Monday, June 18, 2007

Can U Forgive Me?

Toni Blake GuestBlogs Tomorrow, June 19

Celebrating the Release of her Hot Hot Hot
New Novel, "Tempt Me Tonight!"

Ugh. How kind of you to keep returning yesterday and today with absolutely nothing new to read or talk about!

I woke this am, fresh and rested from vacation, eager to write a new, entertaining blog for you. Well, at least a blog that was new. But my computer was a mess, and I had to spend a great deal of time on the phone with a very nice computer nerd -- and I mean that with the greatest admiration -- named Neo.

Anywayz, since I'm only back on now, here are a couple pix to say "mi scusi," as well as some winners from last week's GuestBlogs:

Leigh Court has chosen: leanne
Debbie Guisti has chosen: JulieinOhio and CherieJ as her winners.

Please send me your snail mail addresses at! Congrats!
Now, I knowwwww this photo is a tad suggestive, but he is hot and wet, and he's kind of in celebration of the fact that Toni's here tomorrow and her novels are, well, hot. And sometimes pay homage to men who are wet. And who have sexy tats in naughty places which are inspired by strapping men who act in seriously nasty films...


Stacy~ said...

Sweetie, you've been gone a long time and we missed you, so I'll just quietly mention that tomorrow is only the 19th, not the 21st. But that's okay - we still love ya.

I can't wait to hear all about your vay-cay. I'm still pea-green with envy that you were hanging w/ my goddess Suz. But again, Michelle, you're just too dang nice to be mad least for long *g*

I always look forward to Toni's/Lacey's visits. She is one of the nicest people around. A true Bella.

'Night all. Got to be up early....

Stacy~ said...

And oh man, just cuz I didn't comment on the hot, wet hottie doesn't mean I didn't fully appreciate his...charms ;) I do, ever so much.

FIONA said...

I want guy # 2 to rescue me from my next computer disaster. LOL

Playground Monitor said...

God bless nerds! Without them we would all be in a world of computer mess.

Welcome back!


Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Michelle

So glad you're back! And sorry to hear you've had computer probs...

Looking forward to meeting Toni tomorrow. Sounds like it'll be a fun day!



Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Honest ta God, Fiona! I'm avoiding making naughty references to hard drives -- oops, guess I just did...

Hey, WendyPortia! Nice to be back, although I've really been draggin my feet, trying to avoid reality.

Thanks, Play! Really. Nerds are awesome.

ugh, Stace! Thanks. You don't think I could have just, I don't know, checked a calendar before I wrote that? And, you know, I even hesitated to tell you I saw SB, cause I really hate to seem like I'm name dropping. (And I wanted to avoid even your temporary wrath -- oh, did I say Wrath?) But, really, I get the sense she loves her fans, and usually she has fan events at the RWA location each year. Not this year, but regularly. I suspect you've been at one or will be?

Stacy~ said...

I don't think it's name-dropping - Michelle, talking with authors is what you do - it's your job. And we love you for it.

I heard about Suz's fan events, and if I would have known, I coulda gone last year. I was so bummed to miss it, but I did see her hanging w/ her dh and buddy Eric, and that's always memorable.

Julie in Ohio said...

Aww, Michelle, we'd forgive you anything. Especially when given fine lookin' wet men to oogle. :o)

We've missed ya!!! Glad you're back all safe and computer sound. I hope you were able to relax a little on your vay-cay.