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Vivi Anna GuestBlog: Elegant, Reserved, And Freakin' Hawt!

Contest/3 Prizes! Vivi Anna's giving One LCB (Lucky Commenting Bella) a copy of "Blood Secrets," and another LCB a copy of the spicy "Alluring Tales" anthology with her saucy story, "Quick Silver." Yet
another LCB wins a 6-pack of romance from me!

Oh, but we love us some Bella Vivi Anna here at Romance: B(u)y the Blog! Not just because she hung with us every day, always commenting as an actual reader, then, wham! We find out she's this unbelievably hawt -- as she's say -- writer who's got a wicked style all her own.

You can read my feature of her smashing new hit, "Blood Secrets," Wednesday, at RBtheBook, but for now -- as part of what I'm certain will become 'The Year of Vivi Anna,' please welcome our own, the always naughty, the not-suprisingly nice, Vivi Anna. Buongiorno!

To write Blood Secrets for Silhouette Nocturne, I had to put away some things, some naughty delicious things. While I still dreamt about sammiches and dirty Irish men, or sammiches with dirty Irish men, I had to file away my desire to write about them. The Nocturne line is not about sammiches, however yummy and satisfying the may be, or kick ass heroines kicking ass and sleeping with every sexy hunk of beefcake coming their way. The line is about those strong, sexy, heroes that women would die for.

So, for this line, I had to adapt. Was it hard for Vivi, the well known lover of tough talking ass kicking heroines — not that type of lover!-- you may ask? Um no, surprisingly it wasn’t. I had no problem creating Caine and putting him at the forefront of the book. I liked it in fact. And I admit I fell in love with him in the process.

Caine’s one of those alpha males who didn’t need to show that he was an alpha male. He exudes power and strength just by the quirk of his perfect eyebrow. I modeled Caine after Gil Grissom from CSI. I love me some intelligent understated man that has a quirky sense of charm to him. But I had to add more to Caine because well he’s a vampire and close to 300 years old. So I added in a dash of Christian Bale. Mysterious, reserved, elegant. Plus, he’s freakin’ HAWT!

I also needed to change my heroine traits a bit. She had to be strong but not overpowering and she had to be beautiful inside and out. So out came Eve Grant and I adore her. She’s tough, independent but not stupid. She knows when she’s outmatched. She knows that there are some things she just can’t do especially in the strange Otherworlder city of Necropolis. And I loved that about her. She’s feisty but not arrogant. She turned out, in fact, a perfect match for Caine. And I couldn’t have been happier.

Now, you might be asking yourself if that’s the end of Vivi’s kick ass heroines. Will there ever be another book with action and sex and smart mouthed bitches? Of course there will be!! In fact, the third Valorian Chronicles is about the female member of the OCU, Lyra Magice. Let me say, I’m having a ton of fun with her. And the man she’s matched with…mmmm, so yummy, and French. I’m also working on a couple of urban fantasies featuring my trademark type of character. So, don’t worry, you can’t keep a tough kick-ass writing author like me down. Viva la Vivi!!!

How do you feel about your favorite author’s adapting to the market
and changing their type of stories and characters?

Can you still hear their voice even if they write in a completely different genre?

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Stacy~ said...

Vivi! You know I loved "Blood Secrets", and I hope it does awesomely well for you :)

I have no problem at all with an author doing what they need to do to fit a particular market because there are so many options to choose from, and this allows a writer to spread their wings, to challenge themselves, which I am all for. I think writing for Silhouette, for example, gives an author a larger, albeit tamer, audience, and a lot of times that audience will follow a good author wherever she/he decides to go. At least I do.

I admit I was a little disappointed that there were no sammiches in BS, but considering the line, I totally understand. Thank God Vivi writes for the hotter lines too ;)

And I do believe a good author does keep their voice, regardless of what market they write for. It's something I don't really think you can hide.

Theresa N. said...

I think a good writer can write any thing and we're going to love it. I think change is good and helps a writer grow in the craft.

Unknown said...

I love it when one of my fave authors starts writing in another genre. I love all genres of romance and will buy any books from my fave authors. Blood Secrets sounds very good!

ev said...

Well, I already stated how I felt about the book- begging to know when the next one was coming out should have been a big clue!!

I think a sammiche with Gil and a dirty Irishman would be verrrryyyyy nice....

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

I think it's fun to change and grow. And it's smart, too---you've got to be aware of what sells. You don't want to shoehorn yourself into something too uncomfortable ---like I don't see myself ever writing erotica, more's the pity, but I will read it ;)---but I've taken note that many mainstream authors now dabble in the occult/fantasy/paranormal world quite happily. Vive la difference!

Michele said...

"How do you feel about your favorite author’s adapting to the market
and changing their type of stories and characters?"

I think that's Great. Really, why wouldn't it be?
Just because they can adapt to the market for one signature line doesn't mean they are giving up their established venue. I call it growth and perhaps exploring a new way of thinking can inspire a new idea to perculate and cause growth in her preferred writing genre.

One never knows where/when inspiration will strike. And yes, I'd support the author. In fact, I have. One of my original favorites only wrote historical fantasy. When she switched to contemporary romanctic thrillers - she blew me away. I can't wait to see what she'll explore next.

So, enjoy the journey, Vivi Anna. I bet you have a lot of untapped adventures to share.

Lori Devoti said...

Being one of those authors who adjusted, I'm all for it. :) And in particular, I'm really happy Vivi decided to be part of the Nocturne line!

Anonymous said...

For me it's all about the writing. Some authors can write in any genre/sub genre with equal success (at least, in my eyes--after all, one person's trash is another's treasure, no?) Of course, how does any writer know whether s/he can cross over? Only by jumping off that cliff.

Congratulations, Vivi Anna! Blood Secrets sounds delicious (it doesn't hurt that I drool equally over William Petersen and Christian Bale *wink*)

tetewa said...

As an avid reader of all different genres I'm always looking for new books about vampires. Your new book Blood secrets sounds like my kind of read. I love it when some of my favorite authors try something new. Glad you could be here today!

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hello Vivi,

YaY! I am so glad to see you here.

Congrad's on Blood Secret. Can't wait to get that book it sounds so good and of course another *HOT* cover.

I think it's great to have my favorite author's change. I love to see them try to write different genres and yes because they are my favorite author I will still read their books if they change the characters and the genre. Change is good :-) We all want to try something new in life.


Playground Monitor said...

I think an authors does what he/she needs to do for his/her career and the fans can read the books they like and not read the others. I admire and envy writers who are able to write in multiple genres.

You go girl!


Shannon said...

Sometimes it is hard to read something that your favorite author wrote if it is completely different from all of their other works. You get so used to reading what they do best, that you are a little disppointed with change. Some authors can pull it off well, but it just depends, I guess. Have a great day everyone!

Michele Hauf said...

Go, Vivi! I love it when an author posts a pic that I use regularly as my screen saver (Christian on ice/fire). :-)

Looking forward to Lyra's story! And whatever comes in the middle, as well.

Cherie said...

Congrats on Blood Secret! Love that cover! I think it is a good idea for an author to bs allowed some flexibility as a writer so they can grow and I personally think that a writer can make a great book in any genre if they put together a good plot.

Cherie Japp

kerri1973 said...

Happy Monday Vivi & all the delightful bellas! I have to jump in on the topic of an intelligent man being a turn on as mentioned in your post. It is easy to see why girls fall for the "hunky" brute force type of guy. It is all the lust factor jumping sky high when you see them bulge and flex. However, there is something to be said for a man with brains. As it turns out, nothing turns me on more than a man who is well spoken, well written, and can use all the BIG words. Oh my! It reminds me of a movie entitled "Threesome" in which the character played by Lara Flynn Boyle has an orgasm everytime the male character reads big words to her. It is classic! I totally believe that an author can change her voice or vision to adapt to the market. I think that an author who can wear many hats...just proves how talented they truly have become. This book looks faboo. Rock on with your smarty pants hottie hero! Chow!

Mona said...

I think it's ok for a writer to do the change he/she wants or what he may see right. And if they were my favorite writers I wouldn't mind that because yes I would still hear their voices. I haven't really tried it but when I think about it. I'm talking based on music experience, there's this composer I liked very much I could guess easily when hearing a song if he did its music or not. The same goes here when a writer changes genre he doesn't change his writing style or skills. He's the same pen only different story.

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Vivi!!!
I haven't read Blood Secrets yet but I think you have the Midas touch when it comes to strong heroines and facinating heroes. It is definitely on my TBB list.

I enjoy a variety of subgenres. IMO, if my fav author started writing for other subs, all the better. If it's a name I trust, I'd read a dictionary if they wrote it. :o)

Anonymous said...

After reading your post, I went to purchase Blood Secrets online. It sounds like a fabulous book!

I think an author can write any genre because her voice is going to show in her work. My favorite authors I will follow no matter what they write because I love the way they write just as much as I love what they write.

meljean brook said...

I loved Blood Secrets ... and, okay, having Christian-Bale-with-Grissom's intelligence in my head does not create any problems at all for me. *g* He's totally Batman, without the cape.

I also loved Hell Kat. It was the comic-book style of cover that first drew me in, and the heroine who kept me there. So count me in as someone who's glad to see you writing anything. I'll be reading it.

Vivi Anna said...

Stacy - *smooches* I can see a really hawt sammich in your future!

Theresa- change is great, thanks for being here.

Hi Amy S. - nice to see you here!

Ev - thanks for the awesome comments on Blood Secrets teh other day darling! Book two is scheduled for October!

Hi Maggie - good to see you here.

Michele - the journey is awesome, and I even see myself writing a sci-fi one day, and I have a time travel brewing, and I even have a few light paranormals...

Lori - hey sugar! there are a great bunch of writers in the Nocturne line...including you, diva Lori!!!!

kim h said...

anything is ok by me

Vivi Anna said...

Azteclady - thanks for the congrats. It's good to see you over here at the Bellas blog.

Teresa - thanks, I hope you will enjoy Blood Secrets.

Hey Linda - (((((((hugs))))))), I'm always glad to see you darling.

thanks Marilyn! - I'm going! I'm going!

Shannon - thanks for popping in!

Yo Michele H - did you know that Michele is one of the reasons I wanted in Nocturne so bad? Yup, I've been a fan of hers liek forever and found out she was writing for them, so I bugged her constantly about what they were looking for and on her advice I submitted to my now editor Tara!!

Cherie - thanks for the congrats and for popping in to say hi

Hi Kerrie - yup I love me some smarty pants hottie heroes. Intelligent men that have a sense of humor are my total weakness...

Sue A. said...

I believe as long as the author follows her heart, and loves what she's doing it becomes reflected in her writing. I have no problem with my favorite author's trying something new, since I'm open to trying something new too.

But Vivi don't forget to share those dreams about sammiches and dirty Irish men, or sammiches with dirty Irish men with us as well. Otherwise we'd miss that part of you.

Portia Da Costa said...

Phew, a combo of Christian Bale and Gil Grissom?

Works for me!



amy kennedy said...

Vivi, yay! I love Caine Valorian--there, I said it. He's so smart and reserved and, you know, I love the cover, I think the artists (photagraphers)got the look of these people--don't you?

And so happy to hear we'll get Lyra's story.

I think sometimes when one of our fav. authors switches genres it might force us to spread our wings as well and try something new. And then like Marilyn said, if you don't like it, don't read it.

The market place changes--people change, their tastes change.

But I truly believe what Michelle said--the year of Vivi. And Stace--it will open Vivi up to a wider audience.

Ann Christopher said...

Hi, Vivi!

Congratulations on BLOOD SECRETS, which I've been seeing EVERYWHERE! What a gorgeous cover!


CrystalGB said...

I think it is great when an author writes different genres. If the author is good at their craft, you can hear their voice no matter what they write.

Maureen said...

I like it when a favorite author does a different type of story. My husband always says there's only one way to coast and that's downhill so I like it when an author shows a different side.


Congrats on your newest release, Vivi. I would read a favorite author of mine if she/he writes in a different genre.

Shuck Ying said...

As long as there isn't no major writing style changes, sure I would read that author.

Deborah Chan said...

Variety is the spice of life and sometime changes by writing in a different genre refreshes a writer.

Vivi Anna said...

Hi Mona - thanks for popping in!

Julie girl - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA! Have a great day. I wish you many hawt sammiches and plenty of chocolate!

Meljean in the house! Woot! I'm thrilled that you've read me. I have Demon Angel sitting on my nighttable taunting me me....

Hi Kim!!

Sue A - here's a naughty sammich for you....Colin Farrell/Sue/Hugh Jackman...mmmm

Ah Portia in the house!! Portia in the house! I'm always humbled when I see your name girl. I've been reading you for a long time.

Thank you Amy darling! That means a lot from a Bella such as yourself. I like the sound of it....the year of the Vivi! LOL

Ann - thanks so much! I'm so happy you popped in to say hi!

Crystal - I agree, I think an author needs to change it up once in awhile

Maureen - hubby is right, and I ain't no coaster!!! LOL

Vivi Anna said...

I'm so thrilled that all of you have come over to celebrate this book with me. I feel like it is a huge step for me in my career, a turning point if you will.

And I'm just so happy to be able to share it with my Bellas.

*big sloppy wet kisses*

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks, Vivi!!!

{{{Hugs & Smooches}}}

The year of The Vivi. It does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it? You go, Bella!!

Carol M said...

I think it's good for an author to try different things. It will bring them more readers who haven't read their books before and those who have read their books and liked them, will continue to read them! I like the new Nocturne line and I'm looking forward to reading the copy of Blood Secrets that I won as soon as it arrives! Thanks again Vivi Anna!

Rhonda Helms said...

I don't have a problem at all with fav authors adapting to the market...that's how they keep their voices fresh and current!!

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

(((((((((Vivi)))))))))) It's always a great pleasure seeing you hun. I can't wait to get my hands on your new book. After reading Hell Kat by you I look forward to reading more of your books. Love your writing. Hell Kat of course was the first book I read by you and it won't be the last *Winks*

I have a copy of Alluring Tales I can't wait to read it. So many of you wonderful Allure Authors came together and put this book wonderful together. I look forward to reading Alluring Tales. Love the titles you all came up with for the book. The blurb's to each story sounds *HOT*


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Vivi Anna, I read a great review of Hell Kat at AAR! So I'm looking forward to read the new book too.

I think Lisa Kleypas is a great example with her first contemp! I love it. Her voice is different, but I still love it.

With Julie Garwood, I can still hear her voice in the contemps, but for me it doesn't have the same "magic" as her historicals!

Have a fun day ladies!

pearl said...

Congrats on your release. If an author can be creative and flexible then there is more of her great writing to enjoy in the various genres.

alissa said...

Congrats on your new release. Looks wonderful. Authors whose can be imaginative enough to allow themselves to explore another realm are going to benefit with new readers and more interest.

sharon said...

Your book looks incredible. it is interesting when an author does attempt a new direction. This gives an author more scope and a wider audience. They benefit and so does the reader.

flip said...

What I want to read is a really good book. If the author can make the changes and still produce a good book, I might read it.

But often the pressure on author to write in the style of the moment produces a lot of inferior books. Tami Hoag made a very successful transition to suspense novels. Hoag is very good at this style writing. However, another favorite writer of mine did not make the transition to suspense. She went from automatic buy to seldom buy.

Even when the transition is successful, the boredom sets in. I love vampire romances,but I also like variety. I do not want to read only vampire romances.

The other day, I saw a book by new author. The title was an obvious attempt to cash on MaryJanice Davidson's success. I would not buy this book. This author might be fresh and wonderful, but she is being promoted as a retread of another author.

The very best books are ones that stand out as beig different. I wish publishers would understand ths.

Kati said...

Hi Bellas! Happy Birthday, Jules!!

Michelle and I spoke at length the other day about the fact that we really believe that Vivi is going ot break out this year. This is the year! A few years from now, we'll all be talking about the fact that we knew Vivi "when."

I couldn't be prouder of you, Vivi. Having read all of your work, I can only say that you are getting better and better. I've told you how much I adored Blood Secrets. What I love most is how different from the HellKat series this book is. I love the completeness of the world. And I really enjoyed Eve. I also like what you say about Caine not needing an "I'm the Alpha" t-shirt. He just...was. I loved that. I also liked how sensible Eve was. She knows what she wants, she knows she's smart, and she doesn't screw around and make me want to smack her. In so many vampire novels, I find myself wanting to b*tchslap the heroine for putting herself on the line over and over. The book is just magnificent. And I loved it.

I honestly couldn't be prouder of you and of how wonderful your work is! Get your running shoes on, Bella, you're on your way to the top!


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Oh! Wait up, Wait up, you're all leaving me behind in your sweet smelling Bella dust! Welcome, Vivs! Squeee! I'm so glad you're here, and I just love -- well, the shorthand doesn't work,s o I'll write "Blood Secrets."

Here's the deal: I love me some hero, and I know you're a big heroine girl. But, ahhh, Caine. Anywayz, I'm a total obsessive compulsive as an everyday reader; I will read ever book an author writes and adore her for writing the same story over and over with different characters. Eve Ortega used the phrase in an email today, "the fresh execution of familiar themes." Yeah. What Miss Smarty Pants said.

But, I have to admit, that many of the authors I love still interest me when I read them in other subs, and sometimes I'm blown away by the difference in the voices they manage. But sometimes it's evident they're writing for the market, which is completely understandable, but unfortunate.

Now, our Vivs, I really thought she was all about the rough and ready sex, the kicking of the ass, the aggressive heroine. But, and I was just talking about her behind her back the other day -- I really think this style, the Nocturne style, is a great voice for our Bella Vivs, and will help her reach the audience who more enjoys and is comfort zoned in the sorta- traditional, but still hot, romance.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buon Compleanno, JulieO! Hope your day's great!

And, hullo all you Bellas whom we've not seen in a while!

principessa said...

I get comfortable with the writing that my favorite authors are familiar with. When they do try to change it can be successful and then I have another outlet. There is a risk but if they have the talent and ability they should attempt this and I can get more from the options available.

amy kennedy said...

Yes, Michelle--I, too, can happily read an author doing the same kind of book over and over. But I love it when an author takes a chance. And like you said--at some point on some day--it might even be their truer voice.

When I bought Blood Secrets, it took all my stamina not to blurt out--I know her! Because then I would have had to follow with, well, I don't know her know her but we're bellas together. Then I would have had to explain that...of course all the people I know have not been safe from the whole explanation.

Vivi Anna said...

Y'all making me teary eyed!!

(((((((((hugs))))))))) MK. What wonderful things to say about me.

And Michelle, you've always been so supportive of me. I can't thank you enough for all the cool (and well deserved) things you say about me!! Even if it is behind my back!! *smooches*

Sue A. said...

Sue A - here's a naughty sammich for you....Colin Farrell/Sue/Hugh Jackman...mmmm

OMG! Vivi you're making me HAWT and it's not just me blushing! I just love Colin Firth! And Hugh Jackman, well what's not to like...yum!

KimW said...

Congratulations to you, Vivi, on your success! I think an author should write what they are comfortable with. I tend to follow my favorites no matter what. I can still hear their voice when they switch genres.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, SueA, I was just waiting for somebody to start the (yummy, nutritious and good for you) ball rolling:

let's talk sammiches! I'm choosing a romance gyro with Caine/moi/Nick Gentry. I know it's a weird grouping, but I just read both of them recently and have em on my mind... I mean, Caine's all other=worldly, and Nick's got all that Kama Sutra/Gemma the madam learnin to add to the recipe.

Cathy M said...

Its all about the storytelling. So when I find an author that tells a great romance story, I tend to follow them where ever their muse leads them.

catslady said...

I'm more than willing to give any author a chance. If they are a favorite of one genre, there's a good chance I'm going to like their story telling in another genre because I know I already like their style of writing. If after a couple of tries I really don't care for it, I don't give up on the author completely. Usually good writers write in a variety of genres so it's not a problem.

Stacy~ said...

Awww, feel the love! See how much we adore you Vivi? The fact that you are writing a series about one of my favorite shows evah is the coolest thing. Can you say auto-buy? Well, get used to it, girly.

Julie: Year of the Vivi - I love it. And how appropos.

Another reason why I love authors who branch out is that I hate the thought of some of my favorite writers getting burned out on one genre. If they're not happy and/or not in the groove, how can I as a reader expect to get a book with heart in it? True, as a professional, they are committed to writing the best d*mn book they can, but if it's missing that spark, I can tell. I'd rather have an author write for a different genre than to be miserable in their current one. It doesn't bode well for the reader. I know some readers feel that writers "owe" them something for buying their books and want them to stay forever writing what that reader loves (i.e. historicals by Julie Garwood), but I don't necessarily buy into the total package. No one should be forced to be unhappy.

It's a fine line to walk: writing what you love or writing to the market, especially if it's your livelihood. Sometimes we all have to do things we don't necessarily enjoy if we want to eat. I guess that's a choice each person has to make on their own.

Okay, since Michelle mentioned sammiches, I think I'll go Kellen/Stacy/Jace, or Zachary/Stacy/Logan. Or, since I'm in the middle of re-reading the Brotherhood series, maybe Zsadist/Stacy/Vishious/Butch???? LOL

Vivi Anna said...

mmmm, my favorite topic...





Christian/Vivi/Mark Wahlberg

I could go on and on and on...

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

I want to say Thank You RBTB for having Vivi Anna here today. This was a great topic today and I enjoyed being here. Vivi I loved Hell Kat and I can't wait to read Alluring Tales and get my hands on your new book it sounds very good.


Caffey said...

Hi Vivi! So good to see you!!!

When I see this as going with what the reading community is wanting to read and sometimes I understand the publishers wanting to get more of those so that they meet the requests of the community. And as one, I love to read new to me just about anything (but horror) in romance and erotica romance and all! I love to read new from my favorite authors! Yeah I do miss what I used to read from some and hope they come back occasionally with that, if its what they want to write cuz I do feel the voice of the author in all genres they write so its a great comfort!
I love that Vivi still is writing ebooks too cuz I heard about one coming out next week! Congrats.

Vivi Anna said...

Thanks Linda!!!!

Hugs Cathie!!!!

You guys have been with me for awhile now, and I appreciate that so much.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind when an author tries a new genre. I'll usually try the book if the storyline sounds good.

Here's my dream sammich:

Lis said...

I love to see my favorite authors branching out into different areas. Usually those are the books I like best.

Anonymous said...

Blood Secrets came home with me last week from the store, and while it is in queue (#3) in my TBR stack, I would like to order my own sammich with Gil and a side to be determined.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Your welcome Vivi. We appreciate you as well hun :-) I am glad to have met you. Now I want to meet you in person maybe at one of the book signings that would be great :-) Thank you Vivi for a wonderful chat :-) It was great chatting with ;-)


Anonymous said...

I read Hell Kat and thought it was great.


Anonymous said...

If an author can write a story in a way that I like, then the genre doesn't matter.


amy kennedy said...

I love Michelle's sammich--sounds like maybe I'll have what she's having. But I'll come up with my own...Caine/Amy/Rourke


Vivi Anna said...

Thanks everyone!!

Cool Randy. You need to get Inferno then, the sequel. More Kat and Hades!!! :-)