Saturday, May 12, 2007

So. There's This Guy. And This Girl. And This Other Guy...

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Oh, and I've got a fun secret to tell you -- Monday!

Hot, slick, forbidden female fantasy. The kind your guy will have great fun listening to you detail, if he's the kinda guy I think he is.

I mean, what gu
y wouldn't want to know his woman's long harbored a fantasy about a decadent weekend of wild sex with two healthy, single, stuhrapping mens who have been friends for years and don't mind sharing? Or has secretly desired he turn her control-freak life upside down by encouraging her wicked dreams of being masterfully dominated.

And I can't imagine a man alive who would be disconcerted to learn his chick's got a fantasy yen for wanton exhibitionist lovin' while watching some of the same.

Yup. Jaci Burton's "Wild, Wicked & Wanton," definitely did it for me. It's got that great erom anthology angle of three friends finally getting theirs -- always a fave of mine, way back from Lori Foster's earliest.

And while it pretty closely follows the romance construct, there is the naughty little veterinarian sammich in the first short. Yet I think you'll find Burton herself is masterful when she builds the monogamous HEA, a monumental task in this scenario.

Poor Dave. Last night he had to listen to me drone on about how arousing I found this book, how important these fantasies are to women's sexualities; why women's fantasy sammiches are different from men's (giving v servicing); and why anal sex scenes are so hot, especially in erotic romances where couples are journeying through sexual expression, onto love.

What that man doesn't endure for love of me.

What's the last hot book you read? Do you share your thoughts about those books with your partner? Does your heart bleed for my husband?


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, All! Fun, lazy morning here, now back to some work this afternoon. Have to make myself go to the 'brary so I don't get distracted.

Michele! (from yesterday)

Goodness, me, young lady, but you seem to be having a Suz Brockmann SEAL feast! I'm psyched I still have so many to read.

Re the AB comics, I agree the scars and stuff are a little creepy, but I assumed that look was recognizable to comics fans. Plus, they're, like, undead.

But, still, despite the scars and creepiness, still hawt. Yes, the opening line you quote, ""Come inside, Ma Petite, I think you'll like my drawings ...." made me think of the old, "please, come up to my place. I want you to see my etchings..."

I'm really looking forward to the Kenyon "Knights of Avalon" comics. Wouldn't it be cool if Marvel/Dabel Bros. released Black Dagger Brotherhood comics and graphic novels?

I've got a Darkyn on my TBR I've been meaning to get to.

Anonymous said...

mentioning Lori Foster, Wild always gets me...I Heart Zane! Oh the BF loves to hear whatever I have to say *wink wink* As for feeling sorry for your hubby, I'm sure you have to hear him go on anout something he loves. That is a two way street.

amy kennedy said...

I just this second picked-up Passion by Lisa Valdez, and the opening scene is so hot, I can't even stand it--the hero puts his fingers on the heroine's wrist and then inside her glove and well, I feel as if I've devulged too much. I hope the rest of the book lives up to this. This is the book the Lust Bites were talking about for a little bit the other day.

Yes--I tell him the good parts.

No, my heart does not bleed for Dave. I think no matter how much they groan when we wax "romantic" they still like the fact we even talk to them.

amy kennedy said...

Okay so I just went back and read the rest of the comments from yesterday.

The Anita Blake comics!!!!!!! Come on. No seriously, come on. I need to see those. I sound sick. But seriously...

Michele--don't you adore Brockmann? Well obviously you do. MK got me to read Over the Edge and I feel in love.

amy kennedy said...

Yeah, not only did I "feel" in love, I also FELL in love.

Kati said...

Hmm, I don't usually do short stories, but this looks like one I'll need to check out! Last seriously hot book I read? Probably WOLF TALES III by Kate Douglas. She writes very hot sex, and for kicks, her characters are polyandrous, so there are all kinds of combinations, and well, that does it for me.

I don't have a hubby, so I don't generally go on and on about the books to anyone, except occasionally Michelle when I chat with her.

Vivi Anna said...

The last hot story was...actually two of them. Short stories by Kimberly Kaye Terry and Delilah Devlin, that will be coming out as erotic briefs from SPICE in August I think.

damn damn DAMN! Hot stories!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at your comment about your dh. After I read this book I think mine was feeling the same way! LOL This book is HOT! Seriously. Whew.

kim h said...

the man tamer by cindi myers was damn hot

Unknown said...

Mr Kate Pearce doesn't read my books but he does update my website and paste and copy reviews. I know he's read something he doesn't want to know when he sticks his fingers in his ears and starts chanting "Chocolate bunnies and jelly babies, etc etc etc. It's our own personal code for tmi. Got to love him...

Kati said...

I think the cover of WWW is just delicious. So evocative, and yet very tasteful, which I appreciate. I just ordered it from B&N, so I'll get it in a few days. Can't wait to sink in!

What's everyone else reading this weekend? I'm having a re-reading glom. This morning I re-read KILL & TELL by Linda Howard. I recently read a review by someone who was really offended by one aspect of the book (that I never even noticed), so I wanted to re-read it to see if it bugged me. Nope. Didn't care in the slightest. I still think Marc Chastain is a super hot hero! I'm shallow, what can I say?! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention Lori Foster, she's actually the last hottest thing I read. "Truth or Dare" the three anthologies of the three friends going to a sex store and acting out their nearly burned me right through...I here I was loving every minute of it *g*

ev said...

Who has had time to read this week?? LOL

Sorry I haven't been around to enjoy the chats. Poopy work.

We went to Imax at the Pallisades in NY today to see Spiderman.

Don't. It. Sucked.

I do not know whose idea this stupid script was, but they need to be shot. They killed what was a decent franchaise. I want my ticket money, gas money and toll money, not to mention my dinner money back.

they are going to be showing HP in 3D, and I am looking forward to that.

Happy Mother's Day all you mother's!!!

Portia Da Costa said...

The last hot book I finished was Passion of Isis, by Madelynne Ellis. Fantastic stuff, with a great story in addition to the heat. Before that I read Passion, which is a bit wild and explicit, but a terrific page turner.

Nope, never discuss books with himself. We mainly talk about motorbikes, WW2, the weather and politics... never books. LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL!!! I'm going to feel for Dave on this one. Fantasies are terrific when you are discussing your own but when discussing someone elses in a book, I don't think that would do anything for my dh.

I don't read many erotic books in the form of erotica but I just read "Oceans of Fire" by Christine Feehan. The things that Russian agent could do sent me for a cold shower. Hubby was at work. :p

Stacy~ said...

Oh Michelle, I absolutely loved this anthology! Wild, Wicked and Wanton was all that and more. So much so that I'm doing a re-read ;) I loved it cuz Jaci made the connection between the characters right from the beginning, which made the sex scenes even hotter. And yeah, it was also damn romantic too.

Can't say as I feel too sorry for good ole Dave as I'm sure he's reaping the benefits of all these books in some fashion. Me, I got no guy (almost said "guys") so my girlfriends get to listen to me bemoan that fact.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle!

Sorry it took me so long to get here. My home phone line is whacked and I couldn't get to the comments section here. Had to get to hubby's office to use his DSL line.

Thank you for reading WWW! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who read it, too. It was such a fun book to write.

And my husband reads and edits for me, so he gets to skim through all the hot stuff for me. He seems to really enjoy that part ;-)

Last hot book I read was an ARC of Lora Leigh's upcoming Forbidden Pleasure. Yowza! Seriously steamy and such a great, great read.