Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lexicon of Love

NewsFlash!!! Bella and most excellent author Vivi Anna's Hell Kat has just been nominated for a PEARL (Paranormal Excellence Award for Romantic Literature)!!
Yes, the 80s were scary for oh, so many reasons, not the least of which were Europa-techno bands like these fellers. Pretty hair, no? Gosh, is that a young MSNBC host Chris Matthews second from left? I guess he got more conservative as the music career faded.

Anywayz, I'm in the process of compiling the

RBtheBlog 'Lexicon of Love'

and I need your help.

What are those acronyms and phrases we've used, that you've contributed, in the last year -- holy cow, it's nearly a year! -- since we digitized, snaxisized, and Bellatized romance across the Inet?

For example, there's Rachd's "snaxy," which she told us means "a guy who's sexy with an edible quality," and first used in relation to Nathan Kamp.

There's the "BiMBaW," the self-explanatory Big Man, Big in All Ways.

And who can forget the "EMD/F," English Major's Dream/Fantasy, as in Kenneth Brannaugh in "Hank V," and Viggo in "LotR."

What are some of the other words/phrases/acronyms
that belong in the new RBtheBlog Lexicon of Love?
Please Make Note: My new email is: !
*** Launches Monday, Feb 5,
Featuring MaryJanice Davidson AuthorView
and Her Much-Anticipated, "Doing it Right!"
Encore! The TiVo DiVa's here tomorrow, Fri., Feb 2, and you can't believe what she's gone through -- oh, the horror of it -- to bring you TV's hottest hotties.


Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! Well, I can think of two:

UATW - (Up Against The Wall) I think that was Stace.

"Taking Himself in Hand" - Umm, that was me, referring to the incomparable Zsadist.

Playground Monitor said...

Well, there's UATW (Up Against the Wall) and there's the word "sammich" as in being sammiched between two snaxy guys. And last week (or was it week before) someone had an acronym about Alan Rickman.

It snowed! Not a lot, but the ground is all white and beautiful and it's enough to make schools and businesses open two hours late. It'll be gone by noon most likely. But I plan to stare out the window and enjoy the scenery while it lasts.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yup, MK! Forgot about that. And UATW.

Oh, yeah, Marylin, EBWAR? Everything's Better with Alan Rickman? Was that one of the PlotMonkeys?

Kati said...

Wasn't there something about this year's theme: Hot, Wet Guy? I can't remember what it was though.

Vivi Anna said...

Mmm, yup the old sammich! I feel like having one right about now!

amy kennedy said...

I was gonna say UATW too! I think it's my fave.

I missed the EBWAR--but I like it.

I think there must be more, and yeah, there must be something with Hot and Wet.

Apparently we need to think of more.

Eve Silver said...

OK. I have nothing valuable to add to this list. Gotta say, though, "snaxy" is one of my all time fave new words.

Vivi Anna said...

This is off topic...but I had to book Hell Kat has just been nominated for a PEARL (Paranormal Excellence Award for Romantic Literature)!! I'm so thrilled to be in among some of my favorite authors...

2006 Finalists are:


YOUR PLANET OR MINE? by Susan Grant | HQN Books

ETERNAL NIGHTS by Patti O'Shea | Lovespell

GHOST HUNTER by Jayne Castle | Jove

HELL KAT by Vivi Anna | Kensington, Aphrodisia

TRUE BLOOD by Patricia Waddell | Tor

Manda Collins said...

Wow, big congrats, Vivi! That's wonderful!

Ahhh, UATW, I use that one all the time. And don't forget UATE, or Up Against the Escritoire, from Julia Quinn's When He Was Wicked.

I have to say, I think I was responsible for EMD/F. I was talking about Adam Black in KMM's The Immortal Highlander. Cause he's Puck! From A Midsummer Night's Dream! Romance involving beloved Shakespearean characters in other settings is just hot. Or maybe that's just me.

Michelle, I was just telling someone that you'd been around for about a year. Congratulations and huzzahs! What I love the most about your place is it's safe environment and the "just because I like to read about it doesn't mean I like to do it" clause. And the occasional picks of Wet, Hot and Sexy men doesn't hurt.

Manda Collins said...

To answer your question from yesterday, Ames, yep, it's me, Manda! The prodigal Bella! Some friends and I started a blog of our own about being aspiring romance writers and it's been taking up some serious online time. Just in case you'd like to visit, we're the Romance Vagabonds at

(I know, I know, not another blog. But we're pretty low key about it--we did just score a visit in a couple of months from Mary Jo Putney!!! Pretty psyched about that one.)

Otherwise I lurk over here as much as I can but you guys have some loooooong threads and some days I just don't feel like the 71st comment will make much difference:)

Kati said...

Manda! I was worried! I'm so glad you're back, and I'll ping over to RVB (is that what we're calling you guys?) to visit.

I missed you Bella, please pop in occasionally to let us know you're OK, cause you know, I'm a worrywart!

So glad you're doing well and things are going good for you!

Big smoochies!

PS - The 71st message always makes a difference if it's you Bella!

Playground Monitor said...

Sorry to be so absent today but woke up with a headache that I just can't shake. I can't think of anymore stuff for the Lexicon of Love, but I did read that novella Janelle Dennison mentioned last week -- the gal who goes to her best pal the auto mechanic to get him to teach her how to please men. To quote Vivi, "Hawt!"

I need to finish one book and then I can start Bethany's Remember the Alimony.

Lord I want this headache to go away!


ev said...

Evening Bellas!!! I have been gone allllll day and am finally getting here. My brain is so tired the only one I came up with was the Alan Rickman one, and yes, Michelle, I think that was plotmonkeys, but then since we bounce, doesn't it count???

Play- all morning long I tried to get into your blog and stalk Lori, I was finally able to pop in a minute ago, but didn't leave anything. Brain still fried, so I understand about your headache. I hope you feel better soon.

Vivi- Congrats!!!! Way to go!!!

Stacy~ said...

You guys are so smart for remembering all of these. Sorry but I can't take credit for UATW (though it's a favorite of mine). I thought that belonged to Queen Bella. And the inspired one from Julia Quinn's book - love it.

I think Vivi has given us sammich & HAWT. We might just have to go through the archives and find more.

Vivi! Congrats on the PEARL! You rock sister :)

Manda, how totally cool about your writing. I'm going to be checking that one out...mind if I highlight it over at my blog?

Hope you all are staying warm. Anyone watching the Superbowl? Living in Chicago I guess I should yell out Go Bears! but seriously, I'm not all that concerned LOL.

Kati said...

Huh, that wasn't you Stace? Maybe it was Mon. Sounds like our girl! LOL!

I'm having a big Super Bowl party ('bout 30), but it's more cause we've got the fancy-schmancy HDTV than anything. Lots of cookin' this weekend for MK.

Rach said...

Hi Bellas! Bella lexicon? I think ya'll got 'em all :oP.

Vivi! That is such AWESOME news! Congratulations!! :o)

We got a slight dusting of snow today, and it just HAD to start in the middle of a writing lesson. Of course, writing is *definitely* my students' favorite subject...yeah right. I had to scrap the lesson so we could go out and frolic in the snow. Snow is a *very* big deal here in Tidewater, VA, since it rarely ever happens.

Oh, and Michelle, thanks for the props on my "snaxy" I do really love that word ;o).

Kati said...

Vivi - I forgot to say congrats. But as usual, I'm not surprised. We Bellas know you're most excellent!


Julie in Ohio said...

WOO HOO, VIVI!!! You go, Bella!!
I'm so happy for you!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Bellas, and especially manda and rachd who we don't hear from nearly enough. :) Glad to hear about the group blog; we'll have to get a link on the new site.

You guys are gettin all the big words/phrases, but I know there were more, I just wish I could remember. Plus, we want to include regular ol romance ones like h/hn, HEA, TBR, etc., just for folks who are new to the game.

Snow sounds great, rach. You probably have as much there as in MN now. We're apparently moving into the lowest temps we've had in 5 years. It's about time it starts feeling like Minnesota here, and not, I don't know, Ohio? It's been really mild.

ev, I hope your brain feels better, and play, I hope your head feels better. We should have a blog about women and headaches, cause they def seem to go together. Do you have migraines?

hey, jules and mk. We're so proud of our little Vivi, aren't we? Why it seems like just yesterday she was introducing us to the joy of boy on boy on girl. What a sweetie!

stace, are you making the spinach/knorr's dip? it's my favorite; I can eat an entire bread bowl full.

Oh, should I mention I just read the new Loretta Chase, "Not Quite a Lady?"

kim h said...

is there winners yet for janelle's blog?

Manda Collins said...

Aww, thanks MK and Stace! I miss you guys too! And do please yall come visit the blog. Sometimes we feel like we're blogging to each other:) Which isn't bad but it's more fun to have lots of guests at the party--esp Bellas. And please link away.

Michelle, why, oh, why did I drop back in on the day when you announce you just read LC's latest? Oh, the agony!!!
JK, that's why they pay you the big bucks:)

On the lexicon thing, don't forget TSO as a reference to The Snaxy One, Nathan Kemp. For some reason I thought about that one the other day in the drive thru at Wendy's...maybe because I was getting a snack?

Oh, and if we're doing words and acronyms for the romance outsider we have to include TSTL. I've started to use that one in real life and hate the blank stare...Or in honor Vivi's good news we could include M/F/M, which is really just a more cryptic way of saying sammich and M/M/F (as in Anne Herendeen's Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander).

Vivi Anna said...

Thanks everyone! I love you Bellas!!! You always make me feel so tingly inside... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Vivi !! Always great to get such great external feedback on your hard work. You should go celebrate with a sammich! Let's see...mine would include Daniel Craig & George Clooney........
BTW, Great blog month coming up Michelle!

amy kennedy said...

Vivi...YES! YES! YES!

Manda, you silly silly gull, of course your comment would make a difference--but I do know what you mean. Yes, love TSTL. And UATE.

Maybe, the whole Alpha, Beta, Gamma Heroes thing--or as I prefer to call them, the gods of romance.

The UATW thing--I think Michelle and I were talking about how much we love those scenes in books and then one of us, probably Michelle, coined it.

Did someone already say HEA, happily ever after?

amy kennedy said...

Oh, and Vivi's HAWT!

Kati said...

Well, if we're going with common romancelandia phrases:

BigMis - The Big Misunderstanding
Secret Baby - Self explanatory
H/H - Hero/Heroine
HEA - Happily Ever After
Maniconda - Somewhat like the BiMBAW

OH, I just reread "Killing Time" by Linda Howard last night...there is an incredibly hot scene in a shower, so I think we need to add UATSW (Up Against the Shower Wall). I'm just sayin'!

Manda Collins said...

On subject of UAT(insert inanimate object here) scenes, I think I remember Michelle telling us about a hot UATRefrigerator scene early on too.

Oh, Marykate! I totally forgot about BiMBAW!!! Awesome!

What about Slash fiction? I learned about that here...though it's not exactly OUR word.

JulieLeto said...

Hi, Bellas! Yes, I was the one who mentioned EIBWAR...but it wasn't original to me, but to my very good friend, Diana Peterfreund.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Julie! Thanks for the notice! I'll change it in the official Lexicon over at RBtheBook!