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Lisa Kleypas' much anticipated contemp debut is out! There's a fabulous love triangle, trailer-to-highrise triumph, not to mention the kinds of hero/s only LK can dream up.

Please read my "Sugar Daddy" Feature at, then come back here and answer this question:

Have you ever been part of a love triangle? Not a sammich, Vivi Anna, just the two separate relationships at once thing.
Got any favorite love triangle romances?

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Vivi Anna said...

LOl, yes, I've been in a love triangle. A met a guy when I was in my early 20's and we became great friends because he was in a relationship with a woman who was having his baby. I met her and liked her, she was a nice girl but they weren't well suited. I knew that she knew about our crazy feelings for each other. Well our friendship grew into simmering passion, it was painful just being with him sometimes. Finally, our passion broke and we consumated it. Shortly after, he left her, she moved away and has his baby. They kept in touch obviously...and we continued our passionate love affair, but eventually he left me to back to her and his child.

Kati said...
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Kati said...

'm really excited about Sugar Daddy. I just haven't picked it up yet.

I've never been part of a love triangle, really. But Vivi, your story sounds painful.

BTW, Bella - I devoured Blood Secret yesterday. Incendiary, my friend, incendiary! Can't wait till you guest blog to really gush, but I loved it. And you write a heck of a less "kickass" heroine too! I loved Eve and Caine. Fantastic job! I'm so proud for you!

Lisa Kleypas said...

Hello dears, hello darling Michelle! I'm home today from book tour and will be off again tomorrow!

Michelle, what a fascinating question . . . I sort of/kind of/almost was in a love triangle in high school, when I was going out with one boy while another whom I was just friends with confessed that he had feelings for me. But I had gone out with the first boy for so long that I couldn't break it off to explore a new possibility with someone else.

Still, I can't help but wonder what might have been. (It's a good thing I have romance writing as an outlet!)

What about you, Michelle? Anything juicy and interesting to fess up to? *g*

Lisa K

Vivi Anna said...

Thanks MK!!! I love to hear that.

AuthorM said...

I had a love semi-triangle once, but nothing as exciting as Vivi Anna's. :) Gave me a lot of fodder for books, though, let me tell you!


Vivi Anna said...

I was involved in another one as well when I was a little older, but this time we didn't consummate our lustful feelings. I'm the bad girl in these torrid tales...the other woman...but it never works out with me in the end. I'm not the nice girl that men should marry if they want a long loving uncomplicated marriage. LOL

amy kennedy said...

Oh Vivs. Who wouldn't want a complicated marriage--it's what keeps you on your toes.

And Lisa, you crack me up, you're not supposed to break up with one first...can't wait to read Sugar Daddy.

Or Blood Secret, Vivi.

Speaking of love triangles, the new series that's starting on Lifetime: Blood Ties is based on a series of books with a great love triangle. (I am literally driving Michelle insane with this Blood Ties thing)

And love triangles, don't get me started--okay get me started, but seriously, apparently the triangle was my favorite shape in high school and beyond...

ev said...

I am a bad girl too. Vivi and I are so much alike. sigh.

But on the other hand, when I was preggers with Daughter, I found out the rat bastard was sleeping with someone else. I had to litterally drag him from her bed (by phone) when I went into labor. Threw the sperm donor out shortly after. A year later, at a new job, I met the wife of one of our sales directors. Guess who she had been sleeping with months earlier????

ev said...

vivi- you never did answer my question about a follow up to Caine and Eve. You left too much hanging. There has to be another book. Right? I am right, aren't I?? Please tell me I am right??? Put me out of my misery. Pretty Please???

ev said...

Oh, I went back to work, starting this Sunday. I ran into my old district manager from Waldens who is now the manager of the new Borders. She twisted my arm to come work for her. I need to get out of the rut of mom/wife/taxi driver and do something for ME!! Which means putting the money away and saving my sanity.

Am I a bad person????

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ciao, Bellas, and how nice that you stopped by, Miss Lisa! Best wishes on "Sugar Daddy." It must be very exciting.

Well, Lisa, while I'm not the type of woman men fight over, I have a bit of a love triangle, in that I was dating another guy when I met Dave. I'd been seeing the other guy about a year, and cared a lot for him. But he was alcoholic and refused to get help. I'd been having trouble with being the classic co-dependent, so meeting Dave and wanting to date him gave me the strength to move forward to a healthy relationship.

But I remember David and he met at Miss America (remember I met Dave about a month before when he was on a "mock" interview panel)and I felt horrible for both of them. Dave, of course, had been invited by me, and someone, a "good" friend, invited the other guy to come to an after-pageant event without my knowing.

I felt terrible; here were two men I really cared about in an awkward, potentially painful and embarrassing situation. But they're both total gentlemen and both acted that way.

Now, Vivs. You bring up another excellent discussion: the crush on the friend's man. Torrid, guilt-packed, delicious.

But I disagree. You are exactly the kind of woman men want when they want a long, loving, complicated marriage. Is there any other kind? oh, I forgot to add complicated marriage packed with lots of hot sex, as you've aluded you'd give the man lucky enough to marry you.

ok, ok, Ames. We'll talk about the series soon if you'll get off my flippin back already. You're like a blood-sucker, never letting go with the vampire stuff already.

Vivi Anna said...

Ev, yes, darling there is another book coming out in October called DARK LIES. Then I'm hoping a third in early 2008.

*smooches* Michelle for saying I"m the marrying kind...LOL

Stacy~ said...

Well, I'm a good girl, sigh, yet I seem to attract married men. I'm talking about guys who I have a serious friendship with, not just casual acquaintances. It's not something I feel comfortable with.

I'm caught up in Ward fever, so I'm gonna sign off. Then I have Vivi's Blood Secrets to dive into. MK, if I didn't already have the book, you woulda convinced me for sure.

And I'm getting over a nasty cough - I feel fine but my throat is not a happy camper - so I'm gonna hit the Robitussin and get some zzzz's. 'Night, all.

Kati said...

MK, if I didn't already have the book, you woulda convinced me for sure.

LOL! That's my job Bella!

Michelle - Are we waiting to talk about LR until JR Ward visits? Have you been able to schedule a time w/her yet? Cause man I really want to talk about it. OK, I know, it just came out Tuesday, but I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.

Stace - You could email me your thoughts offline, once you're done.

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Bellas!! I've missed alot the last few days. Michelle gave away chocolate and I missed it. Where was I?

I went to the bookstore with only three books to get. I came out with two of them but they didn't have one of them. The missing one was "Sugar Daddy". That will teach me to go the store route instead of Amazon. I'm going to remedy that immediately.

Love triangles. I love reading them but living them is a nightmare. In jr. high, I wasn't much to look at but when high school came around there were some guys who took notice. It had to be my breasts, but anyways... I had just started dating this guy who was rather intimidating and had a mighty jealous streak. He was a big guy who was on the football team but that didn't stop a couple of other guys from trying to get me to notice them. It was a mess for a couple of years but did my ego good. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

MK-- I'm chomping at the bit to discuss LR. There are so many things to say...

(I promise to be good, Michelle)

ev said...


catslady said...

Oh just silly high school stuff mostly or at least that I would admit to lol. I ended up marrying and staying with the same guy for 38 years though! Can't wait to read your book.

Unknown said...

No love triangle for me. Way too complicated!

My fave was a Flipside...Forget Prince Charming. This over the top heroine had the perfect boyfriend shell (gorgeous, but empty) and the best friend at work...but it takes the beach for her to figure it out. Lots of fun.

ev said...

oh, Jenna, you brought back bad memories I had totally forgotten about. Like when my now ex-best friend told me she was pregnant and seeing a married man. Little did I know it was my now ex-husband. They got married. and divorced. I still don't think he is sure the kid was his.

Amazing what you can forget when you want to. Of course it was over 25 years ago, so you do tend to forget things like that I think. Especially when you have moved on and have a much better life now.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

ev = resilience.

Hey, Bellas. We're still workin on the JR Ward date, but she's on tour this week w/out email, so I'm not sure when we'll hook up. But hook up we shall w/ a date.

See you at today's blog!

Hi new Bellas!

Gram said...

No triangles since I left high school. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?