Monday, March 26, 2007

JR Ward GuestBlog: The Butch and V Connection

So I was kinda nudging when I suggested to JR Ward that you might wanna hear a little about the wicked hot dynamic between Butch and V in her new bestseller, "Lover Revealed." I mean, who here at RBtheBook/Blog doesn't dig a little m/m bonding?

But she did it, she hooks us up with some tantalizing Butch/V food for thought. Cause the only thing we love more than the torture between Black Dagger Brotherhood releases is JR's taunting us with hints of Bros to come as we wish her as restrained a buongiorno as possible...

Since LOVER REVEALED was released about three weeks ago, I’ve received a ton of emails from folks about the dynamic between Vishous and Butch. There’s all kinds of speculation going on about them and their relationship- the vast majority of which falls into the Good-Lord-they’re-hot,
how-far-is-it-going-to-go category.

I happen to agree with the Good-Lord-they’re-hot people.

And I would like to delve further into their relationship here- but I really can’t. How can I with V’s book still not out on the shelves? LOL I know, I know... just give a few hints. :) But I really have to save the deets for LOVER UNBOUND. Otherwise, folks will just end up reading that book for the scenes where V gets out the black wax and-

Well, ANYWAY... *clears throat*

I will say this... V couldn’t have fallen in love with his shellan if not for Butch having come into his life. Just wouldn’t have happened. Of all the Brothers, V was, and to some extent remains, the most reserved and closed with his emotions. It’s a product of his upbringing (if you could call it that) in the warrior camp and something that will take decades if not centuries to get over. See, during his formative years, survival required detachment and V learned that lesson very, very well.

Kept it with him, too. By the time Butch came around, Vishous had been shut off for so long, I don’t know if he even recognized at first what the friendship with the cop meant to him. But when we see them together in LOVER REVEALED, V is pretty dayumed clear that he needs Butch in his life: he’s formed an attachment to another person for the very first time.

I believe this Lewis and Clark routine with Butch paves the way for what V comes to feel for Dr. Jane Whitcomb. Without it, I think V would have just walked away after he and Jane first met- because he would not have recognized the telltale signs of an attachment.

Yeah, the smartest one in the Brotherhood can be kind of clueless. :) Personally, I love V even though he and I didn’t really get along all that well. What do you think of him?

Hang with JR and the BDB at!

SPOILERS? Go 'head, but please write SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post so folks who haven't read LR yet can pass on by that comment. Tx, Michelle :)

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Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, JR, and Bellas, and, I suspect, a few Cellies and new Bellas? So cool you've all taken time out to hang here today.

Couldn't be cooler to have you here today, JR, especially talking Butch and V. I love Butch for many reasons, not the least of which is that he's a BoSox fan. And so cool that he's a Brother, although I'm probably the only BDB fan in a bazillion who didn't see it coming.

V? God, I find him so appealing, all the more so for his relationship with Butch. It always seemed very healing to me, and that there's a vibe to it? Yahooie for us.

The thing that such a shawkah to me about the BDB books is what you're able to give us in a single title that's still romance. Your editor lets you push the envelope on so many levels, which lets a general audience read broadly themed stories that are hot, yes, violent, yes, but don't need to be shoved into an "erotica" imprint or "thriller" line.

We/they get to experience intense passion on all counts, yet never forget the BDB novels are about love stories -- of all kinds, yes, but always with that extraordinary central one.

I'm wondering if your Lewis/Clark reference was deliberate, cause, you know, there's that naughty little m/m story bout the level of intimacy of their relationship goin round...

Stacy~ said...

Hi JR! I'm getting my "hellos" in early cuz I won't be back until later this evening, after which I've missed all the fun. I'll be thinking of y'all LOL

At first when I read Butch's book, I was disappointed. I expected more, but I couldn't put my figure on what that was. Then I went and did a re-read of it, and finally the whole series. And I finally loved "LR". I think I missed Phury and Tohr so much that it didn't seem complete to me, but I began to focus on the story that was there. Love, love, love Butch and V. I don't care what the dynamic is, sexual or just a really intense emotional thing, but I adore it. Butch is so open, just lays himself out there, and I agree that it got to V, obviously without him even realizing. What they have is hot, but also sweet, if that makes sense. I'm a sucker for it all the same.

V. At first I didn't pay as much attention to him in previous books, but knew he was a tortured soul. His intelligence, combined with is predilections, his solitary attitude - it all comes together to make one fascinating Brother. I for one cannot wait to see him with his shellan. It's not going to be easy, but then nothing worth having ever is.

JR, thank you for creating such an amazing world, just when I was ready to get off the vamp merry-go-round. I am hooked beyond belief, and wouldn't have it any other way. It's a reader's dream.

Have a fabulous day Bellas! And visiting Bellas. It's supposed to be 77 degrees and sunny - woo hoo!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

HEY EVERYONE: If you're already a RBtheBookClubber, you don't have to sign up again to be entered into the LOVER UNBOUND contest. :)

Yesterday, Julie0 was asking about John and his transition. Are you as intrigued as I am by his experience, transition, whether he'll have his own novel, Jules? Anybody else care to tell me why I'm so ready to crush on the Brother he'll become? Am I just getting creepy in my mid-life?

Hey, Stace. It's so cool that, rather than saying, "this book sucked because I was disappointed," you thought about it and went back to see what was what. I think in writing a human character, the pathos was necessarily going to be less dramatic in the build-up than were Butch a BDB to begin with. The real intensity came from the relational dynamics, rather than the larger-than-life quality of the hero -- at least for much of the novel.

Someone whose opinion I enjoy was telling me she was disappointed the thing between V/B didn't go further. Those of us who talk romance here regularly spend a lot of time pushing beyond our comfort zones, trying new sub-genres and, in the case of erotica, genres. We forget that some folks have very definite comfort zones and expect certain lines not to be crossed.

Publishers, editors, authors, ignore that market/those zones, at their peril. But JR is very courageous in her themes -- it always blows me away, what her editor lets her accomplish. But we reap those creative benefits, don't we?

Stacy~ said...

Okay, I do have a question: JR, who is your favorite Brother? Least favorite? Why? I'm not picky, I love 'em all!

Stacy~ said...

Michelle, yeah, I'm kinda disappointed B/V didn't go further, but at the same time, it's so much more compelling that they didn't. Will that change? I did read at SR (Squawk) that JR said both Marissa & V's shellan are very understanding of their relationship, what it means to them, so who knows? Sometimes anticipation is so much better than the reality....sometimes *g*

Okay I'm off kids. Have a wonderful day :)

Anonymous said...

Hey WARDen - greetings and salutations from a very peeved fan!

Let me explain...(I go on a bit, so please excuse me)

I've been waiting for the next BDB installment since I read the last sentence in LA so you can imagine my excitement as the release date for LR crept closer and closer. Since I live in the UK getting my grubby little mits on a copy means that I have to wait until May before it's released over here! Like I'm gonna do that! So I thought I'd pay the exobitant delivery charges (so worth it)to get it straight from As back up, I also ordered it from (see, told you I was a fan) - the fact that they gave me an esitmate delivery date of the 6th of March made my heart jump for joy. Only it's the 26th...and neither has arrived yet. I contacted Amazon in Germany (you would think as they are closer it would get here quicker)- they confirmed that the book had been dispatched on the 2nd but I would have to wait until the 29th before they would either send another or refund me. Aaargh! D*mn you to h*ll Royal Mail!!! I just want my book! *deep calming breath* Right, rant over. Just had to share that with you.

Frustratedly yours, Moaning Whinger from London mmmwah x

Anonymous said...

I just dropped in to say hello, and you ROCK WARDen!

Thanks for the world of the brothers.


amy kennedy said...

JR, welcome--so glad you're here.

Cellie825--I've had the book for weeks-sorry-and have been torturing myself with not reading it--I just wanted it to last. So now I'm about 100 pages in and I love it, but I'm not afraid of plot spoilers, cause it's all in how we get there, right?

Okay, I want to know, do you get along better with V now, JR?

I'm with you all in the dynamics between B and V--and why is that so hot? Or as Stacy says maybe its actually sweet. I just know I want more.

However, Marissa and Butch are so hot as well--and thank you for not torturing me with them having a misunderstanding for very long.

Michelle--I know! Can't wait for John to be the Brother he will be--but I love the delicious torture of not having all the Brother's stories at once.

JR, I thought Z was the most damaged, but I know B is as well and V--well...Lover about a perfect title.

Anonymous said...

Buongiorno, Bellas and WARDen!

I really really REALLY like the BDB series.

No, really. *grin*

See, I really enjoy the fact that the universe in which the Brotherhood exists is internally coherent. While we learn more about the vampires' society, religion, traditions, etc. with each successive book, there are no jarring contradictions, nothing that as a reader makes me stop and think, "Hold on, but that can't be because two books ago..."

And the chemistry between the different characters--not just the h/hn pairings--is GREAT. V and Butch, Phury and Z, Wrath and Rhage, John Matthew and each of the brothers, Rehv and Xhex... there's intensity and meaning to each interaction that provides a sense of history between them.

I can't wait for the next book!

... and the next, and the next, and...

[Oh, and WARDen? I have an enlightened hellren too!]

Kati said...

Good morning WARDen! I'm so thrilled you're back at RBtB! As the Bellas know, I'm a total BDB fan and spend a whole lotta time pimping the books to well, everyone.

Anyway, I'm with Stacy on this. When I first read LR, I was disappointed. The dynamic between Butch and V, well, it didn't creep me out, in anyway at all (I'm a well known proponent of m/m action!), but I felt like the story danced around the line alot. I would have liked to have seen them go over the line and then have to pull it back. And not just because I'm a dirrrrty girl, but because I felt like it would have been so interesting to see them walk it backwards. That being said I, like Stacy, reread the book, and found that the second read was much more satisfying to me. I think I tend to gobble up the book on the first read, and there's so much information there that I miss stuff in the first read, and am really going on overall impressions only.

Also, for whatever reason, I didn't feel like this book moved the story ahead as fast as LA did. But then again, you have to do some setup sometime, right? I'm so anxious for V's story, mainly because I'm interested to see what Butch's reaction will be to V's shellan.

Thanks again for the BDB. I honestly think that if I weren't so deeply invested in this epic, I wouldn't have the reactions that I did. You're a terrific writer and I can't remember when I've enjoyed a story more.

Kati said...

Second Comment: Michelle, I have a spoilery question, what are the rules today re: spoilers???

Jenni said...

[b] What do you get when you combine a Cellie and a Bella?

A Bellie! Hehehehehe. Anyyyyways, black wax? I do love those teasers. [/b]

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful book I am re-reading it and its even better the 2nd time through, butch and V Rock!! Thanks so much for bringing us into their world!

Anonymous said...

Good morning WARDen, just a quick thanks for the books!!!

Peace :)

CrystalGB said...

Hi J.R. I am a big fan of the BDB. I love Vishous. I have a thing for tortured heros. Can't wait for the book.

Anonymous said...

WARDen, your books get better and better. I hear you are going to be at the Reader's Appreciation Weekend. So, what are you wearing for the 80's theme night?
I suggest the theme song be Devo's "Whip It" honour of V.

J.K. Coi said...

Good morning.

I'm really excited that you're here today. I've been following the BDB since Wrath's book came out, and it's all been so worth it.

Just want to shout out a thank you. I love the books, love Butch, love V, and I can't wait for him to have a HEA.

Liz said...

Can I just say that you are the best writer I have ever read? I am so glad I picked up Wrath's book in the store and decided to take a chance on a new author. I have been a fan from the beginning. Thanks WARDen!!

Maria Shaink said...

i love your work, Warden...and i defeintley wanna be in on a V + Butch sandwich!! super hotness!!! can't wait for the next one, and i've read all of them about 4 millions times....great work, keep it coming!!! and if you have any extra ARC's of Lover Unbound, you can send them my way!!! (siren023ATgmailDOTcom)

ev said...

I still haven't read them. They are sitting on the shelf, along with the new one, all lined up and ready for me when I have the time to sit and read them all. Maybe I will wait for the next one.

Why? Because of everything I have heard, I don't want to have to wait for a new one to come out. This is the type of series where I would rather read one after the other than wait. it's my own private version of torture and I love it. There hasn't been a new series like that for me in years.

Every blog just whets my appetite more, but then I like to push my self control to the limit. Maybe I will take them with me on vacation and sit by the pool and just read.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ahhh, Maria, we bow before your suggestion of Today's Special: the B/V sammich.

SPOILERS? I say go head, but try to write SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post, please.

Shannon said...


I have never read any of these books, but I would love to. They sound awesome. Keep up the good work, and everyone have a nice Monday (I know it is hard, but try)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know how excited I am that V's book is going to be turquoise. I'm considering having it made into a charm for a necklace. What do you think? To Flavor Flav?


Kati said...



WARDen - I may be over-analyzing things, but there's kind of a toss away scene, and since I think that you do everything for a reason, I want to ask:

After Butch's transition, Rhage and Z come in to see him, and Z comments to Rhage that Butch is a "big one." And Rhage replies, "We won't know anything for a while."

Yeah. What's that about?!?!

tetewa said...

Hello Warden glad to have you here today. I've been hearing alot about this series but must admit I haven't read any of them yet. They are getting nothing but good hype so I must add them to my TBR pile.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...


Oh, yeah, MK. That's a good question. I know I missed that whole thing. Of course, I'm sure I took it literally at the time and thought, "well, aren't they all."

Shannon, you have GOT to try the BDB. Don't tell her I said so -- I might be accused (oh horrors)of being a fangrl -- but Ward's kinda genius.

Unknown said...

I really liked Lover Revealed. I was most drawn to V. I'm always in favor of crossing lines and would have embraced some line-crossing with V and B. Thanks for the wonderful series. I'm looking forward to V's story. And all the others, too.

Anonymous said...



MK, Michelle: I think that scene refers to Butch's induction into the Brotherhood. (Check the Chosen/mother remark, and Z's "that's stupid" reply). Then the Scribe Virgin "waives" that requirement at the Tomb.

Unknown said...

first let me say that you are the best story teller of the 21 st century i love the way you tell the tales of vampires with a twist it s kind of new age,new and fresh.the guys are very attaching and addictive and the galls are connecting with us in a way i have not seen in a long timewe can not help but love every one in these books Mary touch me the most maybe because i am like her a bit and BELLA was so patient with Z as for Marissa she made me mad at times with her reactions but she finally see the light thank god. For the brothers i must say i am partially a Rhage fan but the bunch make me sway they all have something irresistable they are so HUMAN in their ways i guess that is what is so appealling about them.
V is awaited with impatience and love we all want to discover how he will deal with is emotions god knows it is not easy for someone who blocks all feelings let me tell you i know i am just like thatso i know how hard it will be to open up to someone the fear of being rejected is omnipresent at all times so i am waiting to see V s reactions

keep up the good work and thank you for being so generous with us readers and celliesthe WARDen rule go girl

marielle dagenais

Bella Luna said...

ok i have commented twice lol but i dont see it. So im trying again.
I am so glad this sseries came out! It just blows my mind. I cannont wait to read more abotu Butch and V.

Bella Luna

Julie in Ohio said...

A million "Welcomes" JR!!!
I am crazy about these Brothers. I just keep rereading them until the next one comes out and it never gets old... :o)

Confession: The dynamic between Butch and V made me do a double take. I was like "where is this going and where does this leave Marissa and the doc?" I love the fact that they are so close. I think a deep emotional bond between guys is rare, so once I got past the "huh?" factor, I just devoured it. I have now read LR twice and it is just awesome. I can't get enough of them. I can't wait for LU to see where this all goes.

Michelle-- I'm totally digging John. I can't wait for his story but I'm hoping his transition hits before then.

JR Question: Are the Brothers so good to John because of Tohr or because of his connection to Darius?

Spoiler Alert:

I love the way Wrath punishes John after his little outburst in the shower. I think a nightly walk with Z, who has dealt with the same things that John is dealing with, is the perfect solution. I also love the Brothers have taken John under their wing.

Anonymous said...

Hey WARDen!

Gotta love Butch and V... :)

I was wondering if you were surprised at all by the amount of positive feedback about the V/Butch dynamic? Personally, I thought that showing the genuine love between those two was a daring move in romantic fiction which tends to concentrate on the male/female relationship to the exclusion of others. Not all readers are comfortable with a homosexual vibe and yet it seems like a lot of people were almost disappointed that those two DIDN'T get together.


Anonymous said...


I am one of those people who also thinks Butch and V are hot together but I'll admit that sometimes during LR, I felt that the intensity of that bond had the potential to overshadow the men's attachment to their females.

So two quick questions, please :)

-- First, what do you see as the primary difference (besides the obvious that one is a sexual relationship and the other is not) between Butch and V's relationship and their attachment to their shellans?

-- And after having written V's book, do you feel his love for Jane exists harmoniously with his feelings for Butch? I know you can't go into much detail, but I guess what I'm asking, as someone who has loved V since Day One and longed for his HEA, will his love for Jane get as much attention as his love for Butch?


kerri1973 said...

Okay, I'll admit that I've not read any of these books...YET! I've been buried in my TBR pile for a couple years now and have let one obstacle and one obstacle only keep me from delving in. I actually own a copy of Lover Eternal but I do believe it is Book 2 in the series. Is this correct? I'm one of those obsessive compulsive people when it comes to reading "series" books out of order. I can't make myself do it. I did it one time by accident and totally felt like I ruined all prior books for myself. Kind of like spoiling the surprise. So, I guess I'm asking do I definately need to track down a copy of Dark Lover first? Should these books be read in order? Does anyone else admit to having this thing for series books? LOL Welcome JR...your reputation precedes you and I'm definately feeling motivated to get my booty moving on reading your series. Happy Monday Bellas! xx

Kati said...

Hi Kerri - Definitely, definitely start with DARK LOVER. It'll make a huge difference.

Happy reading. I envy you never having read the series. You're gonna love it!

carly phillips said...

I haven't read yet either and would love to know which JR Ward to read first! I know I am missing out. Time is at such a premium!

Tiffany Clare said...

I love V, and can't wait for his story. It's torture fallowing all your guest blogs Ms.Ward, you keep giving us these torturous snippets and clues into the depths of these awesome characters. GAH! I can't get enough of them.

Though Z will always have a special place in my heart, I think V really shined through in this book. REALLY shined through...I was hoping for a little m/m but hey...their friendship is something else, I can live with that....I suppose...

what would it take to bribe you into sending an ARC up here to Canada?????? Cookies??? Bonbons???

LOL! Keep the books coming is all I gotta say! I'm totally digging this series...and of course the hot men just keep me panting for more.

ChristyJan said...

I just wanted to drop by and say 'Hi".
The covers for your books are always wonderful!

Stephanie said...

Just wanted to drop in and say Hi! I won't be able to get back in till later. Loved the book!!

Anonymous said...


Loved the book. Loved the scenes with V - wasn't interested in him before but now I can't wait for his book.

I especially loved the scenes with Z. It's so nice to see him happy - and I love his relationship with John.

Couldn't help but notice Phury's absence. Any updates on him?? Or his shellan???

Unknown said...

Hi J.R. Love V and can't wait for his story.

Anonymous said...

Hey WARDen!!!

Just wanted to say how much I truly enjoy your boys!!! I reread each book before I get the newest one.

The chemistry between V and Butch was really well done. Not only could "see" how much the two feel for for each other, but you could "feel" it. It's one of those friendships that only comes along once in a liftime, it is truly special. Thank you for sharing that moment with us.

MsTypo said...

Hi!!!! Last time JR Ward was here i ran back to the Real World and bought all her books. Now i'm stuck in Kenya months away from being able to read the new one! Wahhh!!!!

That said, these spoilers (which i love to read, thank you) are making me so excited to read the book when i finally get a copy.

So here's my question: Why haven't all the brothers gone through the full mating ceremony with their shellans? Or have they done so and we just didn't get to be there?

Oh and Michelle, I'm with you on John. I can't wait to read his book. (And be there when he finds out about his connection with the other brothers... ) :p :D

Anonymous said...

Hey J.R! Love, Love, LOVE the series! Can't wait for book number 5!

Julie in Ohio said...

For those who have yet to eat these Brothers up, here's the order:

Dark Lover
Lover Eternal
Lover Awakened
Lover Revealed

And if you are on the fence about them, jump over. They are worth every gushing remark made and many more to come...

MsIsis said...

These are all excellent books. Even for me. I've been trying to get hubby to read them, but no luck, so instead I told him to take it to work with him and share there. :D (With the promise I get my one book back, and they all go buy their own for the rest). We'll see how that goes. LOL.

Excellent books!

Anonymous said...

Hey WARDen!

Add me to the Lovin V and Butch club ;) But you know, I think people had it worked up to be much more of a sexual thing than it really was!

Anyway, I absolutely love LR! Love it, love it, love it and should you be at the RWA, my hardcover is sooo coming with me.


Pamk said...

I loved Butch's book. It lived up to my expectations and that was wonderful. Sometimes I think books that I am anticipating very badly sometimes fails to deliver. but this one rocked. Did miss some of the other brothers though. Can't wait for V's book. Just wondering if Rev is going to get his own book. Must say am deeply curious about his situation.

amy kennedy said...


MK, I love it that you and Stacy re-read the book, I think that's why I'm trying to take it s l o w l y. I devour these books and then realize I'm missing things.

Thanks for the spoiler alerts--I'm still reading them, well a few, then I stopped.

Ev, I know what you mean, but I feel the wait in between is part of the allure.

Might be a

I feel--and I'm not that fer into it--that part of what V wants, besides maybe Butch is the gentleness of the lovemaking he witnesses between Marissa and B. Also, V is aware of M's body as well--it's as if he wants to be in the middle of them.

Ah, if only.

Carol M said...

I've never read your books but it sure sounds like I'm missing something good!

Who do you read when you have the time?

Minna said...

Can't wait to read that book!

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hello JR Ward,

I feel ashame to say this but I haven't read any of your books yet *Sighs* So I am not sure on how to answer the question but I thought I would come by and say hello to you and everyone.

Don't get me wrong your books sure do look good but I haven't got the chance yet to get them and I will make sure I do. They are on my wish list so I can remember to get them. I sure would love to read your books. I been hearing so many good things abotu your books. I also love your covers very sexy :-)
Love your website.

Have A Wonderful Day Everyone!


Cye said...

Hi Warden!

The V/Butch relationship, that bond is unlike anything I have ever read. To me, it borders on maybe going "there" but then it doesn't. That's quite the fine line you tread and it only cemented my love for the Brotherhood and the life you give them while telling their stories.

I anxiously await V's story :)


Gram said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog and keeping us up to date. I will be reading your books ASAP.

Eve Silver said...

Love, love, love the BDB, and I just had to pop by to say Kudos on writing such an intriguing and brave series. The emotions are fabulous, the writing grabs me and yanks me in. I love these guys. The V/Butch thing is so poignant, their relationship so real. When two men connect like that, they really do bond deeply (says a woman who grew up with three brothers and now lives in a household with her husband and two sons, lol!).

amy kennedy said...

Michelle and I were talking about male bonding the other day and how lots of times it seems to cross 'that' line--when you think of any kind of brotherhood, whether it be sports or knights practicing sword play, or Regency rakes on horseback and out till all hours of the night. Together. I think there is that unspoken link--it seems as if so many things that we think of as "masculine" are metaphors for sex--thrusting the sword, the entire action of riding a horse, the intimacy of a fist fight...therefor if the guys are doing these things together--it's almost sex by proxy.

Help me out here Bellas--do you get what I'm saying?

Eve Silver said...

Okay...not sure that comment came out right...just trying to say that I think the books portray male behavior patterns and bonding processes with great accurracy.


I've read all of the Brotherhood series that have been published so far and think they are wonderful.

Lisa said...

Welcome WARDen, I'm so glad you are here today. I love the Brothers, just absolutely LOVE THEM ALL! In an earlier post someone offered you BonBons for an ARC...I'd be willing to send you CHEESE!!!!!!!! Lots of wonderful CHEESE!!! Any CHEESE your Heart desires....Did I remember to say CHEESE?? ~laughing~
But seriously That would be like Christmas, my Birthday, and Tax Refund Day all rolled into one. I'd walk on clouds for Months.
~whispers and winks~
Kentucky is the place to send it.

I do have a question...How is Tohr doing? Will we see him again? Will he ever be whole again?
Ok I know that was like three questions. But I miss him
Hello to Michelle and all of my fellow Bella's. I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

Anonymous said...

Just have to comment that from the very first book in the series, your boys have had me by the throat.

In a good way. ;p

Thanks again for sharing your awesome talent with us voracious readers!

— Bonz

Jill - aka the JM said...

Hi JR! I loved your description of the WHY of the V/Butch bond since it was exactly what I had suspected. If you've never felt warm fuzzy feelings for another person, it might be a tad confusing. It must be creating a whole new set of neural pathways. Kind of like an Oedipus complex. The love gets a tad confusing when it's new. WHATEVER the case is....
It. Is. Hot.


Anonymous said...



Just had to weigh in on Butch and Vishous...

I think what I loved best about the V and Butch relationship is the way it was described. The reader was left wondering exactly what V was feeling, how deep his emotions ran. Was it romantic love? Platonic? Did he long for Butch or for the sense of connection that Marissa and Butch had? I think it made it so much more compelling to have the exact nature of the love and longing unclear. Also lots to look forward to in LU.

The set-up for V's book was excellent because it really got us into his head. We felt his yearning, his uncertainty about his emotions. And also how much he hates any sign of weakness in himself. Somehow I think he views strong emotions as a weakness.

I think it also made the ending bittersweet in a sense. Because we were so emotionally invested in Vishous, and he didn't get what he wanted, it made the ending a little sad. Still, my fave scene in the whole book was V biting Butch...just WOAH... Gripping stuff.

Kathy said...

Hi WARDen!

I have re-read all 4 books now and agree that I "see" more with each reading.

I also wanted to comment on the Butch and V relationship. I thought that they were beautiful in their love and friendship of one another. I don't believe that if it had gone "over the line" and then try to get "back" would have worked. Once the Brother's mate, they remain bonded to only one other. Both V and Butch would not have been able to to bond with their Shellan's if they have/had an ongoing sexual relationship. I never saw their relationship as being sexual anyway. I admire how you show that two male friends could love each other without it being about m/m sex. What is between Butch and V is very deep and obviously will carry over into their relationships with their Shellan's. As you have pointed out on your BB and in other blogs, V has never known a loving touch or feeling....even with being among the Brotherhood for so long. There was something in Butch that he "saw" almost immediately and I think it showed courage on V's part not to turn away from these new, unfamiliar feelings. What I felt after reading LR was that V and Butch love each other, are comfortable in their feelings for each other, and are confident males who love themselves.

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing a lot of good things about your books, but I just haven't had the time to pick them up yet. However, after this've moved up to "next" on my TBB list. The next step would be to actually find the time to read. :(

MsTypo said...

Kathy the way you described Butch and V's relationship the first thing that came to mind is that they're the Alpha versions of JD and Turk from Scrubs. They also feel the man-love without... well... feeling the manlove.

Leila said...

Hi JR :)
Okay, I have a confession to make... I haven't actually read your Black Dagger Brotherhood books, yet. *gasp* I know, I know...
I have heard many wonderful things about it, and it is on my tbr pile, so I do have plans to get to it soon :)

Angie-la said...

I guess I will also confess I have not read any of these...YET, but they are on top of my TBB list!
Everyone has been waxing poetic about how great they are, some going as far as to take a whole day off just to read the latest installment!
Can't beat a recommendation like that!!

Anonymous said...


Hi JR! Lover Revealed was my favorite of the books! I loved the relationship between V and Butch and in fact was wondering if Butch should ditch Marissa for V---maybe I was reading too much into their attraction to each other. You think? I was hoping V's lady Jane would turn out to be Butch's lost but not dead sister which might explain V's attraction to Butch but you've said not. Oh well, it was a lovely thought while it lasted. Can't wait for Lover Unbound!

Thanks for the Brotherhood! Can't get enough of them. ~ Beki

Anonymous said...

Loved the book (well love all of your books). I like how your exploring with V someone going from no/hardly any emotional ties/contact to being able to feel good things for another person, especially how its so confusing for V. I would think that confusion is something V does not do well.

AND thanks for keeping by BDB addition fed ;-)


Anonymous said...

Kathy. I think as you do about the V/B relationship. The kind of relationship they share is very rare and beautiful.

Hi WARDen!!

Thank you so much for all the goodies in LR. I LOVED seeing so much more of the King and Queen. Z seems so much better. Rhage is a clown. Natch. (Bus exhaust) *giggle* ;) The JM stuff was touching and amazing. Soooo cool!!
It is so hard for me to see V with such a yearning to have the kind of close tender relationship that Butch and Marissa have. Poor V. *sigh* I can't wait for LU!!!



WARDen... LR gives us some very big questions.
1. Who is blackmailing Rhev?
2. JM looks up to Z big time. Who is going to crack and talk first?
3. What is the Tat doing on V's private area? Talk about an OMG moment. :O
4. What exactly did you mean by The parting is complete and irrevocable? (Two halves of the same whole still right?)
5. Did the Omega really threaten Butch about his family or was it just a dig about his Mom?

Perfect Book as usual WARDen. MUUAH!

amy kennedy said...

Kathy, good point about how courageous it was for V to not turn away from his instinctual feelings for B--he immediately took B in under his wing, when B first came to the Brotherhood.

Of course at that point, he saw the vision that B should be with them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog.....the comments have been interesting to read. Will be watching for the book to hit the shelves.

Anonymous said...

Hi WARDen!!!

Again, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED LR. I think I've already read it like six times since March 6.

I echo what everyone's been saying about Butch and V's relationship. Fascinating stuff and so beautifully written. Can't wait for LU!!


Anonymous said...

Warden Rocks!!!!!......I wanna be just like her when I grow up!!!.....****sigh*****.....Butch is the man!!

Vivi Anna said...

Just wanted to pop in and say congrats on all your success JR.

Kudos to you!!!

Maureen said...

I haven't read any of the books yet but I think I will with so many people loving them.

Anonymous said...

Hey WARDen!

I just wanted to say hi, congrats on all the success and to brag that I figured something out about V and the glowy thing he does. I can't wait til LU to see if I'm right or wrong. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful evolution of Butch! We knew he was going somewhere important with the Brothers... but wow, what a punch you gave us with his book!

Do you believe that V realizes he's become a part of a family with the Brothers and especially wtih Butch.. or is that too tender a subject for him to acknowledge?

Anonymous said...

For those of you who haven't read the series, you may want to read them in order: Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened and Lover Revealed. You won't be disappointed!!!


C.Gwynn said...

I haven't had a chance to read one of JR's book yet. After reading this blog and everyone's comments I am going to Border's and get the books!
Thanks for the great contest!

Unknown said...

I love this series-I live in the USA and I write, but my sister in the UK was the one who put me onto these marvelous books. Butch and V were so deep and well-written and moving. I'm so glad you explored a different side of male relationships and I really hope you'll take it further.

Thank you so much for this series. There are very few authors who make me stay up at night just to read a few more pages, and you are one of them.

Do yu write in any other sub-genres?

Anonymous said...

Hi JR ,
Congrats on the success of the BDB and the impact Lover Revealed and the others books have made. It's a great series and well worth reading.

I do have one question though : What is your favorite scene between Vishous and Butch?

Anonymous said...

Hey WARDen gorgeous!

Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit with us here. I know you have a lot going on. I really appreciate it!

Re: Butch and V, while I think they are phenomenal characters, I agree with azteclady wholeheartedly. I adore all the Brothers and their shellans, and as I reread the BDB books in anticipation of LU, I am repeatedly moved by the strength of all of their relationships. In fact, I enjoy the unexpected exchanges as much as I do the Butch/V best friendship. For example, Z with Mary and Butch in LA. Who would have guessed that he would have connected with them given his simultaneous, turbulent love story with Bella? I was floored when Butch sat by Z's sickbed, waiting for him to wake, for no other reason than to update Z re: what he missed when he was out, and later, Mary lighting a candle for him was just so moving. I loved that Z garnered the loyalty of the BDB saga's humans, despite how seriously terrifying he could be.

* * *

But back to Butch and V, in this story, I loved the contrast between Butch’s family of origin and the family he’s built in Caldwell. When I sat down and opened the book, of all the things I imagined would happen in the story while waiting for LR to come out, I did not see that one coming. One of my all-time favorites scenes in this book was on page 60, when V went to his penthouse alone, fairly certain he was about to lose Butch, and he likened Butch to sandpaper. It was then that I got it. Their previous interactions crystallized. These guys are family! I was so surprised. I mean, they laughed and joked and were friends, but this was the beginning of something very different in my understanding of who they were.

*shakes head*

V looked at Butch's rough spots endearingly. If you think about it, this is so rare. At least it is for me. Embarrassingly self-focused as I am, I don't really have a lot of time to be inconvenienced by the issues of people outside of the family and those few I consider like family. And yet, despite being raised to disregard the existence of--if not outright hate and fear--Butch's race, despite Butch being abused and ostracized by the O’Neals, at the end V embraces Butch as worthy of becoming his brother.

This is huge!

* * *

Re: the ‘will they / won't they’ tension… * heavy sigh* Either way, it doesn't tilt my whirl. I don't really care whether or not they’re bi. I'm way more interested in the emotional growth and the emotional nakedness, and the road to trust for all of these strong, passionate, broken, compelling, beautiful characters, and what that experience looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like, etc.

To me, this is your great gift, and I would be remiss not to tell you how much I appreciate their stories, and I thank you for allowing me access to them. With each passing book, I seem to derive more enjoyment from them. I love the Black Dagger myths. I have from the start. I know they'll endure.

Hugs! Sothys

Anonymous said...

LR really made me love V even more, and if it's possible- Wrath and Rehv as well. I loved how much Wrath/Beth action there was, as they're my favorite couple.
Thanks darling WARDen!!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I'm very late to the party. And I've just got Lover Revealed after reading a review at AAR, now I have to start at the beginning! Please don't stone me (smile)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great book coming up - can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Along with everyone else I have to say that I really loved Lover Revealed.


My question is more a spoiler than truly a question I think, even more so with what has been said of V and being shut down emotionally both with himself and in relationships. But here goes:

When the Scribe Virgin comes to V and Butch, after V tries to off himself she says that "this is what is to be, the light and darkness together." (Not a direct quote) It seemed to me that she was saying that V and Butch are halves of a whole either spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

Because V is light (his curse), Butch is darkness (the Omega causing his curse) and they each need each other in a different way than the rest of the brothers, does that play an even stronger role in their bond of friendship?

In the description of what happens when V touches Butch and Butch not getting crispy, it sounds almost as if Butch channels some of that energy off V and V's light consumes the darkness in Butch from his way with the lessers.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved Lover Revealed and can't wait to read more about Vishous and Butch!

Sue A. said...

It looks like I'm in the minority here, as I have not YET (key word) read any of the books in the series, but I plan on rectifying this soon.

JR you have a great group of vocal fans, and they are doing a great job of recruiting more fans for you. Congratulations on the success of the series!

Lis said...

Hi JR!

I'm another who hasn't read any of your work -- yet. Will have to play catch up soon. The series looks great :)

Anonymous said...

Just thought that maybe V was hoping to have with Butch the intimacy he craves.But was disappointed and how the scribe virgin just made hime him to be part of that life that he is ashamed of? I mean come on V is a confused brother he wants visons he doesn't or he hates the hand or or likes the power.

Anonymous said...


I loved the development of Butch's and V's relationship. Someone used the term emotional nakedness earlier - there are some scenes in LR that are so raw! However, I think we've only touched the surface of their relationship - I'm guessing as Marissa settles in as Butch's shellan and as V meets Jane the dynamics of their relationship will change and ultimately strengthen. I say ultimately because nothing is ever easy :)

I do have a general question if I may please? Bonding - for males there are certain signs (spicy scent, possessiveness, etc.) but how do females know they have bonded? Is it a passive response to the male? And if not, what if they don't want to bond?

Many thanks in advance and have a lovely evening!


dd03 said...

*walks in wearing jersey printed with TEAM VISHOUS and sporting huge sign*


*huge grin*

So...V's book...yeah...words can't describe my anticipation for this it should be for any VAAU member!!! LOL

Really...I loved LR, mustly because I've been a Vishous lover from the start. But to give the Cop his due....WOW! He has had a hard life, and has been so very alone. I truly love his HEA!

Couple of just statements...I miss Tohr. I miss his steadfastness and love for his Brothers, Wellsie and JM. It's going to be rough to see him when he comes back...just going off of some of the WARDen's statements on the boards. It's gonna break my heart.

Also, JM....*deep sigh* ...yeah. I can't wait to see him as Tehrror.

Phury: It makes me cringe to know he's in such a bad place right now and that it will only get worse until his book and HEA.

Rehv: Dayum...but is he not HOT & that "yeah, he might devour me but that's ok" kinda way? O.O

ok...I think I've fangirled enough.

Michelle, after all my poking and prodding about when the WARDen would be blogging...I almost missed this!!!!!! yeesh...such a bad cellie!

*waves* bye Bellas, Michelle, & JR!!!

*walks out muttering*, I really want to know about those oreos! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi JR!

I love your books - they make me laugh, cry, smile, wince, scowl....and any book that can make me feel the emotions of the characters is a great book to me :)

Like cellie825 from way up there, I haven't read LR yet because I'm in England. (I feel your pain. The delivery date on my order at Amazon UK says May5-8. Argh!).

I really like Butch. He's a big, strong man and yet not afraid to show what he's thinking or feeling. I can't wait to read about his journey towards his happy ending, as well as his interactions with V.

Vishous - mmm - my favourite of the brothers. He's as decadent as 85% chocolate. Yummm. His intelligence is a big draw, and despite the fact that he's sometimes described as cold, his actions speak of him as a caring person. (Atleast to me). October seems like it's incredibly far away.

Keep going, WARDen. Thank you for giving us these fantastic people :)


Anonymous said...

It's so cool how you tell the Brothers' stories so that they stand alone and set the stage for the next book.

Definitely looking forward to the further education of V.

Anonymous said...

WARDen!!! Thanks so much for pointing us in the right direction! It's so wonderful to hear your take on Butch and V and to see a little into what their relationship is going to mean to V in the future! They're so wonderful! Love them and love you!!!

Blodeuedd said...

Love, love the books. I omly started reading them in March and I am hooked. Have only re'read one so far but I do notice more this time around. As for this book well can't wait to read more about V

Unknown said...

Totally hooked on your world and the sexy men who live in it.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Sheesh, Amyskf, I think I know what your sayin, but I definitely know I'm feeling quite a bit warmer after reading your comment. phew.

Helloooo, all you Bellas and new Bellas dropping in. Did you know you're now a Bella? No turning back now, sorry. So, if you don't enjoy talking all day long about sex and strapping men -- big in all ways, of course-- you probably won't want to return here again. But if'n you do... :)

So, seems like you all have been diggin on V while I'm still nursing my teeny tiny little crush on Z. Maybe I haven't mentioned that before.

But V's looking seriously good to go, and I love what someone was saying about how he's described as cold, but has warmth. Man, those guys always have the farthest to travel to get to love, don't they? So, I'm clambering up onto that V wagon, girlfriends.

And I'm so glad I'm not the only one diggin on the brother John will become. He's over 18, right? So maybe I'm not that creepy?

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle-- Seeings how transition doesn't happen until their mid-twenties, you're good to go, sister! Completely creep-free...
You're not the only one still crushin' Z. Now we're seeing him as a trainer working with the pre-trans. Can this vamp have any more dimensions? WOWZA!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all of your success. It is such an honor to have met you!


Anonymous said...

ive enjoyed your books, and looking forward to many more hours of enjoyment. thank you for the bokos to escape into!


dd03 said...


Michelle & Julie in ohio...

I love all the Brothers in way or another. As for Z....I so loved how he was all big Brother about coming back for V in that one scene, & how V comments on Z really being "back up"!!! *squishes* I so love how he is with JM!! Tough and you know what I mean?

LOL...I just noticed how I worked V into my fangirl on Z!!! I got it bad...but good!!! ^__^

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I believe that John is 22 or 23, so you're all good. No cradle-robbing there. And since he's really the reincarnation of Darius, who was say...300ish. Average those two ages together and you get about 160 years old... Now you're looking at an older man.

When all else fails, fall back on creative math.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that Wrath and Rhage are still my all time favorite Brothers. And I think Wrath edged out Rhage with his scenes in LR. Give me more bonded males going postal and I'm a happy girl!

Cathy M said...

Had a great time reading all the comments, though I passed up the spoilers since I haven't had a chance to read it yet (ack). This is such a great series and I have all your books on my keeper shelf.

Julie in Ohio said...

Gotta love creative math... :p

Mujerluminosa said...



La Ward,
I am beyond excited and truly loving your books. I love the troika, Rhage, Butch & V, they just hooked me from the very beginning. My darling Wrath IS the king. And three cheers for the strong women that love our males! Blessed be on that one and kudos.

Butch and V make me weepy. Everything about them turns me inside out. I consider them the "to hell and back" brothers. So many extraordinary scenes from Lover Revealed, but the whole Butch's Dark to V's Light -- and the fact that Marissa binds them too, spectacular. The fact that Butch is absolutely fearless and fierce in his love is amazing, and has made V a better person.

I cannot tell you how much I love our boys - is it possible that you can reread the same four books a gazillion times?!!! Plus, black wax and magic daggers, oh V, oh man, is it getting hot in here?!

October cannot arrive fast enough for me.

Thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

It took me a while. I heard such good things about the JR Ward series... but I just wasn't that into the new vampire romance trend. I finally read the first book in the series last week... and had to have more. I have read Wrath's and Zsadist's stories. (Am waiting for Rhage's! Had to go with what was available. Also waiting for Lover Revealed. If I won it, I wouldn't have to wait! :) FABULOUS author. One of my must reads now.

Yara said...

Hello WARDen,

I have to thank you, I was going through a very rough time and it got so bad that I couldn't even do what I love the most, which was reading. Then, a good lady told me about your books and even let me borrow them, and I have to say I haven't been this happy about reading in years.

Reading brings me such joy, and I thank you for brining it to me.

BTW... LR kicks ass, I just love V and Butch together, they are just a perfect pair and example of what is a true friendship.


Anonymous said...

I haven't felt quite this cliff hangy in a series in quite some time. It's deliciously frustrating, lol. Thanks JR

SPOILER (probably)


"Almost" disappointed? LOL I sooo was disappointed. But you're right about the ambiguity making the heart and mind race faster. My favorite B/V moment was also the bite. It was described in such exquisite detail that I was screaming "noooooo" when all possible hope for a different expression of what's between them was squashed like a bug,lol. "Ever." yeh, so I was disappointed...and can't wait for what happens next.

Anonymous said...



Group hug. For what might have been.

Anonymous said...

Hi! First of all thank you for the warm welcome Bellas!

Okay, JM definately gets his own book. Oh boy does he ever.

I think my favorite Brother will always be Z and my least fav? Well, V and I don't really mix well. But yeah I'm getting along with him better now that he's essentially finished. I think we've had a good old fashioned cleansing. YUP. There was cursing involved but ultimately it all worked out.

OMG my fab scene between Butch and V has to be the induction ceremony. That was just... to my mind it sums up everything between them.

I do write contemporary romances for Silhouette under Jessica Bird. :)

Sorry this is a little disjointed!


elsiehogarth said...

All the "Brothers" are HOT! Number One is Z, ever since the first book: strong silent type standing in the corner in stealth mode, then Phury for his love of his brother and then Wrath with the super sexy long hair.

flip said...

Loved Lover Revealed. I thought the interaction between V and Butch was more about love than sex. They really care about each other. They are brothers in the truest sense. Cant wait to read about V....but I am more fascinated by Rehvenge and Phury.

Rach said...

Hi Bellas! I had to come out for Ms. Ward!! *grin*

I could gush and gush and gush, but I'll just say this: JR, I LOVE the books and the Brothers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing their stories for us to enjoy :o)!

Unknown said...

Must confess I haven't read your books yet but they sound really great and your heroes are hot.

Stacy~ said...

Hey all. Cool discussion going on. You got me thinking more on B & V, which is not a hardship, let me tell ya ;)

MK, thanx for backing me up. I know you and I shared a lot of the same thoughts after we first read it - I read through it so fast, trying to get my BDB fix - yet I did a complete turn around with my thoughts after the re-read and worried about sounding inconsistent and even wishy-washy. I really hate that.

The thing with the Brothers is that they don't do things in half measures. They fight hard, they love strong, they live fast - all intense and consuming and bigger than life. When they bond, they bond for life, and why should their loyalty to each other be any different?

Does this mean I don't want to see Butch & V together? Heck no! I'd be all for it. It would be scorching and elemental and raw, given their aggressive natures. Yet at the same time a part of me thinks that leaving it as is, never answering that question completely, might be more...irresistible: will they or won't they? However I'm willing to be proven wrong on this one.

That being said, I love it when situations arise that open doors, make feelings and/or events acceptable, turn once well-believed theories on their ears. Wherever this series goes, I will follow, and I know I'm not the only one.

Angie G. said...

Hi JR,

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today. I have to tell you that there aren't enough words to describe how much I love the Brothers. LR was so amazing! I knew it would be. I was sad for the last page to come, but I'm so happy that we're getting V and Jane's story this year. I know how lucky we are to get two books a year.

I hope the brothers and others live in your head for many, many, many years to come. We'll all be here waiting to read their stories.

Angie (in KY)

amy kennedy said...

Sothys I liked how you said--will they, won't they--you don't care, but that you're more interrested in their emotional growth.

Hey Orianna and dd03!

Julie--creative math.LOL.

Rachd! Hi!

Okay you guys, hows about a Z/V/B hero sammich--huh?

amy kennedy said...

And Stacy-- yes...dear Virgin in the fade, yes!

I think that line should be used over and over.

Caffey said...

No Spoiler here, but gosh, its such a wonderful feeling when your books are out JR! To get excited about the release and knowing I'll have a pain free day because I'll get to escape right into the story that I can forget everything else. So I treasure those days and I get them when having your books to read!!!

Anonymous said...

Coming out of lurkdom here...but I would like to put my two cents here (about V).

Personally, I haven't really thought about V...except for him being sexy...probably in part b/c I really want to wait for his book to really be able to get a feel for him. And partly b/c he's so different from the personalities I'm not only used to but am comfortable with...he's basically an enigma to me and so different that I don't know were to start. As for liking him...dear God yes...but then I love all the brothers!!

BTW JR, LR was sooooooooooooooo brilliant! I'm used to reading books in which when the herione is usually sheltered from "real life" she's a spoiled brat or to delicate. And just the way wrote Marissa, she's absolutely none of those things, it's so awesome how eventhough u were treading the line of helpless and strongwilled, you never once crossed the line on each....(am I making sense?) Well, just know that it was brilliant :D


Stacy~ said...

LOL Ames. I agree 100%.

Rach, bella, it's awesome to see you stopping by!

Cherie said...

Welcome JR! I think V is an awesome character. The friendsip betweeh V and Butch is heartwarming. This story sounds like another winner. Thanks for being here.

Cherie Japp

Kati said...

*MK pops up*

Hi Rach! I miss you, Bella!

Stacy, jeez, you're soooo much more articulate than I am. I love, love, love what you've said, because really, I think even the WARDen would agree that if we all we're completely of the same mind about everything, things wouldn't be as interesting. I think it's a sign of how successful this series is that we have such visceral reactions to the books and where they take us.

Thanks for putting to words what I really couldn't, Bella. You rock!

Rach said...

Amy, Stace, MK--Hi Back!! :o)

We've been down and out with flu (honest to god flu) in our house--both girls--so I've been a wee smidge busy. Sorry!

Spring Break is next week, Bellas, so I should be able to come by and play :o).

Anonymous said...

I loved LR and all the books in the series. BDB ROCKS! I can't wait for V's book.

BettyB said...

I love these books! Thanks for keeping them coming. I wish I had something insiteful to add, but to tell the truth, I'm just in tbis for the chance at the ARC

KimW said...

Just getting home and wanted to stop by, say "hello" and read all of the posts. Congratulations on the success of your series!

Anonymous said...


Since I am on the BDB boards alot, there were many speculation that Butch was vamp. I mean pretty much everyone on the boards figured that about Butch... he was just experiencing so many things that only Vamp males can experience.

But when you put it on paper for us to read it, the scenes blew me away. The details and how graphic everything was, was beyond what I could have speculated.

Furthermore, Wrath and Butch... WOW... that was a big shocker.

Was that scene a shock for you too? Or was it something that you, WARDen knew of that relationship?

I mean everyone was focusing on the V & Butch relationship... and I could not believe of the a connection between Wrath and Butch... IT WAS AMAZING.. I was speechless, and screaming out loud. hehe.

Great Book. I love LR. dying for LU. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Warden Just wanted to say I absolutely love the brothers...Especially V, even with all kinky stuff he's into...

Note To Self: Buy Black Candle

I loved LR but I have to say halfway through the book I wanted to scream at Marissa to make up her mind about Butch....

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

s-Byte! Thanks for the special math lesson! I feel so much better about the whole John thing now. And with JR saying it's a BDB book for all seasons, as it were, I guess our diggin on J isn't misplaced, just, em, premature.

This is SO awesome that you've all been dropping by today, especially cause JR's been all over Cspace since the LR release. I really appreciate your visiting and sharing what's great about the BDB.

Now I've got to go back and read some more. This is almost as much fun as reading a BDB novel!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Kimberly, I think today there's been a run on post-it notes bearing just that sentiment. :)

Angela said...

Just want to say hello to Ms. Ward!

I'm a new fan and I really really enjoy all of her 4 Brotherhood books! Can't wait for Lover Unbound to come out.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

V is the most intriguing character/ person I have ever read about. On one hand, he is a fearsome and scary predator with skills and intelligence that would baffle anyone. Yet at the same time I believe that V is so incredibly scared of himself and/ or feelings he may have for ohters, that he backs himself into a lonely corner. In some ways I believe that V is a naive and scared male, and because of this he has never been able to reach his full potential. I think it will be very interesting to see how V interacts with Jane. Jane has obviously had at least one relationship in the past (with Manny), will she be able to teach the frightened and lonely little boy inside of V how to love, interact, and carry out relationships? Will she be able to put up with his antics while he learns about his true self? It would take an awfully strong woman to help V, and from what I have read about Jane (from the wonderful stupendous WARDen of course :)) she is! How exciting its going to be to see these major transformations in V, I am so ciked I can't wait!!!

Wow, I rambled alot. I hope this all makes sense, lol. Thanks WARDen for all you do! I truly love the Brothers and I appreciate everything that you do for your readers!

Now, I hope that I can still be entered into the contest even though I am only leaving my name! Have a great night.

~Becky Jean

Anonymous said...

Hey WARDen!!

Hope V's not being to hard about his revisions on ya. ;) Are you taking your vitamins and getting plenty of rest?

Loved LR!!! Think it was the best one yet. Butch is soooooo HOT!!!! And Marissa kicks a$$ too! Your books just keep getting better and better! :D

Yeah I found out about this a little late, hope I can still be entered in the contest.;)

So how are V and Jane getting on? Hope they are both starting to come to accept the inevitibilty of their relationshp.LOL!

Take care of yourself and here's some cheese to keep your strength up. *hands WARDen cheese*

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

WoW! Sure was alot of posting today I see. I was here earlier and I did post. I jst want to say I am looking forward to reading your books JR. I haven't read any of them yet :(

Have A Wonderful Night Everyone


DarlingDiva said...

I just want you to know that I love your books and this last installment has been such a rollercoater ride of enjoyment. Please keep up the great work.

Fan for Live

DarlingDiva said...

Dearest WARDen
I love your books. I think they are the greatest reads in a long time. Do you plan on any other series once the BDB stop talkin' to you?

Keep up the awesome work. I cannot wait for V's book


Lisa said...

Michelle I can't find the WARDen's blog for yesterday. I so wanted to read her responses to the questions. Can ya throw a girl a bone please?

Angie-la said...

Oh. My. God!!
I love Jessica Bird and had no clue you were one and the same.
I am definately going to have to move the JR Ward's up to the top of the TBB list now!
Angie T

Anonymous said...

I love the BDB. V is my fav. I can't wait until October. The relationship between V and Butch is amazing!! Susan

Anonymous said...

Butch is in love with V and V is in love with Butch. Anyone who can't see this is completely blind!!!!!