Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gettin In Trouble(shooters)

Holy. God. Friend of Bellas, Suzanne Brockmann just wrote to say she's gonna visit us Friday with an exclusive, the flippin likes of which we've never seen at Romance: B(u)y the Book and Blog...

Friday, June 1, Suz is here
with a GuestBlog and

the Exclusive, * First-Seen Anywhere
Excerpt from

"Force of Nature!"

Oh, oh, oh, it's sooooo good, Bellas!
Tell your friends, cause you can only see it at
Romance: B(u)y the Book!
All thanks to Suz!

What's "Force of Nature" About? Suz sends this:

Florida private investigator Ric Alvarado's first big mistake was hiring his childhood friend Annie Dugan to be his Girl Friday. Even when they were kids, Annie was never content to sit demurely on the sidelines. What made him think she'd sit safely in his office now?

Ric's second big mistake was saving a stranger's life -- and finding himself owed a favor by the man's father, Gordon Burns, an organized crime boss suspected of having terrorist ties. Suddenly Ric finds himself -- with Annie -- working deep undercover as part of an FBI investigation.

FBI agent Jules Cassidy's big mistake was thinking he could see Hollywood heartthrob Robin Chadwick again without serious sparks flying. His second mistake was thinking Robin, in Sarasota to promote his latest film, would leave when Jules warned him about the dangerous case he was investigating. But Gordon Burns is a movie buff, and suddenly Robin's in the thick of things, helping Jules, Ric and Annie gain access to Burns's private compound.

Where the next mistake they make may cost them their lives...

*OK. Technically, if you've read the ARC, you've seen the excerpt, but you know what I mean.


Kati said...


Stace, Stace, wake up! It's true! Suz is coming.

**MK running off to get Stacy some smelling salts**

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle!!! You're the best!!! Dying to read a bit of FON. Hopefully Suz will give us a hint if Sophia and Deck will get their story soon.

ev said...


I have to work all f***ing day. this sucks the big one, for me. I will spend all night trying to catch up on the comments.


But how cool is that anyway!! woo-hoo!!!

Stacy~ said...

Dang!! Michelle you are killing me here. Utter annihilation in spades. Thanx MK for the cyber smelling salts - I don't know why I didn't stop here last nite, but maybe that's a good thing because then the agony would be prolonged over the fact that I am GOING TO MISS SUZ!!!!! I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Cincy to see Lori Foster and the gang, so I AM GOING TO MISS SUZ!!! She is like my goddess, one of the coolest and nicest ladies I've ever met. And who could not thank her for Sam, and Wildcard, and Max. Stan. Tom. Jenks. Izzy. Mark. Grady. Nils. Decker. And Jules! Oh man, oh man. I am dying here. Now I have to go to work and emerge myself in paperwork, trying to forget the fact that I AM GOING TO MISS SUZ!

Okay. All right. Calming down. She'll be back. It's not the end of the world. Deep breath, deeeeep breath. There you go. Okay, I'm back. Have a great day Bellas. Oh, in case I forgot to mention it, could someone give my undying, giddy, gushing fangirl love to Suz? Much appreciated ;)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

bon-gee-or-no, Bellas! Okey, dokey, Stace. Nonja worry, cause Fri's gonna be a kinda laid back anywayz cause we tossed it together a little late.

The super Big Deal GuestBlog will be in August at Ms. Brockmann and I are gonna try to come up with somethin wicked cool to entertain youz when FON is released. :)

ev, nonja worry neither, cause we'll be hangin around all day!

Oh, carol, it's a goooooood bit, too. :)

MK, was that thud the sound of your heart being excited about Suz B visiting, or did you want to tell us a little about your date...

Julie in Ohio said...

Having only read one of her books, I don't feel qualified to go all fangrl but it was one heck of an amazing book. FON sounds terrific.
Why, why, why did I put myself on a book buying leash?!?!?!

Kati said...

Jules - FON could be counted as part of the Troubleshooter series. So I think you've already started reading the series. Thus, you can justify the purchase. (At least, that's how I'd justify it in my pea brain).

I'm SO psyched that Suz is joining us! I just adore her. Michelle, will she spill anything on Jules? Because while I'm looking forward to Ric's story, I'm much, much more anxious for Jules to get his HEA.

Julie in Ohio said...

Is there any wonder why I adore you, MK? :o)

Kati said...

Aww, thanks Jules. I keep telling you guys (even in Michelle doesn't believe it), to know me is to love me! SNORT!

What's everyone doing this weekend? I'm going to see Huey Lewis and the News tonight at Wolftrap, which is this terrific outdoor amphitheater in Virginia. It's a gorgeous space. We're getting Chick-Fil-A nuggets and fruit salad, and will sit outside with a bottle (or two!) of white wine, and experience The Heart of Rock-N-Roll. Seriously, if Huey ever is near you guys, you should see them. They sound fantastic live and they do this awesome a cappella section of the show that's just amazing. They also have a full horn section, so they are really fun to listen to. Plus, they know their audience (which are all 30-somethings, like me) and they don't play a bunch of crap we don't know. Just the hits. All of them! Woo hoo! I'm psyched. Even if it's supposed to be in the mid-90s today.

I'm reading HOW TO ABDUCT A HIGHLAND LORD by Karen Hawkins. It's my first by her. Wow, she's terrific isn't she? I can't believe I'd never read her stuff! But now I feel a quality glom coming on! Yay!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for making my Friday girl - you know what a big SUZ fan I am! And I've been waiting ages for Jule's story (let's get real cuz that's what the book is really about!!!)

Julie in Ohio - I live in Ohio too, so I can loan ya my Brockmann collection - you'll be a die hard fan after!

Mary Kate - I am sooo jealous! Actually I am a Huey Lewis fan from waaaaay back...before they hit it big. One of my best friends in college is Chris Haye's sister and we went to go see the band when they were just starting out. I remember asking her...why in the hell do they call it Huey Lewis & the News? All of the kids in the Hayes family are musical.

Oooooh, can't wait to blog tomorrow!

Portia Da Costa said...

I've never read any of Suzanne's books, so I'm eager to read tomorrow's excerpt! :)

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Nina! Thanks for the offer. After what a couple of Suz's characters did with chocolate syrup in the book that I did read, it has me speechless. She is obviously a master storyteller. :o)
But the important question that I have to ask a fellow Ohioan; Buckeyes or Wolverines?

MK-- You are in for a treat with KH. She is fabulous and really funny.

Anonymous said...

Portia - you are gonna love her! Hot sex, studly macho guys that also have a tender inside, realistic heroines, straight-on male dialouge and great examples of male friendships and bonding and did I say....Hot sex!!!

Julie - neither! Since I'm a San Diego transplant, it's the Chargers for me!

Julie in Ohio said...

Ahhh, Nina. I'll accept that answer. It's always wise to play it neutral when it comes to the border battle. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Off topic (was I ever on topic?): At lunch I picked up "Not Quite A Lady". I'm only a couple chapters into it but WOW! I can't wait to get home tonight and really get into it. This couple are lit dynamite just waiting to go off and I, for one, can't wait for the explosion. :o)

Unknown said...

ooh I love her-I think I've read them all! Looking forward to Friday!

amy kennedy said...

Yay! I have it off. Julie, I've only read one too, but I plan on reading more--and Marykate was the one to rec. the title I read. Speaking of which, MK you have a wonderful time!

Nina, MK, how could anyone NOT like Huey Lewis & the News?

Stace, d'oh. See she will be back. Besides you're gonna have a great time.

Portia, I never thought I would like military romance (alot of hers is that)but then I read her. OMG. Soooo good.

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, Kate, I wanted to tell you that I read the "barn" blurb you gave to the Lusties to post and it was smokin' HAWT!

Anonymous said...

*bouncing around the room in a paroxysm of excitement*

I'll be here, I'll be here... oh man oh man oh MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

I love any-every-all SUZ books. But I really do have a soft spot for Jules.

ev said...

I love Huey Lewis. I have seen them many times over the years. Hven't in a while though, so I should be due.

I can't wait for the new book.

Tues a new LKH is due out. I must find the box it is in and unpack it- by tomorrow.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ciao, Bellas! I was just over at for the Squawk Radio live chat farewell party. It's pretty cool...

ooo, ev. Good luck. Hope you find the book and can get a head start. Are you a big LKH fan? Or does that get a big "duh, Michelle."

I saw Huey back when I lived in PA yearrrrrs ago. I always think of the "If this is It" video, when they're buried in sand to their necks?

Guys, Suz' GuestBlog is so great, and I'm really looking forward to talking about it and the excerpt tomorrow.

Oh, crap. I gotta go write some more. I really wanna stay here and talk about Krispy Kremes and Jules, and Dunkies, and Jules, and Navy SEALS, and Jules...

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. I just wanted to drop by and go a little fan girl because I LOVE Suz brockmann and her Troubleshooters. I am so looking forward to getting my greedy hands on FON because I absolutely LOVE Jules! and I was wondering if we will get any sort of tidbit if and when Izzy's book is coming ;-)

Mujerluminosa said...

Oh my gosh, I love the photos, love the excerpt, love Jules, may even learn to love Robin once he loves himself (toe tapping in anticipation, hoping, wishing says the torture goddess). Thanks Suz! Thanks Michelle for a fabulous Friday.
I'm proud to read Suz's books!
Happy Friday all!

Anonymous said...

Yippee! Thanks for the note, Michelle. I was stunned when I read it.

And then to see Ed and Jace as well. Wonderful. I've never seen Jace in real life but I met Suz and her mom almost 8 years ago in Toronto. Then both her and Ed in Hamilton and Detroit with their friend. This is really great. Thanks so much for the note. Just to let you know to check for a new e-mail address.