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The Italian Footballer's Virgin Romance Columnist Bride

Romance Scholar and writer Bronwyn Clark
GuestBlogs tomorrow, May 3. She needs help in her study of online romance communities, and can't do it without you -- IMHO --
one of the most unique communities of that ilk!

Hand ta God, I was gonna write about category romances today, cause I just read one on the plane coming back from WRW, "The Antonakos Marriage," by Kate Walker. It was from the yummy H'quin Presents Greek Tycoon Series. Tagline: The Have Everything Except Wives.


So, I head over to this morning and realize Christina Dodd's written an homage to H'quin Presents that's simply wonderful. And you should see her collection. I really dig the H'quin Presents, especially the Italian Husbands and the Greeks and the Sheiks. They're all alpha-goofballs, all fabulous lovers, and, best of all, the books are simply about the love story. Huzzah!

And let me just say this: The folks on the covers are just really good-looking, and often look a lot like the characters. Which I couldn't care less about, but always find interesting with the Presents.
There's actually a website called, and we've been trying to schedule a little guest blog exchange day. We'll keep working on it.

Little potpourri today: What do you love about H'quin Presents? What do you find deliciously simplistic, comfortably romantic about them? What do you want to know about the WRW weekend? Any more thoughts about our move to


Make up a H'quin Presents-esque title that describes your current relationship.
Encore! cas2ajs , you've won a romance six-pack from the weekend blog! Congratulazione. Send me your snail mail at, please. Thanks, Bellas, for keeping the place groovin while I was away. :)


Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas. I'm killing time until time to get dressed for a second job interview.
What a great topic, Michelle. I quite simply adore the HQP series. Seriously. What's not to like. They feature ridiculous titles that leave no question as to the total content of the book. They don't take themselves too seriously. Everything about them is over the top. I love them! I call them "poolside reading." Why? Well, because even if I only get half-way through a HP, and it falls to the bottom of the pool, I still know how it ends.

I just think these books are big huge fun!

amy kennedy said...

Marykate and Michelle, My Father and Step-Mom would winter in San Diego at these sweet little ladies' house (who were wintering in Arizona) The sweet ladies had a plethora of HPs, I had brought nothing to read and latched on to those--think I read one a night. My Step-Mom, would look at me and shake her head. I didn't care--they were great.

Michelle, your title is great.

The Nordic HighEndTheatre Viking's Lustful Grandma Librarian.

Okay, so I'm not a librarian--but everyone thinks I am.

MsTypo said...

Ev, hope your finger is feeling better!! :)

Although i don't buy them anymore i enjoy the Harlequin's for two reason. First well, i gotta support a canadian product! I've even visisted their old headquarters in Don Mills! :D And second, they're such quick and easy reads! The committment is no more than an hour or so and i'm done.. (Which is why i don't buy them... )

Hmmm that last part sounded potentially naughty... :p

What do we want to know about WRW.... Everything! :p :D

And finally my title... The Geek Meets his Match or for something less real and more fun... The Mile High Club ;) (Hey, i live at elevation, travel a lot, and um... have an active imagination? ;) )

Julie in Ohio said...

Good Morning, Bellas!!

The thing I like about HQ is that they are too short to have some of the crazy misunderstandings and such that tend to drive me crazy.
They also have a limited amount of time to make me care for the characters, so kudos to the authors... :o)

Making up a title for my book is harder than just making one up.

How about....
"Midwest Mama and her Football Stud"
"A Devil wins an Angel"

Anonymous said...

I like them cause they are a simple read, especially after a long hard day at the grind stone.

as for my own title

The Fireman: Putting fires out and starting new home.

amy kennedy said...

Marykate, I meant to say, "New job interview?"
What's up?

Nairobi--is it just your imagination? And Julie, are you supposed to be the Angel? Just Kidding.

Trish--seriously, is he a fireman? How cool is that?

Mona said...

What I like about HQ is that they're like a short dream. You can go in and out. Some romance novels are so huge in dilemma and events that you'd go in and couldn't manage to come out even after finishing the book. I hate that when it happens. When I get obsessed by a book and stay with it hanging in my head for days. Of course there's also the cover. They make great covers. Just like Michelle was saying these guys have everything except wives:)

amy kennedy said...

I missed some stuff yesterday--I had to go back to the comments to see what happened to Ev's finger--For heaven's sake woman, hope it feels better today. I do like your typing though--all lower case.

I don't think some dr.s live in the real world--come-on you work in a bookstore, you need both hands!

And MK--the screaming woman--OMG. It's kind of funny, though the way you tell it. That's the way those things are--horrible to go through, but great cocktail party stories. And another book! Damn you, book pimp!

Julie in Ohio said...

You're right, Amy, that title is deceiving. I suppose the more accurate title would be: "A Demon charms a Devil". That sounds like a paranormal book. Which amazingly would be accurate if we're talking my romance... :D

MK-- On top of all the other "new" you have going on, we're going to add new job? Dish, Bella! :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Another title could be:

"Beauty Finds Her Beast"
"Small Town Girl With Big City Dreams"
or my personal favorite:
"Scottish Highlander and His Irish Rose"

Angie-la said...

I "cut my teeth" on HQ Presents. My best friend used to sneak them from her aunt and grandmother (because they thought we were too young to be interested in such as that!) and we would read them. I must have been 11 or 12 at the time. I loved that I could read them in a short amount of time, they were perfect for my young, delicate sensibilities and they were set in exotic places. I don't read too many of those these days...just a few a year. But I still enjoy them when a want a "quick fix".

Playground Monitor said...

What do you love about H'quin Presents? Absolutely nothing. Lord knows I've tried to read them and the heroes are just too arrogant with a sense of entitlement.

What do you want to know about the WRW weekend? Everything!

Title of my life?

The Middle-Aged Southern Writer's Mid-Life-Crisis-Riddled Spouse

Men -- ya gotta love 'em.


Julie in Ohio said...

"Neurotic Schizophenic Meets Her Match"

Kati said...

Hi Bellas! Thanks for all the warm wishes and inquiries. Being the superstitious type, I'll be saying nothing until I have an offer. Regardless, the interview went well, and I'm hopeful I'll have good news to report in the coming weeks.

Julie in Ohio said...

MK-- You go girl!! I'm sending good vibrations your way. {{BIG HUGS}}

"A Goody Two-Shoes and The Harley Boy" (the most accurate of all)

"The Big Dog Gets Neutered: A Love Story"

Kati said...

"The Big Dog Gets Neutered: A Love Story"

Note to the Bellas, Diet Coke doesn't feel good coming out of your nose. Jules, you are hilarious, I think we should have that embroidered on a pillow for your hubby!

Thanks for the well wishes too!

Playground Monitor said...

Love the "Harley Boy" title. One of my mid-life-crisis-riddled spouse's crises involves a Harley. I'm a quasi-biker chick now and still a babe after all these years.


Kati said...

I'm a quasi-biker chick now and still a babe after all these years.

Marilyn - You betchera$$ you are!

Anna Campbell said...

Michelle and Bellas, gotta love the Harlequin Presents (which are sold as Mills and Boon Sexy down here - you should see some of the writers try and keep a straight face when they describe themselves as 'Sexy' writers!). They're the first romances I read and while they've got hotter, the basic pattern is still pretty much the same. And it's such a wonderful, fairytale pattern with all that operatic melodrama thrown in for flavour. Long live, HQP!

Julie in Ohio said...

Sorry about the Diet Coke, MK. :p

In the name of fairness, this is for all the guys out there...

"The Nag Gets Laryngitis: Paybacks are a Bitch"

Julie in Ohio said...

Actually, to put a personal spin on it the title should read;

"The Nag Gets Laryngitis: Scott's Revenge"

(Love you, Honey!!)

Rach said...

LOL, Jules--You're killin' me!! I wish I had had MK's warning *before* I read your titles...(Rach frantically cleaning the water off her monitor...)

I love HQPs for a couple of reasons. First is sentimental--I cut my teeth on my Granny's 1970's HQPs and HQ Romances. Oh, the places my youthful 13 year old self could travel through those novels. Almost all the locales were foreign to my little Blacksburg soul and they sounded *SO* exotic. And, the men were *MEN* with a capital "A" Alpha! Yes, there were some crazy-a$$ 1970's mindsets which were a little disturbing, but overall, ahhhhh.

Today I love 'em for pretty much the same reason. The title tells the story and you get these crazy capital "A" alphas. And as I've said on many occasions, I love to read 'em, not so sure I'd actually know what to do with one if I got 'im (I think one of us would wind up dead...) They are also my quickie when I just *need* some romance in my life and I need it *quick*!

Title? "The School Teacher and the Airman". Nah, I'm not good at this. Jules I bow down before your creative goddess feet...:oP

Anonymous said...

it's very cool amy*skf, he is VERY strong and in excellent shape, which leads to er...alot of fun ;)

Jules, too funny and good luck to you MK

Annie West said...

Michelle, I've been grinning as I read all these titles. What a BRILLIANT idea. As a Presents author myself, I take a keen interest in title trends and you've got some fascinating ones here. I'm particularly enthralled by MaryKate's 'The Dog Gets Neutered: A Love Story'! Am still wondering...

Waving to Anna. Were you by any chance talking about me trying to keep a straight face as I describe myself as a 'Sexy author'? It does take a bit of practice.

Like several people here, I cut my romance reading teeth on Presents stories. What I love about them - the emotional punch - absolutely. A great Presents story can deliver a real rollercoaster of emotion and a satisfying ending. That works for me and has kept my reading Presents for years. It's a purely enjoyable experience.

Off now to wonder about more titles...


Julie in Ohio said...

Hmmm, let's see here. Rach and her man. Ok, how about this:

"High School Honeys"
"The Airman's Lesson in Love"
"Love in Flight"
"Basic Training in Love"
"School of Romance: Teacher Knows Best"

Rach said...

Thanks, Julie! I *knew* you could come through for me :oP. I'm LingOL here!! Maybe you have a second career as a title-er. *IS* there such a thing??

MK, I almost forgot--my fingers are crossed for you. I know what that interview thing is like, especially when you *really* want the position.

Ev, how's the finger?

Stacy~ said...

HP's have a special place in my heart as Carole Mortimer (who still writes some 20+ years later) was my first romance author and HP was her game. I still read it today (after a bit of a hiatus) and Lucy is one of my all-time faves. Adore her. Jane Porter has some awesome ones too, and Sara Craven, Emma Darcy...

Jules, with those titles I think you're more of a Silhouette babe than a Harlequin, but since they're like siamese twins, it's all good.

MK, good luck on the interview. I bet you did just fab.

Annie, I've read your book "A Mistress for the Taking" and enjoyed it very much. Ronan was mesmorizing.

My current situation title: The Wallflower's Fantasy Lover

Trish Morey said...

Like so many others, I grew up on a staple diet of Hqn romances. Now I get to write them. All that passion, drama and those gorgeous alpha heroes, talk about the best job in the world :-)

I love coming up with titles, it's always interesting to see which ones of mine the editors keep. Here's one that sums up a recent planned evening I had with Mr Romance -

Big Night Out? The Root Canal's Revenge

Happily romantic evening take 2 was a tad more successful :-))

Christina Dodd said...

LOL, Michelle! Two great minds ...

Anne McAllister said...

Love the titles, guys! Wish you were working for editorial. I just got "The Boss's Wife for a Week" for my next one (and that's the real title).

I love H'quin Presents because they focus on the hero and heroine and because they originally encouraged each unique author's voice which meant there was great variety in the line.

Sometimes these days I think marketing gets caught up in the notion that there are particular story lines that readers buy. But I buy by author and I want particular voices. It's their spin on the stories that I love.

Waving to Annie, Trish, Anna and all!

Annie West said...

Ooh, more faces I know - hi Trish and Anne.

Stacey, so glad you enjoyed 'A Mistress for the Taking' - that's great to hear. And since we're on the topic of titles, I can tell you that I originally conceived of that book as 'The Mistress Makeover'.


Julie in Ohio said...

LOL! Lovin' the title, Stace. :o)

Isabel Swift said...

I'm participating in a book club & assigned the group to read DANGEROUS MEN, ADVENTUROUS WOMEN, which I'm re-rereading after many years. Was posting about that and Christine Dodd's blog about Presents (Alpha men and why we get a kick out of them is a subject of a couple of essays in DMAW) and she told me about this Presents blog, so I went back to link to it in my post. Must be something in the water!

I can't think of a title except for CLEAN UP THIS MESS! I don't think I'd buy the book....

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hullo, Bellas! I'm finally getting a moment to come back and read your comments. And, I'm bumming, cause I've been wanting to have this discussion for some time, and am even kicking around the idea of adding the "create a romance novel to describe your relationship/love life" questions to all my broadband interviews. Course, I'll let everyone know in advance so they all try to outdo each other. Wouldn't that be fun?

And, mi scusi -- cause I couldn't find the novel when I first wrote this blog -- but the tagline to H'Quin Greek Tycoons series is:

"They're the men who have everything -- except brides.

Anybody know the tagline to the Italian Husbands?

I remember when I read my first of the series, something like the Italian's Marriage Bargain, and thinking of the tagline: oh nonononono. It should be, They're often short, they hate to be wrong, and they love their mothers way too much.

But perhaps H'Quin marketing's was a little more romantic. :)