Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tell Me Something I Didn't Know

Comedian and Really Nice Guy Tom Irwin GuestBlogs Tomorrow to celebrate the release of his new book, "I Want a Girl: Thoughts on the Perfect Companion."
No. Really. I must be the only person on the planet, nay, universe who didn't know about this whole Quantas (think of it like Raymond in "Rainman" says it) flight babe/ Ralph Fiennes thing.

Well, duh. Are we shocked he's acting like the dirty boy we knew him to be? I mean, if I may quote myself from a long-ago blog praising him and 2 Davy Joneses, "he's definitely got that 'beneath the civilised British exterior kink goin on.'" Say amen.

OK. So, an UATMS/CC (Up Against the Mini Sink/Commode Combination -- definitely not worthy of the Lexicon of Love) might be ok for some rake in a romance, especially with the way we can SOD off on the whole communicable disease thing in some cases. But in real life? Just too creepy. But he's an actor, I don't know what happened on that plane, and so it's just something to chew on.

Now, Tom Brady on the other hand? I was devastated a while back to learn his ex was pregnant -- chagrined with both of em -- because it so goes along with my, "you are an ass if you're not using birth control, unless you really had planned to break up, then create a child" mentality. Not that it's my business, but I'm gonna bitch through my disappointment anyway.

See, I thought Tom was one of those athletes who was this awesome roll model, one I could pretend understood the p.r. of keeping one's nose clean in public, inspiring little kids to greatness along the way. I might want to think ( a lot ) about his intimate life, but he's got as much right as anybody to be a bonehead.

So, I've been thinkin and thinkin on this, askin everyone not what they think about the sitch, but why the heck am I so torn up about it? I've heard the, "well, if you're an almost-40 actress (whose bio clock is tic-tic-tickin) and you want a piece of Brady, why wouldn't you go 'get yourself pregnant' to hope for more commitment or funds." Which is shocking in this day and age. I mean, as much as I love a 'surprise baby' scenario in a romance, women don't really do that "trapping" thing anymore, do they?

Then there's the, "she's a single woman who wants children and thinks Tom' got some prime DNA." Perhaps. And believe me, this ain't about judging just what combination constitutes a family.

Of course, I just think of the romance novels with star athlete heroes who always,
always use condoms until the very moment they're ready to make the biggest commitment of their lives. Not cause they're great guys, necessarily, but because they're into self-preservation on lots of levels.

And maybe that's what bothers me about this, that I just expected my hero to be more like a romance hero: flawed, but perfect. You know what I mean?

So, why can't I get over my disappointment? Why do I feel like I must be totally out of touch with reality to think blessed events-as-press release ops are only marginally less creepy than Ralph in the commode?
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Playground Monitor said...

Uh... you and I have had out heads in the same sand hole about the Ralph thing. Of course, now I'll have to google it and find out the details.

You're not the only one disappointed about Tom. I was especially disturbed when I read a second woman might be pregnant with his child. I admit I'm old-fashioned when it comes to out-of-wedlock children. I don't care what you do to your own reputation, but consider your child.

Kids are going to look up to sports figures and we need some really great ones for today's kids to idolize. Who do you want your kids to emulate? Dennis Rodman or someone like Kurt Warner who married a single mom and adopted her two kids even though one had serious medical problems?

We're all disappointed when someone we admire stumbles. That's probably why you can't get over the Tom Brady deal. But then there's my total fascination with watching religious fanatics tumble from their pulpits. I love to see them fall. Don't get me started...


Julie in Ohio said...

Good Mornin' Bellas!!

Cramp space aside, I wouldn't mind being initiated into the mile high club by the likes of Ralph Fiennes... :p

I was disappointed in Tom Brady, also, but I can't say I'm surprised. I think I've gotten devoid of all emotion when it comes to the antics of celebs. Any kind of press is good publicity, seems to be their motto.

However if you think about it, the public has put them on such high pedistals, the only place for them to go is down.

Anonymous said...

Buongiorno, Bellas!

Make room for my head in that sand hole--hadn't heard a word about the lavatory incident. Ah well there's still time to remedy that *googling*


I am not sure, but my disappointment with many well known figures (sport, film, politics, whatever), stems from the fact that I'd like to see people who have so many good things going for them keep it together. Act like responsible adults more often that not, you know? In reality, it seems as if the opposite were true more and more of the time.

[congrats to recent contest winners, by the way!]

Vivi Anna said...

I think it is a huge disappointement when celebs we admire do something so out of character. For me, it's the old...if I had their money, their fame, their power, I wouldn't muck it up by doign something so assinine. But we have to realize that everyone has flaws. And sometimes it may be too much for them being in the spotlight to keep them in for so long.

I also think its a shame that we as a society make it such a big deal for these people. They are just people like you and me. Tons of men have done what they have done, but because they are in the spotlight it looks so freakin' ugly in the glare of the lights.

Angie-la said...

I agree with what you said....
they are just people and we, as a society, need to stop idolizing them. We are only setting ourselves up for disapointment when we find out they have feet of clay like the rest of us.
But, that being said, people in the spotlight know they are subjecting themselves to a lack of privacy and should at least try to be discreet.
The really sad thing here is that when a major scandal does occur, we are no longer shocked by it. It's like we expect bad behavior from public figures and are more surprised to see people do the right thing...

Kati said...

That was me in the lav with Ralph. I just didn't want to make any of you feel bad about my really HAWT encounter.


Julie in Ohio said...

There's got to be a cock-pit joke here somewhere but it's just not coming to me...

Ann Christopher said...

Sorry, Michelle. I don't have time for this Tom Brady nonsense. I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with Eddie Murphy, his pregnant ex, Mel (Scary) Spice, and his true love, Tracey Edmonds.


kerri1973 said...

Howdy bellas! I think that morals as a general rule are being thrown out the window left and right these days (particularly by the celebrity types out there). I'm not a huge country music fan but it brings to mind a Brad Paisley song about being able to get away with murder "if you're a celebrity...just blame it on the fame". It really is a sad state of affairs. Although, I also think that sometimes celebrity figures get placed on too high of a pedastal anyway. Bottom line, I'm never surprised by anything they do anymore. I'm ja-ja-ja-jaded.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle and Bellas,

How are you all? I knew about the Ralph Fiennes 'event, although we don't get any American Football (I'm guessing that is what Tom Brady plays from his photo) here so I'm have to go hunt the details down on Google.

The question I have is - in this day and age, with HIV and STDs on the rise - why are these people not using protection?


Playground Monitor said...

Good question, orannia!

My guess is "stupid-itis." Or they have their heads in that same hole as Michelle and I and just don't think it can happen to them. Or they think douching with Coca Cola is an effective means of contraception. (I did a blog on urban legends last week and that was one I came across. Sheesh!)

ev said...

At least they can afford to support the kids they have- out of wedlock or not.

Does anyone know whether or not they used bc, but it failed? Been there, done that.

I don't put them on pedestals, but do enjoy their antics at times.

Stacy~ said...

I don't really hold too many people up on such a high pedestal (especially not since Michael Jordan several years back - that floored me cuz I did like him so much) so hearing about Ralph Fiennes and Tom Brady doesn't phase me much. I guess if you've got that kind of money and fame, where all these people tell you how wonderful you are, let you think you can do no wrong, and chase after you, never saying "no", then it's bound to happen. Sad but true. I just hate the thought of the children suffering through this.

Manda Collins said...

Hey Michelle! Hey Bellas!

I'm not a big football fan, so I don't know anything about this Tom Brady thing, but I heard about Rafe not too long after the story broke. Pretty much since Rob Lowe at the Democratic convention all those years ago I've been getting burned by my celeb heartthrobs (Hugh Grant, anyone? And he's actually got a brain in his head which makes it even worse IMHO.)

People are weak and fallible. Even celebrities--and sometimes especially celebrities because they've got that personality type that makes them crave attention. Not all of them, but quite a few of them get their self worth from the roar of the crowd and that makes it hard to be alone with yourself.

And, sadly, making smart decisions about life doesn't always seem to go hand in hand with talent. It's like a cruel twist of fate. Here's some incredible talent for you, but I'm also going to give you a complete lack of common sense to go with it--enjoy! No wonder they have publicists!

Anonymous said...

Ugh...I was shocked when I heard about Tom Brady and his ex. I think I had temporary amnesia though because a flag should have went up when he was dating Tara Reid!! I always thought he was a smart, humble, down to earth guy. With strong family morales. Guess we were all wrong about him? Unless we choose to believe the ex tricked him somehow. LOL!

Kelly F.

Anonymous said...

Three weeks ago I'd never heard of Tom Brady, vaguely aware of Bridget, detested Gisele(just because). My hubby filled me in on Brady. Now I'm like obsessed with this whole situation. I'm serious. When I read up on Tom I felt sure that he would return from Europe, break off with the model and either marry Bridget or at least stand by her through the pregnancy and then love his baby and respect it's mama. I had seen his 60 min. interview where he talks of going into politics, saw the pics of him at Bush's state of the union speech, read that he's a Catholic, has strong family values, etc. I figured this guy would do what was right, if for nothing else, to protect his image for after his playing days are over. And yet the man seems to be on the fast track to ruining his rep. He flaunts the airhead Gisele every chance he gets, he shows no respect for Bridget, even though they just came off a three year(long by any standards)relationship and she's going to have his first child. Then today the Boston hearald quoted some deragatory comments that Gisele made to HELLO mag about the way a "proper" family is supposed to be formed. Meant towards Bridget, but Tom has two sisters who also have out-of-wedlock children. This whole situation stinks. I feel sorry for Bridget. I don't care how she got pregnant, she just is. It's time for Tom to grow up! She deserves his respect.