Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Tradition: Matt 4 Moms & UGiG!

Because he's some mother's son -- and many a mom's fantasy -- I bring you what's become our RBtheBook tradition:

Matt 4 Moms &
Us Girls In General Day!

It's our all-inclusive way of saying hooray for us chicks who add so much to the lives of children: nieces and nephews, godkids, friends' babies.

So on this, your special day of the year, enjoy knowing that you are woman, you roar, you rock. You make it all happen, and there is strength in knowing you're never wrong.

Um, well, if not on this day, when can we dare to dream, my sisters?


Rach said...

Happy Mother's Day all you Bellas! Those with human kiddos and those with furry kiddos and those with surrogate kiddos!

Michelle, thanks for Matt :o).

Kati said...


That sound I just was Marilyn falling over in palpitations. Matthew is always a good prezzy for Marilyn.

To all you amazing Mamma's out there, hope you have a perfect day where you don't have to do a d*mn thing you don't want to!

You all rock!

Julie in Ohio said...

Have you hugged a mother today?
Trust me. They need it.

Hey, Bellas! I am in the process of pulling together a last minute birthday party for my daughter. Today is her actual birthday and no matter how I tried to discourage her from having the party today, she insisted. As the good mother that I am (cough,cough), I am working my tail off to get it together by noon. Maybe I'm just insane. :p

Have a good one, Everybody!!!!

Kati said...

Gooooood Mommy, Jules, gooooood mommy.

Vivi Anna said...

Happy Mom's Day to all the Bellas.

Do something special for yourselves.

I really wish I had some sammich fixins.... LOL

Keira Soleore said...

Happy Mother's Day, to all the Bellas and to Michelle, who's going to have exciting news to tell on Monday.

I used to post here a while back, then dropped into lurk status, and am de-lurking on this wonderful day for good.


Kati said...

Hi Keira!! *MK waving madly*

Welcome back! I love your blogs over at!

You always have such good thoughts about romance, you should come visit more often. Or heck, pull up a barkalounger and dig into the Krispy Kremes!

Stacy~ said...

Happy Mother's Day to y'all. We have so many good mommys here. I hope you enjoyed your day :)

Keira Soleore said...

Heyyyy MK,

Thanks for the welcome and a huge thanks for your kind comments about my Wednesday blogs.

Krispy Kremes, did you say????

Keira-chucking-diet-out-of-the-window: Sure, would love to join you! :)