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Yesterday, my girlfriend, you know her as Bella Amyskf, stopped by to help me open and organize the packages of books I got last week from publishers and authors and publicists. While we're stacking, she's like, "Michelle, do you see what's happening here?"

Yeah. I was letting her do most of the work. But she meant I should take a look at how things were stacking up. So I took a picture for you.

The background two piles are mystery/thriller, so they don't count, but a very nice woman at HarperCollins named Danielle sends them in case one of them might work for us here.

Short stack, front right? Ins
pirational. To the rear, left, and right of the big pile are regular ol romance (hist/contemp) and erotic romance/erotica.

And what think ye be the pile in the center? Yup. Paranormal: Witches, dragons, vampires, shape-shifters, empaths, warlocks, goddesses, weres, nymphs, gods, faeries, and more.

Why so many Paranormals? Why now? What is it that makes Paras so vastly entertaining to read? And for you writers, why are they streaming forth from your keyboards?

Encore! Grazie mille, Karen Kelley, for this little "Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind" couple, and for visiting yesterday!
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Rach said...

Good grief! No wonder Dave is overwhelmed by your piles and piles of books. Really, I had NO idea!

I remember back in the early to mid '90's, historicals were all the rage. Maybe there is some sort of pendulum that swings back and forth and back and forth and right now it the paranormal's time to shine.

To that end, I think paranormals are a little sexier and more erotic than many of your standard historicals, and it seems many women are taking greater, more liberated charge of their sexuality than ever before so these books are more appealing.

Or, I'm completely off my rocker and have no earthly idea what I'm talking about. ;oP

Kati said...

Who knows what the answer is but, God bless their little ole hearts!

What makes them so vastly entertaining? For me, the guaranteed happy ending. The very personal process of falling in love. The erotic process of consummating their feelings. All of it.

Now, let's be honest. Not all of them are vastly entertaining. But man, when they are, is there anything better? I just turned one of my friends onto BDB, and I'm so jealous of all the good reading she's going to be doing in the next few weeks. I would do anything for a quality glom right now!

Playground Monitor said...

I'll buy into that pendulum theory. A few years ago all you heard about was chick lit. Now it's paranormal. In a few years it might be redneck romance (AKA hick lit). *g*


P.S. Anybody else ready for spring to come back??? It's c-c-cold here!

Michele Hauf said...

Why paranormals? Because you can make your own rules! To an extant. Vamps still have to suck blood, werewolves have to change with the moon and witches, well, what is it they have to do?
Anyway, I love paranormals because it is a step beyond that romance world that you pick up a book to escape to.

Vivi Anna said...

Yup, I love me some paranormal. I grew up on horror so reading and writing paranormal isn't a big step for me, just now the vamps, weres, witches that were killing people in horror are the good guys in paranormal romance. Anne Rice did a lot for the genre when she romanticized vampires, she told THEIR story from their POV. I"m not a big Anne Rice fan, but she did break down some boundaries with her books.

To write it, it's like Michele an author you get to create fantastical worlds where you make up the rules. It's way fun! LOL, and so thrilling when you get it right and readers lose themselves in it. When I read a good paranormal book I give myself over to it, completely submerse myself and I don't ever want it to end.

Contemporary just doesn't do the same thing for me. It's too close to reality. I'm not big on reality!! LOL

Unknown said...

It's great to see why others love paranormal romance, cause I just don't get it. I love paranormal urban fantasy books, but I just don't grok the romances.

Kati said...

Just popping in to say, "Hi Michele!"

I've missed you, Bella. Hope all is well with you!

Rach said...

LOL, Marilyn--"hick lit"! Hee hee

I see what Michele and Vivi mean too. You can explore outside what the structures and rules of our society are. That makes sense.

Carol M said...

I'm not really into the paranormals. It will change and it will be something else before you know it. I prefer mystery/thriller's and historicals and that's what I buy. I don't follow the trends.

Rach said...

I bucked the paranormal trend for as long as I could, but then MK kept pimpin' the BDB and before I knew it, I was absolutely HOOKED! BTW, MK, have I thanked you properly for doing that??

Julie in Ohio said...

Good afternoon, Bellas!

I'll buy into Rach's pendulum theory. It makes sense.

LOL, Marilyn! "hick lit"? That is hysterical and a little frightening. Can't you just picture the hero with a few missing teeth?

I like the fact that paras are just outside reality. It's close enough to be believeable but just far enough away that you know it's not going to happen. Let's face it, the level of sexiness that a vamp exudes just doesn't happen in real life and snuggling up with a panther is not going to have the same results unless he's a shape shifter, no matter how much you want it to. But, boy, it's fun to imagine.

Vivi Anna said...

Well if it's a pendulum, I hope it doesn't swing back too quickly too soon. I'd be at a loss...

I'd have to write fantasy and sci-fi. Which I'm going to anyway...:-)

Unknown said...

Ooh-is mine there?

I love paranormals, because they are all so unique!

Unknown said...

I love paranormals, because they are all so unique!

And I don't love 'em cause the all seem to be very "much of a muchness". LOL! I think it must be a mindset thing . . . or maybe it's just that I don't WANT to see the big bad vamp/werewolf/etc. get tamed by lurv. That bores me and turns me off. If thought for a minute I could get away with writing dark paranormals, where the heroine gets seduced to the evil side and together the couple goes on to conquer/eat the world I’d be all in. To put it in Buffy-terms: I want evil Spike, not tortured Angel. LOL! Not quite sure what that says about me . . . anyone know if somebody out there is publishing paranormal romances where evil wins?

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle- Have I told you lately how much I want the perks to your job? The job itself, you can have but I'd be happy to help take some books off you hands. :o)

Playground Monitor said...

Don't y'all laugh at WandaMae and Bubba. They're just as much in love as folks with all their teeth. And since one definition of paranormal is "outside the norm" WandaMae and Bubba 's story might qualify as paranormal romance. :-)


Julie in Ohio said...

You know I noticed that Michelle has the books positioned so we can't check out the names as if she's hiding something. hmmmm...

Is there a certain Brotherhood book in that stack that you don't want us know about? :p
JQ has a new series starting? LK has a historical out this year? KMM's follow up to "Dark Fever", perhaps? :p

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

oh, you mean that great new JQ I've read already, Jules? No, that's next to my bed near the Eloisa I've finished. But I don't have KMMs yet. I do have Emilie Richards new one, too. Don't know if you remember her quilt series. She's kinda inspy.

Play, y'all're killin me with Hick-lit. Remember, I'm from PA, and we've got our share of jokes about trailer parks and first cousin marriages.

Back soon, Bellas. Miss youz.

Julie in Ohio said...

No, Michelle. I meant the *other* one... ;o)

Eloisa, too? I feel some grovelling coming on...

Kati said...

oh, you mean that great new JQ I've read already, Jules? No, that's next to my bed near the Eloisa I've finished. But I don't have KMMs yet. I do have Emilie Richards new one, too. Don't know if you remember her quilt series. She's kinda inspy.

See? Now that's just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Ames? Are you out there? I hope you swiped some books while Michelle wasn't looking. She probably wouldn't even notice!

Rach said...

OMG, Michelle, could you be any more cruel??? To quote MK, that's just "wrong, wrong, wrong"!!!

Yeah, Ames, whatcha get for helpin' out?

Vivi Anna said...

Kalen, I'm with you!!! I love dark twisted paranormals where the good guy is the bad guy..

Write urban fantasy, without the romance and you could do it.

Julie in Ohio said...

You know she's laughing at our agony.
I wonder what it would take to get her to really spill about a book.

Everyone has their price, right?

Lis said...

As an unpubbed, writing paranormal gives you a lot more freedom to do things and let your creativity run loose. Alternate reality. Ghosts. Vamps. You can put them all in the same story if you want.

Kati said...

Everyone has their price, right?

Jules, do you KNOW Canna? Perhaps he could hook a girl up!

Here's the plan:

1- You grab Canna, we take him over to Michelle's (while Dave's not there -- love ya Dave!).
2- We distract her by pullin' his shirt off...let nature take its course.
3- You and Rach and I fill up as many bags as we can with books.
4- We make a break for it.
5- We read Canna's obit in the papers the next day. "He died with a big smile on his face."

Because he supported the world of Romance, gutter minds!! ;oP

Rach said...

One key piece missing, MK--you forgot we have to somehow get the boy wet while stripping him down. Otherwise, flawless! :oP

Julie in Ohio said...

Sheesh, MK. All I could think of was something sweet, chocolatey or gooey or...wait a minute, what if we combine our ideas? Chocolate syrup with a shirtless Canna.

That would give us more time to scavange, methinks. :p

ev said...

Msybe it is because with Para's you can open the story line to so much more. There is just so many times I can read about the boss and his assistant, or the cop/fireman and the damsel in distress. Get what I am saying? It was a rough day at work and my brain is fried. I love para's.

Angel said...

I agree that paranormals are way outside of reality, and that's why I like them so much. I also think they touch on much darker, more intense emotions than some books, which I love. Don't even get me started about angst!!!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Well. I guess I do have my price, don't I. Can't decide which I like better: the Wet Canna or the Hot Chocolate Canna.

If anyone out there is wondering, there's this soccer player/footballer who was captain of Italy's World Cup team, and I have a little tendre for him. Toss his name in the "search this blog" box, and you can find a photo or two.

Michele and Rach, and Lis and Angel, nice to have you drop in today. :)

ev! Been missin you! HOpe you have a few minutes to wind down with a good book soon.

Vivs, Angel and Kalen and Play, MK was telling me about these books by Anne Stewart, "Black Ice," and "Ice Cold. Maybe she'll tell us more about why you may like them...

I can see how creating your own mythology is appealing to a writer of novels. No true confines. I also think it's cool when paras are written w/ elements romance readers recognize.

I'm thinking of the glimera in JR Ward's BDBs, for example. Am I getting that right? glimera?

The reason the para pile is so large in the pic is because I throw all sub-sub-genres (say it w/me: it's a word if I say it is :)) of para together, cause, think about it: are all time-travels contemporaries? Is a mostly-regency paranormal w/time travel a regency? And I try to feature an historical and comtemp on alternating weeks. Then, I don't want to feature all vamps, or all weres, etc., cause I only write 4 features a month.

But the big reason I have to group paras is I have to read some of them very clinically, learn why readers really like them, before I can really start to dig why they're good.

ev said...

Michelle- I make sure i spend my entire lunch hour reading. No shopping for me. I have managed to grab stuff before it's release date too. Works for me!!!
Not only do I get to read the books for free, the ones I buy have a great discount. Could life get any better. Only problem is, by the time I get home, i am beat and too tired to get online for long.

Stacy~ said...

Hi all. It's late, and I'm tired. I'm not much of a phone person, but I've been spending my evening talking smack with my girlfriends. Geez, my stomach hurts from laughing so much. Oh and my girlfriend's son Seth, who's 3 with big, brown eyes, says he loves me. Add 30 years and he'd be perfect LOL.

I love paranormals, and I don't love paranormals. The sameness of a lot of the books out there is frustrating, yet I love the idea of creating new worlds where the author makes up all the rules. I just wish more of the rules were outside the box. As I mentioned I'm reading KK's Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind, which is fun and very sexy. But most of the time I prefer my paranormals dark and suspenseful. But a touch of humor and a lot of sexy works for me too.

I just picked up Stuart's Ice Blue (as well as Gary Allan's Greatest hits. Gosh he's sexy). Now that I have all three, I'm going to start the books.

'Night all. Happy Friday...