Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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This is a tough one for a chick who's blog has the theme: No Such Thing As TMI at RBtheBlog. Because you know pretty much all there is to know about me, from my favorite beverage (Coca-Cola) to my favorite fantasy (carriage/Regency gentlemen). But Bella and author Monica Burns tagged me yesterday to do the "Ten Things You Don't Know About Me" thing, so I'll give it a shot, although I'd title it, "Ten Things You Could Have Lived Without Knowing About Me."

10. I love salmon.

9. Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill once flagged me down at the Intercontinental in FL to tell me he, too, was from Pennsylvania (I was doing a Miss America/Disney promo at the time. It was surreal, being a Star Wars child, but you would have been proud of me for how well I played it off. Now, if it had been Han Solo, my first official childhood crush? I might have gotten arrested for how I'd have reacted).

8. I have a kidney transplant and want you to consider signing an organ donor card.

7. I adore cats and still really miss my kitty who died in August.

6. I could read an historical romance every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of them.

5. I get real crushes on romance novel heroes.

4. I have three older brothers. The oldest gave me his kidney.

3. I love the book "The Snowy Day, " by Ezra Jack Keats.

2. I once stood on the New England homestead of Robert Frost at dusk in after a snowstorm and whispered the lines: The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep. How flippin nerdy is that?

1. Graduating from college at 26 was the most significant event of my life.

What's the coolest thing that ever happened to you?


Julie in Ohio said...

Happy Fat Tuesday, Bellas!! All bets and diets are off today... :o)

The coolest thing that ever happened to my teenage self was when my family and I went to Niagara Falls and eating at the same restaurant, sitting at the table next to us was the '80s pop group The Jetts. They were my fav at the moment but I couldn't get up the nerve to go over and ask for an autograph or a pic, even though we had a camera sitting right on the table.

The coolest thing that has happened to me in the last year, would be the Julia Quinn book signing I went to last summer.

Michelle, I love you Robert Frost story. I would do the same thing if I had the opportunity. And as for Mark Hamill, I'm so jealous. :o)

Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! Hi Michelle! I LOVE this blog topic! What a really cool list.

I'm not sure I could come up with 10 things you don't know about me as I'm a chronic oversharer! LOL!

Coolest thing that ever happened to me? Geez, I don't know. Probably lighting John F. Kennedy Jr.'s cigarette in 1988 at the political conventions. I was working for NBC at the time (my dad worked for NBC). He was just as gorgeous in person as he was in the photos.

Manda Collins said...

Hay Jules, Happy Mardi Gras to you too! I've got the day off cause Mobile is Madness today!

Hmmm...coolest thing ever? Well, this is a TOTAL nerd moment, but on a trip to London my friends and I ate lunch in the restaurant at The Globe Theatre where we'd seen Hamlet the night before. And sitting across the room right at my eye level was Mark Rylance who'd played Hamlet. He's not quite so famous as some of the other British hotties who've played the depressed Dane, but I have to say it was pretty cool. Nerd central, but way cool.

Lately the coolest thing was during Avonfanlit when I got glowing comments from Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Teresa Medeiros and Laura Lee Ghurke. That was pretty freakin' awesome. Didn't happen every time I made the top ten, but once was enough to send me into orbit.

Manda Collins said...

Hi MaryKate! You posted while I was writing:)

Unknown said...

Coolest thing . . . selling my first book, hands down (kissing Patrick Stewart comes in a close second).

Kati said...

Hi Manda! I miss you! How's it going? I pop over to your blog for a read every once in a while, but I'm not a writer, so I don't have anything valuable to add.

Hope everything is good with you Bella!

Playground Monitor said...

I once stood on the New England homestead of Robert Frost at dusk in after a snowstorm and whispered the lines: The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep. How flippin nerdy is that?

That's not nerdy; that's flippin' inspired!

I met Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal at a hotel in Knoxville, TN once. And we were on a Alaska glacier cruise with Jean Stapleton (she played Edith Bunker), Edward Albee (wrote "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe) and Betty Buckley (stepmom on "Eight is Enough" and in the original cast of the Broadway show "Cats"). I saw a space shuttle launch up close and personal from the VIP viewing stands back in the 90's. Heck, I get all geeked out meeting favorite authors at RWA conference. I met Haywood Smith in the hotel lobby and talked to her for about an hour and then called my mom and said "Guess who I just met?????"

Bestest of all, I got to meet the main Bella last summer in Atlanta and what a treat indeed that was.

Marilyn -- who has an organ donor card and also loves salmon.

Julie in Ohio said...


HI, MANDA!!! That's an impressive bunch of authors. Congratulations!

MK- JFK,Jr? I'm actually speechless...

Lis said...

Michelle, the Robert Frost thing is cool. I stood on the lawn at the Univ. of Virginia when I first went to Charlottesville and thought I'm actually walking where Thomas Jefferson did! It felt...historic! Coolest thing I ever did was get to the Super Bowl in 1996, courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys - and then attend the by-invitation only victory party afterwards! Lots of happy, hunky football players!

Vivi Anna said...

Michelle, if I didn't love you before, I love you now. Very cool!

And MK- holy f*&^ that rocks.

Kalen kissing Patrick Steward was second??? Are you kidding me???

You all out cool me.

Intereting moments for me...standing around in a parking lot before a concert having a smoke with Axel Rose. He was VERY skinny and pale.

Dancing next to La Nora at the Harlequin party in Atlanta.

Stacy~ said...

Darling Monica tagged me too, but I'll share my one cool thing: I was in the audience of the Love Connection when I was 16 and got to vote. It was a blast.

MK - now that's cool. Hey can you email me? trelainastarblazer@yahoo.com

Michelle - I love the Frost poem that was in the movie "The Outsiders", when C Thomas Howell says it - I actually got chills.

Marilyn - Haywood Smith talked to me and my friends at RWA last year too. She's a friendly sort.

Manda - how great it is to see you! I've also stopped by your blog a few times. Great place for writers to visit :)

Julie in Ohio said...

Vivi-- Are you kidding me?!?! I had such a crush on Axel. That is totally cool.

Kalen-- I'm with Vivi, kissing PS was second?? Although, I do get that selling a book would be pretty great, but we are talking Captain Picard here... :P

Playground Monitor said...

I forgot perhaps the coolest moments in my life -- getting those positive pregnancy test results (I had some fertility issues and had to work at getting pregnant -- but loved the "work"), feeling the baby kick the first time, holding them for the first time after they were born.

And then I got to re-live it from a different perspective last summer when my granddaughter was born. Went to visit her on Saturday and she's growing so fast! And she jabbers and babbles and can play patty-cake and wave bye-bye. And I'm just a puddle of goo when I'm around her.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I would have to say the coolest thing that has happened to me was FINALLY getting pregnant and having my daughter after years of surgeries, procedures, fertility drugs and being told to "Think about adopting because it may never happen"

After that would have to be surprising my mom with concert tickets to her favorite artist (Ricky Martin) for her birthday one year. Her and I took the train into Boston and she started crying while she told me "This is the best birthday present anyone has ever given me."

Those are my cool moments. I once dated the guitarist for Billy Joel but that doesn't rank up there with any of the above. LOL!

Kelly F.

LizbethSelvig said...

Good morning Bellas,
As Vivi says - you all outcool me; my list of famous meets is pretty dang short. I interviewed Jean Claude Killy when I was in high school about 175 years ago (when people knew who JCK was) and met two of the actors who played Dr. Who in the British TV series (most people never knew who they were).

I had something semi-similar to Michelle's Robert Frost moment when we took our kids to Giverny, the home of Claude Monet in France. Standing on the Japanese Bridge and photographing the Water Lilies was pretty nerdy-cool too.

And, Michelle, our copy of "The Snowy Day" is tattered and well-loved. In fact, I haven't thrown out a single book I had for my kids and am still collecting children's books. I've got about 15 Alaskan ones sitting in my LR now.

I love dogs and horses and own both and the very best things that ever happened to me were my dh and my kids.

And, if you're all done rolling your eyes now ... everyone have a great day!!


ev said...

Lizee- I love nerdy things like that. How jealous of you I am.

Vivi- Axel? How awesome!!

the coolest moment for me alone? Graduating from college at 44 with a gpa of 9.4 and making Phi kappa Phi honor society- me, who has ADD and could never sit still long enough to learn anything when I was younger.

Coolest- introducing my daughter to concerts when she was younger and now getting to meet so many people because of the interest that fostered for her. You wouldn't believe the music stars I have met and taken pics of her with. (I don't get mine taken- I am not a good photo subject, but there are a few.) But knowing I was there with her, well, when she is famous i can say I remember when.

Vivi Anna said...

Ev- that is so f*&^ing awesome!!!

Wow, we have the coolest bunch of Bellas here.

I love how we can share these moments.

Manda Collins said...

Hey MK, Jules, Stace:) Glad yall are visiting the blog. My usual day is Wednesday and it's not always writery--we just tend to get that way because we're all angsting...instead of writing of course.

These are all some seriously cool highlight moments. Axl, JFK Jr., Patrick Stewart! Closest male celeb I've ever gotten close to was seeing Kenny Stabler in the grocery store when I was a kid...

Stacy~ said...

Another one that was pretty cool was sitting next to Blaze author Jill Monroe on the plane to RWA last year - didn't know it was her until I dragged out a Linda Howard book and we started talking romance.

Hey you Bellas are awesome. Smart and sassy ;)

Anonymous said...

Morning All :)

Thank you Michelle - I've learnt a lot more about you. Can I just say - amazing older brother! Oh, and I'm a potential organ donor (in NZ you can specifity organ donation on your driver's licence).


LizbethSelvig said...

Oh Ev,
I am such a music star adolescent-mentality fan - how on earth do you get to meet them? The closest I have (and he's pretty dang cool I have to say, just not famous) is my son who has a rock band. At one gig it was pretty amazing to see a whole dance floor full of college girls holding up their lighters for him and the guys. We have lots of pics with him - does that count?

Your daughter is lucky to have such a cool mom -- concerts are some of my fave memories even without the pictures.

PS I'm so pathetic that while I love love love meeting my fave authors, I can convince myself that they put their pantsuits on one leg at a time just like i do. Rockers on the other hand breathe rarified air. How warped - can't think of worse role-models, really! Started with Davy Jones and Paul McCartney I guess...

Julie in Ohio said...

Marilyn & Kelly-- Pregnancy definitely rates high on the Kool-O-Meter... :o)

Lizee-- Ahhhh... (Notice, no eye rollage)

Ev-- I just started college at age 30, which to me is a dream come true. I'm hoping to be done by 44 but that remains to be seen... :o)
I feel dumb not having put that on my list, but I had a test today which took all my brain cells... :P

Orannia-- I have the donor sticker on my license, too. :o)

Vivi Anna said...

There's a great post over at Smart Bitches, FEb 20 post


A coupel of scholars are looking for a ton of essays on the romance novel of today.

Check it out!

katie said...

I am so pathetic....just being my boys' mom is the coolest thing, ever. Knowing I am making a difference in their lives (sign me up for the nerd patrol).

Eve Silver said...

Okay... everyone here is way cooler than me. I'd have to say having my kids (son #2 almost didn't make it!) and seeing my name on the spine of a book. Readers who email or write to let me know they loved my stories are very cool (the realization that people I don't know are reading and enjoying what I write...). Yeah, well...I'm definitely not cool...and proud of it, LOL!

Vivi Anna said...

ahem, Eve I've met you, and you are most definitely cool!

Monica Burns said...

Bellas, I've been living the job from hell today. *sigh* Board meeting tomorrow and you know what happens when you get a bunch of guys together in zoot suits. LOL

Michelle, what a totally cool list! That kidney donation by your bro is AWESOME! He's something special, and your Robert Frost story! Totally cool!

You already 10 things about me, as for coolest thing that ever happened, I'd have to say finding out about that Knight Templar in the family . THAT was unbelievable. Yes, you can all now address me as Lady Monica ROFL


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Heya, Bellas! Thanks for being so nice about my list, not thinking it was too boring. I think your stories are so neat-o. And isn't it funny how everybody who's had a "brush with greatness" kind of played it off and didn't bug the famous folks? Now, if I ever met Cannavaro, I'd become a complete, speechless, slavering idiot, I'm sure.

Man, like Memory Lane here, too, w/stars of years gone by. And, yes, I remember JCK, Lizee. Wasn't he the thrill of victory/agony of defeat guy? Ouch.

I wondered how many of you were gonna mention births of children/marriage, etc. I kinda take that stuff for granted as earth-shattering, but it's always so nice when women share that stuff. I'm one of those "always was gonna adopt because I thought I couldn't have kids" chicks. Then, we started the adoption process and, well, yup. Very cool surprise. Never expected to experience pregnancy, just wanted to be a mother. But it was really a blessing to have the experience.

And at the risk of sounding smarmy and pathetic, I still think one of the coolest things that has happened to me was how this blog grew out of my column, and how you made and continue to make it such a special, rare place.

Rach said...

Stopped by to play today and wow, I'm not worthy! Ya'll are *SO* much cooler than me! Really!

No brushes with fame or anything like that. Pregnancy is definitely at the top of my list. That is the most amazing experience ever! :o)

Oh, I know cool. Cool is someone thinking I could somehow go into a room full of inner-city children and teach them something even though I was only 23. There are times I think, "I can't believe they trust me to teach these kids!" It's cool that I have enough confidence to do it and that the powers that be have that level of confidence in me and my abilities.

And, oh, yeah, I'm an organ donor according to my driver's license. :o)

ev said...

Julie- it's amazing when you get older how much more you can enjoy and appreciate college. You go girl!!

Lizees- I am the same way, and at my age too!! So far we have: Brooks and Dunn, everyone from Big and Rich, the guys from the Rockstar:supernova tour. (NOT the really big ones, but she is still online with Toby and his band and Dilana). and a bunch of others over the years.

How does she do it? I have no clue, but she has talked her way onto tour buses, Adam (from Big and Rich) gave us tickets to the show when they were touring with Tim McGraw), and I actually won the meet and greet with Brooks and Dunn. The pic we have shows one of them basically looking down her tank top (she is well endowed) and I just die when I see it!! Cracks us both up. But they are very nice guys, both of them. Dierks Bentley, Shooter Jennings, they keep coming to me!!

santasmbslt said...

What a cool group of folks you have here Michelle!

Pete Seeger and Donny Mosler(sp) (the Pres in Harrison Ford's 'Clear and Present Danger') shop at our store. I met Kieth Hernadez in a Manhatten bar and introduced him to a friend who was too star struck to go up to him herself.

LOL, I'm waiting for Colin Firth to come in. Hey, it could happen! I live near one of the Vanderbilt mansions...great for another period piece!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Santa! What kind of store do you have? If you have a sec, email me, Bella! mbuonfiglio@RBtheBook.com.

Julie in Ohio said...

All I've got to say is "Wow". You are the coolest bunch of women I know. :o)