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Gennita Low GuestBlog: Hello Mr. Hot Stuff

Contest!!! Gennita’s giving one Lucky Commenting Bella a signed copy of “Virtually His!”

Gennita Low's friends -- well, that's just about everyone; she's a nice person -- call her Jenn. And Jenn's been nominated 3 times for RWA's Golden Heart Award. Which is impressive by any measure, but not as cool as the many books she's written filled with action, adventure, and really hot, um, hotness. I recommend "Sleeping with the Agent." Will you please offer Jenn a warm Bella buongiorno as she asks us to define what makes bad so good...

I love me a bad boy anti-hero. You know the kind I mean.

To me, he is the ultimate forbidden fruit when it comes to a woman's fantasy because you know you shouldn't. even. look. in. his. direction. Uh-uh. You know he's going to break your heart into a thousand pieces. You know he's like unwanted calories to your baggage of female angst and cynicism.

But I can't help myself. I just love them in my romances. I mean, where else can I indulge myself into a full course of bad boy a la mode knowing that in the end, he's going to be mine, mine, mi...I mean, the heroine's, ahem?

I also like my bad boys bad-ass too. Bad-ass. Kick-ass. Tight-ass.

Hmm. You see where I'm going here.

However, my fantasy bad boy isn't going to work for me if he's just going to be bad and nothing else. He's got to have some layers to his personality. Brains as well as muscles (it's my fantasy, dammit!) Since I write techno-thrillers, my bad boys are either super spies or special forces operatives. I enjoy putting them in dangerous situations that highlight the greyness in their characters, pushing them to do things that would make life uncomfortable. For example, my SEAL hero, Hawk, in THE HUNTER (2005). Oh, he was so bad. He killed me when he rendered my heroine unconscious and then wrote his nasty little message on her thigh with a magic marker!

As a writer, I try to push myself in each story, to find something that would make me sit back and go "whoa! Can I? Dare I? And how would I get away with that?" In that sense, the bad boys in my head challenge me.

"How bad can you make me?"

Let me tell you, it's a challenge I find hard to resist. ;-) So in my newest book, VIRTUALLY HIS, the muse has presented me with not ONE but SEVEN bad boys to deal with. My heroine, Helen "Hell" Roston, has to figure out which of these dudes is her trainer who's been messing with her...head...in their virtual reality session.

Virtual reality...can you imagine the trouble a BAD ASS BAD BOY can get into with that much power and control? Fortunately ***cracking knuckles***, I also like to introduce my bad boys to very dangerous women. And then I get to figure out how these two are going to mesh in their love match. Mentally AND physically. ***evil grin***

My question to you is, how do you know, as a reader, that THIS IS the ultimate bad boy? I mean, he stalks into the room...so, yeah, that's Mr. Hot Stuff coming at you. What else? Is it the smile? THAT look in his eye? The way he stands too close? What?

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Gennita said...

Good morning!

Quick correction before we get started: It's SLEEPING WITH THE AGENT (I know, everyone gets that title wrong, even me) and it's www.Gennita-Low.com, or come by my blog at www.rooferauthor.blogspot.com, 'kay?

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Gennita!! Mind if I call you Jenn?

You're a new to me author but that's going to be remedied quickly. Reading your blog has got me so excited, I have to get your books. Writing a message on her thigh with marker after knocking her unconscious? Whoa!!!

IMO, I would say the look in his eyes tells me he's a bad one. Yes the way he moves also says "danger" but that can be practiced. It's all about the eyes for me.

I would also say the way he kisses but that's getting kind of personal... *wicked grin*

Kati said...

Hi Jenn - Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. Now this, this is a topic I can sink my teeth into!!

How do I know a hero is a bad boy?? Well, almost any book that starts with the hero in bed with someone who is not the heroine (usually a mistress, or even better, a one night stand). That's usually an immediate tell tale sign.

I also love heroes who call all women "darling" "sweetheart" or my all time fav, "sugar" because he can't remember her name. Yeah, that's a bad boy.

I think Nora writes some dandy bad boys. Cameron Quinn tops the list. But also, in her latest trilogy Cian, the vampire, I thought he was an amazing hero. A total bad-boy and quite the anti-hero.

Anonymous said...

It's the way he dresses. Tight jeans around the waist and butt and baggy the rest of the way down and a tight tee. Or he's dressed in casual kakhis and a long sleeve sweater.
The way he walks. Likes he's checking out his prey.
The way he looks. You can't tell if he's nice or an ass.
Yeh I like me a bad boy. LOL

Portia Da Costa said...

yeah, I think I'm with Julie on this... the way a man moves, sort of calculated and fluid, like a hunter. That's a bad boy for me. And the eyes, sharp yet seductive, assessing, sometimes a bit cool, but at the same time hot.

And I know it's a cliche, but for me sexy bad boys always wear black.

And I *love* the sound of Virtually His, Jenn... I'm going to have to look out for that one! :)

Rhonda Helms said...

"My question to you is, how do you know, as a reader, that THIS IS the ultimate bad boy? I mean, he stalks into the room...so, yeah, that's Mr. Hot Stuff coming at you. What else? Is it the smile? THAT look in his eye?

The way he stands too close? What?"

GOOOOOD question. For me, bad boy is all about confidence, power, and a sexy attitude. A bad boy is secure with himself, and everyone around him knows it... :D

Nes said...

It's the attitude. Bad boys have a certain attitude that attracts women. He's exciting. Never boring. He makes you feel like a woman. He's strong, confident and makes you feel safe. They have sex appeal. They don't have to necessarily be drop dead gorgeous, it's all about that x-factor.

However, the problem with these bad boys are their hard nuts to crack. LOL. Getting into their pshyce(sp), making them share things with you is very hard, but man, once you could... w00t! Of course, he should be able to more than satisfy you in bed... it should be physically, mentally and emotionally.

I've had my bad boy... and like you said, he broke my heart to pieces..... but man, what a ride that was! *evil grin*

Julie in Ohio said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, MK-- His use of "sugar" or "sweetheart". It's so wrong, it's right... :o)

How about his crooked grin? Again a practiced move but oh so effective... :o)

Gennita said...

Hi Julie!

Please do call me Jenn ;-). So you think moving dangerously can be practiced, huh? How interesting! That's a fake bad boy, anyway. I do agree that a knowing gleam in the eye can make my heart beat a li'l bit faster.

The book with naughty Hawk is called THE HUNTER and it was a very fun book to write because the hero and heroine played quite a bit of one-upmanship games throughout the book. The heroine hanged a little note on a memorable part of the hero just to introduce herself ;-).


Hi Marykate,

Yes, I love Nora's bad boys. I remember the hero in the Dreaming series. He said "sugar" too, didn't he? ;-)

So it's bedroom activities for you that make him the bad boy, huh? I do think bad boy and bedrooms go together, LOL. One of my favorite wallplates by my puter says: "You've been a bad boy. Now go to my room." Heehee.


Hi Kim,

But wouldn't it be even BADDER if he is just so casually walking naked towards you. Or in a towel? With that knowing look in his eye that he knows you want to pull that towel off? ***evil grin***


Hi Portia,

Bad boys do love black a lot, don't they? I wonder why. Virtually His is the starting of my new series so Helen, my heroine, gets to meet them one by one through the book. It was so much fun writing each of these bad boys appearing, just to tease the reader and poor Hell!

The baddest of my bad boys was in my first book Into Danger. He played lackey to my heroine-spy but he didn't stay lackey for very long! His most memorable scene was when he did his Navy SEAL push-ups naked while on top of said heroine. That* was classic bad.


Rhonda S.,

Word. Attitude is what gives out that aura. There are different kinds of confidence, though, from that quiet dude with the dangerous air to that absolutely daredevil arrogance that's so part of the bad boy. At least, for me. Agree?



Oh yes, the heartbreaker factor. The fact that you have to hate him as well as love him. Because you know he's bad for you--your teeth, your tongue, your sanity, LOL, well, you know what I mean. In fact, there's nothing more tempting than a bad boy who's got his eye on you. Sigh. It IS still morning, Nes. It's bad to think about bad boys before lunch.


I'm off to work right now but will answer more of your posts when I get home! Happy chatting!

Anonymous said...

Definitely gotta love that bad boy anti-hero. And doesn't that picture of Sawyer just sum it all up, LOL!

Kati said...

Doncha just love Sawyer, Eve?! He's so delicious, because he's so unscrupulous, and yet, he's got that soft gooey inside for Kate.


I love him. Plus, he reminds me just a tad of Viggo. Another beautiful bad boy.

flip said...

the way he won't take no for an answer....he will win in the end...

Leilani said...

For me it's all about the attitude...take no prisoners, his way or the highway. And if he has to bend the rules, tweak the law then so be it. He does what he needs to to get the job done. And there's just one special heroine who can get under his skin and bring this big, bad dude to knees. :)


Unknown said...

I agree with Nes, it's all about the ATTITUDE ! Also the eyes that can be cool and assesting or hot and lethal. Jean

Anonymous said...

the stance of 'hey, it's me everyone, I'm here!; the devilish look in his eyes that somehow attracts us women; the 'I'm going for it and you better come to me' attitude; those are bad boy behaviours/attitudes.

Kati said...

So here's a question, are ALL bad-boy heroes therefore ALPHA?

I'm a little squidgy on the definition of an alpha male.

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Jenna

I just finished VIRTUALLY HIS, as you know, and loved it. It's full of bad boys from cover to cover. I can't wait to see some of the other characters get their stories. Future heroes, to be sure.

I agree with Nes. A bad boy is all about attitude. He's goal-oriented, focused, and unafraid to break the rules to get what he wants. It's so sexy to watch that determination and focus get shattered by a sexy woman who's his match.

Wonderful to see you on this blog, Jenna! Happy roofing! TTYS.


Julie in Ohio said...

Commanding. Tough as nails. Hotter than hades. Sexy as sin. Serious attitude.
MK-- I would call him an alpha. I can't see a bad boy as a beta.
Although, if anyone knows of any, I would be interested in reading one.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a lot that's already been said. Clothing is good. Leather is the best. A wicked glint in his eyes tells me he's a bad boy. Starting off in bed with someone else is a pretty good sign, as well. He invades your personal space, or takes too many liberties.

The big one for me, though, is he can't be too pretty. Rugged, yes. Muscled, definitely. Visibly scarred, that's okay too.

Maureen said...

I agree that it's the attitude. He looks directly in the eye and says what he thinks. Also, he doesn't worry about what anyone else thinks.

Bama said...

Hi Jenn!

Like Julie in Ohio, you are a new to me author and definitely the look in the eye of a bad boy is the tops:)

Minna said...

Hmmm. I can't think of anything that I could add to the list about what makes a bad boy.

Anonymous said...

It's the whole package! The look, the walk, the clothes, the large tall 4WD truck or low riding Harley.

I'm still looking for VH around here. Totally bummed I can't find it and Wal-Mart and Target not carrying it just stinks! A friend has offered to send me one and I might have to take her up on it.

Anonymous said...

all about the swagger, every bad boy has one

Angie-la said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, MK-- His use of "sugar" or "sweetheart". It's so wrong, it's right... :o)

I have a friend who uses those terms. And he certainly knows my
name, but he always calls me "Sugar" or "Darlin'" or sometimes "Babe"!
Its like a term of endearment to him and he doesn't use it indiscriminately. Only if he knows you
well enough to know if the term will offend you. He reminds me of Ranger from the Stephanie Plum novels. That is my fantasy bad boy type....
Mysterious, with an air of danger. And an "I can take care of you in any situation" attitude that does it for me! And a touch of sarcasm, with a healthy dose of self-mockery doesn't hurt.
I also loves me some Sawyer!!

Sue A. said...

A bad boy takes what he wants, it's his right. He doesn't ask, and he never says sorry.

Nes said...

Mysterious, with an air of danger. And an "I can take care of you in any situation" attitude that does it for me! And a touch of sarcasm, with a healthy dose of self-mockery doesn't hurt.

I totally agree, Angie-la!! As sarcasm/sarcastic humour does it for me. Oh let's not forget a sense of humor. He's gotta have a sense of humor.

Unknown said...

A hero doesn't have to be alpha, but I can't see a bad boy not being alpha. That's just scary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

This is great - having you back home again! We missed you *so* much back in your Yahoo group but at least it gave us some time to catch up on our reading and catch a bad boy, or two, of our own.

I guess this is as best a place as any to say nothing I say could express how I feel about His JEDness being the hero of Virtually His, Virtually Hers and Virtually ??? (title to be decided - a contest maybe?). You know how much I love Jed and to find out you gave him not one but *three* books! Omigod...

To those who are new to Jenn's books, I have to tell you all why Jed is THE ultimate bad-boy hero. Sure, it's everything you've all listed - the look in his eyes, the confidence in not just the way he moves but the way he interacts with everyone (especially the heroine) and, of course, he's got the right itty-bitty bits like being drop-dead gorgeous with a body to match.

But it's what Jenn created in Jed McNeil's character, unknown to me at the time, that got me hooked. If any of you haven't read The Protector, it's where I first met Jed except that I didn't know he was Jed! Jenn created the ultimate bad-boy for me in romance novel kingdom in the character of Stefan, the undercover persona of Jed in The Protector. No other character in ANY romance hooked me the way Stefan did and I recall thinking what a pity he was just a one-time villain coz even as a villain I wanted more Stefan. Here's a bad-girl confession: after Jenn introduced me to Stefan, I started reading erotica, or erotic romance rather. Why? Coz evil Jenn triggered off this hitherto unrealized need for a romance hero who isn't the product of our zeitgeist. I had been so conditioned the last decade to view heroes as nice guys, good guys and men you can bring home to meet Mom and Dad but all the while the one who gets me all hot and bothered is the one my dad would greet with a loaded shotgun, not just for my sake but because Mom would likely run off with him first!

Anyway, I found this bad boy in Stefan and it set me off on a quest looking for other bad-boy heroes but finding them only in the older romances. The last decade seemed to produce mostly wannabe bad-boy heroes in that the author wanted him to be a bad-boy hero, told me he was a bad-boy hero but I ended up with a fake. Hence the closest I got to a real bad-boy in our current romances was Stefan, a villain, not the hero! Later, when I found out through Jenn's Yahoo group that Stefan is Jed...oh my, that really shook me because isn't *that* the ultimate? All I could think of the last two years since I found out who Stefan was, was how it would be for me, the reader, to read Jed's book one day and know that when the heroine meets him, falls for him and makes love with him, she's tangling with another side of him - and she may not even realize that unless Jenn has her meet Jed as Stefan as part of the story. Having not read V-His yet, I don't know if Hell ever gets to meet Stefan but what a thrill if she does, even if only for a minute. If you've read The Protector, you'll know why Jenn has created MY ultimate romance series and hero - she gave me a complex two-in-one character that opened the doors for me to another genre where the heroes weren't so neutered.

I know, Jenn, I can go on all day about Jed-Stefan but I just wanted to thank you for giving me Jed's story at last and to give him THREE books, how can I not tell everyone they *have* to read The Protector and meet Stefan before they read the Virtually series?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jenn! And no, I am not budging from my decision to wait until Virtually Hers comes out before reading V-His. I told you why - Jed is the "lime-drip" guy and this is my personal, private lime-drip encounter with Jed...um, Stefan, I mean. Hell, I'll be having my fav erotica theme - a menage a trois! With both Jed and Stefan. Sigh...

And if anyone wants to know what this "lime-drip" incident is about, you'll have to ask Jenn coz it hers to tell.

tetewa said...

Got to love the bad boys, I agree its all about the way they walk and the way they look. The picture perfect bad boy is Sawyer from Lost. Jenn I'm glad you could be here today and your new series sounds like my kind of read. Congrats on the release!

Gennita said...

Hi, I'm back!

Eve, Marykate and Leilani,

Yes, yes and yes about Sawyer! He's sooooo bad and he's what makes LOST sooooo good! I love the way he gives Kate that sexual look, like he's saying he could have her any time he wanted. And I like the way he backs off and let her THINK she's coming to him. Ha. Ha. You know he's just trying to be "nice."



I would think a bad boy has got to be be Alpha. Beta men are too much of a gentleman, don't you think? Actually, I think of uber bad boys as sort of Alpha Omega, LOL, mainly because Alphas can be arrogant and take charge but Alpha Omegas can also be a touch dark and DECIDE he doesn't want to take charge. Know what I mean?


Pamela Clare!

Oh, you don't know how happy I am to know that you love Virtually His's hero. He's into the type of games that you and I love talking about ;-). Wait till you read Virtually Hers and see how BAD he is with Hell. Until she turns the table on him, of course. Bad Boy must learn his lesson not to mess with Hell!


Hi Mia,

If you want to try out some excerpts from my books, you can go to my blog at www.rooferauthor.blogspot.com and click on the links on the right OR www.Gennita-Low.com (CLICK on the BOOKS page) for older excerpts.

Thanks for weighing in about bad boys!


Lisa F,

It's really giving me a headache to know that some readers can't find Virtually His. Argghhh! It's bad enough to find out that Walmart and Target are buying less romance books, you know? Please try Borders at your area. They assured me that they have my books. And if you still can't find my book there, please email me.



Swagger, yes! I forgot the swagger. Like Mark in Grey's Anatomy. He's McWhore but he has a bad boy swagger! Besides, he's just waiting for the right girl to come into his life (ME, ME, ME!)...



Ahhhh, Ranger. Yes. RANGER!!! He is so bad. He knows Stephanie is "taken," yet he still kisses her. AND sits there looking at her with his knowing eyes. Ranger in black is smoking hot.


Sue A,

Do you think Bad Boys (the really cool ones, anyway) have some kind of deep angsty secret that they aren't willing to share?


Ah Elaine,

Hmm. Are you sure you like this dude Stefan? ;-).


You girls sure know your BAD heroes! So I have another thought--how is the Bad Boy in Bed? How would the heroine react to his badness? Let's hear your naughty thoughts!

Gennita said...

Thank you, Tetewa!

I'm really excited about my new series because it's something that's a bit different from the thrillers out there. I've read about virtual reality in paranormals. I've read about super soldiers with certain enhanced abilities. I've read about remote viewers. And there are so many series started today with a kickass heroine in urban fantasy stories. So I decided to combine all three in a techy-geeky yet romancey series set TODAY, in a spy world, with a noirish La Femme Nikita sort of way. And hot, of course. I need my bad boys doing hot stuff ;-). Please do visit my blog for excerpts from VIRTUALLY HIS.

As for Bad Boys and Sawyer, don't forget the dangerous aspect. There is a hidden side to them/him that they don't show...then WHAM!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Bellas and JEnn! Forgive me on the title. About to board plane, but wanted to jump on here, say Hi, THanks for joining us today, and say "Vive the Bad, Dirty Boys!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Gennita, Michelle and Bellas!

Gennita - I have to confess I haven't read any of your books, but I will be investigating at my local library ASAP (they love it when I suggest new books :)

Ahhh, a bad boy. What I wouldn't do to have one here right now to distract me from life. How do I know that he's the ultimate bad boy? It's his complete lack of care for anything. He has a purpose and everyone can get out of his way or he'll go straight through them. The use and discard policy, and you see it in every facet of their life. And then they meet the heroine, who they can't sidestep or ignore or squash....enter fireworks stage left :)


Anonymous said...

Jenn said:

"Ah Elaine,

Hmm. Are you sure you like this dude Stefan? ;-)."

I'm trying to forget him, actually, since he only appeared in The Protector. BUT, every time I see Jed's name, I know Stefan's lurking there and whether or not Hell knows it, she is getting a 2fer1 deal. In my fantasy, I can have Hell meeting Stefan in a sort of spinoff, couldn't I? She could go on a mission that requires Jed to reprise his role as Stefan. Now, wouldn't that be fun?

catslady said...

Bad Boy - someone you probably shouldn't bring home to meet mom and dad lol. They always push the limits, go a little further or more extreme than most. And very sure of themselves in their attitude.

Julie in Ohio said...

"You girls sure know your BAD heroes! So I have another thought--how is the Bad Boy in Bed? How would the heroine react to his badness? Let's hear your naughty thoughts!"

Jenn-- Isn't one of the biggest signs of a bad boy is his package? :p
If the heroine has the tiniest of brains, she would react with enthusiasm. He will take charge but it will end with satisfaction for all parties included. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

Glad you are back we missed you!

I have to agree with those who said attitude. (Hi Pamela Clare, Love your books!)

It's the attitude where "I'll cross the line and do whatever it takes" attitude. Just as long as he gets the job done and protects his lady.

When I read The Protector I knew Jed was the ultimate badass (sorry can't call him boy, he's just too virile). OMG I was shocked to my toes when Jed (as Stefan) used his sexual 'methods' to get info from his contact for the mission. I was so taken aback but incredible intrigued, too. I know that is where my obsession with Jed began. He is just so damn sexy!

But the real fun starts when the badass gets caught in his own game and falls in love!!

Okay, Jenn, spill it about the Lime dripness. I don't remember reading it in any of your books. What is it?

Susan :-)

Gennita said...

Hi Orannia,

That's the tough part, isn't it? I mean, we meet the bad boy and we KNOW what it's going to be like. But handling him...that's the toughie. The heroine has to be pretty strong or she's going to be road pizza.

I love a bad boy who knows he has meet his match!



Me: ***whistling innocently***



So how do you handle a bad boy? You keep him away from mom and dad forever??? ;-)



Oh, there so is a Bad Boy in Jed. ;-P He just hides that part of him well.

As for that lime drip story. Hmmm. I once met a really Bad Boy. Wait, how did that get back to me and my lust for bad boys?! I* wanted to hear the readers/visitors here about theirs!

Gennita said...


Well, the package is important, yes, but Bad Boys, to me, has his own deviant methods...what about you? For example, in my book Facing Fear, my hero, Rick, has this penchant for vibrating balls. And seatbelts.

chilliemama said...

This is the Bella Assistente writing on behalf of our Queen Bella, Michelle, while she is away interviewing the great Joan Collins today:-)

First off, thanks Jenn for writing such a fabulous blog about why we love bad boys! I have to admit to a serious addiction very very bad boy romance heroes. Frankly, the bigger the bastard the better. I think it's because it makes for such a great character arc. What's the big deal in conquering a white bread beta her? I might be able to do that in real life. But the bigger the jerk the greater the fall. There's nothing better than a bad boy hero being tamed by the love of a good woman. Sort of the reverse take on the Taming of the Shrew:-)

Thanks, Bellas, for providing such a warm welcome for Jenn!

Jenn, I'll correct those snafoos as soon as I figure out the blogger program. I don't want to delete any of these great comments!

Anonymous said...

'Gennita said:

That's the tough part, isn't it? I mean, we meet the bad boy and we KNOW what it's going to be like. But handling him...that's the toughie. The heroine has to be pretty strong or she's going to be road pizza.

I definitely agree about the tough part! But so worth it :) And I have to say I like a heroine who everyone, especially the bad boy, underestimates. Not the one who is all tough and shows it, but someone who has strength of character and when it counts surprised everyone (including herself and the bad boy :)


Lynn said...

I think it is just the aura around the bad boy that makes him such an irresistible character. The way he walks into a room and just has the "bad boy" pulsing off of him. Women turn their heads and men just back off.

Of course the look helps but I have know a couple mediocre looking bad boys but between the smile and the dangerous feel you get around them, like you are doing something forbidden by just being around them.

Julie in Ohio said...

Jenn-- Absolutly bad boys have their own deviant methods. They are a very creative bunch. It comes from the multi partners that MK mentioned earlier. And if the heroine has any smarts at all she will be saying "more, please" to every single one of them... :D

Speaking of creativity: Can you tell me about the seat belt? I'm a bit confused on that one.
Wow, I really need to find your books... :o)

Gennita said...

Hi Chilliemama,

It's a pleasure! I'm enjoying everyone's take of the Bad Boy and his evil ways ;-).

Thank you for taking care of the blog addy, etc. I know how the new blogger can be a bit obstinate with postings.


Hi Orannia,

Yes, I love exploring different heroines to see my bad boys react to each different archetypes. For example, in my first book, Into Danger, Marlena has that tough mysterious outside that has Stash, the bad SEAL, dying to crack so he can find the softness inside. But in my second book, Facing Fear, my heroine, Nikki seems so soft and shy, making my Bad Boy, Rick, thinks she's an easy dinner, and then WHAM! She got him by the heartstrings. Bwahaha. I loved doing that.



Aura. Attitude. Arrogance. Yeah. You hate him and then...he smiles and winks at you. MELT.


Julie (Ohio),

Ah, the seat belt ;-). In Facing Fear, Rick tied Nikki up in her car using the seat belt. And then proceeded to, um, show her why a seat belt is sometimes not very safe around bad boys. Heh.

Gennita said...

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to post and participate in my Bad Boy discussion. I really enjoyed it!

Thank you, Michelle, for inviting me here too. What a great group!

Talk to you again!

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks for coming by and playing with us yesterday! You picked a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of Bellas everywhere. Please come back soon. :o)

Unknown said...

I think it is the whole package that makes them a bad boy. The way they act, their clothes, the look in his eyes and his smile, and their attitude.

Cherie J said...

Thanks for being here Gennita. For me a bad boy is someone who does the unexpected, does not coform to society's rules but has a code of honor he follows. He is someone who can protect his woman without stifling her. He has got a wicked smile and a boatload of charm and knows how to use it.

Carol M said...


A bad boy can also be a good guy.

We all love Nora's Roarke don't we! lol

Keira Soleore said...

Jenn, I'm late to the party here. You sold me with that first picture of Josh Holloway. But that one with the well-placed martini. Yum-hmm.

I really liked what you said there about pushing the envelope as a writer with every story you write. In doing so, you push the envelope for us readers, too, and I thank you for it.

Michelle, happy interviewing!

Anonymous said...

Jenn - came late to the party, but I just wanted to say I've been a fan of your books for quite a while and just love, love, love the intro to your new one. Can't wait to read it! And with a Borders gift card burning a hole in my pocket for Mother's Day, I know just what to spend it on!
Love me some bad boys myself. Ultimate bad boy? Reeks power, self confidence, not necessarily "handsome" but with a hard bod and cocky in all ways, heh heh!

Gennita said...

Just have to add a final tongue-in-cheek comment:

NINA: Bad boys and Cocky sure go together ;-).

Thanks for such a fabulous welcome again, Bellas and readers. Love you all. Please drop by my blog some time.