Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You Want Kick-A$$? I Got'chya Kick-A$$ Heeyah

So this awfully nice guy -- with a totally intriguing accent -- calls me to talk about Dabel Brothers Productions' releases of Laurell K. Hamilton's "Anita Blake" novels-to-comics/graphic novels.

Les Dabel is one of the four Bros, vp/coo of DBP, and I was so totally jazzed to be dishing with him about this wicked exciting project of theirs.

I mean, do you remember when the news was first announced, that Hamilton's, then Sherrilyn Kenyon's Kinley MacGregor "Knights of Avalon" romances were being penciled to comics by DBP? I thought the news was stellar for a couple reasons.

First, it's a really cool way to read graphically the novels that read, well, graphically anywayz. And second, it brings to romance a new, somewhat younger demographic of women and men, folks who, like us, already understand what it's like to be marginalized for enjoying a genre that's not always seen as legit.

So, if they've already got no shame, they should like romance just fine.

When I was a kid, my best friend Gene read comics. "Spider Man," "The Hulk," some other green guy, lots of creepy stuff. I wanted to like it as much as he did, but it didn't speak to me. And "Wonder Woman," while she had some attributes I hoped one day to develop, wasn't as edgy as the guy heroes, least not in the early 70s, and not the WW comics I saw.

Yet I know some of my girlfriends really dug the guy comics, kept at em faithfully. What about you?

Did/do you read comics? Which are your faves? Are you looking forward to the Hamilton and Kenyon
comics and graphic novels?

LK Hamilton's comics are available now at DabelBrothers.com. The Kinley MacGregor series publishes this fall, and Les and I are cookin somethin special for you Kenyon fans. Spread the word!


Monica Burns said...

Lord yes, I read comics like crazy. But I was smart. I like my brother buy the damn things then sneak them out of his room to read. Batman, Superman, Green Hornet, Fantastic Four, and then there were the romance comics. Those my brother DIDN'T buy. ROFL

It's been years since I picked one up, but the last time I did, it was WAY to short. I wanted it to last longer. I like that they've gone to the big screen too! Spiderman and Fantastic Four, and then the X-men!! Awesome. I'm such a kid at heart. LOL Something my girls usually love, although Oldest is so ticked that Mom bought the latest Evanescence and Nickelback CDs...God it's fun to torture my kids. LOL


Playground Monitor said...

Sorry I was MIA yesterday but I didn't see the Tudors so I had nothing to offer to the discussion.

Likewise I don't believe I have much to offer today. I didn't read comics as a kid and while I've seen a few of the new comic-style novels, I don't think I'll be buying any. I'd rather have all words, thank you.

That being said, I see lots of kids with the Manga books and I suppose getting them to read ANYTHING is better than having them staring non-stop at the TV.


Kati said...

I just bought my very first comic book. Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 8. It's awesome! So awesome.

Joss Whedon is writing it, so it's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Buongiorno, Bellas and Michelle!

I didn't much read comics (aka graphic novels) as a kid, no. I enjoy some of the film versions [Batman Begins: gorgeous in all ways], and have become intrigued enough to consider getting a few... We'll see.

[MK, I think I'll get Whedon's companion to Serenity as my first graphic novel...]

Michelle, I hope you are feeling 100% better! *sending positive energy your way*

MsTypo said...

MK, i can't wait to pick up the BTVS graphic novels when i get back to the Real World. Since Joss is involved its sure to rock! :D

My name is Typ0 and i was a comic book junkie. I had two older bros who bought them all the time, and like Monica, i "borrowed" their's. To this day i adore the Xmen. Rogue is now and forever shall be my hero. I still have a copy of Teen Titans #1. *blush* I loved reading about strong women with cool powers. (It's so odd that i like Buffy, huh? :p )

I used and still do watch superhero themed movies and tv shows. And no, not just the adult ones like my classic Wonder Woman DVDs i'm afraid. I also have all the Justice League cartoons on DVD. My Xmen Evolution collection is sadly short but i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

So yeah, i guess you could say i read comis and like comic book heroines. :p :D

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas! Wow, you sure do read, em. Romance comics? How is it that I ended up with 3 older bros who didn't read comics, and no girlfriends who read romance, let alone romance comics? My childhood was so sad; pity me, please.

typ0, admitting you have a problem is the first step in curing it. Wait, in this case, induldge!

Cause, man, I've seen some of the advance work on the Kenyon (hee hee) and, sta'God, the penciled guy totally is a Lord of Avalon. And I know Sherrilyn likes her cover, but this guy rocks it.

Mon, Mon, Mon, what are children for if not to enjoy the rush that comes with mortifying them?

Hey, Azteclady! You've been so totally nice wishing me well every day, and I really appreciate it. I'm heading to the doc's one more time today, and that should be that. I'm just really under it, and don't even feel much like writing. Which stinks. But I'm glad to check in to see what's doin here.

And I agree about the Batman being gorgeous.

Hey, Play! Good to see you, and what a great point! Getting folks to read, especially kids, is key. Never made that association with the Manga. But has anyone ever said this to you, cause I've heard it, "well, at least romance novels get some women who wouldn't otherwise be reading to do so."

That's one of my favorites.

I gotta tell you. I'm eyeballin the postbox for my copy of the Hamilton cause I'm curious as heck about slappin visual on the story.

MK, are you a Weedon fangrl?

Now, I'm curious. Was reading comics something acceptable for you to do as girls, or did you have to hide it from your parents? You know, the gender thing? And, howz come you couldn't have all lived by me when I was growing up, huh?

Kati said...

MK, are you a Weedon fangrl?

Well, I'm a BtVS and Angel fangrrl. I own the DVDs, I've read a bunch of the books. I think it's among the most perfect television ever produced.

So yeah, I loves me some Joss.

Now, I wasn't a fan of Firefly, but I did enjoy Serenity, go figure.

Michelle - Please, please tell me you've watched Buffy. If not, girl, your education is sorely lacking, summa cum laude or not! ;oP

One of my favorite games is putting together a Buffy conversion kit. I maintain that I can get anyone to appreciate Buffy if they'll give me 10 episodes to try.

MsTypo said...

Marykate, what are your ten eps? I'm thinking:

Once More with Feeling
The Body
but those are the easy ones, i suppose.

The last ep shown on the WB where *sniff* Buffy sacrifices herself. *sniff* I still cry when i watch it on DVD.

Monica Burns said...

Now, I wasn't a fan of Firefly, but I did enjoy Serenity, go figure.

MK!! Not like Firefly, but digging Serenity?? LOL

I got the Firefly series for Christmas. I went through it like a drill bit through wood. I can't believe Fox pulled that show. It had everything, a hot, tortured captain, the stoic sidekick, the hilarious flyboy, the Rambo Jayne (God I thought Baldwin was fab in that role!). The doc was a wimp, but the girl was kick-ass.

You're right, Wheedon is a frigging genius. To me, he's like the Gene Roddenberry of his generation. He's got a vision that beats even Lucas (yeah I know, high treason!)

And Serenity was totally kick-butt. I wish Joss would do another movie with the characters. Although it won't be the same without Wash. But Zoe could be really interesting when it comes to dealing with her grief. I also saw her as a Spock to Mal's Captain image (although he's MUCH hotter than Kirk ever was.)

How old is Josh...could he be Roddenberry reincarnated??? LOL


Vivi Anna said...

I loved me some X-Men. I also read Mad Magazine and Cracked.

I'm looking forward to reading Anita Blake in graphic novel form.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

That's what I meant to say, Vivs. I read my older bro's "Mad" and still managed to become a feminist. But you know, i really attribute a bit of what I understand about how some guys get socialized to what I learned from those mags, even some pornography. I mean, you can't knock what boys/men are exposed to until you've seen/read it and tried to understand it better.

Ok, ok,Mon and the rest o ye. I still haven't seen me no Buffy. I will do so, ok? Is this gonna be another "Windflower experience? Or is it just gonna make me feel old and out of touch?

Kati said...

typ0, I would definitely agree with your three, I would add:

Welcome to the Hellmouth
Fool for Love
The Body
Once More With Feeling
Coversations With Dead People

Option on: Beneath You, Something Blue, I Only Have Eyes for You.

Michelle - Yes, I'd imagine that Buffy will be another Windflower moment for you. (Heh!) BtVS is simply one of the best metaphors for growing up you'll ever witness. Whedon shows a genius for understanding the female experience, and has presented us with one of the most perfect television series ever.

Mon - Yes, Serenity. Mainly because all I could think was, "Imagine what Buffy & Angel would have been if Joss had had this kind of budget to work with." Maybe I'll give Firefly another shot. Although I watched three episodes and couldn't really get into it.

Heh, my word-ver is "Angxt" Like Angst, only fancier.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

No, MK, that's a JR Ward character. Like, if they had a BSB, wouldn't Angxt be a great name for one?

And I wonder if Dabel Brothers has considered approaching her for a series. Can you imagine the popularity of it?

You Buffy girls are killin me.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Make that at BDS for sistah-hood. sheesh

Angie-la said...

You know the old joke? , I was a millionaire, but my mother threw away my comic book collection?
That was me. I had an army footlocker full of Archie's, Richie Rich, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Josie and the Pussycats, Justice League...you name it, I probably had it. These were mint condition issues published in the 60's and 70's. And like Vivi, I also religiously read MAD and sometimes Cracked, magazines. I attribute my love of reading to those comics. My sons were never really into them, but the few they acquired, I read as well!
I love the concept of manga or graphic novels, although I probably won't buy them...I have a hard enough time justifying the amount I spend on paperback novels to the DH now! I can imagine his reaction if I tried to bring "comic books" into the mix!

And I never really got into Buffy the series, although I am a huge fan of the movie!
I expect if I ever really just sat down and watched it, I'd be hooked, though.

Vivi Anna said...

Michelle, don't fret, I'm not a Buffy fan either.

I actually hated the show as well as Angel.

Kati said...

GASP! Vivi. I can't believe you didn't like Buffy. She's a kickass heroine, she has dreamy men, she fights bad guys, and growing up.

What didn't you like about it? On paper it almost seems like it's tailor made for you.

Monica Burns said...

Well, I'm halfway in Viv's camp. Buffy was a bit too...hmmm...a bit to simpering. Yep that's the word. Yes she could kick butt, but the rest of the time she made me go, come on...you can't be kick butt and not be tough. She was too dainty.

Now the gal who plays Vicki on Blood Ties....THAT is a character I can identify with. Maybe part of the problem with Buffy for me was her age. I wanted a more mature character, and Vicki on Blood Ties gives me that. Although the guy playing the vamp is too lightweight for me. I like my vamps a little more solid and dark. He's a cheeseball vamp, but the cop?? Oh yeah...HE would have made a great Vamp!! LOL

Vivi Anna said...

I KNOW. LOL I think part of it was exactly what Monica said...I didn't find her kick ass. Plus I dont' like Sarah Michelle Gellar. The funny thing is I LOVED the movie and loved the actress that played Buffy in that.

And sorry but I dont' see the appeal of James Marsters as Spike...

*ducks the rotten tomatoes*

Kati said...

LOL! S'OK Vivi, I still love you! I'm just flabbergasted that you wouldn't be a fan. But I know what you mean about SMG. Took me a while to warm up to her.

But really, what draw me to BtVS is the writing. Characters too, but mostly, the writing.

Vivi Anna said...

maybe I need to give it another try...I do love me some Whedon...Serenity is one of my favorite movies like eva! And I love me some good solid writing.

Hmm, since my show Battlestar Galactica is done for the season I need something to obsess over...

flip said...

I learned to read with comic books. I was a huge fan from an early age. I started with Superman and Wonder Woman. Later, I read Millie the Model, Archie,and Josie and th Pussycats. I was more a DC fan than a Marvel fan.

I haven't read any graphic novels recently, but I am curious about the Buffy series.

flip said...

I love Joss Whedon...I can't wait to see his take on Wonder Woman. I loved the comic book series, hated the television series. I am a big fan of Buffy and Angel. The I saw Serenity. I went ou and bought the dvd of Firefly, which is a lost treasure. It is a great series.

Oh yeah, as a kid, I loved MAD magazine... couldn't understand why grownups didn't read i.

flip said...

I like the Blood Ties series myself. he guy playing Harry is delicious. On Sunday, I watch The Dresden Files on Scifi and then I switch to Blood Ties on Lifetime.

Monica Burns said...

Flip, what's the Dresden Files about??


Kati said...

Oh flip, I have bad news for you. Joss is no longer doing Wonder Woman. He walked away over "creative differences." Dammit.


Stacy~ said...

Oh I can't wait for Karen Kelley's visit! I just started reading CEOTSK and am lovin' it. Queen M, do you think you can post it early so I gets a chance to gush over her? Pretty please with Canna on top??? (or bottom...or however you want him)

I am not a fan of comic books, but I would definitely make the exception for Joss Whedon and Buffy. LOVED Buffy. MK, sometimes I think we were siamese twins separated at birth LOL. Didn't like Angel quite as much, but I loved the intersecting shows. It's such a relief to know I'm not the only BtVS fanatic.

Sorry, but kinda thought the movie with Kristy Swanson was a bit lame. The series is another story. I didn't like SMG before Buffy, but adored her in the role. I loved the valley girl, vulnerable yet kiss-*ss thing going on, and that she didn't have to be some androgynous character but a feminine girly-girl who saved the world. Not my usual type of heroine, but SMG had me convinced. (stepping down from fangirl podium now)

Vivi, you break my heart, you really do. Not only do you hate Buffy, but Angel, too? And James Marsden? I woulda sworn he was sammich material. Oh, the agony....

Monica, girl, you rock. I love that you have Nickelback and Evanescence. And guess what? I'm gonna see you in June! I'm at the get-together. Can't wait :)

Kati said...

Ah Stace, my best sistah-friend! I'm glad I can always count on you to get my back! LOL!

Vivi - I wanted to tell you that I'm almost through FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on my iPod, then I've got the BSG miniseries and the first season.

But, right now I'm busy having deeply inappropriate lusty feelings for the kid who plays Tim Riggins on FNL. He's just how I like 'em, big, brawny and juuuust slightly diiiiirty. LOL! Um, yummy!

Hey Bellas...where's Jules? Anyone heard from her? Also, I was hoping this week we'd hear from RachD. I believe it's Spring Break. If you Bellas are lurking, come say hi! We miss you!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Decisions, decisions, Stacy... But I'll definitely post it early as poss for you, my Bella. Karen seems like a terrific person, and I've enjoyed her novels. She's giving some stuff away, too. :)

Rach said she'd stop in, but I'm not sure what's up, MK. Not sure where our Julie0 is.

Hey, flip. Haven't seen "Blood Ties" yet, but I gotta check it out. I'm gonna see what the schedule is for this week, so maybe I can catch up.

You know, Bellas, I'm just gonna have to start watching a little more TV, aren't I?

ev said...

I missed the chat all bloody day.

I have to admit to already having the Hamilton graphic novels. My local comic book store holds them for me, in a file with my name on it, when they come in. I am a geek.

I also get the Stephen King Dark Tower Series and the Buffy and Angel ones.

I love Spiderman, Superman, Batman.And let's not forget Spawn.

I am a geek. I love my graphic novels.

Did you know once you read them, they vaccuum pack very nicely???

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Ev! Good to see you. You've got to tell us more about the LKHs...

A geek? Welcome to our world. :)

danetteb said...

I've got all the Anita blake comics so far,they're really good,I love the graphics,they seem a little short but I haven't read comics since Archie and the leave you hanging for the next one is the usual in the comic world....I can't wait for Kenyon's series comes out..plus I got an email today from Christine Feehan that she's going to have a comic out in ctober.Here's the snip from the email:
Coming October 2, 2007

I'm VERY excited about Dark Hunger being Berkley’s FIRST Manga Comic Book.

Check out my new slide show on my homepage or on my myspace blog featuring the first 15 pages of incredible artwork for this 200 page Manga Comic Book.

And please support this format by pre-ordering from Amazon.com or at BooksAMillion.com. This will help to insure that future MANGA books are released by Berkley Publishing. I would love to see all my Dark Books in this format and I hope you would too! Thanks!!!

Thanks for bringing up the comic Michelle.This was fun.
Hugs, Danette