Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent? Huh Bowd It.

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So if you haven't read Lisa Kleypas' "Devil in Winter, " you should. But if you have, as Bella MaryKate -- my Un Bel Typo procuress -- suggests, Becks here fairly channels the lascivious lord for whom we love to lust.

And lately I've been finding myself responding in the affirmative to questions like, "don't you think Becks is St. Vincent?" with a resounding, affirmative, "how 'bout it."

But before you insert that little gem into your daily lexicon of hipster lingo, you must know that it needs to be enunciated the same way we did when we started using it in the seventh grade at Phillip Lauer Middle School, desperately trying to achieve the coolness we assumed was our older siblings.

So say it with me phonetically: huh . BOWD . it , bow being pronounced as in, "what sound does puppy make?"

What totally cool, yet mortifying words and phrases did you use
when you were growing up?

What ones are slipping into your speech these days?
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Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Michelle!!! and YES YES YES. Becks *is* St.Vincent!

"So cool"

and my all time fav-

"As if" (just don't forget to scrunch your nose and sneer your lip like Billy Idol. Oh so, attractive.)

I have to add my daughter's fav-
"Talk to the han 'cause the fay snot home"
(that's they way it sounds when said by a second grader)

Julie in Ohio said...

"Don't spazz out!"
(actually any phrase using the word "spazz")

"Take a chill pill" (another fav)

Kati said...

Jules - I'm laughing all over my office! Hilarious.

I say on a regular basis:

I KNOW! (a la Monica from Friends)
Oh for God's sakes!

I also throw in a "groovy" occasionally, you know, for flavor.

From my college aged nieces:


Julie in Ohio said...

OMG, MK!! That's too funny! (another fun phrase)
I'm guilty of the Monica "I KNOW" too.

"What s'up?"
(I think that's how it'd be spelled. Spelling how it's spoken is not an easy feat.)

Michelle, I hope you know what you started... :o)

Anyone know how to speak jive?

Phoebe Belsley said...

We're going all the way back to middle school? Must we?

I remember 'grody' (rhymes with Cody, means disgusting) and 'to the max'. Especially things that were grody to the max. Which included most of the boys in my school, none of whom remotely resembled Lord St. Becks there.

HS and college were more productive years, thanks to Friends and 90210 and Seinfeld.

Kati said...

Oh Caroline! That reminds me of....


I actually was going to say, "That TOTALLY reminds me of TOTALLY."

Hi, my name is MK, and I'm a dork.

Julie in Ohio said...

There are the phrases I always say to my kids: "okey dokey, pokey" and "I've got a rumbly in my tumbly". Winnie the Pooh sure had a way with words. :o)

Vivi Anna said...

LOL, these are great...

I talk a lot of slang...

I KNOW (ala Monica)

Whaz up? (ala South Park)

Whad up?




Dude (as a greeting, with an accompanied head nod)


oh no you din'nt!

you go girl!

there's probably a million more I use... LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Vivi!!
I use "oh no you did not" and "you go, girl" all the time.

"get outta town" (aka, wow)

This is such fun. I had forgotten how badly I speak. I hope there aren't any English teachers reading this. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

"no duh"
"Amen, sister"

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Julie in Ohio, this is going on your permanant grammar record, young lady!

Hey, Bellas! Do you think I can think of anything we used to say? Probably cause I was never cool. OK, cool. I say cool all the time. Or wicked {fill in the blank].

How bout, "uh, yeah-uh." As in "as if." If you ask my kids any question -- and this KILLS me, not in a good way -- they answer, "wuh?" AAAAACKK!

Neat. Neat-o. Cool beans. (not that I actually said these, mind you).

Oh! How bout, tough. We used to say "that is sooo tough," meaning a cool or good-looking piece of clothing or car.

Kati said...

How 'bout: "I am SOOOO gonna..."

I say that one all the time. Or, of course, "loves me some." As in: "I loves me some David Beckham." But those are really current.

I don't remember a whole lot that I used to say in high school, other than a whole lotta cursing. What can I say? I'm a potty mouth. Still am, actually. It goes with the gutter mind. I always say that I'm deeply in touch with my "inner-Beavis" I can always lower the level of conversation. It's a gift.

Julie in Ohio said...

"ah, crap" (sometimes you just can't beat the classics)

"up your nose with a rubber hose" (I do actually use this on occasion after seeing Grease. My kids think I'm insane.)

Hey, saturday is MK's birthday. Are we throwing her a surprise party? :o)

Kati said...

Oh, also, I have six nieces. I call all of the "girfriend" Not "girLfriend" mind you.


Kati said...

Thanks Jules. I'll be partying down at the Grand Hyatt Washington, moving in our largest meeting of the year. I'll probably be climbing around in the back of the house looking for boxes.

Don't hate me because my job is so glamorous.

Julie in Ohio said...
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Julie in Ohio said...

What-everrr.... :p

{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}

Julie in Ohio said...

I almost forgot the biggest catch phrase of my school days:
"uh oh, spaghetti ohs"

and the tagline I use most now a days:

Anonymous said...

Yay, I won! *happy dancing*


Mille grazie, Michelle. (And you've got mail)

Unknown said...

I can't think of anything-apart from the fact that we all 'had to have' cockney accents at school even though we were supposed to be nice middle class girls!

My teenage sons say 'dude' 'cool' whatsup?" and "It's a hip hop world, mom' whatever that means!

Phoebe Belsley said...

So here's one that I didn't say in middle school, and actually never heard until I went to college in Boston: " so don't I." It means, "so do I."

I SO don't get it. What-ever.

ev said...

I still, to my daughter's embarrassment, say Cool or Cool beans.

Heaven forbid (that's another one) I try to use one of her sayings. LOL

Razzelfrats still works it's way in too.

LizbethSelvig said...

Hey Bellas,
Happy late-in-the-day! You guys are great and bring back such memories. But you all sound so young - for sure!

I go back to "You spazz" (Julie In Ohio did mention that - not that you're old Julie!) and "Are you mental?" (PI, forgive me Michelle.) As for potty mouth - hah, we were threatened with the time out chair if we told each other to "shut up." But when we really wanted to show we were upset - defy our parents we'd shout "Crap Dang It." Sheesh you'd think I grew up in the halcyon days of June Cleaver.

Now when I'm frustrated I pull out the Frank Barone "Holy Crap." (Peter Boyle RIP - did you know he was the best man at John Lennon and Yoko Ono's wedding? How's that for random?)

And no Cockney for us Beatle-girls it was "gear and fab" Liverpool all the way, Luv. And "grotty" was pronounced "grah-tee" (ala George Harrison in "Hard Days Night". Wow, I am so frikkin' old.

Playground Monitor said...

I was part of the "groovy" generation. I had these jeans with frayed hems and a peace symbol embroidered on them. I know -- you'd never think it of me. But when #1 son was in high school and was trying to explain Inna Gadda Da Vida to me, I just pulled out my album and showed him -- along with all the other greats from the 60's. His next words were "Mom, were you at Woodstock?" LOLOL! Nope, I wasn't quite THAT groovy.

Wanna know what drives me crazy? Kids who like say like every like other word like there's only like a few words like in the English vocabulary and like they only know like half of them. You know?


Playground Monitor said...

Ooooh... I forgot about fab. My God, I remember my best friend getting a haircut just like Twiggy. It was such a fab cut.


Julie in Ohio said...

LMAO, Marilyn!!! I was guilty of the "like" talkin'.
I was a valley girl wanna be. It was like a totally awesome way to talk. For sure.

catslady said...

I don't have to admit to any because they've all been said. Neat. lol

Playground Monitor said...

Like totally, Julie. ;-)

Vivi Anna said...

Oh like fur sure...I was a total valley girl too, but with a blue like mohawk..

And I like used to watch that movie Valley Girl with like Nic Cage in it, cuz he's like so totally hawt!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the character of Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent -- however -- the thought of Becks being like him makes me cringe..... How about Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost)? His character on Lost is pretty close to St Vincent in many ways....