Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nice Ash

Carla Swafford, a nice woman who's the prez of Southern Magic chapter of Romance Writers of America, wrote me about this last night, and I wanted you to know for two reasons. First, half the proceeds go to Sherrilyn Kenyon's favorite charity -- and a grrrreat one -- Cure Autism Now.

Says Kenyon, "April is the national Autism month and many people don't realize just how widespread and debilitating this illness is. My son is one of millions who suffer with it everyday."

Second, if you're like me and are dyin,' dyin' ah tell ya' for Acheron's story in Kenyon's Dark Hunter series, you'll probably be interested in this:

With the permission of Kenyon, Southern Magic is auctioning off one (1) opportunity to have the pal of Ash's heroine named after you!

Bidding ends late this afternoon, April 27, and you can place your bid at:

Are you a Dark Hunter fan? Who's your fave?
What do you like about Kenyon's mythology?
Could the title of this post be more sophomoric?

Encore! Grazie, grazie mille Anna Campbell for talkin Old School with us yesterday. Lookin forward to your next novel, and your next visit!
Encore due! Here are the names Anna chose to win her prizes:
Caffey/Cathie - the book
Kerry Blaisdell - the coverflat
Orannia - the coverflat
Julie in Ohio - the coverflat

Please send me your snail mails, Bellas, at! Congratulazione.


Stacy~ said...

Yes, yes, yes, I'm a Dark Hunter fan....though I still have the last one in my TBR pile.

Zarek. He's the one. Yep. A lot of readers felt that the JR Ward series was "inspired" by the Dark Hunters, and having read both, I can see the similarities. Zarek was, imo, even more tortured (literally) than Zsadist was, and so I definitely have a weak spot for Zarek. He's my boy.

And Ash! Love me some Ash. Cannot wait for his HEA. 'bout dang time. Seriously. That one has greatly suffered. And come on, who doesn't just love Simi? I want her credit cards LOL

Carla Swafford said...

Thanks, Michelle. Not only is this a wonderful thing Sherri's doing for her charity and my writer's group, I love her series and her. My favorite is Vane Kattalakis from NIGHT PLAY. He fell in love with a plus sized woman and made love to her in a dressing room -- which I told Sherri that it was the hottest scene I've ever read in her books up to that time.

Renee Andrews said...

So excited about Acheron's story! And I'm not surprised at all by Sherrilyn's generosity. She's an ultra-fabulous writer, but she's an even more incredible person! Her generosity and kindness never ceases to amaze me :)

Thanks for posting about her auction, Michelle! You Rock!


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Mornin, Bellas! Thanks for letting me know about this, Carla. I hope it raises lots of dough. I'd really like to see some relief for children with autism, and their folks, too. It's a tough row to hoe, but the kids have tremendously special qualities, too, all across the spectrum.

I agree, Kelly. Her fans adore her, and that's a sign of value to me. It's tough to be a goofball and rub elbows with reader-fans. They sense disingenuity a mile away.

I must say that Valerius is my fave DH, and perhaps, or not, cause he was my first. There's a scene when he -- a valiant, arrogant Roman general -- is literally on his knees before the heroine. And not in the way you think, Vivi Anna, at least not at that point. :)

After I read "Seize the Night," I went back and read most of the rest of the DH vamps. But I don't think I read Vane, Stace, so I'll check that out.

And we loves us some Simi, too. Poor Nick. And I love that the Simi loves QVC! A buddy of my husband's and mine -- his roommate for the first 2 or 3 years we dated -- is a QVC host. They were both reporter/anchors at the same station when we met. So funny when we come across him doing his thing, hawkin something.

Did I miss it? Did Nick have a story yet? So embarrassing not to know...

Kati said...

I'm with you Carla, Vane is my favorite too. First because he's completely bowled over by Bride from the very first, and second, because Bride is not a little woman, and he thinks she's utterly perfect.

But like everyone else, I can't wait for Ash's HEA. He SO deserves it.

And...NO Michelle, the title couldn't be more sophomoric! ;D

Stacia said...

Good morning, all. I have to agree with Stacy. Zarek is without a doubt my favorite. I usually don't cry when I read books but when I read Zarek's story, I cried & cried & cried some more. I just really fell in love with him. His story was so amazingly sad and I was so happy to see him finally have something good in his life.

kerri1973 said...

Howdy ya'll. This auction also helps raise money for my RWA chapter Southern Magic! Good people! How awesome would it be to have your name printed in the long awaited and much speculated about Ash book? You'd be forever immortal in a way, eh? I'm a huge Sherrilyn fan and the Dark Hunters are the bomb! Zarek is my fave because he has such a tortured soul. The thing that I love the most about these books is that they are so complex. They move around from century to century effortlessly and they always keep you enthralled from cover to cover. I once asked Sherrilyn how she kept up with all the characters, the complex mythology, and the enormous span of timeline throughout her series. I asked her if she used outlines or charts or spreadsheets or what? She told me that she kept it all right there in her head. Wow! What a mind she has...I already cannot remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. LOL Everyone go out and bid on this awesome chance to help out two great organizations and to also be forever immortalized in this book! Seriously! Chow bellas!

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Bellas!!!

Please remember I have sensative skin when you take aim at me; I haven't read any Dark Hunters. *ducking quick*

Amazon has them as recs for me but I have purposefully steered away from them for the same reason I haven't done NR Born In series yet; there are so many of them already out. My credit card does have its limits. That doesn't mean they don't appeal to me. I'm about to cave on Roarke and I'm sure the DH aren't far behind. After all, I do have a soft spot for tortured vamps. :o)

Kati said...

Hey Jules! Wow - I had no idea that you hadn't read the DH's. The good thing is that she writes a plethora of them, Dark-Hunters, Dream-Hunters, Were-Hunters, so you have a choice. Personally, I liked the first few Dark Hunters, but now prefer the Were-Hunters. But I'll definitely be buying Ash's book when it comes out.

You're in for a good glom when the time comes.

As for the In Death series, well, I envy you. It's one of my all time favorite series, and there are just so d*mn many of them!

Julie in Ohio said...

See, I even got the series wrong. I'm hopeless. Is there any wonder why I depend on you all to keep me in the know? ;o)

Kati said...

Jules - The "Born In" series is Nora too, but it's a trilogy, about three sisters, two of whom are from Ireland. It features one of my all -time favorite Nora heroes, Murphy Muldoon.

So, you weren't so far off! ;-)

Julie in Ohio said...

*shaking head pitifully*
I *have* the Born In trilogy. And Murphy is definitely swoon worthy as is Rogan and Grayson...

This is exam week and my mind is muddled with too many facts and figures. That's my story and I'm sticking with it... :p

Playground Monitor said...

Haven't read the Dark Hunter series but I applaud Sherri for her generosity. She's supporting a great cause. I read recently where 1 in 150 children will be diagnosed with some form of autism. Why isn't more being done? If 1 in 150 were diagnosed with cancer or some other disease, there would be a public outcry.


amy kennedy said...

What a wonderful thing Sherrilyn is doing--you seriously can tell by looking at her photo that she is all heart.

Even though Acheron's story isn't out yet--I know he will be my favorite, although I too liked Valerius ('cause he was my first too Michelle) But I really want to start the Dream-Hunters, but you say the weres are your fave MK? I'll have to try one. Shoot.

I can relate Jules.

danetteb said...

Thank you Michelle for posting about the Dark Hunters' I don't know if I've said this before,,but I've been hooked on romace since the day I read Night Pleasures. Kyrian will always be my favorite Dark Hunter.......Sebastien is my favorite Were Hunter and D'Alerian is my favorite Dream Hunter.....I love how Kenyon has all different kinds of Hunters like greek generals,Amazons,Cowboys,etc.......Miichelle to bad that picture doesn't go a "little" bit lower.~g*

Julie in Ohio said...

OMG! I forgot to comment about the charity. I have a cousin with a daughter who is autistic. She is just the sweetest little girl.

We all laughed, loved and cried along with the movie "Rain Man" but to see the frustration and the shear determination that these people and their caregivers go through on a day to day basis is tremendous.

I hope and pray that a cure can be found for autism.

Stacy~ said...

Good grief, am I ever the superficial "it's all about the hotties" twit today?! Didn't even comment on the great cause Sherrilyn is supporting. I didn't realize she had a son with autism. I admit I don't know much about autism - the first time I'd ever experienced or seen anything relating to it is a movie from the 80's called "The Boy Who Could Fly". See? Completely limited knowledge. And what an inventive way to bring attention to this illness. I hope she raises a lot of money, and awareness.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a paranormal fan, most paranormals that I've read, excluding J R Ward, have gotten old for me really fast. But maybe I'll try the Dark Hunters Series as soon as I start vacation.

Caffey said...

I've read FANTASY LOVER and the first Dark Hunter book but i'm behind so I may start reading from the beginning again to catch up!

Speaking of Austism, I have two brothers and four sisters. Both my brothers, they had a child with Austism. (and us four girls were born with various hearing loss, i'm tho totally deaf) Both brother's children, one has severly autism with very little communication but is receptive to some. But my brother's daughter is very severe autism and still have not found a communication system for her. So its unique meeting each of their needs. So its a very needed cause. I learned lots with my family doing a family tree (not sure what its called when you find info from generations). That helped some with genetics. But again, a great cause Kenyon is doing.

danetteb said...

I have a cousin who has Autism and and my mother in law works with Autistic children. It is good to see so many people giving to a good cause.

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, I won a coverflat!!!

Thanks, Anna!!! {{BIG HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

Congrats ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!