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Well Slap Me Silly And Call Me M' Lady

Eve Ortega
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I am a tart for Henry Cavill.

Yes, even though I find "The Tudors" disinteresting and -- oh, God, I've got to say it -- tedious, I still find myself tossing the old heels up in the air for a glimpse of my new costume drama boyfriend, Henry Cavill.
Two eppies ago, Henry's character, Charles Brandon, Dreamy Duke of Suffolk, married Hank VIII's sister, Margaret, (who snuffed her elderly Portuguese -- I think -- husband because she and Brandon had magnificent UATSW (Ship's) sex after snipping and sniping like an anachronistic Kate/Petruchio) and found that she was just as aggrieved as he that Henry VIII tossed them from court.

So in this scene, which I like to think about often, Maggie's drunk and in high dudgeon, and is
flinging tankards, etc. at Brandon who finally decides enough is enough and he's gonna show her exactly who's boss and do so on the table. So, the scene's getting frantic and hot and Mags hauls off and backhands Brandon -- who's already begun getting to his business -- and for good coital measure whacks him again, which makes him even more lust crazed and the frenzy continues to the fade.

I found this gloriously sexy. I would not have found Brandon whacking Mags in the least bit titillating. Where the heck is this double standard coming from?
Encore! Grazie, grazie mille to our wanton friends from Lust Bites who visited yesterday in their jammies! Great fun talkin dirty with you; looking forward to next time and a possible cyber-PJ party...
Encore due!
Henry Cavill photo CR Jonathan Hession/Showtime, '07.


Kati said...

Umm, you're just a dirty girl?? That's my theory.

Although Henry can do me up against a wall anytime!! LOL!

Rach said...

Yeah, that's it... I second what MK had to say :oP.

ev said...

I haven't watched the show at all, so I can't say. But I like the costumes.

I have to go back to work tomorrow. I don't want to. It sucks. The weather is sooooo nice.

Playground Monitor said...


High dudgeon. Flinging tankards. My, my, what big words.

Sorry I've been absent. My mom underwent emergency surgery last night and I've been on the phone with my sister a lot. I might be flying to where she lives to help once she gets home from the hospital. OTOH, given the cost of airline tickets when booked at the last moment, I may be driving and spending a night on the road. Oh... I don't know what I'm going to do. Need to confer with the DH tonight.

Anyhoo, keep my mom in your thoughts, would ya? They're still not sure what caused her pelvic pain problem, but it wasn't a ruptured appendix as they'd suspected. The pathology reports should be in tomorrow or Thursday so keep your fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out "Tristan and Isolde"? Even though H.C. is a secondary character (he plays Melot, Tristan's step-brother) he steals every scene!. Long, black hair, capes, swords, it is swoon-worthy. Worth a peak. I love your taste, darling, cheers,and such.

Vivi Anna said...

I agree Ms. Mary, he did steal the show in that movie.

(((((((((hugs)))))))) Marilyn, I'll keep your mom in my thoughts.

I apologize for being absent too...I've been going through RT withdrawal and I've been working on a few very cool projects, and am hoping to have news to share with everyone soon.

Oh, I did sell two more books to Nocturne! So that's good news!!!

Kati said...

{{{Marilyn}}} I'll be praying for your Mom!

{{{Vivi}}} It's the year of Vivi! I'm so proud, Bella. Also, guilty and grateful, since this means I get to hear more about Necropolis.

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm so curious about this show, wish I had showtimes.

And about the double standard, I think it probably started in the Neanderthal era and things just kept getting tact on as the world got older and men(and women) wanted an excuse to do the things they do...man does that sound cynical....oh well back to my Shakespeare essay.

Aw, Marilyn, my heart goes out to you, and you'll be in my prayers tonight.

Rach said...

Oh, Marilyn, how awful. Prayers for your family and your mom. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Vivi--that's AWESOME news!!

Julie in Ohio said...

{{{BIG HUGS}}} Marilyn- I'll keep your mom in my prayers. I hope all comes out alright.

Vivi-- I just finished "Blood Secrets". I thought it was absolutely fabulous. Caine was a terrific hero and I adored Eve. She was fantastic. I can't wait for the next one. When will that be exactly? :o)

Stacy~ said...

Here's to the dirty girl in us all...okay, that didn't sound quite right, but I think you get the idea ;)

Ev, it's finally getting nice here too, and I feel restless being cooped up indoors. I feel your pain.

Marilyn, your mom's in my prayers. Hoping whatever they find is minor.

Ms. Mary I loved that movie. Didn't realize that was Henry. Thanx for the heads-up. I loved the song that Gavin DeGraw (?) did for the soundtrack.

Vivi, I'm so proud of you - it's so well deserved. I am especially thrilled about the Nocturne books. And everyone, Vivi's story in the Alluring Tales anthology is fabulous - the best in the whole book. Can't wait for the news...oh, and I loved that "pout" of yours that Sasha got on film *g*

Judy, I just have to say that I think it's about time that women have their own double standards LOL. Haven't seen the show, particularly this ep, but it sounds totally hot.

Vivi Anna said...

Thanks Bellas. I'm very excited about it all.