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Karen Kelley GuestBlog: Sixth Sense Of Humor

CONTEST! 2 LCBs each win a copy of “Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind,” courtesy of

We know Karen Kelley from her hits "Hell on Wheels," "Southern Comfort," "Southern Exposure," and several hot Brava anthologies. Today, I'm very excited to welcome her to RBtheBlog, cause she's a really nice person, the kind of author you're happy to see good things happening to. Her new novel's fun and steamy, and her topic today is really intriguing. So, please give Karen a warm buongiorno, and have fun with this one...

HI Everyone!

Thanks so much for inviting me, Michelle!

This is starting off to be a fun year with lots of exciting news. My first paranormal will be out the end of March/first of April, depending on where you live. Woo-hoo it received 4 ½ Top Pick from Romantic Times!

"Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind" features an alien from the planet Nerak who comes down to Earth after she watches a documentary that her interplanetary traveling grandmother brought back: "Debbie Does The Sheriff." Mala wants a sheriff, too—and she gets one!

Poor Mason. He has no idea what he’s in for when he checks out the mysterious lights.

Writing steamy comedies is so much fun. Add that twist of the unusual, and I’m having a blast. Later this year, I have two books with ghosts in them.

I think I’ve always been a big fan of the paranormal. What about you? Have you ever had a feeling that something was going to happen, then it did? Or been talking to someone and just felt creeped out? Ever been in a situation where you knew without a doubt you needed to run away as far and as fast as you could? Gut instinct?

I believe everyone has a sixth sense, but for most people it’s undeveloped. I think the way to develop it more is to stay alert. When you have a feeling that something good is going to happen pay attention and see if it does. I’ll have little tingles that tell me something good is about to happen and it usually does. Maybe something little, but if the tingles are stronger and last longer then I know something really good will happen.

And remember negative vibes attract negativity. Get in touch with your inner self through meditation—even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. Try it, what do you have to lose?

Isn’t life fun? I love being a writer. I can get away with all kinds of things. Now when I tell people in town that I meditate or that I was trying to make a connection it’s okay! I’m a writer. I can be a little eccentric.

I’m a firm believer life should be about the good times. I love hearing what everyone thinks about paranormal or life on other planets. So, what about you? Are you skeptical, a believer or a non-believer?

Tell me you thoughts and you’ll be in a drawing for one of two copies of my new release: "Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind." You can read excerpts at my website: .

Encore! Because she knows the Bellas ain't averse to a hot guy pic or two, Karen offers up Johnny, the caption in her email reading: Yum -- MY hero!


Lis said...

I'm definitely a believer in paranormal and life on other planets, I've had too many odd, unexplainable things happen not to believe in them. :)

ev said...

nobody has ever proved they don't exist. I am a firm believer. Too many strange things have happened to me or seen by me to dispute that.

gotta go to work. Have fun Bellas!!

Stacy~ said...

Thank you Michelle! You are the best! I really hope you're feeling better.

Hi Karen! As I mentioned over at the Scamps, I'm reading CEOTSK now and am totally digging it. I just wish I could stay home from work and finish reading it (and hang with the Bellas, too). You're such a bad influence, but in a good way LOL.

Yeah, I'd like to think there's more out there than just us in that vast universe we have. After decades of sightings and movies, of ghosts and "feelings" and seances and premonitions, you have to wonder why all the curiosity still lingers if there wasn't something to it after all.

I'd also like to believe that the Loch Ness monster really exists, and one day they'll really find him/her. After all, they found that giant squid in the Australia/New Zealand area, so the creature in the Pirate 2 (aka hottie Johnny movie) could maybe really exist. Btw, love the Johnny pic. Great choice KK.

Rach said...

Good morning Bellas and Karen! :o)

Love the Johnny pic--he's such a yummy yummy man :oP.

Yes, Karen, I *absolutely* believe in the paranormal and sometimes it *totally* creeps me out! My grandfather loved to tell stories about encounters he and his family had with ghosts.

Then, it seems when my family passes on, they have to come back in some way and let us know they are fine. With my grandmother, we were all sitting in the living room watching tv, and then we heard a noise in the bathroom. Someone had turned on the faucet and dropped a bar of soap in the sink--except the only people in the house were engaged in watching a movie. The thing is, it was at the same time Granny would have gone to wash her face had she still be alive.

And, I've got more where that came from...

P.S. Bellas, if you're wondering where I was Monday and yesterday, we had out of town company and I didn't have time to come play. They're gone and here I is! :o)

Karen Kelley said...

When I sent my Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind proposal to my editor. I held my breath. Before that I'd been writing steamy romantic suspense, but I wanted to branch out and write more comedy and aliens and ghosts.

Thankfully, my editor is the fabulous Kate Duffy. She loved what I sent her. Now I really feel as though I'm living my dream.

And doing the research? Pfffft. It's great researching something so interesting.
Karen Kelley

emma said...

Hi Karen,
love the premise of the book,
your Sherriff is not gonna know what hitting him!
Mala. oh she is gonna have fun with a real-live-man!
Where did you come up with this idea/
it is going to be a heck of a ride,
and knowing you there is going to be fab, funny comical moments,

on ole london town

Kati said...

Hi Karen! Welcome to RBtB! BTW, that's a terrific top you have on in your picture.

There was a movie, I think it might have been Contact that asked the question about whether there was life on other planets, and the heroine, played by Jodie Foster, said, "If there isn't, it's an awful waste of space." I agree.

Anonymous said...

I love both writing and reading paranormals. Whether they are light and funny or dark and gritty, they free the imagination to push the envelope.

Best wishes with continued success--and that poor sheriff isn't going to know what hit him!

Shannon said...

I have had bad feelings about certain people and situations before. If I get one of those feelings I do not ignore it. I have been right in the past. Your books look really interesting.

Monica Burns said...

Morning Karen, Welcome to RBTB - The Best Little Blog in the Universe Your book sounds like a really fun read.

Morning {{{{Bellas}}}}
Rach!!! Are you on Spring Break???
Michelle haven't you kicked that bug yet?

My family are skeptics and have always considered me weird. How many 12-year-olds read Edgar Cayce for pleasure. *grin* As for life outside of Earth, this gal is in the string theory camp, which allows for multiple dimensions. And as a very wise woman (my grandmother with a genius IQ - gosh I miss her!) once said "It's arrogant to think that we're the only ones in the universe."

As far as I'm concerned, I look at it from a writer's perspective, I just can't imagine God/Goddess stopping at just one project. I know I couldn't *grin*

Monica<---who's bought four houses now on intuitive thoughts, and the DH who no longer freaks when something she says will happen, actually does. He says he sometimes feels like Joe from the show Medium

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Karen, your book sounds like it's going to be a fun read!

I used to be too practical to read paranormal, but I've reformed. I realize the fantasy books I read as a kid were a path to my adult tastes, and I like most any genre now.

As to inexplicable things happening in real life...I'm on the fence, altho I actually did have lunch at Loch Ness one day and could have sworn...

And I once thought my dead Great Aunt Helen came to visit me, but I may have been dreaming.

Rach said...

Karen, I forgot to mention how thoroughly enjoyable CEOTSK sounds! I've got to go out and find it--FUN :o).

Mon, yup, Spring Break this week! And, I'm down one child because she's off visiting her grandma and aunt, so it's shaping up to be nice and easy here *grin*.

BTW, Bellas, absolutely OT here, I was offered a job at a local private school here for the fall. Now my commute will be only 10 minutes instead of 45. You were right, Mon, something better was waiting for me!! :o)

Karen Kelley said...

Rachd, I can relate. After my mother passed away (she had been living with us and was almost total care)I thought to myself, how can I write without her here?

It was as though a warmth of love was poured over my head and as it flowed down my body, I could almost hear her telling me to continue following my dream.

My first book came out two months after she passed.
Karen Kelley

Rach said...

Oooo, Karen, your story gave me goose bumps--I LOVE it!!

Karen Kelley said...

Hi Emma! There really is a Marfa, Texas (I live in Texas) and they have the lights similar to Aurora Borealis. It snowballed from there. LOL

Alexis, me, too! I love paranormals any way I can get them!

Shannon, I make a quick excuse and walk away. I've learned to trust my gut!

Monica--you're grandmother was really cool! My husband has said something similar for years.

Maggie, I've read that we're more easy to contact when we're asleep soooo......

rachd--thanks, and congrats on the new job!
Karen Kelley

Kati said...

Yeah Rach! What wonderful news! I'm so happy for you.

Enjoy having one kid home. Hope that makes the week more relaxing for you!

Rach said...

Thanks, Karen and MK! And, things are smoooooooth sailin' at the moment. I love the Monkey with all my heart, but I have to say I'm rather enjoying the "Me time" I'm getting while Little Bit sleeps, ya know?

Playground Monitor said...

My DH is the one with all the intuitive stuff going on. Several years back we had to travel to another state and help our son buy a new car. He was in college and his old car had died. As we left home, the DH said he'd had a dream and that we'd find a red pick-up truck that would be perfect for #2 son and it would be on the right side of the road. I remember just smiling at him.

As we drove into the little town he lived near, there was a utility building business on the right and out front sat two trucks for sale and one was red. We looked at other vehicles all day and ended up buying that red truck.

I've started doing some meditation if for no other reason than to clear my mind and relax. I use guided meditation CDs.


P.S. Anybody else have blogger refuse your post even though you've typed the word verification properly. Grrrrr.


Wow, what a great cover for your book. I love it.

Shuck Ying said...

I am an avid reader of paranormal books. Yes, there are things out there that we don't know about.

Deborah Chan said...

This books sounds like a wonderful story and I love paranormal books.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I swear if you wrote out your grocery list, I'd read it and soak in every word.

As for what I believe in...well, I am an author and I'm part Irish. I tend to live by believing. It's just a part of who I am.

Believing in the unknown is intriguing and fun. It's like I have an insight to a whole other world that nobody else knows about:)

Can't wait to read CEOTSK! Keep 'em coming, Karen!!


kim h said...

the books sounds hot and great reviews. it is a neat concept.

Vivi Anna said...

Yeah Karen!! *waves* One of my highlights at Nationals last year was meeting you and drinking with you and laughing with you! LOL

I love reading about the paranormal. I believe in the sixth sense and premonitions...not sure if I believe in spirits though. I've had my fair share of spooky incidents though. I do believe that dragons existed once. And I do believe in UFO's but have a completely different theory about them. I also think there has to be life on another planet somewhere in another star system...I mean how could there not be when there are billions of star systems just in our universe...and how many universes are there out there? With how many star systems in there? The possibilities are endless.

Karen Kelley said...

drat! All my answers were just wiped out. Okay, I'll try again.
rachd--I have lots of stories. I think I'll start posting them to my website. An idea.

playground monitor--col story! And I'm obviously having problems, too. grrrr (growling helps:)

lisa--this is my fav cover!

shuck--totally agree!


jules, you made my day!

Kim--well, RT did rate it scorching :)

Wolfy said...

This is such a terrific read, Karen I am so looking forward to more of the series.

There have been incidents through out my life that make me believe in the paranormal or guardian angels.

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Karen!!
Good Afternoon, Bellas!!

I totally believe in the paranormal. My mother has a bit of ESP so after having her in my head, nothing surprises me. My oldest has seen her uncle at her grandparents' house while spending the night. Her uncle died six years *before* she was born. When my youngest was a baby she would lay down on the floor and talk, giggle and carry on while staring in one direction only for a good half hour. We decided she was playing with her angels. And the list goes on...

I think to believe we are the only beings in this vast universe is egotisical of us...

Karen- Your book sounds great!! I love a good paranormal story but adding humor to it, makes it a must read for me... :o)

Anonymous said...

CEOTSK is fabulous - sexy and laugh out loud funny!

Every time my 16 year old son leaves the house in his truck, I get a sick feeling in my stomach, but I don't think that's what you're talking about here. LOL

I hope my dad is watching over me from heaven, guiding from afar. So many times since he passed away I've wondered what he would do in certain situations and if I did what I thought he would have done then usually it works out OK. That make sense?

I definitely believe in intuition. Some people might call it a strong case of common sense, but when something feels right, it usually is.

One day, years from now, somebody will figure out how to travel to other planets and we'll know for sure what else, if anything, God created.

JT Schultz said...

Karen have a great day here on the blog. I thought I would swing by and say "hi".

The paranormal...yep, I believe in the weird and unknown. There are too many unexplained things out there...and they all feed an author's "what if...?"

Best of luck with Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind :)

Julie in Ohio said...

Karen-- I would like to commend your taste in men. Johnny is one fine specimen to look at and he's talented. I tell ya, there is very little better than that... :o)

CrystalGB said...

I believe there is always the possibility of anything. Too many strange things happen.

Laurie D. said...

I don't need to be entered in your drawing, Karen, just stopped by to say "hey" and add my .02 about what a great book this is! In my opinion, even readers who aren't paranormal fans will enjoy it - the paranormal touches are light and fun, not so high tech that you have to slow down to figure out what's going on. It's wonderfully entertaining!

Anonymous said...

I love paranormals, but when it comes to real life I'm more non-believer than believer. I know that there are unexplained things out there, but until someone can show me the proof...

Karen, the book sounds awesome. I love the cover and am lucky to have a coverflat of it in my collection.

Anonymous said...

What a hot cover for your book! So sexy!


Anonymous said...

I love paranormal books and we are not alone in the Universe but I am not sure I would really want to met an alien, lol.


Carol M said...

I'm a believer! There are too many things that we don't know or understand! Anything is possible!

Cathy M said...

I would be in the believer catagory. If Earth sustains life, why not another planet. The only 6th sense I experience is deja vu. It doesn't happen a lot, actually less now that I am older, but it is such a strange feeling.

LizbethSelvig said...

Good morning Bellas -- and Karen, welcome!

I've been away from you for a week now, missing you and, now, had to go back and read through all the fab subjects I missed. Now I come back to yet another "out of this world" subject!

There is definitely too much in this universe that defies explanation. There are things that our monumentally under-developed brains pick up without understanding, there are things that happening which we simply have no choice but to accept on faith, and there are things that I think are just better left in the Good Lord's hands!

My family has experienced several very long-term faith healings. Perhaps that doesn't fit in the definition of "paranormal", but it's certainly inspirational and somewhat inexplicable!

Great subject. Have a lovely day everyone!

Maureen said...

I definitely believe there are things in this world that defy explanation and that just because you've never seen it doesn't mean it isn't there.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Karen and Bellas, regular and new! I just checkin in, ready to read comments, then will check in again. Not worried, cause Karen seems like a delightful hostess.

I'm still sick, but finally got some good meds. I just wanted you to know cause several of you've been writing me, asking what's up. Plus, I've been so out of it, and barely able to drag myself to the keyboard. So so glad you all are here to keep things rockin.

And, btw, I so want to believe in other-worldly stuff, but have lived a boring life of non-para-occurrences. But, there's still time...

Rach said...

Aw, Michelle, see, I finally have time to come and play and you're all sick and stuff. That stinks!

As for the paranormal, I totally believe there is life out there for all the same reasons so many of the other Bellas mentioned.

principessa said...

Definitely believe that there are many unexplainable theories and I do subscribe to the paranormal, premonitions and signs. Your book looks absolutely lovely.

Cherie said...

I definitely believe in unexplainable things. For instance, years ago I sensed something was wrong with my twin sister. I felt an overwhelming need to pray for her and so I stopped and did. An hour later she came home and I asked her if anything strange had occurred to her an hour ago. She was surprised and said that exactly an hour ago she had narrowly avoided being in an accident. Still give me chills thinking about it today.

Cherie Japp

Lois said...

I actually became more of a skeptic in paranormal activity because of the X-Files. LOL Why, not really sure. But aliens. . . the universe is waaaaay too dang big for us to be alone. Not to mention depressing, have you noticed how looney humans are? We need someone normal out there!!! :)


Anonymous said...


I believe in the paranormal - there are so many things I'm sure we just can't "see" yet. After all, just a hundred years ago no one knew about bacteria! I'm not sure about aliens, but then again, who really knows? BTW, HOT cover!

Karen Kelley said...

HI again! I had to run (drive actually) to the city and get my new glasses that came in. Sheesh, I'm trying to get used to them.

I've read all the comments and thoroughly enjoying them, but I got kicked off and lost them again so I'll do a blanket one.

I'd forgotten about faith healing. That's happened in my family, too. So cool! I don't discount anything.

Thanks for the nice comment from the ones who have read CEOTSK! You're so nice.

Hi Vivi Anna!

Unknown said...

I do believe in paranormal. I believe there could be aliens on other planets. I also believe in ghosts. We have caught a couple of things in pictures that have really convinced me about ghosts. I also believe in psychics. Someone did a reading for me and they were right about it.

Sue A. said...

I haven't had any personal experiences with ghosts or aliens for that matter, but I'm open to the possibility.

And I loved the movie "Starman" with Jeff Bridges! So I totally go for the concept of loving an alien.

Rach said...

Karen, I just wanted to let you know I headed on over to Amazon (my most favoritist book seller ;oP) and ordered both CEOTSK and TEMPERATURE'S RISING. I'm now anxiously awaiting their arrival!

There's nothing I love more than a sexy, funny, witty book!

Karen Kelley said...

HI Amy! I think we're all going to have to get together at RT and share stories!

Sue--loved Starman! I have it taped. Okay, I might just have to dig it out!

rachd---thanks so much! You'll have to let me know what you think when you're finished reading them---oh! the pressure!!!

Unknown said...

Love the excerpts that I have read for you new book. I am looking forward to reading it. Yes I enjoy paranormal books.

Stacy~ said...

I love some of the experiences people have mentioned here. And I loved the movie "Contact". I imagine it being something like that, with a lot of science and intelligence and technology. That movie fascinated me, and I read the book it was based on by Carl Sagan, which wasn't quite the same (and of course not as interesting) but it was still pretty good.

Julie I love your story about your daughter, playing with angels. That makes so much sense because babies are so open to that, whereas as adults, we tend to block out a lot of things, I think even if we try not to. It's human nature to put up walls, even mental ones. But doesn't science say we only use 10 percent of our brains? What's the rest for, I have to wonder???

I also think what we refer to as intuition or common sense is a lot because of what we actually do "sense" unconsciously which tells us that something's wrong or if you think about someone and the next thing you know, they are calling you. My best friends in high school were twins and they got those kind of feelings where they knew something happened to the other one, just like Cherie said. There's gotta be something to that.

Fascinating topic, and I could ramble on and on, but I'll stop and just say to Michelle that I hope you feel better soon; Rach it's great to have you back "with us"; Karen your writing is awesome whether paranormal or not, and dang funny too; and hey all you Scamps!

Rach said...

Stace, I think you may be on to something there with the whole babies-are-more-open-to-it thing as opposed to us adults who have a tendency to shut out anything that doesn't fit into certain parameters or cubbies.

Karen, I'll drop you a line and let you know what I think :o). Don't stress, I'm positive they'll be amazing or I wouldn't have searched them out!:o) Thank you for coming to play with us today! :o)

Karen Kelley said...

Hi Joyce,
Glad you enjoyed the excerpts!
HI Stacy. I could talk about the paranormal all day, too. Fascinating subject. Have any of y'all (Texan coming through)read Out On A Limb by Shirley McClain? It's a movie too. Fascinating! Also, Susan Miller's site for horoscopes is awesome.

catslady said...

I'm a definite believer! Your books sounds intriquing.

Playground Monitor said...

I check Susan Miller's Astrologyzone faithfully at the first of every month. Which reminds me, I need to re-read my April horoscope since this is my birthday month.


Anonymous said...