Friday, June 22, 2007

I Like It Campy

Last night Dave, the kids and I trudged through the sweaty and buggy day camp the chitlins are gonna spend a few weeks at this summer. You know, Camper Orientation Night. The kids were hot and sticky and cranky, complaining about everything for the hour and a half we spent there. Dave and I were frantic, thinking we'd spent good money to send our kids to a place they thought was a hellish nightmare.

As we were leaving, they were, like, "wow, we can't wait for summer camp." Go flippin figure.

Now, I never went to summer camp, but I'm seen my share of "Friday the 13th" flicks, so I think that qualifies me as an expert. I've even read a couple romance novels set at summer camps or family vacation cottage, two memorable examples being Susan Wigg's "Summer at Willow Lake," and Susan Elizabeth Phillips "This Heart of Mine."

So if you're lookin for summer-themed entertainment this weekend, ditch the the camp horror flicks, and go for one of these babies.. There'll definitely be a happy ending. And while somebody'll probably have hot, furtive sex in the woods, I pretty much guarantee they're not gonna end up slashed
to bits in the end.

Ain't romance grand?

What were your summer camp experiences like? Are you shooing your kids out of the house to camp this summer? What are you planning to read this weekend?
Encore! What RBtheBlog summer camp experience would be complete without a hot and wet fantasy counselor. Oh, please -- he's over eighteen. And it is Friday after all...

Meet Adolfo. He's a University of MN exchange student from Sicily. He's also works as a poolboy at my neighbor Cissy's. Oh, don't we love our afternoon book groups now...

Encore due! Of course I'm kidding. Sheesh. I have no idea who he is. And I don't even belong to a book group. But a Bella can dream, cain't she?


Julie in Ohio said...

Good Morning, All!!!

LOL, Michelle-- You had me going there. I may go out and get a pool just in case, though. :o)

I loved summer camp. I lived for summer camp. It was a girl scout camp but the pool staff and horse staff was usually made up of males who were foreign exchange students. I remember one life guard from Australia who I kept hoping would demonstrate mouth to mouth on me. Ah, the memories....

I am currently reading "Suite Seventeen" *SQUEEEEE* (Thank you very very much, Ms. Portia) When I'm done with it, I will most assuredly read it again. :o)

Playground Monitor said...


I never got to go to summer camp. But I did get to shoo my kids to YMCA camp once or twice when they were younger. Nothing ritzy but it was on the lake so they were happy.

I WAS planning to read a Blaze this weekend but I think I may be heading to the UBS to find me a copy of that Susan Elizabeth Phillips book. Oh darn. Just remembered I have to drive the DH's truck with the motorcycle trailer (sans motorcycle) towing behind it and I have to be careful that I don't go somewhere that I have to back up. Maybe I'll be reading that Blaze after all.


Julie in Ohio said...

At this point, I send my oldest off to camp each year. Daughter #2 goes next year.
Daughter #1 loves it as much as I did. I think most of it is that she gets to do things that I would *never* let her do, like creek stomping and all the other messy things that kids love and parents cringe at.

Kati said...

Well, I have a pool and we don't have a cabana boy. We have us. Two 35 year old women squealing like little girls whenever we have to pull some poor dead chipmunk or other something out of the pool. A cabana boy would be a vast improvement. We'd name him Raoul, and provide him with a loin cloth uniform.

Ah camp. Yes, I went. Every year from 12-19 to Camp Rim Rock in Yellow Springs, WV. It's a magical, magical place. Horseback riding, archery, swimming, tennis, arts and crafts (I make a mean hemp bracelet) and of course dance (snort). It was all girls and we had an absolute blast. The all girl thing seemed horrible until I realized that I could be as dirty, stinky and gross as I wanted and didn't have to worry about it. Then, once I got old enough, I taught horseback riding, in the middle of a riding field wearing a bikini, boxer shorts, and duck boots. It was quite a picture, I'll tell ya. And it made for interesting tan lines. Camp was the best gift my parents ever gave me. I still dream about it sometimes.

On top of that, I know every single stupid camp song in the world. My friends with kids are always astounded and my knowledge of songs about baby bumblebees, peanut-peanut butter...and jelly.. and jelly, swimming pools, and of course, a boy and a girl in a little canoe. It's pretty frightening.

Rach said...

Ah, summer camp. I only went to day camp for the first few years of my life because Mom was a teacher and wanted to spend her summers home with us.

Then, one summer I went to church camp which was so much fun. There were campfires, a spring fed pool (complete with frogs and frigid water), and cabins with NO electricity. It was all a grand adventure! :o)

The following year I went to GS camp and that was an even BIGGER blast.

But, alas, those were the ends of my camp experiences. So sad.

Just wanted to let you Bellas know the Monkey was released from the hospital at 9:00 last night. Boy are we relieved!! :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, MK!! As I'm reading your words, the songs are playing in my mind. :oD

Portia Da Costa said...

We don't have the summer camp experience over here... so I've no point of reference other than the band camp in the American Pie movies! LOL

Reading this w/e? Mad as it seems, I'll be reading one of my own books! Am currently writing a sequel to Gothic Blue, written over a decade ago... and I've completely forgotten what happened!

Ack, the ravages of age on the memory...

Monica Burns said...

MK, did you ever do There's a Bear, Where? Over there? If not, we're DEFINITELY gonna have to have a BELLAs weekend somewhere and do it!! HYSTERICAL

I went to YMCA Summer Camp for two weeks (overnight) when I was 9. I got to go in a free program they had for folks who couldn't afford for their kids to attend. I was so homesick the first week that I started crying myself to sleep. My counselors arranged for my Mom to call and I was fixed for the rest of the 2-week period. I loved it.

Of course, I really didn't need summer camp because we actually camped every single weekend from about late March through end of Oct every year. I got to see all the states east of Mississippi before the age of 16 from the vacations we took (well not Mississippi or LA). We even went to Canada. TOTALLY cool.

Roasted marshmellows, smores, sparks flying. I even got my first kiss on a weekend camping expedition. He was TOTALLY HAWT and I still remember his features clearly! Dark hair dropping low over the brow, dark brown steamy eyes (and this guy was ONLY 15!).

Ah yes Julie O, the memories...

Won't be reading, I'll be editing Mirage for Oct release and working on the new paranormal series. I need more hours in the day!!! Oy!


Kati said...

It's too bad we can't do an in person Bellathon. I've already told Michelle that Nationals is going to be in DC in 2009, I think I'll offer up my house to all Bellas far and near who want to crash out, and we'll have a big Bellathon then.

Mon - I'll be we'd do a hell of a duet! LOL!

Mmmm, s'mores. I love them. I like to set my marshmallow on fire and then blow it out and smear it on the chocolate. That's the only way, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not sure what I'm going to read. I just read the first review for Nalini Singh's newest CARESSED BY ICE, which is out in September. Now I'm aching for it. So I might have to revisit Lucas and Sascha and enjoy their story again. Followed of course by Vaughan and Faith. SIGH. I love her stuff.

Speaking of which! Hey Michelle, have you gotten LOVER UNBOUND yet? What did you think? Are we gonna love it? And, care to share some tidbits?

Kati said...

Hey! I just read that the Smart Bitches got a book deal! I seriously can't wait to read that book!


Playground Monitor said...

That book sounds scary.

I'm going to get to meet Nalini at RWA this summer! I'll tell her the Bellas are crazy for her books.


Phoebe Belsley said...

Aw, Michelle...I thought WE were your book group...

I never went to camp as a kid; my mother opened the back door every morning and said "go outside." That was it. No hawt 15 yr old boys every tried anything on me in my own neighborhood. :-(

The SmartBitches have a book deal? Tell-all, or fiction? Hm.

Kati said...

I'm going to get to meet Nalini at RWA this summer! I'll tell her the Bellas are crazy for her books.

Oooh! Marilyn, you lucky duck! I hope she's as lovely in person as she seems on the website. I hear she's cooking up a new paranormal series too. Something about angels, I think. Sounds good to me. She could pretty much write the phone book and I'd read it.

Playground Monitor said...

Per their website:

If you get the Publisher’s Marketplace’s ‘Today’s Deals’ email, you learned that Candy and I have a book deal. To quote the announcement, we’ll be writing a guide to romance novels, “a funny, somewhat bitchy and adoring look at the world of romance novels, from the authors to the covers to the conferences to the audience around.”

I just have to wonder about this. Romance has a difficult enough time being taken seriously. If there's a "somewhat bitchy and adoring look at the world of romance novels," will that hurt more than help?

Just my two cents' worth.


Kati said...

Marilyn - In my experience, while the Bitches can be extremely tough on romance authors sometimes (see Cassie Edwards), they are in general terrific advocates for the genre as a whole. They are strong voices in the industry and extremely well respected by authors and publishers alike (see Nora Roberts). Now, they don't back off from a controversy and sure, there are plenty that don't like their style, but my experience there has been that very often, they are the voice of reason within the industry.

That being said, they do have a tonality to their writing style, which could very well be taken wrong, if one doesn't appreciate their senses of humor. I do, so I get a kick out of them, but I know others who really have a hard time with some of the stuff they do on their site.

As always, I'm sure everyone's mileage will vary on whether they appreciate the book or not. For me, it'll be an autobuy. Whether I love it or not, I like those girls immensely and would like to support their efforts.

ellie said...

I went to summer camp for 5 years and loved it. It meant being away from the city during the summer which was great, meeting new friends and having parties, cookouts, and all the important ingredients for a kid to remember.

sharon said...

I enjoyed camp. I had to go and it was an education in many ways. I also sent my children to summer camp since it was necessary to get them out of town for a good part of every summer. Now they are adults and still remember the experience. This weekend I will be reading A Sense of Paper by taylor Holden.

Rach said...

Forgot to mention weekend reading. Oops. If I have time (hah!) I'm going to try to read Suzanne Enoch's "Sins of a Duke". I've read the other Griffin brother's stories and need to finish up the series.

Mon, s'mores. Yummo! We have those out back on the weekends when we do mini-bonfires.

FIONA said...

I went to Girl Scout camp in JH and loved it. :-)

My oldest child gets to go to an overnight camp this year. One whole week of the two kids not fighting! Maybe my WIP will progress. LOL

My favorite scene about a summer camp in a movie is from ADDAMS FAMILY 2.

Friday is Library day in our family, during the summer. Who knows what will come home with me. I just read my ARC of SCREAM FOR ME by Karen Rose. (I know you are all jealous.) It was HOT.

Rach said...

You know, I was just thinking, my favorite movie with camping is "The Parent Trap" with Hailey Mills. Remember the scene where the twins are taken to the confinement cabin and the entire camp comes along behind whistling?

Or, what about "The Great Outdoors"? Another campy, funny movie.

I always dreamt of attending a fabulous overnight camp. Somehow I don't think my church camp experience counts. GS camp was as close as I ever came to what I imagined summer camp to be like.

Unknown said...

I never got to go to an official Summer Camp. The closest thing I got was out door school that lasted for five days. But I did get to go back in High School as a councilor. The main thing I remember about that was sneaking out of our cabins after all the kids were in bed and hanging out. Nothing interesting ever came of it though. But we had fun and saw I think the biggest raccoon I have ever seen in my life!
This weekend I will be finishing Secrets. I already flipped to the back and read The Disciplinarian by Leigh Court. It was really good. I wish I had someone like Jarred to teach me those kinds of lessons ;)

Playground Monitor said...

My boys watched "Ernest Goes to Camp" so many times I could repeat huge chunks of dialogue from memory. shudder

I have amended my weekend read to be INTO THE DARK, Cindy Gerard's NYTimes bestseller. This is book 6 of a series though they are standalones, which is great since I've missed books 4 and 5. Oh they're on the shelf but you know the drill. Repeat after me: so many books and so little time.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yes, Caroline, you guys are my book group, and I hate that I sounded like I wasn't thinking of you, but my mind was a little muddled by the thought of a barely legal pool boy in the loin cloth uni MK was mentioning.

You campers with your songs. I'm always envious of that, and was even saying so as we were schlepping last night. The games, to. I was telling Dave and the kids how I don't even know how to play Duck, Duck Goose. so he made sure I knew it has something to do with tapping players on the head. I'm not all that hepped about the idea of my hair getting really flat on top, but I'm guessing that's not the spirit of summer camp games?

Oh, youz guys with your summer camp romances. Susan Wigg's book has that "they met at summer camp and he broke her heart, then they met as adults thing goin." God! I love the novels where they meet again after being apart for years.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

rach, so glad your daughter is out of the hospital. I hope everyone can get a little rest this weekend. That stuff is hard on the kids, but really rough on parents.

Hey, I sent a nice note to Sarah and Candy and invited them to make their book cyber-tour GuestBlog debut at my blog. Wouldn't that be fun?!

Rach said...

Marilyn, I forgot about "Ernest Goes to Camp" probably for a reason...:oP

Here's another great camp movie I just remembered, "Indian Summer".

Michelle, thanks. We're trying to recover--all of us. As for Sarah and Candy, should be fun! :o)

catslady said...

Marilyn I had a deprived childhood to lol. I made sure my two girls got to go to girlscout camp every year and most years I was either a volunteer or assistant leader so I got to go too. We all have great memories of those trips.

Anonymous said...

never went to camp (did I miss out?) dont have any for reading material this weekend a trip to library is needed (so it is to be determined)

Julie in Ohio said...

From a parent's perspective, the thing I like most about camp is that it gives the kids something productive to do during the summer. Our girl scout camp has different programs for the girls to sign up for. The one my daughter is doing this year is called Dr.Doolittle. She's going to learn how to care for various animals, wild and domestic. So along with the swimming and crafts and such, they are also getting an education of sorts.
Of course if she starts bringing strays home we may have a problem... :o)

ev said...

Ah, yes, the weekend. Mine will end on July 4th when I have to go back to work until then...VACATION!!!!!

Jersey shore here we come- Lobsters better take cover.

I have Mean 13 to take along with Don Rickles bio and a whole herd of pb's from my tbr pile and some I just bought today. LOL

I went to GS camp a couple of summers, but then missed out going to camp with my parents. So I decided to not go any more. We would spend the summer at the lake, and dad would drive into work everyday, sometimes making it back at night. (the farm didn't go on vacation, only us). i would spend the day on the lake in the boat just drifting with a book and a 6-pack (soda, until I got older), and read. I put a pole with a bobber on it in the water, no bait, and let people think i was fishing so they would go away.

Gods, I miss those days!!

Eve Silver said...

I definitely was not a fan of summer camp. I would have been very happy sitting on my bed all summer reading a bunch of great books. Instead, I was sent into the mosquito infested wilds. Shudder.

But this year, younger son has decided to go to sleep-away camp for the first time. The whole thing came about because his best bud was signed up to go (by his mom), didn't want to go (in the slightest), so younger son decided to go with to lend moral support. He leaves next Friday. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I still have my son's letter home from his first boy scout camp. He complained all thru his letter (marked w/ tear stains - or maybe just sweat?) about stinky potties, heat, terrible food, etc. He came back a week later, glad to have gone and kept on going every summer for a few years. I made sure to show him his letter when he left for USMC boot camp years later! :)

Stacy~ said...

Oh man, summer camp. This is probably closely related to band camp, which (sadly?) I never attended.

One year all the girls were head over flip flops for this hot, and I mean HOT camp counselor Jordan. He was gorgeous, and almost always wore sunglasses. Hordes of girls would follow him everywhere. Finally to appease our innocent (ha!) crushes, he agreed to kiss us all good night, so, and this sounds pretty sad right now, we all lined up for our kiss. Hey, we were only 12. Unfortunately poor Jordan got in trouble with the camp advisors and was severely reprimanded, but he made a lot of girls happy that summer ;)