Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So Many Books. So Little Time.

The crazy wild success of yesterday's online class with Bill Gleason's Princeton University students was all due to you! Grazie mille to everyone who visited and took the time to create thoughtful, insightful, and often very amusing comments.

And thank you, too, to my Bellas, for sharing RBtheBook. I know you were out there, and while many of you dropped in to help teach our class, still more stood aside to let some new visitors have a say. What lovely cyber-manners. :)

So many great points were made, and many Princeton students delurked to ask terrifically brave and interesting questions. One of my faves was simply:

What's your favorite romance,
and why do you like it?

I know we've probably asked this question before, but the answer can change from week to week for some of us. So, let's give it another shot, shall we?

And, again, to Bill Gleason -- and the students of "The Best Seller" -- thanks for allowing us to teach your class for the day. I think I speak on behalf of much of the romance community when I say, thanks, Bill, for offering your students yearly the opportunity to explore the influence of romance fiction, as well as the critical myths and biases regarding the genre.


Something Cool's Afoot
Tomorrow, Wed, April 18!
Author Mary Buckham GuestBlogs

and brings along the Kiss of Death chapter of Romance Writers of America. KOD is 700 members strong worldwide, and the only RWA chapter devoted exclusively to authors of romantic suspense, mystery, suspense, and thrillers.
OMG, OMG, OMG! I am the luckiest woman in cyberspace. I just got the next installment in Brenda Joyce's DeWarrene Dynasty series, "The Perfect Bride." (Aug., H'quin). It's Rex DeWarren's story and, oh dear God, let Rex be the complete and utter bastard Joyce is so capable of making him. Brenda Joyce GuestBlogs right heeyah next Monday, April 23.

Encore! Curses! I didn't see "The Tudors" Sunday night! Someone please tell me, did my boy Suffolk get into any worthy mischief?
Encore due! My goodness. We were all such smarty-pantses yesterday, I feel like I need to sufficiently lower the tone of the blog so I can get things back to normal quickly. So, do feel free to caption this shot of JR-M. And, what's the hyphen rule again? Like, if two people marry who are hyphenated, do the progeny use only dear Pater's appellation, or do they combine his and Mummy's?
Encore tre! And, si, I was simply missing my Canna. If those were romance novels, I wonder what the titles would be...


Stacy~ said...

D*mn, I'm beginning to understand JR-M's appeal. Hot pic.

My favorite romance(s) is Brockmann's Troubleshooter series. You get it all - romance, suspense, angst, emotion, danger, hot sex, Navy SEALs. What more could a girl want?

Gotta go Bellas. Awesome topic yesterday. Sorry I missed it. Fabulous discussion. Michelle, you continue to rock.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, Stace! Missed you, too. Hope things are goin great at your Place. You know, I keep forgetting how much I like Brockmann's books, and never remember to pick them up when I'm looking for something. Why is that? I haven't read them all yet, so I should be on top of it. I am pathetic.

Playground Monitor said...

I'm not sure I could pick a favorite. I love Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. Why? Great characters, intriguing plot and great sex. And one of the first books from Harlequin's new Everlasting series really struck a chord -- Fall from Grace by Kristi Gold. Why? Emotional story about a couple's journey to love and break-up before a devastating illness brings them back together at least temporarily.

The title of that stack of books? Uh... The Studly Italian's Bare-Chested Gaze into the Distance? I can see your mouth opening in a moist O of appreciation. ::grin::


Kati said...

Well, I'm not answering the question, because seriously, at some point, I become redundant and boring.

Buuuut, I'll say, Michelle, what an amazing, amazing thing yesterday was. We had SERIOUS romance luminaries crawling out of the woodwork! I know that you shot your author friends a note, but their graciousness and candor was certainly appreciated by those of us who read romance, whether the Princeton gang realized it or not. I just can't believe who you got to show up! Jenny Cruisie! Bob Mayer! Suz Brockmann! Amazing. Truly amazing.

What an awesome, supportive, interesting place this is!

Pamela Clare said...

I'm not sure I could pick a favorite either. I love one novel for one reason and another for another reason. I could make a list...

Michelle, I just wanted to pop in to say THANKS for yesterday's unprecedented discussion of romance. It was inspiring to see so many people contributing so many perspectives, all of them articulate and intelligent, about this genre I love so much. KeVin's answer as to why men like romance — "because sometimes we get tired of killing things" — had me ROFL.

I think I'm going to post about this on my next blog update...

And, darlin', I have to say, I'm GLAD you were converted. :-)

Julie in Ohio said...

{fingers crossed that this works}

Mornin', Bellas!

Blogger has ganged up on me and won't let me post. I *really* hope this works.

I kept up with the amazing discussion that went on yesterday. Michelle, you knocked another one out of the park. You totally rock!

Fav book is currently the BDB. You can eeny-meeny-miney-moe it to pick one. They all are fan-tab.

Caption for JR-M: "I have this itch right between the shoulder blades. Would you mind using you tongue to satisfy it?"

Canna book title: "Fabio Cannavaro: 365 different positions
.... on the soccer field"

Julie in Ohio said...


Portia Da Costa said...

I like a lot of romances for different reasons... but... my favourite *books* are actually thrillers! Isn't that weird? I love reading romance, and I can write romance... a bit... but as a reader, I get my real high from reading something like Thomas Harris's Hannibal Lecter books.

Maybe this is the flipside of KeVin's remark... sometimes us girls get tired of the kissing and the angsting.

J R-M? Too skinny for me... I'm liking them more big and beefy nowadays. More to grab hold of!

MsTypo said...

Hey guys! Michelle, yesterday's blog ruled! I can't get over the awesome people who stopped by and shared their views. Oh and the non-bellas too. :p :D Seriously tho, reading the people who posted yesterday elicited a lot of WOWs!

Caption: The future Mr. Typ0. LOL I've recently gone very pro JRM. Can you tell?! :p

Fave romance ever? Ack! I have so many. And if i come back here in an hour i'm sure other people's pics will help me remember more. LOL Stardust of Yesterday by Lynn Kurland. Across A Moonlit Sea and the Last Arrow by Marsha Cansham. Darn i always mention those... Ok time to revisit my bookshelves and then come back later for another post. LOL

PS Michelle, i wish i realised before today that you were in my city: Toronto. (Ok not where i am now, but where i call home. LOL) I'd totally have sent you to all my fave spots for shopping, reading, eating, shopping, eating... :p :D

Attempt number 1009 to post this...

Phoebe Belsley said...

Yesterday was brilliant, Michelle!

um...does the book need a title, with a cover like that? I have nothing (mind wiped clean of sensible thought by blog images).

Suffolk got some time on Tudors; got made a duke and told to take Princess Margaret to her decrepit old betrothed husband in Portugal, and Margaret basically dissed him to his face (ten points off if you can't guess what will happen on the trip--plus it was in the scenes from next week). Damn, why are they wasting so much time on anyone else besides him?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Caroline, I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you. Now, don't share this with anyone, but as I was searching for pics for this post this am, I googled Henry Cavill the Tudors and found a blog with a bootleg file of -- hang on to your Puritan sensibilities historical girl -- Suffolk's nude posterior scene from eppie 1!

Oh, I could barely watch it more than two or three times. Ethical considerations of supporting bootlegged material and all.

Plus, I kinda thought Buckingham was a cutie, but, that party's, as they say, over, ain't it.

Typ0! Congrats on your future marriage. JR-M as trophy squeeze....not a bad ideer. I loved your city, btw, and would love to return. That whole French thing is so romantic. It's got all the cache of a world-class city without the people being stressed mean, ya know?

And you can never, ever mention Marsha Canham -- moment of genuflection or reflection, please -- on this blog. I adore "The Last Arrow." What a flippin hero! And what a gutsy broad Brenna is. And Robin of the Hood? And Princess Eleanor? And the scene in the sauna room early on. And Daffyd and... and... and... I forgot how much I lovelovelove that novel. I guess it's one of my favorites, but I totally adore her stuff.

Amen, PortiaWendy! JR-M's got the sexy hip indent thing goin on an all (anat majors, is there a name for that area?) but he's just too too andry for me. I do so like em strapping. At least in romances.

Wasn't KeVin's post a riot? I understand what you're saying and, frankly, I admire those of you who flesh out your reading diet a bit. Sometimes I feel guilty that I love romance so much to the exclusion of all those other marvelous books being written. Someday I'll probably stray, but I'm still on my honeymoon, as it were.

JulieO! Welcome back!!! So glad you finally made it back into Blogger's good graces! We missed you.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is an excellent choice. And I was thinking something similar for JR-M's quote, except I wasn't so clever as to think of the lovely turn of phrase "satisfy it?" shiver.

Thanks, Pam! It'd be great if you told everyone about how so many readers and writers came to help spread the word. But KeVin, and the last guy who posted, were definite humor highpoints. And, I'm happy to be here preaching to the choir. :)

Hmmm, MaryKate. I was wondering, have you ever heard of a novel called "The Windflower?" I'm not always good at this, but I have a hunch you might like it. And, frankly, I'm humbled that people like to hang here with me. It's the nicest thing ever, and I still wake up looking forward to chatting with you all, as well as our making new friends. [Fine. Go ahead and sing the damn Barney song if you must].

LOL, Play. I have SO got to read that Howard. and the "temporarily" is intriguing. Is it still a romance? Or just a romantic love story?

Kati said...

OK, I realize I have a gutter mind, but do you think he's shaved?? Or waxed...you know...down there? I realize his chest must be cause he's too old to not have a single hair on his chest, but he doesn't even have a happy trail...

Gutter mind, I know. In fact, giver that I am, I'll just check that for you and let you guys know.

See? Always giving, Never Taking. That's me.

Like I said, Michelle, I know I'm redundant. But thanks for the recommendation of The Windflower. I've never heard of it, I'll have to check it out.

Marilyn, I LOVE Linda Howard, although Mr. Perfect never did it for me like DREAM MAN or SHADES OF TWILIGHT. But hey, any LH is a good read. Michelle, you've simply gotta read one!

Portia Da Costa said...

Mmmm.... methinks the pretty boy *is* shaved, you know... ;)

Hey Michelle, at one time I really, really preferred the androgynous type. The prettier the better... and I suppose I still do like them. But my main squeeze, Vincent D'Onofrio, is a big, husky guy and himself [my name for my dh] is also a strapping chap. However, my next hero, Valentino in Suite Seventeen, is *definitely* andro in some scenes... but still also big! He's a kind of chameleon guy who has many different personae... Intrigued? ;)

Phoebe Belsley said...

All I can say is: thank goodness for bootleg images of Henry Cavill's unmentionables. If it's been on TV already, why should I feel bad about looking at it online, too?

I think the shaving is only above the breeches. Look closely (it's a tough job, I know).

Kati said...

I think the shaving is only above the breeches. Look closely (it's a tough job, I know).

D*mn you, Caroline!! Now I've got nose prints (and drool marks) on my monitor! ;o)

Vivi Anna said...

I dated a guy that was completely shaved....mmmmm, it was kind of nice. He was..well a stripper...

And he had the biggest...(you can fill in the blank)

ev said...

When I married, my daughter took hubby's name and mine and hyphenated them, mine first. She changed it leagally to that. Talk about confusing to people at times, but we love it. Sometimes she just uses his. It gets confusing.

there is no way I can pick a favorite.

I wish I was in that class of his. Yesterday was really interesting to just sit and read the posts.

Off to a concert!! Catch you all later!!

Playground Monitor said...

Oh yeah... Dream Man. I loved Dane Hollister and his ever-present reaction to Marlie. ::grin::

and the "temporarily" is intriguing. Is it still a romance? Or just a romantic love story?

If I tell you that it will spoil the book. But Everlasting is one of those lines that can be romance or a romance love story, depending on the story.

Off to read Karen Robards' newest book OBSESSION since she's going to be at our luncheon in 3 weeks.


Kati said...

I dated a guy that was completely shaved....mmmmm, it was kind of nice. He was..well a stripper...

And he had the biggest...(you can fill in the blank)

*MK's newest ambition...to be Vivi when I grow up*

Vivi, at some point, you and I are going to meet in a bar, and I am going to ply you with drinks and grill you on the wonder that is Vivi. Right after I kiss your toes for introducing me to BSG. Jamie Bamber is quite the specimen!

Anonymous said...

I wish I wasn't so busy yesterday to be a part of the class session, but I did read most of it when I got the chance, and may I say it was just so fantastic to read all the comments and well-thought out arguments. And whoever said a romance reader wasn't smart, really needs to check their own IQ...

As for favorite romance...there's so many, but the one I can't seem to ever put down and the one that I always go back to whenever RL seems too much is "Devil In Winter" by Lisa Kleypas. To see the change in the hero, the emotions that went into both of them and the love that comes out of it, is just so beautiful and poignant, it never fails to make my heart flutter with every single read.

Julie in Ohio said...

{clearing throat}
Um, he had the biggest heart, right, Vivi?

Stacy~ said...

Since I don't have Showtime I think I need to go hunt, er, track, Henry Cavill's picture down - for educational purposes, of course. All in the name of history.

Nariobi, I loved Stardust of Yesterday!

Welcome back Julie. It's not the same here without your persceptive observations. Glad blogger hasn't banned you completely.

Vivi, when you do something, you don't do it in uh, half measures.

MK: it's good to have goals. Never give up on your dreams...though it does make me wonder: who did Vivi want to be when she grew up?

Julie in Ohio said...

Persceptive Observations? Stace, who are you talking about? :p

My name is Julie and I am a blogaholic. It's true; You don't know what 'cha got 'til it's gone... :o)

I think I've finally figured out what sacrifices the blogger gods require in order to remain in their good graces. Either that or I've been reading way too many paras... :p

Stacy~ said...

Uh, heck if I know, Jules. I think Vivi's description skewered my brain cells. I believe I meant to say "perceptive", but don't quote me on that...or run it by spellcheck.

As for blogger gods, I'm thinking alcohol and/or chocolate are worthy offerings.

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, who am I to judge spelling and grammar issues? I'm just happy as a clam (what makes a clam happy?) to be able to post. :o)

I'll use any offering suggested.
The swearing and cursing I tried earlier didn't work. And don't try smacking your 'puter around because that just really ticks it off. Those are my words of wisdom for the day. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Another title for Canna's romance could be:
"Amore(sp?) on the Beach"
"Saucy Soccer Seduction"
"It's Raining Italian Men"
"Canna Come Over"
"Kissin' in the Coliseum"

I've forgotten how much fun doing book titles is... :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

"Simply Irresistable"
"Sexy, Sassy and Single"
"Model Seduction"
"Attraction Distraction"

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

SqOL (Squealing out Loud)!

Jules, I forgot how much you did the titles, too!

I just sang my son "It's Raining Men." Those are the best titles! "Saucy Soccer Seduction?" "Canna Come Over?" Genius! Genius, I tell you!

Ah, it's good to have lovely Fabio back on the blog. sigh.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Right after I kiss your toes for introducing me to BSG. Jamie Bamber is quite the specimen!

May I please state, that someday we will all meet in a lovely party somewhere, and I will kiss both yours and Vivi's "fingers of the feet" (from the spanish translation) because a) I've never seen BSG, but just googled Jamie Bamber, who I believe has the most beautiful body I've seen, perhaps better than Suffolk's. Here's the the pretty young boys. And 2: because Vivi's dated all the bad boys I was scared of. I, too, want to be Vivi when I grow up.

Now, if you think JR-M doesn't wax every follicle of hair from his body, you're kidding yourself. But I am a fan of a nicely groomed man. That's all's I'm sayin.

Vivi, when you do something, you don't do it in uh, half measures.

Stace, I get the sense even quarter measures would have been sufficient with the guy of Vivi's...

Ev, how many concerts do you go to in a month? How do you find time to read romance? Who'd you see tonite?

Judy, Lisa K's my "get through rough times" read. And everybody's crazed for Seb, Ld St V. Sorry we missed you yesterday. It was quite an awesome happening. I'm still so pleased. It was cool to mostly hang back and let everyone give such terrific commentary, from readers to writers, to industry types. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

BTW, jules and stace, I think you both have quite perceptive perspectives.

Phoebe Belsley said...

Now, if you think JR-M doesn't wax every follicle of hair from his body, you're kidding yourself.

Prove it.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Cyber-deadpan. Sweet, Caroline.

Vivi Anna said...

LOL, I luvs you all!!!!

Yes, that Jambie Bamber is sumthin else! You should hear him with his real accent...OH MY GOD!

Tahmoh Penikett is smokin' HAWT too. He's a wonderful hero in the show.

Ah, I'm not sure I wanted to be when I was growing up...Madonna maybe!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Bellas are a blast!

My list of books and movies just keeps growing and growing -- bring iton!

Now if I can get the lust drool out of my keyboard I'm going to be set :-)

You guys rock!

~~ Mary B