Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Man O' My Dreams

So I was having this dream last night, about one of my heroes, "Sports Illustrated" columnist Rick Reilly.

No, not that kind of dream, cheeky wenches, although if you take Reilly's parting comment to me in the dream about his succinct writing style -- "you know I like to give it hard and fast" -- I guess even Dr. Freud would suggest my admiration for Reilly is more than professional.

Anywayz, Reilly says to me in this dream, "what's it with you and the historicals? I mean, sure, men in tight breeches are hot and all -- who doesn't like a sweet baseball uni -- but, really, don't you get tripped up by all the 'inside stuff?'"

"The stuff inside the breeches?"

"Nah, not the male-members-growing-impossibly-larger-than-the-farce-that-is-Barry Bonds'
home run record thing. I mean the inside stuff, like "house parties" and "mantua makers" and "quadrilles" and crap.

"I mean, I can recite the past hundred years' World Series losers backwards alphabetically from memory, but I can never figure out the difference between my "small clothes" and my "short pants."

"Well, Ricky," I told my dream guy, "I know exactly who can help clear this whole thing up for you: the Bellas. So I'll ask em tomorrow morning:

Help my dream boy Rick Reilly, won't you, Bellas? What are some of the terms, proper names, references, etc., you come across all the time in historical novels that you had to figure out along the way? You know, "Almack's," "Prinny," "bailey," "pelisse..." And what do they mean?

Encore! Super Dee-Dooper News! Bella Eve Kenin/Eve Silver's manga-inspired novel, "Driven" this week received a Publisher's Weekly "Starred Review!" Congratulazione, Eve!


Anonymous said...

"ablutions: A washing or cleansing of the body". Love this word. I realize it's not an article of clothing but I like it just the same. Thank goodness we don't talk that way anymore, but then again it might make life just a little bit more interesting.
Nice to meet you all,
Sara (MK's big sister)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL, Sara! Welcome! Any sister of MaryKates is a Bella of ours. :)

Yes, that's a great term, right up there with morning constitutional. Ablutions is just the kind of thing I'm talking about. Like, you start reading historicals and you really dig em, then you're stopped in your tracks by something like, "She performed her morning ablutions in record time," and you're like, "good God, what could that possibly refer to?"

Until the next time you read it in context and you're all, "oh, she's doing that splash up quick with the ewer thing. d'oh! What's a ewer again?"

It's a vicious demmed cycle.

Portia Da Costa said...

First... congratulations to Eve on getting that starred review! Way to go, Bella!

Re. the historical words... To be honest, nothing springs immediately to mind, but I think that living in the UK, where many, many of the popular historicals are set, it's probably easier to understand the 'terminology' because some of the words are sort of still lingering around the edges of general usage, which makes it simpler to work out what they mean. :)

Case in point... It wouldn't be at all unusual in our house for one to ask the other if they'd finished their ablutions. LOL

Cinthia Hamer said...

Good morning Bellas~~

I'm not the most learned one concerning things historical, but I learned this from my friend Julianne, who will someday be a shining star in the romance world.

Pattens: Raised platforms worn over ladies slippers to keep them dry when walking from the carriage to the house. Think those funky wooden shoes the Japanese Geisha Girls wear.

Prinny: Intimate nickname for the Prince of Wales.

Almacks: A sort of London social club popular with fashionable men and women. A group of women, called "Patronesses" decided who got in and who didn't.

Julie in Ohio said...

Morning, Bellas!

Congrats, Eve!!

The one that immediately comes to mind is "Prinny". I know it refers to a prince but don't ask me which one.
I think I better just read the comments. Maybe I'll learn something. Although learning the definitions may change the stories for me. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL! Cinthia, our posts crossed. Thanks for informing me which prince "Prinny" is. :o)

Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! And Sara! Yay, you found us!

When I give a primer on Regency(which I do whenever I convert a contemporary reader to historicals), I always talk about the ton which you can get from context, but isn't an obvious one. Or when the demi-monde held salons "en dishabille."

This is a fun topic!

Veronica Wolff said...

Hello -- or I suppose it's buongiornio -- all! Michelle, I met you in Dallas and had to check out your blog, and lo and behold, on my first visit you discuss historicals -- my favorite!

I'm an old Scotland girl, so all the phrases I needed to learn were things like...

Arisaid: looks like a cross between a tartan dress and a shawl

The difference between a claymore, a broadsword, and a dirk: the first is huge and held in two hands, while the basket-hilted broadsword and much smaller dirk were sometimes used in concert

I also learned that men never, ever called what they wore a kilt... Who knew?

Playground Monitor said...

I've read one historical -- PFP by Eloisa James -- and I felt as if I were trying to read Greek. It was well-written and entertaining Greek, but all those strange terms.

MK mentioned the ton, which I learned is pronounced like "tone" instead of how much an extra-large pick-up truck weighs. Somewhere online I found a Regency lexicon and it helped tremendously. Of course I had to stay close to the computer when I read so I could translate when necessary.

I suppose every era has it's own language. Heck, until a year or so ago I had no idea what Jimmy Choos were. And to think that now I've tried on a pair of Manolos. Can't buy them cause that's a house payment in a box. But a girl can dream, right?


Vivi Anna said...

Yeah Eve! Doesn't surprise me, the book is amazing!

Playground Monitor said...

P.S. Congrats Eve!


Anonymous said...

Buonguiorno, Bellas!

Re: Prinny--that's not just any Prince of Wales, but George's son, who acted as Regent during his father's later years because the former was insane. Right?

As far as Regency-speak... I usually rely on context to give me the meaning of any specific word (be it an item or behavior or place--White's, anyone?). On those occasions that the meaning is not clear, I look it up elsewhere after I'm done with the book.

What most intrigues me, personally, is the hierarchy of aristocracy, and the proper order of titles and honorifics--such as the offspring of dukes being lords vs misters, ladies vs honorable/miss. That kind of thing. (I need to go find the link to a very good and comprehensive chart online)

flip said...

Marion Chesney would explain a lot of the cant in her novels. I loved how the phrase "old hat" meant a loose woman who was frequently "felt."

Actually, when I as 13, I was thrown by the word, chilbains. Jane Eyre and the other girls at school had chilbains.

Unknown said...

Like Portia/Wendy, I grew up in the UK so most of the terms I imbibed along with my first cup of milky tea.

I had a discussion the other day about crenellations with my crit partners, one of whom decided that the word sounded like something you found on the top of a baked muffin or brownie and was quite intrigued when I said it was the edging for a medieval castle battlement.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hullo, Portia! Oh, there you go again with that, "oh, this old language? We invented it" superiority of yours. Next thing you know, you'll be claiming you guys invented English muffins... :) Jus kiddin. You are decidedly tolerant of the bastardization of the Mother Tongue encouraged here at RBtheBlog. BTW, how's the sequel coming? Any way you could place Clever Bobby in this one, too?

Yes, yes, Cinthia. I never knew about pattens in that sense. But Almacks? How bout the fact that you couldn't dance the waltz til the patronesses gave you approval also? There are a few novels in which the patronesses themselves are strongarmed into helping things along for the h/hn. Best to your girl, Julianne!

Jules, it took me forever to figure out who the heck Prinny was. Now, it's really fun to see how writers work him into their novels. Sabrina Jeffries' has the "Brotherhood of Bastards" who are three bastard sons of P's. Caskie's got bastard triplet daughters, right? Prinny, I guess, is kinda seen as a bastard all around, but sometimes a kindly one. It's funny, too, when his bud, Beau Brummel shows up. I guess he's the arbiter of fashion who invented snark and encouraged regular bathing, er, ablutions.

Veronica! Welcome, Bella! So glad you stopped by. Hmmm, I've always been a fan of a laird with a big clai'mor. Oh, go on with your groaning, youz. But you make great distinctions, and I think the arisaid is a great article of clothing to point out, cause you seee it a lot in reference to women's wear, too, in Highlander novels. Marsha Canham's Blood of Roses, etc trilogy -- yeah, yeah, you know I worship her, so stop already -- taught me tons about Highlander history and assorted stuff. Some of the first Highlanders I read.

See, Play? You admit exactly what my post is about. We who, as they say, "pimp" the historicals often forget the learning curves involved with not just items, terms, etc., but mores and stuff. I always love your honesty because it's always instructive. And I love the Jimmy Choos line. :)

You said it,Vivs! I couldn't believe it was Eve's when I read it; the voice is so different from her neo-gothics. I know she'll take your opinion as a compliment.

Yes, yes, azteclady. I had a disagreement recently over whether one could refer to a peer in a novel as Charles, Lord Brandon. She said it had to be Charles Whatever, Duke of Brandon, or His Grace, Charles Whatever, Duke of Brandon. So much to remember. Then there's trying to figure out how it's all supposed to be prounounced in our heads...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

flip! I thought chillblains were what I get when I laugh at stuff you guys post here! You're right, though. It's cool when a writer uses the terms in ways that help us understand w/out making the novel seem like a dictionary.

Kate, that's really funny. I'll never read a medieval the same way again. "Milord, the archers are at the crenellations!" "'swounds! I gave naught permission to break their fasts afore the battle!"

Portia Da Costa said...

LOL, Michelle! I don't talk posh... I'm a championship mangler of the English language... :)

Oh, I would love to put Clever Bobby in my WIP... but he just wouldn't fit, alas. It's not set in his 'world'... There's a version of Vincenzo, but he's not as readily recognisable. Based on a look from a couple of films where he has longish, light coloured hair. I've just introduced another character though, a kinky sorcerer called Balthazar, who just might look a bit more like Mr Stone! ;)

LizbethSelvig said...

I'm a sheltered contemp girl who has only read a handful of historicals. I agree that the first time "into the fray" it was like reading Greek. Plus, I've developed a huge admiration for all of you who write this - you have to have a degree, or something. Hat's off to you.

And I'm printing off all these comments so they can sit by my side when I read the next historical. My primer from all you wonderful Bellas!

Monica said...

Ok, I write the damn things and I can't for the life of me come up with one word that might....oh wait, you said Regency...ahhh, I don't write in that era, but for the late Victorian/Pre-Edwardian era...

Marlborough Set or The Set - Prince of Wales, Edward son of Victoria and started the Marlborough Club. His friends and the women who hobnobbed with him were part of the Set

Bertie - Nickname for the Prince of Wales, Edward

Bustle - contraption that sits on a woman's butt to make her dress stick out

Combination - this is a garment that's part chemise/corset and under drawers

PM - Prime Minister

MP - Minister of Parliment

Home Rule - This was a debate as to whether Ireland should be allowed to govern herself

Punch - Not a drink, but a satirical periodical read by many

The Alhambra and The Lyceum - Two popular theaters in the late Victorian era.

Disraeli and Gladstone - Prime Ministers under Victoria

Bit o' muslin - Hey did anyone say this one for Regency???? It's one's mistress. *grin*


Playground Monitor said...


Sounds like those scratchy things we wore under our poodle skirts back in the 50's. *grin*


amy kennedy said...

Yay Eve--is it out now?

Ha--Marilyn you and I had the same idea--

And all this time I thought crenellations were lots and lots of lace sewn on to your undergarments--JK, but seriously, when you first said crenillation my brain changed it to crinoline. LOL.

I love 'diamond of the first water'but that was easy to figure out.

I'm sorry guys--but what about quim? I had to, Michelle. Marykate are you with me on this one--and how fun your sister found us!

But I always would just keep reading until I figured it out.

Ooh, Portia--a kinky sorcerer

Amy (*skf)--who is anonymous

amy kennedy said...

I only thought I was anonymous.

Turns out, I am known.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL! I'm taking notes....

Amy, dearest-- You are definitely *not* anonymous. :p

You say "crenellations" and I hear "constellations". Does that mean my head's in the clouds?

The debate between American and English talk reminds my of Lisa Kleypas's Wallflower series. Lillian and Daisy came from America and even there in the Regency period there were language differences.

Stacy~ said...

Hey Eve, major congrats to you! You know we love ya :)

Oh and what a fun topic. I am bad at remembering stuff like this, but as I was reading the other posts, some terms came to me, like privy and water closet (aren't they both to describe the bathroom?). And of course then there's "tupping a wench" which sounds like some UATW action is goin' on. I'm sure there are more fun terms for that one....

Stacy~ said...

Oh, and of course there's the ton declaring the season's "original" or "incomparable". "Cut direct" when dissing someone. And of course Gretna Green was the place to elope for those who couldn't, or wouldn't, wait to wed.

Phoebe Belsley said...

The oddest one for me is that 'undress' in Regency talk is actually a form of dress: very casual, at-home-in-front-of-relatives-only dress. There are so many levels of 'dress;' people must have changed their clothes (only with help from servants, of course) four times a day. Sorta like being at RWA, perhaps, except with someone else to do the laundry...

I actually just posted that so I could also give a big cheer for my BFF EVE!!!! And the review is *awesome*. And also to say I find it highly entertaining that Michelle lusts after sports columnists.

Kati said...

And also to say I find it highly entertaining that Michelle lusts after sports columnists.

Caroline - Michelle lusts after a variety of sports figures...most of them Italian footballers.

Personally, I'm WAY more refined, I lust after one specific British one.


Playground Monitor said...

I remember reading the word "doxy" in an online read and someone defined it with a very cute and suggestive usage of the word "fox." I wish I could remember what it was. Maybe one of you can.


Playground Monitor said...

I remembered! A doxy is a woman who wears mink by day and fox at night.


Portia Da Costa said...

LOL, Marilyn! Love that!

Portia Da Costa said...

ps. and way off topic...

Just started 'Lover Eternal'!

I received Sherrilyn Kenyon's 'Fantasy Lover' the other day, and started that while I was waiting for my other BDBs to arrive... but now I have LE, I *must* read that first! I think I'll probably enjoy 'Fantasy Lover' eventually, but so far JR Ward just has the edge for me. Plus, she doesn't head hop about the way SK does... and headhopping between scene breaks is a big turn off for me.

Sorry about wandering off topic...

Stacy~ said...

Portia I almost envy you your discovery of JR Ward's world, then I remember I have all 4 books on my nightstand and can grab them anytime I want *g*

I first read Kenyon's books (she turned me on to vamps) and I think the BDB is a darker, more complex world that I've graduated to after the Dark Hunters, which really was a natural progression. I do love both series, yet now I have to re-acquaint myself with Kenyon's because it's been so long since she's gotten back on track with the DH world and I'm eagerly anticipating Ash's story.

Kati said...

Just started 'Lover Eternal'!

Oh Portia. Savor Rhage. He's a dirty talking beast! LOL!

Let us know what you think when you've finished him. Then get your kleenex out woman, you'll need it when you tackle Z.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Just got this from Playground Monitor: Can't remember if I already sent this to you, but I blogged about my "Fancy Hannah" time today. It's a double blog, actually, since I'd already planned to blog about a little miracle baby I'd read about online.


Unknown said...

Oh Portia Rhage was my Favorite! Don’t get me wrong I love all of the brothers but Rhage with that beast inside of him just dying to get out WOW. I finished the last book on Monday night. I’m kinda mad at myself for reading all four in less than a week but oh well it was so so good while it lasted.

And MK is right Rhage is a dirty talking beast and you are going to need the Kleenex for Z’s story. Me personally I was just furious and started yelling at my book then reached for the Kleenex.

Unknown said...

As an author I know I struggle with which words to use . . . do I use the period term, or a more modern one that my reader is more likely to know? Mostly, I just try and trust that most of my readers will be able to get it in context.

The Beau Monde chapter of RWA (Regency writers) has a wonderful collection of links on del.icio.us (I know, cause I maintain it!). There are four or five links for titles, but the one I use the most is THIS ONE.

Portia Da Costa said...

Leeann, MaryKate, I haven't noticed any overly dirty talk yet, but I've only got to Chapt 15 so far...

I have the next two books in the series arriving in the next couple of days or so, and I expect I will just gobble them up straight away, as I have no self control and no concept of 'saving' things. I'm just greedy, and if I like something, I want as much as I can get of it as soon as possible! :)

Kati said...

Portia - Have Rhage and Mary been to the park near the restaurant yet?? I'm just sayin' Rhage UATT (up against the tree) is my FAVORITE. Gets me wound up every time! ;o)

If not, you're in for a treat!

Phoebe Belsley said...

marykate, I COMPLETELY get lusting after sports stars...especially famous British footballers...it's the lust for sports WRITERS that leaves me mystified. And this is from a girl who luuuuvs the nerdy guys, even.

Did someone say "up against the TREE?" Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Unknown said...

The up against the tree scene was pretty yummy but my fav. for that one was when he was chained to the bed ;) and that’s all I'm going to say on that scene since Portia's still reading it.

Kati said...

OMG! (Totally Off Topic)

I just got Suz Brockmann's newletter, and she's TOTALLY having dinner with JOSS FREAKIN' WHEDON on Friday night. (For those who don't know who Joss is, he's the creator/writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and Firefly and Toy Story, etc. But more than that, he's a GENIUS!!

How cool is that???

I'm so jealous. Michelle, if you love me, you'll have her to blog soon so I can pump her for information about the dinner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bellas! Thanks for the kind congrats Michelle, Portia, Julie, Vivi, Marilyn, Amy*skf, Stacy and Caroline (hope I didn't miss anyone!).

Hmmm...historical-speak...chilblains. Prinny. Diamond-of-the-first-water. The difference between bombazine and bombazet. The difference between a man who is "well-dressed" or "much-dressed". I must admit, the hierarchy of the aristocracy makes my head ache, LOL!

Portia Da Costa said...

Up against a tree? That sounds very much to my taste... I tend to specialise in up against the wall scenes myself...


Joss Whedon???? Crikey!

ps. I'm writing a heroine chained to the bed scene in the next few days. ;)

ev said...

Congrats Eve!!!

I am so late blogging today.

On the other hand, I spent the last hour arguing with Fridgidaire about fixing my fridge. I got it in '01 right after 9/11 and just found out that there has been an electrical problem that they never notified me about, in some of them. It might or might not happen. It did to me. I fianlly got them to send me the part, free, and my guy already said he would fix it for free.

I went thru every level of supervisor I could until I finally got someone- get this- HERE IN THE USA!! I wasn't backing down. On the other hand they could have ultimately dealt with the NY State Attorney General. Not a pleasant thought. LOL

I am such a beeach.

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

I can't WAIT to read Eve's book, after the glowing love Vivi gave it, a few weeks ago when we were chatting! I'm on down time, for the next few days after finishing my manuscript and sending it in to my editor. I love reading during this time. I want to sink my teeth into the Shomi books! This one is not yet releases, no?

I also picked up a few other books including one of J.R Ward's. Yeah, I know, I'm the only woman on the planet who hasn't started this series, lol! I've been writing non-stop for a year, and am JUST now coming up for air! I'm going to seriously O.D on books I've been dying to read!! WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!


Unknown said...

Kimberly your not alone Portia and I just started about a week ago. And they are so good.

Julie in Ohio said...

Ooooo, another WARDen virgin. Don't worry the boys will take care of that soon enough... :p

Kimberly, you will not be sorry. Please, tell my OCD mind that you have Dark Lover. To have complete experience you should read them in order.

{I know. I know, but you have to admit that this time I'm right....right?)

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

COOL! I was beginning to feel like a leper!! You like them, then Leeann? I've heard mix reviews, but I have a feeing I'll really enjoy them! I read L.A. Banks vampire huntress series, and at first the language was difficult for me, lol. But, she drew me in so INCREDIBLY well, I was in true bliss in no time, got into her vibe, her worldbuilding is simply brilliant! And like any rabid fan girl, I was SQEELING and PANTING for the next story!! Her take on the whole "buffy" thing, simply rocks :D If you like J.R Ward, I think you'll totally dig L.A. Banks' vamp huntress series. She has also been in an anthology with Sherrilyn Kenyon (another author I simply ADORE!!)


Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

Julie in Ohio...si, mami! I too, am a bit OCD in nature! I HAVE to read things sequentially.

I have the first book, Dark Lover, just checked my bookshelf! :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Alright, alright, Linden. It's not a sexed up kinda thang I gots for Reilly and The Sports Guy. It's a writing thing. I've always loved Reilly's style, how succinct and kinda funny. Plus, I love how he takes the big baddies to the mattresses and doesn't apologize to anybody for it. He seems to bring a sense of reality to the craziness of Big Athletics, and I like that.

Hey, KKay! Nonja apologize for just startin to love on the Brothers. There's plenty of em to go around, and we just can't wait til you can come back to swoon with the rest of us.

ev, we had a similar ridiculous situation when we bought an air conditioning unit recently and the guy who sold it totally messed up the installation stuff. I was really nice, but was like, "maybe you could just suck it up and say, 'sorry, I dropped the ball on this one." And he was all, "well, if that's what you need me to do." And I was all, "no, what I need you to do is give us back some of the money we just spent to make up for your error." And he did.

So that's how it feels to take power for one's self. I lllllllikes it. :)

Portia, you had me at" I specialise in UATW scenes myself." I had a dream last night about Clever Bobby as portrayed by Vincenzo. It was quite a night.

MK, I know all youz Joss Wheeden fanATICS are all atremble at this news. Sorry. Brockmann's coming, but not til we're at lifetimetv.com. I think she may have talked about him when I interviewed her. No, wait, that was Teresa Medeiros. I was like, "so, what's the big deal about Joss Wheedon?" [ducking for cover] oh, and I agree: I loves me some dirty talkin beast, too.

Thanks for the links, Kalen! Good work!

Ah, leeann, good point. You guyz are makin me wanna re-read the Ward and I -- oh, I hate to admit it -- I just gave a couple away to the Lifetime producer so he could read her before the interview. [yes. i'm an eejit].

Evie! You go you PW Starred Review and Romantic Times Top Pick Girl! I probably won't even be able to get you to do an interview with me now...

Playground Monitor said...

If you're a leper, Kimberly, then you and I can form a colony cause I haven't read the JR Ward books either. I'm just not into vampires.

Coolio about Suz Brockmann's dinner. I was the last person in her signing line and got to talk with her and her husband and her friend Eric and they're just great people. I'm counting time til FON comes out.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Jules? You think we should read series in sequence? Oh, u r such a kidder. Go on, now.

Unknown said...

Kimberly I inhaled all four books. I totally recommend that you read all of them in order it does make a big difference. I'm also one of those people that have to read any series in order. I hate it when I read a series out of order!

I'll have to give L.A. Banks a try. Thanks for the tip.

One of the great things about J.R. Ward's books is that she puts a glossary in the front of the book with the few words that might make you wonder what the heck does that mean.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

PLAY! I'm shocked! KKay! Do NOT accept empathy from Marilyn. Oh, Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn. Where did we go wrong? Bellas? Am I the only one who didn't know Marilyn was a BDB virgin?

I've gotta go rest a sec to absorb all this.

Julie in Ohio said...

WOO HOO! I'm not the only OCD-er anymore.
See, Michelle, I'm not so strange...well, not any stranger, at least. :oD

I understand that vamps don't do it for some people but I would like to point out that Rach was the same way until the Brothers came into her life. Now she's as much a groupie as the rest of us.

Playground Monitor said...

There ya go! Accepting the blame in that uptight Catholic chick way of yours. ;-)

Would it make you feel better if I said I'd read JR Ward but as Jessica Bird? I read her book that won the Rita.

Y'all sit down while I make another shocking revelation.

I've never watched Buffy either.

Michelle! Michelle! Don't pass out on me! Come on, girlfriend. Hang on! Stay with us. The shock will wear off in a sec.


Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

LOL! I totally understand about Michelle's disdain for vamps, there are SO many out there! I love em, and gobble them up like I do Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream pies, but that's a whole 'nother topic, lol.

As much as I love them, my love for them has wained, considerably, over the last year. I go for my auto buys, lately. L.A. Banks, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan. I get such a limited time to read, that it's either that or go nuts trying to pick a new author in this genre, I haven't read before. I've heard so much about the J.R Ward series, that I'm more than willing to add another to my short list. I know I'll be hooked. I luurve series!!!

Between the paranormal romance genre and erotic thrillers (another LURVE, my current fav is Shannon McKenna! I read the arc of her latest, Edge of Midnight and my thighs are still tingling...blush)I have more than enough to keep this hippy, happy!! :D

Unknown said...

Marilyn your not alone. I too have never watched Buffy. I loved the movie but never got into the series.

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

Never saw a Buffy episode??!!!

Marilyn, you've crossed the line. I was with you, for a second, girlfriend. But now...well, I think you're BEGGING for a @ss whoopin', LOL!

Okay, off to cook and contemplate the method of suitable punishment for Michelle ;)

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

oops, sorry, I meant suitable punishment for Marilyn. Michelle, you're safe :)

Unknown said...

Does anyone know what the release date is suppose to be for Christina Dodd's Touch of Darkness is? I know it's supposed to be August but I just ordered one online from B&N and its expected ship date is tomorrow. This has thrown me off here. Well I'll just have to wait and see if it really ships tomorrow. I hope it does!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ev...and sorry to hear about your fridge woes.

Kimberly, the SHOMI line started with the first release in July; Liz Maverick's WIRED. Then in August comes Marianne Mancusi's MOONGAZER. The third book in the line is mine: DRIVEN. And there are a bunch more coming after that. TWIST by Colby Hodge and COUNTDOWN by Michelle Maddox, to name a couple. I hope you enjoy them.

Michelle, my darling, I will always have time to chat with you!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

phew! Thanks for the reprieve, K.

OK. Wayyyyyyt. I didn't get the vamp thing at first. Ya know: sleeps in dirt. Sucks your blood then you die. I only knew the Stoker mythology.

But I'm a huge Black Dagger Bros fan, and when youz read Z, well, all's I'm sayin is I can wax poetic -- or at least haikuian -- about my adoration for him. His bigness. His pain. His skull trim. His frikkin bent disgust of himself. Oh, God, I SO wanted to be his woman even from the novel before his novel )Rhage's?)

And, worry not, Miss Play, I've never seen Buffy either. But perhaps those of us who haven't should make a pact to watch one Buffy epi before the end of the year. Waddya think?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Leeann, I have Aug 7th for Touch. But it's probably on shelves now. Ev? Have you seen it?

Playground Monitor said...

Does my love for Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies redeem me, Kimberly? I could eat a whole box at one sitting. They're almost -- not quite, but almost -- as good as Krispy Kreme doughnuts.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

My GAWD! Twice in one night, Marilyn! I don't even know you anymore, woman!

You know better than to disparage K Squared around theze parts. (But I loves me som Lil' Debbies, the Zebras, fresh out of the freezer. Them's good eats, ayum).

Playground Monitor said...

I didn't disparage nothing. I said Little Debbies were ALMOST as good as KK's. There's nothing AS good as those glazed treats what melt on your tongue when they're fresh off the conveyer belt.

Marilyn -- who just might cave and eat the DQ Dilly bar in her freezer

Unknown said...

Are Krispy Kreme donuts really that much better? I've never had one.
Thanks Michelle for the date. my B&N are always late putting out the new romances. Now I go over to borders for most of my new releases.

Phoebe Belsley said...

Michelle, it's OK: you don't have to justify your cravings here. We all understand, we bellas. Whatever floats your boat.

My new love, for instance, is the Kondike bars that are sorta Peppermint Patties. Mmmmm. When it's 90 degrees out and the DH is working late and the kids are going insane, that's my personal fantasy.

Caroline, another BDB virgin (despite ALL Ann Christopher's best efforts)

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

Welllll, Marilyn. I GUESS your besotted love lil deb's oatmeal cream pies redeem you in my eyes. You'll forever be exempt from future threats of butt whoopin's if you send me, oh say, a case of said delicacy via Fed Ex. A girl Gotsta keep up her strenf (read that as I wrote it, hahaha) writing all these thigh clenching scenes :D

and please don't even get me started on my obessive love for dilly bars! Butterscotch Dilly Bars are better than sex! Okay, maybe I exaggerated a wee bit. Nothing is better than sex...::blushing::

Have a wonderful night, Bellas. The hubby and I rented Ghost Rider, with Nicolas Cage (whom I adore, again, close to my love for Lil Debs and Butterscotch Dilly Bars from DQ). This was one of Viv's recommends to me and one of the ONLY marvel or DC comic book movies I hadn't seen!

Buona notte!

amy kennedy said...

I just had the most fun reading all the DBD, Buffy, L'il Deb, large appliance, and UATW comments ever.

I adore--AY_door Joss Whedon, but I've never seen Buffy either--maybe when we have our '09 sleep over we should have a Buffy-thon.

Stacy~ said...

See, this is just another reason to love the Bellas: I have this bad habit of not reading my newsletters (even Suz's! hanging head) and I come here to find out all the dirt. I adore Joss Whedon and thought BtVS was just brilliant.

Marilyn, what a lovely post you wrote for Hannah. I've been feeling a little weepy this week yet you reminded me how important it is to count my own blessings, which I've done at my blog. It isn't always just about me. I need a kick in the butt to get over myself most days LOL.

Oh, and my lovelies, I was inadvertantly drinking in your honor tonight as I celebrated a co-worker's birthday - they actually have a drink named after us: a Bella Rose martini: sweet, sassy, and a bit wicked. Just like y'all. Cheers ;)

Portia Da Costa said...

Ack, sometimes I hate living over here in the UK... I miss all the fun chat!

I was/am a huge Buffy and Angel fan, although I came to the fandom late, just as I have with BDB. I tend to catch on to things after everyone else does... but I make up for it by generally becoming obsessed when I do discover something! The main thing about Buffy for me was Spike!!! Lurrrve that blond vampire!

Mmmmm... I don't know what some of these bars and confectionery items are that you're all talking about, but they sound fab and you're making me hungry! At the moment I'm into Lindor Dark bars, Guylian chocolate sea shell bars, Strawberry Iced fingers, carrot cake, Toblerone, Fabulous Bakin' Boys Chocolate cupcakes... Oh God, I can hear my thighs screaming 'save us! save us! we're drowning!'

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh Michelle, I'm so envious of your dream! I want one!

I sometimes have Vincenzo/Bobby dreams, but mostly when I'm in the middle of a LOCI watching phaze... I need to immerse myself again, and watch all my DVDs from the beginning... That way I'm guaranteed a delicious dream! :)

Kati said...

Are Krispy Kreme donuts really that much better? I've never had one.


*MK rushes over with the paddles to revive Jules*

leeann!!!! You've never experienced a Krispy Kreme??? Unbelievable. You are missing out on one of the Confectionary worlds finest, finest efforts.

Get thee to a KK store, woman. Go when the sign is red (rather than green). Buy two ('cause no one can eat just one) plain glazed donuts. Trust me on this.

See, this is just another reason to love the Bellas: I have this bad habit of not reading my newsletters (even Suz's! hanging head) and I come here to find out all the dirt. I adore Joss Whedon and thought BtVS was just brilliant.

Stace, I think this might be because you actually do work at work, while I don't, so I have time to read all my newsletters. ;o)

I do believe that there will be a Buffy-thon during the Bellathon. It's a requirement.


Portia Da Costa said...

Mmmm... donuts! [I sound like Homer, don't I?]

I believe that there are some Krispy Kreme outlets in the UK now, although alas none up here in the wild and savage North. But we do have splendid Eccles Cakes, Custard Slices, Chelsea Buns, Iced Fingers and Yorkshire Parkin.

Oh God, I'm hungry again!

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks for the revive, MK. :p
I'm absolutely shocked by all the deprived souls here in Belladom.

My Dearest, Bellas: I say this for your own good. You all mean the world to me and I can't take this cry for help any longer.
Get yourself immediately to the neared KK. Get a dozen (you can tell yourself you're sharing). MK is right, make sure the sign says "HOT" that is the best. However, heating them in the microwave does work.

If by some crazy wrongness you don't care for them, send them to Ohio. I promise they won't go to waste.

That's "waste" not "waist". I can't promise anything on the last one. ;p

Playground Monitor said...

Are Krispy Kreme donuts really that much better?

KK's are like a Ferrari; all the others are like a Ford Fiesta.

Buy a dozen. Freeze what you don't eat. Then you can nuke them and almost recreate the initial experience. One of the Playfriends had never had KK hot off the line until last year. We were on one of our road trips and passed the KK store. The sign was red. We went in and told the girl on duty about our friend's KK virgin status. Bless her, because she gave us each a free sample. Instigator's a convert now.


Portia Da Costa said...

Are there KK outlets in Washington? I'm thinking '09 here... Seems a long time to wait for a donut, but it sounds as if they're worth it!

Portia Da Costa said...

As I suspected, there are KK's in the UK, but they're all in London and environs... gnash gnash! There will be one in Manchester at the end of the year, but *not* in the City Centre, where I could conceivable get to, if I go there to meet some writer buddies...

So it looks like I'll have to wait a while before I'm able to sample these babies!!!

Kati said...

Portia - I can promise you that I will make sure you get some KK's when you're here. It's an American cultural experience.

So...have you had Rhage up against the Tree yet??? Didja need a ciggy afterwards???

Unknown said...

Now see, I'm just not a KK girl. I don't like raised donuts in general, and I think KK's in particular are too sweet.


And while I LOVE me some Buffy (ok, I pretty much love me all things Whedon) I’m not a vamp girl either. If someone would write the BIG BAD vamp romance I’d be all over it, but I’m just not interested in the BIG BAD who’s neutered (redeemed) by love. Yes, I’m a Spike/Angelus girl, not an Angel girl.

Can anyone turn me on to a vamp romance where the evil vamp seduces the heroine to the dark side and the HEA involves her joyfully reveling in her new found badness? That I’d read!

Portia Da Costa said...

Nah, haven't got to the up against a tree bit yet! I don't smoke, but if it's as good as you say, I might still need a cig!;)

Actually, I'm having a fight with myself today...

Self indulgent Portia says, read, read, read!!!

Diligent Portia says, write, you sloth, and *then* you can read some!

Portia Da Costa said...

Kalen, you would just *hate* my one and only vampire novella!

My vampire Zack is really a nice guy... but sexy with it. ;)

I'm all over the 'redeemed by love' angle... I just adore it!