Saturday, April 21, 2007

Janice Maynard -- Wait, Make That Elizabeth Scott GuestBlog: When Good Girls Write "Bad"

Brenda Joyce
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Contest!!! 2 LCBs each win copies of "Play with Me" and "Naughty Housewives," from Janice Maynard and Elizabeth Scott respectively. Check back tomorrow to see whether you've won!
I read Elizabeth Scott's "Naughty Housewives" a while back and though, "sheesh, this is hittin all my fantasy buttons," and, "too bad I can't feature it for my regular audience; It's just too hot". When I featured Janice's "Suite Fantasy" way back when, I described the flavor of the erotic romance as sweet, bubble-gum erotica. Well, I'm here to tell you, if that's the case, "Naughty Housewives" is a big ol hunk of Big Red. Hooo doggie. Please, give a splendid Saturday buongiorno to Janice/Elizabeth, who's come up with my favorite opening blog line to date...

I didn’t grow up Catholic, but I have the whole “guilt” thing down pat…“Methodist” version. It’s really funny, because I was a poster child for “Miss Goody Two-Shoes”… no smoking, no drinking, no losing my virginity under the bleachers with a handsome quarterback. (Oh wait… now we’re stumbling into the land of fantasy!  )

I dated… some. But mostly we guys and girls hung out in a big, happy bunch. Still, I was fascinated by the whole love/sex dance. I read my first Harlequin in the seventh grade, and the following summer I read Gone With the Wind. I was hooked from that moment on… I wanted passion and undying love. Lucky for me, I found them… but that’s another story. Today we’re addressing the issue of writing naughty books, and why it seems tough for some of us to be “out and proud”.

After I wrote Suite Fantasy, my editor asked me to consider doing something even more edgy. The result was Naughty Housewives, which came out in January under the pseudonym Elizabeth Scott. I planned to tell NO ONE. This was going to be my big secret. But I changed my mind. Perhaps after I got an unsolicited e-mail from a male editor at Barnes and Noble in New York who told me that Naughty Housewives was his new favorite book, having knocked “Ulysses” right off the shelf. And his wife was now reading it…

There are reasons why I will keep mum about Elizabeth is some circles, but I have decided that the romance reading community is not as squeamish about voicing their enjoyment of erotic books and I am about admitting their authorship.

I’d love to hear whether or not you “hide” the fact that you read naughty books, or whether you feel free to be “big girls” and say, “I like sex. I read about sex. Deal with it!”

Please visit Janice at


Grazie, Megan Hart, for visiting yesterday and talking about one of the best things about romance, the falling in love. And for raising the question, "How Happy Does Your HEA Have to Be?" Looking forward to another visit in the future.
Encore due! Congratulazion, robin. You've won a copy of "Broken" from M! Please send me your snail mail at


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas, and Janice, and Elizabeth! Welcome to the light of day to our little Lizzie.

Bella Stacy sent this to me yesterday cause she wasn't sure whether she'd be able to check in today:

Hi Bellas! Happy Friday! I have been a fan of Janice's since reading her novella in "Wildest Dreams", and will follow her into any genre (well, except if she decides to become a sports writer). I'm thrilled by her foray into erotic romance, and somedays there's nothing more titillating than reading a HAWT book, especially if it's got the word "naughty" in the title. It's just begging to be read...and enjoyed.

Janice, does Elizabeth Scott have any significance for you? I love knowing you've got a secretive, "bad girl" side, and can't wait to read this book. I'm so looking forward to seeing you again in June :)

Stacy ~

AuthorM said...

I like to read about sex and I'm never ashamed about it! :) I've never been ashamed of reading non-erotic romance, either...or felt weird doing it in public.

Some of the book covers these days, though, I feel are a little risque for public viewing -- I have young kids and wouldn't want them being flashed some of these images on a bus or whatever. But the content? No, I'm not ashamed of that.


Portia Da Costa said...

I'm happy to be seen reading erotic books on buses or trains... but I must admit I take care coverwise if there are kiddies about.

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome back, Janice!
Good mornin', Bellas!

I am not ashamed to read romance in public. That being said, I do play down the sexy parts. If it's too risque I won't read it out and about. Who wants to get all worked up at the soccer field, anyways? I also have small children and I'm careful what I'll read around them.

Secret identity? I say go for it. Every girl needs a little mystery to them. :o)

tetewa said...

I also do not care if somebody sees that I'm reading an erotic book. I never hid the cover while in public. I've even had people come up to me and ask me what i'm reading when they see the cover and I let them take a look at the book themselves. There are alot of people out there who love this stuff and are willing to try it out. As an avid reader myself whenever I see someone who is reading a book I usually ask the person what it is and if I can check it out. I'm always interested in new reads. Nice to have you here today Janice!

Janice Maynard said...

Hey, thanks for the Saturday welcome everyone! And a special thanks to Stacy for getting here by hook or crook.

I'm glad to know so many of you don't feel any need to hide your reading material. But I concur on the "kiddie" thing. They sure don't need to see some of these covers!

I'm going to be around all day, so I'll be popping in and out often.

Janice/Aka Elizabeth

And a P.S. to Stacy - Elizabeth is my "real" middle name and Scott is my maiden name! So I didn't stray far from my roots!

Janice Maynard said...

Julie - It's funny that you should mention not wanting to get "worked up" at soccer games. Ha! As a matter of fact, I look at Naughty Housewives as the kind of book women might want to read at night before going to bed... to get in the mood, etc.

Sometimes it's difficult to go from being soccer mom and doing the grocery shopping to seductive sex goddess all in the space of one evening... and perhaps some titillating reading matter can speed the process. :)


Janice Maynard said...

Portia and Megan -

As authors, you can probably identify with this... my older daughter married at 21 and had her first child at 23, making me a very young (then 47) Nana. Both my girls are super proud of what I do and read the Janice books (not the Elizabeth ones - that might be too weird for them), but I can't help wondering what it will be like when the little ones are older.

Will they want to know what Nana does for a living? And by the time they are 13, will they be wanting to read Nana's books?

That's a long time from now (thank goodness), but I can't help but wonder.

Of course, I may be old and feeble by then, no longer writing, and all my naughty books packed away in the attic! :)


P.S. Tetewa - I vote we put you in charge of publicity so you can proudly show off all the naughty covers and draw in interested "would-be" readers!

ev said...

I have no problems reading romance in public. There is usually one in my purse, and one in the car for emergencies. (anthologies work the best there) I never leave home without at least one book, sometimes 2 for a spare.

I do agree that some of the covers are not appropriate in certain social situations. I solve that by using a zipper book cover one of my friends gave me as a present. Even has a little pocket to put my ID and money in if I don't feel like carrying my purse. Works great!! (If you can't find them, go look in the bible section. For some reason, you can always find them there.)

I just had a "talk" with someone at work the other day who was making fun of romance and the fact that I was reading one. Asked him what the difference was between what I was reading and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice for example. The fact that she was long dead and people keep reading it? All it means is that a great book, a romantic story, was written a while ago and is just good. So she's dead and they stick her in Lit. Half of what is labeled Lit should be in romance any way.

Have a nice day everyone!! Spring has finally sprung, with a vengence and I am heading out to "enjoy" it by doing some much needed spring chores!!

Unknown said...

i love to read and nearly always have a book with me ,
very handy for all the bus and tube trips i make everday.
I admit there was a time when i was a wee bit embarrassed about book covers and tried different ways of holding abook, sometimes with very funny outcomes!
Now (except for when younger kiddies around) i flaunt my book.........funny thing is i have often been asked by other travelers "what am i reading", and have made and had some good recommendations that way.
Can be a great way of finding new authors or finding out more titles by the author that i wasn't aware of.
I have one tiny-weeny concern the hotter the book.........well i try and keep that one unread until i get home otherwise i find i have missed my stop and have travelled half way around London just to get home!

an avid reader and proud of it.

Stacy~ said...

Hey Janice! I actually thought you were on deck yesterday, so I sent at email to Michelle (thanx Michelle!) Instead I missed Megan's post, which I regret. Oh well, I was surrounded by Godiva good friends, chocolate martinis, and cheesecake *g*

Honestly, I am easily distracted in public, so I don't carry any kind of book with me. Okay, that's a lie, because I've been taking "The Secret" to work, but other than that, I've never brought a book to work or read it on the train (which is a rare occurence for me to be on a train anyway). I read at home. In public, I hear conversation, or horns blowing, or whatever, so I don't like to read when I can so easily be pulled out of the story.

I do think it's cool that so many readers are proud of what they read, and aren't ashamed to show it. Non-romance/erotic romance readers don't know what they are missing ;)

Stacy~ said...

So much for proofreading! I was surrounded by good friends and Godiva chocolate martinis - I don't have any Godiva good friends - can't imagine how I' explain a bunch of naked women riding horses through the restaurant....

Lori Foster said...

Hey Janice! You know I LOVE everything you write. Can't wait to get my hands on this new one - and I will, soon as I finish my own junk. LOL
I'm so glad you "came out of the closet" on this. Your talent is amazing and should never be a secret. I'm with Michelle in being a long-time fan, but then you already know that.
What I read is nobody's business, and I've never been a sheep, to be told what's right and what isn't.
You go girl!
Big hugs,


AuthorM said...

LOL, Stacy!! Godiva martinis sound good, though!

Janice, my kids are soon to be 10 and just turned 7, and all they know is I write books and they're not for children. They know what "not for children" means -- it could be bad language or inappropriate violence or sexual content, so they don't really ask me about my books. But they're excited and proud for me when anything good happens with my writing.

I figure when they're old enough to read my work they'll be old enough to know all that "stuff" anyway and they can choose to be embarrassed or not. As to when they'll be old enough...I don't know!!


Judy F said...

HI Janice. Happy Saturday. I can't wait to read your "other" work. You know I love your writing and you as well.

I am not ashamed of what I read. I do read with a book cover though mainly to protect the books. I do read in the food court before I go to my part time job so there are kids and some strange people I don't want to see the covers. When I read at work (my other job) and people ask me what I am reading I show them the cover and explain about the book.

Hope you enjoy your day.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hullooo again, everyone! What brave readers, you are. Brava! I've been much cooler in the last year or so about reading in public any romance no matter the cover. But at home, I always organize books and ARC based on covers, trying to keep more "sexified," as Ann Christopher might say, out of sight of my 7 and 10-year-olds.

ev, how's come I never thought of leaving a nice anthology in the car for romance emergencies? What a great idea, the short read for waits, etc.

And, JudyF, I feel the same way. I was reading an erotica anthology on the plane on the way to RWA last year, and the business man next to me was kinda readin over my shoulder, grinning at me a lot. I'd wished I'd had cocked it to the side (enough, Vivi Anna) so he'd not read any of it,, not cause I was ashamed, but because I always feel uncomfortable with men who are strangers to begin with. Especially traveling.

AuthorM and Janice both hit on the "when my kids are older" thing. My son went from "there's a lot of kissing in those books, right?" to -- now that he knows about sex, asking, "when do I get to read the warrior vampire ones?" Now, we've had the sex talk, but he's learned that I always approach his questions from a "gender power-dynamic" and feminist pov, the poor kid.

But despite that, he just keeps asking, "mumma, do you remember where the SL Swimsuit Edition is?"

God. Help Me.

Emma, you go! I love that you flaunt it! Do you feel that you had to kinda jump into doing that with both feet? Or was it just easy and natural?

Let me say, that I really dug the fantasy elements of Janice's ES "Naughty Housewives," cause I thought the fantasies were easily embraced by married women, women who've fantasized about taking a lover or anonymous sex, or cheating to get even. I also enjoyed the voyeuristic imagery.

Gotta go to the school indoor carnival. Back later.

Oh! OH! Speaking of reading in public. Do you ever get totally hot reading something romantic/erotic while you're waiting to pick up the kids at school, and, like,the principal, or someone walks up and says hi in the midst of a total physiological "feast of sensation?" Or is that just me?

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Michelle-- I was reading at work during my lunch break one day and someone walked up to me and asked if I was feeling OK. Apparently I get kind of flushed when reading certain scenes... :o)

Unknown said...

I don't hide the fact about what kind of books I read. I do use a book cover to protect my book's covers. Naughty Housewives sound great. Awesome covers on the books!

Janice Maynard said...

I gotta say - you guys are cracking me up today! I'm envisioning all these "nice" women getting hot and flushed in public places. Julie, in particular. :)

Emma - I hope I'm not ever responsible for your spending unnessary hours on the train! Poor girl...

Ev - you are so right about the zipper covers being in the Bible section... and on another note, promise me that you won't let them move my books to literature when I'm dead. Ha!

Megan and Michelle - sounds like your little ones are about the same age... I hate to tell you this, but I used to babysit at a pretty young age, and I raided the bookshelves of the houses where I worked... especially one family who had all sorts of racy books. Of course now those probably would seem tame - maybe.

Judy - I totally get covering books in the food court, etc. And like Michelle said... I don't want some strange man looking over my shoulder. But on the other hand, planes are my absolute favorite place to rad. I'm "captive" there with nothing else to demand my attention. Like Stacy, if there's stuff going on, I don't concentrate very well.

And Amy makes sense - why cover for modesty reasons - why not cover to protect our books we love from getting messed up!

Recently, I had a doctor's appointment and was reading a racy historical to pass the time waiting for the doc to come in. I finally put it away, because I was afraid my blood pressure would be up!

Janice M.

Janice Maynard said...

Lori F. - You KNOW that I wanna be "you" when I grow up. Nobody writes contemporaries any better. I know I've said this elsewhere, but I was a huge fan of your early Temptations long before I ever knew who you were.

And I can't imagine you ever writing a book I didn't like. I'll even give L.L.Foster a try - but may have to sleep with the light on. :)


Kelley Nyrae said...

I carry a book around with me most of the time. Everyone I know knows I'm a huge romance reader! They tease me some times but I stand proud!!

Love Janice's books and can't wait to give Elizabeth a read too!

Karen Kelley said...

LOL! My sil is "praying for me". I write and I read steamy books. If people have a problem with it, it's their problem not mine! I'm having the time of my life!!!

Anonymous said...

I used to be shy about sex including reading about it, but those days are LONG gone :)

AuthorM said...

:P Janice on the babysitting! I did the same thing! HAHA!!!

Found out some interesting things that way, too...


Janice Maynard said...

Hey, Kelley - thank you! And Karen - Do you think your s-i-l could pray for me also???

Trish - good to know you have been won over to the "dark" side. :)


Janice Maynard said...

Megan - As I recall, the most naughty ones were by Sidney Sheldon ...

I learned a lot!

Janice :)

Judy F said...

This is a great place to get book covers. I have given some and received some as gifts.

My boss at my day job is so anti romance books. I love teasing her now that I have gotten to know her better. LOL

Sometimes its hard (LOL) reading a racy scene at lunch then going back to work...

ok I must get ready and go to work.

Janice Maynard said...

I realized that I should probably clarify something...

I don't hide the fact that Janice Maynard writes extremely sexy romance. I do, however, warn certain people not to expect Jan Karon or Christian fiction. Some people where I live would assume that's what I write, and I don't want them to get an unexpected shock.

But the Elizabeth books are a whole different ballgame. The Janice books "could" happen in real life. The Elizabeth books "might" happen, but probably not. They "put on paper" stuff that mostly happens in the fertile imaginations of women everywhere. They are not always politically correct, or even morally correct by some standards. But they are meant to be arousing erotica, NOT a manual for how people "should" behave.

And the other difference is that the Janice books are all about the falling in love phase. In the Elizabeth books, the hero and heroine already have a deeply intimate relationship and are exploring the boundaries of their sexuality.

So even though I have "come clean" about my pseudonym, I still like giving readers the clear cut distinction between the two types of stories - hope that makes sense!!


danetteb said...

Hi Janice,
Thanks for coming out about Elizabeth,now I've got a new naughty author to pick up at the bookstore.I'm open about what I read,I love reading erotics,people come over my house and I've got at least one erotic ebook on my computer. I've read Play With Me and liked how it was very sensual.
Hugs, Danette

Sue A. said...

I have my romance books openly displayed in our house, but I do stash the more erotic books in my room. That being said you can be sure I don't read erotica outside of the house.

I appreciate it when authors are open about using pseudonyms. If I like an author I usually will follow them from one genre to another. And using a pseudonym to give readers the heads up about the genre really works out well for everyone concerned.

I think it must be so cool for an author to get to choose a new name. Is it the name they wished they'd been given? Or purely chosen for marketing appeal?

So Janice what were your reasons for picking the names you have?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Janice, thanks for that clarification. Having spent a little time chatting with you, I can cheerfully report that you're like the readers here at RBtheBook/Blog: proud of romance with no apologies no nobody.

I'm happy you're letting us know there are more of your books to enjoy, plus another style of writing to look for.

I can safely say that I was literally shocked when you told me you were Elizabeth Scott. I mean, I knew you wrote erotica, but the voice of Elizabeth Scott is so different from Janice Maynard. It's really a treat that you're able to put on those two writing "personas."

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Janice!

NAUGHTY HOUSEWIVES arrived with my most recent book order. Can't wait to read it :) The only things I enjoy more than reading erotic fiction are writing it and researching various aspects of it with my real-life hero. Truly, I find it refreshing to read books where the bedroom door is left wide open and sexual encounters are described in intimate detail. The hotter, the better for my reading material ;) Best wishes for your continued success. You've proven a true talent in erotic fiction. Keep the steam heat on, Janice :)

Smiles across the miles,

Shawna Moore, author

Anonymous said...

Hello, Bellas! Welcome, Janice (better late than never, I say)

Back in the day (as a teenager from a quite conservative Catholic family), I would pay some attention to what they thought about my reading choice, and take care not to 'flaunt' certain books in front of them. Mostly so that my mother wouldn't descend upon me, outraged and afraid for my 'delicate mind' if the book of the moment didn't meet her definition of safe and appropriate.

It took a while, but I did get over that conditioning. I openly read romance, mysteries, science fiction, history, biographies, whatever strikes my fancy. As long as it is well written, I don't give a fig what the people around me think about my reading tastes.

As for sex *grin* oh yes, I like it, and I enjoy reading about it--again, as long as the writing is good.

However, after a couple of 'are you okay? you look a bit flushed...' incidents like Michele and Julie described, I've learned to keep the more ah... entertaining books strictly for home.

Laurie D. said...

Wow Janice, you've drawn responses like crazy - great blog subject! I tend to read trade sized books with steamier covers at home rather than at work. I just don't feel comfortable, even though everyone in my office knows I read romance. I have a nifty book "jacket" that Judy gave me for Christmas and it holds regular sized books beautifully. My family knows what I read and other than the occasional dig at an especially steamy cover or title, they respect my reading preferences and don't say anything.

Kammie said...

Hi Janice! Congratulations on your coming out and your new book.

I don't hide the fact that I read naughty books. I'm not that concerned with what others think. If asked, I say I read romance from sweet to steamy. Maybe I should change steamy to naughty. lol I don't tend to read the naughty ones in public though. Not because I'm afraid of what people will say, but more because I just can't read the hot scenes when I'm at work or some other place. Too distracting. I like to read them at home.

Janice Maynard said...

Here I am - back again. Hubby and I went out to eat and then over to Lowe's to pick out some stuff for the yard. We bought a "huge" rhododendron bush for a great price.

It's been fun hanging out with you ladies on a Saturday... after two weekends with snow, the sunshine today has been wonderful.

Danette - I am so glad you liked Play With Me.

Sue - Elizabeth Scott is my middle name and maiden name, so it really "is" me, just the inside part - ha!

Michelle - you used the word "shocked", and I'm assuming you meant it in a good way from what you said. :) But that reaction is what I feared along the way in a "negative" sense... i.e. that some readers would be aghast that I had done something so outside the box and would quit reading "Janice". But I believe that is probably a groundless fear.

Shawna - I hope you enjoy NH... thanks for ordering!

Azteclady - my whole family is conservative except for me... don't know what happened. Michelle and I have discussed this - I happen to believe that it is possible to be "religious" and also to enjoy sexuality.

Laurie - I keep certain books for "bedroom" reading. And I have enough books in my TBR pile that I always have plenty of choices that won't shock the person sitting beside me at the dentist office. :)

More later...


Janice Maynard said...

Kim W - Your post must have popped while I was writing mine... yes - definitely I prefer to read a certain type of book at home. It makes sense to me!

Thanks for stopping by!

alissa said...

At lunchtime at work I read romances all the time and have been asked to share these books with co-workers which I am more than willing to do. Love those special romance novels.

Jodi said...

I love to read my romance books, everything from sweet to naughty. I can't wait to read your Elizabeth Scott books. I get "put down" by my sisters, but I don't care. I jut tell them that they should read them, they might like them!
I usually have covers on my books, but it's to protect the covers and if they areracy, to protect my 2 and 4 year old's eyes!

Janice Maynard said...

Alissa - Sharing books is good. Gotta get those newbies addicted... (evil grin).

Jodi - Hope you are feeling better, hon. Is hubby still taking good care of you???


Shannon said...

I don't really hide the fact that I read those books, but I guess i don't really broadcast it either. My husband sure knows.

Janice Maynard said...

Funny, Shannon - I think a lot of hubbies benefit when women read "those" books. :)

I'm off to bed, ladies. It's been fun.

Thanks for hanging out...


ev said...

...Speaking of reading in public. Do you ever get totally hot reading something romantic/erotic while you're waiting to pick up the kids at school, and, like,the principal, or someone walks up and says hi in the midst of a total physiological "feast of sensation?" Or is that just me?...

I was reading Julie Leto's Dirty Little Secrets, sitting next to dh's hospital bed when one of the residents came in. Why are they all so damn young looking. Thankfully dh was sleeping and the poor doc thought I was having a hot flash or it was just too warm in the room!!

janice- If I had my way most of Lit would be in the romance section!!

Judy- that's the other reason I tend to cover my books too. Besides the employee lounge which we try and keep clean, there is always the fact that i shove a book in my purse without looking. since I borrow them from the bookstore, I have to return them in excellent condition- or buy them!!

Sidney Sheldon was definately one of the worst- and he's in Lit too!!

janice- One of the things I managed to get shelved on Friday was Romance and your book was in the shipment. It went on the shelf as a face out- before I knew you would be here today!! I will get that section as my own sooner or later. Now I just have to straighten it out!!
I agree, enough of the snow already. Ny needs spring!! I hit Lowe's today too. I think I am going back tomorrow morning. LOL


ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hello Janice, Elizabeth & Bloggers,

Great topic. Good looking books :) I don't have a shame in what I read. I started to read Erotica in 2006. My fisrt erotica book got me hooked and ever since I have been reading lots of it. I love Erotica and I am not afraid to say that I read it and also pick up some very good tips LoL. If you know what I mean :)


ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

One more thing I am always looking for new erotica authors. Will be checking out these books :)


Ellory said...

Very late to the blog. When I checked my Saturday it wasn't up yet and then I forgot you were blogging.

I guess I straddle the line. I would rather read erotic romance where I know that there will be a HEA. Why I read romance.

Reading the number of romances I do is my guilty pleasure. I happen to have several good friends who are English majors (one with a doctorate and other with a masters.) Not that they are literary snobs but basically they are. So.. I just talk romance books with my group for friends who are avid romance readers and not with them. :)

I have to say Naughty Housewives has me intrigued.

kim h said...

hi ladies
i love it, the nauthier the better. hi Linda

Unknown said...

I love erotic romance and don't feel uncomfortable reading it. However, I do feel uncomfortable about my kids finding out, eg an explicit cover to a book being left on the table.

Maureen said...

Some covers I'm not comfortable just leaving them around the house for my kids and their friends to see.

kim h said...

wtg robin

Pamk said...

I don't use covers and read whereever I am at. Now that being said if the cover is not fit for little ones then I won't bring it out. Thank god for ebooks on those I don't have to worry about the cover and the lady that was talking about the man reading over her shouulder on the plane i would have probably told him the name of the book and the author and to buy his own that his wife would appreciate it. rofl

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hullo, Bellas! And I'm noticing some friends I haven't seen in a while, so I'm wondering,

Do you like hanging at RBtheBlog and other blogs on the weekend? Is it because you finally have a little time to yourself after the long, busy week? I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

I've enjoyed keeping up with this post all weekend. :) Thanks so much, Janice, for visiting with us.

Oh, and by "shocked," I absolutely meant not by the content, but that the Elizabeth books were yours. ANd it was only because I didn't know your pen name and had liked the book so much, so it was more of a "pleasant surprise" than a shawkah.

Buonanotte, Bellas old and new!

Stacy~ said...

**Do you like hanging at RBtheBlog and other blogs on the weekend?**

I do, when I have time or if I'm at home since I can't blog at work. Now that it's (hopefully) getting nicer, I might not be around quite as much, but I'm sure I can find time to drop in.

CrystalGB said...

I typically do all my reading at home so books are every where. No matter what the cover or title is.