Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kathryn Jordan GuestBlog: Into Hot Water ,Yet Again

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Kathryn Jordan's a favorite around here. The last time she steamed up the place we all enjoyed cyber-ritas and a naughty chat. Today, we'll all get into a little more hot water with her, and re-visit a favorite fantasy. Please, a warm Bella buongiorno for our friend...

Greetings! How ha
ppy I am to visit with my steamy woman’s fantasy - for the third time! Guess you Bellas can’t get enough of HOT WATER. Ilook forward to chatting with new bellas as well as tried and true.

For those new, the novel begins with this quote: “Women are like tea bags. They don’t know how strong they are until they get into hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt - Bless her feisty heart!

HOT WATER turns the tables on the “Pretty Woman” story. What if a woman escaped her life for a weekend to live out a fantasy. What if she rents a red Lamborgini and hires a gorgeous younger man for fabulous mega-sex at a lush spa resort - spa treatments, silky mineral water soaks AND amazing sex. Not to mention, Latin dancing. OMG!

What if he (William) turns out to be highly tuned to feminine desires, not just physical - mental, emotional, spiritual... Well, this is a fantasy. But what fun hearing the most female empowering phrases in the voice of this younger man, who, btw, looks just like Eduardo Verastequi!

And the female character (Julia) has plenty to escape. We find out gradually.

Some topics -

  • Have you ever fantasized hiring a man for sex?
  • What intrigues us about a woman turning the tables on what men have done forever? Why does this feel so empowering?
  • What makes us girls escape into fantasy novels? Does this enhance our real relationships?

In Feb. I did an event at Purrmission, a sexy lingerie shop in Santa Barbara, CA., one of the few HOT WATER couples events. Almost half the book is in “William’s” POV, and the men enjoyed the readings as much as the women. (Painless way to learn, perhaps). And in the atmosphere of playful passion, I felt comfortable reading pretty explicit scenes. Sure as heck wouldn’t happen in a library!

The sequel, STEAM, starts right where HOT WATER left off. Can such a fantasy last?

In a real life twist, I set STEAM aside to write a novel based on the life of silent screen star, Gladys Walton, who was Al Capone’s girlfriend. They spent time at the same spa resort in the CA desert where Julia met William. Check it out:

Also ask me about film option and Lifetime possibilities in the works... Fingers crossed.

Don’t forget, Michelle will be picking winners again - the official HOT WATER mug with Eleanor Roosevelt quote. Also “Get Into HOT WATER” t-shirt, tank top or THONG! Turquoise to match the book cover. And a fabulous HW music CD.

Visit Kathryn at !

Encore! Grazie mille, Gennita "Jenn" Low, for visiting and bringing your Bad Boys with you. Ah, you know exactly what we Bellas like, dont'cha? Hope you'll come back again.

Encore due! jean, you've won a signed copy of Jenn's new book! Email me with your snail mail at Congrats, Bella!


Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome Back, Kathryn!!!

Hot Water was so great. I can't wait for Steam. Do you have a date for its release yet?

I'm also interested in Gladys's story. She must have had some amazing experiences. Hopefully not all of them involving cops. ;o)

I don't have any answers to your questions yet but I'll give them some thought...

I would like to know about the possible movie deal. Is it on one of your books or is it an original screenplay? Inquiring minds want to know. :o)

Eva Gale said...

Wow! Hot Water is one of my favorite books! I'm thrilled to know tht I get to read Steam soon :-)

Vivi Anna said...

I fantasize about hiring a man for sex just about every day...

anne said...

Escaping into a romance novel allows me to live a different life, temporarily that is, to travel to wonderful new places and to experience adventure and spice.

ellie said...

I am looking forward to Steam which will be awesome, considering how wonderful Hot Water is. The story of Gladys sounds wonderful and riveting reading. Women can dream about these fantasies and reading these books provides the motivation to actually act upon that desire.

pearl said...

Steam will be a winner since Hot Water was special and unique. Love the idea of acting upon our fantasies. Reading these novels is a great way to start learning about our innermost thoughts which could put a spark into our lives. Sometimes we need to be prodded into action. Congrats on Steam and hope that the movie deal will be a success.

Portia Da Costa said...

Exactly what Anne said!

Yeah, hiring a guy just for sex is a fantasy that's crossed my mind from time to time.

Looks like Hot Water is another book that's going on my TBB list... sounds like a fabulous read. :)

Rashmi said...

Okay, now I know I'm officially out of the loop! I seem to have missed reading out on this series entirely! SIGH
Such are the joys of motherhood, not that I'm complaining, but I do miss reading for hours, *uninterrupted*!

Oh, well, more to add to my already teetering TBR mountain.

~ A recent mother.

robynl said...

HI and welcome Kathryn; your books sound intriquing and I must look into them.

I've fantasized about a man getting his butt over to my place for sex but never 'hiring'.

Escaping into novels let's us forget the daily grind, the extra matter that comes with our 'love' life and read about some other place and time. We get to unwind.

I love the 'turning the tables'; bring it on. Would love to read a story about this. Wow!!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Bellas! This is from Kathryn, who's having trouble getting on blogger. (shawkah!)

Sorry I'm late, Bellas. I was having dinner with Al Capone and Gladys
on the Venice Beach Pier in 1922. She just found out he's a
bootlegger. Hard to pull myself away.
It's great to hear from Hot Water fans. I'm afraid it'll be awhile
before Steam is ready - trying to finish Gladys & Capone this summer.
A broader audience, I think.

Julie - a woman attorney wants to option HW for a movie. First my
agent is giving another rep. a month to pitch to Lifetime. The
attorney will find a screenwriter and go from there. All a long shot,
but the interest is gratifying, and I think Hot Water would be a great
movie, starring Eduardo Verastegui - I recently found out he's an
actor! - and filmed at Two Bunch Palms.

The attorney wants Gail O'Grady or Virginia Madsen for Julia. OMG!

Vivi anna - I LOVE IT! I actually met a woman who hired a guy and they
saw each other for six months. When I read a scene from the book she
almost cried remembering her past experience.

Kathryn said...

Agghh! I am so sorry. Could not remember my password and had a time making a new one. I guess my mind is still back in 1922.

Now to see if this works.

Kathryn said...

It worked!

Recent mother: Have to warn you, mothers with young children have gotten irritated (kidding) with Hot Water because they can't find a place to put it down and have so little time to read.

But even if you read in snippets, you WILL have fun getting into this Hot Water.

Welcome Robynl: Yep, I think the turning the tables thing was my main reason for writing this. About time a woman can break the rules and not have to drive off a cliff (Thelma & Louise). In fact, it turns out beyond her wildest dreams. Now, don't cheat and read the ending first. :)

Kathryn said...

I'm going to slip back into 1922 for awhile, will check back in a half hour or so.

BTW - you'll love the prizes
Hot Water mug with the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, tank top or t-shirt or thong. Hot Water music CD - sexxxy music! Or you can choose a copy of the book.

Did I mention that the Spanish edition was published by Via Magna in Barcelona last January. That's the cover next to the photo of Eduardo. They're doing a pocket edition in October and are distributing through Latin America. Be still my heart. I'm hoping for a Telenovela.

Be back soon.

sharon said...

Your books are definitely fascinating and wonderful reading. I believe that every woman does think about various scenarios with an unknown man, meaning having the opportunity to travel and take time out to be with someone they have just met. It does appeal in many ways.

Julie in Ohio said...

How exciting, Kathryn!!!!! Congratulations!
I can see either one of those actresses as Julia. Wow!

alissa said...

Hot Water is so impressive and what a great story. Can hardly wait to read Steam. Congrats on the movie version. Being able to lose yourself within the pages of a book is a fantasy in itself, but to actually have an encounter such as you mentioned is a dream come true.

amy kennedy said...

Hello Kathryn, I'm so glad you're here today. The Gladys book sounds fascinating and Steam will be waited for with baited breath--the waiting will make it all the sweeter. What cool news about Hot Water maybe being optioned.

Vivi Anna L.O.L. I really thought about it while reading Hot Water...

I don't know why it's so empowering, probably just because it's what men have been doing for ages.

Personally, I see myself as the lead. ACTING!

Sue A. said...

Ever since a classmate of mine in junior high school went to see American Gigolo with a young buff Richard Gere in the lead role (I think her dad took her?-EEK) and told us about it, I have to admit the idea of hiring a man had me intrigued. While I didn't get to see the movie until some years later, I did get hold of the book. The book works for realism and less towards fantasy. I could have done with less of the realism.

Vivi Anna said...

I'm telling you right now, if I had the money, I'd probably do it. I haven't dated much in the last six years, and every time I think about starting again, I get nauseous. I just want to go out and have a good time, and have wild monkey sex.

Kathryn said...

Well, Julie, it's a long way from concept to reality, but then I probably thought that when I first sat down to write Hot Water.

What an adventure it's been. BTW that photo of me in the shimmery aqua dress and turquoise wig was at a Girlfriend Weekend with the Pulpwood Queens Book Clubs in Marshall, Texas last January. Their Saturday night Hair Ball! Those Texans! It was a blast. Darn, shoulda sent Michelle a photo of my boyfriend in their Timber Guy Contest. Oh well.

Hey, anybody planning a trip to CA this summer? There's a Hot Water Girlfriend Getaway at the resort where the novel is set, Two Bunch Palms, July 27-29. Room, spa treatment, gourmet dinners, readings in the Al Capone suite, etc. discount rates. I'm waiting for details. Email me

Kathryn said...

vivi Anna - EXACTLY! Dating can be nauseous. Monkey sex, mmm.

And I took the fantasy farther and made the guy smart and incredibly tuned to women's "needs." The most female empowering phrases are in his voice.

Hey, might as well go all the way!

Makes sense that a guy for hire would really get to know what women want, and how unhappy some are.

On the other hand, can it stay monkey sex without the anonymity? We'll see in Steam.

joelle said...

Steam sounds like another winner. Congrats on the movie idea. Love Hot Water. The idea of being able to be free and meet up with someone enchanting on a trip would make this one memorable experience. Reading is one thing but it has always been a fantasy to actually meet up with someone on an excursion.

Kathryn said...

Sue a. You're right about the American Gigolo story. Even the movie shows the negative, and there's some of that in Hot Water too, but more in the clients than the guy. William does worry about becoming jaded and empty, and then he falls in love with Julia. It's an affirmation of the power of love as well as great sex. Society conditions us to think such actions must bring their own punishment. Women have told me they couldn't handle William's past, and that might surface in Steam too. Always lots of complexity in anything to do with sex and love.

tetewa said...

Hot Water and Steam both sound great. Have I thought about hiring a man for sex (well of course)!

Kathryn said...

Joelle, Hmm, meeting someone on an excursion. Should I confess? Okay, just this. Once upon a time a young woman on an European tour happened to wander off by herself and met an Italian Merchant Marine in Genoa who was so handsome she had to ask herself, how can I pass this up? Or was it the Australian football player at a disco in Innsbruck? The Greek bousoki player on Corfu? Too many novels to write, not enough time!

Vivi Anna said...

mmm, Kathryn, now you're talking girl. Vacation sex with strangers is so HAWT.

Keira Soleore said...

Kathryn, I loved that quote from Eleanor Roosevelt likening women to tea bags. Very, very cool!

Romance stories are so full of hope, no matter the problems, a HEA is possible. I really love that.

Keira Soleore said...

Kathryn, many, many congratulations to you for a possible Lifetime movie made of "Hot Water." I really hope you can get the fantastic Eduardo Verastegui to be the lead.

amy kennedy said...

Ooh, wouldn't that be fantastic to get Eduardo.

TMI here--Kathryn, I forgot you were blogging today but my subconscious must have remembered because I'm wearing my "Get into Hot Water" thong!

Vivi--seriously, I understand, I don't know what I would do if I were single with child(ren) today.

kerri1973 said...

Howdy chicas! I always love it when a woman gets to take lead in any situation. The whole "double standard" thing in our society really gripes me. There is a way to be both a take charge woman and an old fashioned romantic at the same time. We can do it all! Greetings Kathryn and isn't getting into hot water what we all really want to do anyway? Keeps life interesting! xoxo to all the bellas!

ev said...

Vivi- I told DH he has to stick around for a long time- I have no desire to go back into the dating scene. As for the wild, hot monkey sex- let me know when the party begins!!!

I think part of the fantasy, is that unlike a woman, who can fake (duh), you can tell if the man is really into it,which makes it soooo much better. Did that make sense???

One more day of work. Not that I will have the energy for any monkey sex. LOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, everyone, Hi, Kathryn! No energy for monkey sex, ev? Oh, no. I think an intervention is called for, Bellas. This just doesn't sound like our evie. What can we do to help her out of this rut?

I leave the place for two days, and look what happens?! First, it's all that talk of bad boys, and now, this sinful talk of paying some beautiful, virile, fake-free young man for a weekend of passion. Never pay for what you can get for free, I say. Or is it, pay through the nose for what you'll either never have, or get arrested for if he's under age? One or the other.

Vivi, what makes you nauseated about dating again? I'd think you'd be all for having fun and getting to know new people. Is it different because you have a child at home?

I'm fascinated by people who are dating, cause it's been so long since I dated someone other than my husband (couple months at least).

But what I mean is, I've become this "elder aunt," pulling for new relationships, getting excited about sweet little things that happen to "early daters." Is that kinda like reminiscing about how nice it was when I was only dating my husband before we were married?

I love the fantasies that Kathryn's book and GuestBlogs always bring up, and that the subject always comes around to examining the double standard about women taking control of their happiness.

Kathryn said...

Hey Bellas, I was gone awhile - again back in 1922 with Gladys and Al. I'd love to talk about that more. Making the 1920s come alive. Now there was a decade of empowered women, at least in the cities.

So many new messages. I really love talking to you - and I've blogged on other sites that aren't near as fiesty and in tune. A special feeling at Romance Buy The Book - due in part to Michelle!

Amy, wearing your HW thong, you sexy thang! Stay in touch.

I love the comment about having it all, and HEA. It irritates me that men kind of make fun of romances - even romance writers don't get the clout (just the money, ha, ha - the big ones anyway). And what the heck is wrong with HEA? Maybe we need that in the pages, because we know the cards are stacked against us much of the time. Men programmed for entitlement, hense the double standard. Not all men, of course, but there are still Ralphs out there, don't you think? Those who read Hot Water definitely remember good ol' Ralph. Based on my first hubby, I admit.

Oh, I so want Eduardo to play William if a film of any kind ever happens.

I'm expecting a friend for dinner. Boyfriend in the kitchen cooking now. Yes, I learned. So I'll be back to say good night later (middle of the night since I'm on CA time) and talk a little about how I came to terms with Al Capone. He's far more complex than the movies and books have portrayed him.

Thanks everyone and keep passing the Hot Water word!

Kathryn said...

Hi Michelle,

The thing about dating is that trite and true saying about frogs. There are just soooo many to weed through. My BF and I have had some difficult times - nothing is perfect, but then I think of getting back out there and I just do not have the time. And how could I find someone who takes me salsa dancing twice a week and cooks and put in a big vege garden because I was too busy? Sure when it hits there's nothing better than those early dates, but there's also a lot to be said for growing with what you know. My goodness, did the author of Hot Water say that?

I think you're right, Michelle. Why not have an attitude of what the heck, meet people, even the frogs, just keep on moving, then when you least expect, love. Or at least monkey sex :)

catslady said...

The book sounds exciting but isn't that what's great about them - they put us right into the fantasies without any of the risk lol. I don't think Id have the nerve to do a lot of things but I sure enjoy reading about them lol.

Playground Monitor said...

I know I'm late for the party. Spent the day hunting down a shower seat for my mother to use. Spent more of the day tracking down a police report only to find the cop didn't report the accident the way I described it to him AND he cited both me and the other person for illegal backing. Uh... I'd finished backing and had put the car into drive, which he'd know if he'd listened to me!

Deep breaths, Marilyn. Deep breaths. Of course this means I'm out $1K for my mother's deductible.

I hate effing SUV's!

Okay... to the subject at hand. I fantasize about hiring Eduardo. God he's hawt!

What intrigues us about turning the tables? It feels empowering because it IS empowering. We get to be top banana for a change.

And as for escape... well that's as exciting as it gets sometimes. :blush: A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do. I could use a little Hot Water and Steam after playing Nurse Marilyn for a week. My diet is shot to hades and back.

Did I mention I hate SUV's?


Kathryn said...

Thanks for all your comments! And thanks, Michelle, for having me back. It's 11:00 PM here and I'm beat. Guess I'll wait till next time to talk about Gladys And Capone.

Here's to HEA, and fun getting into Hot Water.


Kathryn said...

Hi Playground Monitor,

I sure can relate to your concerns taking care of your mother. My mom is 88 and tomorrow she'll arrive to spend the weekend with me. Very arthritic but sharp as a tack. A Scrabble weekend, but busy taking care of her and happy she's still here to spend time with me.

Take care.

Angela said...

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Big Hugs! And Kathryn, keep up the awesome work ~ you're one of WOW's favorites. ;-)