Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Am SO Going Straight To Hell

One of the cool thing about posting comments on blogs is the anonymity quotient. You can lay out pretty much any secret and not have to worry about anyone you know in real life finding out your identity. I guess that's why sex blogs are so popular.

Though we often talk about sex, this isn't a sex blog, it's more a kaffee klatsch, where we meet cause we love reading romance novels, and stay cause we love to toss out our thoughts and be heard. Because we don't always feel listened to in life outside the monitor, do we?

One of the things I love best about reading through comments here every day, is the exchange between you all, not as much when you respond to what I say, as to when you begin to own the conversation.

Yesterday, Bella MaryKate told us a shawkah about an unexpected and kinda sexy perk she received recently when on a business trip. To which Bella Leeann replied: That’s a great story! I never have any good stories to tell. I think someday I might just make something up to see what other people's reactions would be. At least I know that I have an interesting imagination ;o)

So I'm thinkin, great ideer, Leeann! I mean, people make up stuff all the time on the Internet, usually to make other people feel dopey when they find out it's un
true. What if we do it for fun?

Go ahead, Bellas, tell us your most outrageous story. Funny, sweetly poignant, scary, whatever. Then, we'll try to figure out whether you're telling the truth, or just bluffing for our benefit!
Encore! I finally watched the 2002 version of "The Count of Monte Cristo." I hadn't seen a version of the Count since I was a kid, and really enjoyed the thing. Although, Luis Guzman's Brooklyn accent was a little unnerving. But the flick was fun, and half-way through I learned that I now have a crush on Jesus. Who knew James Cavaziel (above, right) played the Lord? Well, besides those millions of people who saw "The Passion of the Christ" smarty pants. I guess I should get to the movies more often.


Michele Hauf said...

You can have Jesus, Michelle, I'll take Guy Pearce. I love me a thin, blade-cheeked man. And no, he's not really thin, but lean and muscled. Hmm...might have to pull out my copy of The Time Machine to do a little drooling.

But speaking of Cavaziel... (I love saying that last name). There's a great little flick called UNKNOWN, starring him. It's about 5 guys who wake up in a warehouse, all have amnesia, but they quickly learn they are part of a kidnapping plot. Half of them are the kidnappers, half are the kidnappees. But who is who? Who to trust?


Portia Da Costa said...

Mmmm... Guy Pearce for me too! Especially in LA Confidential and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

That movie sounds intriguing, Michele... will have to watch out for it.

Portia Da Costa said...

ps. meant to say, I *do* like James Cazaviel too... He makes a gorgeous Count. I love the grand entrance he makes in his new persona. :)

Rach said...

Portia, how goes the word count?

James Cavaziel is one of my sister's faves. I think he is mighty fine himself.

Michele, intriguing movie plot. Hm.

Kati said...

Afternoon Bellas. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Mine is kind of low key because we're having a big crowd for the 4th.

I'm feelin' kinda blue today cause my fella is off to London for a month. I'll hear from him on the I-Net, but not by telephone. Wah! Poor me.

Anyhoo, I like, but don't love Jim Caveziel. I liked Frequency quite a bit, but I thought Dennis Quaid was what made the movie.

I'm plannin' on watching Lady in the Water tonight. I generally love M. Night Shymalan. His last movie, The Village is in my top 15 favorite movies of all time. Sooo, romantic.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good one.

ev said...

We are home. Thank god.

Maybe now I can finally post and have the bloody thing go thru. I hate hotels and Wi-fi.

I am so glad I don't need to act pleasant around the stepford family for a while again.

I miss the twins though.

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Bellas!!

Let me start by saying that I love "The Count of Monte Cristo". I remember reading it in high school and when the movie came out I had to see it. Now I own the video. It's a fav. Jim Caveziel is a wonderful actor.

Hubby and I got are trying out Netflix. What a fun thing to do. I'm getting to see movies that I've missed the last 10 years. If there aren't any blood, guts, or big explosions, I don't get to theater. :rolls eyes: But now I'm getting to see fun movies like "The Holiday". This movie gave me a new hottie to look into; Jude Law. I've seen him in magazines but never on screen. I'm going to have to find other movies he's done. Yes, sir-ee... :oD

Kati said...

Jules, if Michelle were really a giver, she'd post some pix of Jude for you...I happen to know she has some, as I've sent them along to her!


He was delicious in The Holiday though. He's a lovely Daddy.

Rach said...

A DILF, MK? ;o)

Julie in Ohio said...

"...if Michelle were really a giver, she'd post some pix of Jude for you."

Give, Michelle, Give!!!!!! :o)

Stacy~ said...

Hey Jules, I'm thinking of trying out Netflix too. I've missed more movies than I care to think about, and though I'm not big on renting, this might work out, especially since I can keep them a loooong time LOL. I recently watched Harry Potter on DVD and it wasn't so bad. I prefer the theatre but sometimes you just can't see everything.

MK, I had to go back and read your comments about the hotel amenities, and you know, I'm so glad you posted that. I definitely woulda done the same thing. Us (we?) dirty girls gotta stick together *g*

One reason I applaud MK's honesty is that it reminds me of the conversations I had with some of my friends at the get-together. At dinner one night, most of them said they don't care for the anal sex scenes in books, and I felt very uncomfortable because I don't mind them, not one bit. Same with the m/f/m stuff, and I've even read a m/m story that really worked for me. (Of course the fact that the guys were both portrayed as completely hetero until they realized they had feelings for each other had a lot to do with it). Anywayz, it's always a relief to talk about things that do it for you and not be embarrassed about it. That's why I love visiting here - no condemnation or being made to feel like there's something wrong with a person's preferences. I love my friends dearly but they just don't get me LOL.

I can't get the image of Jim Cavaziel out of my head from "Deja Vu" where he played a really, really bad guy, but I think I would watch this movie. I'm thinking about getting out my King Arthur video and drooling over Clive Owen and Ioan Gruffudd - yum.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, Stace. I'm glad you feel you can come here and talk about that stuff. I, too, have no one in real life I can talk to about that stuff, and remember? We couldn't even get authors to talk about it til the LustBiters picked up the topic.

When we were in Boston and had dinner w/ old friends, I was telling them about what I do, I just launched into the big "chicks are finding m/m sex scenes really hot" like it was nothin. Later I asked Dave whether he thought I was out of hand, and he said he was proud that I didn't feel like I had to apologize for what I do or what I like to read. It did feel good, but it reminded me of how far I've come since I started reading romance.

And your comment about the guys being hetero -- like in slash -- made me laugh. I was talking to Kate Duffy a while back about a new line Kensington's absorbing into Aphrodesia and telling her that's almost gotta be de rigeur, like, the reader's gotta feel she woulda had a chance with at least one of em. :) Of course, some simple gay sex is just fine, too.

Funny about Clive, I'd been thinking about him when I posted this blog, and was gonna do some pics when I remembered about the Count. I really liked King Arthur. Ioan was great, too.

Yes, Jules, I will give and very soon. I'd forgotten about the Judes cause I haven't visited my Un Bel Typo file in a while.

DILF, Rach! LOFlippinL!

Rach said...

Portia, I hope your writing went well this weekend :o). Just wanted to let you know I finished MR. STONE last night. OMG! HAWT HAWT HAWT HAWT! Hubby didn't know what hit 'im ;oP. Thank you!

And, Michelle, I, like you and Stacy, am very grateful to have this venue to talk romance and what does it for me. I find in general I'm a much more vocal advocate for romance than I ever was before.

Kati said...

I always laugh, because very often, I end up talking to Michelle on the phone while I'm onsite at a meeting. And somehow we always end up talking about something that might be considered racey. Course, it's just business for her, and I love to get to talk to someone about that stuff. My roomie is pretty conservative as a reader, so things to "crank her tractor" like they do me. I gave her Passion by Lisa Valdez and she hated it.


Far be it for me to judge, but I loved Passion.

This weekend I read two books, Wolf Tales IV by Kate Douglas and the new JQ. Now, I loves me some Kate Douglas, and I realized in there somewhere I've missed a story, so I've got to go back and see if I can't find it. But I have to say, she put more action in the story than I would have liked. My favorite part about her stories is that she manages to advance the romantic angle of the story while keeping them smokin' hot. There was a little less of that in this book.

The new JQ, I'm still trying to absorb. But I'll tell you this, I didn't love it. Which shocks me. I seriously can't remember when I last read a JQ that I wasn't instantly in love with. Seriously. I know it was the hero that bothered me. I loved the heroine. I thought she had a smart mouth and was very good at standing up for herself. And the dialog sparkled, as usual. I loved the carriage scene. But, for a reason that I haven't yet been able to put my finger on, I didn't love the hero. My roomie suggested that perhaps it was because he wasn't a Bridgerton, but I don't think so. She wrote a lovely family dynamic in this book, so I'm pretty sure that's not what bugged me. I'm gonna keep pondering. Did anyone else have the same reaction? Or is it just me?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Rach, amen to Mr. Stone. I found myself fantasizing about him this weekend. Oddly enough, he looked just like Vincenzo D in a suit. There's really something to be said for imagining an actor as a character when the character's based on his appearance. Brava Bella Portia!

MK, I'll have to think about the Quinn, cause I read it a long time ago during a binge. I've gotta take it out this week to refresh. This is cool: I just got two new "2nd Epilogues" the When He Was Wicked, and Romancing Mr Bridgerton. WE'll get JulieQ to talk about them next month. Started WHWW, and really like it, but couldn't read too much. Great Bridgerton fix.

Off to the new post, Bellas. Glad you stopped by this weekend, even though it was so beautiful out.

Ooo, did I tell you I got my RITAs gown? It red.

Rach said...

Oh, yeah, MK. I felt the same way. I didn't love Turner. In fact, I had a very difficult time *liking* him. There were moments where I did, but overall, I didn't think he deserved Miranda.

The book was also "darker" than her others to me, if that makes sense. It had nothing to do with it not being Bridgertons, and everything to do with I had a hard time connecting.

I'm the world's biggest JQ fan and was shocked I didn't immediately LOVE this story. The only other time this has happened was with Benedict's story.

Portia Da Costa said...

Ah, Clever Bobby Stone... perhaps the favourite of all the heroes I've ever written... :)

And somehow, not entirely because of Vincenzo... Stone came to life all on his own, too.

Managed to hit my writing target on Saturday, but it's strange going with this one. The hero's v. much an ambiguous figure... fighting with his own dark side a lot.