Thursday, March 01, 2007

Arrrrrgggghhhhhh...It's The Missing Link

Rona Sharon GuestBlogs

Tomorrow, March 2 (from Tel Aviv)!

Pirate Romance for Nerds is back, Bellas, , so please check out Rona's debut romance "My Wicked Pirate," this week's Feature at Romance: B(u)y the Book. Read Rona's AuthorView, too.

I know you'll enjoy e-meeting Rona as much as I have. And I'm pretty sure we'll be talking all things lusty and corsair, so strap on your bodices and get ready for some High Seas Hijinx!


Help me, please? I'm setting up the new RBtheBook links page, so if you've got a reciprocal link to RBtheBook, please let me know and I'll be sure to link right back at ya. Email me at


Encore! Grazie mille, Megan Hart, for getting us gabbing about POV in the !st. We're looking forward to reading "Dirt," and to getting our paws on "Broken," too. Please visit again, fellow PA girl.
Encore due! caffey, you've won the much-coveted copy of "Dirty," along with the goodie bag from Megan. Judging from the photo in her blog yesterday, I'm guessing goodies from Megan are very good, indeed. Send me your snail mail addy at , please.
Encore tre! Welcome new Bellas! We're so happy to have you here!


Vivi Anna said...

Congrats caffey...

Oh and my good news...

BLOOD SECRETS is officially released today!!!

Scream with me Bellas!! Scream with me!!!!!


amy kennedy said...

I'm screamin, Vivi, I'm screamin.

Kati said...

*MK, busily adding Blood Secrets to her list of books to buy next week*

Hey, Vivi - Did you see that Nalini Singh was pimping BS(Blood Secrets - not bullsh*t) on her Feb. 20th blog?? I thought that was really, really cool!

I can't wait to get my hands on it.

BTW, Bellas, not to brag (but really, to totally brag) I'm about 16 chapters into Lover Revealed. It's...interesting. LOL!

ev said...

Congrats Vivi!! I actually managed to score a copy of it yesterday and am already reading it. Stopped at Borders after I dropped daughter at classes, grabbed the book and a cup of coffee and planted my butt in a comfy chair. I was soooo excited to find it on the rack, I think I let out a little squeal. Then I got interrupted by the store manager, who is my former district manager, but that is a story for another day. (I did drop, when she asked what I was reading, that I knew you. LOLOL)

We are supposed to have bad ice storm tonite and tomorrow, so I have gotten all the shopping, etc done and plan on planting my butt again and finishing it. I love what I have read so far- Eve has just been introduced to everyone- and now I am chomping at the bit to finish it!!

Good job, Bella!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Awesome, Vivs. I guess I should tell everyone that "Blood Secrets" will be featured on RBtheBook in two weeks. :) You can't imagine how difficult it was to get the author to say yes to an AuthorView; she's very shy.

Hey, MK! You can talk about LR to JR Ward when she GuestBlogs, but the date has to be rescheduled. Maybe she can do a BlabFest for us instead. I think it'll be the week of the 12th. And how unusual you managed to get nalini Singh's name into a post...

Hey, ev! I'm so excited that you're getting a day to veg with books! I'm a little bit in lust/love with Caine... Have you gone to

Amy's always so subtle in her reactions to good Bella news, no? I think you're gonna like Blood Secrets.

Vivi Anna said...

Squeeeee! Thanks Bellas.

I wish you were all closer to me. I'm having a book signing March 10 and would've loved to have seen and hugged you all.

This isn't my first book, but it feels like it. :-)

Unknown said...

Congrats, Vivi Anna! BLOOD SECRETS looks fab. It's on "my list".

Manda Collins said...

Yay, Vivi! Big congratulations! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

ev said...

Pooh, Vivi, we'll all need passports to come visit.

Everything is done and battened down for the bad weather predicted. Maybe I can get some Caine in for a bit. Ok, that was bad.

Stacy~ said...

Vivi, I am so anxious to get this book! It looks and sounds amazing. I am thrilled for you :)

MK, book pimps don't need to stoop to bragging. They resort to teasing and torture instead. Chapter 16? Ouch, that hurt!

Michelle, maybe if you offered the shy and retiring author some comfort food, like, oh say, sammiches, she might really let her hair down.

Ev, looks like you're pretty good at the teasing and torturing yourself *g*

Bellas, it's time for Lori Foster's get-together. Registration started today - woo hoo!

catslady said...

Congrats Vivi.

Congrats Cathie.

Kati said...

MK, book pimps don't need to stoop to bragging. They resort to teasing and torture instead. Chapter 16? Ouch, that hurt!

Well, I finished it about 30 minutes ago. I can't wait to be able to chat about it!!

Caffey said...

Thanks! I'm thrilled!
Congrats too Vivi! Can't wait to read it.
I love too these Zebra debut books! I've read so many good ones that I added more to watch.

Stacy~ said...

**Well, I finished it about 30 minutes ago. I can't wait to be able to chat about it!!**

Oh I just bet you can't. But you're gonna have to wait, little missy...oh man, I give up. At least tell how it compares to the rest of the series - just one little hint? Come on MK, you love us, you know you do.

Rach said...

Vivi, I'm SO thrilled for you! Congrats!! I'm off to BAM tomorrow to hunt it down (LR too, MK, you braggin' Bella you!). Hubby's having and MRI done on his shoulder and I'll need *something* to keep me occupied while I'm waiting ;o).

Caffey, congrats as well! :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

What's that sound? Oh, yes. The resonant tone of shameless groveling. I just never thought I'd see the day one of my Bellas would stoop so low.

Indeed, Stace, I fear we could tempt our little bashful kitten with a sammich.

Congrats, caffey! Yes, you're right about the Zebra debuts. It's fun to read new authors, and I like that they set a good price so more folks will try them. Lots of us have found great new favorites that way.

Oh, yes, ev. Even a little bit of Caine is bad. And we're snowed under here in Minnie. Poor Dave. His flight was cancelled and he had to stay the night in Dallas. My frozen heart bleeds for him.

Oh, Bellas, I can't wait to talk lusty pirate romance tomorrow...

Vivi Anna said...

Thanks Bellas. I luvs you for sharing my excitement with me!

Playground Monitor said...

Congrats Vivi! I'm late getting here today. We were under a tornado watch all day and you may have seen on your news about the awful tornado that hit the other end of the state. It destroyed a high school and killed some students. Very sad. My end of the state dodged the bullet, but I still had to stay vigilant all day.

Marilyn -- off to find her bodice, which is probably too small now anyway because BICHOKing has caused my whole body to expand.

Meljprincess said...

Congrats, caffey!

Congrats, Vivi!

kim h said...

wtg cathie