Thursday, April 12, 2007

Luv, Canadian Style

Last night, I returned to Minnie from Toronto to find it cold and snowy. And that I'd left the cord to my laptop in the hotel room.

But my kids were happy to see me -- and the 62-year-old babysitter seemed somewhat
relieved for the interruption of my son's detailed explanation of computer virus replication -- so it made coming home after a really fun time up North even better.

See, I went to Toronto -- not just to have dinner with our girl Eve Silver (who says Hi, Bellas!, btw) to be a guest on the Canadian Broadcast Company's "Gill Deacon Show." Gill's got this terrific daytime talk show that explores stuff that interests and is important to women. And Gill and her producer, Laura Pratt, decided it was time to let women who unabashedly read and write romance fiction tell why it's important to them, and to women in general.

The segment was written with just the right amount of "tongue-in-cheekiness" that we appreciate here, and Gill Deacon absolutely knows how to ask questions that get the
juices flowing.

And, omg, they did this spoof on the old PBS elegant British guy in smoking jacket character, but, instead of introing some stuffy Literature, he's reading a love scene from an H'quin "The Bastard Italian Sheik's Blushing Virgin Child Bride's Surprise Seduction" kind of novel. Flippin priceless, especially when you know how much I love those novels, especially Bella Lucy Monroe's.

So author Kayla Perin, a wicked funny "average" romance reader named Debbie, and I chatted with Gill about everything from orgasm to little blue pills, to female empowerment. Sounds like a day here at RBtheBlog, don't it?

The segment airs on the CBC tomorrow, Fri April 13 @ 11a and 2p. If I can, I'll get a link so you can watch, later at
Also, tomorrow, you'll be welcoming here at RBtheBlog,
the lovely crew from
Romancing the Blog!

It's one of the classiest romance fiction blogs on the Inet, not only a kind of "clearinghouse" for links to readers, authors, and industry blogs, but a vibrant daily column that even allows "open mike nights" for viewers who aren't regular columnists to publish their thoughts.

While Romancing the Blog-ers are here,
I'll be guest blogging at Romancing the Blog, a treat and honor I look forward to
every couple months.
It was great fun chatting yesterday about romance fiction. I kept wanting to shout, "hey, this is what we do every day at RBtheBlog!" But I'm wondering:
Who else -- besides your best romance girlfriends, we Bellas --
do you get to dish with about romance?

Encore! Grazie mille, Julia London, for reminding us how we like to see our heroes -- real life and other - dressed and undressed! Hope you'll visit again!
Encore due! During dinner in Toronto, Eve Silver's hometown, she said she'd love for you to see the covers of the three, count 'em, three novels she's got coming out later this year. One from the Shomi manga line, a -- get this, squee -- a Gothic Pirate romance, and her demon paranormal.


Playground Monitor said...

I dish with the other Playfriends, of course! And then there are the Mavens. And the other writers from my RWA chapter. I have lots of folks to talk romance with besides the lovely Bellas.

Glad you had a great trip even if you did leave the cord and come home to snow. I hope they put up a link to the show so we can see "The Bastard Italian Sheik's Blushing Virgin Child Bride's Surprise Seduction." Sounds like a bestseller to me. ::grin::


Kati said...

Ah, the romance ambassador returns. Sounds like you had a great time, Bella!

Who else do I dish romance with? I like the boards over at The ladies who run the board are very nice, and our own Cathy Maxwell spends a bunch of time over there. Other than that, I spend time at Squawk.

But mainly, I dish with the Bellas!

Rach said...

I dish with ya'll Bellas and with my sister. Oh, yeah, I also have a close girlfriend at work and we dish *all* the time! :o) But, ya'll are by far the most fun :o)!

Unknown said...

I mostly dish with my writer friends. Sadly very few of my girlfriends read romance (ok, they all read "stealth romance"--Gabaldon, Gregory, etc.-- but they don't read stuff shelved in the romance section).

I do think I may have just converted my brother's wife, though! LOL! She'd never read a romance, and didn't want to read mine, but my bro did. So I sent him a copy. She read it, and now she's dying to know when the next one comes out. ROFLOL! I think I may have to make her up a romance beginners care package.

Eve Silver said...

Okay, I'm here to dish about our Michelle. It was amazing having dinner with her...We got to talking and the time got to flying and we didn't even realize how late it was. Oh, and we shared an amazing chocolate fondue...Michelle showed me a picture of her kids and they are gorgeous. Our Michelle is just as brilliant, gracious and gorgeous in person as she is on the net. And I got to dish with Michelle about romance. Talk about a perfect evening :)

ev said...

Is that an actual Manga book that Eve is writing??? If so, let me know, I shelve them at work and will keep an eye out for it.

I also hang out at the PlotMonkeys (which is how I found out about here) but we don't always talk about romance either.

I don't know if I am the only one in the bookstore that actually reads romance, or that isn't afraid to admit it!!!

Stacy~ said...

Absolutely none of my RL friends read romance, and it's lonely LOL. So when I first hopped on the web years ago, one of the first places I went was to Lori Foster's Yahoo groups, where I met a lovely group, many of them readers, that I'm still friends with today.

That evolved into the Scamps & Vamps Yahoo group, then I discovered blogs - both author and reader blogs - and a little over a year ago I discovered RbtB. The rest is history.

Phoebe Belsley said...

The absolute best person to talk romance with is, of course, my DH. Not only is he a thoughtful, funny, smart, and sensitive guy, there are major fringe benefits to getting a man going on romance!!!

Oh wait--did you mean romance BOOKS? Those I talk about with my friends. Also fun, just not as...exciting.

Glad you had a good trip, Michelle! Welcome home.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oooh, Caroline! You're making me jealous. My husband tolerates my talking about romance, and everyone pretty much knows the story of how RBtheBook started with his suggesting I write a column about romance. He hoped it'd lead to my finding other people to talk to about romance, so he'd be off the hook. :)

So funny, ev! I thought we earned you from PlotMonkeys!

Stace, I didn't realize you started with Lori Foster. I knew you were a big fan -- and go to her FanFest -- but it's cool to learn what started you on your journey to Stacy's Place on Earth.

Kalen, what would you put in your Beginner's Care Package? You know, it's hard when your friends read stuff that's different from what you really like when you're looking to diiiish.

You're lucky that you have the Playfriends close by. Sometimes I think of you all here, wishing we could just have a cocktail party to hang out. sometimes I'll just read a book and think, Oh, Play likes category, or so and so loves the bastard child-to-aristocrat plot.

Eve, everyone's totally gonna think you were drinking heavily at dinner if you go on like that. But listen, Bellas, the only thing that I think made the evening perfect for Eve was the fact that she got to go home to her God of a husband after talking about romance all night. Really. You should check out her website to see the guy.

Hey, MK. RomanceNovelTV is very cool, a great idea that's really cool for readers. They seem very positive and I think they're gonna grow really quickly. Did you check out the Eloisa James He Said/She Said piece with Eloisa's Italian Husband (who is decidedly not a Bastard Sheik).

Really looking forward to tomorrow, Bellas, with the RTB gang here. I'm not sure they've guest blogged elsewhere, but I'm pretty jazzed they said yes.


Stacy~ said...

Morning Bellas. Hey Michelle, just who does the RTB gang consist of? I know there are quite a few "posters" who write the daily (?) columns, but who exactly are they - do you know?

Eve Silver said...

Ev, DRIVEN, (and the rest of the new SHOMI line from Dorchester) has a manga-style cover, but the content is not manga. The book is text, like a regular novel, no graphics. But the content of the stories is very new and innovative, just llike manga books.

Dorchester actually has a dedicated website Check it out for more info.

Julie in Ohio said...

Mornin' Bellas!

Michelle- I'm so glad you had a good time in Toronto. I wish I got CBC to see the show. I know you were awesome. You have such a way about you that, I'm sure you just got romance another million readers. :o)

I don't have any RL friends to dish romance with. I have a co-worker who reads the occasional Nora Roberts but that's about it.

I began my blog existance with a well placed visit to Julia Quinn's website in which she said she would be guesting at Squawk. I was at Squawk when Michelle guested and the rest is history.

Without the Bellas to dish with, I would be a closet reader who only reads historicals. Ya'll have introduced me to all kinds of subs and authors. Thanks!

One of those authors is our Eve. Did I read that right? Gothic Pirate Romance?!? Oooohhhh, I can't wait for that one. :o)