Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ten Things You Know About Me

1. I have a crush on Italian footballer Fabio Cannavaro.

2. There is no better romance for me than one in which the hero knows little-to-nothing about his emotions and, because of that, has to travel an enormous emotional arc from big, arrogant, overbearing bonehead to big, arrogant, overbearing bonehead who feels somewhat mortified by his treatment of the woman who emotionally sissy slaps him into recognizing his heart is also big in all ways.

3. Getting to do what I do -- hang out with other romance readers and hook us up with new and established authors, support romance scholars and the industry -- is the coolest thing ever, and I never take it for granted.

4. I don't mind if heroines are TSTL. See Lexicon of Love.

5. If it were possible, I'd eat every meal in a restaurant.

6. I don't believe a romance has to be beautifully written to be fabulous.

7. I'm happy -- and Eric Selinger of Teach Me Tonight/Romance Scholar Listserv reminds me I'm a nudge about it -- when romance scholars include in their studies the novels/authors masses of readers love, not just the novels and writers that appeal to smarty pantses. :)

8. A great-fitting, comfy pair of jeans are the most important -- and sexiest -- item any
woman can include in her wardrobe.

9. I loves me some forced seduction, sammiches a la Bella Vivi Anna, giggling like a school girl over hawt, pretty boys, sharing ideas, and everything else we do here every day.

10. I tell you what I think, not what
to think.

Yesterday, I helped "interview" 4th and 5th graders who were "applying for jobs" at a Junior Achievement program in which they'll learn to run "Exchange City" for a day. They'll be disc jockeys and bank presidents, sales associates and business managers, etc.

One of the list of questions I was told to ask was:
what are your hidden talents? I added, what are the things you think are cool about you that your friends probably don't know?

I think those would be fun to explore here today.
Big Fun Saturday! Janice Maynard GuestBlogs
and brings along a Mystery Friend!
It's our first-ever Saturday GuestBlog.
Hope to see you there for the fun.


Encore! Grazie Mary Buckham for GuestBlogging yesterday and getting us to talk about all the reasons we love the heroes we do. Looks like we've all got new TBR, TBreR, and TBViewed piles! And thanks to the KOD members who stopped by, too.
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Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! I've got internet today! Yay! Thanks Michelle for posting my blather yesterday.

It's gorgeous here in Dallas, Bellas! Which is a delightful change from the utter crap weather we've been in DC! I'm off to Austin for the weekend to see my cousin who just had a baby last week. I love little tiny newborns! They're so cuddly!

Hidden talents...well let's see, I crochet while I watch football. That's to distract me from standing on the sofa screaming obscenities at the Redskins. So, I make gorgeous (if I do say so myself) afghans. They're always verrigated color and very heavy. My roommate sleeps under hers. Like I said, it's a good way to keep my football related angst under control. I also have the ability to diagram a plethora of football plays, including the Cover 2. My friend Scott always tells me my knowledge of football is the sexiest thing about me. LOL!

Also, I'm a terrific cook. I make a vicious blueberry pie. And also chicken fajitas are my speciality. But most everything I cook is pretty good.

I guess that's it.

I love the 10 things about Michelle! I TOTALLY agree with a great pair of jeans, Michelle. I feel sexier in great jeans than I do all dressed up (probably because of all of the engineering I've got going on under my dress).

Julie in Ohio said...

Good morning, Bellas!

Hidden talent. Does balancing a spoon on my nose count?

Things I enjoy but don't know if you'd classify it as a talent:

- Singing; haven't made the dog howl yet but won't do it in public.
- Playing Trivia Pursuit; even won once.
- Dancing; don't have two left feet but lack a willing partner.

I guess you could call my cake decorating a talent. I do all my kids' birthday cakes and I love it. They can request some real doozies, too.

Playground Monitor said...

I often tell people I'm 56 years old and still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. In that same vein, I'm still trying to discover my talents.

I learned last year that I can write worth a damn. I have 14 (soon to be 15) short story contracts to prove it. I can knit -- sorta. I only know how to knit and purl but I can make a mean fun fur scarf. And I made my granddaughter an afghan. And I've made 2 afghans for Project Linus.

I do a little beadwork and make really cool bookthongs, which I give away on occasion at our blog.

I can cook pretty well but after 34 years of marriage I'm getting really tired of cooking.

The DH would tell you I know more about the internet than anybody he knows. I know about Yahoo groups and how to search for stuff and if he wants to know something, I'm his go-to girl.

Things I think are cool about me? Hmmm... My self-esteem issues are rearing their heads and making me say "I'm not cool at all." But I can do a mean cha-cha and triple swing and the DH and I plan to take more ballroom classes this fall.

I am SO with you on the jeans! I'm just waiting for the day I can fit back into some of my nicer jeans. I'm on day 11 of the South Beach Diet. My goal is to lose 10 pounds so I can fit back into those Liz Claibornes instead of the cheapos from Walmart I bought because I refused to pay good money for "fat jeans."


Kati said...

Marilyn *whining* I want a book thong. Maybe you could blog on "how-to" one day. I look at them everytime I check out at B&N or BAM. And they're WAY cooler than the sticky notes that I use as bookmarks.

Hey Bellas, you'll never guess what I'm reading while sitting outside my meeting room today...yes, it's THE WINDFLOWER! I've been gushing about it so much lately I decided I needed a re-read.

Portia Da Costa said...

Ooh, tough questions...

The only special talent I have is being able to write - a bit - and I'm try *not* to keep that hidden! LOL

Otherwise, I'm pretty uncool...

Oh, and I'm fifty five and still waiting to grow up, Marilyn :)

Kati said...

The only special talent I have is being able to write - a bit - and I'm try *not* to keep that hidden! LOL

Ummm, Portia, you have MAGNIFICENT talent! The Tutor is one of my all time favs!

Julie in Ohio said...

I am an uncanny ability to see the bright side in *any* circumstance.

Portia Da Costa said...

Wow, thanks, MaryKate. Glad you like The Tutor... It was a fun book to write! :)

About a plump librarian... as I was once. Am not a librarian any more, but alas, am still plump! LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

I am fairly good at putting names with faces. I consider this an equal parts talent/curse.

It is an awesome talent to be able to weave together a story.

{says Julie whose other talent is is stating the obvious}

Playground Monitor said...

Marilyn *whining* I want a book thong. Maybe you could blog on "how-to" one day.

What? And put myself out of business???

Maybe I can donate one (or more) to Michelle to use as prizes. Just a thought.


Vivi Anna said...

Great topic Michelle. We should celebrate ourselves every day. I love your 10 things.

I have an extremely high pain tolerance...

I can shoot a rifle and am a pretty good shot

I can make people laugh

I graduated from high school with honors and once got 100% in math, and 96% in Physics

I'm pretty good at poker and trivial pursuit

I can't cook, but can order out with flare

I like to be silly and can play (my daughter loves that about me)

I like to sing karoke but I really really suck

Kati said...

Maybe I can donate one (or more) to Michelle to use as prizes. Just a thought.

'Kay, but now I've gotta figure out how to rig one of these contests so I can win!

Stacy~ said...

Hey, it's just the Bellas today huh? I love the guests, but it's nice to chat with each other too.

Let's see, I'm good at remembering people, and I'm a good speller. That's about it LOL

Oh, and I THINK I know who Janice's mystery friend is too! But I'm not usually in "the know", so I won't bet on it.

Hellie Sinclair said...

Hidden Talent: I can dress (and undress) in record time. My gym partner finds this ridiculous--she went back to the car to get something and in the minute and a half she was gone, I had gone from my street clothes to gym clothes, and was reading my book.

Playground Monitor said...

extremely high pain tolerance...

::smiles:: I gave birth twice with no painkillers.

Julie in Ohio said...

I worship the ground that the person who invented the epideral walks upon...

Anonymous said...

I've tried to comment so many times...

Blogger no longer knows me.

It's Amy--amy*skf

Three times for me Marilyn--last one at 40.

I lived at a study center for parapsychology for two years, when I was 11 and 12.

I wish I could study quantum physics--that's not a talent--but it could be.

I was voted most dramatic in my senior year at high school.

I like to think I have a talent for writing.

Julie, I too can find the good in anything--and I smile almost all the time.

Anonymous said...

Marykate--if you can crochet (I knit)I bet you could make a book thong.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Marilyn, I'm with Jules on that one. I am in awe of your lack of desire to just make the pain go away. And I'm not even talkin childbirth necessarily.

Hey, since we've got another Writing Playground/RBtheBlog scavenger day coming up May 11, why don't we include some thongs in the prize package? Maybe some book thongs, too! :)

It's really nice learning new stuff about everybody. I love that some of you know how to do creative stuff w/your hands like MK with her knitting, Marilyn with the thongs and scarves, JulieO's cake decortating, Vivi Anna's, um, well. We can just all assume Vivi's talented with her hands, ok?

I love that you remember names, Stace! Before I had Baby Brain -- from which I never recovered -- I remembered names and how to spell most words. Now? Not so much. And I agree that it's nice to just have time to hang out and gab here. :)

Really, Portia, writing is a fabulous talent. But I don't believe you don't have a hidden talent. Can you, like, balance a spoon on your nose, keep socks matched every time you do a load of laundry, recite the monarchs of England backwards to Egbert while standing on one foot? C'mon. Fess up!

MsH: now, I know everyone else at this blog got naughty images of why dressing/undressing quickly is a talent. But as the kid who was always the last one to hit the floor for gym class -- and always late to class after -- I must tell you how greatly I esteem and admire you. :)

Vivs, I love your list, and none of it surprises me. But the best one is that you still remember how to play. I feel like I've lost that in the last few years, but had it in spades when my kids were younger. Where does it go and how does one retrieve it?

Playground Monitor said...

In all honesty, with #1 son I had no choice about the painkillers. He arrived 6 weeks early and anything I took would have adversely affected him. Mercifully, it was a 3 1/2 hour labor. He weighed in at 5 lb 1 oz and was only in the hospital a week.

When #2 son came along, I was using an obstetrician who did his own epidurals rather than having to depend on an anesthesiologist. So the option was there regardless. I figured I'd done it under the worst of circumstances, I might as well try under good ones. #2 son was full term and my labor was only 4 hours with him. And as it turns out it was good I didn't have any meds because he decided to breathe coming thru the birth canal and developed aspiration pneumonia shortly after birth.

That's why I stopped after 2 kids. Well, that and I only have 2 hands and I heard you should never have more kids than you have hands. ::grin:: And we only wanted 2 kids. And I didn't want a little girl badly enough to risk having another rascally little boy. But now I have a sweet little granddaughter.


Lamaze really works.

Playground Monitor said...

Oh... and sure thing on the book thong prizes.

E. M. Selinger said...

"I'm happy -- and Eric Selinger of Teach Me Tonight/Romance Scholar Listserv reminds me I'm a nudge about it -- when romance scholars include in their studies the novels/authors masses of readers love, not just the novels and writers that appeal to smarty pantses. :)"

What's this about smarty pantses? That's "alpha nerds" to you, young lady! Any more outbursts like that and Bill Gleason and I will have to see you in our office.


As for my hidden talents--in the immortal words of Catcher Block ("man's man, ladies' man, man about town"), "Can you keep a secret? So can I!"

Blog on, Bellas!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ahh, behold the effect of romance reading on men. Sheesh. It's always the seemingly mild-mannered, sensitive, Renaissance types you have to watch out for, isn't it Bellas? :)

Anonymous said...

Mornin Bellas,

I don't know if I even have a hidden talent. LOL! Maybe I do have one kinda hidden talent. Atleast my husband is the only one that really knows about it. And no, it's not what you are thinking. I have the uncanny ability to meet someone face to face and within a 2 minute conversation I can peg the person. On several occasions while out with my husband and the rest of the cops on his department I have told him "Something isn't right about so and so." Or "She is trouble stay away from her." and within a short period of time my husband has always come home and told me "You were right about so and so. He got fired today." I guess you can say I pick up on the vibe of the person and can tell if they are genuine or trying to pull something over on everyone.

As for something that is cool about me. I never give up. And I am a very loyal person unless of course you cross me then I am your worst nightmare. LOL!

Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! Hey, just a hint about Blogger. I've found that I have to log into Blogger first, and then come here in order to comment. I was having all manner of trouble with it until I figured that out. Maybe it'll help you Ames.

What a cool group of chicks we hang with!

So, Bellas, here's a funny new thing I'm doing...Michelle already knows about it, but that's just 'cause I tend to overshare with her on email, so as not to subject the whole world to my psychoses (see, I tone it down with you guys). Anyway, I'm trying eHarmony. BIG SIGH. One of my ickiest hidden talents is the high pitched sound that I emit that only attracts old men and perverts. They can hear it, but cute guys my age...not so much. So anyway, I've decided to try eHarmony. The results have been pretty good. Had a couple of dates with a cutie science-guy with great dimples. He's Canadian (holla Vivi!), and is going to explain hockey to me *batting eyes*. Of course, even over the internet I emit that high pitched sound, since many, many of the guys who reach out to me at 10-15 years older than me. Maybe I'm just destined to marry a sugar daddy. LOL!

Annnnway, wish me luck Bellas. This dating thing is intimidating!

Vivi Anna said...

big hugs MK....I went on eharmony for about 10 minutes, then panicked and got off. LOL

I've tried a few other online dating places and have lost interest in about 2 days. I guess I'm just so stubborn that I don't want to meet a man that way. Although I have no idea how I am going to meet a man since I NEVER go out. LOL

I like being alone too much. Is that weird?? I don't know.