Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I've Got A Camera And I Know How To Use It

Now if I could just remember to use it.
Everything started out hunky-dory. I got to Dallas expecting to grab a cab to the Hyatt Regency Dallas, home of the RWA national convention. Then, Lee Duncan (in white, front left), a lovely woman from the Florida chapter of RWA, as well as Washington Romance Writers snagged me and invited me to ride with her group.

E voila! I had insta-friends! And guess who was part of the group? Bella Rocki St. Claire -- of Bullet Catchers fame-- who is aaaaaaaallll the way in the back right of this photo. Remember when Rocki visited last Dec 22 to tell us why she hates Christmas (not really) and loves Clooney (yes, really)? Rocki's already booked to visit us just before Christmas this year -- our holiday tradition.

So, this all leads up to a fun ride into the city and to the hotel where registration was in full swing. And who should I see almost immediately upon arrival? Our very own Bella Marilyn aka Playground Monitor from! She looks great, is so nice, and I'm having lunch with her today. I so wish you could hang with us, but maybe we'll really get this Bella bash off the ground for RWA '09 in DC? :)

Aaaaand, that leads me to dinner last night with Lisa Kleypas. Yes, it was a delight. Yes, she's gorgeous and petite and funny as anything -- especially after the wine, which she actually knows how to choose.

Yes, we talked "Blue Eyed Devil," her spring sequel to "Sugar Daddy," and, OMG, it sounds so frikkin hawt. Hardy Cates is gonna be a classic Kleypas hero, the kind we fell in love with back in the Derek Craven days. And the story line? Well, I'm sworn to secrecy, but I think the things gonna burn up the pages for myriad reasons.

Lisa gives the keynote address at lunch Thursday and she's invited me to sit at her "special big girl's table." I'm totally honored. But here's the thing that might go missing in this whole discussion about why Lisa and I click: we both competed at Miss America and adore the romance genre:

See, the Miss America scholarship program is every bit as niche-y as romance -- and every bit as misunderstood, yet worthy of the same tounge-in-cheekiness. So when you get Lisa and I together, with a little wine, we've got a layered connection similar to the one we've all got here. Only most of you have never supported your cleavage with duct tape or worn a tiara and stilettos in a supermarket.

Anywayz. I'll try to take pictures today, and find some good stuff to report on. Oh! You know what Lisa cornered me on? Whether I'd read the new J.R. Ward yet! Oh, Bellas, it wasn't pretty...


Portia Da Costa said...

Oh, it all sounds so exciting! And so much fun! I love it that you found Marilyn so easily too... :)

And isn't Lisa K pretty? I can imagine you both as beauty queens!

ps. I've really clicked with the BDB! It feels so right to me... sort of like something I might have written myself, only better.

Stacy~ said...

Woo hoo it looks - and sounds - like you are having a marvelous time. I adore Lisa Kleypas, and am always happy to hear she's writing yet another awesome story. I am so anxious to read Cam's story; she may be venturing into contemps, but her historicals will always have a special place in my heart. And LOL on her attacking, er, interrogating you over JR Ward's book - you go, Lisa!

And of course I have to ask - have you seen Suz yet? I can't wait for FoN! Just a little over a month away, and yet it's still killing me.

Gotta fly, but I'll be back later this evening for more fun and games.

Oh! Btw, I posted an important link regarding breast cancer at my blog (I can't remember it but Michelle maybe you know - it's from the LifetimeTV network). Anyway, the link is at my blog:

Please take a moment to sign the petition. It's very important for us all. Thank you.

Stacy~ said...

Yay Portia, on having delved into the Brothers ;) Arent' they delicious?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, y'all! Glad youz had fun around here yesterday. I missed you and tried to post in the afternoon but the wifi was super-slow and I had to get somewhere on time.

Hey, Stace! I haven't seen Brockmann yet, but I'll tell her you say Hi if'n I do! I am familiar with the Lifetime Breast Cancer platform. Lifetime Networks has this incomparable public affairs program that supports women's and children's issues like ending domestic violence and 86ing drive-through mastectomies. They have non-partisan voter registration programs, too, I think. I believe Christina Aguilera chairs the domestic violence campaign.

And, yeah, we talked a little about "Mine til Midnight" last night. Lisa said she was surprised that everyone was so intrigued by Cam, and really enjoyed giving him his story. She also said she looks forward to writing about all the siblings introduced in MTM. I really hope she does!

Portia! Glad you like the Brothers. Wait til you get into the series. You won't believe how Ward's publishers let her push the envelope for the mass market. It's as stunning as it is a thing of beauty. This new one has my head spinning.

Gotta force myself to do more work, Bellas. Up since 4.

Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! Oh, Michelle, I so wish I'd packed myself into your suitcase! Sounds like you're having a total blast.

Portia, my advice? Order the rest of the BDB now. Believe me, you're not going to want to wait to read them. Trust me on this. Rhage is just...delicious. My guess is you'll like him best. He's a beast. LOL!

And so Michelle...spill...what did you tell Lisa about LOVER UNBOUND??? Anything good? Anything important that your Bellas should know??? Hmmmmm????

I'm in the midst of reading Kresley Cole's second para, NO REST FOR THE WICKED. Thoroughly enjoyable book. Seriously. It's got a little more action than I'd like, but that's just 'cause I'm spoiled and I think she writes such a dandy love scene. There's not enough of that in the book as far as I'm concerned. Michelle, if you see her, will you invite her to come blog sometime? I just love everything she writes.

You're eating w/Marilyn?? Oh, tell her we miss her around here and that she better come back with dish that you're too nice to tell us! LOL!

Rach said...

Oh, I'm SO jealous!!!! How much fun you are having, Michelle. I'm totally into DC in '09! Seriously!

LK is as gorgeous inside as she is outside. Dontcha just hate people like that?!? ;oP

Portia, I concur with MK. You need to get the rest of the BDB NOW because you are gonna be super cranky you don't have the others on hand when you finish with DL!

Julie in Ohio said...

Good Morning, Bellas!!!

Michelle-- You need to pace yourself. Too much fun at one time can cause questions to be asked that you don't want to answer. :p

Give Marilyn a BIG OL' BELLA HUG from all of us!!

I think you should share with us what you shared with Ms. Kleypas about LU and what she shared about MTM. (Darn it! I knew I should have put those mini mics in Michelle's purse.)

Are you sure this is only 2007? I can't wait for '09!!

Julie in Ohio said...

YAY, PORTIA!! I knew you'd get into it. I'm reading DL, too. I don't know, or care, how many times I've read it, Wrath just keeps getting better. Of course that goes for all the Brothers. :o)

ev said...

La Brockmann is there??? I am soo jealous of you guys and getting to hang with so many of my favs!!

I went to see HP last night at midnight, got home at 3 and up at 5. I am beat. But the movie was definately worth it!!

Enjoy yourself!!

ev said...

La Brockmann is there??? I am soo jealous of you guys and getting to hang with so many of my favs!!

I went to see HP last night at midnight, got home at 3 and up at 5. I am beat. But the movie was definately worth it!!

Enjoy yourself!!

amy kennedy said...

I can hardly stand the fun you're having. I am so excited for you, I feel as if it's rubbed off on me.

So glad you had insta-friends, how nice they invited you to ride in with them.

I can't believe you saw Marilyn so soon--how cool is that? Say hello to her from us. And does LK get more and more beautiful?

Julie, I feel the same way--not to wish my life away, but, really? Is it only '07?

Portia--I almost wish I were just starting the BDB myself, they are just so...male. I can hear the bass in the background just writing about them.

Cherie J said...

Sounds like you are having lots of fun. Enjoy!

Kati said...

You know...just thinkin' there's really no good reason we could plan a Bellathon weekend before '09. I'm just saying. We could pick a weekend, and get together for a sleepover.

Maybe a weekend next summer? Just a for fun thing. If we could pick a location, I could look into getting a few hotel rooms, and we could just have a little fun weekend.

Huh. Now my wheels are turnin' -- what do you guys think??

Rach said...

Sounds like a good time to me, MK! :o) I'll have to finagle with hubby, but I'm sure I could hoof it somewhere close by. Will there be cabana boys and 'ritas? ;o)

Oh, yeah, *I* bring the 'ritas. Right. :oP

Kati said...

Bellas - Don't forget to check out "Blogging National" to get all the poop on what's doing at Nationals.

Suz Brockmann already mentioned Michelle in her blog on RWA's site:

Julie in Ohio said...

Where do I sign up for that weekend? Sounds great! :o)

Thanks for the reminder, MK. I'd forgotten about Blogging National.

Rach said...

Thanks, MK! I'd *completely* forgotten about that blog!

ev said...

MK- Keep me posted on the sleepover too!! I can always find a way to get a way!!

Thanks for the blog link. I had forgetten about it myself.

I am off to bed. Getting back from HP at 3 am is just killing me tonite and i am beat.

Stacy~ said...

A sleepover sounds fabulous! Sadly I've never been to D.C. but wouldn't that be fun? Unless we decided on somewhere else. Wish I had the room.

Michelle, thanx for the info on the Lifetime support network, as well as Lisa talking about Cam's book. I can see her point: why would a sexy, mysterious gypsy appeal to people like us? We are so above that, aren't we? Okay, I'm not, so heck yeah, bring on the hottie.

24 hrs from now, I will be spending my night with Harry Potter - geez, that sounds so dirty, and I don't even mean it that way. No one under 18 qualifies for THAT kinda evening.