Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wearin O The Dirty Green

I was gonna post photos of hot Irish actors. I was thinking to tell you my favorite St. Patty's day joke. The easy one would have been to list my fave Irish-themed romances.

Instead, Bella author Michele Hauf made the decision for me when she sent me a special gift related to RBtheBook/Blog's Favorite Irish Actor Who Always Plays British and Remains So Marvelously Dirty and Androgynous in the Process, Jonathan Rhys-Myers.

And so, bonny, bonny, Bellas, please click on JR-M's photo below -- and use the not-so-secret password KING -- to view the first two epies of "The T

Grazie, Michele!

So, what did you think?
Vivi Anna GuestBlogs Monday, March 19 to celebrate her new novel, "Blood Secrets," next week's Feature at!
Encore! Mille grazie, Leslie Carroll, for your lovely and funny GuestBlog yesterday. It was a very special day for us, and we welcome you to return. :)
Encore due! angel, ellie, traveler -- you've each won a copy of Leslie's "Herself," and a clover charm from Avon!
Encore tre! And, yes, Bella MaryKate, you may think of it as your birthday gift (and an early one to JulieO!)from your girlfriends here at RBtheBlog.


Vivi Anna said...

me first me first...

I love me some dirty irish men. mmmm, JRM is so deliciously naughty looking I can't help but lick my lips. Could you imagine what he'd be like in bed? HAWT!!! and I bet he's kinky...

At least in my dreams he is... ;-)

Julie in Ohio said...



When I think of dirty Irishman the name that pops in my head is Colin Farrell. And I don't think we need to get into my dreams... :p

Michelle--Thanks for the early wishes. DH is taking me out tonight to celebrate.
I see our Vivi is guest blogging on my birthday. That should be quite a day. WOO HOO!! :o)

ev said...

I got all excited today when i was shelving books- and there was Vivi!!

I got up at 6am and shoveld and blew snow for 2 hours ans was still an hour and a half late for work. I am going to go curl up with my puppies and read. How's that for an exciting St Pat's Day? Hubby is making dinner. LOL

I have Kim Harrison's new book which is due out Tuesday. I guess the only book we can't borrow early is Harry Potter. But I will find a way to read it before it goes on sale, even if I have to read only on my hour break everyday!!

ev said...

Vivi-Wait until you read the new Kim Harrison coming out on Tuesday!!(if you haven't already that is.)

I knew that there was a reason I went back to work for Borders!!

Stacy~ said...

Gabriel Byrne. Older man, once married to Ellen Barkin. I always figured he had a really dirty, kinky side, and that works for me LOL.

Dr. Bill Emener said...

Hi Michelle,
Sorry I haven’t been by lately – I ate some bad food 48-72 hours ago and haven been a prisoner on the couch. Feeling a little better now though, at least enough to think somewhat rationally.
I don't really have anything else to say today (given the essence of your Post), but I have to ask: if Nicole Kidman Irish? (Whew...!!!)

amy kennedy said...

Ooh-ooh Stacy, I lurve Gabriel Byrne--there is something so...I don't know, but yes--yes, he's great.

I have had the hardest time getting on to comment.

And Vivs I'm almost done with Blood Secrets--god it's good. Way to go.

Ev--I love Kim Harrison, and I'm glad you went back to work too.

Happy Birthday everyone (belated to MK and early to Julie)

Dr. Bill, sorry you weren't feeling well--and even I get the Nicole Kidman thing.

Dr. Bill Emener said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for your condolences regarding my stomach issues -- and it is getting better.
Glad you got my Nicole Comment (I was sick... not dead),
Thanks again,

Michele Hauf said...

Glad to send the 'secret' password your way, Michelle. I knew you would appreciate it.
I attempted to watch the dang thing all weekend but it keep skipping, or wouldn't load smoothly. I wondered if all the bellas here were online viewing it at the same time and slowing the bandwidth. :-)

Will make another attempt today. Must drool over, er, watch, Jonathon!