Sunday, May 06, 2007

LustBites GuestBlog: Distinctly Dirty Girls Come In All Flavours

Contest!!! One LCB wins a selection of five lusty books by LustBiters courtesy of those fab ‘n cheeky wenches!

They began blogging last December, and already the Black Lace and Cheek authors who created a little place called already have created one of the hippest, smartest, and no-holds-barred sexiest places on the Inet. Pretty dirty boys, mind-numbing hot topics, and a decidedly naughty sense of fun make Lust Bites a must-see destination for anyone who cares about erotica and erotic romance. Please, a warm Monday morning buongiorno for Mathilde Madden and the rest of the Lust Bites chicks who'll be joining us today from around the globe...

At Lust Bites we specialise in Erotica and Erotic Romance. We are distinctly dirty girls. But ask 16 women what they find sexy and you'll get 16 different answers. And nothing is as sexy as variety. You might like cotton; you might like silk. You might like double chocolate; you might like vanilla. At Lust Bites we say: why choose? Have silk and cotton and chocolate and vanilla and the houseboy can wash the sticky mess off the sheets in the morning.

I'm supposedly in charge of scheduling. But with 16 strong minded, wordsmithy women to control, I'm lucky to get a word in edgeways.

Fancy a listen? Here's what Lust Bites sounds like on an average day:

They do say love is blind – lust definitely is… There isn’t anything more erotic than the experience of falling head over heels, obsessively, truly-madly-deeply in love… With erotica sliding increasingly towards erotic romance, the Happily Ever After question raises its dewy-eyed head… I’ve reached the point of being tired of 12-inch, wrist-thick dicks… In our culture, nice girls don’t, and dreams of being overpowered absolve us of responsibility and guilt… I’ve done some crazy things for love.

See what I mean? We're not short of opinions.

We have a little of everything, from the darkest deviance to the sweetest kisses and every hot button in between. You like werewolves? You like cowboys? You like regency rakes? You like sexy, sexy fairies (yes, fairies)? Step right up. We have the specialists on hand.

At Lust Bites, we firmly believe in a little of what you fancy and then maybe a second helping once your appetite's whetted. So tell us, when it comes to sexy fiction, what's your favourite flavour?

And if you want some more, why not pop over to Lust Bites today where we are all on hand to answer one of the most dreaded questions an erotica author has to face: 'Have you done everything you write about?' As you might imagine the answers are varied.

Mathilde Madden
Lust Bites Writer Wrangler

(With thanks to Kristina Lloyd for quote mining and Nikki Magennis for art direction.)
Encore! Group photo, above left: Madelynne Ellis, Mathilde Madden and Portia da Costa talking dirty at the Lust Bites Xmas party
Encore due! Group photo, above right: Madelynne Ellis, Janine Ashbless, Kristina Lloyd and Olivia Knight at the Virgin Books party for London Book Week


Unknown said...

You mean we only get to choose one? I am more of a variety is the spice of life kind of a least as a reader. *turning quickly to check hubby is not checking over my shoulder*

Janine Ashbless said...

Morning! And horribly early in the morning it feels, at least for a Holiday Monday. I'm writing this sat next to a small boy who is playing World of Warcraft and trying to explain his character stats to me*. At the moment coffee is more on my mind than romance ... but I just wanted to say Hi to everyone. Come on over and join us at Lust Bites throughout the day - there's always stuff going on and we'd be delighted to meet you!

*Don't worry, he can't see my screen.

Nikki Magennis said...

Hi Michelle! And Bellas - it's lovely to be back (even though I'm still in my pyjamas and haven't had a cup of tea yet!)

Okay, all set. Me and the girls will be here today to answer everything you ever wanted to know about erotica but were too afraid to ask...or just to crack bad jokes.

Let us know how we're getting on, eh? This is where it all started, and believe it or not we're all a bit nervous about what our blogging godparents will think of what we've been up to since December...

Little lamb - ah, an omnivorous reader! Fabulous. If you have a wide ranging appetite, you're in good company. Personally I have a stack of books next to the bed of various flavours - let me see - Evanovitch, Saskia Walker, Dante, some detective novel, Da Costa, Emma Holly, a book about Afghanistan...

I rotate what I take to bed each night, depending on my mood.

(Books, I mean. Books.)

: )

Portia Da Costa said...

Buon giorno Bellas

Well, I'm a very lazy Bella/Lustbiter! :) It's nearly 10 am here and I'm still in bed, watching the telly. I haven't written a word of romance yet, erotic or otherwise, and as it's Bank Holiday, I might well be goofing off completely today and just having some fun!



Kristina Lloyd said...

I'm still asleep, dreaming of naked wet men. Or is this real life?

Portia Da Costa said...

Ack, I am such a doofus... I forgot to answer the question.

I don't care what flavour of kink or sexiness I read as long as the characters have heart and I can like them as people despite their faults and quirks.

Still not dressed. :)



Nikki Magennis said...

I intend to stay in my pyjamas all day if I can.

*whispers* Um, lustbiters, do you think America is still sleeping? By the time they wake up, I might be slumped unconscious in front of the computer. Somebody poke me when the Bellas get here, will you?

Megan Kerr said...

Not only are they all asleep still, they'll wake up to discover that we're sluts in the old and new senses of the word... lazing about in our pyjamas... (I distinctly remember hearing those huge dustballs that of course I NEVER get referred to as 'sluts wool'.)
In the meantime, we've got their playground to ourselves. Who wants a go on the swing with me? Anyone for the see-saw? Or we could go round and round on that spinny thing until we fly off onto the grass and the whole world wirls dizzily around us! Not sure about the playhouse though - I think I saw a face in the window...

Anonymous said...

I'm here too. Well I'm mostly proof reading another werewolf smut book - but I will be in here everytime I escape their evil snappy macho clutches.

MM x

Kammie said...

Welcome Lust Bites! I've been to your blog many times.

My favourite flavour is all of them. Preferably, a different one each day of the week. A cowboy on Monday, rake on Tuesday, lawyer on Wednesday, werewolf on Thursday and pilot on Friday. Weekends I need to take a break unless a vampire comes and takes me away. lol I like variety...sweet to steamy to dark.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Someone save me from my ironing pile! Please... pretty please... pretty please with cherries on top :-)

As for favourite flavour... It just has to affect me emotionally.

Madelynne xx

PS. I hate having my photo taken, so I've no idea how I managed to end up on two piccies, and I'm not a party animal, honest!

Stacy~ said...

Morning, lusty Bellas! Oh I love that you guys are up early enough to play since I have to be off for work soon.

I've been checking out your blog, and wrote down some titles of interest. I'm more of the erotic romance type, and like Little Lamb, love the variety. What I think so absolutely fabulous about it is that it takes you as far as you want to go...or not. You can stay in your safe place or let yourself be a bit uncomfortable. I've recently found myself venturing into more m/f/m and even some f/m/m action in my books, but probably the most important element of both those scenarios is the romance. I love the forbidden m/m scenes, when it's between 2 hetero guys.

Well, now that I'm confessin' all my dirty little secrets (with a bit of a blush for this midwestern girl) I gotta be leaving, but have fun, and I'll be back to check in later to see what havoc has been wreaked ;)

Nikki Magennis said...

Woop! Bellas! Wake up, girls! Lippy on, quick!

Hi Kim,

That's very organised. You've got a kind of fantasy schedule there. I like that. I might steal it!

And hi Stacy - glad we caught you early. And look at that blush, that's what we like to see! Most of us lusties have forgotten how to blush...

(Oh, and my word verification is hhf hea. That's some RBtB code, right? Hot handsome fellas, I'm guessing... Hard Ever After?)

Portia Da Costa said...

Can't oblige re. the ironing, Madelynne, alas. In fact if you're doing some, can I send over some of mine?

I totally agree with you about *emotion* in erotic romance/erotica. For me, that's completely what makes the whole thing tick, choose whatever combos of m and f are involved.

And variety totally rules for me too, Kim, Little Lamb and Stacy. I'm getting into far more different subgenres now. Instance... I've never been much of a historical erotic reader, but I recently read Lisa Valdez's Passion, and now I'm fancying reading more hot historicals.

Anyone else read Passion? What did you think of it? There's a bonkers amount of very explict and gynae type sex description, but it was the powerful emotion that made it good for me. It's a book with genuine page turning quality... I just *had* to keep reading!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hey Wendy,

I might check out Passion, it sounds interesting. I've recently been reading some of Stephanie Laurens, Cynster books. They're emotionally involving, with oodles of romantic sex, and lots of fun, even if I do want to knock the characters heads together on occasion!

And Stacy, I like nothing better than a bit of forbidden m/m, especially when it's between 2 hetero guys. (Not that anyone would have known that from reading my books. ;-P)

Nikki Magennis said...

I get you re the widening of tastes, Wendy. I never, ever thought I'd be into paranormal stuff. Until I read some by accident. And much to my surprise, loved it!

I like historicals for the amount of arcane detail in them - I really enjoyed Vivienne LaFay's 'Artistic License' for all the renaissance atmosphere.

ev said...

Good morning Lusties!! Yes, it is early- and I was wondering why there were so many comments this early- until I started reading. LOL I forgot about the time difference.

But I am still in my jammies (robe) too and will probably be for awhile.

your slut bunnies can come visit mine. As for ironing- I just don't buy anything that needs to be and I send hubbies stuff to the cleaners.

I like variety myself. there is always more than one book going at any point in time. I just finished Patterson's new one that is due out tomorrow. I am also reading Night Rising by Chris Marie Green. I think it is the first in a new series, but I am not sure yet. LOL

God knows what else is in my pile. Going back to work at the bookstore has made it easier- and more expensive- to find what I want. Especially since I have "taken over" my three favorite genres (romance, sci-fi and mystery). We had 10 pallets of stuff come in last week. (49 boxes to a pallet), and I have been out with that finger thing, so I will need to catch up and quickly.

But today it is in the 70's, the yard work is done, I am a hurting puppy and am going to spend the day sitting in the swing, reading. I may even have a beer.

I like my men in a variety too. Unfortunately, being married means I only get one flavor any more. ::sigh:: Guess I will live. ""sniggers""

I will be back to see what else you guys have come up with.

Nikki Magennis said...

Hi ev,

Looks like a pyjama party, then!

I'm jealous of anyone who works in a bookshop.

Oh, and re being 'married' - I spose that's the wonderful thing about fantasy. It's like cheating without actually doing anything wrong! (At least, it is for me and my very vivid imagination...)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I'm at least dressed, but it is lunchtime here. Can never remember how much time difference there is between you and us (especially as it varies depending where you guys are in the US). I'm into romance too, have to have it in all my books - maybe it's my age! Stacy, nice to hear you also like a little m/m between hetero men. I slip a little, or a lot sometimes, into my books when I can, as I find it a real turn on. Lots of men, so I'm told, fantasise about two women having sex, so why can't we have our fantasies too?

Kati said...

Mornin' Lusties! Welcome to RBtB! Well, I'm up, dressed and at work already.

I guess I'm like most everyone else who's commented, I like all types of sexy. I think the trick in romance novels is to build sexual tension. That's what does it for me. I want to be hollering mentally, "Just kiss her already!"

With erotica or erotic romance, I'm less concerned with tension, more concerned about quality sex.

I have a hard time with spanking, mainly because I can't in a million years imagine circumstances where I would find that fun or sexy (I guess I'm boring that way), and it takes me out of the scene because all I can think is "Ouch!"

But I'm ALL ABOUT the menage (or more) scenes, and I don't mind some other fetishes, but mainly I just like lots of inventive stuff. I love m/f/m or f/m/f scenes. I think Kate Douglas writes brilliant stuff, and of course, I've already gushed all over Portia for her talent.

I'm thrilled to meet you guys though, always excited to find new authors. Welcome!

Kristina Lloyd said...

When people talk about emotional intensity and powerful emotions in these kind of chats, I'm never quite sure what they mean. Will someone please tell me!

Do you mean lurve? Or anything that's emotionally engaging? Fear, hate, anger, anxiety etc are all powerful emotions, and probably have a part to play in love too. I think any novel, erotic fiction or otherwise, would be very crap if it weren't emotionally involving.

I love emotional intensity. But I also love subtlety, dark themes, psychodramas and hot, dirty sex. For me, because I'm a little bit twisted, the sex scenes I often find hottest involve characters who don't actually like each other very much. Wow. The scenes aren't in any way emotionally lacking but marriage probably isn't on the agenda. Is anyone else a little bit twisted? I know this is a staple of romance – ch/rs seem not to like each other then discover deep down they do. That’s not what I mean. I’m talking hardcore villains and baddies.

I don’t read nearly enough historicals, even though I seem to have written one, but when I do I’m transported. It’s so visually different and the underwear’s so pretty and complicated.

*scurries back to writing horny, angry vampire in 17C Constantinople*

Nikki Magennis said...

Hi Marykate. I have a hard time with spanking too. : )

Sorry, couldn't resist!

Lovely to meet you too, and thanks for the welcome!

Erastes said...

Hello Lusters!

I'm happy to be waving my rainbow flat with "I love Lustbites on” it because the Lust Biters are a great bunch. They’ve adopted me, a rebel m/m writer and taken me to their hearts, bless ‘em.

There are many romance blogs out there, but more than a few of them aren’t particularly welcoming to other pairings other than m/f – they seem to follow the doctrine of what Romance Is According To the Powers that Be.

I was thrilled to find that Lust Biters don’t – and they know that sex love romance and marriage (or not) has nothing to do with whatever gender you happen to be.

Long live Lust Bites!

Erastes said...


Flag. Not Flat.

Quite a different thing.

Alison Tyler said...

A quick hello to Michelle, Bellas, Nikki, KL...
*waving from California*

Alison Tyler said...

And, Nikki, I don't believe for a minute that you wear PJs to bed...

Nikki Magennis said...

But of course I do darling! You know, the leather ones with the split crotch?

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, that's right. Those ones. How could I ever forget? Those are my favorites. What is Kristina wearing?

Kristina Lloyd said...


Nikki Magennis said...

...but not on her eyelashes.

Alison Tyler said...

Where's Tilly? Is she still wrangling werewolves? I'm editing manuscripts today, and I'm a bit out of my head. Can I share my most recent horrifying bit of description in an erotic story?


"... the squirming increased the stimulation of his hard, determined fingers in her shocked woman-cave."

Or is it too early in the morning to discuss woman caves?

And, Nikki, how would *you* know where Kristina's mascara is, you mucky little tart?

Stacia said...

Good morning, Bellas,

When it comes to sexy fiction, I'm not picky. I love a variety - as long as it's sexy, I'm all for it.

Playground Monitor said...

drooling over the boy toy photos

Uh... what was the question again?

tetewa said...

Good morning all as an avid reader of all genres I recently found Lust bites and now have it bookmarked and read every day. I'm always looking forward to the sexy and erotic topics you come up with. Heading over there next!

Nikki Magennis said...

Hey stacia, pm and tetewa - if you're nipping over to lustbites, be sure to enter the other comp!

We've got a lot of books to give away this month!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, buongiorno, Bellas, and my naughty little darlings! Oh, my, how my little girls have grown. [treacly sentimental sniffling here].

I'm so happy to have you back to mix n mingle with the Bellas, cause they pretty much personify the opposite of what Erastes was saying: There are many romance blogs out there, but more than a few of them aren’t particularly welcoming to other pairings other than m/f – they seem to follow the doctrine of what Romance Is According To the Powers that Be.

You've also come to the right place, here, E, because the Bellas live and let live [or read and let read]. Way last year when everyone was talking Erotica, Erom, blahblahblah, some of the RBtheBlog chicks were like, "what's the fuss? I've never read it." Then the Virgin girls and other industry folks visited to tell us about it.

The Bellas always welcomed, asked smart questions, and -- even when someone, e.g., decided lovely m/m scenes weren't her cuppa tea -- they said, as Bella MK might, "have at it; we won't yuck your yum."

Now, let's have at it here. For instance, it is, IMO, never too early in the morning for one to discuss woman caves.

Play, none of us remembers the question. But it has something to do with how much spankin is involved in my favorite m/m/f/m/m/m carriage fantasy. Because, darlings, it is, indeed, all about me.

Madeline Moore said...

Wow! Can I join the pajama party? I'm wearing my new favourite nightie, which is made of transparently thin white and sweet at the very same time. My favourite. The transparent bit pleases Felix, too. Okay - know, I got a great big kick out of 'The Scarlet Petal and the White'. It's historical, not exactly a romance and not really kept me in thrall right to the end.
I'm finding, like many in the biz, that I HAVE to broaden my horizons or risk getting left behind. My one novel, 'Wild Card' (Black Lace) is 'a blizzard of sex' (says Adam Nevill). There's m/f, f/m/f, and f/f/m/f...a couple of D/s scenes, lots of anal and oral and everything in between, but fairies, no I guess it's pretty traditional contemporary erotica. I'd hoped there'd always be a place for that sort of thing but it seems to be getting edged out rather aggressively by paranormal erotica. If that's what readers want, that's what they should get, so I'm going to have to bite the bullet (so to speak) and get at it. Are romance writers finding the same thing? I expect you must - are romance readers looking for more shapeshifters and the like in their reading? Talk about a tall dark stranger! Those are my morning thoughts - let me get a cuppa and I'll be back to comment again in a more linear manner.
Great to be here and great to hear our immodest little blog site receive such lovely complements. Alas, like many of my LB sisters, I can only blush with help - so I'll find my 'rosy dew' blush-on and apply liberally before I come back. Cheers!

Portia Da Costa said...

Boo hoo! My posts are disapp

Portia Da Costa said...


Portia Da Costa said...

Any road up...

Re. emotional intensity. I can't define it, but I know it when I read it. :)

And the emotion that works for me is just plain old sweet romantic love... even when the characters are having plain old hot crazy sex and they don't realise they're in love yet!

Note to self... I must read Stephanie Laurens!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'm for LustBites. Back in a sec.

But before that, K wrote:When people talk about emotional intensity and powerful emotions in these kind of chats, I'm never quite sure what they mean. Will someone please tell me!

Good question. What we mean in a romance fiction atmosphere is the powerful emotions -- call them humane, perhaps -- that deal with falling in love.

When I write about erotica v romance and erom, I delineate erotica as a work in which the sex is driven by powerful emotions that probably aren't about squishy love, and aren't romantic in the understood romance fiction sense. Anger, revenge, obsession, hatred, etc., often drive the sex, and those emotions in themselves should make the sex more titillating.

But those emotions entwined with sensuality can be shocking to the sensibilities of romance readers. And I don't mean they're prudish or small=minded, etc. I mean they're simply used to reading about soft emotions wrapped about sensuality, and haven't been initiated, as it were, into the way one adjusts one's perceptions to read and enjoy erotica.

Make sense?

Kati said...

Question for the Lusties:

When you write your books, who is your intended audience? Obviously, you get both sexes reading your books, but other than yourselves (obviously), who are you writing for?

Julie in Ohio said...

OMG! I apparently am late to the party but I hope someone saved me a cup of coffee (I have my own jammies). Actually a mocha latte would be divine right about now.

Welcome, Lusties!!

Mornin', Bellas!!

I have a confession to make: I'm probably the tamest of the Bellas when it comes to flavors. I love a good spicy scene, though. I'm a pyromaniac when it comes to fire. But I haven't read many erotic romances (two to be exact) and none of the ones I have read had multiple partners at the same time. I'm not very qualified to answer the question. I suppose more research is in order... :o)

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi MaryKate

I'm writing for women, but if men like my books too, that's fab!

Nikki Magennis said...

Marykate, that's a very good question!

If I was more sensible and sane, I'd say I tried to write what readers enjoy and work with a particular audience in mind. But, to be honest, it doesn't work like that for me.

I write to the Great God of Writing. I try to write the best I possibly can.

After the fact, I love to hear comments on what I've written, and I take careful note of what people tells me works and what doesn't work.

But when I'm sitting there writing, I'm not thinking of an audience per se, I'm too deep in the characters and the story.

It's quite likely I'm doing it wrong!

Alison Tyler said...

i write for Nikki.

Nikki Magennis said...

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to say that don't think there's anything tame about plain het sex.

At lustbites we like to keep ourselves wide open. We welcome those of all persuasions - straight, gay, fetish, BDSM, D/s, whatever.

But vanilla is just as welcome!

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, and Kristina says she can't post.

She's absolutely frustrated. She is imagining we're all talking about naked men rolling around in jell-O. (We *are* going to be talking about that, aren't we?)

Oh, and she says to Wendy, she has the name of the Vampire Football novel. It's 'vampires united.'

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, good God! LOL. Is there any possibility Kristina could make a series, perhaps with an Italian footballer vampire named Cannavaro as the next hero? It could be "Real Vampire."

Kati said...

HI Lusties - It's me again with a question. And I ask this without the condescending smirk you get from others.

In all seriousness, how do you conduct research for your books? Do you go to sex clubs? Interview people who have the festishes you write about? Just dream it up?

I'm not trying to be a wiseass (although, better a wiseass than a dumbass), I'm really wondering. 'Cause, you know, I think it would be awfully fun to conduct the research.

Also, do you ladies read romance? And if so, what authors do you think do it best?

Playground Monitor said...

naked men rolling around in jell-O

Oh dear, I must tell my friend Smarty Pants about this. She has this Johnny Depp fantasy...

Of course, I could go for Daniel Craig and strawberry-banana.


Alison Tyler said...

Oh, Marilyn, I would like to visit your friend's Johnny Depp fantasy. I will bring the black cherry jell-O. She just has to bring JD.

Michelle, you must let Nikki tell you about her research. She spent the better part of a day recently learning about chlorine, or something like that, for one line in a story.

And, as far as I can tell from the gossip, Mathilde Madden keeps werewolves under her desk...

Nikki Magennis said...

Mary Kate,

I love love love research! Though, for most of the sex scenes I use my imagination. I interviewed a couple of burlesque dancers and a juggler and a gypsy for 'Circus Excite', but most of that was about technical details, rather than sex.

I will admit, though, that sometimes while I'm um, enjoying my boyfriend, I'm kind of taking notes in my head. Thinking of adjectives. Yes, sometimes it does spoil the moment!

And for other sexual details - I haven't written much serious fetish or anything, but I find online forums and websites are the best for research. People will often be more open online and anonymous than they may be face to face.

When I get round to doing the S/M novel, I'm going to have to pluck up the courage to visit the local dungeon!

And romance... I don't read much. I had a jag of reading Mills and Boon several years ago, but not really since then. Though I think in the US you define romance in much broader terms, so maybe I read it without knowing! I enjoy Emma Holly - does that count? Her descriptions are so vivid.

And - what about 'girls guide to hunting and fishing', is that romance? I loved that. *feeling a bit out of my depth here now!*

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Dear MaryKate,
I can't speak for all the Lusties, but I'm blessed with a few very open and open-minded friends who are always glad to talk about sex. I also read a lot of sex blogs and sexual reference books.

And in some cases, I definitely "try it at home." Keeps the partner tolerant of the time I spend writing if I occasionally grab him to discover if such and such a position actually works or to remind myself what X, Y or Z feels like. (I leave it to my gentle readers to imagine what I might mean by X, Y or Z.)

Portia Da Costa said...

To research stuff beyond my experience, I read sexual reference books [maybe the same ones as Teresa], other people's erotic ficion, and I ask questions of certain knowledgeable friends that I have [probably not the same ones as Teresa, as mine are Brits].

But mostly... I tune into my 'dark side'... who seems to know things that I don't and has probably done everything in an alternate universe.

ps MaryKate... in a comment that went pooft in the night, I thanked you for your kind comments about my talent.

Portia Da Costa said...

Is anyone having the same Blogger troubles as me? I keep having to verify again and again and again...

Do you think it's a Firefox thing?

Madeline Moore said...

The most research I did for Wild Card was about poker, not poke her.
I have interviewed the owner of a kink store, re: scarification, the violet wand and the velvet glove. (Nice title? Scarification, The Violet Wand, and the Velvet Glove.)
I feel a trilogy coming on. Most of the research I do is to make sure I have my facts straight. The World Wide Web makes that So much easier than it once was. The rest I just...imagine or...remember...

Portia Da Costa said...

Testing... testing.... IE

Anonymous said...

I don't know Portia, but my last comment just vanished.

What I said was, I like what K said, people who don't like each having compulsion fuelled sex. I also like history between characters. Two people who used to be married and now hate each other having hot compulsion fuelled sex.

And him with big sculpted arms.

Kati said...

Portia - Try logging into Blogger, letting it put a cookie on your computer and then coming back to comment. I always have to log in before I can comment.

Sorry you're having troubles though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Kate,
I will admit that in the past I've lived and loved a lot. I am settled down now but my memories are vivid enough. As far as reseach goes I do a lot but only the factual stuff for my historicals. I recall reading up on Roman brothels and then not even including them in the book because, as usual, it ended up way too long. Apart from going to places and using books, you can't do much research on sex in the past - even though I admit I would like my own 'time-machine' on occasions.

Yes, I do read romances as I like to keep up with what is currently popular. I enjoy some and not others. The last one I read was by Karen Marie Morning - I hope I spelt that correctly - and I must admit that was a very entertaining book.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that I've only written one book set in the present, in a hospital to be precise. As I have some experience in that field I didn't have to do any serious research, but I have to say that I've come across some tasty young doctors in my time. However, I must admit that I never got the opportunity to use maternity stirrups in quite that way!

Kristina Lloyd said...

Ok, where’s the Jell-o? (In BrE that would be jelly - which is to you guys in the US what jam to us .. I think).

I’m back, I hope. Google keeps telling me I’m a viral automaton. And me in mascara. Outrageous.

Thanks for answering my qu/n about emotions, Michelle. Makes perfect sense. I sometimes get nervous around Romance blogs because I worry that if I say ‘erotica’, all the romancers will equate that with emotionally empty. Whereas to me, it simply means sexy fiction that’s not necessarily trad romance/HEA. But you’re such a smart, open-minded bunch here that I will cease worrying at once.

Marykate asked who do you write for. I haven’t thought about this question for years and it’s such a goodie. I think there are 2 threads to it. Firstly, as MK says, I write for me. I write about sexual dynamics and characters which/who I find hot. I couldn’t write about something that was far removed from my own personal kink-range, though I know some erotica authors do this. And then secondly I write for an anonymous reader who is simply someone who likes books but also has a life to lead. That’s who I think about when I frame a story, build suspense, write description. I want to draw them into my imagined world and seduce them into liking the kind of hot, grubby sex which I like. I’m not sure why I want to do that – maybe I just want the company; maybe it’s a little power trip for me.

There, do I sound like a viral automaton?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh my God, Deanna, I think my hands are shaking after that one. I've lusted after so many docs -- a by-product of having a kidney transplant and visiting many a young intern -- but never considered that scenario. God. Thank you.

kim h said...

hot men thanks ladies.

Alison Tyler said...

Viral Automaton sounds like the name of a punk band, doesn't it? And since writers *are* rockstars, don't you think we should get together?

I claim the drummer...

I mean, the drums.

May said...

I like every flavor, though I admit that I have little interest in m/m. m/m scenes in a book that has other flavors as well that include a woman, yummy, but a book with m/m scenes is a bit much for me.

Unknown said...

I'm here!! Hi Bella's Hi Michelle!

3 kids dropped off to school, one ensconced in front of the TV watching Scooby Doo-phew

Can't remember the first question-but I'm one of the more 'romancey' Lust Biters I think, although I'm considered edgy by the straight romance community-I walk the line. I'm also, I think, the only Lusty who was born in the UK and now lives in the U.S? I have the ability to translate dirty talk both ways!

Where do I do my research? I'm not sure. I just make most of it up! I'm like a sponge, whatever I read I soak up and use later in my own kinky little way!

Kristina Lloyd said...

Alison, yeah, drummers have great rhythm, don't they?

May, are you talking, perhaps, about m/f/m. I hope you are. It's one of my personal faves. I've just written a novel (Split) about one woman who is, um, split between 2 brothers. I think you call it a hot sammich round here. See, I am learning to speak Bella. Did I get that right?

Also - doctors, white coats, stethoscopes - yum, Deanna. Very yum.

amy kennedy said...

Oh my, I decide to check out the lusty bloggers today and am met with 60 some comments--goodness, I'll never catch up. It's because you were all here bright and early or ridiculously late (whichever)I did like the comment that we would think you all sluts for being in your pjs all day. I love being in my pjs.

My word ver. is fefois--I'm sure that's french for something.
Portia, I have Passion right here, but haven't cracked it yet...just opened it to a page and things were slapping and pounding, so I definately will read it.

Alison--you have made my day--"shocked woman-cave." So would that make him a spelunker?

Nikki, thank God you said that (note taking in your head at times while you're with your bf) because I do that too--while still completely in the moment--but the pad and paper do come out in my brain at times.

No, Kristina, you do not sound like an automaton. How could you?

I just got back from a long weekend up at the lake (Mille Lacs)it might have been romantic except for the fact of twelve other people, children and my period. But I did bring good books to read, and then didn't really get a chance to read them.

All right, I love everything, all flavors, all genres, all species. As Portia said, as long as the writing is good--I'm there.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yes, K, sammiches it is. And you're all Bellas, too, you know. Lusty Bellas.

Your M/f/m sounds hot. I've got a friend who loves the who "brothers" scenario in her erom and erotica. And while I adore m/m as a fantasy, it's definitely something that's never looked hot to me in real life.

***NON-VANILLA TOPIC TO FOLLOW: By alerting youz, I'm probably gonna make you want to read the following more. But I just want you to know I want to discuss a fantasy scenario with the Lusties that may turn off some of you. But I think it's pretty fascinating for anyone interested in trends in depiction of sexual imagery in erotica and some erotic romance. I've even read tame -- and I mean tuh-AME versions -- in sensual romance.

Can I ask you LB girls, because I can't seem to get anyone else to come near this -- you know what I mean -- what's the deal with anal (as American radio host Howard Stern refers to it)? Why are women loving to read about it? What do you like about writing it? What are your readers telling you, if anything, about thier enjoyment of the imagery in your novels?

amy kennedy said...

Aack, I wish I could stay home in my pjs (my Mom called them Pageejays) all day with you, but I have to go to work. Have a lovely slutty day.

P.S. I like spanking--sorry, MK.

Alison Tyler said...

Did everything just go very quiet in here, or is it me?


No, it's me again.

I should probably attempt an answer, as I edited a collection of all-anal erotic stories called "Luscious." (Shameless plug.) I realized there wasn't anything out like this on the market. I asked the lovely Tristan Taormino to pen the foreword, and voila - instant anal sex anthology. Just add lube.

Truly, I think far more people are into it than let on. It's a taboo topic -- oh, no, we don't do *that* -- sort of thing. But, you know... it's dirty. And lots of people like dirty. (And now I'm going to get in trouble, because every time I say anal sex is dirty, someone pipes up to say, "No, it's healthy and clean good fun. You shouldn't put it down.")

I'm not. I just like dirty.

Kati said...

P.S. I like spanking--sorry, MK.

That's it, I'm having that embroidered on a throw pillow for you Ames.

Kati said...

Shameless plug.

Umm, what kind of plug is that, Allison? Sorry, just call me Beavis.

WRT Anal, I just don't get what the big deal is. Some people find it very sexy. I wish more guys would admit that it's sexy, I mean, my god, they've got a gland in there that'll make them scrape the ceiling. I don't have any issue whatsoever with it. Doesn't bother me, and frankly if the scene is well written, it'll turn me on. But a badly written scene again will make my "ouch" monitor go off!

Alison Tyler said...

It was this kind of plug, MK. Thanks for asking!

(God, I hope the link goes through.)

Nikki Magennis said...

DAmnit! Comment lost!

I waxed on about Toni Bentley's 'The surrender' (memoir about anal), which I loved. And Nancy Friday, under the 'Insatiable' heading in 'My Secret Garden', describing the desire to be taken all ways possible. More more more...

I'm guessing the very fact of it being taboo is what makes it sexy. Yes, like what Alison said.

Alison Tyler said...

My original title for the collection actually was "Dirty," but that was rejected. So we went with "Luscious," which I think is pretty cool.

The stories are really excellent. Writers surrounded the theme in many different ways.

And for a different kind of shameless plug, the decadent Violet Blue has all sorts of anal sex and rimming stories on her site, as well as tips on how to do all those sexy things safely.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Ack! I feel I should at least attempt to answer this one since I include a a fair number of anal scenes in my books. I think a lot of it, as Alison said, is to do with it being considered taboo and somehow transgressive, but also,there's a huge amount of trust involved. Trust is important, isn't it, when you're delving into the dark recesses of the imagination. And trust, or lack of it between characters can have enormous plot implications.

Did that make sense? I'm trying to stuff kiddies into pj's.

Kristina Lloyd said...

All my novels and novellas (the ones out there and the ones to come) have anal sex in them, usually m/f rather than m/m. Does that count as a shameless plug?

I find it hot for all the reasons mentioned above. Plus, it's very kinky and *very* intimate. I particularly like the fact you don't need any extra equipment, just (ideally) some lube. I like writing about sex that's raw, down to earth and challenging. I also like writing about sex that my ch/rs find disturbing or degrading, often because they're conflicted about their desires.

Anal really works on that score - 'I like this but I feel I shouldn't.' It was technically illegal in the UK until the mid-90s. They wouldn’t come round and arrest you or anything but it does highlight how taboo it is.

Megan Kerr said...

Nip away for a few hours and there's 70+ comments! (I've been having wild sex all over town of course, not rearranging my bookshelves at all...)

There were a few questions I wanted to throw my tuppence in about. Firstly - research. My wisecrack answer is "my twenties" and truthfully I crammed a lot of adventure into the very few years that I was single (plus some into the non-single years, obviously, but you know what I mean). A kind of fast-track sexual experience course... That said, there's loads I haven't done - never had 2 men in a bed, never been to a fetish club... umm... uh... Well, yes. I hate playing "I have never" games - I may as well put the bottle to my lips and just keep drinking. Lots of erotica that I read makes me feel very vanilla and stay-at-home, but perhaps some things that I write make other people feel similarly. Mostly I write fairly straightforward sex - a little light spanking, maybe the occasional anal scene - and it arises (phner phner) very much out of the storyline. I honestly see writing erotica as "stories with the sex left in" - assuming that everyone has sex, quite often, so 10 sex scenes in a novel spanning a year is actually quite restrained. My research goes much more into other aspects of what I write. I read a lot on the internet, obviously, and then get a bit hooked and start living it out. When I was working on The Ten Visions, about a witch living in Oxford, I well nigh became a little pagan myself, complete with altars, herbal concoctions, full moon celebrations, and so forth. It wasn't intentional - I just got into it. I guess I'm more on the 'erotic romance' side. I don't do much research into the sexual side of it, because I couldn't write about a fetish or preference I don't personally enjoy - leather masks give me the creeps, dom/sub just makes me want to giggle (though it can be fun to read), etc. The only 'sexual' research I've done has been about sex magick, and it was more the magick aspect that I needed info on. That said, I've written a few f/f/f scenes and some quite vicious sex with baddies, and been alarmed by how sexy I found it...

Oh dear, I've forgotten the other questions. Clearly alphebatising my fiction and trying to sort my non-fiction into pleasing groups - uh - I mean, clearly shagging dark-eyed strangers all over the town - has left my brain a bit porridgy and rambly.

Alison Tyler said...

Hey KL,

It was technically illegal in the UK until the mid-90s. They wouldn’t come round and arrest you or anything but it does highlight how taboo it is.

But isn't that an awesome start for a story... The officer comes 'round to arrest the couple who are engaging on anal sex. (Perhaps a nosy neighbor was peering through the window.)

And then, of course, the officer ends up handcuffed to the bed whil... um...

Tilly, you take it from here? I've got the officer Cuffs, Tilly! Cuffs!


Anonymous said...

Well so long as you haven't given away all my handcuffs as competition prizes!

Alison, can you pass me his trucheon

Sommer Marsden said...

I'm ahead of schedule today and popped in to eavesdrop. I must say, I really perked up when I got to anal...and then handcuffs. Keep talking, I'll keep eavesdropping ;)

Anonymous said...

i had to go and look up trucheon - now it makes sense to me :)

it's been delightful fun reading all these comments!


Anonymous said...

that above comment - the one that says anonymous - that was me - kiki, not anonymous....:)

*wan smile*

Alison Tyler said...

Wouldn't you rather a quarterstaff?

Heh heh. I just ran over to wikipedia to look up truncheon...

A club, cudgel, baton, truncheon, night stick, or bludgeon is among the simplest of all weapons. A club is essentially a staff, crock or stick, usually made of wood, and wielded as a weapon.

Typically, a club is small enough to be wielded in one hand. Clubs that need both hands to wield are called quarterstaffs in English.

See how research comes in handy?

Anonymous said...

They're what policeman carry in the UK. Maybe not now - but your story is set in the mid 90's, right, Alison?

So pass it here.

Anonymous said...

wow looks like fun was had, while I was in bed (sleeping much to my displeasure) I, like most around here enjoy variety and I usually read any and everything.

Anonymous said...

oh alison, you research SO well.

tilly - here in the US, they are billy-clubs or night sticks. but i like alison's idea - quarterstaffs requiring two hands - oooh! yummmm!


Anonymous said...

I like different stories as long as it has a good plot. So, like to read different story lines.

Stacy S

Unknown said...

I read all kinds of books. Love reading about vamps, weres, military men, cowboys, bdsm, menages, m/m, and guys in or out of uniforms. lol

Kristina Lloyd said...

Ooo, Kiki, my lead vampire is called Billy and he, er, night sticks. And Amy, he has an army boy look and a gay lover. Gawd, I love the whole military thing. My vampire novella will be in a volume with Lusties, Mathilde Madden and Portia da Costa. Confusingly, the collection will be called Lust Bites but it's not out till November so no one need worry.

This copper story ... didn't I start it? Plus, I have Tilly's cuffs. Well, not all of them, obviously. I don't have the room.

Stacy, I’m a fan of plot too. People s/times think smut inevitably lacks plot. Some smut does, obviously, but a good writer should be able to incorporate plot, sex, character. I think there’s quite a skill to keeping the narrative tension high while offering plenty of hot sex.

** Is there anybody here who hasn't entered my lovely giveaway on Lust Bites? If so, why the divil not? You can win lots of delicious dirty books written by us. Last time I checked we had 94 comments. If we reach 100, I get extra sex tonight. Go on, make me smile.

Anonymous said...

I want those cuffs back you know. I care deeply about every single pair.

Alison Tyler said...

And while you're at it, Kristina, I want my nipple clamps back, and my crop, and those vinyl gloves, and my boot polish. You've got that boot polish, still, don't you?

Anonymous said...

i was 99th, kristina - i'll need to run and post again - i'll do anything to get someone EXTRA SEX!!


Kristina Lloyd said...

Over a 100 comments! Thanks Kiki!

Alison, Tilly, you mind if I keep the gear a while longer?

Anonymous said...

Morning All :)

OK, it's morning here! Sorry I'm late - I hope I haven't missed everyone?

I have to admit to only just discovering this particular genre of books - and I love it :) I've also been amazed to discover that my boundaries aren't as narrow as what I thought they were. I agree with Stacy - I've been venturing into m/f/m and f/m/m stories and really enjoying them, but I do need the emotional connection between the characters. Oh, and I like watching the characters develop and learn :)


Nikki Magennis said...

Oh Orianna, you can take over from me! I'm calling it a night, but thanks so much Michelle et al for having us over. I reckon the other lusties will keep biting for the rest of the night ; )

See you all soon!


amy kennedy said...

Err, Olivia, I've forgotten ALL the questions.

I love evry single comment--and MK, yes, please I need that pillow. Wow. I just deleted a TMI comment.

Smut girl. LOL. "I really perked up when I got to anal." again, my day is made.

I cannot go to lust bites at the library--they just won't stand for it. I barely get by commenting with all these lovely photos up.

And can we use "phner, phner" I lurve you all.

Who else wants to nip about town and out on lippy.

amy kennedy said...

That's put on lippy. Although out on lippy sounds interresting.

ev said...

Alison- Just leave me Tommy Lee. That's all I ask. I lurve those nipple rings. The ones on Dave Navarro too as a matter of fact. And I would never, ever dump Paul Crook out of where ever I could get him.

And to hell with the cuffs- silk scarves are much nicer and don't leave any evidence, I mean marks.

Where the hell is Vivi today of all days??????

Sue A. said...

The one thing I like about erotica as opposed to traditional romances (not to mention more sex) is that you get to explore the complicated storyline with more than two leads. And I have to mention that for me the sex is hotter if there are strong emotional connections between the characters.

Alison Tyler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alison Tyler said...

Ev, I will meet your Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro and raise you an Anthony Kiedis and Trent Reznor.

Oh, and here is a cool article about why rockstars are Inherently Fuckable.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Well I never. I've never seen such an orgasm of commentary on any blog before.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I wrote and posted a comment, and it looks as though it's been deleted. Have I offended somehow? :-(

Stacy~ said...

Wow you guys have been having fun today and I'm so bummed I missed out. The Lusties are probably all in bed, ahem, asleep *g*

Dayle, I think Blogger is just evil so no, it's not you. We're not easily offended around here - we have too much fun.

For me when I mention emotional intensity (my overused catch phrase) it's about the connection between the characters. They can hate each other on sight, or long for, but there must be something more than bumping uglies and moving on. Even a sexual act between strangers can have emotional passion of some sort without leaving me cold. I'm not necessarily all hearts and flowers, but I need to feel something, even if it's just being turned on from what I'm reading. Writing a hot sex scene can't be as easy as some people think.

Since reading erotic romance, I've discovered I like a whole lot of things in my books (and yeah in RL too) that I would have never guessed. I'm a bit on the fence about spanking only because sometimes I think it's hot, depending on how it's written, and other times I'm left cold. I guess it depends on what else is going on in the scene - not a big fan of things like nipple clamps or anything with seriously heightened pain. It just makes me cringe - ouch! LOL.

Anal sex scenes I'm a bit more accepting of, usually they are written with a woman's pleasure in mind so I find them pretty hot, especially when it's evident that the focus is on having the woman enjoy it. I recently read a story where the woman said "no" to it, and instead of forcing the issue (so unintentional with the phrasing here) the man respected her wishes. I found that to be rather sexy too.

Well Lusties, it's been wonderful having you here - you're all so fun and lively and I hope you'll be visiting again :)

Alison Tyler said...

Thank you for having us!
We'd love to come back... anytime you're willing to host 16 rowdy women from all around the globe.

*slipping into those leather pjs Nikki so graciously discarded*


P.S. Don't forget to enter our contest at lustbites! Kristina would kill me if I forgot to mention it.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Sadly, I don't remember everything I said in my previous (now mysteriously deleted) comment. I commented on a bunch of things.

I know I said that I write for myself, but also for Alison, because she says things like "I just wanted to say that, damn, X is an excellent story," that make me feel all deliciously happy.

It's been lovely reading everyone else's comments, and the various conversations that have risen and fallen throughout!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Why, thank you, Karl. [blushes prettily] I adore the way you've described our day.

Grazie, Lusties and Bellas for this wicked day of fun! We'll have the LB chicks back soon. Perhaps a cyber-PJ Party will be in order? I'll bring the popcorn, Stace and Rach, you bring the cyber-ritas, Mathilde: you're on for the cuffs, Nikki: please work on some lovely dirty boys in the mean time -- oh, you know what I mean...

Nikki Magennis said...

I'm on it, Michelle! ; )

See you soon! (oh, and Bellas - we're hoping to borrow your lovely webmistress for an interview on Lustbites very soon. Don't worry, we'll give her back in one piece...)