Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kate Pearce GuestBlog: My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys. And Bi-Sexual Rakes. And Intergalactic Vikings...

Contest!!! Kate's giving one Lucky Commenting Bella a copy of "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?"
I first met Kate Pearce in the bar at RWA national Atlanta, where she and her friends thought I was trying to pick up their editor, Adam Nevill. I guess hearing me say something like, “call me if you wanna get together to finish what we started” might have sounded a little suggestive, had we not been talking about concluding an interview about erotica my supervisor ultimately nixed. I think the guy actually shivered -- not in a good way -- when I showed him the copy...
Kate’s a Bella, w/a very hot novel about an “aw, shucks, ma’am, can I help you with that orgasm?” cowboy who doesn't want what happened in Vegas to stay in Vegas called, “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” Please offer Kate a warm Hey, Howdy, Buongiorno…

Hi Bellas and thanks to Michelle for letting a newbie author GuestBlog in such awesome company!

First let me introduce myself properly. I grew up in North-East London (very close to David Beckham, but not close enough) and moved to the U.S. with my lovely husband and kids in 1998. None of which, you might think, qualifies me to write an erotic romance about a cowboy who lives in Oregon.

But I always had a ‘thing’ for cowboys. As a kid, I watched all the old T.V. shows: “Bonanza,” “The High Chaparral,” and my favorite, “The Virginian.” Even then I was torn between my love for The Virginian and my love for Trampas, the blond god played by Doug McClure.

When I first met my Virgin editor, Adam Nevill, at RWA in Atlanta he looked at me funny and said, “You’re English” I’m like, ‘duh’ He replied “I would never have known that from your book.” I took it as a huge compliment that I managed to get the sense of the wonderful country I now call home into my writing.

Of course, I was lucky enough to have the help of several locals to rid my text of such words as ‘car park, spotty face, wonky chair and bum.’ Who would’ve guessed our languages could be so different? I’m sure I got some things wrong and I’m sure someone will be kind enough to point them out to me.

I did wonder whether I was capable of producing a book about contemporary America but as I also write erotic romances for Ellora’s Cave and Kensington Aphrodisia, an average writing day might include, Cowboys, Surgeons, Intergalactic Vikings and bisexual Regency Rakes.

So does anyone else love cowboys
or care that a Brit dared to write about one?

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Encore! If you haven't heard already, head over to for a big announcement. The Squawkers will be here soon to dish more about the whole thing.


Kati said...

Mornin' Miss Kate and the Bellas! Kate, we're so proud for you and thrilled that your book is being so warmly received.

Cowboys, nope, they don't usually do it for me. Actually, it's more that the setting doesn't do it for me. I used to read lots and lots of western set romances when I was younger, but I've kind of grown beyond. Except for Elizabeth Lowell's "Only" series, which I adore. Go figure.

That being said, the cowboy on your cover, well, he TOTALLY does it for me! LOL! Shirt off, tight jeans, cowboy hat and a tatt? Yes, please!

I'll have to keep my eye peeled for your book, Kate, can't wait to read what kind of delicious naughtiness you've come up with! Can you give us a quickie synopsis of the story?

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Kate!

Ooh, cowboys... well, when someone says the word cowboy to me, I think TOMBSTONE!!!

And not the baddy 'Cowboys' in that movie, but the glamorous, sharp dressed Earps and the fabulous, morbidly droll Doc Holliday. [I don't know how Val Kilmer manages to make a consumptive into a lust object... but he's so gloriously burnt out and debauched...] I *love* those guys... I think it's something about their gentleman gambler fashion style. Frock coats, posh waistcoats with stiff collared shirts and cravats... big stylish hats. And oh, that long black trail coat that Wyatt dons when he really means business! Awesome...

And don't get me started on their weapons... tee hee... Wyatt's Buntline special is *very, very* long! LOL

On the other side of the law there's also something chillingly fascinating about the deliciously deranged Johnny Ringo too... Mad as box of frogs, but so sexy...

Ack, I'm sorry... but you started it, Kate! Think I'm gonna haveta mosey on over to my DVD player and watch it all over again!

The Girl You Used to Know said...

Hello my little Naughty Kate!

You know I don't have a problem with a Brit daring to write about cowboys. I mean, Americans dare to write about English history all the time...and nobody blinks an eye at it. (well, nobody in America blinks an eye. hehe) And as far as I'm concerned, you can use the phrase "wonky chair" any time you choose. LOL

I'm so happy to see you over here. Can't wait til July to see you in person!


Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Kate!

I LOVE COWBOYS!! For me it's their rough hands. Call me crazy but there something about a man who works with his hands that just drives me to distraction. Thems are some working boys who know how to unwind at the end of the day. ;o)
I grew up on the old westerns. If it wasn't Clint Eastwood, it was John Wayne. Either one can show me how to "properly" use a lasso any day.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hiya, Bellas! Buon-gee-or-no, Miss Kate! It's mighty nice to see perty little gals like you and your friends around here this fine mornin'. See? I'm tryin to use my best Old WEst lingo. How'm I doin?

Really glad you've joined us. I think I've said before that I wouldn't think "British woman writing -- that's writing, not riding, Vivi Anna -- American when I read your novel. I think the language and sensibilities, even, are very American West, or at least how we like to think of it. That's really good observation, too.

The only thing that ever comes up for me, and is prob the same for British who read Americans writing British (got that?), is the spelling issue. It always reminds me I'm reading a book published by a British company. And if nobody's bothered to get the knickers/braces/panties, etc., thing right w/in an "authentic" American novel, that annoys.

But alas, if the story's great, I can deal w/just about anything. But I worry for the reader who doesn't understand the "translations."

Anywayz, can I tell you the first chapter of "Cowboy" is really hot? Or did I mention that?

Listen, MK, WHATCG is anything but Old West, although I hear you on the premise thing that you've tired of.

"Cowboys" is contemporary to the core, and very sexy. And, yeah, the model rocks. I think I saw him on a ad or something.

Anonymous said...

Buongiorno, Kate, Michelle, Bellas!

Trampas, hands down. Really, people, no contest! ;)


I think it shows guts and respect for your adopted country that you tackled a setting so foreign to your own upbringing, so kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I think we Brits may be somewhat at an advantage because there is so much US TV shown here, so we kinda slip into the language without thinking about it at times. I have a British/American dictionary which I find fascinating as it explains odd words you don't come across too often.
I must admit when I read some US historical fiction and I find them using words or particular phrases that we wouldn't use, let alone the people in whatever century is being written about, I do get a tad irritated.
So far I haven't ventured into writing about the USA in my books, but no doubt if and when I do I'll make some horrendous mistakes.
Looking forward to meeting you in Dallas.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ugh, here comes Pollyanna, worrying she may have hurt someone's feelings. I wrote The only thing that ever comes up for me, and is prob the same for British who read Americans...

I didn't mean you, Kate, specifically, I meant when I read books published by British companies like B+Mills/H'Quin, Vgn, etc., that with reason use British spelling.

Monica Burns said...

Mornin' Bellas
{{{{Kate}}} You are RAWKING girlfriend. A totally Hot, hot, cover.

I like cowboys just as much as I do a rake in breeches. They both wear tight pants. ROFLMAO

Ok, seriously. Cowboys have this image that they're quiet loners (except when they go get drunk in the local saloon, then they're rough and wild - LOL), and they're a challenge to women. We want to get into their heads, which means making them talk.

As for Brits writing cowboys. Huh?? You go girl. I don't think about what someone's nationality, ethnicity or sex is when I read a book. It's the story, and your's are great!

Monica <---who after reading Portia's descriptive post now is wondering if she can meet the hubby at home for lunch. *evil grin*

flip said...

I love cowboys. My dad loved cowboy movies and I watched a lot John Wayne movies as a kid. I also love the futuristic cowboy movies and tv shows like Serenity and Firefly.

Your books sounds like a blast.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Mon, it's sooo good to have you back for oh, so many reasons!

Deanna, welcome, Bella. Here's a question for you. You said your peeps watch lots of American TV and slip easily into the language.

Question: do you feel as dorky -- or sound as dorky -- as we do when we get all excited about words and terms used on BBC America, PBS costume dramas, Regency romances, and pepper our language with them? Even Harry Potter. I mean, if I hear one more soccer mom say "Brilliant!" I'm gonna slit my wrists.

Or, maybe you mean just slip into the language when writing.

Jules, that idea of the "unwinding," as you eloquently put it is like the fantasy of the blood-lusty Medieval knight or the strapping jock, etc. So attractive to many of our healing instinct fantasies -- to want to care for a some battered guy's needs and kiss better the achy parts. But only until he's well enough to take care of ours. At least, I think that's wrapped up in that fantasy. I could be wrong.

Kati said...

Cowboys have this image that they're quiet loners.

Mmm, how hot is the scene between Jake Gyllanhall and Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain??? OK, tragic movie, but come on, that scene was smokin'!!

They had such great chemistry. And I'm willing to speculate that more than one cowboy got it on during a cattle drive. LOL!

Portia Da Costa said...

Yes, so much of our television, and so many of the books we read over here originate in America, so I agree with Deanna, we Brits do pick up a lot of US colloquialisms subconsciously and automatically. But I like discovering less well known ones too and I love chasing up words and phrases to understand them. Yet sometimes, I also just like to let them flow over me so I can sort of absorb their meaning by association and context.

I can't wait to read 'Where Have All The Cowboys Gone', Kate... Wanna do a swapsie with me for one of mine?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Flip! That's such a nice connection to have made w/your dad.

Does anybody watch "Deadwood?" Kinda goes along with naughty Portia's Val Kilmer admiration. Gritty and not-so-admirable can be really attractive, too.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I love chasing up words and phrases to understand them.

Yes, Portia, and readers really appreciate when authors do so. The nuance of colloquialism, even being able to present a kind of cadence of language particular to a culture, adds so much to a novel. It can mean the difference between a good story and a great novel.

Oh, and MK, I think you're right about the cattle driving.

Portia Da Costa said...

Question: do you feel as dorky -- or sound as dorky -- as we do when we get all excited about words and terms used on BBC America, PBS costume dramas, Regency romances, and pepper our language with them? Even Harry Potter. I mean, if I hear one more soccer mom say "Brilliant!" I'm gonna slit my wrists.

Or, maybe you mean just slip into the language when writing.

I think because we have much more US television in the UK than there is UK television shown in the US, it probably comes more naturally to us to use American words and phrases in conversation and writing. I suppose somebody who doesn't watch much telly would find it less natural... but I watch loads and loads of US shows so I absorb masses of USisms in consequence. I don't think I've ever actually written an American character in a book though... I don't think I would be confident enough in my ability to make him or her ring true.

But then, sadly, I've never visited the States... and there's a big difference between watching it on the telly and actually *being* there.

One day, maybe... one day...

Julie in Ohio said...

Does anyone else get all worked up listening to the Eagles sing "Desperado"?

Vivi Anna said...

Hey Kate!! Great to see you doing a guest author blog!

I'm not a big cowboy lover. Maybe its because I live in Calgary, which is cowboy country in Canada. I dated a cowboy once when I was young 17, and he was like 24 or soemthing like that...his name was Cotton. And he always wore his cowboy hat, he had a moustache and he drove a rusted out old pickup truck that still had hay in the back. Me, I had a foot long black mohawk....LOL It was not a match made in heaven. LOL

Playground Monitor said...

I love the cowboy mystique, though I have it on good authority from a friend who lives in Colorado that a real cowboy isn't that romantic. It's the smell, she says.

But books are all about fantasy so give me a cowboy who wears size 12 boots and tight jeans and a big ole Resistol and treats his mama with respect and I'm a goner.


Shannon said...

Good Morning Kate! Welcome to RBTB. The book sounds great. Cowboys are always fun. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hi Kate,

I'm not much of a cowboy fan, but I love a good regency rake (especially a bisexual one). Hope the book does really well for you.

Incidentally, is your other forthcoming cowboy book, Roping the Wind, a sequel or a separate entity?

Unknown said...

Hi, Kate,

Great to see you here...I've enjoyed reading your books and can't wait to get my hands on your!

Cowboys? Mmmm. Written by Kate Pearce? Even better!

Have a great day!

amy kennedy said...

Aaarrgh! Blogger.#%^@*&

Bellas! Kate, how cool to have you here. I think it's cool that you would want to write a book set in the states. And the cover is lovely.

Portia--Tombstone is my husbands favorite movie, I finally bought him the DVD. Rarely does he watch the whole thing, he just likes having it there to view for a little while.

Deadwood--it still gives me the shivers. All that dust and sweat and pent-up sexuality and un-pent-up sexuality...yes, please.

amy kennedy said...

Yes, apparently I have more than one husband--that would be "my husband's"

Unknown said...

Hi marykate and everyone!
I'm finally here after dropping all 4 kids off to school!

I LOVED the 'Only' series by Elizabeth Lowell. I have them all and regularly re-read them!

And here's a short blurb about the book:

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you’re Lauren Redstone. In her case a little klutziness at a hotel bar turns into an unexpected opportunity to indulge in her most erotic fantasy-sex with a real honest-to goodness cowboy. But when Lauren wakes up the next morning, she discovers she’s indulged in more than a night of incredible passion-she’s wearing a sparkling gold wedding band.

But Lauren’s plans don’t include a life-time commitment to one man. Not when she has a nice safe life with her retro props business and a firm desire to stay far away from controlling men like her father. Love isn’t even a factor in her game plan. But her sexy cowboy isn’t ready to fold his hand just yet. Can he convince her that true love always wins in the end?

It was such fun to write!

Alison Tyler said...

Oooh, it sounds divine!
her most erotic fantasy-sex with a real honest-to goodness cowboy...

I've had a thing for cowboys since watching Robert Redford in... oh, god, what was it called? Electric Horseman? Was that right?

Congrats, Kate! You rock!

Unknown said...

Excuse me while I catch up!

Portia- 'ello old mate!
Tombstone-I've never seen this movie but it sounds like my cup of tea-I'll definitely have to look it up!

Mel-love ya!

Julie-yes, rough hands, callused finger pads against soft skin, mmm...

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle and thanks so much for having me!
Re the language thing, it always makes me laugh-I take such pains to get it right and make sure everything is American and then Virgin change everything back into the English spelling. Not sure what I can do about that really!

Unknown said...

Me again!

azteclady-Yey! Go Trampas! although personally I'm still torn...

Hi Monica! hmm never thought about the tight pants angle before but you might have a point :)
And yes, getting cowboys to talk is hard work, but ask them to show you how to get your horse working better with you and just sit back and watch magic.

Flip-futuristic cowboys?? let me at them! I watched John Wayne with my dad too-he was a devoted fan.

Brokeback Mountain?

Unknown said...

Vivi...when you say he "always wore his cowboy hat" can you erm be uh more specific? :)

Playground monitor
about the smell, I find you get used to it after a while! And Grayson, the cowboy in my book is just that kind of deeply honorable man-gotta love him

Yes indeedy, the next Cheek book "Roping the Wind" (Out Dec in the UK) is connected to WHATCG. The hero of Roping is Grayson's half-brother Jay who turns up in the first book.

Unknown said...

I love cowboys!!!! Awesome cover!!!!

Unknown said...

Forgot to say hi to Deanna-Google just gave me a minor heart attack by crashing the whole site...

Ana-you've read my books-really? wow...thank you!

Alison-strangely enough, Jay, the hero of the next cowboy book, is a dead ringer for Robert Redford!

Nikki Magennis said...

Hi Kate! Congrats on the book - it looks wonderful. I vote in favour of strong, silent cowboys! : )

I wrote a whole screed about US/UK English, but Blogger ate it. I think I ended up offering a swap, or 'trade' as you guys would say - 'knickers' for 'ass'.

It made a lot more sense before!

tetewa said...

I loved watching cowboys growing up. My favorite was Bonanza with Michael Landon. I also enjoyed watching Gunsmoke with Festus and Miss Kitty. Some of my favorite western movies to watch are Tombstone and Young Guns. Young Guns had many favorite hotties in that one. Enjoyed having you here today and congrats on your release! Oh and my favorite western of all time was True Grit with John Wayne and Glen Campbell.

Unknown said...

Amy S -it is a great cover isn't it? Although in the final version they took the tattoo off!

Nikki-are you still awake? Blogger has been a pig for me today too.

Tetewa-I actually got to visit the 'Bonanza' set in the hills above Lake Tahoe. It was so awesome. I even bought myself a cowboy hat just like "little Jo's"
True Grit is a great movie-my dad's favorite.

anne said...

Cowboys have an allure that I was always attracted to. During the 1950's when I was young I used to watch the television programs after school, loved Gunsmoke, Paladin and The Rifleman. I have been to Tombstone and what an aura it has. I loved the movie, Tombstone, The Earps were fabulous and loved Kurt Russell as Wyatt. he was so good.

diane said...

Cowboys rule! Welcome Kate. Your book looks wonderful. I live in the Wild West and just love it. It is tamed where I am though and I even have a wonderful black coyboy hat that my husband bought for me when we moved here.

ellie said...

Hi Kate. Congrats on this great release. What a winner. Love cowboys and their entire unassuming presence. The books that I have devoured, the movies that I loved and the locale is just what makes me yearn for more cowboy books. They are the best.

Madeline Moore said...

'Deadwood' grew on me until I was a rabid fan - then it was cancelled. But I didn't lust after any of the cowboys in it. My favourite tv show was Bonanza, when I was a girl...but as an adult I confess I haven't had many cowboy fantasies. However, when talking about Doc Holiday, MY Doc Holiday was Dennis Quaid. Yummy...
Great post!

Sue A. said...

Do I love cowboys? It's not the clothes that make the man for me. But you've got to admire any man who earns his muscles the hard way with hard labor. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Kate and mornin' Michelle and Bellas,

Kate - I LOVE the photos! I grew up watching westerns (yup, they screened westerns all the way down in little old NZ) and according to my mother my absolute favourite was The Virginian (or 'the man in the hat'). I also loved Maverick ('the man in black') - I'm sensing a theme here :)

Can I just say your writing day sounds like great fun!


PS I can't remember the name of the TV show the last picture is from, but I'm sure the man in the top right-hand corner played a character called Buck. Does anyone know the name of the show please?

Playground Monitor said...

Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty. I always wondered what went on between the two of them because you know something did. They weren't just friends.

TV was just full of westerns when I was growing up -- all the aforementioned plus Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Rawhide, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, Maverick, Wagon Train, Death Valley Days. They just don't make tv like that anymore. It's all reality tv and nary a cowboy in sight.


Playground Monitor said...

PS I can't remember the name of the TV show the last picture is from, but I'm sure the man in the top right-hand corner played a character called Buck. Does anyone know the name of the show please?

If you run your mouse over the photo, it shows it's from High Chaparral.

alissa said...

Hi Kate,
Yes cowboys do have that appeal which is timeless. I just fell for it a long time ago and it is still part of my yearning for the good ole days of those special tv programs that I watched relentlessly. Best wishes on this great release.

pearl said...

Congrats on your new book. Looks great! Love cowboys and have always been crazy about that time, their lives and the movie Tombstone with Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell is not to be missed. Memorable.

Anonymous said...

Welcome! I love reading about cowboys. I remember growing up that tv shows like Big Valley and Bonanza were some of my favorites. I also loved watching westerns witjh great stars like John Wayne.

Anonymous said...

I love that you wrote a cowboy story; I love cowboys and come from a place where there are a lot of them and rodeos.
I loved Bonanza and even belonged to a club where you received a colored picture of all the men and their horses, lol.


ev said...

Julie- Desperado is one of my favorite songs, and I love the movies.

I love John Wayne. If it is on DVD I have it- probably multiple copies too. Did you know he would be 100 this year? We play a game when there is a movie on tv- DH will be surfing, find one, leave it on for a split second, the tell me to guess which one it is, just by sound- no looking. Brat.

My favorite is Hondo. Or maybe MacClintock. or She wore a Yellow Ribbon. Get the idea??

I love westerns. Give me Zorro or any Spaghetti Western, the old Roy Rogers movies, it doesn't matter.

I love the Louis L'amour books.

I will need to add this to the collection too.

LizbethSelvig said...

Oooh, I hate this time zone thing - I was gone all morning and am getting into this so late I may have missed you all.

But this is a subject that's so dear to me on a couple of levels - first, I'm a cowboy fanatic, Kate, because (oh, here it comes, Liz and her horses again) cowboys not only are portrayed as hot loners but they LOVE their horses. A man and his horse are as good as a man and babies in my book! And, oh my goodness - Doug McClure!!!

But I also love the whole British-writing-American thing because I'm just the opposite - an American trying to write British. In fact, my current WIP takes place in Liverpool (yes, sorry, I'm an old Beatle fan, but really the Beatles have little if anything to do with this story - it's mostly just a holdover fascination.) I look forward to the day I have the chance for a really good chat with a British (preferably Bella) who'll wax on and on about the language differences with me! (Who's going to nationals again???)

Thanks Kate - I haven't read Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?, yet but it's high on the list now! Thanks for the topic.

sharon said...

Congrats on this wonderful release. Looks enticing. When I watched Tombstone I was riveted the entire time. What a fantastic movie, Kurt Russell did the best job ever. Cowboys are real men with strength and principles. Love them all.

Unknown said...

lizees-I'm going to National! We can talk British all you want :)

So nice to see that I'm not alone in my fascination with cowboys and yes, seeing them work with their horses can be awe-inspiring. I watched a guy introducing the saddle to a young horse and it was like a subtle dance of advance and retreat, not a whip or a spur in sight, just a slow almost deductive introduction.

I also have a couple of theories about why we all love cowboys so much. Firstly, anyone in the 30 upwards age group was bombarded with TV shows about Cowboys so we can't help but like them!

Secondly, you remember how most little girls go through that pony/horse/unicorn craze? Well big girls learn to prefer the men who can master the horses-the cowboys

Cheryl said...

Welcome Kate. I'm another one that loves cowboy stories. And I adore that cover. Can't wait to read the book.

Kammie said...

Nice to see you here, Kate! I love cowboys and cowboy stories. One of my close friends is British so I learned straight away how different some of the words can be. He's been here in the U.S. a few years now, but ever so often, another word is spoken I never heard before. We've had a ton of laughs about it. I think a Brit can only add to the story. Surely nothing would be lost.

Anonymous said...

Great cover. Cowboys are pretty hot. Atleast on tv, never met any before though.

Stacy S

catslady said...

I haven't read a good cowboy book in quite a while but this ones sounds really interesting. I grew up watching all those great cowboy shows :)

Anonymous said...

I love a good read, and I can't wait to read yours, Kate!

Kristina Lloyd said...

Oh, I do love cowboys. And yes, all those Westerns on TV in the 70s had a lot to do with it.

I have a copy of Kate's book in my mucky little paws. Now, I don't want you to think I'm the kind of girl who dips into a book looking for the dirty bits (listen, I've been busy, okay) but that scene in the stalls with him and her and the horses round about page 110 ... Oh my.

And the cover is gorgeous. Sometimes I stroke him.

Kate, I know you're doing some promo on Lust Bites next week ... are we going to get an excerpt? Or a little teaser? Please? For us?

Or has everyone gone home now?

Julie in Ohio said...

"...that scene in the stalls with him and her and the horses round about page 110 ... Oh my."

Now, Kristina, that was just not nice. You tease... :p

Kate- We wouldn't object to an excerpt here, either. Actually I'd be happy to give a little bribe in order to receive one. Do you like Krispy Kremes? :o)

Kristina Lloyd said...

Uh, Julie, you're right. Sorry. So unfair of me.

What I *should* have done is mention the blindfold.

Julie in Ohio said...

Yes, that's *so* much better. Thank you, Kristina.

-Julie, wiping off her screen as the sarcasm drips

Kate-- This book sounds terrif. If you don't do Krispy Kremes, how about some Starbucks? Who doesn't need a good strong cup of coffee to get going in the A.M.?
(Julie says trying to entice a juicy blurb out of Kate)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Shameless. Just. Shameless. Kate, I have to apologize for JulieO, she tends to badger for tidbits -- um, and naughtybits -- about her favorite novels, especially the hot ones. What's she offering, Krispies? Ah, Gawd, next'll be the Starbucks and the Victoria's Secret Angels gift card.

Really, she's quite a nice woman, she's just got this one tiny quirk...

Thanks, Kate, for joining us! We'll see you again here. I really enjoy your presence -- as well as your love of Becks -- and you add so much. Hope everyone reads WHATCG, and checks out the rest of your novels!

Ciao, Bellas, I'm off to today's post!

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, Michelle. You think you know me so well, don't 'cha?

Ok, so you do. :D

Have you noticed that I have yet to succeed in my bribes? I think I need to reevaluate my offerings...

Unknown said...

Julie, um that particular barn scene is a little too um 'naughty' for this blog!
But I will probably be posting it on the Lust Bites blog next Monday...

see? no bribes necessary!

Thanks for having me Michelle, it was a blast!

Julie in Ohio said...

(marking calender with red stars for this time next Monday) ;o)

Maria Geraci said...

I can't believe I missed this post! Kate, your book is absolutely fabulous, but I think I've already told you that a few hundred times at least:)