I have, like, 3 copies of P&P, but I am more enamored of the visual than the literary, which is why I watched the latest version 3 times before returning it to Netflix. And I want it back.

As for lurkers, I totally get that since it takes me awhile to jump on in, but I will honestly say that I think it's apparent that all Bellas are welcome to join in. It's evident that we enjoy meeting new members of our community, least of all cuz it gives us the chance to zoom in on fresh ears to listen to us (okay, me) drone on and on about some of our (my) favorite topics, like cover models and Brockmann and erotic romance. So Michelle, if you decide to host a "de-lurk" day, I'll be there to meet and greet - sounds like fun.

Vivi Anna said...

EH??? What's that Kimmie???

Bellas, it's always about the sammiches, isn't it? That's what I love about this place.

Anonymous said...

Fu. Ta. Thah

Am I the only dim bulb who can't figure out what this is? I'll probably slap my forehead and scream "DUH" when you explain it.

She Who Is Too Embarrased To Sign Her Name

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh, I have a confession... I've never read P&P and I've never read HP.

I'm a terribly slow reader these days, I don't know why that is... mebbe advancing age. I used to race through books, reading one a day sometimes, even more when it was a shorter romance... but now I'm considerably slower.

I think it's back to cloning myself, you know. I need a clone to read all the fab books on my TBR pile!

Portia Da Costa said...

Was just listening to the radio and heard the most astonishing thing, related to the topic of P&P...

As an experiment into how classics would stand up in the publishing market of today, someone retyped the first chapter of P&P and subbed it to 18 different publishers and agents under a pseudonym... and only one showed enough interest to ask to see more! The rest turned it down, with more or less the usual 'stock' rejection letters. 'not right for our lists' 'not right for the market' etc etc

Rach said...

Wow, Portia, that's AMAZING! Interesting that publishers didn't immediately recognize that first line. Huh.

Julie in Ohio said...

Good Morning, Bellas all!!!

Portia-- You are reading the (currently) most important books out there...BDB. Just so you finish by September, you're good to go. You don't want to read them too fast. They are to be savored. :o)

Rach said...

You Bellas have fun today. I'm taking the Monkey and Little Bit to the beach today. I'll check in when I get home, get them clean, get the sand out of everything...

oh, dear, I'll be on some time today... :oP

Sabrina Jeffries said...

If Blogger will let me post, I'd like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the top Bella at conference, and having her join Rita, the fabulous Anna Campbell, and lots of others at the impromptu party thrown by me and my roommates. Next year, I might even get off my duff and plan a REAL party. The only trouble with that is I'd want a guest list of a thousand or so. :-)

I just love conference!

Playground Monitor said...

links arms with Portia in a show of solidarity

I've never read P&P or HP either. I tried to watch the P&P movie with Kiera Knightley and was bored beyond tears. Guess I'm just a contemporary gal.


Portia Da Costa said...

Glad it's not just me, Marilyn! I was beginning to think I was the only person on the planet who hasn't got HP fever...

Must own up to having watched P&P on the telly and enjoyed it... the Colin Firth Darcy, who was well yummy! Much more substance than the other guy [although he's nice in other things] and you all know how I love substance! ;)

Portia Da Costa said...

And guess what... I just realised I have not one but two Amazon vouchers to spend... a million guesses what I will be spending them on?

Funnily, I've been reading a vampire novella today, too, as well as Dark Lover... one written by me!

Am proof checking my first ever vampire story... Buddies Don't Bite. It's nothing like BDB, but I'm quite proud of it.

Angel said...

No time to catch up on all the comments today, because the kids are fussing and fighting. :(

But I did want to say that I really enjoyed meeting you at conference, Michelle! And love seeing all the pictures.

Now off to referee once again. Will it ever end?


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Anny! Fu.Tha's just a phonetic spelling of an Italian term that can mean something like "to hell with you," or F you or it. Something like that. Sorry if I made you feel like you weren't in on the thing. :)

Unknown said...

Portia that’s awesome! I can’t wait to read it.

I finished Dark Lover last night. Oh My God it was GOOD. And I started Lover Eternal last night. I know I should be savoring these but I can’t help it I inhale them.

Kati said...

leeann- I LOVE Rhage! He's my favorite story so far. He's got this dirty talkin' thing that I love! Seriously.

Enjoy, Bella. Do you have a honey nearby you can take it out on??

I didn't, I just had to stay up all night with Rhage. LOL!

Unknown said...

No it's really sad but I don't. I'm 23 and a single mom with no man. I haven't dated anyone since I was 19. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong for me because I don't even really go out looking for one. I just don't have the time. LOL it's a very sad case. Ok now that I'm done with my whining I'll just think about Rhage ;)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, you guys who haven't read P&P, hie thee to a bookshop pronto, chickies! There's a subtlety to the characterisation and the writing and this wonderful ironic sense of humour that not even the best adaptation has ever matched for me. Signed JA fangirl!

Amy, you're right. I was really touched that Azteclady kept going with my book even if it was tough. Thank you, AL! I was actually completely overwhelmed at the company you put my book in too!

Sabrina, jumping up and down and saying pick me, pick me, when you send out your party invites. I had another fangirl moment when I met Sabrina. Got a bit tongue-tied, which if anyone has ever met me, will know is not the usual situation!

So glad the Brotherhood is making some friends. They're great books!


Kati said...

Hi Anna! *waving madly*

How are you Bella? How's the writing going?? I can't wait for your new one to come out!

leeann - I didn't have a honey either when I read Rhage. And he still left a very, very satisfied smile on my face. He's a beast! A dirty talking beast. SIGH. I love him. But still, he'll never replace Tohr in my heart. I'm a Tohr girl. He's all bada$$ and military. And a leader, and all squishy on the inside about his woman. I love him.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, I am SO missing out on this convo, but a little buried. do we need a nice BDB chat tomorrow to get back in the groove of talking romance?

Leeann, honey, you're in the right place. Perhaps I should tell you about my couple years w/out dating (and no, MK, you smartmouth, I don't mean since I've been married...)

Anybody gonna be around tonite?

Kati said...

*bats eyelashes*

I have no idea what you're talking about Michelle.

I'm around after 8:30 EDT. Michelle, we do need a fresh blog. We're over 150 comments, and have covered everything from:

RWA to BDB to Kim shocking Vivi to the shocking number of people who've never read P&P to Portia's vampire romance (which somehow has the same initials as the BDB...coincidence??) to Rach's trip to the beach.

It's time for a fresh blog, Bella.

Portia Da Costa said...

Yeah, it occurred to me after I'd posted...

BDB - Black Dagger Brotherhood
BDB - Buddies Don't Bite


Unknown said...

I kinda agree with MK we do need a new blog there is a lot to scroll down to get to the end. But hey at least we know that we can keep one going for days.

And I'm trying my hardest not to jump up and down right now because I just bought my first laptop and am picking it up on Saturday. I got a great deal on it to. I got it for under $500 total and that includes a memory upgrade! Ok so the smallest things make me happy, well not always the smallest things but you know what I mean ;)

Unknown said...

It's very friendly here-I popped by first about a year ago to the day, after I briefly met Michelle at Atlanta RWA and she gave me her card. I think I've been here almost every day since and was thrilled when she asked me to guestblog-cos I'm such a newbie-but, you know-I felt so comfortable doing that here-I knew you'd all be sending me good vibes and that meant a lot to me.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi MK! Waving madly back!

Just had a month in the UK then two weeks in the US, including Dallas where I may just have met the wonderful Michelle ;-) Just put the cover of the Untouched on the books section of the AC website so pop over if you want to see it - it's a lovely match for CTC. Is it tacky to give you a link here? If not, I'll put one in.

And now, after all that jetsetting, real life must set in and I've got to polish my first draft of my third book. Ah, the sublime to the ridiculous! Hmm, am I saying my book is ridiculous? Surely not!


Kati said...

No Anna, it's NEVER tacky to pimp your books, Bella! We expect it!

Hand over the link and no one gets hurt! ;o)

Anna Campbell said...

Step away from the link, ma'am, and nobody gets hurt. That's right. Nice and easy.


Portia Da Costa said...

It's okay to pimp?

Oh, now you've done it... LOL

Cinthia Hamer said...

Buongiorno, Bellas!!! I've missed you all!! As usual, there's an emergency need for blood right now, so I've been working and when not sucking blood, I've been writing!

Michelle, Love,love,love the posts from Dallas. I've been pouting all week that I couldn't attend, but my bestest bud and CP, Miss Mary, has brought me home some autographed books, so I guess that helps--a bit.

Please promise us you'll be in San Francisco next year. :)