Monday, May 28, 2007


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I love our troops. And I've always been a nut for our military. I'm a daughter and sister of men who've served. Did you know my oldest brother, the one who gave me his kidney, was a career Navy guy? Senior Master Chief, thankyouverymuch.

Here's what I'm thinking today, really, every day I hear news of what's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not politics, not oil, not sectarian violence, or democratization or thousands-of-years-old grudge matches.

I think of the kids and parents and wives and husbands who died that day serving in the US military.

I'm not sure I'd have the courage to do what our troops do, or what their families do, for that matter.

Today, I simply want to say thank you. I hope you stay safe and come home soon.

Vivi Anna said...

God bless all the troops! I wish you all a save trip home soon.

ev said...

One of Daughter's close friends from college will be the Marshall in today's parade. She joined the National Guard and went to Iraq.

She came home minus her legs.

You may remember Marissa. She was on the cover of Newsweek not too long ago.

They reconnected thanks to MySpace.

She was just released from Walter Reed and rented an apartment with a friend back here so she can go back to school. They are medically retiring her in June.

When she got home she found she couldn't get into the place- not handicapped accessible. The asshole landlord will not give them back all $2000 of their deposit. He is keeping $900- from a person who will get about $60 a month retirement since she was only an Private.

I hope to hell when this starts hitting the papers more, there is one big stink raised. I may help.

Now, I am off to get ready to go to said parade.

At least it has quit raining.

Enjoy the day but remember that this doesn't just signal the beginning of summer.

I am very fortunate that, coming from a military family and marrying into one, I have never lost anyone, except to natural causes, since WW2. And he got killed when he came home, long before I was born.

Take a moment at your parties today and lift a beer or soda (since so many were underaged when they died) and say thanks.

In all the squabbling over whether war is right or wrong, it seems to get lost that we didn't win our freedom when the Constitution was signed. That was the beginning of our fight for freedom, not the end.

Kati said...

To our troops serving ANYWHERE, I say thank you and Godspeed. To their families, my prayers. To those who gave their lives, my everlasting gratitude for the freedom I enjoy every day.

I'll be lifting a glass this evening in thanks.

Stacy~ said...

I'd like to offer my gratitude as well. I wouldn't be sitting here now if it weren't for the bravery of so many, I believe that deep in my heart, so thank you. Please come home safe.

Ev, your post moved me to tears - and I agree with every word.

Rach said...

To our troops: Thank you all! You are exposed to so much and I too think they are somebody's son/daughter, somebody's lover/spouse/significant other, somebody's mother/father, somebody's friend. They sacrifice so much. My b-i-l was in Iraq for a year and a dear friend was in an IED explosion and lost the right side of his face, his right arm and suffered tremendous damage to his right leg and back. They are asked to do so much and again I say, "Thank you, I'll remember."

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

So nice of you to take time with your thanks here, Bellas. I feel pretty inept even giving thanks, cause I feel like I'm doing NOTHING to help, short of sending a couple books a couple places. I mean, nobody's asking us to sacrifice here on the "homefront," which has surprised me all along.

Ev, thanks for sharing the story about your daughter's friend.

This is not a political blog; I don't get folks riled up politically here, cause it's not what we do at RBtheBlog. I think of this as a respite from the big stuff that we care so much about that weighs us down.

But this am, I started to write about the "forgotten" troops who come home horribly wounded -- because the issue makes me so angry. I mean, we can see the troops abroad, we can see the kids come home whole and happy, but it's like everything in between is invisible, ya know?

I don't know whether you know this, but Miss America contestants? They spend a lot, and I mean a lot of time entertaining men and women in veterans homes and hospitals. I've seen these "fluffy" young women holding hands, talking intently with men whose outer appearances would sicken many people.

These were mostly Viet Nam vets when I was involved, but I'm sure the state winners and Miss A still do the same today, as well as lots of private organizations that help disabled vets.

I wanna thank all those folks who are caring for our injured and disabled vets who lost any of their quality of life serving our nation.

I guess, like you all, I also want to give thanks for the soldiers who come home, but whom we sometime "forget to remember."

Grace Tyler said...

I too often forget about the wounded vs. the dead. I have veterans in every generation of my family, and I appreciate this reminder today of what and who we should be thankful for.

Thanks, Michelle and the other Bellas for sharing memories.

ev said...

The Elks is another organization that is there for the Vets, especially the ones in the VA Hospitals. We rotate each week bringing ice cream, popcorn and good cheer to them. It's one of the best things we do.

"As long as there are Veteran's, Elks will be there for them."

Julie in Ohio said...

Good Morning, Bellas! {{BIG HUGS}}

I'm sorry I missed the beautiful tribute yesterday.

I hope and pray for a safe return for all of the troops over seas.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend without any misshaps.

Portia Da Costa said...

Here's wishing for the safe return of all Allied Troops, US and British and those from other nations, wherever they're posted.