Thursday, May 24, 2007

The (Hen)d Of An Era

Sabrina Jeffries GuestBlogs tomorrow Friday, May 25!!! Super-naughty topic for those of you who love the really, really Bad Boys.

Well, all great things have to come to an end, I just always thought Squawk Radio -- if it did make an exit -- would probably do so because of some mojito-induced antic of crotchety ol Kitty Kuttlestone. Don't get me wrong. Kitty and I are colleagues -- the best of friends, really, bless her Botoxed brow.

And even though I've been frustrated more than once
when she's scooped me on some big story -- I'd like to say it's always because of her superior journalistic talents, but this romance columnist has it on background that it might have had something to do with the Kitster's willingness to partay with the boys in editorial, but you didn't hear that from me -- I still respect Kitty's ability to bring home the romance bacon with the style and aplomb of a woman a third her age.

But why are those Squawkers leaving us? You can find out at Squawk, o
r visit with The Authors Formerly Known As Squawkers right here in a early June when I get the scoop on Miss Kitty herself.
Free For All: Whad'ya Wanna Talk About? Squawk? What you're reading?
Did I ever tell you what a tough time I have getting details right? Like, I turned in my first column for and wrote the book title incorrectly not once, but twice?

Anyways, now that I had a sec to think about it, I realized I got some details wrong about Suzanne Brockmann's Oct. 31 release, "All Throught the Night," and I really wanna get it right, cause it's so cool: "All Through the Night" is a novella, a nice, meaty one. It's also a...Troubleshooter! What better holiday gift to give (ourselves, dernit, to heck w/everyone else)?

It's a little lighter for the most wonderful time of the year, however. Suzanne Brockmann will GuestBlog with us at the blog in August to celebrate the release of "Force of Nature."
Encore! Mille grazie, Kate Pearce, for moseyin' on over to chat about you hot cowboy heroes, as well as our own.
Encore due! diane, you've won a 'graphed copy of Kate's "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" Please send me your snail mail at Congratulazione, Bella!


Julie in Ohio said...

Mornin', All!!

I'm dumbstruck. I can't believe it. No more SquawkRadio?? How sad.
The bright side: They'll have more time to write. And they do write fantastic books. Maybe now they'll have a book released every month or so instead of one or two a year. :oD

What am I reading? I'm diving into the archives and am re-reading the Bridgertons. We were talking about alphas and rakes last week and it got me missing them. I do enjoy visiting old friends. :o)

Kati said...

Mornin' ladies! Hope everyone is doing great today. I'm dragging a bit because last night I was busy having my mind utterly blown out of the water by LOST. Did anyone else watch? Holy smokes!

I'm re-reading Pleasure for Pleasure right now, as I'm preparing for Eloisa's newest, which Michelle of course has read, and in fact, I believe is currently conducting a re-read of. Did everyone see that Eloisa is interviewed in USA Today today? Cute little "Five Questions" segment. It's in the LIFE section.

I too am devastated by the demise of Squawk. While I totally understand the why of it, I'll miss them, especially Terri, who totally appeals to my need for hot men and to talk about Buffy.

Portia Da Costa said...

I'm reading A Gentleman's Wager by my LustBites buddy, Madelynne Ellis. A wonderful, red hot historical...

What a shame the Squawk Radio blog is closing... but as Julie says, it allows more time for those fabulous authors to write their books! And more output from them has got to be a good thing for their readers. :)

LizbethSelvig said...

So sad about the Squawkers - but I can't blame them for wanting more time; and, like everyone else, I will only benefit from that!

Speaking of Squawkers, my current reading projects include an old trilogy of Connie Brockway's, so that's like comfort food right now.

Also - while I didn't watch Lost I did get hooked on Heroes. Anyone else watch the last show and end up kinda PO'd? As a fan I was bummed at the apparent loss of a fave character; as a writer I was really ticked at the cop-out ending. What was the point of all the heroes again? Ah well, maybe next season they'll ask me...

Kati said...

Lizees - See, I had the complete opposite reaction to Heroes. Probably because I'm a fan of LOST, and they very rarely answer ANY questions. I was completely satisfied with the ending of the Heroes, and loved that they teased us for the next season.

Different strokes, I guess. ;o)

Vivi Anna said...

I don't watch Lost or Heroes, so can't comment.

I'm reading Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur. I"m liking it, but am having an issues with the constant need for sex with Riley. And now that I remember that, I realize I had the same problem in Full Moon Rising. *smacks head*

Unknown said...

I can understand the squawkers needing more time to write-they are all big time authors, but it's a shame.

I'm reading "Equal Opportunities" by fellow Lust Biter Mathilde Madden. It is so kinky but so fascinating!

LizbethSelvig said...

Hey MaryKate,
I love that there are diff'rent strokes! I learn more that way. And, I didn't mind the teasers or unanswered questions on Heroes. Plus, I'm absolutely certain that more astute watchers got all the little threads and hidden meanings. There can definitely be a case made for each hero coming into his or her own and growing. I was just miffed that after all the wonderful build-up for each hero, they only ended up being a gang of distractions - just wished for more meat from them in the final conflict. (But, what did you see differently?)

STILL - don't get me wrong. I'm totally hooked and can't wait for next season! (I still think Sendhil Ramamurthy is totally hot.)

PS - Sorry for you who don't watch - I won't keep MK away at this side tea party long!

Julie in Ohio said...

MK-- How do you read as much as you do and watch every tv show in existance? Are your days longer than mine? :p

I used to watch it all but that was before "Friends" left. :o\

I tried watching "Lost" but got, well...lost, and gave up.
I wanted to watch "Heroes" but kept forgetting it was on. The same thing happened with "Blood Ties".

I'll stick with books. Thankfully I can read only one at a time so I don't forget which one I'm on... :D

Kati said...

How do you read as much as you do and watch every tv show in existance? Are your days longer than mine?

Well Jules, it's a complicated combination of no life, TiVO, kids. I have a dog, who I can give a rawhide to and have at least an hour of peace. LOL!

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, MK-- So that's the secret of your success.
I should try giving a rawhide to the kids and see how long it entertains them. :oD

Monica Burns said...

Afternoon {{{{Bellas}}}}

I'm reading "How To Tell a Secret" and gearing up for my new paranormal series

I LOVE Heroes. Hiro with his sword is my fav character (maybe because I collect swords too). The season finale wasn't as climatic as I expected it to be, although I firmly believe Peter will be back. They can't keep Sylar and not have a Good person to counter him, and Molly's not old enough or strong enough to battle that monster. And he is a totally sleazy villain.

LOST, these people are SOOOOO Lost. LOL I really wanted Jack and Kate to be offed last night. They're too whiney for me. Hugo totally ROCKED!! and Sawyer...OMIGOD when he took out Tom I fell in love all over again. He's the total bad boy pushed over the edge.

However, Charlie???? What were those writers thinking??? How stupid was it for him to lock himself into a room with water flowing in, considering that he and Desmond would be able to easily shut the door on the room together. And he was one of the characters that had actually done the most growth. GRRRRR...

Ok, so I get involved with these shows, but I love being entertained. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Morning Michelle and Bellas,

I'm gutted about Squawk Radio closing its doors (although I completely understand the Squawkers need to focus on their writing and I hate to think how hard a decision it must have been).

BTW, I've just finished reading 'The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride', which I have to say epitomises our discussion earlier this week on contraception...

Have a lovely weekend all!


PS Vivi Anna - I'm currently reading Dangerous Games (the fourth in the Riley Jensen series). Riley does appear to have calmed down...a little :) I'm having issues with Quinn though.

Kati said...

Sawyer...OMIGOD when he took out Tom I fell in love all over again.

He's just SOOOOO swoony! I was talking to a buddy of mine who also watches, and he was saying that it seems like as soon as LOST characters reach redemption, they die. My reply was, "Well thank goodness Sawyer's running as far away from redemption as possible." Between that, and hoping he'll take his shirt off, I love me some Sawyer. And now he really, really IS a bad boy, and I'm not even sure how soft and gooey his center is anymore.

Hey Mon, who do you think Kate is with in the future? Do you think it's Sawyer??

Rach said...

I'm so devastated about Squawk. I found Michelle through them. But, like everyone else keeps saying, more time to write means more books for us. So, hey, it's all good :o).

I'm not reading anything currently. The end of the school year is chaos times one hundred. I come home dragging every night and when I do have a moment to read I have to do school work instead. I go to read at night and wind up unconscious. Added to that I'm packing up seven years' worth of stuff to move it to a new school (YAY!) and I'm pretty much wiped.

But, I keep thinking about all the awesome books that will be waiting for me this summer and I don't get *too* depressed.

As for TV, who has the time?? Only 13 days until the TV and books and I are all close friends again!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Hereos fan, but I haven't gotten the chance to see the last 3 epis...too busy with school.

But I need opinions, I'm currently in a lull when it comes to reading (too many classic literature for class) and don't know what to read. Maybe you guys can help me, I have Not Quite a Lady by Loretta Chase, The Duke's Indescretion by Adele Ashworth and Once Upon a Wedding Night by Sophie Jordan. Can someone help me out as to who I should read first?

Rach said...

Oooh, I'd go with the Chase. She is funny and a nice antidote to too much classic lit :o). Not Quite a Lady was particularly wonderful.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OMG, Judy. Could you have better taste/more of a dilemma? I say, flip a coin, then flip it again. Course, I worship Loretta Chase, and totally think someone here, hmmmm, could it have been MaryKate mentioned an LC book called, um Prince of Scoundrels... King of Scoundrels..., um, something like that.

I hear the Ashworth's great, and really liked the two others.

Rachd!!! Can't wait til your sprung and can hang with us again!

Re Squawk? I'm feelin sorta like the bad boy rake must feel when the heroine gets dumped and he's all solicitous, telling her he'll make everything better. No, really, follow me. I'm thinkin, if those Squawkers are hankerin for a place to turn in their sadness, they need only hop over here to hang with us. We know what's good for em, right?

Truly, as I've said many times, the Squawkers have been great mentors to me, and I totally studied them when setting up shop here. They also were the first blog I recommended to the Lusties when they were setting up their more adult shop.

Oh, Kate, your excerpt would have been just fine here, Bella! But we'll look forward to seeing it at

Jules, I'm kinda with you on the books. Though you should have seen the blank looks on the faces of a couple folks from Lifetime when I told them I don;t watch much TV. I quickly followed up w/, "but I plan to watch LOTS more." :)

***Let's Play RBtheBook Jeopardy!

A: am having an issues with the constant need for sex

Q: What is the ten word phrase none of us ever thought to hear from Vivi Anna.

Monica Burns said...

Hey Mon, who do you think Kate is with in the future? Do you think it's Sawyer??

MK, That would be my guess because I don't think there's anyone else stupid enough to have her. No wait, Hurley likes her! And he's to sweet to know different.ROFL

Casket...1st guess is that it's Michael who killed himself after Walt somehow dies getting back to civilization 2nd guess it's John Locke

Oh, and Jacob is the one who's creating all the visions and things. That black cloud thing? That's Jacob's anger manifesting itself. Jacob is a shapeshifter who Ben's holding hostage for his own nefarious uses.

See how I can build on stuff? LOL

Kati said...

Judy - I've only read the Ashworth, which I loved. It's one of my favorite premises, the heroine is employed by the hero...and he's an ass to her...and then she leaves him...and then he realizes he's an ass. Oh yeah, it's more than that, but I love, love, love that storyline.

Keira Soleore said...

Good evening, Bellas. I've been fighting Blogger since Wednesday morning. I think everything is all fine and has posted, but then when I recheck, the comment's not there. Before I write another essay, I'm going to see if this one's going to post. So here goes...

Keira Soleore said...

AHA!!!!! I'm in, finally.

Kate, so sorry to have missed commenting on your blog yesterday.

David Beckham!! Oooh! Are there any hot soccer heroes in the works????

****SQUAWK**** I was in shock yesterday and have still not recovered grieving from their decision. I can totally understand it from their point-of-view, but as their fan, I'm devastated.

Michelle, mucho mucho congratulations to you on your first column!! When's is going live?

What a fun graf on that vodka-soaked Kitty Kuttlestone. She was such a riot.

Keira Soleore said...

Awright, two for two. Here's my last one.

I'm currently reading Kathryn Caskie's "Rules of Engagement" and am totally in love with the batty pair of matchmakers. They spied on the H/H with opera glasses and waved when caught out.

MK: Sawyer... Hello! Josh with gorgeous dimples...

Mary Kate wrote, "Different strokes, I guess."

Um, ah. Sure. OK.

Judy, I would highly highly recommend reading Loretta Chase's NQAL. Her "Lord of Scoundrels" is one of those classic romances that tops readers' lists everywhere.

Michelle, some of us Squawkettes have been here a while, however, we're quite amenable to you offering us mai-tais to drown our sorrows in.

Playground Monitor said...

Late checking in here cuz I've just been busy, busy, busy all day. I don't watch Lost, but props to Jordin Sparks for winning American Idol and to Apolo Anton Ohno for winning Dancing with the Stars. With the end of those two shows, the end of Survivor and last week's cliffhanger ending to CSI, I have nothing on TV to watch on a weekly basis. Oh heck, maybe I can actually write. What a thought!

I'm heading out for the long weekend in the morning and taking along The Future Widows' Club by Rhonda Nelson, Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks and Kill and Tell by Linda Howard.

Just finished: Raintree: Haunted, the second book in the Silhouette Nocturne trilogy. This hero has electrical powers (the first one was a fire master) and hoo boy can he do some sexy stuff with kilowatts. Gives a whole new meaning to chanting "Ohm. Ohm. Ohm." ;-)

Hate to see the Squawkers go but I can totally understand. Miss Snark is leaving the blogosphere as well.


ev said...

Have been gone all day what with work and then going to see PIRATES!! tonight.

You have to see the movie. And stay for the after the credits, no matter how tired you are.

It is 3 hours long and very, very few people got up and when they did they weren't gone long.

It was worth it!!

I love Johnny...