Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Books I Read Over The Long Weekend

What did you read over the long weekend? What did you do?


Kati said...

Mornin' Michelle & Bellas. Michelle, are you gonna tell us what you thought? And also, that's bragging that you read La Dodd's para. You big meanie!

What did you think of Passion? I loved it, and my roomie hated it. She thought it was very "pornesque." I thought it was terrific, and that the sex in it moved the story along, while also being incredibly earthy.

I didn't read much this weekend. I went out on Friday night with some friends from college, and stayed out 'til 2AM. Yeah. I'm not 18 anymore. I no longer bounce back from that experience like I used to. Mainly because despite being out until 2AM, I only slept until 8AM (which is sleeping in for me). So I looked like and acted like death on a triscit all date Saturday. We had fun though! I also enjoyed the first burgers on the grill of the season this weekend. Yummy!

Anyway, I re-read LOVER AWAKENED for no reason except that I love Bella's Needing and felt like re-reading it. Then I read SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME by Judith McNaught. Today I'm re-reading HEAVEN AND EARTH by Nora Roberts. Just random re-reads. Although I'll be heading to B&N later today to get Ms. Eloisa's newest.

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

Playground Monitor said...

I read HOT STUFF by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks and THE FUTURE WIDOWS' CLUB by Rhonda Nelson and started KILL AND TELL by Linda Howard.

We have a little trailer at a campground about 2 hours from home and we spent the weekend there. The DH played volleyball; I held down my end of the swimming pool deck with the abovementioned books in hand.

Because I had no commitments at home that couldn't be handled here with a laptop and internet connection, I'm still at the campground. Hubby's busy escorting a potential employee around town and whipping his division's volleyball team into shape for the company picnic. He'll be back up here on Friday so I have a couple quiet days to finish KAT and hopefully also finish a story I started writing a month or more ago. Wish me luck.

Julie in Ohio said...

GOOD LUCK, MARILYN!!! A couple of days in peace sounds like heaven to me.

MK-- I was reminded that I'm not 18 any more also this weekend.
Yesterday we went to bil's house to have a cookout. They broke out the volleyball net and it was a killer. The last time I'd played was before I got married and long before I had kids. Reality really does bite. Today I'm achey and bruised and at work.

I'm still working my way through the Bridgertons. I'm on "To Sir Philip, With Love" which holds a special place in my heart because it was my very first Julia Quinn book and my first historical.

Michelle-- I want to hear about "Simon Says". I'm loving these UFC guys that Lori's writing about.

Phoebe Belsley said...

Eloisa James's PLEASURE FOR PLEASURE and I started Lori Devoti's new paranormal UNBOUND. Wish I had LEOPARD PRINCE....:-( The stores here must be collaborating against me.

Yes, Michelle, what did you think of PASSION? And can you, O Well-Connected One, get ANY clue as to when PATIENCE will be released?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

mornin MK and PLay! Mornin, Bellas! Listen, I'll tell you as much as I can, but you know I need to tease you a little...I'll be writing about both Foster and Dodd soon.

Dodd? Well, I now forgive her for not writing an historical in so long. SoD is really flippin good, I mean, really really. And it's a para. And there's this whole "deal with the devil" and old world Russia mythology all wrapped in this great family of shape shifters whose stories we'll get throughout the series. Hot? Youbetcha. But also funny and kinda scary.

Passion. I thought the erotic dialogue was really sexy, as well as the premise. I think the reason someone might find it pornographic is that the novel is arranged and marketed like a general romance, not an erotic romance or erotica.

I'm very excited about the hero's brother's story, because he's got a nice little dominant bent goin on, with his whole obsession with tears and oral sex, preferably in combination. sigh.

i remember Portia saying here that she was interested in the use of anatomically correct terms in Passion for primary/secondary sex organs, etc., and I agree, I don't think the writer could have done it any other way. And I've read other depictions of the whole maniconda/happy place behind the womb before, so I didn't find it shocking. But I can imagine some might be uncomfortable reading about it.

The Leapard Prince is a cool little romance I stumbled across at, like, one in the morning, searching for something else and ending up at an excerpt of TLP. The premis is a lady falling in lust with her handsome, rough-around-the-edges land steward (the one all the kitchen maids sigh over).

I was interested in it, cause I know lots of women dig the lower-class hero now. But this novel's also got some really good old-school elements, too.

TLP's part of a series, and I'd like to read the rest.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Good question, Caroline! I'm working on that as we speak...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh! I forgot to add that I read a book you turned me on to, Caroline, Monica McCarty's "Highlander Untamed!" Oh, yahooeee! I really enjoyed it, and it's part of a trilogy being released July/Aug/Sept.

Thanks so much for the rec, Bella!

Kati said...

Michelle - I loved the first in the Hoyt series, THE RAVEN PRINCE. TLP didn't do it as much for me, as I had a hard time with the whole servant/mistress thing. I haven't read many of that premise that do it for me though, so I think it's more a personal preference. I know most people really enjoyed TLP. I believe her next, THE SERPENT PRINCE is coming out soon. She won the Best New Author this year at AAR's Best of 2006 competition. She's also guested over at romancenovel.tv and she's a interesting person. Michelle, you should get her to guest blog. I'll bet she'd be brilliant.

I'm really looking forward to La Dodd's para. I think she's amazing and anything she comes up with will be fantastic.

Caroline - Last I heard Valdez wasn't able to make a May deadline for Patience and it's gonna be end of the year before we see it. Michelle I agree, the brother seems like a dom, and it will certainly be interesting to see how she handles it. I loved Passion, even if I thought the heroine's name was silly.

ev said...

I read my ARC of Patterson's book just coming out today- Maximum ride 3. I love all the boo-boos.

And we spent the weekend with his family. Don't get me started. It was not fun.

I should have just stayed home and read more. Alone. Quietly.

kim h said...

one night standards by cathy yardley and nightlife by elizabeth guest.

Portia Da Costa said...

I finished off reading my buddy Madelynne Ellis's fabulous book A GENTLEMAN'S WAGER... A gorgeous read, with some really fascinating characters, esp. a dark, capricious bisexual alpha called Vaughn, who comes off as a bad boy, but who you suspect has layers and layers of 'issues' that have made him that way.

And now I'm re-reading one of my own books, would you believe? Thing is... I've contracted to write a sequel to GOTHIC BLUE, and as I wrote it around 12 years ago, I can't remember the precise details of what happened. So I've to read it and find out...

Oh, I shall be cringing! I've learnt such a lot about writing since then... but on the other hand, I've probably lost some of the naive freshness and enthusiasm that fired my work in those days.

pjpuppymom said...

Hi All. Haven't been here in a while. I read The Passion of Simon Blackwell (good), Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr (so good!) and stayed up until 1:30 this morning finishing Cover-Up by Michele Martinez. Whispering Rock is the third book in Carr's wonderful Virgin River series. Cover-Up is Martinez's third book in her Melanie Vargas suspense series. She just keeps getting better and better with each book she writes.

Michelle, I enjoyed Leopard Prince but I liked Raven Prince much better.

I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Dodd's Scent of Darkness. I think it's the best story Dodd has ever written!

Phoebe Belsley said...

I'm so glad you liked Monica's book! I can't wait for that trilogy--I just *LOVE* historicals, especially from that time period.

marykate, I heard PATIENCE got pulled from the 2007 schedule, but then I saw something on Sybil's blog (The Good the Bad and the Unread) that indicated it might *just might* possibly come out at the end of this year. But I did think Lisa was done with the book, or maybe I just assumed that from the note she posted at her site, talking about writing again--I thought that was the last sister (Primrose?). Anyway, I was hoping Michelle could find out more...

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I had a great weekend, but I only got about 3 pages done in my WIP and didn't read a word of my TBR pile! I guess that's part of a holiday, eh?

Anonymous said...

I had a Johanna Lindsey weekend:
Until Forever
Prisoner of My Desire
Love Me Forever
The Pursuit
When Love Awaits

Mama-Llama said...

I gardened. Now I hurt.
I should have read instead!

Kati said...

OK - For you ladies who have read Eloisa James' new one, DESPERATE DUCHESSES, I just read a review that gave the book a surprisingly low grade based on the fact that she didn't do a good job of juggling multiple story lines. Of course, this won't dissuade me from buying the book, but I wondered what those of you who have read it thought?

Julie in Ohio said...

I envy anyone who gardens.
I have the blackest thumb imaginable. I killed a chia pet, for goodness sake...

Anonymous said...

Morning Bellas and Michelle,

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

WOW - a chance to read all those books :) Weirdly, I've just finished The Raven Prince. It was brilliant! I'm crossing my fingers the library gets the second one (yes, I am a library junkie :)

I also managed to FINALLY get my hands on Pleasure for Pleasure, so that's what I'll be reading today! I can't wait! I've loved Mayne for ages!


PS I can't wait for Scent of Darkness!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

beelybopper! Holy cow, welcome back, Bella!

And, hey, orianna. Your Dodd wait will be worth it! If you love Pleasure for Pleasure, and MK, this is for you, too...

If you've worshiped the redemption of Mayne, I have one word for you:

Villiers. And that's all's I'm sayin.

Not sure about that review, MK, but I did put to bed my first romance feature for LifetimeTV.com which is, um, Eloisa James' "Desperate Duchesses." I found I was just, like, relentlessly teased with the potential stories in the upcoming series.

There's one in particular that I'm guessing may move through each novel, though I must say, I never thought Eloisa would be that evil.

I happen to think it may be her best novel ever. It's got a lot of the flavor of her early novels, but is without a doubt the most erotic of hers to date.

Oh. I guess that's all's I'm sayin now.

RIP JulieO's Chia.

Hey, pj, I've gotta read Raven Prince, too, like you and, who else was it, recc'd.

Kati said...

Thanks Michelle. I wondered because all I've heard was "It's her best book to date." And then to read that review, was a little like, "huh." Of course, multiple storylines have never bothered me, even when the author is cruel like Suz Brockmann and makes us wait FOREVER for them. No, I'm kidding, I love Suz. But if she doesn't write Sophia and Deck's story soon, I might have to go to Massachusetts and withhold chocolate until she gets to it! LOL!

Orannia - I just did a reread of P4P last week. And loved it even more. Josie always was my favorite of the Essex sisters (followed closely by Annabelle), and she's a perfect match for Mayne. Who is wonderful in a "tired of it all" rake kind of way. Let us know what you thought!

Jules - I kill stuff too. My policy has always been if you can't get up on the bed and give me a nudge to say "Mommy, I'm hungry," I can't help you. I'm impervious to wilting dramatically. LOL!

Monica Burns said...


Well I didn't get to read much this weekend because I had some lowlife fuzzball of a hacker send me an eCard from Blue Mountain.com Normally, I'm of the suspicious nature about unmarked emails, but I wasn't paying attention (trying to do two things at once) and so I clicked.

WHOA!! Don't click on that eCard bellas, you'll wind up with a nasty virus called tracerts.exe that screws up your Firefox browser and does God knows what else to your registry. GRRRRR So it took me about 12 hours to resolve that issue, which put me behind with other things. *sigh*

So save yourself some heartache and don't click on that eCard if it tells you to load a flash plugin to view the card.

Although while I waited for the new Spyware to scan the PC, I did get some reading in of a book called Oscar Wilde's Last Stand The 1910-1930 era was one really wild, debauched time for the rich. LOL


Julie in Ohio said...

LOL,MK-- I'm glad I'm not alone. My mom and sister are both hands in the dirt type of gals and wonder where they went wrong with me.

I made a pact with myself and I feel I ought to let the Bellas in on it. I'm not going to start any new series. I'm only going to buy books that are part of a series I've been reading. This is to last until I get down to the weight I want to be. And let me tell you that this ain't easy with "Desparate Duchesses" and "The Raven Prince" (which I've been hearing alot about lately) among the many out there that I want. I'm not known for my self control so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can make it last longer than a week.
I'll just read Michelle's and Stacy's reviews and MK's recs and keep a very detailed list.... :oD

amy kennedy said...


I'm so glad you read Passion. I think you hit it on the head Michelle--of course. But I literally Luuurved that book, and cannot wait--I say, I cannot wait for Patience, doesn't the whole dom thing just seem so yummy?

I read The second of Cameron Dean's books--Luscious Cravings
Grave Surprise
Over the Moon (Anthology)
And started Fool Moon and Kitty and the Midnight Hour.

And now I have to get back to work--no matter how much I wish I were helping to hold down Marilyn's deck.

Kati said...

Jules! Way to go. As someone who has been on the odyssey this year, I know how tough it can be. You can do it! I know it must be harder with a hubby and kids in the house, but maybe you can all diet together. I love the idea of rewarding yourself with a new series when you get there. That's a terrific prize! Also, feel free to email me if you need support, a goose, positive encouragement, etc. It's always easier to diet when someone is holding you up!

Thank goodness I got you to read Nalini Singh's books though, or I'd have no one to chat with them about!

Marilyn - I haven't said it, but you're in my thoughts Bella as you write. Hope it's coming smooth and easy.

Mon - That BLOWS about the virus! I'm so sorry. Hope all your WIPs were backed up.

Michelle, what have you got in store for us this week, Bella? Do we have guests visiting?

Can I say for the record how sad I am the Squawk is shutting down? I love that site. It was the first real blog site that I read regularly, and it was what brought Michelle to me and thus all of you. I don't say it enough, but I really appreciate all of you being in my lives, Bellas. You're all such wonderful additions to my life!

Stacy~ said...

Happy Tuesday Bellas! I got a lot accomplished this weekend, trying to get ready for the Foster/Castell get-together - wow I can't believe it's here already! So who's all going? Monica, I know (I have to remember to get your latest signed), and Michelle are you still going? I can't wait to meet you in person. FYI: I'm a quiet mouse in real life - look for the cheese.

I was on a Blake/Alexander binge this weekend, reading "Tempt Me Tonight" and "Voyeur". Loved 'em both. I have Sylvia Day's latest calling, and I'm thinking of bringing the Crazy series by Jensen with me, but who'll have time to read?

Gardening is one thing I do fairly well, but I have a tendency to over-water. I give them too much love sometimes.

Jules, I know what you mean about new series. And what a great incentive you've got going on. I wish I was so disciplined. I'll be having a contest on my blog while I'm away, so be sure to check it out if you like the erotic romance stuff.

Oh I'm going to miss the Bellas over the weekend. MK pointed out the Squawk ending, and I will miss them too, but maybe not as much as you guys. I discovered this place first...all thanx to Clive Owen. Another reaso to love him.

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks for the encouragment. Thankfully, as MK (thanks for NS rec) pointed out, I have quite a few series already in the works so it shouldn't be *too* terrible.

Does anyone know a miracle drug? :p

Stacy-- It wouldn't be cheating if I won a book, right? :oD
Have a great time at Lori's get together. I'm gonna have to get my act together one of these years and get down there for it. It sounds like a blast.

On the Squawk note: I'm so gonna miss those hens... :o(

Stacy~ said...

Julie, of course it's not cheating. It's called encouragement. We all need it from time to time.

And let me mention one of the, er, highlights from last year's event: nipple clamps. And no, I was not the one wearing them. We might need to keep an eye on Michelle and Monica LOL.

Anonymous said...

I've only been able to read 1/3 of LC's Not Quite a Lady It's finals week so work now play later...I'm sure it'll be worth right?

Judy, who's porbably loosing her mind...

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Stace! Please tell me you're going to be taking *lots* of pictures. Some things you have to see to believe... :oD

Judy-- You are not loosing your mind, it's everybody else around you that's crazy. At least that's what my therapist tells me... :o)

Isn't "Not Quite A Lady" part of the Carsington's? I haven't heard much about it, but if it's part of that series, I'm there...

Unknown said...

I'm reading Christine Feehan's "Deadly Game" I love this series!

I'm just editing "Roping the Wind" the next Virgin book so I'm trying not to get too mixed up!

Can I also say I have a contest on my website or would that be naughty?

amy kennedy said...

Oh, way to go Kate--hopefully Julie won't read that. Just Kidding. Well I would hope it's naughty.

Jules--I truly think incentives are great motivators, and I'm proud of you for your creative one. Whenever I say I'm going to eat right I immediately buy chips and chocolate, but if I back into it and just start trying to add more healthy things and pay no attention to it, then I do okay. Also, I freakin' hate to diet, so I exercise instead. And Jules I once knew a guy who was a vegetarian but if someone gave him bacon as a gift, he'd eat it, because it was a gift--so no, it's not cheating if you win a book.

Stacy...nipple clamps? Nipple Clamps? LOL. Have fun.

MK, I finally figured out which Suz Brockmann book was Sam Starrett's, I kept forgetting to ask you.

Monica, dude...never ever do that again. So sorry, but glad you got some reading in.

Caroline, I'm hoping for earlier than the end of this year. Yikes! Can't wait...

Anna Campbell said...

MK, so agree with you about Passion. I found it an amazingly intense read, not just for the sex, but for the emotion LV built into it. But I've lent it to people who just haven't got it. Maybe it's just one of those books that divides people. Be terrible if we all liked the same stuff, huh? I read The Smoke Thief in the last week or so which I thought was extraordinary. What a wonderful writer! I'll have to check out more of Shana Abe's stuff. So many books, so little time. Sigh.

Kati said...

I read The Smoke Thief in the last week or so which I thought was extraordinary. What a wonderful writer! I'll have to check out more of Shana Abe's stuff. So many books, so little time. Sigh.

Anna - That's my motto too! LOL!

The Smoke Thief was one of the books that I gushed and gushed about when I read it last year. I think Abe might be one of the most creative writers out there. The story features such a sumptuous love story, but also has a fantasy bent that you don't usually see in romance. Plus the prose is exquisite. She's an amazing talent.

Jules - Yes, good news, Not Quite A Lady is part of the Carsington series. The sister, I think. I haven't read the series (I'm thinking it'll be a fall glom for me), but I hear tell that NQAL is fantastic.

Julie in Ohio said...

MK-- I've read a book *before* you?!?!? :p
It's actually the younger brother's story. I went to Amazon to read the write up. Sounds really good.

Kati said...

LOL! Yes, but just this one. No I'm kidding. I just got Shiloh Walker's latest, because Stace can't seem to stop gushing. I'm only two chapters in, but it seems like it's going to be pretty good. The hero is a witch (not wizard), that's interesting.

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm going to need to add Shiloh Walker to me TBB list because I'm hearing alot of good buzz about her stuff.

Playground Monitor said...

I'm still out of town -- decided to make a week of it at the campground. I headed into town for food and swung by the bookstore. I decided to dip my toe into the Black Lace pond and got a copy of "Sex... and Shopping" which is a collection of wicked little stories. I saw Portia's name in the index. And there are probably others who post here but her name was the one I recognized right away.

Off to eat my lunch and read.


Anna Campbell said...

MK, I love it when I discover a new writer like SA. Her writing was so beautiful, I kept going back and re-reading paragraphs just to bask - and go green with envy and writer envy is the sincerest envy there is ;-) Another book I read and really liked (I was in Melbourne with a sprained ankle which wasn't what I planned, shopping was what I planned, but at least I had a few good books with me) was Laura Lee Guhrke's And Then He Kissed Her.

Kati said...

Anna - LLG is one of my favorites. And her latest features one of my favorite story lines, the whole hero doesn't realize how fab the heroine is until he loses her. Oh yeah. Love that story!

Anna, since we've got you, what's new with you? Are you still working on the follow up to Claiming the Courtesan? Or have you moved on? And more importantly, when will we (not Michelle, since she gets everything first) get to read it??

Julie in Ohio said...

Anna-- A sprained ankle is worst than a break. {{BIG HUGS}}
I hope you get back on your feet soon. At least you didn't hurt your typing hands. :oD

Anna Campbell said...

ATHKH was one of those books that had me smiling from beginning to end. Lovely characters, lovely story, lovely denouement. I wanted those people to move in next door (and make me cups of tea while I'm incapacitated!). I'd never read LLG before and now I've got her backlist to chase as well! Bliss! Another storyline I like is the ugly duckling into a self-confident swan one which that book did so beautifully. Sigh.

Thanks for asking, MK. Not writing news but I'm flying to the UK for a month of research (aka eating scones and clotted cream at stately homes and imagining myself swanning around the gardens in a long dress, an extra large one, thanks to all the clotted cream!) on Sunday. Really looking forward to that! And if anyone is coming to Dallas, please pop by and say hello at the signings or if you catch me in the corridors.

Book two is called UNTOUCHED and comes out in December. I've just finished the first draft of book three - no release date yet but some time in 2008, I'm guessing. Book two is completely unrelated to CTC but Verity and Kylemore make a cameo appearance in book three (so far that's the plan anyway).

Thanks for the recovery wishes, Julie. This was so annoying - I did it just before I was to conduct my first workshop so I was in a bit of a state and trying to make sense talking about emotional punch! Whereas in fact I felt like Mike Tyson had punched ME!

Kati said...

Yes, Anna, do feel better. So, not to sound greedy (but let's face it, I am!), but when will we get a preview of UNTOUCHED?? And what's the general storyline? And will it be as dark as CTC? And, could I be ANY nosier??

I'm so jealous of your "research" trip. It sounds wonderful! And clotted cream and scones always sounds delicious to me. LOL!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, MK, do you want a job as my PR person ;-)

No cover yet. I've put an excerpt and the back cover blurb for UNTOUCHED up on my website. http://www.annacampbell.info/untouched.html

It has a similar sensual, gothic atmosphere to CTC, but is a very different story (kidnappings aside - snort!). I think of it as a very dark fairytale, sort of Beauty and the Beast meets The Sleeping Beauty.

And hey, greedy works for me BIG TIME!!!

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, MK!! I didn't know this was the job you were interviewing for a few weeks back. ;p
(BTW, how'd that go?)

See, Michelle, see. I'm not the only begger in the bunch... :D

What does clotted cream taste like? It sounds *way* fattening so it must be yummy. :o)

Anna Campbell said...

Julie, haven't you noticed it's a rule in life that the yummier something is, the more fattening it is? Or is that only in Australia?

Here's the Wikipedia article on clotted cream.


It tastes a bit like the best whipped cream you ever ate (all that fat has to be good for something!). And when they give it to you on a light as air scone with homemade jam, man, it's food of the gods!

Julie in Ohio said...

Alright, I'm sold. When do we leave? :o)

That rule of life is not in Australia only. I know for a fact that fat-free sour cream is horrid and fried dough (we call them elephant ears) are the best tasting carnival food ever created.

Man, now I'm hungry. Anyone for some Krispy Kremes? :oD

Kati said...

Mmm, Krispy Kremes. I swear, if we ever have a Bella-a-thon, Krispy Kremes will be the main course!

Oh Jules, clotted creme is magical, magical stuff. It really is like the best whipped creme you ever had.

Anna - UNTOUCHED sounds amazing! I honestly can't wait to read it and see what you have in store for us. Your prose is just magical, so I know it'll be great! I hope Avon gives you good cover art this time. I imagine your books should have covers more like what Lydia Joyce gets. Do you know her work? She also writes very dark gothic-esque novels, and her covers are exquisite. Not that Avon doesn't do a good job, I just wasn't of the opinion that the cover of CTC really captured the mood and ambiance of it.,

Jules, I did get the job! I start on June 19th. It's a big, huge deal for me, since it's back to working for the environment, which is where my heart is. And it's the EA to the CEO of the organization. It'll probably turn into more, but he's a lovely, sweet guy, and it'll be fun to be back to working for a cause I believe in. Thanks so much for asking, Bella!

I just had a date pop up! How fun is that?? MK, off to shave my legs (not because of that - cause I'm gonna wear capris and I don't want to terrify him with hairy legs!) and re-slap on some makeup! Woohoo!

Julie in Ohio said...

You go, Bella!!! That's fantastic! I'm so excited for ya (hairy legs and all). :oD

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Krispy Kremes are evil, but SOOO goood! If you have a Bella-a-thon, please ask me! I'll do my best to get my big butt over there!

MK, thanks for checking out Untouched. I must say I LOVE this hero! Interesting about cover art - I really like my CTC cover and that blue is my favorite color in the world. I know the Lydia Joyce covers, and you're right, they're so gothic and delicious. I'll let you guys know when I have a cover for Untouched. And huge congrats on the great job and on the date! I think you should go and buy a lottery ticket. These things happen in threes, you know! Not that I'm superstitious...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hiya, Bellas! Oh, I'm so missin youz, but I can barely breathe I'm so buried in family and setting up stuff for this new Lifetime thingie and all.

If anyone needs a Bella-a-thon, it's me. I'll even take some Krispie Kremes, though you know I remain a Dunkies girl. We're heading to Boston in, ack, a week for Dave's folks' 50th anniversary, and I'm headin straight for some pizza, quahogs (stuffed clams), and some Dunkies. Yes. Yes, I'll be eating them all at once.

When shall we have our Bella-a-Thon? I thin k we need to have it just before we move to LifetimeTV.com, don't you? Hmmm...let's start planning.

I so wanna hang more and comment on everything, from MK's pimping Singh, to Anna Campbell's next novel (which I'd better see in line edits, young lady, and it better be accompanied by a container of clotted creme and some cranberry scones), and JulieO's continued shameless begging, and Kate Pearce's shameless self-promotion, and Judy's shamelessly bragging about losing her mind (when I'd give anything for a little ex cape from reality right now).

But I gotta feed my damn kids.

OK. Say it with me, Bellas: Careful what you wish for...

Oh, Play! I read most of Sex and Shopping. Our girls Kate Pearce and Portia do a nice job in it, no? I'd love to have that much fun in the dressing room...

ev said...

Just don't do it on a wed, thur or fri so i can enjoy the day for a change????

Anna Campbell said...

MK, aren't the Singh books great? She's a major talent.

Michelle, call me 'young lady' again, and not only can you have an ARC, clotted cream and cranberry scones, you can have a kidney! ;-)

Playground Monitor said...

One of the authors in our chapter brought scones and jam and clotted cream to a meeting once and OH MY GOSH are they wonderful! Not as good as KK's, which are about the most sinful thing a person can eat, but still yummy.

And to think my dad had a chance to buy KK stock when the company started. Or was that Piedmont Airlines (which is now USAirways)? Either would have been good.

I'm in for the Bella-thon! I'll invite the nekkid men. :grin:


P.S. Verification word is "xslave." Whoa!

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm in for a Bella-A-Thon. I guess I'll bring the never ending sarcasm and any bribes (I've been thinking of some new ones *wicked grin*)that are needed.

My only question is: Don't we move into our new home on June 1st?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, no, Jules. We don't pack up shop til end of June. We gots some good stuff to look forward to here yet. :)

Play, see? That's where you rock. I wasn't even thinkin nekkid mens. Can you tell how stressed I am?

But, listen: I have this awesome exciting news to tell you about something that's gonna happen here Friday, but I can't quite let the kitty outta the sack yet.

And I mean, you're gonna wanna tell everyone you know about it...

And, nope, it's not the Squawk chicks, cause they're gonna be here Monday! Wait, lemmee check...Yup, Monday the 4th.

Then, Wednesday, it's the Marilyn/Playground Monitor and the Playfriends from Writing Playground! We've got another great Scavenger Hunt, only this time there are book (oh, they're not thongs, bu tI can't remember what we're allowed to call them, Play) to go with the book prizes!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Anna Campbell writes:
Michelle, call me 'young lady' again, and not only can you have an ARC, clotted cream and cranberry scones, you can have a kidney! ;-)

Um, funny thing is, Anna, I already have a kidney transplant -- my oldest bro gave me the thing -- but I don't have a backup plan...

Oh, wait! I now know the ultimate bribes for JulieO!!! Canna or kidneys, either way, I can't lose. :)

Anna Campbell said...

Michelle, you have the offer in writing should you need it ;-)
What a wonderful thing for your brother to do for you. Mind you, you're yet to call me 'young lady' again, and that was the bargain!

Unknown said...

shameless that's me :)

I don't get called Naughty Kate for nuthin' you know...