Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Morning QB

Well, our journey has begun. Or, Johnathan Rhys-Myers told us something like that in some fairly pretentious intro/extros last night for the much-anticipated mini from Showtime, "The Tudors."

My reaction? A decided, "it's no BBC."

That said -- and not without pretense on my part, dont'cha think -- I'll muse, then you tell me your thoughts:

1. "The Tudors" reeks of loveliness, from the cast to the costuming to the authenticity of everything but the cleanliness of the courtiers.

2. His Grace, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, sometimes Viscount Lisle (H
enry Cavill, above left), getting to his business is a sight to behold.

3. The thrill and anticipation of wondering whether JR-M is capable of hoisting his lance -- and I don't mean that figuratively, I'll get to his virili
ty in a moment -- preparing for the lists makes the waiting for the Anna Nicole Smith post-mortem seem negligible.

4. If you read historical romance, you can turn to your husband and explain pretty much everything in question about the peerage, life at court, why Henry's not-so-tightie wh
ities look the way they do, and why Cardinal Wolsey -- a man of the cloth (with a mistress and bastard gets I might add) -- gets to call the shots in any war mongering.

5. Doing a little mongering of his own, Henry shares the royal person with just abou
t any pretty thing in a chemise, and all his faire queene's ladies in waiting.

6. Johnathan Rhys-Meyers almost makes me forget I find him androgynous. At least in his love scenes with said ladies in chemises. To be fair, there's nary a chemise to be found. Ah, if only we were treated to full "nudal frontity," as Archie Bunker called it, in the case of Charles, Lord Lisle.

7. I'm mildly curious what role the filthy musician lad with an important letter of introduction will play in the whole thing, although "The Advocate" does report some interesting ditties.

8. My costume drama boyfriend, Jeremy Northam, doesn't disa
ppoint as the pious-yet-dreamy Saint-to-be Thomas More. Even with martyr lashes and a Cosby family, he's totally masterful with His Magesty.

9. There's plenty of brooding and really gorgeous men-at-arms.

. The history, intrigue -- heck, even the British enunciations -- are made easy-to-tele-use for Americans.

So, d'ya watch "The Tudors?" Or did you tune in to Lifetime Television's romance novel-to-screen series "Blood Ties?"
Wad'djya think?


Kati said...

As I said to my roomie last week when I treated myself to both episodes of The Tudors on On Demand, "I'm ALL IN on this show."

Of course, I could give a crap about historical accuracy. Look how pretty. Michelle, I also find JRM pretty androgynous, but yowza is he sexified in this show. Personally, I find Henry Cavill to be delicious. That chin dimple thing is tres, tres sexay!

I'll definitely be watching the whole thing. A good friend on mine told me her mom got Showtime just to watch The Tudors. I hope she finds all the nekkid men worth it! LOL!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, yes, MK. He's quite the lovely boy, our Henry. Does he have a dimple? I was distracted, I guess.

Don't get me wrong. I like the thing and will keep watching, especially cause it begins on-demand around the middle of the month. But I was expecting outrageous, crazy good script, etc. Still, could be like HBO stuff, where the start is smooth, then ratchets up. That would be fiiine with me.

But, oh, oh, oh, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. Sheesh, what a rogue. Really knows how to make a good impression on a girl's dad, no?

Phoebe Belsley said...

I'd take Brandon over the king any day. And not just for his mouth.

We watched ROME on HBO, and I think the genius of that show was that it started with unknown, ordinary people. I got sucked into the show without constantly thinking, "he's gonna do this, and she's gonna do that, and...and..." With The Tudors it's gorgeous to look at, but it's crammed with famous people, people you know are going to turn traitor and get their heads cut off or something. I find that a little distracting. Not enough to stop watching, certainly not while Charles Brandon is around.

MsTypo said...

Ok first off - Blogger is evil. It just ate my first post. *pout*

Hi guys and Happy Monday! :)

I'm obviously not watching the show with you guys. But i have been enjoying a Tudor themed reading phase of late. So i'm really bummed i can't watch it. IF you guys give postive reviews maybe i'll hook myself up with teh DVD. :)

Historical Spoilers to follow....

Michelle you asked about the musician. Depending upon which historical view the producers are taking he is one or both of the following: A. One of George Boleyn's (Anne's bro) paramours. or B. Mark Smeaton - a musician who is named as one of the men (including her brother!) that Anne is accused of having an affair with. These accusations are what eventually lead her beheading and the onset of Queen #3 Jane Seymour. :D

Have a great day guys!! :)

Monica Burns said...

Morning Bellas!!

I wish I could watch The Tudors with everyone, but alas, I can't get the channel (well actually I could, but I'm too cheap to pay for it, I'll get the DVD version when its released *grin*)

It sounds scrumptious this time. I do have to admit that while I've not seen The Tudors, I adored Rome for the reason Caroline indicated. It started out with unknown people and how their lives were affected by the powers of the time. Of course, Cirian Hines is one of my favorite actors!

So I'll have to live vicariously through you gals here.


Unknown said...

It's all waiting for me in TiVo . . . must clean the house first. Must. Non-negotiable. *pout*

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ah, Kalen. The delayed gratification method. You won't be sorry, methinks.

Did I just write methinks? They don't even say that in the show, for God's sake. Forgive me, Kalen.

Mon, Mon. Cozy up to a friend with Showtime, Bella! I'm with you and Caroline on the "Rome" thing. HBO flippin rocks on series, and that one is brutal and wild. But doesn't the cutie quidditch player from Harry Potter play Marc Antony's son? Oh, little known fact: if I were a born a male, my mother wanted to name me Marc Antony. My mother must have been delusional.

OOooooh, typ0, you could be right! That whole crying witchcraft period makes me sick because of the way it became a business (and because of all the kitties whose little fluffy lives were lost in the fray)in Europe and later NE.

But knowing what happens to some of Henry's wives just adds to the anticipation of the story, doesn't it? Well, not as much as wondering whether we'll see Suffolk in flagrante dilecto again, but it don't necessarily pale in comparison.

I think Showtime prob got some subscriptions out of this; their viral campaign is a thing of beauty.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

That last part was to you, MK.

Kati said...

I'm telling you the most brilliant aspect of Showtime's campaign:

Shirtless JR-M, deep announcer voice says:


Gimme. That's all I gotta say. I'm completely twitterpated over this series. Especially because we're headed into summer when the only TV I watch is The Closer on TNT.

Unknown said...

Ooooooooooo, the pretty little boy from The Count of Monticristo is all grown up. Now I don't have to feel like quite such a dirty old woman. LOL!

Anne said...

The "dirty musician boy" is none other than Thomas Tallis, a fantastic composer who lived through the reigns of Henry, his daughters Mary, and QE1

He became so well regarded that today, one of the leading exponents of Renaissance sacred music is called the Tallis Scholars, after him.
I don't claim that the role he played in "The Tudors" is historically accurate, because in fact, little is known of his life, especially his early life -- so what we're seeing is an imaginative take on his life.

Just one other comment on the "the cleanliness of the courtiers" -- in fact Henry V111 was an extremely fastidious man who demanded a far higher standard of cleanliness than those who came before or after him. Cardinal Wolsey, in fact, instituted really detailed rules and procedures that governed cleanliness in the king's dwellings. After Henry's death, standards went downhill again.

There's an excellent history book -- Henry V111 - by Alison Weir --which details this - chapter 6 The King's House.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thank you, Annie! The lye n' water thing was buggin me, and I wasn't aware of that fact. You rock, history girl. :) Love the info about the composer, too. Are you a musicologist? When I studied opera, one of my favorite areas was early music, early medieval and renaissance being my faves.

Welcome to my world, Kalen!.

Phoebe Belsley said...

Wasn't the real Thomas Tallis a devout Catholic all his life (even through the religious see-saw in England)? I have no idea what his role is going to be in this show, but he looks a bit wild and scruffy, so there's potential.

There's a Quidditch plater in ROME? I missed that. My favorite Q player is, of course, Oliver Wood from the first movie. Almost made me want to be in high school again. Hmm. (I keep telling myself these young-looking guys are played by much older actors, to avoid the dirty old woman feeling like Kalen said)

And I am not telling ANYONE what my dad wanted to name me if I had been a boy. Marc Antony is much preferable!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Caroline, that's the one! At least I think that's him, Wood from HP1. Hmmm, older actors playing younger, pretty boys. That works for me, too. :) And, come on, you can tell us the name. How bad could it be compared to Marc Antony. Was it, like, Caesar Augustus?

Anonymous said...

*Stomping* Darn it Darn it Darn it!!!! I miss all the good fair at all...but than again I do shoot myself in the foot for getting into books more than tv...I tend to forget what I want to watch unless I put an alarm...I'm very absent-minded in that way...guess I'll have to wait until they come out on TV :sigh:

Anonymous said...

Meant DVD...see what I mean...*shaking head*

ev said...

well, I tried topost yewsterday and it didn't go for some reason.
I am not watching the show, but daughter is taping it so maybe I can get to it. She seems to be enjoying it.
We shall see.....

Anonymous said...

I'm on the *ahem* frugal end of the spectrum, not having cable and all (really, watching about an hour of tv a week means that paying for cable is... well, idiotic). I've been very intrigued by this one, though, and hope it does come out on DVD soon.

Unknown said...

from the cast to the costuming to the authenticity of everything but the cleanliness of the courtiers.

I'm am under whelmed by the "authenticity". From the lack of shifts to the wrong jousting armor (and the missing gorget!) to the king's costume looking like it was made from his granny's sofa . . . tragically under whelmed. Not even those pretty, pretty boys chiseled cheekbones could keep me from groaning.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL, Kalen! I thought it was made from Scarlet's drapes! With God as my witness, next Sunday is. another. episode! [shaking fist at sky] :)