Friday, June 15, 2007

Take Me Out To The Club Box -- Or -- What I Did On My Summer Vacation

When Dave and I were first dating, he was all like, "I can't wait to take you to Fenway for a Red Sox game." But we never got there for some reason until a couple years ago, and the first time wasn't in the bleachers where he and his buddies would sit after they'd scraped together enough dough for the tix and some beers. Oh, no. My first BoSox MLB experience was in the cushy comfort of the WCVB-TV lux box.

I ask you, how can I possibly see the Sox any other way now? Believe me, I don't take for granted the opportunity for one sec, even though Dave finds my allegiance to the Sox odd because I didn't grow up in MA (New state motto: When we say equal, we mean equal), and I'm not a nutcase about the sport itself. I just like choosing a team and sticking with it through thick/thin.

I remained true to the team even after we moved to the Midwest, and Dave jumped ship to become a MN Twins fan. He said he'd had 40 years of being fan of a losing team, after which my Boys from Boston promptly won the Series. Ah, the sweet smell of "I told you so..."

Tonight, we're headed to Brookline to watch Boston play some team from Cali, oh yeah, the Giants. And even though I love watching the players -- cause, sheesh, they're so strong, and such fine specimens of the the body human in it's glory (and I love the pants) -- I have to admit I've got a little crush on BoSox cutie GM, Theo Epstein.

What else have we done on our vacation this week? Slept. A lot. Ate. A lot. Watched E. Read. Vegged. And yester
day I had lunch with Bella/author Caroline Linden, who's got a new novel coming out in September. And Tuesday, I hooked up with Suzanne Brockmann to chat about "Force of Nature" and some of the cool stuff we're planning at for its release in August.

So here's a few
pics of BoSox guys, Theo, Twins pitcher, Joe Nathan, who's a thing of beauty on the field, and, well, Hugh, just because we haven't seen him in a while.

So I ask you, can you be a fan of a team without being a fanatic for the game? And, who's your favorite hottie athlete?
Encore! Check back Monday for Debbie G's winner!


Stacy~ said...

I was a MN fan for the 87 & 91 (don't quote me on these years) World Series, especially the last one against Atlanta. I'm a fan, but not a fanatic. My fave sport is hockey - just LOVE the agressiveness of the sport.

Isn't Suz just the nicest, coolest lady? I just adore her. 'bout 2 months til FON - and I am chomping at the bit for it.

Have a great day Bellas.

Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! Michelle, I admire someone who can be a fan without being a fanatic. As someone who absolutely bleeds burgundy and gold (Redskins), and is disappointed year after year, I can't relate.

The Redskins open mini-camp this weekend, which portends the opening of training camp in less than 4 weeks. Then it's finally football season again. IMHO, it doesn't get any better than that.

My favorite hottie athlete? Duh...Becks.

Playground Monitor said...

I live in Alabama where football is a religion and you're expected to take sides as soon as you set foot across the state line. I resisted for years until my son enrolled at Auburn University and from that point on it was "War Eagle!" all the way. I don't really follow the team and I only watch one game a year -- the big one with the U of Alabama.

Favorite hottie athlete? Right now I'd have to say Apolo Anton Ohno cause of his Dancing with the Stars win. And I was a fan before when he was skating for the US of A in the Olympics.

I'm just not a big sports gal. So sue me.

I read HOT TARGET last week, the book that set up the whole Jules/Robin thing and I cannot wait for FON to see where it takes them.


Portia Da Costa said...

I've got to admit, I'm not a huge fan of sports. I get interested in things like the World Cup, and the Olympics, but otherwise, not so much. I can watch soccer with himself [my hubby] and quite enjoy the game, but I'm not a fanatic for any club or player.

The one sport I watch regularly is Motorcycle GP... Now, that I've got pretty interested in, although I'm not an expert, because I've never actually ridden on a motorcycle! My fave rider is Valentino Rossi, but himself doesn't like Rossi, so I root for him quietly to myself... :)

I think if I was asked to pick an all time favourite sportsman hottie, it would have be be Andre Agassi... Loved him with hair, love him without!

I'm so glad you had a great vacation, Michelle!

Cinthia Hamer said...

Good morning Bellas (again)! Michelle, I hope you had a nice vacation. :)

I'm a baseball kind of girl and since I grew up in America's Finest City, I'm a Padres fan...all the way. But not a fanatic. I don't watch games on TV unless hubby's watching and I wander into the room. I'll watch a few innings if it's near the end of the game.

I've had a not-so-secret crush on Dennis Eckersley of the A's for nigh on 15 years now.

Back when I was a girl, there was the cutest Italian guy playing for the San Diego Gulls hockey club...Nels Veneruso...I think he set the standard for me. I've had a "thing" for Italian guys ever since. :)

Julie in Ohio said...

Good Mornin', Bellas!!

Michelle-- You are having way too much fun. Good for you!!!

I am fanatic about my Buckeyes. I don't care for football/basketball in general but when my Bucks play they world around me disappears. I've cheered them on through the worst of seasons (we pretend the 80's and 90's never happened) and screamed the house down through the best of them.

Fav athlete... Troy Smith- Buckeye QB and Heisman trophy winner. I had a Love/Hate relationship with him last season but he has nice eyes.

I think David Justus is also a hottie. I don't do baseball but I've seen pics of him that could melt glass.

Phoebe Belsley said...

oooooh, Theo!!! A hot Yale man who brought a World Series championship to Boston: what's not to love?

It was so great to see Michelle yesterday! I could have lunch like that every day. We just sat and talked and talked (until the restaurant kicked us out).

Anyway: GO SOX!

Tom Brady is still the hottest Boston athlete. Hey Michelle, don't s'pose you have any contacts at Gillette Stadium...? And where exactly are these photos of David Justice that could melt glass, julie?

Playground Monitor said...

We have a AA team here in town that used to be a A's affiliate. Way back 20-odd years ago we used to watch Jose Canseco and Big Mac play ball before they moved up to the majors. Our boys played Little League so we'd go to games every time there were free buy-out tickets from local businesses. Haven't been to a Stars game, though, in ages.

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, Caroline, these are the times I wish I weren't so technically challenged. I would love to share pics. I've seen Justice in a tux with Halle Berry on his arm. He cleans up real good. I've also seen an action shot of him in uniform down and dirty which also does it for me.

I haven't seen a wet shot of him though. Michelle, oh queen of the pics, do you think you could find something along those lines? :o)

Kati said...

Jules - Sadly for me, David Justiss' hotness is tempered by the fact that he used to regularly use Halle Berry as a punching bag. That's not cool at all.

He is pretty, but he's not a nice guy.

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm with ya on that, MK. I don't care for his morals or the lack there of but that's the way I feel about most athletes/celebs. There are only a handful who I'd deem good enough to be the role models that kids turn them into.

Anonymous said...

I say, yes you can. I know some say Nascar ins't a sport, but favorite hottie athlete Dale Jr or Elliott Sadler :)

catslady said...

I live in Pittsburgh and we have the Steelers - a great football team, the Pirates - at the moment not doing so well baseball team and a great hocky team - the Penguins. But if I had to pick my favorite athelete it's Tiger in golf even though I don't play the sport. I think you can be a fan without being a fanatic about it lol.

LizbethSelvig said...

Oooh, I'm a baseball girl, too, and such a Twins fan - but definitely not a fanatic! Like you, Michelle, I just love sticking with a team no matter what. And I loves my Twinkies!!

We were living in Canada in '87 and Germany in '91 for both World Series wins - so our theory is when our family leaves the country the Twins win the WS! (A very unscientific study, obviously.)

I go back to the days of Harmon Killebrew, Bob Allison -- wow, dating myself. Today there are the Joe Nathans -- yum.

I have always thought baseball players and soccer players are the sexiest athletes. Not all bound up muscle or too-tall. A few diamond men are even nicely teddy-bearish!

No specific names - just any hunky athlete will do!!

CrankyOtter said...

87 and 91 were the Twins World Series wins. I was lucky enough to live there then. Then I lived in ohio and listened to the Indians games on AM radio the summer of the strike but continued to be a fan while they hit series after series. And I lived in Boston for the World Series win. (And 3 Superbowls.) I watched the games on TV or heard them on radio (the best way to do it), but still enjoyed it. But I'm not a superfan. Just enough of a fan. I enjoy it when they're winning.

Really, though, I'm a huge fan of Equal is Equal. Go Mass!

Vivi Anna said...

I"m not a sports fan. Never have been.

I was into wrestling when I was a pre-teen. Loved me some Davey Boy Smith. Then I got into kick-boxing for a while. Dated one beautiful man that I still pine away for. Trevor Mohr. HAWT DAMN! What a fine specimen of a man.

But no I'm not into sports and have crush on any pros.

Becks is hot, but too metrosexual for my taste.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

How bout it, crankyotter! Great to see you back, Bella; been forever! I'm a Pats fan, too.

One more night here in Boston, and we're headed back tomorrow, so thanks for all your well wishes. It's been nice relaxing. Dave's pushing me now to be on time so we don't miss the first inning with B arry Bonds at bat. I suspect he'll get quite a greeting from the locals.

I saw two of my best girlfriends from MA today, and it was really great.

Lizee, I'm withya on the soccer/baseball body thing. Long and buff. sigh. Hope all's well in AK. :) Probably colder here in MA this week.

Hi, Catslady. I grew up in PA, but on the other side, so I was an Eagles/Phillies/Flyers girl. Tiger's awesome all around: great looking, great guy. Lots of reasons to like him.

Trish, if there's one thing I've learned from romance, it's that NASCAR is absolutely a sport. Those guys are in great shape and have to hone reflexes and smarts and everything. And some of them boys is hawt!

Jules, a Buckeyes fan? Shawkah! And I'll keep looking for some new wet shots.

MK, forgot about Becks. Sorry. And forgot you're our football girl. Go skins!

hey, cinth! I so support your love of Italian guys. Glad your crush isn't secret. But don't worry , we wouldn't tell anybody anyway.
Play! I started Hot Target before I left, too, to get the Jules/Robin story from the start. It's so awesome. Don't worry ab out not bein a big sports gal; you're in good company.

Stace, interesting ab out the aggressive hockey thing. You must love the hockey romances. I had lots of crushes on hockey players as a kid, cause my dad loved the sport.

wendy/portia: "himself." I love it. That sounds like a fun sport to watch. Is it big in England/Europe?

Hey, Caroline. Dave just told me he thinks Theo looks like Jonathan R-M. Hmmm. Not quite. Much too nerdy, not enough pouty. And, hey, at least we can say we only get thrown out of the nicest places.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Vivs!

Vivi Anna said...

Hi my darling Bella!

Phoebe Belsley said...

Uh....not sure what to say about Theo looking like Jonathon R-M. I don't see it, but then, I like the nerdy guys (and since I married a super-smart Yale man, I know my nerdy guys).

I forgot to answer your actual question. I am definitely a Red Sox fan without being a baseball fan--at least not so much. My DH tells me I am not a *fake* Sox fan because I watch the games and pay attention; *fake* fans apparently just own lots of official apparel and go to the games to be seen on the Jumbotron. Not sure why anyone would do that at Fenway this week as it has been FREEZING COLD.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. I'm reporting live from FEnway, and , si, Caroline, it's frikkin freezing here. In mean ccccold. But it's so cool: every time Barry Bonds comes up to bat, everyone boos. Which is not unusual at a BoSox game, but tonite they're also yelling, "Steroids, steroids."

Do you know the story, re how Bonds is about to surpass the Hank Aaron record, but everyone's upset cause Bonds (allegedly) uses roids. OPathetic if that's the case.
Anywayz, I just had a slice of aswesome Boston pizza, so I'm a happy girl.

Heading back tot he hotel soon, then I'll be checkin back in here tomorrow nite when we're back home. Thanks for holdin down the fort the past week,

Cinthia Hamer said...

Michelle, I hope you enjoyed your game tonight...sounds like my kind of fun...I used to love going to the Padre games in San Diego... I even went to one when I was 9mos pregnant--and caught a foul ball! LOL!

And yes, I do loove Italian much, I married one...well, half Italian...the half that counts! ;)

GRW tomorrow! Yay!! Michelle, when are you going to come see us here in Hotlanta??? Maybe in September for Moonlight & Magnolias? Hmm?? Just say the word...I've got a lovely batch of homemade Limoncello :)

Keira Soleore said...

The first time I joined a fantasy football league, my husband hooted with laughter. Being the only woman "owner" and not knowing a thing about football didn't faze me. I learned fast though, and it was a ton of fun. In our second season, I won the Superbowl. I was hooked. I could quote stats and knew the names of key players across the NFL. My husband stopped laughing after the first season. By the end of the second season, he was rather impressed.

Michelle, the "I told you so..." does smell rather sweet, doesn't it?

ev said...

Oh, well better late than never.

I am a golf addict. I will be watching Tiger today, although there are other players I enjoy. Just not Vijay Singh. I can't stand his arrogance. It is the only sport I will sit and watch from beginning to end. And I don't play either.

I have always loved Cal Ripken Jr. We got to seem him at one of his last games. Next month he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame and Daughter and I will be there. He is her hero and has been since she was 4. I promised her we would go and since it is only a little over an hour away, I have no excuse. Boy will it be a madhouse. I can't wait.

Michelle- We usually stay in Brookline in the Holiday Inn when we are there. Never have to drive until we leave. I love it.

catslady said...

Bonds came from the Pirates and I'm afraid I have to say I wasn't unhappy to see him go.

ev said...

Then there is the Army/Navy game. The only mandatory one we watch yearly.

I had to start rooting for Army.

kim h said...

yes i am a sports addict. theo is hot, i wonder if he single. manof power rich , nice combo. love oakland a/s cali girl her. sports usually 24/7

Unknown said...

I'm actually on the way to the yankee-mets game this afternoon, so I figured it would be a rather auspicious time for my first post:) You can be a fan of a team without being a fanatic for the game..definitely. Take me for example;) My sports passions are mixed-hockey and soccer are my two top choices, followed by an interest in baseball and racing. But I'm not a baseball fanatic, though I grew up in a household full of Yankee fans, steeped in tradition. I love watching the game live because of the atmosphere, the smells, the sounds. *sighs*

Now where was I? Oh yes. Favorite hottie athlete? I have two at the moment;) King Henrik Lundquist of my dearest and most wonderful New York Rangers, and Michael Owen:)(yes, I too happen to be a huge soccer fan ;) *grins*

Hope everybody is enjoying the day,
Take care :)

Stacey in new york aka nystacey from various and sundry places ;)

danetteb said...

Hi Bella,
I love live baseball and I'm a loyal SF Giants fan.
My favorite hottie baseball player is my DH, he plays on a team here in Hawaii,I love seeing him in those pin-striped pants....My favorite famous baseball player is A-Rod,those eyes get me everytime.*g*
Hugs, Danette

Julie in Ohio said...

Good Morning, Bellas!!
I hope all had a nice weekend. We are actually having a heat wave in my little section of Ohio. I'm so excited. :o)

Michelle-- I hope you had a safe trip home with no mishaps.

flip said...

I am a Chicago Cub, love Wrigley Field. I love baseball.

My favorte hottie athlete is Dan Hampton of the Chicago Bears.

Anonymous said...

HI All :)

OK, I know I'm VERY late with my post, but I couldn't resist! I live in New Zealand and the biggest game has to be rugby - and it's World Cup year! My favourite player in the NZ team (we call them the All Blacks) has to be the captain - Ritchie McCaw! David Beckham is a close second, mostly because a lovely Bella (or was it you Michelle?) suggested Becks as St Vincent...need I say more :)


PS For those who have never watched a game of rugby, it's amazing and very physical!

Anonymous said...

Oannia, I LOVE rugby. I live in the California (by San Francisco) and it is actually pretty popular in my area because of CAL and the old blues. In college I used to date a rugby player and they'd always host teams from other countries--those guys sure know how to drink. :)

Michelle and Caroline,
You know there is only one answer I can give to this question. Do retired baseball players count? :)

I'm jealous about the Boston visit!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ooooooo, Monica! And we're all jealous of the retired baseball player, ok? Really, the bragging is so unbecoming for such a pretty woman. (honest, she seemed so nice, Bellas)!

Hi, Bellas! So good to see so many dropping by! Sorry this has been up so long w/out my commenting, but I had big computer trouble. Just now checking in. Love reading about your fave sports guys and teams. We really need to have an all-out sports hottie day soon.

Now I've got to put the kids -- who keep complaining of sore throats, etc, while I'm in denial over it -- to bed. Why does this always happen after vacation, when Dave is traveling and I have a ton of work?