Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Leigh Court GuestBlog: The Beauty Of Anthologies...

Contest!!! Leigh's giving one Lucky Commenting Bella a copy of Secrets Volume 15, which includes her Victorian erotic romance The Disciplinarian…

Leigh Court wrote me way back when RBtheBook first began to tell me about her publisher, Red Sage. At that time, RBtheBlog didn't exist, so I had no way to present erotic romance to my viewers. Well, we changed all that here, didn't we, Bellas? And now, Leigh's here to tell us about her latest story in an RS Secrets anthology, plus brings along a guy we all know and lust, em love. A warm, "Michelle's on vacation, so let's raise a ruckus" buongiorno for the delightful Miss Leigh...

Many thanks to Michelle for letting me stop by and talk to everyone today!

My road to becoming a romance author is fairly unique, so I thought I’d share it… I was a television news reporter who had a particularly depressing week at work, covering both the death of a good friend/ABC news reporter who was killed on his way to cover a story, as well as the particularly gruesome death of a New York State trooper on the Thruway in an incident called “dusting.” That’s the week I picked up my first romance novel -- to try and cheer myself up. LOL, I've never looked back...

I was inspired to try and write a romance myself, and I was lucky enough to sell my first story to Red Sage Publishing

Red Sage publishes what I consider the best line of erotic romance novellas with its Secrets anthology series. There are four different novellas in each Secrets volume: one historical, one paranormal and two contemporary stories. There’s something to please everyone’s taste, in a length that’s perfect for reading before bedtime (and inspiring pleasant dreams, if you know what I mean)… Best of all, when you finish one story, there are three more delicious tales waiting for you!

I wrote a sexy Victorian romance called ‘The Disciplinarian’ for Secrets Volume 15. Here’s the premise: what happens when a headstrong young Victorian wife is sent to London’s notorious Disciplinarian for instruction in wifely obedience? His surprising lessons soon have her writhing in pleasure instead of pain! You can read an excerpt at LeighCourt.com.

My black-haired, blue-eyed, devilishly handsome Disciplinarian prompted one reviewer to write about my heroine: “If this is discipline, I want what Clarissa Babcock is having!”

I’ll be at the Literacy booksigning at the RWA convention in Dallas on July 11 if you can stop by!
So… anyone here ever fantasize about trying a little discipline
with their partner?

What are your thoughts on anthology stories -- too short to be, er, satisfying, or just the right, um, size? Any Red Sage fans here?
Encore! Grazie mille SHOMI authors Liz Maverick, Marianne Mancusi, and Bella Eve Silver for visiting us with your anime-ted GuestBlog yesterday. Can't wait for theSHOMI line and your books to debut!
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kim h said...

i like antho have not read a red sage.

Rae Monet said...

Hey Leigh, I love, love, love the Disciplinarian!! I love Red Sage, am seriously proud to be on of their authors and proud to be next to someone as talented as you!!! I'll see you at RWA!

danetteb said...

Hi Leigh,
I like short stories as much as novels.Short stories are always nice to read in between novels,especially ones with some spice in them like Secrets where you can read them in bed right before the DH goes to bed.*wink*
Hugs, Danette

Portia Da Costa said...

Hello Leigh

Mmmmm... discipline... Love to read about it, love to write about it. Which is weird, because in real life I'm a complete wimp about pain and I just won't be told what to do! But fantasy is a whole other country... Discipline me, Valentino, discipline me! ;)

Yes, I love reading shorter length works... novellas and short stories. All good! I really like reading something I can finish in one sitting, without feeling guilty that I've abandoned my commitments for too long.

Sue A. said...

I think Red Sage's Secrets line is a great way to showcase the works of new and favorite authors. The favorites authors draw their fans and at the same time introduce them to new authors and their writing. Anthologies are just the right length to give readers a taste of what an author has. A great midnight snack! If I'm peckish I can gobble up one or two stories. And if I'm really hungry I end up devouring the whole book.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

When I first started writing, I thought I finished a book...but it was only a novella. I love them, and "long short stories," too. Your excerpt was intriguing. I believe Clarissa's husband may get more than he paid for. Warm up indeed! Sounds like fun.

Stacy~ said...

Hi Leigh - a pleasure to have you here. Morning bellas :)

Michelle, I really appreciate how early (or late?) you post your daily topics. Makes it easier for me to participate - thank you!

I think Red Sage (and Emma Holly) are what lead me to the more erotic stories, and I loved "discovering" them in the shorter format. I remember reading Leigh's story and loving how hot and sexy it was - it definitely worked for me. If that's discipline, then I want some!

Off-topic: I got to see General Colin Powell speak at a seminar yesterday - what a fascinating man - and he's 70! Just...wow.

Laurie G said...

I first read Red Sage via an auction/sick fund purchase offered by Jeannie London. I received three books. VERY INTERESTING!! All three were very different too!
I've read tons of anthologies over the years too. I like the exposure to more than one author and lots of times they will showcase earlier books that they are reissueing now that they've been discovered.
Many times I'm waiting for kids or at the doctors ect...and these shorter stories can be completed quickly which can be very satisfying when you've had a not so great day.

Kammie said...

I like to read anthologies during summer time and holidays when life gets busy. Your story sounds really good! The description and photo of the Disciplinarian makes me want to read it more.

ev said...

A fellow New Yorker?? I come from a family of State Troopers too.

I grew to enjoy anthologies when my daughter was young. I always keep one in the car for "reading" emergencies- stuck somewhere with nothing to read in my bag. I also pick up new authors through them.

As for the discipline thing, I would say that no it doesn't really appeal to me and hubby. However, there is a box of retired silk scarves tucked away somewhere.They don't leave marks like handcuffs.

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

I think novellas are a particularly great length for erotica and erotic romance. You can read them in one sitting on a lazy afternoon or in a few days, and you just get on this lovely roll of delicious sexy goodness. Sometimes 90K of Hawt Stuff is almost too much of a good thing, unless there are other strong plot elements--romantic suspense or some unusual paranormal business, for instance--to let you calm down a little or rather get excited in a different way! A novella's just perfect if you want a really concentrated erotic experience.

As for discipline...well, I'm not a big fan of punishment, but "punishment," all in good clean dirty fun, is quite another story. (That's, uh, strictly in fiction. Yeah, right...something like that.)

Cinthia Hamer said...

Good morning, everyone~~

Leigh, it's nice to have you here! The Disciplinarian sounds like a great read (from that tantalizing excerpt). I won't be in Dallas, but I'll ask a buddy to pick up a copy for me. :)

Like Portia, I'm not into pain...the fantasy is nice, but RL, nah, I'll take a pass, thankyouverymuch.

If I ever went completely round the pipe and decided to get into "discipline", I'd HAVE to be the one doling it out...maybe it's b/c I'm such a wimp when push comes to shove. LOL!

Playground Monitor said...

I like anthologies but haven't read Red Sage. I have a couple friends who've sold to them recently so that's going to change.

I'm in Portia's camp though there are times I'd like to take a whip to the DH and not for any erotic reasons. Like when he leaves the bathroom a mess or leaves coffee grounds and spilled coffee all over the kitchen counter. Grrrr.


Gena Showalter said...

I love anthos! They are perfect for taking to dr. appointments (those waits are no longer so terrible!) and reading before bed.

Stacia said...

Good morning, Bellas! One of the things I like about anthologies is that they give you a taste of some new authors. If I see an anthology with different authors that I've been wanting to try out, I'll get to help me decide if I want to try one of their stand alone stories.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh - and other fellow RS authors here - Red Sage provided me with my first published novella. It's a great company for new authors and established authors who want to try something different. They're fun to write, yet challenging in their short scope. You get to cram a lot into them. As a writer with not a lot of time, I like to get into a story immediately. All the RS stories let us do that. And it's fun to read the other authors and what they've done.

As for discipline...my hubby's a cop. Nuf Said!
Chevon Gael - RS Author

Kristen Painter said...

Hi Leigh! Anthologies make great summer reading, don't you think? Read one story and you know it's time to turn over and sun the other side!

Saskia Walker said...

I'm a big fan of anthologies and the length of the SECRETS stories is particularly good for a one sitting read with plenty of oomph. ;) The Disciplinarian is a real treat, one of the most sensual historicals I've ever read. Once I started I couldn't put it down. Can't wait for more stories from you, Leigh!

Portia Da Costa said...

Yeah, I meant to say that about anthos too... they're a great way to discover new authors!

I've often wondered about subbing to Red Sage, because of the handier wordcount of the Secrets novellas... and they have such a fabulous stable of authors!

I've only recently started writing novellas, and I was nervous at first, as it's quite a challenge. But I've done three now, and I really like the length!

Waving madly to my mate, Saskia!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh!

Like others have said, I like novellas because they give you a short, satisfying read. (Although I'm not sure I'd take a Secrets volume to the doctor's office. LOL) As an author, I like them because you can keep the tension level high throughout the story.

Kimberly Dean -- Wanted, Secrets Vol. 9 and Manhunt, Secrets Vol. 11

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh!

I usualy go for longer fiction, and rarely historical, but I loved The Disciplinarian! Can't wait for your next work!


Edie Ramer said...

Leigh, I love your excerpt on your website and I'm eager to read the novella. So many of my friends have had their first sale with Red Sage. It's a great market.

LOL at Playground Monitor who wants to whip her husband for making a mess. That's about it with me and discipline too. *g*

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone and thanks for your comments! It's still a little early out here in California, so pardon any misspellings...

The Disciplinarian is my first Red Sage story (but hopefully not my last)! I think I write "short" easy because I was used to writing a story in one-minute-thirty-seconds for the news ever night, LOL!

I have several full-length manuscripts that my agent is pitching (fingers crossed)!

As for discipline, my hero Jared Ashworth never goes beyond silk scarves (oh, and a little spanking on Clarissa's luscious bottom). I think discipline should be FUN, not painful.

Keep the comments coming!

Leigh (waving to all my fellow Red Sage authors)

Larissa Ione said...

I LOVED The Disciplinarian! In fact, that was one of the first Red Sage stories I ever read, and it helped convince me to submit to Red Sage. So glad I did. It's a WONDERFUL publisher to write for.

And I love anthologies! :)

Rachelle Chase said...

Leigh, your story sounds awesome and is already sitting on my To Be Read stack. Can't wait to start it! :-) And I never knew that's how you got your start in writing. Wow ... Lucky for us, you picked up that first romance. :-)

Red Sage anthologies were some of the first I'd read - initially, because I'd wanted to be published by Red Sage and, now, because I really like the stories. RS offers variety and quality erotic romance.

While I like anthologies, sometimes I am disappointed - because I don't want the story to end. ;-)

Nicole North said...

Wonderful blog post, Leigh. I LOVE the Red Sage Secrets anthologies! The writing is always top quality, the stories fast paced, fun and definitely HOT. They're my favorite of any erotic romance. And of course I was beyond thrilled to make my first sale to them as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Leigh,

Thanks for introducing me to a new blog. I absolutely love the picture of your hero. Who is he?
I think novellas are a great way to sneak in reading when you don't have time to dig your teeth into a longer novel. Red Sage does a great job of filling the gap with novellas.

Congratulations on The Disciplinarian. I look forward to many more novellas and books by you!

ReadingAddict1 said...

Hi Leigh,
I've never had the pleasure of reading a Red Sage Secrets romance yet. I love that you get a variety of genres in one book. I really like anthologies because most of the authors are new-to-me and it gives me a chance to experience their work along with favorite authors. I also like that each story is short enough to read quick instead of reading the same story for days. Sometimes I like quick and satisfying :).

Disciplinarian sounds great! I'm addicted to historicals right now so I'd love to read it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh!

I'm so happy you got out of that news room! I can't wait to read The Disciplinarian!


Playground Monitor said...

I really like the length!

I won't make the obvious reply to that. ;-)

But I will ask this: what's the standard word count for an anthology?


Anonymous said...

I made my first novella sale to Red Sage as well. They're hard to find where I live, but I picked p a couple at RWA National two years ago and was impressed with the quality and the variety in the stories, so I subbed my own, sold it, and have since sold another. The Red Sage authors are a great group. Portia, write one and submit it! It would be great to have you there.

Kate St. James

Anonymous said...

I was in the first volume of Secrets with The Spinner's Dream. When I contracted with Red Sage, I didn't know what it would amount to. I'm thrilled I took the chance, because look where Secrets has gone.

I'm not into discipline myself, but I do write bondage-lite in some of my stories. The person is never in any real pain, and it's consensual. That's just 'cause I'm a total wimp.

Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks is my motto. :)

Alice Gaines

Portia Da Costa said...

Playground... you are baaaad!!!

Cindy... it's on my list of things I'd love to do eventually! I wish I could split myself into several people at once, so I can do all the things I want to. I'm hip deep in a paranormal erotic romance for Black Lace at the moment. :)

Dawn Halliday said...

Hi Leigh!

I loved The Disciplinarian, and I've always loved reading Red Sage novellas--they're the perfect length for me with my short-attention-span lifestyle (it's called having three small children, LOL!).

I had no idea you were a news reporter...maybe that's why you look so familiar to me!

Mrs. Homegrown said...

Good morning Leigh and everyone,

I love the novella form, and wish there were more opportunities out there both for reading and writing them.

I own Secrets 15, and though it is broken up into handy bite sized pieces, I read it in one sitting like the greedy thing I am. The Disciplinarian is decidedly yummy--and there's another one in there I quite liked, called Simon Says.

Full disclosure: Leigh and Jane are members of my RWA chapter, but even if they weren't, their stories would still be my favorites. ;-)

Leigh, who is that gorgeous BBC man? It's early, but I think I'm in love.


Anonymous said...

Good morning, everyone.

I loved The Disciplinarian, which, as Leigh explained, is not about whips or anything painful at all. Quite the contrary!

I expect and look forward to more of Leigh's work. She has such a talent for bringing the reader right into her world, and such a rich world it turns out to be!


Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

To Kelly and Lynne: that gorgeous hunk in the picture is Richard Armitage, currently seen in the BBC TV production of Robin Hood. But, no, he's NOT Robin -- he's the bad guy, Sir Guy of Gisborne, the evil Sheriff of Nottingham's henchman (which doesn't stop me, or a number of my girlfriends, from lusting after him!) Definite fantasy material ;)

To Marilyn - the average length of a Red Sage novella is 25,000 - 35,000 words, but if you're going to submit a story to them, I'd make sure it was just a little longer, because the editor will usually ask for revisions before it's accepted (revisions usually means "cutting out lots of words.") I lost about 4,000 words from The Disciplinarian before it was published!

Thanks for everyone's comments!

Shannon McKelden said...

I love to hear how people got started reading romance! And The Disciplinarian sound great!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Great blog, Leigh!

Diana Peterfreund said...

Wow, that is one fabulous cover on that book. ;-)

I *adore* the Secrets collection. I've read almost every one.

THE DISCIPLINARIAN remains one of my favorite novellas in the entire series. That carriage scene... wow. I almost swooned right there on the Metro.

I'm so glad to hear you have another coming out! You're a rare talent, Leigh!

Vivi Anna said...

Of course you adore the Secrets Diana...you used to be on the covers. ;-) LOL

I do like what Red Sage is putting out. Good quality sexy stories that have helped some awesome authors.

Me, I like a little spanking once in a while. Because I KNOW I've been bad.

Cynthia Eden said...

Hi, Leigh! (A big wave from another of your Secrets sisters!) I've always enjoyed anthologies because I feel they give readers a chance to sample new authors--and after you have a sample, you often want more! (That's what happened to me the first time I read an Angela Knight novella in Secrets.)

I think writing novellas is wonderful fun, too--the challenge of keeping the story tight, getting your characters together and giving them a promised HEA--all within 40,000 words or less! :-)

Sandra Richards said...

Hm.... discipline. Well, not spanking so much as maybe making my partner do what I say when I say it. Mostly, though, that's not through violence, it's through using the power of my own sexuality to "make him heel" so to speak. But this is more of a once in a while thing, not anything I do on a regular basis.

By the way, I do love the mood of The Disciplinarian and I am looking forward to your next piece!

Anthologies are great for when I need to read something but don't have the time to be invested in a longer story. A steady diet of anything is boring. Anthologies help to break up the monotony of my reading menu.

Don't Stop Writing,

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh!

I like erotic stories and great stories of any length. If I care about the characters I will keep reading. The only problem with shorter stories is sometimes the relationship with the character is cut short too early - like your Disciplinarian. I wonder if he and Clarissa continue to practice discipline in their happily ever after? Sequel anyone?

I like a little discipline myself. All in fun, you know, but a good spanking gets me hot!

Playground Monitor said...

Playground... you are baaaad!!!

And I wasn't until I started hanging out here. rolls eyes

Thanks for the answer, Leigh.

Robena Grant said...

I'd never been big on anthologies until I was introduced to Red Sage. I absolutely loved The Disciplinarian, in fact loved all of the stories in Vol 15.
I've found since, with other houses anthologies, I generally read the top billed author, the one who got my attention then I'd skim or skip the others. Not so with Red Sage, they obviously have
quality authors and a topnotch editing department. Wish I wrote erotica. Sigh.

Diana Peterfreund said...

*Used* to? ::sniff:: I was just on one. ;-)

But I loved them long before I ever posed for Vol 13. I have all the early ones. The publisher was in my RWA chapter.

Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin said...

Hi Leigh! Had to drop by and say hello.
While I am not usually a fan of historicals, THE DISCIPLINARIAN is one of my all-time favorite erotic reads! Sensual and compelling and gorgeously written!Seriously-anyone who hasn't read it should go out and buy this wonderful anthology now!
As for your questions, I like an anthology. I enjoy those tasty little tidbits-just enough to get your imagination going, but you don't have to commit to an entire novel, and I enjoy the variety you get in each book. And as you know from what I write, I've tried more than a little discipline myself...;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh,

I loved the Disciplinarian! It was my first introduction to erotica and I instantly fell in love.

Good luck on the pitching!


Unknown said...

I love anthologies, they are a great way to find new authors! I particularly like erotic historicals-surprise surprise!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Leigh!

Of course I love erotic and I also love anthologies. It gives you a chance to try new authors you may not have read before, and the shorter length is great for busy people like me. :-)

Congrats on THE DISCIPLINARIAN! I have it on my HUGE TBR pile!

Jax Cassidy said...

I loved the Disciplinarian! It was the first Red Sage book that I picked up and I'm glad I did. Can't wait to see you at the RWA Literacy Signing!

Anonymous said...

Leigh, The Disciplinarian was great and I love anthologies of all kinds. The best part of any anthology is it introduces you to new athors without having to risk everything on one book. You're bound to like at least one story and suddenly - you've got a new favorite! It's how I found Angela Knight, Charlaine Harris, Mary Janice Davidson, and well, you, too!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see so many talented writers as well as fans of erotic romance here!

And just look at how smart you ladies are! Red Sage was one of the pioneers in erotic romance, and now almost every publisher is jumping on the erotic romance bandwagon.

Here's another topic along those lines -- since we all read (and/or write) erotic romance, what do you think about the covers? How far is too far to go? I think the Red Sage covers are particularly classy. (I personally love a naked male body -- with no head, so I can fantasize myself about what the hero looks like.)

Anyone here like more (or LESS)explicit covers?


Anonymous said...

Morning Michelle and Bellas and welcome Leigh,

GULP! *hangs head in shame* I haven't heard of Red Sage but The Disciplinarian sounds really good! *makes a note to hunt it down*

As for covers, hmmm....I usually find that covers and the text never match :) I guess I like the less explicit ones though. Oh, I've just finished reading Parallel Heat by Deidre Knight - that had a great cover!


PS Yes, I do like anthologies :) Leigh - all the best with the release!

Anonymous said...

Visit my website at www.leighcourt.com to read an excerpt of The Disciplinarian, and then, if you DO want to buy the book, just click on the amazon.com logo on my home page to order it -- couldn't be easier!


Gerb said...

I love anthos. Waaaaaay back when, it was a collection of Stephen King novellas that started my love affair with shorter fiction. Since then, I have discovered many a fantastic author from anthology collections.


Portia Da Costa said...

I love the Red Sage covers! Just the right degree of sensuality for me. Wonderful, sexy embraces and fine torsos but completely tasteful.

Diana Peterfreund said...

I don't think my fiance wants the covers to be any sexier. ;-)

However, the photographer is always trying to get my fiance into the studio, at which point, *I* don't want the covers to be any sexier!

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I just HAVE TO see what your fiance looks like :)


Julie in Ohio said...

I know I'm late with a "Welcome to RBTB, Leigh!" but my mama always says it's better to be late than never show up. :oD

I used to be leary about anthologies only because I didn't think it was possible to get a complete story in a short amount of pages. Boy, OH, Boy was I wrong! I have found some new to me authors that are now must buys while reading anthologies. I also like the fact that you can read it in stages. Right before bed you can read a complete story and not stay up until 2am. At the doctor's office, who here hasn't spent an hour or more in the waiting room? I find them very satisfying when I'm looking for a quickie fix.

I almost forgot the bestest part. There are three or more stories in one book. Talk about getting your moneys worth. :o)

Welcome again, Leigh. I'm glad you came to play today.

Now I need to go back and read the comments and see what I missed. :o)

joye said...

I am always looking for new authors to read. Glad I found you-your book The Disciplarian sounds great. Can't wait to read.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh,

I haven't read any of the Secrets anthologies, but I will now! You have totally piqued my interest and I will look for The Disciplinarian first. I enjoy reading anthologies - I'm one of those readers that can't put a book down until it's finished - so rather than stay up until 2 am, I'm only up until midnight.

As for covers, I say the steamier the better.
And best of luck with the full length manuscripts!


Lucie Simone said...

Leigh, The Disciplinarian was not just smokin' hot, but it also was very layered, touching on emotional issues that every woman could relate to. To me, the steamy scenes were a delightful addition to the romantic tale!

Anonymous said...


I love anthologies and the Secrets line is certainly a good mixture of diversity in the genres printed in each one.

It's also a really good way to get to know the writing style of different authors. I attribute them to a good first date...not too long but fun all the same.

Thanks for sharing and blogging,


Anonymous said...

Hi, Leigh!

Loved the Disciplanarian and am a fan of Red Sage books in general. Can't wait to read more of your stuff!

I like those 'headless torso' covers, too. Sexy, but not raunchy. That's the difference, for me, between Red Sage books and books from some of the other erotic romance pubs out there.

See you in Dallas :)


Anonymous said...

Of all the days to log on late! I like anthologies because you can finsih them in normal amount of time. I really hate puting down a book when I start it. i haven't read any of the Secrets anthologies but plan on correcting that soon. thanks for the great blog and I'll have to go back later and read all of the comments later.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a day! I've loved all your comments (and compliments -- thanks!) This is definitely one of the best blogs around. I don't know when Michelle changes the post (do I turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight?) but I'll be checking back throughout the evening, so keep the comments coming!

Thanks so much,

Natasha Moore said...

Popping in really late. Hey,Leigh!!

I love novellas, both reading and writing them. Red Sage anthologies, with their excellent quality, were what really got me interested in writing them. And now I've sold two for upcoming Secrets volumes!!

The Disciplinarian was such a great read, Leigh. So glad you posted here to introduce some new readers to the pleasure that is Secrets.

Natasha Moore

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh,

Checking in late. The Red Sage Secrets volumes are fabulous. I was so impressed by the quality of writing (ok, and the sex was great too!) when I read my first one, I couldn't wait to submit. Now I have two Red Sage novellas coming out and can't wait for the response. The Disciplinarian is a wonderful, sensual story, and I look forward to reading more from you, Leigh.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh,

Am late but just have to say I love the Red Sage "Secrets" series of anthos. I have found many a new author to read in those anthos.

I have not picked up the latest 2 "Secrets" but they are on my to buy list (which I honestly can't seem to make a dent in - I keep adding 2 books for every one I read. LOL).

As for BDSM, I enjoy it and the milder D/S stories immensely. Something about putting all your trust in your partner and letting go of having to make decisions for awhile (you can guess where I fall in the D/S spectrum, huh?).

Anyway, Kudos on your new release. Keep up with the writing.


Anonymous said...

I agree with several of the above posts. The best part of anthologies is the fact that I can read stories by new authors. Since I like all styles and lengths there is a time for each type of story.

Kate Willoughby said...

Super super late! Very busy day, but I'm here at last. I loved The Disciplinarian. It was my favorite story in that anthology. I loved the authentic feel to their situation and how Leigh paid heed to the social norms at the end instead of bending them to fit her plot.

As a reader, I love both long novels and anthologies. But I only seem able to write short right now.

Must get ice cream now. Need energy. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Leigh,
I found your jump from an established reporter career to a romance writing fascinating.
There's so many facets to each of us but doesn't it seem like once we are on one track we hate to get off it? Even if we are not happy.
Obviously, you lept out of passion into writing about passion.
I have not read your books but they sound intriguing and I'll definitely check them out.
Thanks for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

To Rainy and everyone who posted late in the day -- thanks so much for your positive feedback. I suppose ALL romance writers are passionate about passion!

Thanks again for this awesome opportunity to share with you all.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

argh, I tried to post this last night, but couldn't:

Hi, Leigh, Bellas, and new friends! It's so nice of you to follow Leigh over here today for this awesome discussion. Welcome Red Sage authors! And Leigh, I'm really glad you like it here -- I feel really lucky to have so many great women (and men) hang here to talk openly and honestly about everything on their minds.

My friend turned me on to Red Sage a couple years ago; one of the stories was kinda para, I think, but with an Indian warrior and maiden. RS anths've got everything I like: hot stories, great writing. I never thought of it in terms of “convenience,” but a while back someone, ev, I think, said she keeps anthologies in her car so she’ll always have something to read at the doc’s office, at soccer practice, etc.

I found "The Disciplinarian" a joy, and I'm glad so many of you enjoy it, too. Cool to know you've got something new coming to us soon.

I hope you'll all check out excerpts and special stuff at Leigh's site, www.LeighCourt.com

Now, discipline. Love the idea of giving over and experiencing that kind of trust sexually. Since I put together Leigh's GuestBlog last night, I've been fantasizing about a little discipline scenario involving Richard Armitage tenderly coercing me into meeting deadlines by the promise of some lovely treat, possibly involving spanking. Because I know my Bellas wouldn't respect me if I didn't include that and/or a well-sprung carriage in my fantasy. But I’m not sharing Richard w/ anyone else, so it’s just he and I in the carriage.

Thanks you , everyone, especially Leigh, for making this day a memorable one here at RBtheBlog!

(ooo, Bellas, I had me some lawbstah for dinner) :)

Thanks again, Leigh!

Marilyn Brant said...

Hi, Leigh!
Just had to chime in here to say how much I enjoy the Secrets anthologies. Terrific writing, a range of genres and so many intriguing tales :).

Anonymous said...

Hey Leigh,
What can I say, but "thanks for the inspiration". Your wonderful story helped send me on my path to being published. Novella length is a wonderful, quick, yet satisfying read.
All the best,
Christine London

Anonymous said...

Your hero's photo looks alot like Mr Gerard Butler as he appeared in the movie Timeline. Am I correct, or does he have a twin roaming the landscape?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous-
The photo is of Richard Armitage, a British actor currently starring in the BBC TV series "Robin Hood." But -- hoo boy! -- Gerard Butler is equally yummy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh
I just wanted to tell you that I think you are an amazing writer; I was captivated from the very beginning of the book. Your use of the written word was so colorful that I felt I was right in your story. I REALLY want to read more of your books and hope to see some soon- do you have any more published or being published?

Thanks so much for the great read!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh

I LOVE your use of historical fiction. I am a history buff and absolutely respect the fact that this story has accurate historical information in it; you don't find that in all books...

I appreciate the realism of your characters and felt attached to them from almost the beginning of the story; this coupled with your hot encounters has made me a Leigh Court fan and I am anxiously waiting for your next book- so BRING IT ON!

Thanks for spending some time here!!


kim h said...

did u pick a wnner

Anonymous said...

Kim H-
LeeAnn was the winner of Secrets Volume 15.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh,
I havn't read a good bodice buster since I was a teenager and you have moved the genre well beyound that in the enticing and delicious Discilinarian.The short story makes a great read on a sulry evening like we have been having although it might make some to hot,Iread on a chilly night and it warmed me right up.I'm a serial reader i hate to leave the characters especially when thy are so well delienated as you'rs are. maybe a series of short books would be good although The Disciplinarian is perfect.Anxiously awaiting you'r next book.