Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tudors Down: If The Show Fitz

I'm tryin; I'm really tryin to love "The Tudors." And maybe if the eppies were 2 hours instead of one, there'd be enough time to get more excited about the mildly arousing intrigue.

As it stands, the most arousing part for me this week was the thought of kneeling in supplication to Johnathan Rhys-Myers' Henry as did Mary Boleyn. If only he'd been Suffolk, she'd totally have rocked as a placeholder.

But some of you Bellas have told me that for you, Sundays don't m
ean Henry, they mean his illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, and the Lifetime Television romance novel series-to-screen-um-series, "Blood Ties."

Exec Direc Peter Mohan told SCI FI Wire back in Feb, "the show will explore the romantic triangle developed in Tanya Huff's five-book series, The Blood Books. That triangle involves former cop-turned-private investigator Vicki Nelson; her ex-partner, Mike Celluci; and the 450-year-old vampire, Henry Fitzroy, who just happens to be a romance writer and the ilegitimate son of Henry VIII.

"Both men see how strong the competition is," Mohan said in an interview. "Mike sees that this is a guy who's never going to get old, never going to not be beautiful and is stronger than he is and faster than he is. On the other end, Henry realizes that Mike is a good-looking guy who is a human. He's someone Vicki could have a family with and grow old with and have that kind of a real relationship. And for Vicki with Henry, however attractive he is, she doesn't, in some ways, see him as a person to really give herself over to, because he's this unnatural creature in a way. And there's going to be a different woman in his bed every night [laughs]."

You girls who watch "Blood Ties" and have read the novels know the 411. So dish the score:
How are you diggin "Blood Ties" on Lifetime Television? What did you think of the novels?
Encore! Head over to LifetimeTV.com to watch scenes, read "Blood Books" author Tanya Huff's blog, take the Quiz From the Dark Side about vamps and witches and stuff ( I tanked), and spend more time than you should looking at all the cool vampire mythology.
Encore due! Grazie, Sophie Jordan
, for visiting yesterday with one of our favorite discussions.
I really enjoyed "Too Wicked to Tame," and love your dark-haired heroes. Look forward to seeing you back again.
Encore tre! ai yin and judy, you've won signed copies of "Too Wicked to Tame" from Sophie! Please send me your snail mail at Mbuonfiglio@RBtheBook.com. Congrats!


Vivi Anna said...

I don't get the channeld so I've been missing all the goodness of both Blood Ties and the Tudors. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Unknown said...

I haven't checked out BLOOD TIES yet . . . is this going to be like BUFFY and I'll be kicking myself when I don't catch on until the last season?

Sadly THE TUDORS does not rock.

Kati said...

LOL! I love me some Tudors. But I'm shallow. I love all the pretty boys.

Blood Ties is on my On Demand, so I've just got to pick a time to start watching.

But, yes, I'll be sticking w/The Tudors. Just for all the dirty hotness.

I'm a shallow girl, what can I say?

Playground Monitor said...

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday, happy birthday
happy birthday to me

::grin:: I'm shamelessly into self-promotion. The DH gave me a gift cert for a mani-pedi before he left on his business trip. I'll probably do that this afternoon or tomorrow. I'm going shopping for my grandbaby too since I'm going to see her on Saturday and Grammy can't show up empty-handed, can she???

I haven't watched either show. :-( And I must also be the only person in American who didn't watch Buffy. Back in the late 90's I still had kids at home and a business to run. Not much TV time.


Kati said...

Happy Birthday Marilyn! Hope you have a terrific one!

Julie in Ohio said...

Good Mornin', All!

Grrrrr, I keep forgetting it's on. I love vamp TV. I really want to see this one because I *haven't* read the books. Everytime I see a movie based on a book that I have read, I'm always disappointed. I put such high expectations on it, that it has no chance to impress me. *shrug*
Here's to hoping for next week. :o\

HIPPITY HOPPITY HAPPITY BIRTHDAY, MARILYN!!!!!!! I hope today is easy and peaceful for ya. Have a good one!!
And absolutely, Grammy's must always come bearing gifts. It's one of those unwritten rules. :o)

Vivi Anna said...

Happy B'Day Marilyn. A medi/pedi sounds down right lush...


Shannon said...

I have not read the books, but I love the show "Blood Ties". I have watched every episode so far. I want Vickie to try a little vamp lovin. The cop in the love triangle just doesn't do it for me. Good show.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL! I took the quiz at LifetimeTV.com and it turns out I stand a fighting chance against demons. It says that I may not be ready to fight them but at least I know enough to turn and runaway. I guess I'm not the Chosen One...

Monica Burns said...

Dagnabit, stupid blogger didn't post my bloody comment!

I lurrrvvve Blood Ties. I love the gal who plays Vicki. She's down-to-earth and very likable. Smart, street-wise and attractive. A great heroine.

Henry, he's immature. All he seems to be interested in is hopping into bed with Vicki as opposed to talking commitment like I want my vamps to talk. He's also not sexy in the way I find Ward's or Feehan's vamps. He doesn't ooze the charm. Now the guy who played the incubus Sun night; THAT guy oozed it.

Mike, I LOVVVVEEE him! He's tough, protective of Vicki, and there's something under the surface that simmers like a hot bod ready to boil! He's totally a hot hero! I'm glad to see blond's taking a step up the ladder in terms of hot, sexy heroes. LOL


Unknown said...

Marilyn, we're birthday twins!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flip said...

I have been watching the Dresden Files and then Blood Ties on Sunday nights. So I was ticked off that scifi channel changed its schedule this week and broadcast the new Dresden Files as the same time as Blood Ties. I love Tanya Huff but I haven't read the Vicky Bliss series. The show has great potential.

Playground Monitor said...

Kalen, I think we're birthday twins-born-years-apart. LOL! Hope you have a happy day too. I had a knock at the door earlier and there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a dear friend. I just love flowers!

Julie in Ohio said...


Have a good terrific day!!

Anonymous said...

Flip, Vicky Bliss is an Elizabeth Peters character. Tanya Huff's Vicky (Vickie, Vicki?) has the surname "Nelson."
I read all the "Blood Books" as they came out. All of them are good. I like the TV series, the casting, the writing, the setting (the same as in the books), but I haven't been able to watch anything since our TV set went on the fritz. It's in the shop now, waiting for a part. I hope they are able to bring it home soon.

*That's the Spanish version.

HistoryGeek said...

Oh, dear, why don't I have cable?

Kati said...

Happy Day Kalen! My goodness, it's an ALL BELLA BIRTHDAY!

MK, passing the mimosas and truffles.

Kati said...

Mon - I always wondered how to spell "dagnabit"


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I so hope Blood Ties gets down to NZ at some stage. I seem to remember reading one of the books....another series I have to hunt up (what a shame :)


Anonymous said...

I love the Blood books. I love anything Tanya writes.

Henry is not a romance writer- he is doing graphic novels. And using Vicki as his heroine model.

He is also the only one who can save her eyesight.

Mike spends more time trying to dig up dirt on Henry than worrying about what is going on with him and Vicki. He should be more careful.

And then there is the Dresden Files. I like Bob.

ev (who this stupid thing will still not let sign in.)

p.s. Happy B'day everyone. DH still owes me a b'day and v'day present. Poopy head. I will just go buy more shoes until he coughs it up.

Unknown said...

More shoes never hurt . . . I've been trying to buy a new pair all day and can't seem to find anything I like in my size. *sigh*

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buon compleanno Play n' Kay(len)! I'm so glad you're spending part of it here. Need I remind you that Bellas show themselves the love on their b/days? So go scarf some new shoes to show off those pretty gams!

So, I'm digging on the cop, too, and just saying that reminds me of Butch, ok? But maybe you're right, Anny (are you K or Play) about where he should put his best efforts. (Yup, we know your call on that one, Vivs. Get the boy down to his bizness).

Spinsterwitch, welcome! Maybe you have too many romances to read?

Oh, Orianna, I'm so sorry! How are things in NZ?

Hmmm, Kay. Glad to hear your recs. So you dug the books, huh? What made em good for you?

Mon wrote: ! I'm glad to see blond's taking a step up the ladder in terms of hot, sexy heroes. LOL

Good girl, mon! Cast that vote early and often. But you dig BT, right? I gotta watch this Sun.

Congrats, Julie0! Stand and deliver, baybee. Those demons don't stand a chance.

Hey. I'm in Toronto on some biz, and guess who I'm seeing for dinner? Bella Eve (Silver)! Shall I tell her youz say hi?

flip, I like to hear you give the show potential. it's cool when a season gives you something to look forward to.

What would you Blood Ties watchers like to see happen?

Anonymous said...

Kalen- try zappos.com. and they ship free- either way.

Anonymous said...

that was me. i forgot my new name is anonymous.


Phoebe Belsley said...

Oh, for a better Tudors... There's still Brandon.

Michelle, you lucky ducky! Have fun with Eve at dinner!

Caroline (who is starting to think that tall, dark and perfect looks an awful lot like Josh Beckett this year)

Amie Stuart said...

I'm with Mary Kate! I love me some Tudors--I spent Sunday afternoon catching up. Thank goodness for On Demand.

Blood Ties is one of those shows that grows on you I think--I was a bit iffy at first but it's getting better *g*

Kati said...

Amie - Again with the gushing, but that is a SMOKIN' cover, girl!

Anonymous said...

It's been so long since I read the Huff Blood books that I don't remember that much about them. I liked the Mike-Vicki-Henry interplay; there was a character named Tony (I think), who drove Vicki around and provided Henry with sustenance. Seems to me that Henry is bi-sexual. I liked the creative way that Huff used different supernatural traditions in each book, i.e. demons in one, werewolves in another, mummies in another, etc. Has Vicki's mother appeared in the TV series yet? She was a great source of angst for Vicki. I liked the solution to Vicki's eye problems.
I guess I remember more than I thought I did.
Hasta luego,

Anonymous said...

Kay- In her blog on lifetime, Tanya says they are not going to put Tony into the series- hoping that the spinoff Smoke and Shadows will be picked up on an option, I guess. I like that they can take a little creative license, if it means the show stays on the air. I am not sure how the public would deal with a blantantly bi-Henry. I did find it amusing that Tanya snuck in one of her blogs a comment about her wife. Sneaky, sneaky. I didn't read the comments to see if anyone said anything about it.


ev said...

This stupid thing says I don't even exist. Now I have to redo it all???

This is a test to see if it will cooperate.

Ignore my rantings and ravings, but this has been going on for a week.

ev said...

Yup, that worked.

Must be poltergeists on Google somewhere that just don't like me.


Terri Brisbin said...

Michelle and everyone --

Just when I swear I don't 'do' vampires, this series started and I am hooked. I love the sexual tension and the smart, sexy and intelligent dialogue. I love the characters... and love the triangle that exists between Vicki, Henry and Mike.

Thank goodness my son is recording The Tudors for me to watch later... Sunday nights is Blood Ties..


Linda Baxter said...

I love Bloodties. Henry is uber hot and Vicki is smart and sexy. I think that Vicki is going to help Henry grow some since she is not just falling at his feet like most women seem to.

Catch it if you can.