Monday, June 11, 2007

SHOMI Authors GuestBlog: Fresh Twist On Romance

Bella Eve Silver thought it might be fun if she and her fellow debut SHOMI authors visited to talk about the new manga-inspired line from Dorchester, so of course I asked them over to hang while I'm on vacation. I've read Eve's book, "Driven," and now I'm hooked on the line. Won't you please offer a nice Monday buongiorno for the SHOMI chicks...

Good morning, Michelle and Bellas! Thanks for inviting us to come chat about WIRED, MOONGAZER, DRIVEN and the new Shomi line from Dorchester (

And we came with goodies! 3 Lucky Commenting Bellas win one of the following: Liz has a copy of her July Shomi WIRED to give away, Marianne’s got an arc of her August Shomi MOONGAZER. Eve has an arc of her September Shomi DRIVEN, and her upcoming DARK PRINCE by her alter ego, Eve Silver.

First up – a little about the books…

Liz Maverick, WIRED (July 2007, Shomi Book #1): is sort of my dream book. It takes the things I liked about writing the futuristic-flavored Crimson City romances along with the snappy banter and strong female friendships from my early chick lit books and rolls it all into one novel. I think it could have been disastrous if it hadn’t gelled properly, LOL, but it turned out to be the kind of genre hybrid I was always meant to write.

Marianne Mancusi, MOONGAZER (August 2007, Shomi Book #2): My editor, Chris, always teases me that my Shomi book, Moongazer, is much like The Matrix, to which I always reply—but I thought of it first! I’d actually conceptualized Moongazer back in college and originally wrote it up for a screenplay class I was taking.

It’s changed a lot from the original. My heroine got younger and switched jobs—from magazine photographer to videogame designer. My original hero had been castrated—but my editor didn’t really think that would play well in a romance novel. And lastly, my angsty, indy college girl written screenplay’s third act got a complete makeover and now has that mandatory romance happily ever after.

Eve Kenin, DRIVEN (September 2007, Shomi Book #3): DRIVEN is definitely different, a departure from the historicals and even the contemporary paranormals I write as Eve Silver. In fact, I was a little stunned when a post-apocalyptic tale of truckers, ice pirates and a deadly villain with a personal vendetta flowed from my fingers, not to mention an amazingly hot hero and a heroine who can handle absolutely anything. She was the biggest surprise of all: Raina Bowen, the kick-butt heroine of DRIVEN.

And a Little Something About the Characters…

Liz Maverick, WIRED: Getting the characters just right for this book was tricky. I wanted a “Moonlighting” sort of push and pull, but I also wanted to get into some really deep emotions. And going first person meant that only the narrator (in this case, Roxanne) had her heart out on a platter; everyone else’s feelings had to be filtered through interpretation, assumption, and what the characters themselves offered up (which might not be the truth.) So with WIRED I had to work extra hard to deliver a great love story alongside the other elements that make the book a well-balanced hybrid.

Marianne Mancusi, MOONGAZER: I always like to write fish out of water characters. Moongazer is more of an alternate reality time jump than a time jump -- but it's still the same concept. Skye, my heroine goes from the familiar -- her life as a videogame designer from Manhattan goes for the familiar -- her life as a videogame designer from Manhattan to the strange -- an underground post-apocalyptic nightmare world. She has to adapt to survive in this foreign environment, even though she’s not sure where she is–or even who she is.

Eve Kenin, DRIVEN: Incredibly strong heroines aren’t anything new. Take a look all the way back to Greek mythology and the goddess Artemis. When Zeus asked Artemis what she wanted for her birthday, she precociously requested such treasures as a bow and arrow like her brother's, a hunting outfit and the chance to disdain dressing like a lady. Raina Bowen and Artemis would have agreed on those choices.

But thekick-butt heroine was new to me, and we had a very cool journey together (both figuratively and literally, given that DRIVEN is set in a frozen wasteland). Along the way, I discovered that the most engaging strong heroine has equally strong human failings. Raina has those in spades, shadowy corners of her soul, bruised and aching places that make her human. It is the balance between her strengths and weaknesses that makes the hero fall in love with her, and oh, Bellas, does he ever fall hard.

Talk to Us…

Liz: What do you think about the idea of genre hybrids? Does it worry you or make you sigh with relief that fresh twists on the romance genre are going to be on the shelves?

Marianne: Do you have a story you wrote a long time ago that just stayed with you? One you’re still dying to tell in one way, shape or form? Tell us about it.

Eve: So tell me, what sort of hero would be the perfect match for the kick-butt heroine? Strong and silent? Alpha male (LOL, can you imagine the sparks there?)? An easy-going jokester?

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ev said...

oh wow!! I am first!!!

Do I get a cookie????

ev said...

Ok, now.

Eve-I have read some of your stuff and am looking forward to more. A frozen wasteland? Sounds like Syracuse,NY in winter. LOL

On the other hand I have somehow missed Liz and Marianne's stuff. Although the Crimson City stuff does sound familiar. :;sigh:: Sometimes I think working in a bookstore is a bigger hindrence than not. I get to see so much stuff, but I can never remember if I read it or just checked it out while I was shelving it.

(I went thru my TBR pile and found 3 books I had bought doubles of. Now I have to return them.)

I will be sure to look for all three of these books.

I enjoy the hybrid stuff depending of the story lines. It has to hit my interest or curiosity factor.

I think the perfect hero for the kick-butt heroine is someone who is kick butt too but has one hell of a sense of humor. He would have to, otherwise they would kill each other, or try to at some point.

Portia Da Costa said...

Ack, I thought I was going to be first! Beat me to it, Ev!

Genre hybrids? Mmmm... not the thing that would immediately spring to my mind to read. But these books all sound stunning! I'm growing more and more fascinated by Manga, as I love all things Japanese and I'm currently on a big kick for Japanese culture, courtesy of my buddy Madelynne Ellis, who's sent me some great DVDS.

Stories? Well, I'm the sort of person who creates ideas one by one, as I need them... I don't have, like, a pool of ideas to go to. If I didn't develop an idea, it probably wasn't worth developing anyway... LOL

I think an Alpha with a wicked sense of humour would make a good mate for a kick-ass girl. He'd help her not to take herself too seriously... :)

Anonymous said...

I think the perfect hero for the kick-butt heroine is someone who is kick butt too but has one hell of a sense of humor. He would have to, otherwise they would kill each other, or try to at some point.

Ev, thanks for the kind words about my books. I agree with you about the sense of humor...and the hero of DRIVEN definitely has one... buried... somewhere deep, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I think an Alpha with a wicked sense of humour would make a good mate for a kick-ass girl. He'd help her not to take herself too seriously... :)

Portia, can you imagine the sparks between a kick-butt heroine and an alpha?! (And maybe she'll help him not to take himself so seriously, too *grin*)

Portia Da Costa said...

Mmm... sparks are fun!

Lori Devoti said...

I'm excited by the new line. It sounds like a lot of fun and I think readers are looking for a few new twists in their paranormal reads. :)
Do any of you read comics? Do you see your books as something that would translate well to that medium?
And what general descriptions would you use to describe your books? Lots of action? Sensuality? Humor? And of course...I know if Eve is writing for the line there's going to be some spine chilling darkness. (Yay!)

ev said...

BTW.. I did go see Ocean's 13 last night. mmmm......the Holy Trifecta.

I have to go next time with a blindfold. Seems I was going mmmmmmmmmmm.....whenever George was on screen. Daughter nudged me a few times. LOL

ev said...

Cripes, just the thought of George makes me go mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Morning Portia!!! did you figure out that foursome yet???

Phoebe Belsley said...

ev! I watched Ocean's 11 last night! OMG how hot was that screen!

(am I the only one who thinks Brad Pitt's character must have a serious oral fixation? He is eating something in darn near every scene.)

OK, back on topic...Kick-butt heroines need heroes who are very secure and self-confident without being alpha. If he's too laid back, one fears she'll run all over him, but if he's too alpha...yeah, sparks, Eve. Maybe too many. And I always like the funny guys. :)

Both characters have to have a weak spot--the Achilles heel of some sort that makes them vulnerable. And I lurve it when the weak spot is something only the other person can really sense or understand. It's more proof that there's a special bond between those two people, y'know?

Lori Devoti said...

Okay, I'm going to argue. :D I think the hero can be's just depends on what type of alpha. He can't be an arrogant you know what. But you can have an alpha hero who isn't a complete jerk. So I think an alpha male and a kick butt heroine are completely doable.
says she who just wrote such a book and it darn well better work... ;-)

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Eve, Liz & Marianne!!

I'm excited about this new line. I can't wait to read it.

There's something comforting about the tried and true when it comes to romance. However, where would we be if we didn't advance and experiment with different styles? Bring on the twists and turns!

For me, when it comes to which hero/heroine would fit together, it depends on the story. I like the alpha mix. I agree sparks would fly. On the other hand, I find the strong silent type/kick butt to be a good combo. Opposites attract and collide. It's great to watch.

Mari Mancusi said...

I have been reading a lot of manga as of late and have been loving it. Vampire Knight, Dramacon, Princess Ai -- all great sojo manga (which is basically girl manga with romance in it.)

And yes, I think these books would translate very well to graphic novels or manga -- and there has been some preliminary interest from publishers to do we'll see! Cross fingers for us, bellas! I mean, how cool would that be?

Anyway, as for tone -- each book is a bit different. Mine (MOONGAZER) is first person, angsty, darkly romantic, with a bit of sardonic humor thrown in from my heroine. And it's definitely action packed! :)


Eve Silver said...

Do any of you read comics? Do you see your books as something that would translate well to that medium?

Lori, I read some Manga and watch anime, and yes, I could see DRIVEN as an anime. One of the inspirations for the book were early episodes of the anime Full Metal Panic, though the episodes actually bear absolutely no resemblance to my story, there was something there that got my mind churning.

Ev, I'm dying to see Oceans 13!!!!

And I lurve it when the weak spot is something only the other person can really sense or understand. It's more proof that there's a special bond between those two people, y'know?

Caroline...yes! Exactly! My hero and heroine in DRIVEN connect on that level, seeing strengths and weaknesses in each other that only they understand.

Eve Silver said...

Julie, I'm with you...bring on the twists and turns *grin*. So you like the strong silent/kick butt pairing. That's a great match.

Marianne, I'm waving hello!

Portia Da Costa said...

The more I hear about Shomi... the more I want to read the books!!!

Vivi Anna said...

Welcome ladies.

Yeah! I'm so pumped about this line. It's like Dorchester created this line just for me...LOL

Can't wait to get my hands on the books.

A question? How sexy are the books? What sensuality level would you put them at?

Julie in Ohio said...

Eve-- I do like the strong silent type/kick butt pairing. I love it when heroine discovers there is more to the hero than she first thought. The strong silent type is so misunderstood. He isn't a push over. He's more calculating and thoughtful. He isn't going to let anyone, let alone a female, walk all over him, but he isn't out there looking for a fight, either.
To pair a strong silent type hero with an average heroine wouldn't do it for me. I think she'd have to be kickin' to make it work. It's her spontaneity mixed with his thoughtfulness that produces the sparks, IMO.

Eve Silver said...

Hi Vivi!!! I think the sensuality varies from book to book. I always have a hard time with this question, but I'd say DRIVEN is fairly sexy... there are a few lurvely lurve scenes, but I'd say the main thrust of the book is the me rephrase...the action that occurs while clothed.

Eve Silver said...

Julie, the hero of DRIVEN is strong and silent...and a little alpha...and a little beta...and his sense of humor is there, but buried deep...and all that has to do with the secret that I cannot divulge *grin*

Mari Mancusi said...

Hey Vivi!

There's a wide range of sensuality in the Shomi books, depending on the author and the story. I asked Chris K., our editor, your question and he said that while sex can be a side element, it can't be the main focus on the book. Basically, he doesn't want some drawn out sex scenes slowing down the action, fast-paced story.

So bottom line, I think as long as it's not all sex, all the time you're okay. :)


Anonymous said...

Good lord. 21 comments before breakfast? Heh. It's only 7:30am on the West Coast. I'll take any questions one at a time once I go get the coffe started. Just wanted to start with a thanks to RBTB for inviting us...

Eve Silver said...

waving hi to Liz

Michelle Rowen said...

I must say that I'm EXTREMELY excited about this new line of books (well, I am writing the June '08 title so of course I am!!).

However, I'm totally clueless when it comes to Manga and comic books. Does Eve, Marianne or Liz have any suggestions to get me started in this new world of entertainment?

Anonymous said...

Ev, FYI, Crimson City was the big multi-author paranormal romance continuity series I developed for Dorchester a couple of years ago (time flies, sigh.) It was a kind of battle of the species thing in futuristic L.A. with werewolves, vampires, demons, humans, etc...

It's been a while, though, so I'm not surprised it's not on your radar!



Anonymous said...


You too? I'm SO obsessed with Things Japanese. I can't believe I haven't been to Japan by now. It's on the list, though. (Next to various places in India and Iceland. I've really got to get back into the world!)



Eve Silver said...

Does Eve, Marianne or Liz have any suggestions to get me started in this new world of entertainment?

Michelle, there are a ton of Manga that are really fun: Akira; GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka - though, I preferred the anime to the Manga); Berzerk; Hellsing (very dark), Full Metal Panic... Just check out your local bookstore and browse the titles to see what grabs your interest.

Vivi Anna said...

I loved the Crimson City series. All of them are on my keeper shelf.

Thanks for answering my question ladies.

Julie in Ohio said...

Liz-- I love the Crimson City books. I've read three of them so far and counting. That series introduced me to new to me authors like Marjorie Liu, Patti O'Shea and of course you. The covers drew me in but the stories have me coming back for more. :o)

Mari Mancusi said...

**waves to fellow Shomi authors**

We're very excited to have Michele Rowen as one of our newest Shomi teammates.

Michele, the manga section of the bookstore can be daunting, to say the least! I'd try starting with some SOJO - which is basically girly manga- usually romance. I really like Vampire Knight, which is about a girl who goes to a prep school where there are humans in the Day Classes and vampires in the Night Classes. The heroine is a guardian. It's really cool and darkly romantic. Well drawn, too. It is serialized in Sojo Beat, a Viz magazine, or you can buy Volume One in a graphic novel form on Amazon:

Vampire Knight

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori!

I do read comics and I think my books would translate really well, in part, because they have a lot of action in them. (All my spines say "action romance" LOL!)

I'm very, very into manga right now and, in fact, I'll be working on the Princess Ai project over at manga publisher TOKYOPOP.

Describe my books? Eeeks. If I had to pick two adjectives I would have to say that my paranormal action romances tend to be described as fast-paced and unpredictable.

That would also be the case for WIRED...

The reviews on WIRED are coming in (A starred review from Publishers Weekly. Squee! and they sort of describe WIRED as a Romance / Science Fiction / Cyberpunk Mash-Up


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Crimson City props, guys! That project is near and dear to my heart.



Wylie Kinson said...

Eve - I look forward to the Dark Prince release in August.
And I'll definitely give the Shomi line a crack - though to be honest, I'll feel like an old lady reading it! Gah - anime and manga? I don't know what that means :(

TJ Brown said...

I love the idea of Shomi books and am eager to see how they play out in actual book form. COngrats to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vivi Anna!

Regarding the level of sensuality. SHOMI is an interesting line in this regard. Some people might not know that I've written a couple of erotic romance novellas and that there are some hot (and kind of violent) love scenes in my paranormals, BUT, so writing hot is not a problem for me, BUT...

Because of the hybrid nature of WIRED and the loose guidelines I really was able to let the story dictate how much sex to put in. And in this case, it was not much at all.

I've had quite a few ARC readers tell me that adding the kind of sex scenes that I have in my other books would have really messed up the pace and gone against the nature of the book. So WIRED is extremely high on chemistry and sexual tension but low on actual sex scenes.

The potential sequel I'm writing a proposal for actually has a lot more sex just because it fits naturally (and is actually necessary) with the storyline.

I do worry that readers really want their sex (heh.) in romance novels and obviously, the trend has been to make the books hotter and hotter, but I'm hoping they'll still give WIRED a chance.

Geez...could I write a damn thesis about this? Sorry for being so long-winded. :p



Eve Silver said...

Wylie - love the cover of your new release!

I'm so glad you're looking forward to Dark Prince. My historical gothics are great fun to dark and brooding and moody.

Interesting that you bring up the age issue...honestly, i think the SHOMI books transcend age definitions. The books are all action packed, tightly written, and fast paced, and I think they hold appeal for all age groups.

Mari Mancusi said...


Don't worry - I think the Shomi books really transcend any age barriers. Comparing them to manga and anime -- well that's just marketing speak, really. In the end, if you like edgy romances with paranormal and action elements than you will probably enjoy a Shomi.


Mari Mancusi said...

lol Eve - we think alike. :)

Portia Da Costa said...

Liz, you would love this collection of documentaries I'm watching now. It's called Japanorama, and they're presented by UK television journalist Jonathan Ross. He's a self confessed Japanophile and he takes a wry and affectionate look at all aspects of modern Japanese culture. It's fascinating stuff!

Our Film Four channel has also recently been showing a season of Anime films from Studio Ghibli [sp] They're quite new to me, but I find them magical...

Mari Mancusi said...

Portia, that documentary sounds wonderful! Is it available on DVD?

Liz and I have become such Japanamanics that we've taken to "cosplaying" at conventions. Cosplay is a Japanese term for dressing up - usually as your favorite manga or anime character.

You can check us out at BEA in this little video we put together. :)


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

'afternoon, Bellas and SHOMI girls! Just popping in to say can't wait to read through everything later today. What a great convo already.

Thanks so much Liz, Marianne, and Eve for joining us today!

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Marianne

No, I'm sorry, I don't think Japanorama is available on DVD at the moment. :( I missed most of it on TV, but my friend Madelynne sent copies of the episodes to me. Have just been watching the one about the Takarazuka and Yaoi...

Cosplay sounds like what I used to do over 20 years ago, only as Star Trek and Star Wars characters etc. I used to love dressing up! I had Star Trek uniforms, a Han Solo outfit... and I even once dressed up as Michael Jackson, for a fancy dress parade. Sequinned jacket, fedora, jewelled glove and sox, the lot! Of course that was in the days when the whole world loved him and there was no scandal... sigh...

Do I sound as if I'm slightly mad? LOL

Vivi Anna said...

I'm glad the SHOMI books are going to be varying in levels of sensuality. Personally, and I know everyone's going to look at me strangely, but I'm tired of too many sex scenes in the paranormals I'm reading.

I like lots and lots of action. Like car chases, and knife fights, and explosives. And add in alternate reality or some paranormal creatures and I'm VERY HAPPY.

That's why I love Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series and Kim Harrison's Hollows, not much sex in any of the books just lots of kick ass action and great world building.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Great blurbs you guys. Your launch books establish the SHOMI line, its direction, and the promise to become the "future of romance." I'm thrilled to be a part of the team.

Anonymous said...

Hi Portia,
Thanks for the Japanarama alert. I'll be looking for a DVD version.

Anonymous said...

Question, SHOMI Ladies. What's your take on translation of Aeon Flux to the screen?

Monica Burns said...

Welcome Shomi Ladies,

With regard to your question as to what I think about genre hybrid. To me a good read is a good read. If the book is fun, kick-ass and great sexual tension, then it's O-K by me. *grin*

By the way, how is Shomi pronounced. I'm looking at it and thinking about Missouri - the Show Me state. LOL

I used to love dressing up! I had Star Trek uniforms, a Han Solo outfit...
Portia, if you're mad, then I'm in your circle or madness. I used to go to the small Star Trek cons. LOVED them. Haven't been to one in years. My kids don't like Star Trek ACK!! I've always wanted to dress up like a Klingon woman, busty chest outfit and those kewl ridges! LOL


Portia Da Costa said...

I'm so glad it's not just me, Monica! I never dressed as a Klingon, but I had some pals who did... full regalia, weapons, ridges, the full bit! They were awesome...

tetewa said...

Just wanted to say that The Crimson City series rocked loved them all! Looking forward to this series also. I also wanted to say thanks again to Eve for sending me the SHOMI teaser booklet awhile ago it makes you want to go out and buy the books which I'm planning on doing. She also sent me a small coverflat for the cover of Dark Prince. (HOT)! Thanks again Eve.

Anonymous said...

So far I've only read Eve Silver, but I'm very much looking forward to reading Driven, Moongazer, and Wired. They sound really good! I can't wait!

Eve Silver said...

Vivi - I haven't read Rachel Caine yet (though with your rec, I'll have to try her), but I loooove Kim Harrison!

Kay - Poor Aeon got a lot of flack for the screen adaptation, but honestly, I didn't mind it!

Monica - it's pronounced just the way you thought...Show Me.

tetewa - you're very welcome :) I'm thrilled that the teaser booklet got you hyped for the line (and I agree with you about the cover for DARK PRINCE, LOL!)

ev said...

Eve- I love Kim Harrison too. I got to do an online review of the very first book way back when. I still have that loose leaf copy they sent me, shelved with all of my other ARC's.

trivia fact- did you know that the larger size Manga all tend to be gay/lesbian stories? Just a tidbit I picked up from some of my fellow peons at the bookstore.

I love comics- I have to go pick up this months stack at the comic book store tomorrow. There is a new Anita Blake series starting this month.

{{rushes over to Amazon to use her g/c to find all the Crimson City books she can}}

ev said...

Oh, I have Marjorie Liu's A Tast of Crimson. it's in my TBR pile. I put it aside when I realized there was another book to read before it.

No wonder it sounded familiar. I knew I wasn't going senile. Much.

Mari Mancusi said...

When Liz and I were at BEA we got a copy of the first Anita Blake comic and Laurel was on hand to sign it personally!! Soo cool. I am a total fan girl.

Love Rachel Caine too. The second book in her Morganville vampire series has just come out, I believe. I am dying to read it.

Ev, you're going to love the Crimson City series. It rocks. Liz created an amazingly vivid world and all the authors contributed fascinating stories to it. :)


Maureen McGowan said...

Congrats to all of you. These books sound so cool.

Waves to Eve.

amy kennedy said...

I'm on break and I know I should read all the comments first, but, aaack, I don't have time--so read later, comment now.

Liz and Eve, lurve your stuff, Marianne, I'll be looking for yours. Everyone's stories sound great. I am fascinated with the mythology that goes along with Manga story lines and it sounds as if you guys are doing it justice.

Liz, I think hybrid is the only new thing to do. I love pure--regency, contemporary, chick lit, fantasy. But really I think I e've already been enjoying some hybrids--paranormal historicals, or urban fantasy chick lit, yes?

Marianne, a million years ago (20) I started a Robin Hood book with the hero a heroin, Robyn...and the tax was a magic tax, the sherrif took away the peasant's magic. Yikes.

Eve, definatelydefinately a sense of humor. And someone to show her it's okay to be soft sometimes.

Eve Silver said...

Ashley Danielle - I'm so glad you're excited about the Shomi books!

Ev - very cool about the Kim Harrison online review.

Maureen - I'm waving right back at you :)

danetteb said...

I love the Shomi covers,I picked up Vivi Anna's Hell Kat because of the comic style cover and it was awesome. Now that I've got the ideas behind each of your books,they're for sure going on my buy list.
To Liz, I sigh when theres a new romance twist book, need something fresh once in a while.
To Marianne, I used tell the scary stories in front of a flashlight,but I never wrote them down and my long term memory doesn't go that far back.*g*
To Eve, the kick-butt heroine needs a mostly alpha hero that can keep up with her,but can also be humble.

catslady said...

I love new and different. My daughter is very much into anime and I've read some of her books (she has tons of the movies and it's part of her art repetoire). I just read the Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult which incorporated the drawings with the story and I thought it was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, honestly, I did not think about Romance going hybrid. But I think that change is inevitable. Personally, I more of a traditional gal, but I do love change especially if it's change to make something better. Writing is art, so in saying so, art needs a chance to grow and evolve. I'm open to almost anything. But, my brother already got me into Anime, so romance going manga, really isn't a big change for, I'm intrigued and can't wait to try it.

I did write a short story for my Engl 102 class. We were given an newspaper article about an unsolved murder case in my town, and we were supposed to write a story about what you think happened. I loved writing it, although now that i look back on it, it did sound alittle corny, not that I want to revise it, I leave the stories to all my talented authors.

As for the kick-butt I have to choose which hero would be perfect for her? I meann they all sound sexy. Can't she have them all? or better yet, can I have them :D. But in all seriousness, I think the Alpha male would be perfect, all the possibilities of head-butting and sexual tension. But then you can always go with the oppisite attract route. The easy-going hero would be perfect for that scenerio. Aslo alot pf possibilities of head-butting and sexual tension. ::sigh:: Decisions, decisions lol.

joye said...

Eenjoyed the visit. Can't wait to read DRIVEN My kind of book

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this concept! I'm looking forward to the books. I'm going to see if Wired is out early at the bookstore today. And I really don't mind a lower "sensuality" level because these books sound like my 17 year old would love them as well!

At any rate, you don't have to be a kid to love anime, I'm in my late 40's and I do. Currently I'm watching the scifi series Ergo Proxy and Noein (I'm watching on DVD but Ergo Proxy is being aired by Fuse and Noein by the SciFi Channel). Both contain romance-related elements but its very much in the background.

Some of my favorite anime series, and they're all sci-fi, fantasy or paranormal: Ceres (lots of romance), Cowboy Bebop, Eureka 7 (some romance), Full Metal Panic (hinted romantic feelings), Fushigi Yuuigi (lots of romance), Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (remake of the classic set in the future, some romance), Oh My Goddess (romantic comedy), RahXephon (some romance), Witch Hunter Robin (hinted future romance).