Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mary Buckham GuestBlog: The Tall, Dark, & Dangerous Kiss Of Death

Contest!! One Lucky Commenting Bella wins a nifty Diana Love Snell tote bag filled with novels by Kiss of Death RWA chapter members including: Mary Buckham, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kelly St. John 'n more! Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see whether you've won!
Mary Buckham and I met over a snack at the RWA national conference in Atlanta last summer, and I liked her immediately. She was very excited about writing and romance, and she was awfully nice, too, especially as she explained how the week's informational workshops were planned and executed.

Perhaps executed's just the right word to use today, as Mary tells you all about the Kiss of Death chapter of RWA. Please, your warmest Monday am buongiorno for this woman who knows a lit-tle bit too much how to plan the perfect crime...

Tall. Dark. And many times deadly.
These are the men of romantic suspense and mystery. Hi! I’m Mary Buckham, romantic suspense author and member of Kiss of Death [KOD] the only Romance Writers of America chapter dedicated specifically to writers of romantic suspense, mysteries, suspense and thrillers. With nearly 700 members spread around the globe we gather on-line to ask questions one can’t always ask just anybody. Questions such as: what type of weapon would an FBI agent carry or how could you poison someone without leaving evidence?

And we also talk about heroes. The tall ones. The wounded ones. The
charming ones. The actual term hero comes from a Greek word meaning to serve and protect. Natural that many of the heroes we write about do just that.

And today we’re asking you—our readers – to share your favorite heroes. Is he a knight of old or a charming thief turned protector? What heroes have stayed with you long after you’ve set a book down or walked away from a movie?

For all of those who take a moment to share, your name will go into a drawing for a classy canvas tote bag from Dianna Love Snell [a RITA winner] chock full with books by the following authors: Mary Buckham, Caridad Ferrer, Rita Herron, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love Snell, Catherine Mann, Kelley St. John and Gayle Wilson!!

So jump right in and let us know your hero. I’ll start. NYPD Detective Mike Chapman from Linda Fairstein’s mystery series. Any of Suz Brockmann’s Navy SEALS. Malcom, the ship’s captain from the movie SERENITY. Now it’s your turn…

Visit Mary Buckham at , and her Kiss of Death pals -- who are just a bit too interested in murder and mayhem, if you ask me -- at !


Stacy~ said...

Morning Bellas! Welcome Mary :)
I love talking about heroes. It never gets old.

Let's see - yep, Suz's heroes: Sam Starrett, Kenny Wildcard Carmody, Stan W, Max, Jenk...Izzy. Something about those alpha men who put their lives on the line ,and are so competent and tender, makes 'em just so d*mn sexy.

Michael Stirling from JQ's "When He Was Wicked". He was just so in love with the heroine, it took my breath away. Zachary Bronson from Kleypas' "Where Dreams Begin". Rugged, in control, yet falling for a quiet, independent widow - sigh...

Those Brothers from JR Ward's series. Roarke! Can't not mention Roarke - the epitome of the hero.

Well, I could go on and on, but if I want to buy books, I have to work. Crazy system.

Portia Da Costa said...

I'm turned on by heroes who combine brains with physical appeal, and who battle inner demons.

I've not read very much at all in the romantic suspense genre, but in terms of television/movie heroes, my favourite is Detective Robert Goren of Law and Order Criminal Intent. He's super intelligent, quirky, beset by inner demons and torments, yet he can be witty, gentle and compassionate too. Plus, he has the commanding physical presence provided by a beefy yet handsome actor ie. Vincent D'Onofrio.

From movies... well, there are many wonderful hero characters, but in the thriller genre, I have a soft spot of Will Graham... not so much the Edward Norton version, although he's great, but as played by William Petersen in the 80's movie Manhunter. The character as written, in Red Dragon, is equally compelling.

Obviously, I should be reading books by the ladies of KOD! Anyone have suggestions for a good book to start with? Something that really encapsulates the genre at its finest?

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Mary!!

I love talking heroes but to pick my fav kind depends on the book. Alpha types always get my pulse revving but a good Beta can make my heart go pitter patter, also.

Stacy mentioned the BDB boys and they are my current heart throbs.
I love a protector with big muscles. I also love a brainiac who uses his smarts instead of brawn.

I'm one big contradiction. It really depends on the story. I just love a good one. :o)

Shannon said...

Hi Mary!

Well, I just finished reading Lori Foster's "Buckhorn Brothers" series and I liked all 4 of those guys a lot. Sexy, sweet, and Protective, what more could you ask for?

As for my faves I do not really have any specific ones, but I do love the "bad boy with a heart of gold". You mentioned the thief. I love it when you have that mix of just the right amount of danger added into the protective, sexy hero. That is what gets me everytime.

Have a great day everyone!

CrystalGB said...

Johanna Lindsey's hero, James Mallory. Total bad boy who is redeemed
Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters. Love them!

Julie in Ohio said...

" "bad boy with a heart of gold". You mentioned the thief. I love it when you have that mix of just the right amount of danger added into the protective, sexy hero. That is what gets me everytime."

Ohhh, Shannon- Me, too. Me, too.

MsTypo said...

Favourite heroes... You want me to narrow it down to just one or two? I'm not sure it's possible. LOL

I love the knight who knows wants to prove his chivalrous nature even if it goes against his nature. I love the reformed rake who finally sees the beautiful girl next door for who she is. Give me a pirate any day! A vampire with an attitude that only one woman can see through. A vampire hunter with a chip on his shoulder... *sigh*

I guess i just love all those strong, brainy, complex men who aren't looking for love. :)

kerri1973 said...

Howdy bellas! Favorite leading man? For me, I'd have to say that brains are the biggest turn on. Ever see that movie Threesome where the Lara Flynn Boyle character has an orgasm every time the guy reads big words to her? LOL My favorite! Other than intelligence, I'm drooling over any hero that is a natural protector. Don't we all just want to be taken care of and protected? A question for the lovely KOD chapter...I'm thinking of joining your chapter as I'm a pre-pub author in the romantic suspense genre...what benefits can I expect if I decide to join? Hope everyone has a groovy hump day. Chow!

Playground Monitor said...

Yeah... what everyone else said. :grin:

My favorite movie hero still is Jack T. Colton from Romancing the Stone. Rogue that he was at the beginning, he came around and captured the heroine's (and my) heart.

Fave TV hero is Gil Grisson from CSI. Gotta love those brains (and he's not bad looking either).

Fave book hero -- too many to name.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bellas!

It's a delight to be with you today, to answer questions, cheer on your great answers and add to My movie and book list!! What a dangerous place :-)) in the best of ways!

Portia - to address your question: Anyone have suggestions for a good book to start with? Something that really encapsulates the genre at its finest?

Narrowing down great books by KOD authors is like standing in a bookstore -- so many choices, so many options :-) Every year KOD sponsors a contest [for published and unpublished] called the DAPHNE after Daphne Du Maurier. In a very short time this has become one of the premier contests for writers of mystery, suspense and thrillers. So looking at past winners might be a great start. You can find out more about this and all the published authors of KOD [and there are a lot] by visiting:

Sorry I couldn’t narrow down the selection because I could go on and on and on ... Mary B :-)

Portia Da Costa said...

Thanks, Mary, I will check out that link and take a look...

Speaking of Du Maurier, 'Rebecca' is one of my all time favourite books! Not because of Max... but because I love the unnamed heroine. :)

Brenda C said...

Leading men? Sean Connery... wait, you mean fictional leading men...

The intense love from beyond from Patrick Swayze in Ghost. A man who couldn't quite commit, who finally realizes after it's too late.

Rick in Casa Blanca. Hard, crusty, hates women, until SHE walks back into his life out in the middle of the desert at the beginning of a war.

Jean-Benoit Aubéry. The pirate "The Frenchman" of Frenchman's Creek. Sexy, languid. Understands the finer things in life, and it's not wealth. A mischievious boy with a big, hurt heart.

Lovely Blog-site!

Your's in writing
Brenda Cloutier

Anonymous said...

Hello again!

Kerri asked: A question for the lovely KOD chapter...I'm thinking of joining your chapter as I'm a pre-pub author in the romantic suspense genre...what benefits can I expect if I decide to join?

A great question Kerri, thank you! First benefit is to a member of what we call the CluesandNews Network. All KOD members have access to this and it's a great place to post questions such as what kind of poison would you use if your character lived in medieval England - or - how does the U.S. Marshall's WISTEC program work. You'll not only get great advice but someone always knows a website link, or a friend of a friend who can get you the information that otherwise might be hard to come by. Best of all none wonders if you're a menace! they simply know you have a plot to work out.

There are also sub groups within KOD - such as one to find a critique or a critique partner. Every month KOD offers two online courses - one focused on the craft of writing with a special emphasis for the subgenres of romantic suspense and mystery and the other a course taught by an expert in the field - a FBI profiler, former Delta force member or a CSI agent. As a KOD member these classes are $15 per month-long workshop – a great deal!.

Another benefit is every year at the RWA National Conference, KOD sponsors a day-long event the day before the Conference starts that is specific to the environment -- in the past have been tours of FTA bomb squads, Texas Rangers facilities and even a chance to shoot guns at a firing range.

But even with all this, the best thing is being able to build a network of supportive writers who are writing in the same genre as yourself. Who are there to support your wins and walk you through the speed bumps on the way to publication.

Hope this helps! Mary B

kim h said...

geroge clooney his hot and wentworth miller, so mysterous guys but so hot/

Judi said...

I'd have to say either James Landry from Alibi Man and Dark Horse (Tami Hoag) or Thomas Cahill from Dying To Please (Linda Howard)

Anonymous said...

I love to read about those tall, dark, and dangerous alpha's. A sexy Seal sounds just right ;)

Playground Monitor said...

Mmmmmm yeah. Cahill. :-)

At RWA 2004 in Dallas I heard a story about several women sitting in a booth in the hotel restaurant plotting a book. They were talking about ways to kill off a character. Suddenly a man raised up over the back of the booth and looked at them. Seems he was a police officer (or in law enforcement somehow) and he had to make sure he wasn't overhearing a murder being plotted. The women assured him they were romance writers. I wonder if they were KOD members. Regardless, it's a funny story.


Anonymous said...

So many to pick from.

For books, I agree with crystalg...the Dark-Hunters are way up there on the list of great heroes.

In movies, Indiana Jones came to mind first. And TV, love Michael Vaughn from Alias.

Shelli Stevens said...

Hmm there's so many. I'm trying to think of the last one that made me nearly swoon. I think it would be LAPD detective Jack Ramirez in Gemma Halliday's Spying in High Heels.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hulloooo, Bellas and Kissers of Death, and, especially, welcome Mary! Thanks for the great topic, and the info about KOD.

You know, someone wrote a bit back about Casablanca and how Rick kinda hated women til "she" came along.

I was just talking with my girlfriend and assistant Michelle yesterday about heroes, and one of our favorites, the alpha, fairly misogynistic brute who treats the heroine terribly. We were wondering if maybe we were the only two women in the universe who like that hero.

Do we like him cause we dig idiotic, horror show guys who abuse women emotionally? No. Not in real life anyway. It's just that his behavior is so flippin outrageous that we're astounded and elementally and intellectually attracted to it like a screeching, bloody train wreck.

Of course, he's got to be redeemable -- and behavior like this rarely works in contemporaries -- and has got to come crashing to his knees, more shocked than anyone else that he's capable of falling in love. What's more, he realizes he's behaved unconscionably and moves through some type of self-forgiveness through "emotional trial by fire."

I'm not sure I could even have stood to read him ten years ago. But today's a wicked different story.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Marilyn! That's a terrific story... :o)

When it comes to movie stars, I adore Cary Grant. He is so suave and debonair. You just know he would take his time with ya... {dreamy sigh}
At the same time I grew up on the old westerns where John Wayne and Clint Eastwood did their thing. Oooh, doggie, could they do their thing... :oD

JQ had the greatest heroes in the Bridgerton boys. And you can't go wrong with mentioning LK's Nick Gentry.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle- I enjoy the brute of a hero. I think it's all the more satisfying when they get theirs. Also it takes a strong heroine to put them in their place and the dialogue between the two is usually pretty heated. My favorite kind of conversation... :o)

flip said...

What we can only have one type of hero?????? I have several favorite type of heroes. Romantic suspense is one of my favorite genres. It started when I was a kid. I loved Hitchcock movies. Cary Grant was always very suave and very charming, but he was a very tough guy in Hitchcock movies. He was the charming swindler in Suspicion, a ruhless federal agent who had Ingrid Bergman prostitute herself for her country in Notorious. Charming, gorgeous, suave and utterly ruthless, he was a great hero. But one of my favorite Hitchcock heroes was Joseph Cotton, the stable boy who ran off with the rich daughter of his employer. He was caught and sent to the penal colony. He was rough and ruthless. But he loved and adored his acoholic wife. Ingrid Bergman was the rich man' daughter who followed him to Australia and lost a little of her soul in her struggle to survive the sordid life in penal colonies.

I guesss that I like a hero who is strong....and who loves the heroine passionately.

traveler said...

A hero has to have several important qualities which I consider necessary. Grit, determination, brains, and a soft side as well. My hero would be Jack Bauer from "24" since he has all those plus more.

tetewa said...

One of my new favorite heroes is Jacob from Jacquelyn Frank's new book. I also love all of Sherrilyn Kenyon's heroes from her Dark-hunter series.

Karen Kish said...

I don't know why I always seem to go for the bad boy. And if he can make me laugh, so much the better. That said, Sawyer (Josh Holloway) from LOST always gets my toes tingling. He's a jerk, but he's a lovable jerk and he knows it. (The dimples don't hurt either.) He struggles to do the right thing, fights to hide his innermost feelings and is on the path to becoming a better man - kicking and screaming all the way

Karen Kish

Pat White said...

Sexy heroes? How 'bout Gerry Butler in 300? AAAAHHHHH. Or, Clive Owen, Christan Bale, Edward Norton (brainiac sexy), Jim Caviezel (where did he go?), or Matthew Goode? Wow, so many to choose from!

Pat White

Anonymous said...

I second all of the heroes mentioned above, some of my favorites! I like heroes with a sense of humor along with honor, ones who can laugh at themselves as well as be serious when needed. And their love will never waver. One fun hero, Linda Howard's Wyatt Bloodsworth, of her books To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous. He's not perfect, but he is truly in love with Blair and would protect her with his life, even if he doesn't always understand her. So much fun to read.
I also love the heroes in Susan Elizabeth Phillips' books, not sure if I could pick a favorite. Maybe it would be Dan Calebow.
So many men, sigh! I've really enjoyed the non-traditional heroes, too, like Pat White's boxing heroes in her first books.
And, Margaret Watson's Jake Donovan from Family First (a Rita nomination for this book!) and Mac McDougal in In Her Defense.
A guy doesn't have to use a weapon to kill off villains to win me over. He does have to be true to the heroine and trust her, believe in her. That's the sexiest hero of all.
Sherry Weddle

Lois said...

Oh geez, I hate this question. LOL I always have a different answer, or the answer is too long. But I did realize a little while ago that I could always put one incredibly lovely guy down, and yeah, I could call him my fav -- Mr. Darcy. :) And yep, I do mean the book version, but hey, is it my fault that when I read P&P he just *happens* to look like Colin Firth? :)


Susan Greene said...

Narrowing it down is tough, isn't it? far as books, I'd have to say one of my all-time favorites is still Cam from Nora Roberts' Chesapeake Bay series (Sea Swept). I also really liked Bo Goodnight in her book Blue Smoke. I probably have many, many others I could name but those are the two who come to mind.

Movies - first crush and always favorite hero - Han Solo from Star Wars. *sigh*

My two cents, keep the change...

Susan Greene

Nesleina said...

My fav hero in print is definately Straif Blackthorn in Heart Choice (Robin D. Owens). Strong, sexy and proud, but ultimately chooses love over his pride. What a man!
Fav hero in the movies....Indiana Jones. No doubt!
--Jennifer Nielsen

Cherie J said...

I am a big fan of Alpha heroes and Christine Feehan's Ghostwlkers top the list. Especially Ryland Miller from Shadow Game.

Cherie Japp

Julie in Ohio said...

Susan-- I adore the Quinn boys. NR really out-did herself with their conception...

I had a thing for Harrison Ford back in the day so I can get behind the Indy and Han heroes.

I have yet to see the Colin Firth P&P version, but with all the hype I've heard, I really must look it up.

principessa said...

A hero has to have an aura about him. His charm, and his complete competence within his field. I believe that Repairman Jack has these great attributes which is what makes him fascinating as well.

Maureen said...

Diaz from Linda Howard's Cry No More is definitely dark and dangerous.

Ann Christopher said...

Michelle said it all:

Of course, he's got to be redeemable -- and behavior like this rarely works in contemporaries -- and has got to come crashing to his knees, more shocked than anyone else that he's capable of falling in love. What's more, he realizes he's behaved unconscionably and moves through some type of self-forgiveness through "emotional trial by fire."

Bad behavior ... a little manipulation here and there, as needed ... then falling crazy in love with the heroine. Gotta love this kind of hero.

Of course, if my sister brought someone home like this in real life, I'd advise her to run for the hills because he probably needs YEARS of therapy.


anne said...

My hero would be Patrick Stewart. The presence, the voice and his capability combined with his strengh and charm are irresistible.

Anonymous said...

Hm. New at this, and I just wiped out my whole comment--I think. So here goes, again.
Ian deVipont (Roberta Gellis's Roselynde series); Roarke, of course. Malcolm Reynolds in FIREFLY. The Hot Bomb Squad Guy on Grey's Anatomy; Inspector Lynley in the BBC series. Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt in just about anything. And my own heroes: Greg in HELIX and Brady in NOW YOU SEE IT really curl my toes.


Anonymous said...

Morning Mary, Michelle and Bellas :)

Ohh, where to start. I think the Bellas have been reading my mind this morning, as they've listed most of my favourite heroes...hmmm, the BDB, Michael Stirling from Julia Quinn's 'When He Was Wicked' (great call Stacy :), definitely Diaz from Linda Howard's 'Cry No More'..oh, and Jesse Brown Wolf from Katherine Eagle's 'The Night Remembers'. I've just finished the latter and it was very good!

Oh, and while this isn't a romantic hero - Jack Reacher from Lee Child's various books.


ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hello Bellas,

What a great topic. Now for hero's hmm I have alot of them LoL. For one my fiance is my hero. In books I would say Sasha White's hero's Cathryn Fox's hero's Lucinda Betts. Love there sexy & hot hero's. I also love SEP Hero's, Vivi Anna's, Carly Phillips and many more :)

I also love Johnny Depp :)


Anonymous said...

Hello again ~~

You all are making me hot ~~ and that's not easy in the fabulous Pacific Northwest!

Isn't it fascinating the range of heroes out there?

I gave a workshop recently called SEX ON THE PAGE [yeah, a title to die for!] where I used a number of images to help illustrate my points on how to write sexual tension. What amazed me was the first impressions. One image in particular, cute average-Joe kind of guy leaning casually against a door jam wearing weathered jeans and a white cotton T-shirt earned such diverse comments fom "HmmmaHmmma" to "Bum". This was a guy I'd take home in a heartbeat yet someone saw him as not worth bothering with.

I really love all the great comments. Looking forward to reading even more! ~~ Mary B :-)

Jennifer McAndrews said...

It's probably a terrible cliche but... Rhett Butler. Every time. And for the hero I can never get out of my head... John Robie from "To Catch a Thief" - which somehow by extension makes me think of Clooney's Danny Ocean. Nice. Very nice.

And for anyone considering joining KOD, come on over! You'll be amazed at the things you'll learn.

p.s. I reserve the right to pop back in later when I think of more fab heroes *VBG*

Anonymous said...

My favorite heroes are the epic ones who have the weight of the world on their shoulders and overcome their tremendous problems with their courage, strength, and love. One of my favorites is Max from the t.v. show "Roswell". He was a king from another planet and had so much to deal with on earth. I also loved this show's intergalactive romeo and juliet themed love story.

AngBreidenbach said...

Hi Mary,
My favorite hero is Sean Connery. He is a bit mysterious and wise no matter what character he plays. Not too mention that awesome accent:-)

Sue A. said...

One of my favaorite heros is Aragorn (Viggio Mortensen) from LOTR. Strong, dark and deep -- the total alpha male.

And I'm a total fan of the male leads in Linda Howards books. Sometimes pushy, arrogant, know-it-alls, but with the right counter-balance of humor, tenderness and passion.

Anonymous said...

The heroes who stick with me are the ones who always notice the heroine the second she enters a room. Usually, those heroes are the sort who pretend indifference, which makes that "always notice" all the more effective.

sharon said...

A favorite hero is a mature male who always turned me on. His masculinity, strength, values and sincerity is what I value as important. When men were men. Gary Cooper.

catslady said...

I'm constantly changing my heroes. My first was Yul Bryner lol - showing my age here. Mel Gibson was for the longest time. I have to say currently for the movies it's Leonardo DiCaprio. For TV just for right at the moment it's Mark Hammond in NCIS. Books are harder. There have been so many and it's usually the one I'm reading about at the time lol.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey! This is from MaryKate, who's stuck at a hotel computer that won't play nice with blogger.

Hi Bellas from Dallas! Welcome Mary! Some of my favorite heroes are the ones who adore women, and are TOTAL RAKES or scoundrels. Is there anything better? Let's see, the hero from Laura Lee Guhrke's AND THEN HE KISSED ME (his name escapes me), or any of the Bar Cynster. Or Daniel Cleaver from Bridget Jones -- played by the incomperable Hugh Grant.

With heroes like that, I'm always reminded of that line from Doc Hollywood: "I'd imagine that your version of romance is anything that will separate me from my panties." BIG SIGH.

Love the cads!

But my favorite hero of all time? Dane Hollister (or really, almost any Linda Howard hero) from LH's DREAM MAN. He can't help his quite physical reaction when ever he's around the heroine, Marly. He disconcerts her, supports her, loves her, and wants her endlessly. Would I want one just like him IRL? H*ll to the NO! But to curl up with at nighttime? You betcha.

Big sloppy southern kisses!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary. I guess my kind is Indiana Jones or Jack Sparrow tpyes. I even go for han Solo or dare I say it, Darth Vader (but not Anakin Skywalker), as the voice just does it and besides a man in a mask--guess shows I like Knights and Dr. Doom from Comics and such. Batman too is another.
Bad Boys that border on enough of good, dark and dangerous types....
Sapphire Phelan

Dianna Love said...

Hi all -

Hope I get on this time. I've tried a couple times today while zooming around with my laptop.

Wow - what great suggestions for movies and books!! I love all the Linda Howard hunks, too, and Dark Hunters, Ed Norton (did you see the Illusionist? it was great)...and Sean Connery (I wonder how many generations of women have ogled him? ;->).

For those who asked about KOD - I agree with all that Mary said, plus I think of KOD as THE mystery/suspense writing chapter. I'm always touting their incredible network of writers around the world and limitless ressources. You can ask practically any question about anything/anywhere related to a mystery or suspense and get answers from across the world.

Plus - that's THE benchmark in romantic mystery-suspense so if that's your sub-genre you really should consider joining.

I'm going to read some more and cross my fingers this message goes through. (Mary rolling eyes at how techno-challenged Dianna is some days. :)

Dianna Love Snell

Julie in Ohio said...

Dianna-- It's all Blogger's fault. Please trust me on this. :o)

{{MK}} You have such a glamorous life. I wouldn't like your work hours but to travel like you do, WOW! Enjoy your trip. I hear Dallas is quite a city. Maybe you can pick up a cowboy or two while you're there. :oD {{BIG HUGS}}

Laura Kinsale had a perfect (for me) hero in "Shadow Heart's" Allegreto. He just the right amount tortured and arrogant.
Ahh, I feel a re-read coming on...

Kammie said...

I like the hero who is a knight, big and strong. I also like the bad, boy mysterious type. Roarke from the J.D. Robb series is the most memorable for me. I never tire reading about him.

Julie in Ohio said...

I don't think anyone's mentioned highlanders yet. There is just something about the smell of heather and a man in a kilt. Let's not forget the accent.

Am I the only one who can hear accents in their head when reading a book?

Cheryl said...

The hero that has stuck with me and whose story I re-read frequently is J.D. Holt in "A Cowboy's Secret" by Anne McAllister. He's the quintessential strong, silent type. Alpha but humble about it. I think cowboys, in general, are a favorite type of hero. I adore the Randall brother stories by Judy Christenberry also.

danetteb said...

I books I love the Dark Knights,like Angela Knights Mageverse Knights and in movies I love th romantic Knight like Heath Ledger in A Kights Tale.
Hugs, Danette

ev said...

Roarke, naturally. I have stated that too many times now to count.

But then, I am also a major John Wayne fan. i don't care how misogynist he was. Give me his character in The Hell Fighters anyday. Haven't seen it? You should.Actually based on a real person who just died a couple of years ago.

Sue Brockmann's SEAL's and various good guys are always at the top of my list too.

And I want a Ranger and George Clooney sammich. hell, a girl can dream can't she??

Stacy~ said...

Ev, you are so right about a Ranger sammich. Now I love Joe, but there is just something about Ranger that makes a girl's heart, and every other part of her, swoon. Maybe it's that tough, silent loner thing he's got going on, yet he's got a weak spot for Stephanie. Love that.

I loved Tyrone Power in "The Black Swan" - nothing like a pirate who falls in love to make you melt.

And Glen Ford in "Gilda", who loved her once but hated her, then fell in love with her again.

Yeah, let's here it for heroes.

Anonymous said...

I have to say Gerard Butler. He'd look good as a knight, a duke or just the way he is. LOL And that bod.

Anonymous said...

My favorite hero right now is Captain Ethan O'Malley from Hope Tarr's "The Haunting." Couldn't put it down last night.

Also Luke Skylar from the Darcy Cavanaugh mysteries by Candy Calvert. The second one just came out and it is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Mega thanks to all who shared!!

Bellas and visitors all, it's been a wonderful day sharing and learning from each and every one of you!

Michelle, thank you for inviting me today, I know that I for one have just increased my TBR and To Be Viewed list many times over!

It's been a blast and I look forwaed to sending the great Dianna Love Snell tote bag chock full of books to one lucky winner.

Thank you again! ~~ Mary Buckham

Minna said...

Roarke is definitely my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I hope that I`m still in time, but I couldn`t answer yesterday.
My favorite heroe is Brandon Birmingham from a book of Kathleen Woodiwiss. But I think that it`s because that was the first book I read (well, without the books in my childhood of course).
But I have to admit that I like every heroe that can`t talk about his emotions very well, but sometimes surprises the heroine with a sweet gesture. Something like not going to work, but having a surprise pic-nic with her...

Anonymous said...

If I had to choose a 'type' of hero I'd say the dark wounded kind of guy.

Fictional heroes that have stuck in my mind: Roarke from J.D. Robb's series, Hawkwood from James McGee's Ratcatcher and Resurrectionist stories, Jean Claude from the Anita Blake series.(Not sure he qualifies as a hero!)

In film, Gerard Butler in anything :-) Daniel Craig's James Bond, Cary Grant in anything, Captain Jack in Torchwood (okay, probably not quite a classic hero, but facinating!)


Angel said...

So many heroes.... so little time!
I have to agree with those who love Linda Howard's heroes. And I got a sneak peak at her newest Nocture called Inferno. Talk about alpha!!!!
I'm also a big fan of the Ghostwalker heroes in Christine Feehan's paranormal series. And the hero of A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole.

Anonymous said...

In books. Nathan Delaney in Nora Roberts' Sanctuary. He actually went to the dr to prove to himself he wasn't nuts. That's a hero.
In movies? I can't remember the character's name, but the hero in French Kiss. He did all he could to make Meg Ryan happy even if it meant she wasn't with him.
yczupd as the word verification
Chris Redding

Toni Anderson said...

Mary--I love Mike Chapman :) And Suz's Seals. Boy oh boy.

My other favorites...
Keir in Elizabeth Vaughan's 'War' series
Gray Rouillard in Linda Howard's 'after the night'
John Medina in Linda Howard's 'All the Queen's Men'
Alex Markov in Susan Elizabeth's 'Kiss and Angel'
Cal in Jenny Crusie's 'Bet me'

Oh my, I could go on and on--and maybe I have already :)

Anonymous said...

Mary-- The one recent literary hero who to this day stole my imagination was Jamie in Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander."

Never became one of her cult. Just loved the first book---and Jamie.

Movie screen hero? Tarzan. Tall. Muscled and half naked. Swings from a vine with a woman in his arms, and doesn't say much. . . . oooh, did I say that????

Lots of love,Kathy Pickering

Anonymous said...

Whew what a challenge -
Cowboy hero Con Connagher (Sam Elliott in the movie) - Louis L'amour.

Dark and Dangerous Hero - no contest - Ranger - Janet Evanovich

Men in Kilts - Definitely Jamie Fraser - Outlander Diana Gabaldon

Of the stuff I've read lately, I really love the boys from BAD in Sherrilyn Kenyon's series.

I really like Grey in Carla Cassidy's Without a Sound.


Kerry Blaisdell said...

I know I'm probably too late for the contest, but I have to say, hands down: Harrison Ford / Han Solo in the original Star Wars Trilogy. There's just something about the way he goes after Leia, and then right at the end, is willing to give her up when he thinks Luke will make her happier. Plus, his charming good looks and great bod don't hurt, either.... YUM!

Susan Greene said...

Okay - I had to chime in again on this one, because I noticed something in the original post that I missed earlier...

Mal, from Serenity. Wow. I didn't think anyone else had that opinion of him as a hero! I adored Firefly (Curse FOX for cancelling the show. I have the DVDs)In Serenity, he was a bit more edgy, but still, who can not love MAL?

Good choice.
Susan Greene

Anonymous said...

Sexy Heroes? Karen Marie Moning's MacKeltar Brothers - especially Dageus -- and Adam Black. Um-um....