Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Natural Born Winners

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Tommorow, Feb. 7
Susan Elizabeth Phillips is here
with a tremendously fab GuestBlog !

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"Natural Born Charmer,"
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Do not miss the fun here or there. Invite your friends!
What do you like to do when you hang with your girlfriends?
Thursday, Feb 8, Samara O'Shea GuestBlogs.
She helps people write letters of love, apology -- even erotic ones.
Her new book is "For the Love of Letters."

Friday, Feb 9, Kris Waldherr is here,
writer and illustrator of one of my fave love books ever, "The Lover's Path."
Encore! Grazie mille MaryJanice Davidson for visiting yesterday! You got everyone talking about what we look for in buying books, and clearly, most of us look for yours as auto-buys. Hooray! Please feel free to visit again anytime. :)
Encore due! shannon, you've won MJD's prize package! Winners of copies of "Doing it Right" from Brava are: rachael; ladycat; loisc; readingaddict1; amyskf; suea; marg; ellie; cherie; julieO. Email me with your snail mail addy w/ MJD in the subject line. Congratulazione!


Kati said...

Hanging out with my girls? Oh we do lots. Mainly though, we watch movies.

For example, since ALL single women know that Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday and filled with, as we call them: "Stupid red hearts and pink bows," we're going to potluck dinner at my house and then go see the new Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant movie "Music and Lyrics." We always figure it's better to have a plan and hang with other girls when these types of holidays come up.

Not that I begrudge any of you your best-beloveds. Really. I don't. Seriously.

Julie in Ohio said...

I envy your movie night out, MK. That sounds fantastic.

I have a beloved but when we go to the movies, it's to one that he picks out. He hasn't trusted my judgment since we went to see Titanic. :P

My girlfriends and I don't get together as much as we used to, but when we do, we go for coffee and just sit and chat it up.

Eve Silver said...

MK, that sounds like a blast!

Julie, I do the coffee thing with the girls, too.

Truth is, right now I'm so swamped between writing and the day job, I don't do a lot of free-time stuff. My bad. I ought to, I know.

usually, when I go out with the girls, I take a night to not cook and we go out for dinner. A luxury, sigh.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yeah, you know, maybe the real question is: if you had the choice between Valentine's night with a significant other, or with girlfriends, which would be more fun?

Could be -- especially cause we don't get to hang w/ the girls as much once we're married -- that hanging with friends would be the better bargain. Not much chance for disappointment. No gift-giving pressure. And you can talk about other men.

I love love love hanging with my friends and, like eve, haven't been doing as much because of work/family. But when we get together it's usually involves food and caffiene. sp. I have one girlfriend who always leads us to this great brunch at a French hotel with the flippin best coffee on Earth. And we act like little ladies. And snort behind our hands.

I love my girlfriends.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I especially love my girlfriends cause they always tell me I'm wonderful.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Congrad's to all the winners YaY!

Ooo I will be here tomorrow for sure. I love SEP and I look forward to reading her new book.

When I hang out with my girlfriends I like to talk about books or go shopping or to the spa :-)


amy kennedy said...

Michelle, I gotta say, that MK's Valentine's day sounds like fun.

Julie, the last grown-up movie my h and I went to was The Fast and the Furious...yeah. The high point was when I realized Vin Deisel was the voice of The Iron Giant...yeah.

Eve, I think it's great that you're busy with writing--maybe soon, you'll be able to ditch that day job. Love the whole not cooking thing.

So back to girlfriends--food, coffee, books, cute guys. Yes, I'm married, but a cute guy is a cute guy and should be appreciated as such.

One of my girlfriends and I can make any mundane school function be a cocktail party--no, we don't sneek in hip flasks, although, it's a thought. We just can have that much fun.
Reading--I lurve SEP too.

amy kennedy said...

Oh and yay! I won.

I think, too, it depends on the friend--I have a friend who I love to shop with, except she gets me in too much trouble...

Her, "You deserve it."
Me, "But it's a million dollars."
Her, "But you work hard."
Me, "I do, your right, I'll buy it."

Me at home, "D'oh."

catslady said...

congratulations to all you lucky winners :)

Playground Monitor said...

Effin' Blogger!

What do you like to do when you hang with your girlfriends?

Oh that's easy. ThePlayfriendz just did it last Saturday night. We started at 4:00 with dinner at Outback where we split meals and the waiter didn't even get upset. Then we went to Publix to pick out hair color for one of the group. Then we went to Books-a-Million for tea/coffee/cocoa and lots of talk until we were ready to leave for the theater where we saw "Because I Said So." Our new hunk-o-the-day is Gabriel Macht from that movie. I posted pics of him on the blog Sunday. After the movie we went back to the bookstore for more tea/coffee/cocoa and more gabbing until they ran us out at 11:00 when they closed.

And this Saturday we'll have more time together cause it's out RWA meeting and we always go early to eat and meet at a little deli nearby.


ev said...

Congrats to the winners!!

Depends on who I am out with. My oldest and bestest friend is almost 3 hours away and we don't get to see each other nearly as much as we would like. Because of health problems (hers) we also don't get to do the things we used to do, but we do sit around catching up when I am home visiting. And drinking. And eating stuff we shouldn't, like chocolate. but we dont' have to drive then. Which is good.

Today I just went out to lunch with my girl friend here. We don't get to see each other as much as we want to, cause, she like, has a real job. But when we do get together to go out and shop, both of our hubby's know that we will get into trouble. We are good at putting damage to the credit cards. But it is fun.

Vivi Anna said...

Congrats to all the winners!!

Just thought I'd pop in and let everyone know, that if you are interested in picking up my first Nocturne BLOOD SECRETS, Harlequin has it on sale for 50% off today and today only.

So preorder today and save 50%!


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Excellent news, Vivs!

So it seems like shopping and food are high on our hangin with the girls lists. And I love the spa idea, too. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Bellas' weekend? We'd have to have entertainment, though. I nominate Vivi Anna for chair of that committee...

Lookin forward to tomorrow. It's a really funny blog, and the question's a great one we've not had before.

Arg, Dave's travelling, my daughter's home sick and I think I'm getting it, too. Dontcha hate when that happens?

'night, Bellas.

Stacy~ said...

Congrats winners!

Definitely dinner, because it gives us all a chance to catch up - it happens so rarely. Sometimes a movie, but it doesn't give us the opportunity to talk and find out what's going on with everyone.

LOL MK. I love V-Day, even not having a sweetie. Hey, I'm my own Valentine - I love me *g* I guess I think of it as being better to be in no relationship than a bad one. Strange way to justify, but it works for me, so I don't see a reason to change my way of thinking.