Monday, May 14, 2007

Call Me Lucky

So. Evan "The Greatest Guy Ever" Silverman, VP Online at Lifetime Television calls me and says, "How'd you like to go to LA and interview Jackie Collins for"

And I was all, "oh, I dunno. Let me check my schedule, cause I may already have an on-cam interview scheduled at the mansion of some other Hollywood and literary icon..."

As you read, I'm on my way to Beverly Hills [cue the Hillbillies theme] to meet with and interview "Jackie" in her BH home about her upcoming novel, "Drop Dead Beautiful" (June 26, St. Martin's Press), yet another installment in the Lucky Santangelo saga, and Collins' 25th book.

The Jackie Collins interview series, as well as a Feature Review of "Drop Dead Beautiful" and other fun stuff will be the first Romance: B(u)y the Book line-up when relaunches in late June.

Lucky gets he
r name in dark purple like all RBtheBook personages of note, because she's, like, a role model and hero to millions of women who love Collins' novels.

Lucky's not only seriously bright, she's stunning, made her way in what was still pretty much a man's world when she came on the scene in "Chances," and is always happy to get and enjoy what's hers -- whether in the boardroom or the bedroom. Or in the penthouse suite. Or in the...

Seems most everyone I know read her older sister's copies of Collins' novels, and pretty much came of age right along with the feisty Italian daughter of crime magnate Gino "The Ram" Santangelo. Pithy family motto? "Don't F*CK with a Santangelo."

Oh. Of course not. Mi scusi.

All kidding aside, it's cool to note that Collins was one of the first writers of popular fiction to allow her female
characters to take charge of their sexualities, and in doing so made waves by daring to point out the double standard prevalent in society and popular fiction.

So, my three questions are: What's your Jackie Collins "coming of age" story? If you had a family motto, what would it be? And finally, What would you ask Jackie Collins in an interview?
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Julie in Ohio said...

OMG! Michelle, that is fantastic! I'm so thrilled for you. I'm right, aren't I? You are going to get your own talk show in the next couple of years. Nobody does an interview like you do.

My fav interview question is the one you already do: Answer the question you would like an interviewer to ask.

Have fun in 90210!!! Don't forget to go shopping on Rodeo Drive. I hear that's the place to go in BH. :o)

Kati said...

Isn't our Queen B moving up in the world? It makes me so happy and proves what I've long believed that putting good karma out there, reaps good karma.

When I was younger, I used to steal my older sister's Jackie's. I'd read them at night time after my mom had come in to put me to bed (I was probably 11 or 12), so I wouldn't get caught. These were among the first books I read that gave me, "that funny feeling." Of course now I know that it was being turned on, but then I didn't know, I just know I loved reading them.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, Jules! I wouldn't count on the talk show, but I wouldn't mind interviewing some authors outside romance as well as in. I think it's cool, plus, it brings new eyes to our genre. You're right about Rodeo, but since I'm not Julia Roberts -- and don't have Richard Gere's credit cards -- I may have to stick to making an extravagant purchase from the mini-bar.

If there were a Buonfiglio family motto, it'd probably be something like: Don't be too happy; no good can come of it.

MK: vive "that funny feeling!"

Stacy~ said...

How very cool Michelle! Wow, what a glamourous life you're leading. But I think you'll still be our Queen Bella.

Probably after starting out with Harlequins, I started reading Collins, Judith Krantz, Judy Blume (she wrote Wifey, didn't she?) - wow, what is it with those naughty ladies named Jackie and Judy(ith)? God bless 'em. I think I got quite an early education reading these books and when me and my girlfriends would sleep over at each other's houses, I was "the expert" on sex. Being only 10 or 11, we weren't doing much personal research, but we sure talked about it a lot.

I think it's cool that Jackie is still writing today. Have fun with your interview. I can't wait for it :)

Vivi Anna said...

How freaking cool is that??? Michelle, that is the coolest thing I've heard all month. Rock it sistah!!!

I admit to never have read a Jackie Collins novel. My mom's read several.

My family's motto: Louder is always better.

Monica Burns said...

WTG Queen Bella!!! Woot!! I'm sooo happy for you! This has got to have you rock'n girlfriend! Jackie Collins is an icon in so many ways. I'm embarrassed to confess that it's been a REALLY long time since I read one of her books. Time, time, time. *sigh*

Family Motto - Respect, honor and do no harm.

I can only hope my kids are learning this motto. Sometimes I despair, but then there are moments like one in Philly. We were eating lunch in the museum, and Oldest saw an older woman who obviously had to use a cane, looking for a place to sit. Not finding one, Oldest raced after her WITHOUT any prompting for me to make her to come back and have a seat at the lunch table we were just about to vacate. It made me so proud. Baby is equally thoughtful at times. Of course, those times aren't as frequent as the moments when I simply want to say, "Do you want me to kill you now or drag out the pain?" LOL

As to questions for Jackie...What does she love most about writing? She's also had some really stressful events in her life. In the face of her sorrow and life events, how and where did she get the creative energy to throw herself back into writing.


Anonymous said...

That is very exciting news!! Have fun on your trip, now you won't be locked in your hotel with one of the heroes we mentioned in the previous blog post are ya?? Ordering take out?? LOL!!

Gosh, I have no clue what I would ask Ms. Collins. I too confess I have never read one of her books. My sister has though. I guess I would ask "Where do her visions of her heroes and heroines come from?" Like I know some authors tend to favor certain attributes, the tall dark and handsome hero for example. But others say they see a picture of someone and think "he is it"

My family motto is "If it doesn't kill you it will only make you stronger." Lord knows we have gone through enough of lifes challenges to prove that motto correct.

Rach said...

WTG Queen Bella!! That is *SO* awesome!!

I too am among those that have never experienced a JC novel. MK, which to start with?

Family motto? Too many to list I'm afraid.

Interview question? Not sure. I'm with Julie in that I like the one you ask at all the end of your interviews--it's perfect somehow.

Playground Monitor said...

I've never read any of her books but I'll have to start now.

Family motto? Uhm... beware the sisty uglers.

Question for Jackie? What thing would we be most surprised to learn about you?

Have fun! This is just too cool.


Kati said...

Hi Rach! Can't wait for summer when you're back with us all the time!!

Umm, I'd start with Lucky. Frankly, she writes a heck of a story, but they can be kinda racy...

Kati said...

Marilyn - What's the word on your Mom?? Everything OK?

Stacy~ said...

I've been thinking about interview questions, and though you're the master, I am kinda curious about a few things:

- Who was the inspiration for Lucky? (other than her sister - kidding!) What I really mean is who inspired her as a writer to create such a strong, sexually independent woman as the main character?

- How does she feel about the trend of the erotica/erotic romance in today's market? Does she have any favorite writers - timeless and new to her?

- What men does she find attractive/sexy? Who was it when she wrote Lucky and who would it (they) be today?

- What are some of her guilty pleasures?

That's all I have for now. Man, this is so exciting :)

Welcome back Monica! I'm so thrilled to be seeing you in a few weeks at the get-together, yet still a bit nervous. Weird, I know. You're going to have Obsession to sign, right?

Yes Marilyn, how's mom?

Monica Burns said...

Stace, my dear, WHY in the hell would you be nervous about seeing me??? ROFL It's just me, the WYSIWYG in the flesh. The only difference is I don't look as good as my Obsession cover. ROFLMAO oh if only it were that simple! LOL

Yes, I'll have Obsession for signing. I understand it's quite hot and there don't seem to be enough copies to go around. Not sure if that's a good sign or a bad one. LOL


Stacy~ said...

Monica, I know, I know, and I've already met you (RWA) but I am a raging introvert in person, so be gentle with me LOL.

Geez, I better get there early to get my copy.

Stacy S said...

That's great. I've never read her books though. I always think I'll try one but haven't yet. Hope you have fun with the interview.

Stacy S

Rach said...

MK, racy? Isn't that a *good* thing?? :oP

Only 22 days, ya'll and then I'm FREE!!!!!! But, who's counting...;o)

What's up with Marilyn's mom? I hate when I miss stuff.

Stace, how jealous am I that you get to meet Mon and get her to sign OBSESSION--which is *really* wonderful, btw??

Playground Monitor said...

Rach, my mom had emergency surgery last Monday for some mystery pelvic infection (at first they thought she had a ruptured appendix) and she's still in the hospital. All her pathology reports came back negative for any cancer (which was a concern since the surgeon thought her ovaries looked a little wonky). No word yet whether they'll spring her tomorrow. She's getting better every day but is still weak and needs someone to help her get from bed to the bathroom, to cook for her and to just be her general beck-and-call girl. I flew down here last Friday (down here being St. Simons Island, Georgia) thinking she was going to be released on Saturday. Nope. So I've had a couple days to chill, only yesterday wasn't great because some idiot backed into my mom's car while I was backing out of a parking space at the hospital. I spent today dealing with the police department (officer told me the report would be ready today but it wasn't) and mom's insurance company (who can't do anything without a police report). So I get to go to the mainland again tomorrow for the police report.

But other than that unfortunate incident, it's been nice to be here. Haven't made it to the beach yet -- today was too windy to be comfortable. Maybe before the week's over... I DID buy a new swimsuit for the trip.


amy kennedy said...

Marilyn, sheesh, so she's still in the hospital? I'm glad you're there for her, sometimes it's worse not being there. I'm sure she's thrilled to have you there. And I do hope you get to use the new swim suit.

Could I have used the word "there" more times in that paragraph?

Jackie Collins--the forbidden. Somehow, that's how I'll always think of her. Forbidden, but in a very good way.

Of course, Michelle, you're destined for greatness. We always knew it.

Family motto per my Dad: Be brave and love each other. He's gone now, but we try to be, and we do.

This is a bratty question: What were your emotions when your sister told you she was going to write a book?

Yay, Rachd. MK, I've ordered The Windflower. Stace, you get to have a get together with Monica--that is so cool. Vivi, I guess our motto could have also been--Hey! we're in the same room, for cryin' out loud.

Hey, I just finished Passion by Lisa Valdez. O. M. G. Seriously.

Michele said...

Congrats on an awesome opportunity, Michelle!
I bet you'll do a stellar job and what a exciting way to start something new.

As for your question about her books ....
I've never read any.
Family motto: none, unless the caution we issue is "be safe, be smart and be alert",
very ambiguous but well meant.
A question for the interview?

When she broke ground, so-to-speak, what was the most dire prediction of her career by those "experts" in those early days that, now that she's experienced success, longevity and a large following, she can look back and laugh at or be amazed at?

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Playground MOnitor:
Hope your mom gets all the way better really really soon. How scary to not know truly what's ailing her. My Uncle just had some kind of bacteria attack. They put him on 3 kinds of antibiotics with the thinking that he contracted something from a tic bite.
So yeah, not knowing is the pits.

Kati said...

Marilyn - Soooo, that's pretty good news right? I know she's got a ways to go, but it sounds like the news could have been a lot worse. I'll keep praying. It's what I do.

Rach - Honestly, I don't know if JC books are really that racy, but they sure as heck seemed it when I was 11 and reading them under the covers!

Stace - You get to hang with Mon???! How cool is that?? Sure Mon, you're WYSIWYG, but still one of the coolest chicks around!

Ames - Ooooh! You ordered WINDFLOWER. I'm preparing to talk, talk, talk about it! And of course, to have you tell me how right I am. I love it when that happens!

Keira Soleore said...

Michelle, mucho mucho congratulations to you once again for the move to Lifetime.

Hope the ride over to LA was fine. Dying to be a fly on the wall as you interview THE Jackie Collins.