Monday, July 30, 2007

One Woman's Blogher World: Hot And Wet Digital Goodness

Back from the blogher '07 conference in Shy Town, and lemmee tell youz, it was a thing of beauty. Chicks. Brainy chicks everywhere who blog, are thinkin about blogging, or want to learn more about blogging.

A heady experience it was, and one of my favorite presentations was held by 4 women -- 2 African, one Indian, and one from Bahrain -- who spoke about the use of reactionary blogging (blogging that's done to remark upon specific socio-political issues) in their lives and countries.

Amazing that the social expression we take for granted -- Internet Weblogs -- is often blocked by other governments, sometimes because of the very business agreements that bring the tech to their countries.

Blogging about social injustice can be dangerous in some parts of the world, although it seems being a woman offers some small protection, as the women running the workshop knew of cases where male bloggers were arrested, but not women bloggers. But the women often have to go underground, or blog about carefully selected topics in fits and starts; they choose their battles carefully to avoid trouble befalling themselves or families if their governments become too "annoyed" by their persistence in letting the world know that all is not as it seems.

Women with blogs -- as women throughout history have managed to do against great opposition -- can move not just mountains, but continents, as it were. And to be among hundreds of women who use their blogs to promote social equity is empowering in itself. It made me happy to know that women who a) have more energy to do it, and 2. are way better at it than I, are out there changing the world.

So this was blogher '07, a consortium of women making differences in the lives of many in ways big and small. The conference had everything: informative workshops, stimulating environment in which to learn and interact, and great food and digs -- all of it organized in that way women are soooooo very adept at.

So kudos to blogher and it's co-founders -- women so impressive their bios make my brain fry with envy, yet whom you can't even make yourself trip accidentally when you meet them, cause they're just good people -- Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort, and Jory Des Jardins! You rock, Bellas, and so does blogher.

But, if I may give one teeeny tiny suggestion, ladies. Well, it's just that there was one thing in which I found the conference sorely lacking:

Hot guys in wet swimsuits.

OK, so some women might find that statement outrageous -- if they never hung with us here at RBtheBlog or had the rare privilege that is meeting me and hearing the particular way I embrace feminism -- especially given the fact that blogher conferences started because women in Silicon Valley realized the workshops at the tech conferences they attended were run by mostly men. And if women did run them, it was always the same few.

Gender inequity aside, I was dying for even a whiff of testosterone after Day 1. So I thought maybe next year, blogher might want to invite as one of its spotlighted sponsors, AussieBum.

Now, some might find that suggestion -- as well as the broadband videos I got sidet
racked watching while searching for appropriate g-eye candy -- de classe. Perhaps I could be considered the same for suggesting it. Gulp! Someone might even suggest I'd be setting back feminism, or something, especially if I share that my favorite video (of this totally hawt skull-trimmed boy) is titled (WARNING: CHEESY TITLE THAT OBJECTIFIES MEN FOLLOWS),"Men are Just Sexual Objects to Abuse."

Anywayz, having some AussieBum boys -- you know what I mean -- at next years' blogher conference wouldn't be anathema to the goals, because it wouldn't be like they'd be speakers or anything. For Gawd's sake, it's better if they don't speak at all.

Oh, dear. Now I think I've gone and encouraged the silencing of men's voices. Don't get me wrong --some of my best friends are men. I'm only suggesting we don't encourage the pretty young ones to speak, just to avoid possible disappointment.

So, Bellas, I encourage you to visit blogher every day, to add it to your blog roll,
and to support your favorite blogs within. Don't forget to add your blogs there, too! I think there's a dearth of romance fiction-related blogs the blogher staff might like to see filled. :)

So, a little Free-for-All today: Ask and I shall answer your questions about blogher '07; tell me what you're reading; Ask me what I've been reading, cause, believe u me, a
fter discussing so much serious stuff for a couple days, I glommed a little romance when I got home.

Congratulazione, mshellion! You've won a Krispy Kreme/Dunkies' six-pack of hot, moist n' sweet romance. Send me your snail mail at
Encore due!
Ciao, Kyong, and the Microsoft pr women who were kind enough to let me hang with em -- and asked so many great questions about why romance fiction is awesome. Your package of promised romances will be on the way soon, and I hope you'll check in with us to tell us how you liked 'em. Keeping Microsoft workers in "Happily Ever Afters." Just my little way of thanking Bill and Melinda Gates for their generous philanthropy worldwide.
Encore tre! Ooo, I likes this last one. Very dirty. And his briefs say, "Property of USA." Luvs us some Made in America, don't we, Bellas?


Kati said...

*clears throat*

Michelle, what did you read while you were gone???

I'm reading Liz Carlyle's NEVER LIE TO A LADY, but I'm having a hard time getting into it.

I read NIGHT WATCH by Suzanne Brockmann yesterday. It's my favorite of the TDD series.

Stacy~ said...

Wow Michelle, this sounded amazing. I've seen examples of international blogs and the topics they discuss, and it makes me feel a little small in the grand scheme of things, ya know? There are some incredible women out there fighting everyday for equality, and boy am I ever grateful we have a place to come to for hot, wet men that we can appreciate and take for granted.

Currently I just finished "If You Deceive" by Kresley Cole - love those Scots - and I'm re-reading Erin's McCarthy's "My Immortal".

Portia Da Costa said...

Yeah, Michelle, what are you reading?

I'm reading LOVER REVEALED, although I shouldn't be because LOVER AWAKENED hasn't arrived yet, and I should have waited to read them in order...

But like I said...

ps. I signed up at BlogHer over the weekend...

Vivi Anna said...

I'm thinking that should say...


I'm reading WIRED by Liz Maverick, and am enjoying it.

After that one, I'm not sure what I'm going to read...possibly my girl Kim's book RIDIN THE RAILS. Some HAWT multi-cultural goodness!!

Jessica Barksdale Inclan said...

Michelle--Your discussion of the female centered blog fest-o-thon reminded me of a women's only writing retreat I went to twice. What I noticed is that about after day three, some women took up the "male" roles and started being very alpha. I realized that in a world full of only women, we might actually not be as group oriented as we thought, sitting around the cook fire and all that. I think a hot guy in a swim suit might have quieted everyone right down! Now shoot me and my brand of feminism, too!

I just finished Harry Potter!! Loved it. I'm also reading Don Delillo's White Noise and a romance by Lynsay Sands that was in the free tote at RWA: Bite Me If You Can. Add to that The latest New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, and Marie Claire, and you have my week in a nutshell.

Glad you are back, and I"m going to kept Blogher out!


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Good on you, Portia! Isn't that a British way of saying it?

Well, I know how SOME Bellas feel about the "reading in sequence" thing, but I'm happy to give you a special dispensation that allows you to read in any order. And don't think of it as being weak -- let's just call it "being overly curious."

Stace wrote: There are some incredible women out there fighting everyday for equality, and boy am I ever grateful we have a place to come to for hot, wet men that we can appreciate and take for granted.

Exactly, and grazie. That's how i was feeling, like, I used to be so socially conscious, trying to do so much politically and locally to make changes. Now, I feel like I do better just pointing toward the folks doing the concerted efforts, and making whatever donations of time, etc., I can.

I think it's ok as a woman to recongize limitations of energy resources -- our personal ones, I mean -- and choose which things in our lives deserve primary attention. If we spread our emotional and physical energy too broadly, we're not much good to any one. We need to first acknowledge and attend to our own needs, then figure out what's left over, and for whom. Sacrificing one's self for others is best undertaken with plenty of planning and forethought, whether we're talking not feeding ourselves well cause we're schleppin the kids to soccer and stuff all day, or putting our lives in danger to save the lives of our fellow human beings.

It seems some women take on causes to feel more individual, less like just a slave to their families, and end up neglecting themselves in the process. What is it about us that makes us think we just can't stay i n one place and "be" for a moment or a month or a year?

I'm just askin is all.

MK. I had a hard time getting into that one, too, and still have it in a pile cause I missed the pub date. The next one is very good, and I enjoyed it. Actually, I was looking forward to finishing the first after I got into the second.

I read in the past week: Jaquie D'Alessandro's "Sleepless at Midnight;" Kristina Cook's "To Love a Scoundrel;' Tracy Anne Warren's "My Fair Mistress;" Julia London's "Teh Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount;" and Janice Maynard's "Improper Etiquette." And some others I can't remember. I also started Karen Hawkins' "To Scotland, With Love."

I enjoyed them all! And I'm about to try Ms. Singh's novel. Oh, did I happen to mention I heard from her and we're going to set up a GuestBlog date? You have heard of Nalini Singh, haven't you?

Just wonderin.

So. How hot are these Aussie boys? Australia-themed blogs and sites have become some of my fave trawling grounds for hot guy pics.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

um, Jessica? I found myself taking the Alpha role, I think. Or, maybe I just felt that way cause I'm more assertive than I used to be. But you're right about the cook fire thing. I think women might not
lead us to wars like men do, but I think we'd happily stir things up with each other. Power smells good to women as well as men, and makes everyone kinda nutty.

MMMMM. Multi-cult goodness, Vivs. Do tell... Glad you like the Maverick. I'm really interested in what's happenin with the SHOMI line overall.
Sounds like you have great reading planned.

Kati said...

I enjoyed them all! And I'm about to try Ms. Singh's novel. Oh, did I happen to mention I heard from her and we're going to set up a GuestBlog date? You have heard of Nalini Singh, haven't you?

Just wonderin.

SQUEEEEEEE!!! Woohoo! Let me know when you're ready for the primer, and I'll set up a time to chat with you. She's so fabulous. Seriously, fab. I can't wait for Caressed by Ice. The hero is shaping up (at least in the first two novels) to be a total anti-hero. And he's dangerous. Very dangerous. And all broody with his dangerousness. And WAY hot. And tortured. And a loner. That all adds up to yummycreamydeliciousness.

*MK pulling it together*

Ehem, what I meant was, "Really, I've heard of her. She writes lovely novels."

Kati said...

Also, Mr. "Made In America" has got some major Becks vibe going on (without all the tatts). I'm just saying, those briefs would look better balled up on the floor of my bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Michelle great to have you back. Three books I'm very eager to read are:

Elizabeth Hoyt Serpent Prince
JR Ward Lover Unbound
Lisa Kleypas Mine Till Midnight

If you have any tidbits about those, please share!:-)

I'll definitely have to check out Blogher, sounds fantastic.

Thanks, Carol

Playground Monitor said...

Sounds like a neat-o conference and I'm sure RBtB will benefit from your attendance. Oh look... the ocean. I mean, women need to band together and stand strong. Mmmm. seriously funky pj pants. I admire women who take a stand in the face of major opposition and threat to their own lives. I listen to Satellite Sisters on XM radio and they've championed the cause of Radio Al-Mahaba, the voice of women in Iraq. I wonder if he uses bleach on those white undies.

Anywayz, great to have you back. I read HOT WHEELS AND HIGH HEELS by Jane Graves -- seriously funny book and Jane was a hoot when she guest blogged for us last month and when I met her in Dallas. Also I've been reading Silhouette Special Editions cuz I'm giving the old novel another shot and think it will probably fit SSE now that Desire has changed their guidelines. But I have to read at least a dozen to get a feel for the line. Property of USA, huh?

Unknown said...

Welcome back Michelle! It sounds like you had a great time.

I just finished Portia’s Shadowplay and am planning to start Christina Dodd’s Touch of Darkness next. I have the latest Nora Roberts but haven’t started it yet. I think I’ll read that next. I also need to get the last ten books in the J.D. Robb series. Wow so many books and so little time to read. Sometimes I miss my job as a receptionist all I did was read for six hours a day at work it was awesome. But that darn inner voice started yelling “You can do so much more!” that I had to move on and get a real job.

Jessica Barksdale Inclan said...

I think you are right, Michelle. Fewer wars, but I think there would be some drama! Maybe I am the kind to sit back and watch (the writer in me)! Give me the cooking fire and a glass of wine and a story, and I'm good to go.

So today I went to the airport to go to Florida without my driver's licence. Suffice it to say I'm on a 10.15 flight tonight instead of the 8.45 am as scheduled! Hello! I needed to be a little more alpha, proactive this morning.


Kati said...

I have the latest Nora Roberts but haven’t started it yet. I think I’ll read that next.

leeann - Duncan Swift, the hero of HIGH NOON is my favorite hero of the year.

Let me know what you think. I thought this book exemplified all the things Nora does SO right.

Plus, Duncan's just slightly Roarke-esque. In the best possible way!

Anonymous said...

What a great post Michelle and it sounds like an amazing conference! There was a piece in a local (NZ) paper last weekend about a blog by a Chinese woman - supposedly it's one of the most read in the world. It's fantastic how much of a difference blogs can make!

Hmmm, I'm currently reading Nora Roberts' Immortal in Death and then I've got a Julia London book (The Perils of Pursuing a Prince) and a Marsha Moyer book - Heartbreak Town. I love Marsha Moyer - they are romance novels, but they are more about finding you (if that makes sense). Oh, and I just read Harry Potter!!!!

Nalini is coming here! THUD! I'm so excited (and she's even in the same country as me...actually, one of my local librarians has met her :) (That's the closest I've ever got to an author :) I can't wait for Caressed by Ice either.


Monica Burns said...

Alpha Females??? Youse talk'n to one right now! *evil grin* But I have my fluffy side too. I just don't always show it. Easier to be tough on the outside. That way poison arrows just bounce off my turtle shell (ok MK...that little pic was to remind you of Brad Pitt on the beaches of Troy. LOL)

Strong females blogging. I've been on Blogher with my listing for a while now, but I've been very bad at keeping it up. There's only so much of me to go around, EVEN IF I do have love handles. *grin*

Still, I love the fact that you were able to visit with these phenom women Michelle. It sounds like it was an awesome experience. I admire people who stand up for their beliefs in the face of oppression and tyranny. I'm not sure I'd have to courage to do that.

Julie in Ohio said...

I am not sure what is safe to comment on. Those pictures inspire me to say any number of things. :oD

Kati said...

I wonder if he uses bleach on those white undies.

Marilyn, I *heart* you!!

Unknown said...

Oh thanks for the tip MK! I can't wait to start it now. I'm so torn now do I start High Noon first or start Touch of Darkness. I'll have to wait and see what I grab first tonight.

Julie in Ohio said...

"Look who we've got our hands on now."

Um, I mean Hanes not hands...or do I? ;p

I've done a BDB rerun and Psy rereads. I'm now heading to Scotland for some Moning reads. She does the bestest highlanders. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Once Upon Stilettos by Shanna Swenson, Harry Potter 7 (great book!), and like everyone else, I am drooling over JR Ward's new release. Must. Have. It. Now. :) Zsadist was the best character ever. I love broken men. Happy sigh.

Stacy~ said...

LeAnn said "But that darn inner voice started yelling “You can do so much more!” that I had to move on and get a real job."

But that's a good thing, LeAnn. Oh sure I'd be tempted by a job where I could read most of the day, but then there might be that little voice of reason that would remind me of what I'm missing.

Hey Nora Roberts fans: Is High Noon in pb or hc? I haven't read her stuff for years but this one sounds so yummy I don't know if I can resist. And I guess I better read some Nalini while I'm at it....

Kati said...

HC, doll. Sorry. Wish you lived closer, I'd drop it by. You definitely should read some Nalini! Especially since Michelle promises that she's coming by.

Lucas Hunter is too too delicious.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Mon wrote: . I admire people who stand up for their beliefs in the face of oppression and tyranny. I'm not sure I'd have to courage to do that.

You're right. Reading and/or writing romance is really corageous. Oh. You meant standing up for those other important beliefs.


Leeann wrote: all I did was read for six hours a day...But that darn inner voice started yelling...that I had to move on and get a real job.

Yeah. I know what you mean. But I kept this one anywayz.

Oh, Michelle w! Welcome, Bella! Yes, yes, yes! Z is the best ever. I still crush on him. Soon, oh, soon LU will be out, we'll have our book club, and JR Ward will GuestBlog for us October 8 so we can wax rhapsodic about our boyo. What was that thing he said at the end of his book, MK? The one that made us cry? I went and gave away my copy. Again.

Jules, I was just wondering today whether Moning was gonna write any more Highlanders. Oooo, Dageus. Hers really are some of the best Highlanders of all time, plus they've got the cool para component. I think she started the Highlander para thing, right?

Marilyn, cain't wait to learn more about your Work in Progress.

Yes, orianna! Singh's a-comin if we can work the dates. Which reminds me I've got to return her email. I'm really beginning to love you folks Down Under, and not just because you all have the hottest underwear models and gay guys on the beach. Sometimes even at the same time.

I also love London's historicals, especially this Desperate Debutants series. The hero in Perils of Persuing a Prince is sooooo alpha and, well, kinda dirty. There's this wicked sticky hot scene in the foyer, UATC (Up Against the Cubby) that flippin reels...

So great to see you all around today and over the weekend, Bellas. I was so braggin on youz.

Stacy~ said...

Thanx MK. You're a sweetie. That's okay, I'll just indulge in some Singh-ing and save NR for another time.

I'm such a lazy bum this past weekend - I haven't been surfing but instead have been drooling over Aragorn in LoTR 3. And Karl Urban - yeah Vivi, he's yummilicous.

Michelle, you do realize that you are providing a community service: the minute you mentioned London's UATC scene, well, I felt I just had to buy the book.

Portia Da Costa said...

Have just discovered that LA is now in the post to me... but it's too late 'cos I've already read about a third of LR... and am *very* worried about Butch! :(

Portia Da Costa said...

Ack, LA has arrived!!! I thought it wouldn't come for ages because of the postal strikes... But I'm going to stick with LR, 'cos if I switch to the other book, while half way through the first, I'm going to get terribly confused!

Michele Hauf said...

I just finished WIRED and it was awesome. I hope the Shomi line does well, and doesn't go the way of Bombshell.

I just started FAIRYVILLE by Emma Holly. Oh yeah, got an ARC, cause it doesn't come out until September. There was about 12 pages of pleasant utterly idyllic sweetness at the beginning and then—RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPP—all sex breaks loose.


Kati said...

Hey Vivi! I finished up BSG this week. What an incredible series! Now I'm jonesing hard for it to come back.

I'd like to be the white creamy filling in a Lee/Helo sammy. Such NICE looking boys. And rock freakin' hard bods! LOL!

You were so right. Now I'm going to buy the DVDs. I'd downloaded them all to my iPod, but since I've become such a fan, I want to be able to lend them out. And ain't nobody getting their hands on my iPod! LOL!

Kati said...

Umm, Michele, that's a little thing we call "bragging." And it's not nice. I wonder if all Michele's brag??? ;o)

I'm dying for Fairyville. I loves me some Emma. She does a heck of a threesome. I always appreciate that about her, because some authors shortchange the menage scenario, and she writes them so...inventively. ;oP

Kati said...

Portia - No worries, although you have to go back and read LA. It's gut wrenching and so sweet. And hot.

Kati said...

What was that thing he said at the end of his book, MK? The one that made us cry?

Michelle - I think the line you're looking for is:

I was dead until you found me, though I breathed. I was sightless, though I could see. And then you came....and I was awakened.

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh, I must get Fairyville on advance order! I love Emma Holly!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!! Yes, Michele, yesyesyes. I read "Fairyville" a wayz back and there is some of the, well -- how would a nice, polite Italian Catholic girl put it? -- frikkin mami-flippin hawwwwtest boy/boy action I've ever read. I mean, I had to read the scenes a couple times just to study Emma's style. You know, cause it's my job to read clinically and all, and to report back to you and stuff.

That's all's I'm sayin.

Portia: and Emma Holly loves you, my girl, cause she once tol' me so. :)

Yes, MK. Thank you. That was the section. Sigh. I wish some big ol 280 pound sleek skull-trimmed vampire warrior would say something like that to me sometime. Oh, and does that bent boy know how to take himself in hand, or what MaryKate? You were the one who gave us that euphemism.

Thank you, Stace, for noticing my selfless humanitarianism. I wanted to point out at the blogher conference how I empower women by encouraging them to embrace their nailed-to-the-wall fantasies, but didn't want to seem self-involved in light of all the really important issues being blogged about by women worldwide. [curtsies and blushes prettily and demurely]

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh God, I know I'm going to adore Lover Awakened now!!! I love reading about blokes taking themselves in hand!!!! Yeehah!!!

If I make it to Washington, I do hope Emma will be there because she's another person I'd love to meet face to face.

Monica Burns said...

Mon wrote: . I admire people who stand up for their beliefs in the face of oppression and tyranny. I'm not sure I'd have to courage to do that.

You're right. Reading and/or writing romance is really corageous. Oh. You meant standing up for those other important beliefs.

Touche, ma belle. LOL

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

Aw, shucks Vivi, gracias chica!*g* I can't wait to hear your reaction after you read what my hero does to my heroine at the zoo, in full view of the penguins, in Ridin' the Rails...teehee

I'm currently reading James Patterson's Along Came a Spider. No man titty, but the book rocks! :D

Portia Da Costa said...

Not sure if we're supposed to jump up and down and brag about stuff on here... but I just discovered that SUITE SEVENTEEN got a four and a half star review in the latest Romantic Times!!!

And the sweet thing is... Emma's FAIRYVILLE is next door to it, also with four and a half! :)

Kati said...

wOOt! You go Portia! That's fantastic news! Course we knew you were a genius all along!!

You go girl!

Julie in Ohio said...

YAY, PORTIA! Congrats, Bella!!

Got a question for anyone who can answer it.
I'm wanting to take the kids to see the movie "Transformers" but my sister won't let her kids (same age as mine) see it. For those who've seen it, is a reason that I'm not aware of to warrant that?
Does Josh Duhmel go full monty or something? (Julie asks with a twinkle in her eye)

Unknown said...

That's awesome Portia!

Has anyone else gone on to the BDB web site and read the slices of life section? If you haven't you really should. There is an awesome seen with Wrath and Beth that is pretty hot!

Kati said...

leeann - That's where I get my BDB fixes when I'm jonesing. LOL!

Jules - I haven't seen it, but have heard that it's VERY violent. More like a 13 YO boy movie...

Sara Thacker said...

Wow, Ausie Bum is an interesting site. Hmm, not sure I would be able to concentrate with those men running around any conference.

ev said...

I am reading Mary Janice Davidson's Hello, Gorgeous. I love her sense of humor.

I have found the same thing when being with a group of women for an extended period of time. Some are leaders, others are happy to just sit back and relax. It is an interesting dynamic.

I have to go to work tomorrow. I am not looking forward to this. This back injury is killing me and I know that I am overdoing it, but I hate to quit the job too. sigh. I will just have to figure it all out I guess.

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks, MK. I guess I either glossed over that fact or ignored it all together. Shoot, now I have a moral parental decision to make. :o\

Stacy~ said...

MK, my little pimp, I got me some Nalini Singh today, aaaannnd, I almost put High Noon in my basket, but then I remembered that Brockmann's next one is out on 8/14 (yeah baby!) and I am totally saving myself for that one.

And now I've added Fairyville to my wishlist. Would it wrong to tell you how much I adore you guys for your Emma Holly fangirl love? Well I do, cuz I'm right there with you. She writes some of the hottest scenes evah, and only other dirty girls really get that - bless you for that. I'm in awesome company ;)

Michele Hauf said...

Just saw the Transformers. No full montys. Darn. But not ultra violent either. Not even violent, unless you consider robot against robot fisticuffs violence. It was geared towards kids with some over-the-top silliness that really may make an adult gag. But it was also geared toward adults with the scenes set with the crew of soldiers and their efforts to go after the transformers.

Shia LeBeouf is a great actor and really nailed the teenage boy angsty-but-really-desperate-for-a-girl kind of thing.

I'd saw for teens and maybe some pre-teens, and the adults who just like some good action.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

ditto on what michele said re Transformers, including the lament of the No Full Monty.

I probably should have seen it before I took my kids; guess I wasn't remembering that "More than Meets the Eye" might include a pretty funny scene with a wacky mom and teen masturbation reference. Who knew?

But I luuuuuved the movie. Plus, my son is pretty hip to the sexual innuendo now (i've explained to him about not repeating references in mixed company, even if girls are talking about stuff). I, and I'd rather answer his every embarrassing question than have him not get something right. Since I am the font of all knowledge, don'tcha know.

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks for the Transformer info. Daughter #1 is good to go. Daughter #2 says at home.

I blush easily but I'd rather answer the daughter's questions rather have her get the info off the streets, too...or worse, her cousins.

Unknown said...

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