Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tee Hee

Yes. I've read it. All's I'm sayin is, Cam Rohan: every bit as dreamy as you'd imagined, and then some. Oh, and he's got this glorious way of -- well, I really can't say.

Maybe Lisa will spill a little tomorrow when she and the rest of

The Authors Formerly Known As Squawkers (AFKAS)
Tomorrow, Monday, June 4

Yup. Eloisa, Terri, Connie, Liz, Xtina -- maybe even my old friend Kitty Kuttlestone -- visit to give us the dl on what went down and where they're off to next!
How many of the AFKAS do you read?
How psyched are you about the release of "Mine Until Midnight," Cam's story?
Encore! Grazie, grazie mille, Suz Brockmann for visiting with us Friday, and for offering us the first available glimpse of "Force of Nature." We're looking forward your joining us again in August at after you and I've cooked up somethin extra special to celebrate the FON release.
Encore due! Wednesday, June 6, Playground Monitor and the rest of the Playfriends from GuestBlog -- and I guest over there -- as we hold our second WP/RBtheBlog Scavenger Hunt with prizes!


ev said...

Although I didn't comment, I lurked on Squawk. I will miss popping over to see what was going on.

First them, now us!!

Who's next???

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

But, ev! We're not ending, just moving! And I understand we'll have access to even more hot guy pics than ever at (for what it's worth...)

Glad you had fun at your husband's reunion. Did you get to dance?

Kati said...

Umm, yet again, I feel the need to say, Michelle, that's bragging, and it's not nice. Humph!

I read most of the Squawkers. I've at one time or another read all of them.

Yes, maybe we can get Lisa to spill. I'm reading CHOSEN PREY by Cheyenne McCray today. It's pretty good. I also read DANCING AT MIDNIGHT, which is an older JQ, it's fantastic, and features her sparkling dialog.

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Bellas!

I have read each Squawker and think that they ROCK! They write some of the most wonderful stories. I can only hope that the discontinuation of SquawkRadio means they are going to be writing more books.

I am so jealous of you, Michelle (surprise,surprise). I can't wait for Cam's story. I love the cover.

MK-- I loved "Dancing at Midnight".

I'm currently reading JQ's "It's in His Kiss". Hyacinth was such a special heroine.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

As usual, I'm insanely jealous of you, Michelle! The torture.:-) Can't wait for Cam's story.

I also lurked at Squawk and will miss those ladies. Glad they will be here for a chat.

I have read almost all of Lisa's back list, some of Connie's and Christina's but have yet to try a book by Teresa or Liz and Eloisa...I know, I know...where have I been?:-)

Rach said...

Michelle, um, you know it's not nice to brag and then rub our noses in it, right? Geeze, some people...:oP

I too was a lurker at SR and will certainly miss their wit and humor.

I'm off to get EJ's DD and THE LEOPARD PRINCE. Of course, I'm heading out in the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry and there is a lovely amount of thunder and rain. Should be fun! ;o)

amy kennedy said...

Rach, somehow tropical storm Barry just doesn't sound that menacing. Michelle said The Leopard Prince was great.

I've read all of the squawkers--I lurked often, commented rarely--but will surely miss that format.

MarykateMarykateMarykate--I am reading THE WINDFLOWER! I can't even believe I stopped long enough to comment here--she's just been brought aboard said ship--OMG I love the evil pirate Rand Morgan. And how Devon is described--I love how she sees things with an artist's eye. I truly did not want to sound like a convert, but already, I can tell I will want to read this over and over.

Michelle, for some reason the other day I thought I had missed Cam's book and got all nervous--so, thank goodness.

Julie--Hyacinth's book was the first JQ book I read--so out of order, but I loved it.

amy kennedy said...

Nononono, she was just brought aboard The Black Joke--get your story straight.

Kati said...

MarykateMarykateMarykate--I am reading THE WINDFLOWER! I can't even believe I stopped long enough to comment here--she's just been brought aboard said ship--OMG I love the evil pirate Rand Morgan. And how Devon is described--I love how she sees things with an artist's eye. I truly did not want to sound like a convert, but already, I can tell I will want to read this over and over.

Ames, sooooooo, you're saying I was....RIGHT?????

*MK dancing around*

Another one joins my cult. Welcome Amy, we have t-shirts and a secret handshake that I'll let you in on once you've finished.

Don't ya just *heart* Rand? "One must suffer a little adversity to become truly interesting."


Rach said...

I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, and I've heard nothing, *NOTHING* but wonderful things about WINDFLOWER, but I've had a heck of a time getting into the story. I've put it down and come back to it again and again.

of course, it took me at least four tries to get into THE WITCH OF BLACKBIRD POND which is one of my all time favorite YA books, so I know this one is probably just as wonderful. I'm hanging in there and trying yet again.

Ames, you are right, with a name like "Barry", how menacing can the storm be?? :oP I'm home with my purchases and can't read them because I have all that mundane Mom-it's-Sunday-night-and-the-school/work-week-begins-tomorrow crap to do. I hate that crap.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You may want to check out this article from Forbes. I've got a little quote in it. :)

I think you can go right to it. Anywayz, it's about romance and e-books.


MK, perhaps those shirts could read: I'm Feelin a Little RANDy? Yeah. Bad, I know. Congrats for winning another Windflower-, em, er. Windflowerer.

Ames, welcome to MKs dark side.

Hey, Rach! Have a fun trip. Everyone's tellin me the Raven Prince is really good, too. When's school out?

I know you mean that in the nicest way possible, carol. and MK. and Jules. You know, I've been eyin my Quinn stack, too, binge? Whattdya think?

Rach said...

Um, shouldn't that be "tomorrow" not "tomorro"?? oops. sorry.

Rach said...

School's out the 15th, Michelle. Well, the hellions, er, um, I mean the *KIDS* are out the 14th and teachers the 15th. And, may I say you can *never* go wrong with a JQ binge!

Oh, yeah, THE RAVEN PRINCE is well worth reading as well.

And *NOW* I'm off to do the mom-crap thing.

Kati said...

Rach - Well, I'll forgive you, since I miss you so much. But, you'll have to give it a serious try this summer. You your free time. ;oP

If you end up finishing it and not liking it, I'll be shocked.

Michelle - Sure, JQ's always good for a re-read, but instead of the Bridgertons, why not go for BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN? It's fantastic. Or, HOW TO MARRY A MARQUIS?

Kati said...

Hey Bellas - I started a blog. I'm sure I'll talk some about romance, but it'll be about my life and other stuff too.

I'd love it if you popped by.

Hey Stace - Don't know if you'll check this tonight, but you're gonna tell us all about the weekend?

Rach said...

MK, like I said, I'm *sure* I'll love it once I get into it. I just wish I weren't having such a hard time getting into since everyone loves it so much--it makes me feel like a freak or something.

I second MK, Michelle. I just reread SPLENDID and MINX. I LOVE the Bridgertons, but hadn't revisited my others faves in a while.

ev said...

I know we are only moving. I haven't unpacked from the last move yet, though!!!

No dancing at the reunion itself, they are all way old. LOLOL No one had a problem with a much younger person hoping in the pic with all the other grads and spouses. In fact, the old farts are all a bunch of reprobates and their wives we just too funny. (when he went the only women were in the night school.)

They did have another party elsewhere for all grads that night.But we had an open bar, they didn't.

We did have dinner with the new President of the college though. It was also his first day and he sat with us. Very nice man, for a Friar. LOL Can you tell I am not a Catholic? He had spent the day at a golf tourney. I didn't have the guts to ask if he played in regular clothes or his robe.

Then we went back on Sat for a picnic and to visit the ROTC unit, which is where DH got his commission all those years ago. They gave him lots of goodies to take home. More crap to deal with. Oh, well.

ev said...

guess I shouldn't mention that autographed ARC of Connies that I won on PlotMonkeys, huh??

Julie in Ohio said...

BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN is my favorite JQ book.
Of course, you need to read EVERYTHING AND THE MOON first to keep it in order. :oD

I'm winding up my Bridgerton visit and am wondering who's next. I'm thinking either Wallflowers or Bow Street Runners or some Scotsmen. Any suggestions?

Michelle-- Do you know when Cam's story is hitting the shelves?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, I should know this, Jules. Oct or Nov? I don't think I've read the Sun Moon books. Yippee. More JulieQ to read!

ev, where'd your husband go to school? I went to a Franciscan college, too, St.Francis in PA. They're generally pretty liberal, which is what I loved. Of course maybe your husband's college is Jesuit? They're the brainy brothers.

Rach, I did the same with Witch! And with Windflower -- which MK knows. Also, I did it with the first JR ward.

MK, congrats on your blog, Bella! Dare I say "I told you so?" Oh. OK. well, just congrats then.

ev, I didn't get an ARC of Connies! What's the book? You are such a lucky duck.

Rach said...

Funny, Michelle, I did it with the first BDB book too! Hm, great minds and all that.

You'll love the SUN MOON books. They are so wonderful. Of course, I can't really think of a JQ I haven't LOVED. Of course, Jess and I have always said, even JQ's "bad" books are far better than a lot of the "good" books by other authors.

Ev, how fun! :o)

MK, I went to check out your blog--very cool and insightful into who *you* are :oP.

amy kennedy said...

Michelle and Rach--me too, not on The Windflower, but on JR Ward's first brotherhood book--picked it up 3 times before I sunk in completely. I do it alot--sometimes it's just not the right time to read a certain book and then I pick it up 3 months later and can't put it down.

Yes, Marykate you were right...I love the style of the writing, I love all the characters--I don't know Michelle, I might possibly wear a shirt that said "I'm feeling a little RANDy"

Marykate its cool you started a blog--I keep threatening to...

Michelle I'm gonna pop over for the quote.

amy kennedy said...

Okay...loved your quote--how did you feel about the word "raunchy" used in context with Ellora's Cave books? I didn't like it--but, hey, maybe I just don't like the word.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yeah, I hear ya, Ames. "Raunchy" was more about the reporter's feelings, clearly. If it's not an opinion column, they're supposed to try not to give their, well, opinions.

But the reporter seemed to get the whole thing when I spoke to her, was really interested in the idea of businesses that thrived because women buy/enjoy the product, but that aren't given respect. She mentioned the knitting craze, but wondered why the stores have to be called 'craft stores.' And she was shocked to learn romance sells more than any other genre fiction.

In reference to romance being looked down upon, I told her I didn't think it was a total patriarchal society thing, that smart women tend to put down other smart women who read romance. The reporter was like, "you don't really believe that, do you?"

Um. Yeah. I live it, thanks very much.

But all in all, I thought the piece was good. I mean, they said that romance is saving the e-book industry.

pjpuppymom said...

I was a regular on Squawk for their entire two years and I'm going to miss them so much! I read all of their books. Michelle, I am so friggin jealous of you. LOL. Can't wait for Cam's story!

I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Christina Dodd's next book, Scent of Darkness (out July 3rd). I read it again (for about the 5th time) this weekend. DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK! Next up is Desperate Duchesses by Eloisa James.

Julie, Amazon shows Mine Til Midnight pubbing on October 2.

Anonymous said...



heh...sorry...didn't mean to scream... it's just that i was ssooo disappointed when daisy didn't end up with cam!

I don't know wth I've been but I had NO IDEA the Squawkers had disbanded!!!

This is very sad!!

dd03...who has forgotten her id and password...again O.o

Anonymous said...

*blinks & stares at Michelle*

Bella, didn't just fall over quaking over Wrath...The Blind King?

*sighs* What am I gonna do with you??? I know you're planning a big tado with VISHOUS, right? RIGHT??

...Don't make get my daggers...

^__^...seriously...Ya know I lubs ya...
dd03, who still can't remember her id or password

amy kennedy said...

Michelle, I always think it's funny that people don't know Romance is the highest selling genre.

dd03--hi! Speaking for myself, it's not that I didn't fall over quaking for Wrath--it just took me three tries. But only with the first book and with the third try, I wondered what my problem had been the first two times.

PJ, Michelle read Scent of Darkness and told us how incrredible it was--I can't wait, right up my paranormal alley.

Anonymous said...

amy*skf...i feel ya.

i've actually done that with books before...just not the BDB... ^.~

btw...I just like to give Michelle's good for her...*wink*

dd03...*muttering* stupid id & password

Stacy~ said...

I am (was?) an occasional lurker, rare poster over at SR, and it's sad to see them go. To be honest I read a few CB & EJ books, but I'm a die-hard Kleypas fan. I met Elizabeth Bevarly this weekend and she was so nice. I told her how much I enjoyed her music reviews and she plans to continue that in some fashion, so I was happy about that.

And I saw our Bella Monica - she is so vivacious and fun, and super talented. She was showing me a trailer that she created - just amazing. And she immediately hooked one of my friends with an excerpt from her book "Obsession". Monica totally rocks. But then you guys already know that :)

Interesting quote there Michelle - you certainly make things lively :)

Missed you guys this weekend. I kept thinking how great it would have been to have you guys all at the get-together. That woulda been so cool :)

MK! About dang time you started a blog - you always have interesting and inciteful things to say - so different from me *g* and I love how you talk about books. I added it to my list of faves already.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, dd! Great to see you here! I can never remember my user names and passwords. grrr. maybe I should write em down.

Yeah, I know I'm pathetic about the first BDB, but I have to admit it and move on. And, yes, we're all set for JR Ward to GuestBlog at in the fall (in a big way this time, not all messed up by her tour like last time) plus we'll have a broadband interview and who knows what all else.

And, yes. How ;bout Cam getting a book? He's so dreamy. I just love her books. I didn' tknow you liked her, dd.

And I always appreciate when you Bellas keep me in line and on my toes.

Stace, I'm so glad you had a great time at Lori Foster's weekend! I'm so envious. Hopefully, next year I can be there.

I am doing something cool in October, however. I'm going to Sherrilyn Kenyon's KCon. Apparently there's a big Lestat Ball, and Ann Rice supposedly attends? For me, the event just appeals to my Italian heart; any chance to wear all black is a good one. :) And we've got a totally cool package planned for Kenyon's August release, Devil May Cry. Maybe I can get her to talk a little about Ash when we sit down for an interview at RWA in July.

OK, Bellas. Off to bed now. See you in the morning for the Squawk chicks!

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks, PJ! (belated but sincere)

Although, I'm sorry to see that it's not out until October.

Pam P said...

I can't wait to read Cam's story, wish I had it now!

I've been a long-time reader of all the Squawkers and was glad to see their blog result in more people finding out about all their fabulous stories.

kim h said...

thanks for all teh info